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    Mini-Game FAQ by ScrawlKnight

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        __   __    ____   _____    __   ____      _    __    _   _  __   ____   __
       /  \_/  \  /    \ |  _  |  |  | /    \    | |  |  |  | | | ||  | /  __| |  |
      /         \/   ^  \|     |  |  ||  /\  |  &  && |  |  | | | ||  |/  / __ |  |
     /   /\_/\   \   _   |  |\  \ |  ||  \/  |  &  && |  ---- |_| ||  ||  \_|| |  |
    /___/     \___\_/ \__|__| \__||__| \____/    |_|  |______\____/|__|\____|| |__|
                ... .... ... ... ...  ... ... .  ...   ...  .  ...  .
               /__  |||| |_| |_  |_\ /__   | /*\ |_\  /__  / \ | _ / \
               .../ \../ |   |.. | \ .../  | |-| | \  .../ |-| |_| |-|
    							   MINI-GAME FAQ
       |		     First Written: January 15th, 2004		           |
       |		Last Updated: August 30th, 2011 (Version 2.00)             |
       |		   Written and Compiled by Andrew Barker 		   |
       |		Contact the Author: barkera0[at]gmail[dot]com              |
    If you have any suggestions, think I missed something, or see any errors in
    this file, please contact me using the email above.
    This guide is not to be used without the author's permission under any 
    circumstances. See the bottom of the document for more details.
    +---- TABLE OF CONTENTS [0.00] -----------------------------------------------+
    | Hit Ctrl + F then enter the corresponding number in the table of contents   |
    | to jump to the section you want.                                            |
    [1.00] -- Mini-Game FAQ
    	[1.01] -- Border Jump
    	[1.02] -- Diamond Mines
    	[1.03] -- Beanlet Search
    	[1.04] -- Beanstone Search
    	[1.05] -- Harhall's Clothing Design Studio
    	[1.06] -- Star 'Stache Smash
    	[1.07] -- The Barrel Game
    	[1.08] -- Chuckola Bounce
    	[1.09] -- Surfing Game
    [2.00] -- Credits
    [3.00] -- Legal Information
    +---- MINI-GAME FAQ [1.00] ---------------------------------------------------+
    Welcome to the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga mini-game FAQ! If you feel you have
    any strategies you could contribut to this guide, or if you see any mistakes,
    please use my contact info at the top to get in touch with me! Make sure to
    include your username so I can credit you.
    I suspect there are some errors in terms of how many beans you are rewarded
    with after winning different games. If you see a mistake, please contact me.
    +---- BORDER JUMP [1.01] -----------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    Stardust Fields
    -- STRATEGY --
    Border jump is the game you have to win so that you can reach the BeanBean
    Kingdom. The idea of the game is jump over the rope that the  two Hammer Bros
    pull around you. You ned to jump over the rope numerous times to win. Both
    Mario and Luigi have three lives and everytime the rope hits them they lose a
    life. You must jump over the rope all times required without either Bro losing
    all three lives.
    Make sure you always watch how fast or where the rope is being pulled. The are
    four different ways that the rope will be pulled they are:
    -- From one side to the other at a normal pace or much faster.
    -- From one side to the other where the bottom of the rope is slightly behind
    the top.
    -- They will look like they are about to pull from side to side but they will
    switch ends and then pull.
    -- They will move around in a circle. This is right near the end.
    Secret Level 5: 
    In the section of border jump, after completing all four jumps, there is an
    additional level that can be played. The way to play this level is to say no
    when the two hammer bros ask you whether you want to play border jump. Then
    they will ask you if you want to play "complete border jump". Saying yes to 
    this will allow you to play level 5. Level 5 will not appear on the list
    together with all other 4 levels.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    After winning level one you will gain ZERO Hee Beans.
    Level 1 -- 0 Beans
    Level 2 -- 2 Beans
    Level 3 -- 3 Beans
    Level 4 -- 4 Beans
    Level 5 -- 7 Beans (Secret Level)
    +---- DIAMOND MINES [1.02] ---------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    Hoo Hoo Mountain Descent
    -- STRATEGY --
    Talk to the old man by the tracks to start the game. You must collect a certain
    amount of jewels by the end of the tack to get your prize. If you don't, you
    can still continue on you just can't get your prize.
    Luigi will be on the back track and Mario on the front. You must collect the
    red jewels for Mario and Green for Luigi. Each Jewel is worth one point. For
    every enemy you hit you lose jewels.
    The first time through you only need to collect 10 jewels. However, as the
    levels get higher you will have to collect more jewels each time. Mario has a
    flashlight which you use so you can see where Luigi is going. You can also use
    the light to shine at the bats which scare them away. Make sure you jump over
    the pointy rocks on the ground as they are enemies. Also make sure that Mario
    always can keep sight of Luigi.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    Level 1 -- 0 Beans
    Level 2 -- 2 Beans
    Level 3 -- 3 Beans
    Level 4 -- 4 Beans
    +---- BEANLET SEARCH [1.03] --------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    BeanBean Castle Town
    -- STRATEGY --
    You must collect the five Beanlets and return them to the man that asked you to
    find them. He is in the east section of town.
    Here are the locations of the five beanlets:
    -- Behind the northwest buldind (east area).
    -- Atop the long bulding and Super jump to reach (east Area).
    -- Atop the southeast building (west Area).
    -- In a northeast corner (east Area).
    -- Atop the northwest building (west Area).
    Go back and talk to the guy and he will give you a golden Mushroom.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    +---- BEANSTONE SEARCH [1.04] ------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    BeanBean Castle Town
    -- STRATEGY --
    Talk to the old man south of the Fashion Shop to start the search. You need to
    find all ten beanstones and then return to him to gain your prize.
    Hammer Mario into the ground so he is small and then Mario will get a circle
    above his head. The bigger the circle the closer you are to the stone. When
    you find its location make Mario bigger and hammer Luigi into the ground and
    dig up the stone.
    Here are the locations of the ten Bean Stones:
    -- In front of the south archway (west area).
    -- Just south of the right pillar in the north archway (west area).
    -- In front of the Fashion Shop (west area).
    -- To the left of southwest building's entrance (west area).
    -- To the right of the north archway (west area).
    -- At the bottom of the large staircase (east area).
    -- In the lower plateau in front of Information Shop (east area).
    -- Atop the rightmost plateau in the south (east area).
    -- On a ledge to the north of southeast building (east area).
    -- To the left of west entrance to the long building (east area).
    Go back and talk to the oldd man to get the Bros. Rock Badge.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    +---- HARHALL'S CLOTHING DESIGN STUDIO [1.05] --------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    Harhall's Clothing Design Studio
    -- STRATEGY --
    Use the water and fill Mario up. Then use Lugi to hammer the design bombs into
    the shirt on the opposite platform. If you hit one design bomb at a time you
    will get just that colour or pattern. However, if you hit two at the same time
    they will mix together and you will get a new result.
    Here is a list of the colours and patterns you get by mixing the design bombs:
    -- Yellow + Blue = Green
    -- Red + Yellow = Orange
    -- Red + Blue = Purple
    -- Red + Blue + Yellow = Brown
    -- Any two patterns = Star 
    These are the four different types of shirts that Harhall wants:
    -- Red Colour, your choice of design
    -- Yellow Colour, Check Design
    -- Purple Colour, Polka-Dot Design
    -- Brown Colour, Star Design
    After you have completed the mini-game the first time Harhal will give you a
    piece of the Bean Star. If you come back after that talk to him again and this
    time you must make every shirt combination possile. He will keep a chart record
    of this. After getting all the possible shirts he will reward you with
    Harhall's Pants.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    +---- STAR 'STACHE SMASH [1.06] ----------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    Little FungiTown
    -- STRATEGY --
    The idea is to tilt the tray with the items on it into the open holes at each
    side of the screen. Everytime you put a item through you get a certain amount
    of points, here is a table with the points:
    	Star -- 5 Points
    	Fire Flower -- 3 Points
    	Mushroom -- 1 Point
    	Bob-omb -- 1 Point
    Everytime you put a bob-omb in a hole the hole will close and the other hole on
    the otherside will open. If you tilt the tray all the way down only if the
    holes are at the bottom will you get any in. Otherwise tilt the tray up if the
    hole is further up. You have 60 Seconds and the first time you win you get an
    Invisishroom. Any other time depending on your score you will get a certain
    amount of Hee Beans based on your score.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    Amount given is based on your score. See above table.
    +---- THE BARREL GAME [1.07] -------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    S.S Chuckola
    -- STRATEGY --
    You have to line up the barrels of the same colour. You must make a full line
    of each. Once you do that you will gain one point per line. Luigi controls the
    side and Mario the top. Mario can push Barrels up and down and Luigi can push
    them from side to side. The first time you play you need ten points to win.
    There is not a lot I can help you with because the barrels appear in a random
    order. You have 180 seconds in which to line them up. The first time you win
    you get the membership card and any other time you play you get Hee Beans.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    Level 1 -- 0 Beans
    Level 2 -- 2 Beans
    Level 3 -- 3 Beans
    Level 4 -- 4 Beans
    +---- CHUCKOLA BOUNCE [1.08] -------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    Wrinkle Colloseum
    -- STRATEGY --
    The bros. will have an orange board bewteen them. You must rotate around and
    reflect the bullets that are fired at you and hit them back at the rocks
    (chuckarocks) around the arena. You can also pick up a mushroom which makes you
    like a reflector as well.
    Every time you hit a rock you win a point. You must gain as many points as
    possible. The best way to do it is either constantly spin around in circles or
    go towards the one you think you can hit.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    Level 1 -- 1 Bean
    Level 2 -- 2 Beans
    Level 3 -- 3 Beans
    Level 4 -- 4 Beans
    +---- SURFING GAME [1.09] ----------------------------------------------------+
    -- Location --
    The Ocean
    -- STRATEGY --
    You must hammer Luigi into the slot and use him as a board. Surf across the sea
    east until you reach a small island. Here talk to the guy there to start the
    game. You must do certain things at different parts of the ocean. The first
    time you win you get a badge. The other times you get two Hoo Beans, two Hee
    Beans and two Chuckle Beans.
    -- BEAN REWARDS --
    Reaching the end -- 1 Hoo Bean
    Win in...
    	Less than 45 seconds -- 1 Chuckle Bean
    	Less than 40 seconds -- 2 Chuckle Beans, 1 Hoo Bean
    	Less than 39 seconds -- 2 Woo Beans, 2 Hoo Beans, 2 Chuckle Beans
    +---- CREDITS [2.00] ---------------------------------------------------------+
    Thanks to all of you for reading this guide! I only wrote this in the hopes it
    would help some of you, so thanks for supporting me! And hopefully it really
    did help you!
    A special thanks to...
    Andy Ng -- Contributing information on border jump level 5.
    +---- LEGAL INFORMATION [3.00] -----------------------------------------------+
    This file is Copyright(c) 2004-2011 Andrew Barker. This file was entirely
    written by me, unless otherwise noted in a specific section. It may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Only the
    following sites have permission to use and display this guide:
    -- GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
    -- Neoseeker [http://www.neoseeker.com]
    If you wish to use this guide on your site, you MUST ask me before copying or
    using any part of it. You must have advanced written permission from me, the
    author, to use it. To contact me, use the email address at the top.
    +---- THE END [x.xx] ---------------------------------------------------------+
           Written by Andrew Barker[barkera] January 15th, 2004 - August 30th, 2011
    First Written: January 15th, 2004
    	Guide written and completed.
    Version 2.00: August 30th, 2011
    	Visual overhaul of the guide. Looks nicer, reads more cleanly.

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