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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adori

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    .___  ___.      ___      .______       __    ______
    |   \/   |     /   \     |   _  \     |  |  /  __  \
    |  \  /  |    /  ^  \    |  |_)  |    |  | |  |  |  |
    |  |\/|  |   /  /_\  \   |      /     |  | |  |  |  |
    |  |  |  |  /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.|  | |  `--'  |
    |__|  |__| /__/     \__\ | _| `._____||__|  \______/
     __       __    __   __    _______  __
    |  |     |  |  |  | |  |  /  _____||  |
    |  |     |  |  |  | |  | |  |  __  |  |
    |  |     |  |  |  | |  | |  | |_ | |  |
    |  `----.|  `--'  | |  | |  |__| | |  |
    |_______| \______/  |__|  \______| |__|
    ________                                 _____
    __  ___/___  ______________________________  /______ ________
    _____ \_  / / /__  __ \  _ \_  ___/_  ___/  __/  __ `/_  ___/
    ____/ // /_/ /__  /_/ /  __/  /   _(__  )/ /_ / /_/ /_  /
    /____/ \__,_/ _  .___/\___//_/    /____/ \__/ \__,_/ /_/
    __  ___/_____ _______ ______ _
    _____ \_  __ `/_  __ `/  __ `/
    ____/ // /_/ /_  /_/ // /_/ /
    /____/ \__,_/ _\__, / \__,_/
    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
    E for Everyone
    Game Boy Advance-->Role Playing
    Designed and Produced by Nintendo
     // Table of Contents//
    1a.	Walkthrough 			WKTH
    1b.	Koopa Cruiser			KPCR
    1c.	Stardust Field Mushroom Side	SFMS
    1d.	Stardust Field Beanbean Side	SFBS
    1e.	Hoohoo Village			HHLL
    1f.	Hoohoo Mountain			HHNN
    1g.	Descent				DSCN
    1h.	Beanbean Town and Castle	BBTC
    1i.	Continuing South		CNTS	
    1j.	Chucklehuck Woods		CHHW
    1k.	Beanbean Town Revisited		BBTR
    1l.	Woohoo Hooniversity		WHHO
    1n.	Fire and Thunder		FRTH
    1o.	In the Sea Floor		ITSF
    1p.	Beanbean Town Revisited 2	BBT2
    1q.	Beanbean International Airport	BBIA
    1r.	Beanbean Town Revisited 3	BBT3
    1s.	Teehee Valley			THVL
    1t.	Little Fungitown		LTFT
    1u.	Guffawha Ruins			GFWR
    1v.	Little Fungitown Revisited	LFRV
    1w.	Beanbean Town Revisited 4	BBT4
    1x.	S.S. Chuckola			SSCH
    1y.	Gwarhar Lagoon			GRLG
    1z.	Chuckola Woods Revisited	CHWR
    1ba.	Beanstar Piece III		BST3
    1bb.	Beanstar Piece IV		BST4
    1bc.	Beanbean Town Revisited 5	BBT5
    1bd.	Joke's End			JKED
    1be.	Teehee Valley Revisited		TEVR
    1bf.	Beanbean Town Revisited 6	BBT6
    1bg.	Bowser's Castle			BWCS
    2.	Badges				BDGS
    3.	Enemies				ENMS
    4. 	Items				ITMS
    5.	Equipment			EQPM
    6.	Mini-Games			MNGM
    7.	Overview			OVVW
    8.	Beans				8BNS
    9.	Super Mario Brothers Classic	SMBC
    	Contact Details			CNDL
    	Version History			VRSH
    	Credits				CRDT
    Some things don't merit a number.
    Where did this game come from? As a (supposed) sequel to Paper Mario, which in
    turn was a sequel to Super Mario RPG, an RPG for the Super Nintendo in it's
    last days, created in a joint project by Nintendo and Square.
    Anyway, enough about the game history. Me, I'm a 14 year old kid in Cold Lake,
    Alberta, Canada. My favorite game series would have to be Rockman EXE/X, Final
    Fantasy and Ogre Battle (Most underrated Strategy series EVER!). Meanwhile, I
    do a various amount of things in school and out of school that involve writing,
    and from that, hatches my FAQs. And of course, motivation.
    Of course, the one reason above all that I work on this FAQ, is because I took
    the challenge of a friend of mine-to see if I can do something more productive
    in six months than George Bush could.
    Enough said, though, as I suppose you don't want to be bored by my rambling on,
    so let's get to the walkthrough, shall we now? Oh, and don't mind the jokes. I
    just throw them in there to lighten the reading of this FAQ. And like I said,
    PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT ask me for Mario porn.
    A nice wonderful day is going on as the Goodwill Ambassador from the Beanbean
    Kingdom arrives(No wonder if they had a war. If I lead a country I would for
    sure lead it against a Kingdom with a name like that)
    The ambassador presents a gift to Princess Peach from the Queen Bean to improve
    the relationships between the two kingdoms. Suddenly, it pops out and a bunch
    of smoke is inhaled into the Princess's lungs. (I change my mind. I wouldn't
    want a kingdom that can at best offer smog)
    The ambassadors little sidekick does something to the princess, and she
    anime-sweatdrops and falls over. The two Beanbeaners(Wouldn't you hate to live
    under a nationality name like that?) fly off, leaving the princess unattended.
    Switch scene. Toad runs at the speed of the light(O_O. SHARKER!) and only needs
    to say two different words for Mario and Luigi to also fly off at light speed
    towards Princess Peach's castle. (That is, after you make like a PERVERT
    checking to see Mario in the shower! At least Mario is confused, and he tried
    to wake you up to find out what was wrong, and not to torture you!)
    Dragging Luigi who's tied by a rope(Such a nice case of brotherly love), Luigi
    ends up hitting Bowser once the brothers reach the castle, who decides to take
    a surprise visit to the princess, and you engage in your first battle of the
    game.(Hardly though what I'd call a Boss Battle, but I'll classify it as one
                                BOSS BATTLE: BOWSER
    This is an introduction battle. 'Nuff said. Ok, so maybe not, so I'll still
    have to go indepth on something that I SHOULDN'T.
    Anyway, start the battle of with a Solo Attack on Bowser, and Toad will start
    you off with learning the various actions in a battle.
    First Lesson:Hitting the button A just when you hit Bowser, you can do extra
    damage. This is something you can do without any drawbacks, so, USE IT!
    Second Lesson:When Bowser comes to attack you, you can press the A button to
    jump. In this game, battle actions, although are turn-based, the actual
    attacking could be described as action. Pressing A when Bowser comes over will
    NOT help. Press A when he closes his mouth and moves his chest back.
    In addition, in other battles, if you aren't sure if you can dodge, the A
    button in the upper-left will tell you that you can dodge.
    STRIKE THREE!(Or 4, anyway) Bowser's dead...WHAT? How can he get up after
    taking such a beating?
    Anyway, now, you learn the situation at hand. Apparently, the Beanbean Kingdom
    has kidnapped Peach's voice, and replaced it with a vocabulary that is
    explosive... literally. Bowser and the Toads implore you to go and retrieve
    Princess Peach's voice. Besides, that ugly throne room has to go, and it'll be
    much cheaper if you just renovated it, instead of exploding it and then
    building over top of it.
    You can learn about Action Icons- field-actions that are represented by icons
    that show what a certain button can do out of battle- and entertain some
    For some items, do the following;
    Go talk to the Toad to the right of the plaza, and then jump onto the hedge to
    grab the Mushroom. Answer yes to his question, and he'll let you keep the
    Mushroom since you're off to the Beanbean Kingdom, and he'll also give you a
    Super Mushroom! On the same side as the Toad who gives you the two Mushrooms,
    going up from the Toad, when you see a small pink flag hanging from the wall,
    jump up the hedges, go down, and hit the box for yet another Mushroom.
    On the left side, go up onto the hedge, talk to the Toad, and say that you'll
    help him find his item. Go to the bottom of the hedge, and investigate to find
    the Toad's precious item. Go back up and talk to him for a 1-Up Mushroom.
    On the left hedge, go jump off the part of the hedge in the middle over to the
    isolated hedge. It may take a few times. Here, hit the block for a Mushroom.
    Also, talk to the Koopa, who'll explain his predicament, and answer with
    UP-Thatta way. After all, despite that Bowser is bad and all, you do want to be
    a proud, famous, and prolific citizen, do you not? Anyway, go up the the north
    exit(Jumping required)and leave.
    In this section of wherever it is that you are, talk to the two Toads and
    they'll give you advice on saving. Anyway, walk up, and in a scene with yet
    another Toad (Are the humans just gene experiment failures on Toads or
    something? I mean, where are all the other humans?), you'll receive a suitcase
    along with funds of 100 coins(!) With preparations underway, go north, and
    watch the utterly HILARIOUS scene, as Bowser recruits 'that green guy' and end
    up in the Koopa Cruiser, which is kind of basically the introductory part of
    this game, as in game controls.
                                     Koopa Cruiser
    Listen to the directions, and then save. Walking along the cruiser, I recommend
    that you talk to all the Koopas to learn the controls, and get the coins from
    the Bros. Block. After a ways, you'll be interrupted by a photographer, and
    will have to get  your picture taken in order to access the Beanbean Kingdom,
    after being hassled. (Too many terrorists, huh? That doesn't surprise me.)
    Anyway, follow the directions of the Koopa photographer, by first getting your
    photograph with Mario, pressing Start, and then getting your photograph with
    Mr. Green Mustache. (It's green? I didn't notice!)
    As of yet, I am unsure if posing or not affects your game, but I'm guessing
    not, since all he does is just berate you for posing, and will take your
    picture until he gets a good pose. Anyway, in the same hold, hit both blocks to
    get a Mushroom from each, and if you told the Koopa from before who was lost
    the right directions, you can get a 1-Up Mushroom from him.
    Continuing into the next room, push down the barrel, and you'll get a scolding
    from the Koopa there, who'll give you the directions to the deck. He'll also
    give you directions on how to fight if you want them. Accepting his offer, go
    and break the moving barrel to fight two Goombas. In this battle, you'll learn
    about counterattacking while dodging, and also the fact that you use B for
    Luigi's attacking.
    After the lessons, beat up on the Goombas. When you're done that, continue
    along downwards, and break the next barrel. After you're done taking out
    another pair of Goombas(along with a level up) you'll learn about the next
    aspect of battle; Getting in additional damage points, as well as the painful
    drawback. Jumping on the Goomba, you'll do damage to each,  and will only
    require a strong hit on each Goomba. Afterwards, fight the other Goomba.
    Now, proceed on your original path, which appears to be getting disrupted quite
    a bit. In the next room, save your game, talk to the two Koopas if you want,
    and hit the block, which activates the Pinch Crane.
    In yet another funny action, the crane picks up Luigi, and Mario ends up as a
    lookout up on the deck. Updeck, Luigi is still hanging(Hang in there buddy!)
    while Mario is on watch. A Koopa comes up and reports the crossing of the
    borderlines between the two Kingdoms, and then leaves.
    Suddenly, a fireball comes out of nowhere to hit the Koopa Cruiser, thankfully
    not knocking you off or destroying it(Remember what happened last time?), with
    the only advance warning a stretching of Luigi's eyeballs. The evil witch
    Cackletta, as she refers to herself as, appears, and taunts Bowser and the
    Mario Bros. She leaves, deeming you worthless of her time, leaving her pupil
    Fawful behind, who makes a bad food joke and knocks Bowser down. You end up
    battling Fawful.
                                BOSS BATTLE: FAWFUL
    HP: 		30
    Experience: 	None
    Spoils: 	None
    DUN-DU-DU-DUN-DU-DUN-DU-DUN! Finally, you battle a nemesis who can even
    thwart... BOWSER! And Fawful's hardly even a boss.
    This easy *boss* always taunts you before Fawful attacks, but don't let
    that bother you. In fact, you should be glad that Fawful tries to taunt
    you. Why? When he speaks, some or all of his words will be in either red
    or green. If it is red, he is going to attack Mario. If it is green, he
    is going to attack Luigi. It's that simple. However, after a few hits
    when he is flying, he'll hit both Mario and Luigi, but the color he has in
    his words is the person he'll attack first.
    If you do not understand(Which I've made so it's easy to understand) Bowser
    will move back and forth giving you directions.(Say, how does he appear on
    the far right and far left side of a SQUARE battle field?)
    His attacks are a glowing ball that is easily avoidable and rolling as a
    ball which you can easily counterattack.
    After you defeat this ridiculous CLOWN, he gets a new headgear, yells "I HAVE
    FURY!" and shoots out fireballs, and the ship explodes, while he escapes.
    Some weird guys are looking at the sky, and see the explosion of the Koopa
    Cruiser, and Mario and Luigi falling.
                           Stardust Fields Mushroom Side
    Go and save at the save block, and, walking down, talk to the Koopas to receive
    some sense of the direction that Bowser had fell, and go and enter the castle.
    Two guards here will prevent you from passing through the borderline between
    Mushroom Kingdom and Beanbean Kingdom(Gee Mario and Luigi, couldn't you have
    gone to the left just a few more meters when falling?) However, you are offered
    an alternative - complete the mini-game Border Jump and you can pass.
    The way this game works is this. The two guards will move a rope around and if
    either Mario or Luigi get hit three times, then you lose, so you have to jump
    when it comes at you. It is a bit difficult, but you can't pass until you
    defeat this mini-game.
    After you beat it, the guards congratulate you, and allow you to pass.
                           Stardust Fields Beanbean Side
    Crossing the bridge, one of the guards stops you, and tells you that since they
    were posted as the sentries there, nobody, nobody but Mario and Luigi had
    passed since them, and to reward you for that, he gives you a Beanbean Map.
    That should make navigation a bit easier.
    Going down the route, go and read the sign on how to cross the little
    crystal-like things that are blocking you from going any further. Do so, and
    when you do cross, hit the block for a Mushroom.
    Go down, and making your way across another pair of the painful blocks, hit the
    block there to get another Mushroom.
    In the next section, just go down and left along the path, and maybe fight the
    monsters in the way if you want.
    In the section after, jump up to encounter Bowser. Mario and Luigi will try to
    free him, but Tolstar will show up, and will demand some coins to free Bowser
    and keep this incident a secret. Unfortunately, Mushroom Kingdom currency isn't
    worth very much, so Tolstar activates a path for you to gather 100 Beanbean
    Taking the lower path now, go up the small path into the next section. Here,
    hit the two blocks for 7 coins.
    In the right section, going straight down, hit the block for an additional 6
    coins. Go and hit the block visibly right of it for a Mushroom.
    Continuing right, and going up the ledges, go onto the pads and alternate
    between A and B to get to the other side and get 6 coins from the block there.
    Go back, and leave through the exit at the right.
    In this area, hit the block for a Syrup. Go up the steps, and approach the
    star. A silly scene will occur, in which Mario gets on top of Luigi, and two
    Toads come out of the grounds, a green-capped Toad and a red-capped Toad, the
    red one standing on top of the green one. The two pairs mirror image each
    other, but when the Toads learn that Mario is Mario, they decide to get his
    autograph, as well as Luigi's.
    Once they learn of the dastardly deeds that have been done, they will help you
    out by teaching the Brother Action.
    In this minigame, you must perform the Brother Action, which consists of one
    brother getting on top of the other to reach higher heights. To do so, you must
    Press L, and then or B and then press that button again and a directional
    button. To do this, Luigi needs to be in the back.
    After the High Jump, you'll be taught the Spin Jump. Pressing L, press B, then
    press B again and use the directional pads to float in a direction.
    To pass this, you must reach the ledge on the other side. You must have Mario
    in the back for this to do this.
    Once you return, to pass the test, you need to reach the flag which you'll be
    shown. How to reach it? First, go down and use the High Jump on what looks a
    bit like some cans of gasoline, and perform the High Jump again on the next set
    of cans, and then the ledge. Use a Spin Jump to reach the ledge to the left,
    and use the High Jump to get up. Hit the block for a Mushroom, and then Spin
    Jump over to the flag. You now can use the Splash Brothers Attack and Bounce
    Brothers Attack in addition.
    After the two toads leave, go left a bit and hit the block for a Syrup.
    Down in the next section, go to get the chest of 6 coins in the southeast
    corner, then go up and High Jump to get two more chests containing a Syrup and
    one coin. Spin Jump over to a chest that contains 3 coins, and go down and
    right into the next area.
    Reuniting with the two toads from before, they'll teach you about the Brother
    Attacks, and you'll have the oppurtunity to learn on the Splash Brothers
    attack. You'll also learn about modes, and what happens in each level of
    difficulty. Also, you need Brother Points, a version of MP, to perform the
    Brother Attacks. After the lesson, the Toads leave.
    In the next area, just go down, and continue along the path until about
    halfways, of which you should High Jump on the ledge for 6 points. Going off,
    go the the southwest corner now, and get some more coins.
    By this point, you should have close to 100 coins, if you were fighting most of
    the monsters. If not, go and fight some more. After you are done, return to see
    Tolstar. Giving him the 100 coins, Tolstar will, instead of freeing Bowser, end
    up crossing you and fights you.
                                   BOSS BATTLE:TOLSTAR
    HP: 		52
    Experience: 	30
    Spoils: 	The amount of coins you collected for Tolstar
    His main attack is to throw a spiked ball at you, which you can easily dodge,
    and you have plenty of time to see who it is thrown at. When he says
    "Nyeeeeck!" (Or something along that) Tolstar will throw a spiked ball that
    bounces up higher, and when he does that, don't jump at all, because it'll miss
    you if you stand still. He'll ALWAYS say Nyeeeeck before he throws that, so
    don't worry about it when he starts throwing two spiked balls at a time.
    Anyways, after you beat him, the two toads come out of nowhere, and, lighting
    the fuse to the cannon, cause Bowser to blast off into Tolstar!
    Anyway, go to where Tolstar originally was, and perform a High Jump to get up
    onto the ledge, from there, walk along the path set for you to the next screen.
    Here, just go up, save after hitting the save block, and enter the cave.
    In the cave here, High Jump up onto the left ledge, and hit the block for a
    Mushroom. Continuing on left, hit the second block for yet another Mushroom.
    From there, proceed by exiting the cave from the new exit.
    Here, just walk along the bridge. You are confronted and forced back by 3
    odd-looking guards, who claim that you kidnapped their Prince Peasly. After
    Mario and Luigi try to tell them who they are, the guards do not believe them,
    thinking the superstars of Mushroom Kingdom would never come here. However, in
    an odd twist of fate, Tolstar is fished down from elsewhere, and says they are
    not lying, and then disappears.
    Now that the guards know that the two of you are Mario and Luigi, they explain
    the situation. There kingdoms Prince, Prince Peasly, was kidnapped supposedly,
    and the only info they have is that the perpetrator wore an odd helmet and
    spoke of mustard and fink-rats....Hmm, sounds familiar, does it not?
    Anyway, after the guards leave, continue on the path that you were originally
    destined to go towards.
                                   Hoohoo Village
    Heading down, go into the house, and hit all three of the blocks for 6 coins, a
    Mushroom, and a large coin, worth 5 normal. Exiting the house, continue along
    left, and hit the lone block for a Mushroom.
    Going back to the start of the village, talk to the people. Hmm, it seems that
    Beanbean Castle is at the foot of the mountains that this village is on. Also,
    what would seem to be a local hero is missing. We all know what one must do
    In the next section, going up, enter the cave, and search out the two Item
    Blocks to get 6 coins and a Mushroom. Jumping up the small ledges, Spin Jump to
    the other side, and go onto the next screen.
    Here, hit the blocks for a Mushroom and 11 coins, and exit out of the cave.
    Items Galore! Get a Mushroom, a Syrup, 5 coins, 5 coins again and another
    Want to make some money? Go right in front of the small gushing water, and when
    Mario looks bloated, go downwards and position yourself straight to the
    propeller across the bridge, and you can get a coin or a Mushroom. As of yet,
    it has not run out of items for me, so I believe you can get an infinite amount
    of things, at a slow pace. You can only fill up Mario, though.
    Going back to before the cave, seeing as the upper route is halted by a broken
    bridge, take the lower route. Here, although you can't climb up the mountain,
    you can climb down the mountain, this time with an unbroken bridge.
    I HAVE FURY! shouts Fawful, as he shows up again, revealing his plans of
    catching Prince Peasly, and saying something about Cackletta hatching a plan at
    Beanbean Castle. And unfortunately, he drops a large rock in your path,
    preventing you from reaching Beanbean Castle to stop Cackletta. Well, doesn't
    that just beat all?
    Well, going back to the part with the upward route and downward route, this
    time, choose the upward route, and continue left off the screen. Here, enter
    the house to encounter the Hammerhead Brothers.
    Making a stone hammer, the brothers fail, and then notice Mario and Luigi.
    After a one-sided conversation in which you request a hammer, you learn that
    Hoohoo Blocks are required, of which they have none in stock. The only place
    able to get them is from the summit of the mountain, and it would appear that
    Mario and Luigi are now the only two able to climb it. They'll make you a deal;
    You get the Hoohoo blocks, they'll make you a hammer.
    Anyway, going outside, the bridge that was formerly broken is now repaired,
    allowing you to cross, so do so.
                                    Hoohoo Mountain
    Anyway, out here, you can't reach the chest up on the cliff even with the High
    Jump, so just continue along. With the first set of ledges to jump up, go back
    and hit the item block for a Mushroom.
    After a few more ledges, use a High Jump to get up a high ledge, and then Spin
    Jump twice over some more cliffs. If you want, go down before you conquer the
    next set of ledges, and get the Syrup from the item block.
    Anyway, back at the crossroad that you've just encountered, jump up the left
    way and Spin Jump for a Syrup. Going back, continue along the Hoohoo Mountain
    In this next area, jumping up, perform a Spin Jump into the tornado, and then
    continue on right. Keep going on the trail.
    Go up, and take the route left just a bit higher elevation than the way you
    just came through.
    High Jump up the ledge for a Syrup. Go down, and left somewhat to the Water
    Hole. Put Mario in front, and go straight in front of the pink blubbery thing.
    Perform a High Jump, and the thing will turn to stone, and a tornado will
    appear. Go back on the same ledge that the block for the Syrup was floating
    above, and perform a Spin Jump into the tornado, and then continue the rest of
    the way.
    Go up a bit, save on the save block, then Spin Jump over to get a Mushroom.
    Spin Jumping back, take yet another Spin Jump going left off the ledge. Hit the
    chest for a bunch of coins, and then jump up the mountain.
    In this section, get Mario bloated with the water, and hit the pink blubbery
    thing, which I'll refer to as PBT from now on, to turn it into a statue. Get
    some more water, then go to the next screen, and hit the PBT there with water.
    Going back to the first screen, climb up the cliff, and Spin Jump into the
    tornado, and Spin Jump to the cliff, and go to the next screen.
    Here, Spin Jump to the tornado, and again to the next cliff. Here, hit the
    block to activate another Water Hole elsewhere. Spin Jump down and left a bit
    to hit the block for a Mushroom.
    Go off the cliff rightwards, and go down. Continuing down, get the water from
    the Water Hole, and hit the PTB here to activate yet another tornado.
    Spin Jumping into the first tornado, continue the Spin Jump to the next
    tornado, and then onto the ledge. Continuing onto the next screen, save.
    Now, go talk to the rock-like object between the four small rock pillars. It
    turns out he is Hoohooros, THE ancient weapon of the Hoohoo civilization(I hope
    the age has fined out his negative points). In order to proceed along the path,
    you must complete yet another mini-game.
    In this game, you must use the Spin Jump to move around the four pillars to
    capture 10 Hoohoo spirits. Although it may be a bit difficult at first, it
    actually depends on luck, and quick reactions, as well as telling when to end
    your Spin Jump.
    After you defeat this Mini-Game, Hoohooros gives you your next task; to defeat
                                BOSS BATTLE:HOOHOOROS
    HP:		80
    Experience:	60
    Spoils: 	24 coins
    He'll hide under one of two pillars, but you can easily see which he is hiding
    under. However, recommended is that you first destroy the pillar he is not
    under, so when you do hit the pillar that he is under, he will try to hide
    under the second pillar, but will be unprotected.
    Attacks consist of a purple laser that hits the ground where either Mario or
    Luigi are, easily dodgable, and when Hoohooros is unprotected, a laser that
    starts just above Mario, and rotates about 180 degrees to hit both Mario and
    Luigi, just slightly more difficult to dodge, or the other way around.
    After you win, you can pass. Save your game first.
    Climbing up, you can get two items by Spin Jumping off the cliff onto two high
    pillars, a Syrup and a Mushroom. The left pillar can be reached by going
    straight down, while I recommend that for the right, you take the extra stretch
    out to go down and left.
    Anyway, going to the left side of the cliff, High Jump up into the path and
    continue on into the next area.
    Here, hit the block to activate yet another water hole. One jump and two sets
    of stairs later, Spin Jump across to the next ledge. Spin Jumping left again,
    perform a High Jump to get up. Perform yet another High Jump up, and use the
    Spin Jump and move right and up.
    Putting Mario in front, get him full of water, and walk along the somewhat
    hidden right path. Going down and falling off, walk up the higher set of
    stairs, and use a High Jump to water down the PBT here.
    Spin Jump over twice again, and from the grassy cliff, Spin Jump into the
    tornado and up to hit the item block for a Syrup. Going back into the tornado
    with another Spin Jump, continue on right.
    High Jump upwards, and hit the item chest for a Syrup. Head along the mountain
    trail. Going to the far left, you can snag a 1-Up Mushroom from the chest
    there. Going back to the front of this area, High Jump up onto the ledge, and
    climb up the stairs. As soon as the tornado gets close enough, Spin Jump into
    the moving tornado. Once you get onto the next part, start up another Spin
    Jump, and head towards the next area.
    Jumping up the annoying amount of stairs, instead of Spin Jumping into the
    tornado, fall of the steps and head left to get a Mushroom, then head back and
    High Jump onto the steps. From there, Spin Jump into the tornado. The second
    tornado is a bit too far away, so how to get into it? Simply get out of the
    first tornado, and after a few seconds, move back into it, until the reaches
    close enough to the second tornado, and then Spin Jump into that torndao.
    Lastly, head out to the far right cliff. Walking up the first flight of stairs,
    Spin Jumping onto the second one, and taking the tornado, reach the far left
    part with the Item Blocks, allowing you to get a Mushroom and a Syrup. Going
    left onto the small part underneath it, walk up the stairs and head into the
    next area.
    Walking all the way to the left part of the lake, hit the save block and save,
    and then go down to fight the second boss in this area.
    Kicking a Hoohoo block, the thing wakes up, and after thinking you as thieves,
    you learn that he is Blablanadon, the guy from the village who went missing.
    You learn what he's been doing, following Prince Peasly up here, and keeping an
    egg warm. The egg suddenly hatches, sending off the Hoohoo block downwards the
    waterfall, and straight into the Hammerhead brothers house, and sending
    Blablanadon off with a hit of something. Then you have to fight this boss.
                                BOSS BATTLE:Dragohoho
    HP:		80 (Dragohoho), 4(Hoho Stone)
    Experience:	100
    Coins:		34
    Somewhat tougher than the last boss, he can be a cinch with some proper
    His attack is just a single purple ball. When he's hit, he is somewhat driven
    down, so the more he's been hit, the easier the attack is to dodge. Also, if
    his head stays mobile, he is going to attack Luigi. If his head moves up, he is
    going to attack Mario.
    After some damage, he may spit out a Hoho stone, which has 4 HP. When he gets
    on it, his attacks are much faster, so it is important that you destroy it
    The dragon shrinks to reveal Prince Peasly, who tells his story after
    Blablanadon reappears out of nowhere. Cackletta met up with him, and
    transformed the prince into the dragon as well as shutting him up in that egg.
    He also 'invites' you to Beanbean Castle, giving you a Green Rose to 'that
    green guy' to be able to access the castle.
    Switch scene to Blablanadon taking you down the mountain to Hoohoo Village.
    Head towards the left exit now. Save, continue on left until you are at the
    bridge, and enter the Hammerhead Brothers house. Turns out that they are able
    to make you not one but TWO hammers. Boy, don't you feel special?
    They teach you like the most simple control ever to use the hammer next to
    using only one button; Press L/R and then A/B. Unfortunately, only the person
    in front can use it to actually make it worthwhile. Head to the right part of
    their house, destroy the block, and go to get the Nut.
    Leaving the house, go right, and take the lower route this time. Go and destroy
    the statue. Go and High Jump onto the bridge for a Nut. Head down into the next
    Here, break the rocks away and make your way to the southwest part, and hit the
    stump-like object to activate the waterhole. Going there, fill up Mario with
    water, and then High Jump on him right next to the flaming rock. (Guess someone
    doesn't like the theory of physics that heat moves from a place of higher
    concentration to lower concentration) After cooling the rock down, hit it with
    the hammer again, and be off to the next section.
    Going down, don't go into the cave just yet. Continue on onto the next screen,
    and grab from the 4 item blocks, two Mushrooms and two Syrups. Then head into
    the cave.
    In this here cave, learn the rules to the train mini-game.
    1. Press A to have Mario's train jump, and B for Luigi's to jump.
    2. Grab red diamonds with Mario, green diamonds with Luigi.
    3. Avoid obstacles, such as falling rocks or bats.
    4. Collect batteries, as your flashlight will be running out of power.
    Getting a large amount of diamonds can get you a lot of beans, something you'll
    require for a feature later on in the game.
    Anyways, after you complete the minigame at least once, you'll emerge at the
    other side of the cave. Leaving, save at the Save Block, and grab a Mushroom
    plus a Nut. Then head west, after breaking some more boulders.
    The Hammerhead Brothers will rush up to you, telling that they had forgotten to
    instruct you on how to use Hammers in battle, so they'll give it to you
    straight right now.
    When attacking, just as soon as the Hammer shakes, press A/B depending on which
    brother it is you're attacking with. When defending, press A/B to
    counterattack. From now on, counterattack is replaced with the Hammer instead
    of Jumping, while you can attack either with Jump or Hammer.
    Anyways, after the duo leave, go upwards, walking up the stairs and onto the
    next screen to get a monolith of items. A Mushroom, Syrup, and some coins
    dominate the chests on the first screen. On the screen north of that, you can
    aquire another Mushroom.
    To the west of the screen of the the three items, if you missed the Mushrooms
    and Syrups from beforehand just a bit east of the start of the train tracks,
    now's your chance to get them, by climbing some stairs, and dropping down and
    perfoming a High Jump onto the left cliff. However, you'll have to go through
    the train tracks again.
    Anyways, back at the ranch, or otherwise, the same area where you met up with
    the Hammerhead Brothers again, head downwards. In this section, the new enemies
    have spikes on the top of their bodies, meaning you'll have to use hammers.
    Taking a route of right, down, left, up, left and down, you'll reach the exit.
    Well, according to the sign, you're close to Beanbean Town. That's nice to
    know. Anyway, head down one screen, and in the next, take the stone bridge
    entrance going right to enter Beanbean Town.
                                Beanbean Town & Castle
    You enter the town in shock- And no wonder! The town's been massacred! Talking
    to the townspeople, you learn most of the current situation. In the northwest,
    a single shop is open, with items for your needs. When done buying what you
    need, head up the northwest exit.
    Save, then head up to the castle entrance. The guards stop you, saying that
    they were instructed to let nobody in. You give them the story of why you are
    they, which they think is pretty much a faery tale. Even when you prove that
    you are the world-famous Mario and Lu..uh, other guy, they still won't let you
    pass. Thankfully, when that other guy finally produces the rose that Peasly
    gave him, the guards will let the two of you pass into the castle.
    Well, Beanbean Castle isn't really a castle, more like a composing of four
    rooms on the main floor. Walking up and left, go down onto the next screen to
    get a coin box. Back in the 3rd screen, examine the Beanbean that is lying
    down. Lady Lima, highest of the Beanbean Court, arrives. After some
    misinterpretations of your actions, she ends up sending you downwards. She then
    gives you the task of proving yourself by repairing the castle's plumbing.
    Well, that's not a big problem, since Mario IS a plumber. Right? Right? RIGHT?
    Anyway, let's fix the plumbing. After optionally clearing out the monsters
    here, jump up onto the pipes, grab your hammer, and hit all three of the
    stoppers that are being pushed up by pressurized water to stop the leaks.
    That'll increase the water flow, and will let you pass the first door.
    In the next room, none of the stoppers are out of their positions. Well, that
    is a relief. But wait! WAIT! No water's coming out of one of the pipes. That
    must mean that the water is off completely!
    After clearing out the enemies, go next to the red valve, and perform a Spin
    Jump adjacent to it. The valve will respond to your actions, and will spin
    around on its own, and gushing water will come out of the second pipe. However,
    the two stoppers here are now out of their proper positoins, leaks pushing them
    up, so fix that with your hammer now. Additionally, hit the third unconnected
    leak to fight some more enemies for what is now precious experience. Another
    door will open, so pass through this one.
    Anyway, in this room here, go to the top of the room to claim from the three
    chests there two Mushrooms and a Syrup. Going right, use a Spin Jump on the red
    valve there to bring out another enemy for experience. After clearing all the
    monsters in this room for valuable experience, go to the next room.
    Here, you don't even need to guess at the first part, a Spin Jump, but then
    comes the REAL pain! You can only use the hammer four times to hit the leaks,
    so therefore, you must hit the leaks in a particular order.
    In this order, hit the leaks; Upper-left, Lower-left, upper-right, and then the
    lower-right leak. After you apply yourself to this, the yellow and black
    platform will suddenly rise with gushing water, so, two High Jumps and you're
    off into the next room!(But wait... weren't you supposed to FIX the plumbing?
    And doesn't that mean that you're letting the plumbing go wild, leaving the
    leak just like that?)
    After running around and grabbing a Mushroom from both chests, use the Spin
    Jump on the red valve here, to activate the water flow from the room two rooms
    Going back, hit all of the leaks here with your trusty hammer, while waiting
    for the door to open. Go into the next room. Hit the single leak here, and both
    doors will open. Lady Lima comes out from the larger door that is more near to
    Wait? What the? This is IMPOSSIBLE! According to Lady Lima, you actually
    happened to have SAVED her, and that she did NOT drop the duo down here to fix
    the plumbing.(Wait, how does she know who that other green guy is, huh?
    Explain!) It seems that Cackletta and co. had attacked Lima along with some of
    her Beanbean assistants, and they have been down here ever since! Wait, then
    who was the other Lady Lima?
    Cut to Cackletta. It appears we've played straight into her trap! By repairing
    the plumbing, we've disable the security!(Gee, who the hell designs a layout
    like that?) And to make it worse, Cackletta has been able to steal something...
    The Beanstar, something that can grant all desires! (Gee, where was that when
    we needed it during Super Mario RPG or Paper Mario?)
    Lady Lima implores you to rescue the Beanstar, and then starts acting somewhat
    crazy, rushing around without any general direction. Anyways, go up into the
    large doorway. From the chests here, get not one, not two, but three Mushrooms,
    some coins and a Syrup. Going back into the former room, hit the save block and
    then save, then enter the second room.
    Here, you have to climb a high altitude of stairs, which looking closely, are
    partly made of pipes(touche!). Reach the exit.
    Cackletta appears with Fawful, Fawful makes another horrible joke undermining
    his already clown-like behaviour, and Cackletta prepares a surprise for you;
    You finally get to meet Queen Bean!
    Wait, that's Queen Bean? I'dve thought that the Queen would look somewhat more
    like a Beanbean, but no, and she also isn't accepting you as a prisoner, or
    guest! So prepare to fight!
                                 BOSS BATTLE:QUEEN BEAN
    HP: 		120
    Experience: 	380
    Spoils: 	34 coins, 3 Woo Beans, 1 Mushroom, 1 Syrup, 1 1-Up Supers
    Well now, not exactly the most pleasant way to meet her Majesty, now is it?
    Anyway, you'll notice immediately that this gal is one tough Beanbean, hardly
    taking any damage with Hammers, and actually dealing damage when you Jump. Why?
    She has a crown on her head, pointed, and I say it's a cheap way to win.
    But anyways, you want to know a way to win, huh? Notice that through some
    disgusting act(or MAYBE bad translating on 'Arm')Queen Bean's right and left
    arms are seperate entities. Destroy them, and her crown will fall off, allowing
    you to hit her with a brute amount of force. If you don't destroy her arms, she
    will frequently use an unavoidable arm attack that is, nevertheless, to say,
    painful, and it'll take forever to defeat her.
    Even if you do destroy her arms, however, after two moves, of which she'll send
    green beans after you, somewhat easy to dodge, but painful if you don't, or
    even counterattack with, her arms will REGENERATE! Yes, that's right,
    So my advice here, is this; Destroy her arms as quickly as possible, and use
    the Bros. Attack, capable of dealing sheer amounts of damage so that you'll
    very likely only have to destroy her arms twice. Use Syrup as necessary.
    After you defeat Queen Bean, she'll just... fall over? Why doesn't she like
    quit being a rabid beast or something? Mario and Luigi will volunteer to help,
    but will facefault that there is no known way to spit out an ingested Belly
    Blech. But then, they are offered one possibility; To get the legendary
    Chuckola Reserve, from Chucklehuck Woods. And what do you know, it's DARN CLOSE
    to Beanbean Castle! After volunteering for the mission, Lima, who is talking to
    them, will give the duo the Beanbean Brooch and tell the two to head southwest
    of Beanbean Castle, to Chateau de Chucklehuck.
    Heading all the way south, to the room that 'Lima' kept you from earlier, hit
    the block for some coins. Then leave the castle.
                                   Continuing South
    Leaving the castle, a Beanbean guard will suddenly stop you. He'll tell the
    two that Lima had asked them take take something along with them, which turns
    out  to be a Bean Badge. The guard tells you that if you equip the badge,
    you'll be somewhat stronger in battle. He also says that different badges have
    different effects, but he'll skimp on that to tell you that you should just
    equip badges you find for now. Press Select to open the suitcase when he orders
    you, and he will give you a lesson on how to equip badges.
    Afterwords, he'll notice Luigi, and tells him that if he wants his own badge,
    then he'll be forced to buy one at the stores. Luigi, downcast, is pushed down
    by Mario.
    Right now, before you go anywhere, I highly suggest that you go to the store
    and buy a Pea Badge for Luigi. Trust me, you'll see a big difference with 12
    more power points. I also recommend upgrading Luigi with Blue Jeans, and if
    you still have the coins, some Bean Trousers for Mario.
    Anyways, with your coins in the hands of that stinking thief... er, with your
    coins in the hands of that fashion shop owner, let's leave the town from the
    Hey, see that sign there? It says 'Chateau de Chucklehuck', and it's pointing
    downwards! What does this mean? IT'S A MESSAGE FROM THE GODS! WE CAN DIE IN
    No, seriously. Go down the bridge onto the next screen.
    On this next screen, dispatch the forces that conspire to stop your arrival,
    all in the name of whatever fiendish plot the mastermind of the Beanstar's
    kidnapping, or if you want to make it less interesting, get some experience
    off of the enemies.
    Anyways, do NOT go to the west exit, despite that the sign says that the
    Chateau de Chucklehuck is there. Instead, climb up the landform near the west
    exit, and go by bridge instead.
    On this next screen, get over the bridge onto the island. Taking control of
    Luigi in front, fly your giddy little selves upwards, and try to get past the
    A guard will stop you, telling that in order to protect the Chucklehuck Woods
    ecology, only select individuals are allowed in. However, Mario proves that
    the two of them ARE allowed in, by flashing the Beanbean Brooch. The guard
    immediately recognizes it as the mark of special guests at the Beanbean
    Castle, and they will permit you to enter.
    Jump up the ledge, then head right, and down. Continue to climb the ledges, and
    go onto the next screen. Here, enter the building.
    Save at the block here. Strangly enough, the statues give directions on how to
    make Chuckola Cola. Then enter upwards.
    Wow...just wow. Anyways, in the maze, here's how to go starting from the
    entrance of the maze; up, right, up, left, down, left, down, left, up, right,
    up, right, up, left, down, left, down, right, down, west, down. As you emerge,
    let's begin to leave- Say, that's not Mario/Luigi! The guy in back has been
    replaced by a clown!? The new sidekick will disappear, and whichever brother
    was gone will come back. Now, High Jump up the barrels, and go up and left into
    the next room.
    On this next screen, the dude you saw earlier introduces himself as the famous
    shadow thief, Popple, making a lot of strange curses. Coming closer, he will
    taunt the brothers, saying that they may think they're ready, but that nobody
    is more ready than he. He'll suddenly run away a bit, calling someone named
    0_0...Nintendo has officially proved themself lazy. All they did was make a
    recolored Bowser sprite. But boy, he looks an awful lot like Bowser. When
    Rookie comes over, Popple tells him to squash 'Those red and green drips'. R
    Rookie will obey, but when walking over to Mario and Luigi, he'll suddenly say
    that he feels like he knows the two from somewhere. Popple will be outraged,
    asking Rookie if he's associated with the two 'palookas'.(If you drop me an
    email any time, remind me to search dictionary.com for the definition of
    palooka) Rookie says that something about them feels really familiar, and that
    it makes him feel mad.
    Popple tells Rookie to shut up, and says that the brothers came for the same
    reason as they did, to get the Chuckola Reserve. He then challenges Mario and
    Luigi to a battle that they are unable to refuse.
                            BOSS BATTLE:POPPLE AND ROOKIE
    HP: 		120(Rookie), 100(Popple)
    Experience: 	220
    Spoils: 	34 coins, 1-Up Mushroom
    You won't be THAT hardpressed in this battle. Popple will rarely attack, only
    stealing an item at the beginning of the battle. Start by concentrating your
    efforts on that big lump Rookie with your Brother Attacks, and he should be
    going down pretty quickly. While he's still up, though, he'll send hammers at
    you in slow motion. Hit them with your own hammers to deflect them. If you do
    take too long, though, Rookie will start shooting out lines of fire, but these
    are easily dodgable.
    After defeating Rookie, Popple will more likely run before you can defeat him.
    Laying on the floor in desolate defeat, Popple suddenly gets up and curses at
    Rookie. He asks the 'worthless vermin' who took him in when he was lost on the
    mountain, and says that it was him, Popple. Rookie answers that he is quite
    ashamed, but Popple says that it is no matter as long as they get the Chuckola
    Reserve. They'll then run off, having been sorely defeated only moments
    beforehand. Chase them.
    On the next screen, however, they are not there, so just hit the Save Block,
    and go push forth the barrel to the left. It'll implode on impact, releasing
    two white-haired dudes, who really need some help in English. Lousy French, why
    can't they have the 'th' sound in their language?
    The first guy says he is the Maester of the Chateau, and that he is Cork. The
    other person gets up, saying he is Corks brother, Cask. He says they were
    forced into the barrel by two bizarre characters, and asks if the brothers were
    the one who saved them.
    Cork tells Mario and Luigi that the two who attacked them are after the
    Chuckola Reserve within the woods. Cask notices that the two brothers are also
    after the Reserve, and Cork tells them that they are not sure whether the soda
    even exists. After some more laemr speech, you'll have to have Mario press A
    and Luigi press B. Afterwards, go left, and High Jump up, and hit the Bros.
    block, then head up.
    Here, the two brothers, in their nonsensical rambling, will teach you two new
    techniques with your hammers; Mouse and Mole. Luigi will now be able to hit
    Mario to microsize him, allowing him to go through small holes. Mario will be
    able to hit Luigi down into the ground, to burrow under barriers. Take your
    newfound abilities to the room to the right, after the brothers set you the
    task of finding two goblets.
    Here, with Luigi at back and hammer at ready, hit Mario into mouse size, and
    send him throught the hole to the left. Jump your way onto the table, and claim
    the Red Goblet. Then go out, and macrosize him.
    Going right, put Mario at back with hammer. Hitting Luigi into the ground, send
    him past the fence, then unburrow yourself. Jump up onto the northwest corner,
    and hit the red switch to lower the fence. With Mario and Luigi reunited,
    perform a High Jump onto the table, and grab the Green Goblet. Then leave from
    the left, where you had started off with.
    The French brothers are amazed that you got both goblets, and they say they
    can teach you nothing more. Dismissing you, you are now able to enter the
    Chucklehuck Woods. Go down, and hit the save block, then continue down out of
    the building, to enter WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR! Oh, after that part with the sign
    directing us to Chucklehuck Woods, that is.
                                   Chucklehuck Woods
    OK, see those enemies? It'll go much easier if you convince yourself that they
    are loyal servants of Cackletta, and that for each one of them that you kill,
    her power weakens, but since you're likely to just kill enemies, KILL THEM!
    Never mind there's no plot behind that, they give off good experience.
    Head northward, and jumping up the ledge, destroy the boulder with your hammer.
    On the next screen, nab from the chests 6 coins, a Mushroom and a Syrup, then
    go back down after activating the Warp Pipe.
    Back here again, go up the right part of the ledge, and Spin Jump down, and hit
    the box for a Mushroom. From there, head left, to the next screen.
    Here, with Mario at back and hammer ready, hit Luigi into the ground, and send
    the mole past the gate. Once over, emerge from the stuffy entrenches of the
    ground, and hit the red switch with your hammer, and go tag up with Mario
    again. With Mario in front, High Jump up and go onto the next screen.
    On this next section, instead of continuing north, take a sharp left, and grab
    from the boxes a Refreshing Herb, 5 coins, and a 1-Up Mushroom, then go back
    after saving.
    Back at the ranch, hit both boulders with your hammer to destroy them.
    Activating Mouse mode, send Mario into the right part to get two Syrups and a
    Mushroom, and through the left to hit the red switch. With the fence quite
    effectively BALEETED, macrosize Mario again, and High Jump your way into the
    next section.
    So yeah, anyways, this next section will seriously harm your mind with the bad
    poetry. Reading it, you can deduce something. Standing in front of that panel
    will cause the stone face to shoot out fire. But, hitting Luigi with the
    hammer, put him under the barrel and emerge, then stand on the panel again with
    Luigi in front. Doing so will cause the flame to be reflected, hitting the face
    and lengthening the formerly unaccessable cliff! Hit Luigi with Mario's hammer,
    and then High Jump up twice to yet another part of the Chucklehuck Woods.
    Here, go up and right. Hey, it's a Shy Guy! Anyways, after killing him, go to
    the next section.
    It's a treasure haven! Not one, not two, not even three, but four treasure
    chests! Claim your unrivaled bounty from these chests, a stash of one Mushroom,
    one Refreshing Herb, 2 coins and a Brothers Block. Once satisfied with the
    greed-appealing horde, head back to the entrance of the former screen. From
    there, start your trek left. Slaying the enemies, make your way past the
    northwest exit.
    Here, start another Kill-a-thon, and once done, climb up the stairs that go to
    nowhere. No need to read the second ugly poem and try to wrack your brain to
    figure it out. After all, that's what you're reading this FAQ for, right?
    Now, take a Spin Jump northeast onto the highly-raised platform. With the
    events of the last barrel freshly in mind, perform the Mole technique again,
    and emerge under the barrel. With Luigi's new disfigurement, move left, and pit
    yourself under the red switch. Jump Mario on with a control specifically made
    for this circumstance, and hit the red switch to lengthen another cliff to make
    it accessable. Breaking free of the barrel with Luigi, head up to the next part
    of this blasted forest.
    Take your save here, and head up the middle path to encounter Chuckleroot, the
    protector of woods.(First off, NEW prefix, second of all, doesn't this look an
    awful lot like a cameo from Ocarina of Time?) He tells you that ahead is the
    great tree of the Mother Chuckalola, and that only those who can find three
    different types of Chuckola Fruit can pass, and will list them as; White
    Chuckola Fruit, Red Chuckola Fruit, and Purple Chuckola Fruit. With your tasks
    set before you, the two gates blocking off the side paths are now opened. Take
    the right path.
    Meh, yet another horrible act of poetry. Basically, it means that when Mario
    and Luigi are seperated, you can switch control of each character using only
    Now, commence the puzzle-solving of this area by first hitting Mario to micro
    him. Send him through the mouse hole, and hit the red switch with the hammer
    that he possesses to open a gate to the right. Take control of Luigi, and go up
    and hit his own red switch with a hammer to open a gate for Mario. Regaining
    your personal control of Mario, continue upwards and hit the third red switch.
    BUT WAIT! ZE PATTERN! ZE PATTERN DOZ NOT CONTINUE! In other words, keep control
    of Mario, and take him out of the mouse hole path. Go to Luigi, and when Luigi
    manages to hit Mario out of the short-style, pay him the favor by hitting him
    into the ground, then send Luigi through. Hit the switch, and a 15-second timer
    will suddenly start counting down. Quickly switching to jumping, jump onto the
    plant, and get Mario's attention. Running down, switch positions, and hit Mario
    into a mouse again, and send him through the mouse hole until he reaches the
    end. Here, grab the White Chuckola Fruit, and hit the switch. Then, go back to
    the part of these woods where Chuckleroot stands guard.
    Save, and now take the left entrance.
    Here, grab the Refreshing Herb on the cliff. Now, you see all those enemies
    around here? Yes, they're just DYING to die! Don't deny them what they want!
    Kill them all, as you need more experience! After, going down, you'll notice
    two seperate paths, so take the left first.
    A Chuckleroot dead-ringer will pop out, introducing herself as Chuckleroots
    granddaughter. She quickly says that this is her room, and asks why they dare
    to enter a lady's room uninvited. She'll quickly change her mood, though, and
    tell you a secret of hers; weird symbols on the ground are spots where beans
    lay buried. If Luigi digs beneath the earth, the beans will pop out of the
    ground. She further mentions that there are five beans here, and if the duo
    finds them all, she'll open the gate further along.
    After your very little work for 5 Chuckle Beans, walk back and speak to the
    granddaughter. She'll congratulate you, and with a snap of her branches(?), the
    gate will open. She'll leave, forbading you a good night.
    Going down, you encounter something that's trying to wiggle through a hole.
    After four mandatory jumps on it, it'll complete it's struggle. Follow it by
    hitting Mario with Luigi's hammer, and send him through the hole. Suddenly, a
    deep rumble will occur, and Mario will run out, and the same creature from
    before in question pops out, hitting Luigi away. After, macrosize Mario, and
    go to fight....Wiggler.(Guess DDT is outlawed here)
                               BOSS BATTLE:WIGGLER
    HP:		34
    Experience: 	120 to each brother
    Spoils: 	Super Mushroom
    In order to defeat the Wiggler, one must hit it when its head is yellow. To
    ensure that it is yellow, you must first hit it's body line. Once the red part
    of it's body is entirely yellow, it's head will turn yellow, allowing you to
    hit once, before it goes entirely red again, forcing you to repeat the cycle.
    Attack wise, the Wiggler will perform an easily dodgable ground shaking attack
    that will move out in a wave, when hit on the head. Otherwise, it'll run at a
    character, but you can jump on a part of it's body instead.
    In defeat, the Wiggler will run off. Hit Mario again into a Mouse, and send
    him through the mole hole to claim the Red Chuckola Fruit. Getting out of the
    mouse hole, macro Mario.
    Now, remember two screens back when you had to take that left path? Go back
    there, and this time, take the right.
    Here, another cult of Shy Guys appear, so again, as always, fight them off for
    the experience. Anyways, under the sign that conveniently tells us the location
    of the Purple Chuckola Fruit, High Jump up onto the high platform, then Spin
    Jump northwest, and grab the Syrup. Then get off the platforms and enter the
    Start pilfering the blocks here, of which your booty will consist of coins, a
    Mushroom and a Syrup, then take your hike right.
    On this next room, go to the far left and get a Mushroom from the chest. Then
    go and up on the stairs, High Jump right twice to get 6 coins. Going on right
    now, manage your way across on the blocks, and once over, move onto the next
    Here, go down off the cliff, and grab the 5 coins and a Mushroom. High Jump
    your way back up, and Spin Jump over, to... get the Purple Chuckola Fruit?
    Well, that was kind of easy.
    Spin Jump your way back over, and on the next screen, go down onto the lower
    altitude, and progress left. From there, leave this cave.
    Go down, and left, and jump your way over the two cliffs, backtracking your way
    through this blasted forest. Then move your way uphill, and right, onto the
    same screen as Chuckleroot. Saving your game first, go and see him.
    In a jawdropper act, Chuckleroot will comment that he is amazed that Mario
    found all three of the Chuckola Fruits, but hey, this is the same Mario who was
    able to jump over fifty feet in one of Bowser's castles!
    Chuckola will permit you to cross, moving up a bit. In a surprise move,
    however, Popple and Rookie will come out of the ground. Popple said that they
    were just waiting there, and doing so while waiting for some 'schmoes' was a
    brilliant plan, and they'll then run off, so chase after them.
    Walking among the mysterious shady forest, grab the Five coin, Mushroom,
    Refreshing Herb, and the 1-Up Mushroom. Starting your trek uphill, first save
    at the Save Block, and then continue hiking and enter the tree trunk.
    Walking along the strange hallway, you'll suddenly encounter an old man, who
    after telling a few jokes better than the ones Fawful had will introduce
    himself as Bubbles. He tells you that he was the one who built the Chateau de
    Chucklehuck, and founded Chuckola Cola Inc. He'll say that he is the ultimate
    comedian, and suddenly gives the Chuckola Reserve in front of you to the two
    brothers. He tells them that he has been working on Chuckola Reserve for over
    a millenia, that it matures with ever joke it was told, and that it now is
    completed with all the fizz and taste. He suddenly says that since it is a soda
    of such high quality, rude intruders meet a fate, and he suddenly counts to
    Popple and Rookie suddenly come down in barrels, and Popple says that that is
    no ordinary soda, and they are unable to stand up to it. The Chuckola Soda will
    suddenly split apart into a monster of sorts, and after some brief extravaganza
    on the part of the soda, you must fight the Chuckolator.
                            BOSS BATTLE:CHUCKOLATOR
    HP:		300
    Experience: 	260 each
    Spoils: 	Zilch
    This boss disobeys the laws of physics, but then, hey, doesn't this whole game
    mainly disobey physics? Well, the reason being is that by jumping on him, you
    will cause very little damage to him because of his wooden shield, DESPITE that
    it's protecting him from the front, not from above. SO, stick to your hammer
    and Brother Attacks do actually cause him some harm.
    This Chuckolator has two different attacks;
    The first is shooting soda balls out his arm when his shield is on the back. To
    dodge it, watch and jump as soon as little after he shoots it out. If the arm
    is point a bit upwards, he's going to hit Mario. If pointing a bit downwards,
    he'll be aiming for Luigi.
    The second, he'll move up to the brother he's going to hit, and swipe his sword
    at you, and a blob of soda will come streaming at you. My best recommendation
    for when to start holding back your hammer is when he starts striking.
    Eventually, his lower body will collapse, making him a lot smaller. In this
    state, he'll attack you directly, and you can wallop him with your hammer when
    he attacks.
    Bubbles will interrupt from time to time, telling Chuckolator jokes to recover
    its HP. Anyways, just keep hitting Chuckolator with Brother Attacks and hammer
    attacks, and he should go down quickly.
    Bubbles will be pissed off, and with an unleashed fury, will stomp and the
    ground beneath Mario and Luigi will open. They end up getting seperated from
    each other, Mario with the soda. You'll end up taking control of Luigi, alone.
    Remember, this is your chance to fight the enemies, gain a level or two, and
    thus overpower Mario when you meet him again!
    Meh, saving at the Save Block, continue your way along and grab the two
    Mushrooms from the blocks, then kill the Shy Guys for XP. Hammer at ready,
    break the boulder and head down.
    Making your way across the bridge, kill the enemy and break the boulders with
    your hammer. Kill the next two enemies, and grab the Mushroom lower down, then
    continue on left. Grab the 11 coins from the boxes, then go encounter the
    barrel. The barrel will suddenly roll into the water, and Luigi will get on,
    doing a Barrel Roll all the way to Beanbean Castle, where the barrel will
    implode on impact, sending Mario and Luigi into the courtyard.
    The guards are profound at this, and one of them says that it's a Mario-like
    fellow, and some other guy. Luigi will quickly explain that they are Mario and
    some green dude, and that Mario's gut is completely full of Chuckola Reserve,
    the substance in question sloshing around his insides. The second guard will
    comment that they should contact Lady Lima as soon as possible, when suddenly
    the first guard asks just what Chuckola Reserve is, and Luigi will drop over,
    anime style.
                              Beanbean Town Revisisted
    In the royal chambers, Queen Bean lays grunting, and our very own Lady Lima
    tells the brothers that the queen has been in a deep sleep just like they see
    her now. Jump on Mario for him to spit all the soda into Queen Bean, and the
    Belly Blech worm will come out and run away, while Queen Bean will transform
    into... The same way as she was before. With a dark laugh from the queen, the
    lady will comment that it is a tremendous success.
    Queen Bean will suddenly jump up, causing a large quake, and will say that
    that was the hardest she laughed in a good long time, and congratulates Lady
    Lima. Lady Lima, honest as always, tells her that it is the Mario Brothers
    that the queen should be thanking.
    Queen Bean learns of Cackletta's deeds of stealing Peach's voice as well as the
    Beanstar. Lady Lima says it was her fault, but the queen says that that is just
    utter nonsense, and then starts to wonder why Cackletta would steal both things
    in the first place.
    Mario and Luigi will then get the story of the Beanstar explained to them.
    Apparently, the Beanstar is the protector of the Beanbean Kingdom, and it has
    the power to grant all desires. For this reason, the Beanstar was cast into a
    deep sleep to prevent such a power from being used for evil. It is said that
    a voice is required to wake the Beanstar from its slumber, and that it must be
    the voice of a noble and pure soul. In this day, only Princess Peach possesses
    such a voice to do so, and Queen Bean then realizes that Cackletta must have
    stolen the voice of Princess Peach to awaken the Beanstar and achieve all her
    evil desires. Her one true desire; to rule the world.
    Queen Bean will suddenly laugh again, telling the brothers not to be afraid,
    that she forsaw this possibility a long time ago, and that they (NOT she) is
    prepared, that they have a better hand of cards than Cackletta does.
    Suddenly, a guard will run up, telling Queen Bean that Prince Peasly has
    arrived. The queen will comment that it is perfect timing, and will ask Mario
    and Luigi formally to head outside and meet the Prince, who we've already met.
    (Now that one thinks about it, they look awfully different) Head down two rooms
    and Peasly will suddenly appear, flashing off his hair in bright light again.
    Acknowledging the brothers as Red and Greenie, he'll thank them for the help
    that they gave earlier, and that because of them, his secret mission is about
    to pay off. Mario and Luigi will be confused, and after Peasly flashes his hair
    off once again, Queen Bean comes running in.
    Queen Bean will congratulate her son, at least I assume he is her son, on the
    excellent work he accomplished on his mission, and asks him if he has learned
    of the whereabouts of Cackletta. Peasly will laugh again, and says that thanks
    to the two brothers, he'll suddenly shout ABSOLUTELY(!), making the duo jump in
    Peasly will reveal that southeast of the castle, their lays their local
    research insitutiion, Woohoo Hooniversity. He denounces Cackletta's hiding
    place, telling us that Cackletta and her underlings have just snuck into Woohoo
    Hooniversity. Queen Bean will suddenly jump again, saying that it's easily
    believable, as Woohoo Hooniversity is the perfect place to awaken the Beanstar.
    Peasly announces his intentions to march into Woohoo Hooniversity, and bids the
    brothers farewell. Queen Bean will tell Mario and Luigi that this may very well
    be their chance to recover Princess Peach's voice, and that she will inform the
    locals to allow them passage to the road heading to Woohoo Hooniversity. With
    another sudden stomp, she and Lima will head back up. Go right two rooms into
    a library you formerly couldn't go into to read some books, and then leaving
    into the courtyard, hit the Save Block. From here, go west, to a place that was
    originally blocked off, and enter the Pipe House. Going through the second
    pipe, the...thing will teach you about pipes, in particular, yellow and green
    pipes. Activate Warp Pipe 3 while you're here, then head to Beanbean Town.
    Beanbean Town will be rebuilt now, opening many things for you to do.
    The fashion shop contains more badges and equipment to the west but
    unfortunately, the item shop is seperate now in the east, meaning that you'll
    have to move forth between the two places(On a side note, the item shop also
    sells 1-Up Mushrooms!)
    On the east, there lies the Useless Information Shop in the southwest corner,
    of which the Beanbean there will sell you supposedly useless information for
    100 coins.
    Now, go into the big building at the north of the west side of Beanbean Town.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... The Starbeans Cafe! Talk to the guy
    at the front to learn about the StarB System.
    The StarB System was created by the Starbeans Cafe to expand their menu when
    beans are brought to them. Get beans from digging, battling, or playing
    mini-games, and bring them to the Starbeans Cafe. He'll give you a list of the
    blends you can make, of which you should only be able to make the Woohoo Blend.
    If you lack Woo Beans, you get them from the Sworm enemies just outside of
    Beanbean Town.
    After creating your first blend, a power 'outrage'(blackout) will suddenly
    occur, and the guy at front says he has a bad feeling about this. A ghost will
    suddenly appear, and disappear, and Mario and Luigi will be standing confused.
    The same ghost suddenly sneaks up behind them, and scares Luigi silly. Meh, I
    guess this ghost has some sort of need for revenge on Luigi.
    Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes Professor E. Gadd! (You know, the guy who gave
    Luigi the vacuum in Luigi's Mansion?) He declares that it appears that the
    armoa of the new drink has drawn out all the ghosts in the place. The Beanbean
    will be in awe, saying that it is the beloved owner of their cafe... Professor
    E. Gadd!(Hey, I just said that!) Gadd will end this by sucking the ghost into
    the vacuum that he's just so conveniently holding.
    After the power comes back on, Gadd will welcome Mario and Luigi to his Cafe,
    and that seeing the two of them was quite the unexpected chance meeting. The
    Beanbean is surprised that the brothers know the owner of Starbeans Cafe...
    Professor E. Gadd! Wait, didn't I just say that? He then goes on to say that
    the blending machine is the latest invention of the owner... Professor E.
    Gadd! Great, that ghost must've inhabited my body, and taken control of my
    Gadd asks if the two have tried the drinks made by the wondrous Beanbean
    Machine, which is the latest invention of... Professor E. Gadd! He tells them
    that its stimulating flavor will put a spicy tingling in their cheeks, quite a
    good tingling.
    Mario will suddenly hold up the blend he just made, and who should notice it
    but... Professor E. Gadd? In a heavenly talk, he talks about the rich, aromatic
    fragrance of whatever drink you have made, and he senses it's a drink even he
    has yet to take a sip of. Asking for a drink, is none other than... Professor
    E. Gadd! Mario will offer him it, and Gadd will take it that it's a delicately
    bitter flavor, but one that makes him crave more. He says that it gives him the
    energy to push his ghost research into a new dimension.
    Gadd will then thank the brothers, and will give something that he invented in
    his spare time. You get the Greed Wallet, and it doubles the coins you make in
    battles! Gadd will tell them that he hopes they frequent his cafe, and that he
    is always happy to have friends drink the fine flavors made by his Beanbean
    Machine, and who will leave but... some old guy! Yay, I finally got over it!
    Last, but definetely not least, go to East Beanbean Town. Around the center
    south area, there's a really fat Beanbean. Talking to him, he'll ask you a
    favor, to recover his beanlets, whatever those are. Of course, we're required
    now, aren't we? Some of the Beanlets are visible.
    -----East Beanbean Town-----
    -North of the east bridge.
    -High Jump onto the big roof in the north.
    -----West Beanbean Town-----
    -High Jump onto the Fashion Shop's roof to claim one.
    -High Jump onto the building in the southwest corner for another Beanlet.
    -Go behind the building in the northwest to grab another Beanlet.
    Giving all the Beanlets backto the guy, he'll give you a Golden Mushroom.
    Going back into the west, talk to the man into the southeast corner. He'll say
    that he is the town's greatest intellect, and that at present, it is the
    ancient Soybean civilization which has captured his focus and attention. Read
    his long report if you want to, but regardless, you'll end up fetching for him
    ten Beanstones buried within Beanbean Town.
    All Beanstones are only found in Mouse mode, when an exclamation mark is seen
    over Mario's head. Following that, switch to Mole mode and dig there.
    -----East Beanbean Town-----
    -In the south, there are a few ledges. In the center, go onto the most right
    -Go up to the big house, and go straight next to the left door. Not the side
    of the house, but left of the left door arch.
    -On the part with the big house, go to the tree to the right, and go onto the
    lower ledge just right of that.
    -In the northwest corner of East Beanbean Town, just below the town in the
    -In the southwest corner of town, a bit southwest of the Useless Information
    shop and on the lower level.
    -----West Beanbean Town------
    -Just below the middle of arch at the bottom of the screen.
    -Slightly right to the front of the entrance to the fashion shop.
    -Right between the arch just below the Starbeans Cafe and the fashion shop.
    -A bit north of the left off two seperate pillars, where the grass meets the
    -Left of the shop in the southwest corner, about lined up with the door.
    Going back to the old man, his eyes will sparkle at you finding all ten of the
    Soybean's Beanstones. He emphasises that with this evidence he can at last
    announce his hypothesis. He then gives you the Brothers Rock, an item I highly
    recommend you equip.
    Now, leave, to the east side of town, and take the bridge there out east, to
    the path leading to Woohoo Hooniversity.
                                Woohoo Hooniversity
    Leaving Beanbean Town, head left, and when you see the wooden bridge, head
    Here, make your way left, and then down. Talking to the fish-like guards, you
    learn that this is the way to Woohoo Hooniversity, though the guards are a bit
    contemptful that you are able to go to the Hooniversity. Head down again.
    Here, switch controls from 'Passive citizen' to 'Insane and determined serial
    enemy killer' mode on Mario and Luigi, and defeat all enemies in the area.
    After doing so, take the path leading out about the center of the far right
    part of this area.
    Here, it's an item paradise. Heading upwards, grab your bounty of Super Syrup
    and some coins, then head down and right to get some more coins. From there,
    continue on right, and head upwards into Woohoo Hooniversity, after saving
    your game.
    Trying to head up the main hallway, somebody will shriek, another person will
    yell to run, and Mario and Luigi will hide behind the cover of some walls,
    with Luigi quite freaked out, while 21 students will run out.(Yes, I counted
    it, thrice.)
    After Mario and Luigi regain their bearings, head up, and talk to the fallen
    student. He tells you of their plight, that Cackletta and her crew snuck into
    the Hooniversity, and turned all of the Hooniversity's professors into
    monsters. Mario and Luigi are shocked, and suddenly, the student will turn
    into a Laser Snifit, whom you must fight.
    After a likely two round fight, head up into the main complex of Woohoo
    Hooniversity. Head up to the top of the room. There's a map to the right of
    the door, but why look at a map when you're using this FAQ? ^_^
    Anyways, High Jump upwards onto the ledge to the left, and grab from the two
    chests located there a Syrup and a Super Mushroom. Getting off the ledge, head
    north into the next room from there.
    Here, either jump up the two ledges to the right or High Jump up the higher
    elevated ledge. Grab the Mushroom from the item box, then head up and hit the
    box with the '!' symbol on it. Remember that electrical blockage in the
    previous room, to the west? Well, now you've deactivated it by hitting this
    box, so head back to the former room and head west into the next.
    In this room, there are a few Laser Snifits and YoBro's here, and some Viruses
    that those who have played Dr. Mario for the N64 may recognize. What does
    this mean? It's simple; You turn into a Super Saiyan, charge into these guys,
    and take ten episodes to battle each enemy. Once you're done, save with the
    Save Block in the lower left if you will. Now head west.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You, the reader, have just won my latest fail-proof
    invention - a pill that will make you instantly thirst for the blood of the
    enemies within Mario and Luigi. So, after you finish dispatching these guys,
    head west.
    In this here room, you'll find a Brothers Block. It does nothing. However, you
    can use it to train your expert and super sexy jumping skills, and train the
    rhythm that can come in handy when encountering real Brother Blocks.
    Heading north, you'll find some more blocks. Hitting them, you'll learn what
    game they are originally from, and some useless trivia about them that you
    should study up on if you're going to take in a show of 'Who wants to be a
    Lastly, heading west, hit the block with a 0 on it for a fun mini-game, where
    Mario and Luigi stand apart from each other. When one of them hits the block,
    the block travels towards the other person for you to hit. If you miss it, the
    block continues going on, and everytime it is hit, it goes faster.
    Unfortunately, you cannot pick up any rewards from this block here, but it can
    be fun. My personal record is, shockingly enough, 30 hits.
    Now, head back to the last room where there were monsters, and this time, go
    north instead of west.
    Here, defeat all the enemies for experience... yes, experience...my precious.
    Now, head East, and get the coins from the Brothers Block. Then, High Jump
    your way upwards, and grab from the three blocks a Nut, Mushroom, and a Hoo
    Bean. Then leave the room, and this time, head north.
    Here, clear the enemies, then head right. There's a map around if you want to
    check your progress.
    After clearing the enemies out, look at the sign. Seems that in order to do
    something in the Sun Room a bit to the right, we have to do something in
    there with the statues.
    Sun Door Release Code
    B = Blue Circle
    R = Red  Circle
    B R   B R
     R R R B
    B R   B R
    You must change the statues somehow so that it looks like this.
    R R   B B
     R B R R
    R B   R R
    After you are finished examing the code, head right and up into the Sun Room.
    Here, you are faced with a task; Change the required blue sourpuss statues
    into the red grinning statues, and vice versa, by hitting the statues to
    change their color. After doing so, the statues will all disappear, and the
    sun shape in the middle of the room will open, letting light in. This light
    reflects off two mirrors, opening the formerly unaccessable door from earlier.
    Go back to the room it is in, and head through it.
    Here, defeat all the Viruses with your Vaccine Jump and Antibiotic Hammer
    Attacks, then head left.
    Here, you'll encounter the block-hitting minigame again - this time, however,
    you can get actual coins, and get them for 3 times when you play it! Sweet,
    huh? Anyways, after you save, head down into the next room.
    Now, go down and right, and hit Mario into Mouse mode. Jump up the small ledge
    next to the closed gate, and hit the switch to open the gate. Switching to
    Luigi, go into the newly opened room and hit the switch.
    The door will suddenly close, thus having both Mario and Luigi blocked off
    from getting outside, and a block will appear in Mario's cell. Switching to
    Mario, hit the block and rules to another mini-game will appear. You will have
    two blocks floating forth, one in each cell, and you must hit these two blocks
    a minimum of 30 times in 25 seconds. It is quite annoying at first, as the two
    blocks do move at different speeds, but after a while, you should be able to
    get the hang of it.
    After you win, both cells will open, and another door will open up, allowing
    you further access. Getting out now with Mario, go through the new area in the
    southwest, and hit the chest for a Mushroom.
    Now scale the ledges, and jump up all the way. Here, move around the back of
    the room, and jump over the small unsupported section. From there, drop into
    the smaller room with the red switch, and hit it with Mario's hammer. Opening
    another door, start climbing up the small steps here, get off the steps, and
    take control of Luigi. With Luigi, macrosize Mario.
    With Mario normal, use his hammer to hit Luigi into Mole Mode. Bring Luigi
    under the barrel, and emerge from underground with the barrel over his head.
    Now, remember that switch you may have seen when parading as Mario over the
    top of the room, but you couldn't hit due to it's height? Well, bring the
    barrel over there, and have Mario jump on the barrel, then hit the switch to
    open a door from an earlier section of Woohoo Hooniversity by changing the
    light's directions.
    Now, backtrack your way to where the door has just opened, save, then head
    south. There's another map here, if you need to look, or if your sense of
    direction is off.
    Going off the ledge, hit the four blocks to get a Hoo Bean, Mushroom, Super
    Mushroom, and Syrup. Place yourself under the Brothers Block and hit it for
    some coins. After grabbing your booty, head left to the next area.
    For now, ignore the skull head floor switch, and jump onto the next ledge in
    the southwest corner to go to the next area.
    Here, use your High Jump powers to, what else, High Jump onto the ledge. Then,
    Spin Jump your way across to the next ledge. If you fall down, just follow the
    given path, and save at the end if you need to.
    Anyways, Spin Jump over again, and this time around, hit the switch to bring
    down some spikes that would've blocked you from going on. Spin Jump once more,
    then drop down and microsize Mario into Mouse Mode, and send him through the
    tiny door.
    In this dark and dank maze, head up to the small yellowish thing, then head
    right. At the next four-way, head up, then go right, and go up again. Heading
    left this time, go up, right, then down, but take the left path when you reach
    it here. Go down again, then right, up, right, down, right, and up to hit the
    switch. In the room with a floor switch, a barrel will fall down. Back to the
    maze, all the objects that got in your way are gone now, so with an easier
    path to traverse, leave the former maze. Outside, have Luigi hit Mario to
    bring him back to normal again.
    Now, High Jump onto one of the ledges, then Spin Jump all the way back to the
    start of the room. From here, drop down onto the lower level, and make your
    way west, while you kill the many monsters. Once you reach the end, go up to
    the next room. Here, hit the switch to drop down another barrel in the room
    with the floor switch, and then head right.
    Kill the lone Virus here, then go up the ramp and save. Look at the map if it
    is required of you, then go down into the former area, and then right into the
    room with the floor switch.
    Hit Luigi down into the ground, and have him emerge from underground in the TOP
    barrel. Then, go and stand on the floor switch. An electric ball will be shot
    at you, but it will bounce off your barrel, hit the other barrel and bounce
    off, and hit the electric switch on the wall, and in another room, a crane will
    go up, thus allowing further access. However, the crane will come and pick up
    the barrel, with Luigi in it, thus leaving you alone with Mario.
    Now, head left into the next room, and go up. Jumping over the ledge, walk down
    the ramp into the next room.
    Here, go across the path that the crane formerly blocked off. After killing the
    two enemies, climb up the stairs and then jump over. Get a Refreshing Herb from
    the chest, then jump to the next part, where you can obtain a Syrup. Jumping
    again, grab a Mushroom. Now, go off the height, and head down into the next
    Here, you'll see the crane dropping down Luigi, still in the barrel. However,
    you have a little problem; in Donkey Kong arcade style, you have to jump over
    rolling barrels in your way to the top. The annoying thing is, touching even a
    single barrel pits you back at the start, and this is a bit long and tedious.
    However, it's easily managable.
    Once you reach the top, though, is a different story. The crane will take off
    with Luigi still in it! Damn it, huh? There's one good thing to this - what was
    formerly a hidden switch is now available to you, so hit it to bring down one
    of the walls.
    With this, the crane comes back and drops the barrel, the barrel rolls down the
    course and into the next room, then crashes. However, as Luigi crashes, he hits
    the block with a ! symbol on it, and a mirror will turn, thus reflecting off a
    few more mirrors, and opening a door in the main area of the Hooniversity. Later
    does Mario rejoin up with Luigi as they hug. ^_^
    Anyways, backtrack to the main complex, and go through the newly accessable gate
    in the southeast of the room, and down into the next room. Going off the ledge
    here, put Mario in front of the water supply to fill him up, and head south into
    the next room. No worries, this dungeon will soon be done.
    In this room, try to line Mario up horizontally with the part of the electric
    pipe that is missing, and then hit Mario with Luigi's hammer. If your aim is
    true, you'll hit that winding-car-like-thing back into the pipe, the power will
    turn on, and the fan will blow the block with the ! on it away. Once that is
    done, head down the ledge, and hit the block. This will cause another mirror to
    twist, thus shining the light into the Sun Room. Now, trace your steps out of
    this small part of the Hooniversity, into the main complex, and go through the
    west room. Then go to the Sun Room.
    If you haven't already gotten the items, do so now, and then hit the block with
    a ! complex. Doing so will redirect the light, which will open the sun door.
    Mario and Luigi will jump for joy and give their corny trade poses.
    In a third-person scene, we see Fawful with three Peach lookalikes. Fawful
    announces that preparations are complete to somebody, who turns out to be the
    one, the only, Cackletta! He says that when she wants to, the voice of Princess
    Peach will be unleashed on the Beanstar.
    Cackletta shows up onscreen, and gives a horrible laugh. She declares that the
    moment that the entire world will bow to her has come at last. We then switch
    back to Mario and Luigi.
    Head up into the next room. Here, grab the Super Mushroom and Hoo Bean from the
    chest, and then High Jump up twice to the top of the room. On this higher
    elevation, grab the second Hoo Bean, and then save at the Save Block. Once you
    have done that, go through to the next room.
    Here, Mario and Luigi see Cackletta laughing another horrid laugh, whom orders
    the Peach lookalikes, revealed to be robots, to speak. The three of them do so
    to the Beanstar - But the Beanstar is enraged! After making a large hole in the
    ground, getting rid of the incessant chattering of the bots, it disappears.
    Cackletta is in wonder at how this could happen, while she still isn't sure
    about just what has happened. Fawful appears, with fright, saying that a
    situation has developed that they have not expected. He advises them to flee.
    However, Mario and Luigi won't let that happen, as the come onto the scene,
    frightening Fawful and Cackletta. Calling them pests, Cackletta knows that they
    came at the worst possible moment for her, and then says that they don't have
    time to deal with the two of them.
    However, Luigi takes a quick swipe at Fawful with his hammer, and succeeds,
    knocking him out. Cackletta yells in panic, then trys to lighten the situation,
    saying that it'll be fun, and that if that is how it is, she is ready for them.
    Just before she makers herself look hideous, she announces that she'll knock
    them all the way back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
    HP:		200
    Experience:	1800
    Spoils:		300 Coins, 1-Up Supers
    Unless you have insane and ungodly speed, and probably not even then, Cackletta
    will start off the battle, firing holes at you. Yes, holes. However, DODGE them
    at all costs, for if you fall into one, you will be unable to jump for dodging.
    After that, she'll start hitting you with her lethal thunder attack.
    Fortunately, you are able to tell how Cackletta is going to attack you with her
    thunder by the way she raises her hands.
    If she raises her left hand, it means that she'll be hitting Luigi first. And
    for the record, from your point of view, her hand is raised to the left.
    If she raises her right hand, which from your POV is raised to the left, she
    will attack Mario with lightning first.
    After a few traded hits, she'll split apart into three, with the classic "Hit
    one of them to exploit her weakness, but hit a copy and you're counterattacked"
    on it. If you hit the wrong one, it'll turn into a bunch of bats, and if they
    hit you, they can poison you.
    My belief is that Brother Attacks are the best way to go with Cackletta. If you
    are, however, fighting her when she has her clones on the field, I am highly
    recommendable that you do single-person attacks.
    After a while, Cackletta says that she is too busy for these games, and shouts
    that it is time for this to end. Right after that, she freaks out, and sends
    those holes after you. When that happens, she is almost dead, so endure it and
    hit her with a few more blows.
    After you defeat Cackletta, she falls down and grunts, and asks how this could
    happen. Fawful goes over, and tells Cackletta to not have worries. He plops out
    of the ground, and tells her that he shall suck up her energy with his
    headgear, and he does so. Nevertheless, it still looks like he's just sucking
    her up into a vacuum cleaner.
    After Cackletta makes it into the crazy machine, she orders Fawful to give the
    Mario brothers one last attack for her. Fawful will obey her, and will approach
    the Mario brothers, as they edge back.
    Suddenly, Prince Peasy appears on the scene, and for once, he won't take the
    time to show off his hair. Knocking Fawful back, he gives him a few jabs, then
    hits Fawful and his crazy headgear out of the Hooniversity. Also, to note, we
    finally get to see some action from his kinky sword!
    Prince Peasy orders the duo to go to the fallen Beanstar, and after they
    explain what has conspired in a frenzy, Peasy is shocked at how Princess
    Peach's voice could make the Beanstar go mad. He wonders why this would be so,
    then says that he senses a surprising secret at the center of the riddle. Mario
    and Luigi will shut up, and Peasy tells them that he shall explain everything
    in detail after they have safely recovered the Beanstar that has fallen below.
    He tells them to go to the bottom floor, then flashes his hair off. A strange
    creature comes, Peasy gets on, and takes off.
    Left alone, go and High Jump onto the cliff on the left, and enter through the
    Here, you'll undoubtedly want to save. After you are done that, High Jump up
    again, and grab the Nut from the block. Then head left into the next room.
    Here, head off the highly elevated ledge, and grab some coins from the Brothers
    Block that is there. After you finish, continue heading left into a long
    Here, you'll run into one of the randomly switching Brothers Block, so get some
    coins from it, then head down, and right into the next room.
    In this snowy room, grab from the two blocks a Super Mushroom and a Super Nut,
    then head down and right into another room.
    Here, dispatch your enemies with what should hopefully be ease, take a look at
    the map if need be for you, and then head up into another room.
    In this here room, the water isn't important at all. Instead, kill off your
    enemies for some more experience, and High Jump up the ledge. Then head right
    into the next room.
    Within the next area, terminate the slough of viruses, and then grab the
    Super Syrup from the chest. From there, head into the next room.
    Here, dispatch the two enemies. After doing so, grab the Super Mushroom, then
    save, and head into the next room.
    Here, it's self-explanatory, but I'll go through it anyways. Put Mario in front
    of the water supply, then try to aim him up with one of the three holes in the
    power pipe, with Luigi behind him. As one of those objects come running down,
    hit Mario with Luigi's hammer, and water will come out. If you are good at
    aiming, it will send the object into the whole, connecting the pipe. After you
    get all the holes filled, a door will open back a bit. So go back to the last
    room, and enter the door here.
    Here, High Jump onto the ledge.
    We encounter Popple and Rookie again, with the Beanstar between them. Popple is
    telling Rookie about how the Beanstar came falling down out of nowhere,
    shocking and all, but having treasure fall out of the sky is lucky, very lucky.
    He brags that only he, Popple the Shadow Thief, could get such results.
    Rookie tells Popple that he's amazing, but suddenly Mario and Luigi show up.
    Popple talks to Rookie, and Rookie responds. They go up a bit, and Popple tells
    Rookie that unless his eyes are screwy, Mario and Luigi are 'Red' and 'Green'
    from Chucklehuck Chateau. After some various complaints, Popple tells Rookie
    that it's time to scrap again, and Rookie says he will. After, Popple and Mario
    will try to drag the Beanstar from each other, but they then end up battling
    with their allies.
                            BOSS BATTLE:POPPLE AND ROOKIE
    HP: 		250 (Rookie), 150 (Popple)
    Experience:	360
    Spoils:		66
    The obvious thing in this battle is to attack Rookie first, then Popple. If you
    hit Popple, Rookie will be enraged, and will counterattack with his hammers.
    Popple has minor damage hits, while Rookie, although hitting for tough damage,
    uses an easy to dodge flaming-hit, where you simply have to jump over it. Also,
    when Popple attacks, you can jump to counter-attack.
    My advice is to start off using Brother Attacks on Rookie. After a while,
    Rookie will pick up Popple and throw him into an air, which will cause two
    shockwaves, both easy to dodge. Their second pair attack is where Rookie will
    light Popple on fire and throw him at one of your characters, and who he is
    aiming at is easily guessable.
    After you defeat Rookie, take out Popple with ease.
    Rookie and Popple will lay defeated. Suddenly from above, one of the Peach
    robot's head falls down, laughing. The Beanstar awakens again, angry, and
    Popple and Rookie get up. Popple panics, seeing that the Beanstar is going to
    fly away, and he and Rookie get on it as it starts to fly. In desperation,
    Mario and Luigi also get on.
    Flying outside the Woohoo Hooniversity, Popple, Mario, and Luigi fall off.
    Rookie manages to stay on, when he suddenly remembers who he truly is, Bowser.
    He then falls off, and the Beanstar explodes into four different pieces, and
    they fall to the Earth below.
    			       Fire and Thunder
    Falling down onto a beach in the Oho Oasis of East Beanbean Kingdom, Luigi will
    be unable to find his brother Mario. After only a very little bit of searching,
    Mario will be found head deep in the sand, with crabs pestering him. Luigi goes
    and chases off the crabs, and knocks Mario out of his confusion. Mario jumps
    out of the sand, and they are now able to go off.
    Anyways, save at the Save Block. Now head north twice into the peculiar temple.
    Here, jump up and talk to the wierd blue blob to learn the directions of the
    two palaces, and head left. Here, head up into the next screen.
    In this next room, head right.
    Now, hit Luigi into the ground, and send him under the gate. Emerge over the
    ground now, and head north into the next room.
    Here, jump onto the center platform, and head up. Smash the tablet with your
    hammer, and you will spot an orb with a symbol of lightning in it, and
    lightning will flash over the place.
    Suddenly, a man will appear, and tells Luigi that these are the training
    grounds for the chosen few. He then says that he knows not of how Luigi found
    his way here, nor of how he managed to enter this place, but that he has no
    business with Luigi, and Luigi has none with him, so he should leave with great
    haste. He will then disappear. Run up to the blue orb and touch it.
    The strange man appears again, and is shocked that somebody was impertinent to
    touch the Thunderhand spark. However, he realizes that Luigi is still standing
    before him, and says that maybe Luigi has the qualities to master the
    Thunderhand ability. He will then teach Luigi how to use the Thunderhand
    power. Use it, and the man will say that it is well done, and that it will be
    wise to use the power when a conductor of electricity is nearby. He then says
    that Luigi has released him, and disappears.
    Anyway, leave through the door to the lower left, seeing as your former path
    is blocked off. Here, there will be an orb like the one you touched, but much
    smaller. Use the Thunderhand power against it, and the gate will open. Head
    through and right, and reunite with Mario.
    Now, backtrack to the beginning of the temple. This time, hit the Brothers
    Block to the right for some coins, then go outside.
    Here, go south, before the Save Block, then head west. Then go up, talking to
    the brown blobs if you want, and into the second palace.
    Here, go to the right, and go up through the door. In the next room, head left,
    and here, macrosize Mario. Jump through the small hole, go into the next room,
    and head straight up.
    Here, change to your hammer, and hit the tablet. Mario will return to normal,
    and another strange guy will appear. He will welcome Mario to the Fire Palace,
    then tells him that he has been waiting for Mario for a long time, and that the
    last time someone else was here was over 3000 years ago.
    He then asks Mario why he has come, but then forgets himself what the Fire
    Palace is about, and other related questions. He says that waiting 3000 years
    makes things slip somebody's mind, then tells Mario to do what he wants.
    After he disappears, go up and touch the orb. Mario will blister his hand, and
    the man will reappear, saying that he just remembered that this is where they
    teach the ways of the blistering Firebrand power. He will then teach Mario how
    to use the Firebrand power in much the same way Luigi was. After, the guy makes
    his farewell.
    Now, go down and to the right, and exit through that door. In this area, there
    will be a place for a fire, but there is no fire. With your newfound power,
    that isn't a problem, so produce a fire. After, the gate will open, so go and
    reunite with Luigi. Now, exit the Fire Palace.
    			       In the Sea Floor
    Head to the save point at your point of origin on this island, and save. From
    here, head east onto the ledge to be able to observe a small brown building,
    which contains two slots; one with the fire symbol overhead, and one with the
    thunder symbol overhead. Coincidentally, the fire one has a fire pit with no
    crackling flames, and the thunder one also has a blue orb under it. Not only
    that, but you've just gotten two new powers, the Thunderhand and the Firebrand.
    Overall, I think you know what you are required to do. By doing this, a stone
    bridge will rise above the water to the right, and it will lead to a yellow
    pipe, so go across and through into the next area.
    However, going into the pipe, you will fall downwards, underwater. So, with no
    choice but to continue on, go on through the sea floor.
    Here, read the instructions if you must, and save. Accomplishing that, head
    west from here.
    Here, you will see a lot of coral blocking your way, and two fire pits on
    either side of one growth of coral. Putting a flame into the right pit, which
    the water surprisingly enough does not extinguish, the coral will shrink and
    disappear, allowing you access to go up and left into the next area.
    Look at the map if you wish to, destroy the enemies, and go south. Here, start
    swimming, and head past the spikes, dodging them by staying up. Once you reach
    the bottom, head west, and once you reach the corner of the room, go down.
    In this room, bring Luigi up to the front, and place him against the green
    coral. Electrocuting the orb, the power will go along a small line of the coral
    and open a gate, thus allowing you to continue. Do so into the next room.
    In this room, you will encounter more spikes. Your goal is the upper-left of
    the room. The easiest path is to take the left, then go up, straight into the
    next room.
    Here, hit the hammer, and a pattern of flames will play out in the fire pit,
    consisting of 1, 4, 3, 5, 2, and go and light the pits out in this pattern.
    Doing so, a growth of coral will disappear, allowing you to go further along.
    Here, just go down and east a bit, fighting the squids if you want to. In this
    last area, there is a save block, which you should save at. Doing that, go into
    the yellow pipe. In order to rise, hold A and B and the UP button.
    After, we'll see a scene near the border, in Stardust Fields. Bowser, still in
    his Rookie guise, is laying unconscious. Suddenly, along comes Fawful. With a
    quick conversation with Cackletta, Fawful lets Cackletta out, whom possesses
                             Beanbean Town Revisited 2
    In the Beanbean courtyards, hit the switch to down the gate. Exiting, Prince
    Peasly will appear on that flier of his, and tells him that he had searched
    high and low for the Mario Brothers, and had feared that they had met a
    terrible fate. Mario and Luigi quickly explain the situation, and what had
    happened to them. Peasly then confirms the gist of the situation, that the
    Beanstar truly has broken into four separate pieces. Mario and Luigi will tell
    Peasly that they wish to help him search for the Beanstar pieces, but Peasly
    tells them that while he would appreciate it, he wishes the two brothers to go
    to the Beanbean Airport.
    Mario and Luigi are confused, until Prince Peasly tells them that Princess
    Peach is coming to Beanbean Kingdom, blessing their kingdom with her presence,
    and the brothers will be surprised. Peasly tells them that somebody of Princess
    Peach's status is a very serious affair, and that that is why he wishes them to
    be in attendance when she comes. He then tells them that Beanbean Airport is
    south of the castle, and that he will head there immediately, and then he will
    Now, go north. Defeat the Bomb-ombs if you want, then head up the ledges and
    go into the cave. Here, head into the warp pipe to activate Warp Pipe 6. Then
    head back out. Going to your origin point, head west to the next area, then
    west again.
    In Beanbean Town, pick up whatever junk you want to, though there is absolutely
    nothing new in. When that is done, head one screen east of East Beanbean Town,
    and head down the bridge.
    In this next area, head down a south-west path, and once you reach the guards,
    jump up onto the ledges to the left. Going off, hit Luigi into the ground, and
    take him past the fence to the left. Here, emerge from the ground, climb the
    steps, and take the bridge westward.
    In this area, jump across the treetops for a Hoo Bean, if you wish.
    Accomplishing that, jump down to the ground, and hit the block with a ! symbol,
    thus opening a gate. Take the path down and east, and reunite with Mario. With
    this latest obstacle out of the way, head back.
    Back in the open area, head west into a new area, killing the enemies if you
    wish. (No, I won't go into a rant about the importance of killing the suckas
    this time. Sorry <_<)
    In this area, you will be unable to destroy the rock. However, the ledge
    represents an opportunity, so High Jump up and head right. Reading the sign,
    you can find out that the Airport is just south, so head down. Here, use the
    Thunderhand ability on the two orbs for a bridge to appear, and head straight
    down into the next area. Head down, save, hit the random block, and go down
    into the Beanbean International Airport.
    			 Beanbean International Airport
    Talk to the people wandering around the airport. You'll learn from them the
    fact that the plane carrying Princess Peach will be arriving late. A real
    downer, huh, after going all that way? v_v
    Well, start downwards into the next part of Beanbean International Airport, and
    suddenly, a girl(?) will come up and, panting, tell you that Lady Lima is
    calling for you, and tells the brothers to go down to the runway. So, with no
    other thing to do but to heed her orders, head down into the next area, all the
    way until you meet up with Lima.
    Lima tells Mario and Luigi that Queen Bean is exalted with their success at the
    Hooniversity, then downcastedly tells them that there has beena slight 'hiccup'
    in their plans to welcome Princess Peach. Her airplane cannot land, because
    Piranha Plants have dug their roots into the runway!
    While Luigi trys to heave one plant out by the root, Mario requests from Lady
    Lima why the road had not been repaired. Lima tells him that it wasn't exactly
    a priority with the Cackletta incident and all, and then ungratefully asks him
    and Luigi to do something about the plants. She then makes us feel guilty by
    saying that if we don't, the princess can't arrive. Just before she leaves, she
    tells them to show the famous Mario Brothers ethic. Talking to her again, you
    learn that if you fight the Piranhas normally, the roots will just sprout new
    Piranhas. So, of course, level up I say! OK, or not.
    Anyways, head all the way left until you reach a dead end. The same mini-game
    from Woohoo Hooniversity with the moving block is here, with three tries for
    coins if you wish. After that, fill Mario up with water from the fountain. Now,
    go to the two plants. Equip Luigi with his hammer, and hit Mario with water to
    make the plants get more water. Get the rest of the water out of Mario, then
    get Luigi to use his Thunderhand ability on the two Piranhas. Doing so will
    electrocute the two plants, and the egg that you saw earlier will receive two
    cracks in addition.
    Now, fill Mario up again with the H2o, and go back to the first two plants that
    you saw. Repeat the process from earlier of bubbling a plant, then
    electrocuting it, to create two more cracks in the egg. Head to the left one
    screen, get filled up again, and do the process of doom on the last Piranha.
    The last crack will be delivered to the egg, and a F'ING huge Piranha will come
    out of the split egg. With no choice but to battle, go and topple that thing
    into the streams of death.
                             BOSS BATTLE:MOM PIRANHA
    HP: 		220
    Experience:	824
    Spoils:		2 coins, Spiny Badge A
    First off, don't eliminate the Piranhas. They're just here to act as an
    annoyance, a thorn in your side, and will regenerate. Use Mario's Hammer and
    Luigi's Thunderhand against the force known as Mom Piranha. This plants attacks
    are as follow;
    1.Mom Piranha will spit out a pinkish orb. In order to deflect this, hit it
    back with your hammer when it's falling on you, to cause some damage.
    2.When normal Piranhas are on the field, hitting the Mom Piranha will cause the
    normal ones to shoot three streams of orbs at you.
    3.Mom Piranha will march forward, and whip it's tentacle up and down once, in
    a sweeping motion.
    Also, Mom Piranha will regenerate HP after each turn.
    Eventually, after you give Mom Piranha enough heck, it'll turn blue. This means
    that it will absorb lightning attacks, but be prone to fire attacks. Nothing
    else changes except that it regenerates more HP, so just beat it up quickly.
    Now, go talk to Lady Lima. She congratulates you, saying that they can finally
    welcome Princess Peach to their kingdom. You get a cutscene of Princess Peach's
    plane landing, then are taken back to the Beanbean Castle courtyard.
                             Beanbean Town Revisited 3
    In the courtyard gardens, Lady Lima will start by introducing Princess Peach to
    the audience. Peach comes out, and when she opens her mouth, Mario and Luigi go
    bonkers, and try to scramble, until Peach says their names, and the two
    brothers will be surprised.
    Peach thanks the two for what they've all done so far, and that she is relieved
    that the two of them are safe. Mario and Luigi will wonder what's going on, but
    Toadsworth, whom is with Peach, comments on the amusement of it all and tells
    the brothers not to be startled. He then reveals a shocking fact. Princess
    Peach's voice...WAS NEVER STOLEN?!
    Mario and Luigi will be thunderstruck, but then Prince Peasly comes onto the
    scene. He says that he knew that Cackletta was after the 'royal voice', and he
    beat them to the castle to warn the princess.
    We're taken to a flashback of where Cackletta and Fawful had stolen Princess
    Peach's(?) voice, and back a bit behind some curtains, the real Princess Peach
    and Toadsworth are hiding. But that gives way to the question - who was the
    Princess Peach that got her voice stolen?
    Prince Peasly brings forth the Princess Peach impostor, who transforms into...
    Birdo! WTF? After Mario and Luigi are thoroughly freaked out by this discovery,
    Peasly tells us that that is why the Beanstar reacted so oddly to the voice of
    Birdo will now leave with the two Beanbean guards, and Queen Bean then marches
    onto the scene, making the observement that they should see now that each card
    in the Beanbean's hand was better than Cackletta's hand, and then she gives
    a healthy laugh.
    Peach then apologizes to the brothers for causing them so much trouble, and
    says that when the pair of them came rushing to the castle, she was intending
    to tell you the truth immediately, but since Bowser had beat the two of them
    there, she lost her chance to spill the beans(Not a pun, ladies and gentlemen,
    not a pun!), because Bowser would have otherwise tried to steal her...AGAIN!
    To relieve our situation, though, Toadsworth congratulates Mario and Luigi on
    defeating Cackletta.
    Inside the castle, Peasly tells us that there is no sign at all of what is left
    of the Beanstar, and that all four pieces it broke into seem to be lost. He
    then will leave to look for the pieces of the Beanstar, and tells Mario and
    Luigi that they can relax here and enjoy some sightseeing in their kingdom with
    Princess Peach around.
    After Peasly flashes his hair again and leaves, head up two screens into the
    throne room, where Queen Bean, Lady Lima, Peach and Toadsworth are all
    gathered. Although we have no idea yet what he's talking about, Toadsworth
    remarks to Mario and only Mario, ignoring that green guy, that he's got quite
    the spot-on timing.
    Princess Peach then tells both brothers that she was just speaking with Queen
    Bean, and that there is apparently a mushroom town in the Beanbean Kingdom
    known as Little Fungitown. She then asks them if they know of it. They shake
    their heads, and Toadsworth steps forth, saying that it is a town full of Toads
    who have immigrated to the Beanbean Kingdom. Princess Peach then adds that
    since that have come all the way to this land, she wishes to pay an official
    royal visit to Little Fungitown.
    Queen Bean suddenly interrupts the conversation with a huge jump and earthquake
    and tells us that while that may be alright in theory, to reach Little
    Fungitown one would first have to go north through Teehee Valley, and Teehee
    Valley is apparently filled with vile monsters, thus making it quite dangerous
    for the princess. Toadsworth then, using his status, says that he must oppose
    the idea of going to Little Fungitown, and that passing through unknown lands
    with monsters is absolutely absurd. But then he comes to the idea that if Mario
    and Luigi escorted the Princess, it should be alright.
    Princess Peach then asks the brothers, since they've come to a consensus, would
    they escort her to Little Fungitown? Mario will nod, but Luigi will shake his
    head. Mario will be a bit nonplussed at this, and uses his hammer to hit Luigi
    into the ground, then nods again. Princess Peach asks Toadsworth if that will
    do, and Toadsworth just advises her to be very careful, putting a LOT of
    emphasis on very. He then says that he must begin preparations immediately, and
    tells Mario and Luigi that they should meet him and Peach up north, at the
    entrance to Teehee Valley. Peach then excuses herself from the conversation,
    and she and Toadsworth leave the courtroom.
    Queen Bean comments on Princess Peach, saying that she is not only beautiful,
    but also wise and courageous, and that she is severely impressed. She then
    officially entrusts Peach's safety to the two, and tells them that when leaving
    the castle, they head northeast to go to Teehee Valley. Now, we go make OUR own
    preparations in Beanbean Town. Heading straight down a few screens, save at the
    Save Block, and then head into West Beanbean Town.
    Here, the first stop is definitely to be the Fashion Shop. Pick up a few badges
    if the ones you have are already paling in comparison with status additions,
    and a pair of Plaid Trousers for Mario and Luigi.
    Next, head to West Beanbean Town, specifically the Items Shop. Here, stock up
    on the latest stock of items, specifically the Nuts and Super
    Mushrooms/Nuts/Syrups for your trek through Teehee Valley. Once done, do
    whatever else you need, and then exit from East Beanbean Town by the eastern
    Here, looking at the first sign tells you that Teehee Valley is up, thataway ^.
    So, head up between the two walls, and start following the dirt path to the
    next screen.
    When going through, hit the lakpie that WILL bother you with a High Jump. After
    that is taken care of, notice the Thunder Orb. Switching to Luigi in front, use
    the Thunderhand ability on it to open the gate next to it. Follow the dirt path
    to go southeast.
    With a few quite straightforward areas, go along the path until you emerge onto
    an open plain. Here, head into the cave, where you should start off by saving
    at the Save Block. Now, head right down all the steps.
    In this next room, we meet up with the Hammerhead Brothers again! One of them
    greets us, saying that he was wondering who it was, and it turned out to be the
    good ol' Mario Brothers. The other Hammerhead asks how they're doing, then says
    that they moved out this way recently, and that this place is a lot bigger than
    the old place, which makes it easier to do their work, which is good.
    Suddenly, the first brother asks if the hammers they made for the Mario
    Brothers are striking might blows, then offers to reforge them for you and
    increase their power, for free. Accept, and they'll reforge them into a grayish
    color. You now have the Super Hammers!
    One of the Hammerhead Brothers says that you should now be able to break rocks
    you couldn't before, and tells you to go ahead and test the strength of these
    new hammers. The other says that Mario and Luigi should come back soon, and
    that then, they might even be able to make the hammers even stronger!
    Now, head right. Smash the first rock, then head up and smash the second rock.
    Then go through the door into a deeper section of the cave.
    Here, talking to the big rock, he will introduce himself as Thwomp, and say
    that he loves a good game. He'll offer to test your luck for 200 coins. Accept
    his challenge, and three rocks will fall down behind him.
    Now, of these three rocks, one has 300 coins, one has nothing, and one has the
    Secret Scroll 1. While an extra 100 coins is nice, you'll be wanting the Secret
    Scroll 1. Once you obtain it, you can now use a new Brothers Attack in battle.
    Now, head to the front of the cave, and save at the Save Block. Then head out
    of the cave. Go all the way along the straightforward paths, back into the open
    area. From the Thunder Orb, take a few steps left, then head up. At the ledges,
    jump up, and smash the rock. Now, enter Teehee Valley.
    				 Teehee Valley
    Start going up in this area, and Mario and Luigi will stop, and look around for
    Princess Peach. Suddenly, Peach calls out to them, and she and Toadsworth come
    up to meet with you. Toadsworth apologizes for keeping them waiting.
    After going a bit to the right, Toadsworth will again emphasise to Mario and
    Luigi to take the utmost care of Princess Peach. Mario and Luigi will nod, and
    Peach will assure Toadsworth, saying that she'll be back before he knows it.
    She then tells the brothers to be off to Little Fungitown. As they go off,
    Toadsworth yells to the princess to be careful - then he suddenly seems to be
    confused, thinking that he forgot to say something vital. He'll remember in a
    flash, and go run off after Mario and Luigi.
    On the next screen, Toadsworth will stop Mario and Luigi, telling them to wait,
    but Peach will continue on. Toadsworth will come to the realization of what he
    has done, as Peach screams. Taken ahold of by an enemy, she calls out to Mario
    and Luigi as she is whipped through a pipe.
    Toadsworth pours over what his not remembering his information earlier has
    caused; Apparently, if we let the princess out of our sight, like we just did,
    she'll be instantly kidnapped! 0_0. Toadsworth begs the brothers to rescue her
    and ensure that she does not leave their side. He then tells them that if the
    princess does get too far ahead of them, they should stop her and talk some
    sense into her. He lastly says that he has asked her to return by the same
    path she took if the brothers were to speak to her, then wishes them good luck,
    saying that he is counting on them. He then leaves. Then, head left, into the
    yellow pipe.
    Here, you'll fall down the pipe. Once you're done, go out, and head left into
    another area. Here, dispatch the Gritty Goombas, then save Princess Peach.
    After you untie her, the brothers will embrace her with a great big hug :)
    Back out in the main area again, follow Princess Peach, keep to her as close as
    you can, and wipe out any enemies that might want to interfere. Between
    screens, wait for the princess and she'll strike a small conversation with you,
    then head onto the next area.
    Here, when you hit the gate, hit the block next to it with a ! to open the
    gate. If the princess has already reached the gate, she'll go in the opposite
    direction, so go back and talk to her to get her to go the other way.
    On the next screen, go ahead and wipe out all the enemies. Once you are done
    that, go and hit the jewel on the wall to make the barrel fall down from the
    heavens. Wait, a barrel from the heavens? IT'S ANOTHER MESSAGE FROM THE GODS!
    Or not. Anyways, let me try to describe this next puzzle.
    Next to the gate, there is a switch that will require the barrel. In order to
    get to the barrel, you must first climb all those steps, break the barrel, hit
    Luigi into the ground, get under the barrel, emerge, and go to the switch.
    However, there's a catch to all this; you have to keep Peach within sight while
    doing all of this. Sounds hard, huh? Luckily, it shouldn't be too hard if you
    follow these steps carefully.
    1. Put Luigi in front, and go to Jump ability with both brothers.
    2. Let Princess Peach go in the opposite direction of the gate until just below
    the steps to the barrel, then talk to her.
    3. Jump up the ledges, and as soon as you're done, run right while scrolling to
    your hammers. Smash the rock, then have Mario hit Luigi.
    4. Put Luigi under the barrel, then emerge.
    5. Head right, while toggling to Mario's Barrel option and put Luigi right
    under the switch. Have Mario jump onto the barrel and hit the switch.
    If you did it in good timing, Peach shouldn't be out of your sight. Now, head
    through the next gate, and go north onto the next screen.
    Well, there's another puzzle here, but again, it shouldn't be too hard as long
    as you follow my directions. First clear out the enemies, then do this.
    1. Have the Mario-Front/Luigi-Back setup with the High Jump on hand, and the
    Mario-Back/Luigi-Front setup both with regular Jump. Start with
    Mario-Back/Luigi-Front setup.
    2. Have Peach go back to the beginning.
    3. Just before Peach stops and goes up, jump onto the small ledge, then switch
    to Mario-Front/Luigi-Back and High Jump up. Switch again to
    Mario-Back/Luigi-Front setup, and jump up the last ledge.
    4. Get out Spin Jump, and go over the ledges.
    5. At the end, hit the block to open the gate.
    Once you go onto the next screen, Peach will run up and read a sign saying that
    Little Fungitown is just up ahead. Princess Peach then tells Mario and Luigi
    not to let their guard down just yet, then heads up. Take a note of the rock
    to your left, then save at the Save Block. Then go up to the next screen.
    In this next area, Peach will scream, and we see her being cornered by some
    ugly brown guy. We see a Toad up a bit, and he tells another Toad that this
    looks bad, then tells him to go rescue the Princess. The other Toad says that
    beating something that huge is impossible.
    Suddenly, Mario and Luigi will march on the scene, and the huge ugly horrific
    scarred terribly badly-looking brown monster with a carrot top for its head
    and beady white eyes that look to be a bit out of its head, and it's bloated
    chest and brown, decayed teeth, plus it's oversized arms... Oh, sorry. But hey,
    it's good strategy to insult your opponent!
    Anyways, the first Toad asks if that is Mario, and the second Toad says that he
    is, and remarks on their luck. Peach then pleads with Mario to help her, so
    Mario and Luigi fight this overgrown... OK, fight Trunkle.
                               BOSS BATTLE:TRUNKLE
    HP: 110 (Body), 60 (Head Tree)
    Experience: 2000
    Spoils: 188 coins, Super Nut, 1-Up Mushroom
    One of the more interesting opponents, with a lot of HP and two separate
    targets. Anyways, start off by hitting the body, as trying to fight the head
    will avail you with almost no damage. His attacks are as follow;
    1. His arm will spin and then roll a boulder at you, of which you can easily
    destroy with your hammer. When he spins both arms, boulders will come at both
    Mario and Luigi.
    2. He will inhale enemies, Mushrooms and Poisonous Mushrooms from behind you.
    For the record, Poisonous Mushrooms are the green Mushrooms, and if you come
    into contact with one, it will poison you. Jump over the Poisonous Mushrooms
    and enemies, but not the normal Mushrooms. They will heal you, after all.
    Brother Attacks will usually help you out in this part of the battle.
    After you deal enough damage to Trunkles, he'll split into four. One of the
    small Trunkles will produce an orange ball in its mouth - that's the one you
    want to attack. Their first attack that they can do is this; They will burrow
    underground and go to the brother they want to attack. When they reach their
    destination point, ready your hammer, then smash them in the split second you
    have. Then they'll head onto the other brother, so you'll be going at it for a
    while. Otherwise, they can roll at you. You'll have to jump to dodge them here.
    Overall, this battle shouldn't be too hard.
    After the battle, Peach will come out of her cowering position, and thank
    Mario and Luigi for saving her. The two Toads will come out into the open, and
    one of them remarks that the Mario Brothers got it. The trio will be surprised,
    then the Toad explains that the monster there was blocking the gate to town,
    and that it was a huge problem, needless to say. He then thanks Mario and
    Luigi. The other Toad then welcomes them to Little Fungitown, and the first
    says that they were told to expect them, and insists on the trio using the lift
    in the back.
    Going up and onto the lift, Peach giggles, wondering what kind of town that
    Little Fungitown is, and says she can't wait. She then tells Mario and Luigi
    to hop on, and they comply. The lift then goes up into Little Fungitown.
    			       Little Fungitown
    Exiting the lift, two Toads will be near, and one of them will nervously ask
    Princess Peach if it is really her, and says that they had heard that she was
    coming from Toadsworth, but didn't expect her so soon. The other says that they
    are so honoured that they've come all the way here. They then glorify Mario and
    Luigi, and say that they don't deserve such an incredible honor. Luigi blushes,
    then Peach thanks the Toads for their hospitality.
    The Toads then ask Princess Peach to let them show her around Little Fungitown,
    and Princess Peach accepts. She then thanks Mario and Luigi for all that they
    have done so far, and says she's alright now. She tells them that they can
    relax a little, walk around, and enjoy the sights. She adds that they can all
    meet up a little later, and then leaves.
    Now, north of you is the Item Shop. Here, they sell the Ultra Mushroom for 100
    coins minus Stache, but I don't think you'll be needing them right now - They
    recover 120 HP, and you're very unlikely to even have 100 right now, so leave
    the shop after you've picked up your other supplies.
    Heading north now, hit the Save Block to save. Finishing that, head into the
    Fashion Shop just to the left of you, and pick up some new equipment and badges
    if you wish, though the badges are more for effects than power. Leaving the
    Fashion Shop, head east across the bridge. In this next part, head straight
    into the mouth of the building to the north to enter the Game Arcade.
    Start off by going up and talking to the man at the counter. He welcomes you,
    then asks you if you would like to play. He then offers you to try, and to add
    to that, he gives you the motivation of winning a free Invincishroom if you get
    a high enough score. So, jump up the ledges to the right, and go to the open
    area. Stand in front of the machine, and say yes to playing the game.
    Now, this game is fairly fun, IMO, and the directions are easy enough. The
    game, known as The Star 'Stache Smash, will require you 200 points to win that
    prize. This is how it works;
    You have a see-saw, and a Piranha on either side of you. Items will constantly
    fall down from the sky onto the see-saw, and you have to direct the see-saw
    to curve down left or right with A and B to move the items into the mouth.
    Also, reversing directions can put a force on some items, thus making them fly
    However, while Mushrooms give you one point, Flowers three points, and Stars
    five points, Bombs will lose you five points and explode, thus causing the
    mouth to close and the other to open. Not only that, but the mouths go up and
    down, thus making it harder.
    After you finish with 200 points or more, the man at the counter will give you
    the Invincishroom. Mario will eat it, and the man asks if it's good. Mario's
    eyes will suddenly bulge out, and Luigi wonders what's going on. Surprised, he
    will move back as Mario turns green, then faints.
    In the infirmary, Peach asks the Toad doctor how Mario is. The doctor says that
    the symptoms of a green hue discoloration in the face seem to indicate that he
    has Bean Fever, and that there's no mistaking it. Luigi will wonder what it is,
    and the doctor explains, saying that the illness afflicts many travelers who
    are not used to the food in this region. Princess Peach asks him if he can cure
    Mario, and the doctor says that while he could if he had the remedy, he is
    sadly all out. Apparently, at this rate, in three days...MARIO WILL BE A BEAN!
    Peach and Luigi will both quite thoroughly freak out, and Peach wonders what
    they shall do. The doctor has a plan, however, and says that although somewhat
    dangerous, west of the town, there lies a place known as Guffawha Ruins. He
    goes on to say that it is rumored that deep within Guffawha Ruins, there grows
    the Crabbie Grass, an antidote to the Bean Fever. Luigi will then offer to go
    to the Guffawha Ruins, but then the doctor interrupts, saying that on a side
    note, according to recent research, frightful monsters have settled into the
    Guffawha Ruins, and he pulls down a picture with a hideous monster eating a
    Toad. Rumors state that those who have been attacked by these monsters have had
    their bones broken, their flesh stripped, and their blood sucked out. The
    doctor, apparently, is disgusted at all this, but Luigi is more terrified than
    Princess Peach then comments that that is quite frightful, but then turns to
    Luigi, trying to make him proud. On a side note, Luigi's face looks exactly
    like it does on the cover of Luigi's Mansion, albeit a bit less good on the
    pixel resolution. Anyways, Luigi instead runs into the corner.
    Princess Peach tries to encourage him, telling him that he'll be fine. Then
    she'll have to tell him it's for Mario's sake. Finally, she'll just try out
    flat-out forceful. Luigi will get out of the corner, and the doctor remarks on
    this, saying that's true brotherly love, unlike the start of the game, and that
    sheer will is making Luigi's bones move, and that that is quite inspiring.
    Peach then tells Luigi that he is their only hope, and asks him to come back
    safely. She then says that they'll be waiting for him, and finishes the
    conversation with that.
    For now, Luigi will be unable to do anything but move, and it doesn't help I
    would suppose that when he leaves the infirmary, the outside looks like the
    Super Mario Brothers Castle, whole with flag. And you can't even make the
    effort to save at the Save Block!
    Anyways, start heading south, for quite a bit. When west is your only option,
    instead go down and into the house. This is the homestead of Psycho Kamik. He
    asks if you're interested in his hypnotic abilities, and when Luigi shakes,
    Psycho Kamik convinces Luigi to relax. After Luigi relaxes, Kamik observes that
    Luigi looks a lot like Mario, and begins to hypnotize him. After his wacked-out
    session, Kamik invites Luigi over to a mirror. In the mirror, Luigi sees his
    reflection as Mario! So it worked! Luigi thinks that he is Mario! Exiting,
    Luigi will now be able to do everything Mario did, with the one exception that
    he still uses Thunderhand power.
    Now, head west a screen, save at the Save Block, then head south and west
    again. Say you are going to the Teehee Valley, and off you go.
    Here, head south a screen. Remember that rock from earlier? It is in actuality
    an elevator that takes you to the Guffawha Ruins, so get onto it, and it'll
    take you up. Go south and left into the next area.
    On this screen, follow the path and smash the rock with your Hammer. East will
    take you to a dead end, so head south, and smash the second rock. Meeting the
    fork in the road, take the middle path down and west into another section.
    Here, Jump over the stairs and ledges. Once past that, continue, and jump onto
    the spring when you meet it. On the other side of the elevated rock, continue
    heading left into the Guffawha Ruins.
    				Guffawha Ruins
    When crossing the bridge, immediately head north, and hit the Item Block for a
    1-Up Mushroom. Head south from here, and save your game at the Save Block. Then
    continue heading south into the next area.
    Going down the steps, hit the three blocks for two Mushrooms and a Syrup.
    Continue on left, and climb up the steps and north into the next area, as the
    two black boulders to the left of you will present an unsolvable problem.
    In the next section of the Guffawha Ruins, go up, and hit the next statue. A
    new mini-game will occur, and here are the rules best as I can explain them;
    In this mini-game, blue balls will drop down from wherever. You'll have to hit
    it with your hammer for it to go hit the statues, but there's a catch. After
    going through the first few statues, red balls will appear. If you hit even one
    of these, it's game over for you, so you definitely want to avoid these. Good
    luck, as your resolve will wear thin near the end, when mostly red balls will
    appear and you'll have to wait for a blue ball.
    Once you win, all the statues will shoot out a laser to the center, and Luigi
    will get away. Finally, a new statue will come out of the ground. Hitting the
    switch that is on the statue's frame, the gate that is up ahead of you will
    open, allowing you to travel onwards.
    In this cave, head up, and you'll encounter two Thunder Orbs. Zap them both
    with a taste of your Thunderhand Ability, and the face sculpture ahead of you
    will have it's teeth open, allowing you to go through. Save before you do,
    Here, you'll meet your first pair of enemies, and it'll be virtually the first
    battle in the game that you have to do alone. However, these enemies are pretty
    easy to dispatch, so once you are done, head down the stairs, and go through
    the door.
    Here, climb up the stairs, and then hit the ! box. The yellow steps will rise,
    but once you land on one, it will fall down shortly after, so judge your
    jumping wisely. It isn't as hard as it may look, though. After you've gotten
    across the large gap, enter into the next room.
    Here, defeat the enemies that are laid out before you, then go down the steps
    and head east. Defeat the lone enemy here, then get a Super Mushroom from the
    chest here. Go back into the last room, then head up into the next room.
    In this next room, first climb up the steps. Now, you've got platforms to jump
    over again, but instead of a straight row that fall down, you've got platforms
    that swerve, move around, and do a loop. Nevertheless, it is pretty easy, so
    once you get over the gap, head through the next door.
    Here, save your game at the Save Block to your left, then look at the puzzle
    that is laid before you. There are blue platforms, green platforms, and red
    platforms, all with a switch next to them. Hitting a blue switch will cause all
    the blue platforms to lower and hitting a green switch will cause all the green
    platforms to lower, and hitting a red platform will do the same thing, cause
    all the red platforms to lower. So, what should one do?
    First off, hit the blue switch on the bottom to lower the blue platforms. Go
    up the first two platforms onto the next floor, and here, hit the green switch.
    From there on, continue jumping up onto the platforms until you get to the
    fourth floor. Here, hit the red switch, then head south two floors. Hit the
    green switch here, then go over and hit the blue switch. From there, it's only
    a few jumps away from the left side of the fourth floor. Once you get up there,
    go through the door.
    In this area, go down the steps, and dispatch the enemies. Then go through the
    door in this area.
    Here, climb the stairs all the way to the top, and hit the block with a !
    expression on its face. A rock creature will suddenly fall down. Calling Luigi
    Mr. Mustache, he says that he is amazed that Luigi has come so far, that word
    has spread in town that he had become a horrible and despicably frightening
    monster. He then wonders what everyone spreads rumors they know nothing about,
    and comments that that makes him furious, and that it's so annoying, and it
    tears up his insides.
    Suddenly, he makes a suggestion for Luigi to help ease his stress, and all you
    have to do is dodge his flames for 30 seconds. Accept, and you'll be put into
    another mini-game.
    Basically, the ledges will move forth, and you have to jump back to get on the
    ledges coming out of the wall. While the jump is automated, if you jump before
    the ledge comes out, you'll fall. While doing that, the rock will spit out blue
    balls of fire, and if you're hit, you fail.
    After you win, the rock thanks you for relieving his stress, and a rock on the
    floor below will open. The rock will disappear, so go through the new door.
    Here, go to the center, and you can pick Crabbie Grass! Now Mario won't turn
    into a bean! Now head up, into the next room. Here, there's a yellow pipe, so
    go through it. Save at the Save Block, and go through the second pipe. Emerging
    from the pipe, you'll then be in Little Fungitown again.
    			   Little Fungitown Revisited
    Start off by coming down from the high ledge, then head down and east to the
    next screen. Here, continue heading east, then try to go up across the bridge
    which is across from the Game Arcade.
    Here, Luigi'll suddenly be hit by a blast of lightning and fall down. The Toad
    guarding the bridge will rush over and ask Luigi if he's ok. Luigi will get up
    confused, and the Toad asks if he doesn't know what he's been doing. He then
    asks Luigi if he remembers what he was doing, and Luigi nods his head, for some
    strange reason. Nevertheless, it seems that the lightning shook the hypnosis
    off of Luigi.
    The Toad then explains to Luigi what he's done, going to Guffawha Ruins to
    claim the Crabbie Grass for Mario, and asks if he really got it. Luigi is
    shocked, then opens his suitcase to find the Crabbie Grass. The Toad is quite
    surprised at it, and praises Luigi for going to the frightful and dangerous
    Guffawha Ruins all by himself, and declares that he will be a legend in Little
    Fungitown. He then asks Luigi what he thinks the thunderous noise was, and
    wonders if something happened to the embassy. He then tells Luigi he should
    be going to Mario's side, and Luigi nods, closes his suitcase, and heads
    Suddenly, somebody shouts to Luigi, then a Toad comes running down. He quickly
    tries to say something about Princess Peach, but suddenly, a whole bunch of
    lightning bolts come down. Bowser's hovercraft suddenly appears with Princess
    Peach in it, and Peach shouts to Luigi before a dark shadow forces her down and
    then emerges. Luigi thinks it's Bowser, but the figure tells Luigi that he is
    sorely mistaken, then shows itself, introducing herself as Bowletta.
    While Luigi is busy freaking out, Fawful appears, saying that Cackletta's power
    has poured into the Koopa who is a king, and that the body may be that of
    Bowser, but the mind is all of Cackletta's. Bowletta then cackles again, saying
    that she won't take the voice this time, but instead, she'll steal Princess
    Peach herself. They then take off, and Luigi panics.
    After you recompose yourself, head up into the infirmary, and take the right
    Here, Luigi will find Mario, and raise the Crabbie Grass, and the Crabbie Grass
    will break itself out over Mario. I mean, WTF? Why the f' does it act like an
    animate object? Anyways, Mario will transform back into normal, and Luigi will
    cry in happiness. Mario will be confused, and tries to help Luigi out. Suddenly
    will a Toad come in, maybe the same one from before, and tell Mario what has
    conspired. Mario's face will look exactly like what it would if the game
    Luigi's Mansion had been Mario's Mansion.
                             Beanbean Town Revisited 4
    Luigi will be crying and Mario will be bowing his head in Beanbean Royal Throne
    Room, while Toadsworth scolds them, telling them that awful things have
    transpired while they were off doing whatever they did, and comments that it
    looks like his hobbies will have to be shelved once again.
    Suddenly, Lady Lima interrupts, calling to Queen Bean and entering the room.
    Tripping over her words, she tells the queen that she has a message from
    Bowletta. In typical Nintendo fashion, a hologram is projected of Bowletta, but
    guess what the holoprojector is? A Gameboy Advance. Nintendo has stooped too
    low, IMO.
    Anyways, Bowletta calls everyone puny little worms, and tells them that they
    are no match for her now. She says that she'll say this only once, so they
    should listen up. She tells us that if we want Princess Peach returned safely,
    then we'll have to retrieve the four pieces of the Beanstar and bring them to
    her. She then informs us that we will get contacted by her again when the
    Beanstar is complete again.
    After the hologram disappears, Queen Bean will jump again, and wonder how it
    has come to this. Lady Lima observes that it seems they played their hand out,
    only to find that the game is not over. Peasly then says that there is little
    that they can do, and that for now, they must gather the pieces of the Beanstar
    as Bowletta has demanded. He says that luckily, he knows the general areas that
    the four pieces have fell in, so it shouldn't be too hard to find them. He will
    then mark the four areas on your map where the pieces fell, and then asks whom
    will gather the pieces first, him, or the Mario Brothers. He then bets (!!!!)
    99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom coins that it will be him. Luigi begins to scoff
    at the prince, but Peasly hits him a few, saying that he does not intend to
    lose. He'll then leave, and Toadsworth will tell Mario and Luigi that they are
    counting on him. He tells you that if you heed his directions, you should be
    able to find the Beanstar piece that landed in Teehee Valley, points it out on
    the map, then adds that his senses so far has been referred to as "Strangely
    Now, leave the castle, save, and head into the town. In West Beanbean Town,
    take a look at the new stuff that the Fashion Shop has in, and purchase some
    stuff to power you up. Once done, leave, and go to East Beanbean Town, and go
    to the Item Shop. They've received some Ultra Items in, so purchase some if you
    wish to have some. Once done, leave to Teehee Valley. Use my earlier section
    on Beanbean Town Revisited 3 for directions on getting there, minus the visit
    to the Hammerhead Brothers.
    Now, heading through Teehee Valley, go to Little Fungitown. If you wish to get
    some rare beans, go to the Game Arcade and get a higher score on the Super
    'Stache Smash, then go down, and west. Enter the pipe to activate Warp Pipe 7.
    Head back now to Teehee Valley.
    In Teehee Valley, go all the way to the beginning area. To the east, High Jump
    up, and continue on. On the next screen, continue on, hitting the Brothers
    Block when you come to it.
    Here, head down the ledge, and go see the ship. The first Beanstar Piece is on
    there! Start High Jumping up the ledges to the right of the ship, then Spin
    Jump onto the craft.
    				S.S. Chuckola
    Heading over to the Beanstar piece, you'll be stopped by two of the ship's
    inhabitants. It appears that the Beanstar piece fell from the sky and crashed
    into the ship's hatch, wrecking it, and one of the sailors declares that that
    is terrible. The other sailor tells him to look at the thing sparkle and shine,
    and that although he does not know what it is, he's putting it in the hold.
    They then leave with the Beanstar Piece. Doesn't that just beat all?
    So, follow them into the ship. Save at the Save Block, and then head right.
    Here, you'll encounter the floating block mini-game again, so get some coins.
    Head back to the room with the Save Block, then head right this time around.
    Here, head north two rooms, and grab from the four blocks some coins, a 1-Up
    Mushroom, and a Refreshing Herb.
    Leaving the captain's room, head south, down the steps, and south again. Head
    west to get into the hold.
    Here, you'll see the guy who's holding the Beanstar piece, but he'll continue
    on into the next room. A guard standing watch over the room will tell Mario and
    Luigi that they will require a Membership Card to get past him, and if they
    want a Membership Card, they should try doing something that will help this
    boat out. So, go right, and then north two screens.
    In this room here, a Beanbean will run out shouting that he can't handle the
    heavy labor, and a skeleton will run out, saying that this is why he hates
    hiring workers from out in the sticks.
    Go and talk to him, and the sailor will comment that it's perfect timing, that
    they are in a short supply of people, and that they're in a huge jam. He asks
    if two brothers are ready to do some work. Answer yes, and he'll tell you to go
    into the next room, so do so.
    Here, you'll meet up with Bink, who offers you to be his sidekick if you get
    10 Barrel points. Now, let me try explaining the Mini-Game here in detail.
    On a 6x6 grid, you have to form 10 rows of same-color barrels. Red and blue
    will dominate at first, but yellow will later appear. That sounds pretty easy,
    huh? Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that.
    You have to push and pull barrels around, and every time you do that, you bring
    every barrel in the row or column with you. To do so, you'll be required to
    press A + Direction to push or pull the barrels. Now, Luigi manages the left
    and right sides, while Mario manages up and down. It sounds complicated, so I
    recommend listening to the rules to get it. What's unfortunate is that you have
    to complete at least 10 within 3 minutes, which can be hard.
    Afterwards, the skeleton thanks you for your hard work, saying that you really
    helped them out. Unfortunately, they can't pay you with cash, but VERY VERY
    VERY VERY VERY VERY FORTUNATELY, they give you the Membership Card instead. He
    then offers for you to come by sometimes in the future. From here, head back to
    the hold.
    Luigi will flash the Membership Card, and the skeleton guard will be impressed.
    He says that now that he knows, he should be able to remember the two by sight
    now, and lets them on through, so go in.
    Going up, the skeleton with the Beanstar piece will comment that bringing the
    sparkly thing to the hold was a good idea, but wonders where he should put it.
    Mario and Luigi come up, and tell him that it is a piece of the Beanstar. The
    skeleton is surprised, and then Mario and Luigi will ask for the piece. The
    skeleton says he could give it to you, but the piece busted their hatch, so he
    can't just give it to you for free. Finally, he comes up with the solution that
    if you can get the guy Bloat on the wall ahead out of the crack, you can get
    the Beanstar piece.
    Going up, talking to Bloat, you can see that he's obviously drunk. Talking to
    the skeleton beside him, you learn that Bloat got stuck by drinking too much
    Chuckola Cola, and on top of that, he forgot where he left the bombs for
    blowing up walls. Now, backtrack to the area before the captain's cabin.
    Here, you'll find a floorboard. Take out your hammer and smash it, and dynamite
    will fall to the floor below in the hold. Now, go back to the hold, and use
    Mario's Firebrand ability to light the fuse on the TNT. The dynamite will
    explode, and Bloat will be free of the wall. However, the explosion will force
    a blast of sand to come and hit Bloat from behind. The ship is then pushed into
    the water. The captain in his cabin wonders what is going on, and one of his
    men tells him that it's the actual ocean that they're on. However, not all is
    well, as the S.S. Chuckola goes and hits a rock, then sinks. The Beanstar piece
    will float out of the ship, then Mario and Luigi will be forced out, and spot
    the piece floating away.
    In case you didn't notice, this is the same place as where you were the last
    time you had to go undersea, so if you want to leave now, just swim to the left
    and go through the yellow pipe. Anyways, start swimming up the ledges, then go
    up, and save at the Save Block. Head right from there onto the next screen.
    Here, you'll notice the Beanstar piece floating OVER a LOCKED DOOR. Since you
    have no other option, except for suicide of course, start swimming to the right
    over the gap. Head up, then swim over the next gap, and the two after that.
    When done finally, light up the pit with Mario's Firebrand ability to open the
    door that's bothering you. Now, head back to the start of the area, the swim
    across the large gap, and go through the gate.
    Here, fight the enemies for some badly required experience. Once you are done
    with that, head down and to the left to claim a Hoo Bean from the block, then
    High Jump up and over to the right. Now head onto the next screen.
    Here, check on the map if you require, then put Luigi at the back. Hit Mario
    with Luigi's hammer to put Mario into Mouse Mode, then have Mario swim up into
    the small room next to the map. In the next room, just take the right path out.
    Here, head down, and to the left. See that fire pit? You can still use your
    Firebrand ability while a Mouse, so light up the pit to bring down a patch of
    coral. Go back to Luigi, macrosize Mario again, and go to the Thunder Orb a bit
    to the right. Electrocute the Thunder Orb for the current to run along, and
    open the gate. With that out of the way, head up, then west.
    In the next area, use the High Jump to get up onto the high elevation. Save at
    the Save Block, then head through the yellow pipe and up into the Gwarhar
    				Gwarhar Lagoon
    Check the map if you want, then go down and hit the Brothers Block for some
    coins. From there, head east into the next area.
    Here, go talk to the two ladies to learn that rumors are flying around about
    Prince Peasly, accurate for the most part, then save at the Save Block. Head
    north now and go into the Warp Pipe to activate Warp Pipe 8, then come back
    down into the central area.
    Going to the east bridge, another lady will suddenly shout at Mario and Luigi
    to move it, then charge past them to the other two ladies. She tells them that
    she is back with humonstrous news and incredibling rumors that they have got to
    hear. One of the ladies ask if it is about that strange-looking shiny
    bean-thing that fell from the sky. (WTF? How could it float from the sea, yet
    fall down from the sky?) The second lady asks if that is the one everyone is
    saying that Hermie had found. The excited third lady tells the second that it
    is the same one, and that Hermie took this bean-thing and decorated his shell
    with it, according to rumor, and that she heard he looks just like a festive
    holiday tree. The three ladies then decide that they should go see Hermie, and
    will rush off. However, one of them will come back for a moment, telling Mario
    and Luigi, who are still lying on the sand, that if they lie there are day,
    they will get wicked sunburns, and then leaves. ¬_¬ Mario and Luigi will get
    up, speechless. Now, head east.
    Here, a drunk Koopa will be blocking your way south, so look at the sign, which
    reads 'Jellyfish Sisters' Relaxation Room'. Sounds interesting. So, go up, get
    your coins from the Random Brothers Block, then go into the cave. Save at the
    Save Block, then head right. Talking to the thing at the counter, it will
    welcome you to the Relaxation Room, and ask you if you would like a massage for
    200 coins altogether. Accept, and you'll be asked to go sit in the seats to the
    Mario and Luigi will sit down, and then the Jellyfish Sisters will come down by
    rope. They introduce themself as Gigi, the red dress one, and Merri, the green
    dress one, and will give you small speeches on how they will fight the soreness
    in you. They then begin to rub Mario and Luigi's hands, but then Mario's
    Firebrand power activates. Gigi jumps back in shock, and then realizes that
    Mario has mastered the Firebrand. Mario will be surprised, then puts out his
    fire. Next, Luigi's Thunderhand power will activate, and Merri will jump back
    in shock this time around, declaring that Luigi has mastered the Thunderhand.
    He will then proceed to put it out.
    Gigi and Merri will then get in front of the Mario Brothers, and Gigi makes the
    observation that the brothers aren't ordinary travelers. Merri explains,
    telling us that as miracle hand technicians, they are masters of hands just
    like we are. They then try to say something, but break off. Merri then says
    that Mario and Luigi don't need massages - in fact, the sisters will teach the
    brothers two very special and new Hand techniques! Accept, and then the ground
    will open, and the chairs will fall down to a cave.
    Mario and Luigi will get off of their respective chairs now, and after looking
    around a bit, Gigi and Merri will come down. Merri tells Luigi, calling him
    Green Bean (0_o) that he's first. She'll give instructions on how to use your
    new Hand Technique, being in back, then switching to the Hand Icon. Building up
    your Thunder Power with the B Button, let it go when you can no longer contain
    the electricity. When you electrify the person in front of you, Mario, you can
    use the Control Pad to move both brothers on the same path! When you have free
    control of trying it out, electrocute Mario, and run your back into Merri.
    Merri will then tell Luigi that he's a tickle technician.
    Now, Gigi will tell Mario that it's his turn. Do the same thing as Luigi, and
    charge your Fire Power up. When you feel the fiery power build to a dangerous
    level, you let it go to dash super-fast and knock stuff over. When you have
    free control, switch positions, charge up Mario's Firebrand, and Dash to move
    the rock. Gigi tells Mario that he is also a tickle technician.
    After, Gigi tells the Mario Brothers that that is all they have to teach them,
    but Merri interrupts, reminding Gigi of something. Gigi remembers, and tells
    Mario that when he wants to stop dashing, turn in any direction other than the
    one you're facing, or simply press the A Button. Now they've taught us
    everything they know.
    Suddenly, they put a job on our hands. We apparently are needed to use our new
    techniques to get two Pearl Beans in this cave, because our power is much more
    than theirs, so we can get the Pearl Beans. Gigi then threatens us, saying that
    if we don't get the Pearl Beans, the lesson will cost...100,000 coins! But
    wait, wouldn't Prince Peasly's money cover that? Oh well. Merri then sends
    us off to get the Pearl Beans. So, go up the bridge to your left into the next
    area. Here, take the right bridge.
    In this part, with a LOT of bridges, a drunk Koopa will be blocking your way.
    However, until now, you haven't been able to muster the force to move these
    guys. Now you do, with the Flaming Dash, so activate your move to move him
    back. Do it with the second Koopa, then head into the next section.
    Here, there are a bunch of Rolling Bars, as they are referred, going down a
    path, and they're long enough so that we can't walk over the path before we get
    hit by one. So, there's only one thing we can do; use the Flaming Dash to
    charge past the path. Of course, always make sure you do it to go just as a
    Rolling Bar passes you.
    On the next screen, grab the red thing to retrieve the Red Pearl Bean! Now you
    will be back to Gigi and Merri, and Gigi is happy. Merri then tells you to go
    get the Green Pearl Bean, so this time, take the left bridge instead of the
    Here, looking at the sign, you discover that looking at the Boo Statue that is
    there will make it disappear, both invisible and unsolid. That is, IF YOU LOOK
    AT IT. So, get into the open area, with Luigi at the back, put your backs to
    the Boo Statue, and charge the Electric Attachment. Move around so that you're
    sideways to the right of the Boo Statue, and push it over for a bridge to form.
    Go over it into the next area.
    Here, there's another ghastly beautiful Boo Statue, so use your Electric
    Attachment again and push it over for another bridge to form. Go over this next
    On this next screen, there are more Rolling Bars. The sign on the wall reads
    that you can slip through by walking sideways, and it does look true, if you
    get my general gist, as the Rolling Bars move slowly, and the Electric
    Attachment is the only way for both brothers to be moving in the same
    direction. So, use your Electric Attachment, go in from the left, and go up
    when you can, then cross the bridge into the next room.
    On the next screen, grab the greed thing to retrieve the Green Pearl Bean! This
    time, Merri will be happy, and Mario and Luigi will be returned to the surface,
    still on their chairs. Now, head a long ways left, save at the Save Block, then
    leave. Outside, head south until you can go no further, and head east across
    the stone bridge.
    Here, a drunk Koopa is blocking your path. Switch to have Mario in the back,
    then use the Flaming Dash to hit the Koopa. Fight the enemies now for some
    experience, and then go west.
    On this next screen, use the Flaming Dash again to hit the Koopa, then proceed
    through the yellow pipe, and drop down into the sea.
    Down in the sea, start by heading right and up, fighting the enemies that you
    can. Head south into the next room then, collecting from the blocks a Super
    Mushroom, Hoo Bean, and some coins. Head back into the previous room then.
    In the north, read the sign to learn about the water sprouts, then step inside
    the one next to you. Use Mario's Spin Jump to float up, and go onto the right
    Now, start swimming to the west. There, get a Mushroom from the lone chest, and
    then head back, and go south. Go into the yellow pipe and climb upwards to go
    back to Gwarhar Lagoon. Save at the Save Block, and now go south.
    Here, you'll see the rolling cylinders again. Use Luigi's Electric Attachment
    ability, and head west and down the stone bridge and sandy path into the next
    area. Here, use the Flaming Dash to make it across into the next section of the
    Gwarhar Lagoon.
    In this section, defeat the enemies, and head down. On the next screen, defeat
    the assortment of Gritty Goombas and Boomerang Bros, then read the sign to
    learn about the block. Basically, use your Sping Jump, and hit the block to
    make it move west. When that's done, go over, use the High Jump to get onto the
    block, and then perform another High Jump upwards. Finishing the change in
    elevation, continue west to the next screen.
    Here, rev up the Coin Block mini-game once again, then head north. Take the
    east path at the fork and continue to the next screen.
    Here, there is yet another Spin Block. Use the Spin Jump to make it go north,
    east, and then north again. Go back, and north, then climb up the stairs. Spin
    Jump onto the Spin Block, then Spin Jump again onto the cliff. Here, there is
    yet another Boo Statue, so use your Electric Attachment ability to push the Boo
    over. A stone bridge will form somewhere, so head back to the fork. Here, go up
    and save at the Save Block, then head west this time around.
    On this section of Gwarhar Lagoon, defeat the four Gritty Goombas that are
    crowding your way. Finishing that, head in the south direction.
    Here, climb up the steps. Here, hit the block with a ! expression on its face
    for a large ball and another block with a ! on its face to form a bit east. You
    have ten seconds to use the Flaming Dash, and hit the block. After you do, a
    stone bridge will form, so go down, and go across the new bridge, and into the
    next area.
    Because I'm using me frog's enemy guide for references to HP estimates, I'll
    also be using his name clincher "Sand Sharks" for the enemies known as ????.
    Now, defeat all the Sand Sharks that you can in this area. Finishing that, head
    down and save at the Save Block. From there, head west.
    In this here area, go down and climb the steps up. Hit the block to do a small
    game much like you did before, but there are some differences. First off, you
    must hit a ball with the Flaming Dash, then hit the block. A new block will
    appear up a bit, so use the Spin Jump to go up, and hit this block. With that
    out of the way, go up as much as you can, staying level with the 2nd block,
    then use a Flaming Dash to go all the way right. You'll hit the newly formed
    ball, so hit the last block to form a stone bridge to the west. With that, go
    across the stone bridge now.
    Here, head west to find another Boo Statue. Use the Electric Attachment to push
    it, forming two bridges!
    Now, head north two screens, then go west. Fight the Sand Sharks here, and go
    through the yellow pipe down to the sea again.
    In here, start off by hitting the block for a Hoo Bean just a bit south of the
    fire pit, then head north into the next area.
    On this screen, defeat all the enemies for some experience. In the northern
    section is another water spout, just like the one you encountered earlier. Go
    up onto the northern ledge, and then swim south and east onto the southeastern
    ledge. From here, go right onto the next screen.
    Standing on each of the three large rocks, swim up, and you should be able to
    find three hidden chests. In these chests are three Hoo Beans. Now, go back to
    the previous room, and swim to the northern ledge, then go up.
    Here, kill all the enemies, while heading east and south. On the next screen,
    kill the lone enemy, then go through the yellow pipe. Climb up to emerge back
    into Gwarhar Lagoon.
    Here, you'll finally be able to reach the Boo Statue. Use the Electric
    Attachment to push the Boo Statue over, and back at the split paths, the stone
    bridge will form completely. Go off the ledge, head east, save at the Save
    Block, then head up to the next area.
    Here, we see the three ladies decorating a Christmas Tree on a crab - and the
    Beanstar Piece is on the top! One of the ladies asks Hermie how that feels, and
    if he likes the look of it. Hermie says he gets a good feel from it. Mario and
    Luigi are then noticed by Hermie, and he asks who they are, and if they have
    come to help decorate him as well. He notices Mario's red clothes and mustache,
    and then asks him if he's...Santa Claus? 0_0.
    One of the ladies asks Hermie what's going on, and when looking at Mario, she
    wonders. Jump for her, and she'll realize that he's Mario, and tells the other
    two that this is Mario, and that it's no time for decorating. They play around
    with Mario, and Hermie is desperate for them to decorate them. One of the three
    then notice Luigi, and wonder if he's the President of the Mario Fan Club. When
    Mario shakes his head, another of the ladies realizes that Luigi is Luigi, and
    then the three begin to crowd around him, asking him uncomfortable questions.
    Hermie suddenly gets angry that nobody is decorating him, and because Mario and
    Luigi is the reason for that, he begins to fight them.
    HP: 400 (Hermie III), 50 (Claws)
    Experience: 900
    Spoils: 80 coins
    Strategy: You haven't fought a boss since when...Trunkle? Yes, Trunkle.
    Anyways, hit Hermie's claws first until bandages show over them, or else he
    will throw some punches at you with them. Hermie himself, his only attack is to
    spurt poisonous bubbles at you. However, these can easily be destroyed with
    your hammer before they reach you, and for that do, you can always use the
    Refreshing Herbs that you're sure to have. As far as attacking goes, it doesn't
    really matter what you do, so long as your hurt Hermie.
    After a few hits, Hermie will retreat into his shell, leaving the Christmas
    tree vulnerable. Use Mario's Firebrand to burn the tree, and Hermie will come
    out of his shell again, along with having his claws healed, so damage his claws
    If ever you're worried by the small crabs that run by sometimes, they will not
    hurt you at all.
    After, one of the ladies asks Mario and Luigi to excuse Hermie, saying that he
    is a little kooky. Mario and Luigi finally get to explain why they came, and
    Hermie will willingly relinquish the Beanstar piece. Although the ladies want
    Mario and Luigi to stay, one of them will show us a shortcut. Take the shortcut
    to the next screen.
    Here, there is another Boo Statue to the lower left. Use the Electric
    Attachment, and push the Boo Statue to the left. A stone bridge will form a
    ways up, so go up, and across. Head north two screens, then go through the Warp
    Pipe. Head to Warp Pipe 5, and emerge into the Chucklehuck Woods.
    			  Chucklehuck Woods Revisited
    Go down from the Warp Pipe, head west. Drop down the ledge on the next screen,
    and then start heading north. High Jump onto the cliff, and then go into the
    next area. There, head west, High Jump up the ledge, save at the Save Block,
    then continue west.
    In this area, there is a drunk Koopa. Rotate Mario to the back, then use his
    Firebrand power. Hitting the Koopa back, you will now be able to pass, so go in
    to the cave. Here, grab from the blocks a Mushroom and some coins, and then go
    hit the Random Block. With that done, leave the cave by the west entrance.
    On this screen, save at the Save Block again, and then go north and talk to the
    snail-like creature. You learn you cannot pass, so go take the southwest exit
    onto the next screen. In this area, go down the steps, then head west and up in
    to the Winkle Colosseum.
    Talk to the receptionist, and fork over 500 coins to be able to enter the
    arena. Go up and talk to the snail to get in.
    Now, this mini-game, Chuckola Bounce, is quite simple and easy. You must use
    a thin board to deflect rocks that the Chuckola shoot out back at them to
    defeat them. At times, the Chuckola will shoot out Golden Mushrooms, which will
    give you a barrier, allowing you to deflect a rock back once if you're hit.
    Move with the D-Pad, and rotate with A and B. Use L and R to turn off the
    barriers if you wish.
    For this round, 20 Chuckola Rocks should be quite easy, but good luck anyways!
    After you win, you get the Winkle Card. Now, head back to the Winkle who would
    not let you past the path. The Winkle Card will be flashed, and the Winkle will
    recognize it. The Winkle then lets you pass, so enter the next area.
    Here, go to the left to grab a Nut from the chest, then go up the ledges, High
    Jumping at the end. Start heading west now.
    Mario and Luigi will encounter Popple once again, and Popple won't like meeting
    up with you again. Not only that, but he's trying to take the Beanstar piece
    froma statue. He says that he found this treasure first, so it's his, then he
    tries to run away. However, Mario and Luigi will back him up into the northern
    wall, cornering him. Popple sarcastically tells them that they sure are tough,
    teaming up on him, but then tells them that they shouldn't think that they can
    defeat him even though he's alone.
    			    BOSS BATTLE:POPPLE (3)
    HP: 520
    Experience: 1200
    Coins: 121
    Popple is one annoying guy, making this the third fight you have with him. One
    of his attacks will be to go right at you and steal your stuff, something of
    which you can counterattack with your hammer. Sometimes, he'll move backwards,
    then stop, then go charge at you. You should ready your hammer as soon as he
    starts charging at you. However, he sometimes moves up and then charges very
    quickly at you, making it hard to counter. When his HP drops, he'll sometimes
    recover with a Mushroom.
    Another annoying thing is that he can steal your hammers, then use it against
    you. Thankfully, this is only for a few turns, not the whole battle.
    Near the end of the battle, though, Popple will use an interesting attack; he
    will take his bag and throw at you a bunch of bombs, Poisonous Mushrooms,
    normal Mushrooms, and coins, so you will want to jump often and not in other
    cases. Thankfully, if you're poisoned, you can always use a Refreshing Herb.
    For the most part, you can tell who Popple will attack by his expression; if he
    is grinning, he will attack Luigi. If he is not, he will attack Mario.
    After you win against Popple, you will finally have the 2nd Beanstar Piece!
    Popple says he won't give up, and then burrows into the ground. Um...sure.
    Finishing that, go to Winkle Colosseum for some beans if you wish, then head to
    Warp Pipe 3.
    			      Beanstar Piece III
    Get whatever you want in Beanbean Town, then leave through the west bridge in
    West Beanbean Town. Outside, head north along the dirt path. In the next area,
    just head straight up, until you hit a gate.
    Here, use Mario's hammer to nail Luigi into the ground, and send Luigi under
    the gate. Once he is across, emerge from the ground, and hit the switch to open
    the gate. Reunite with Mario, then go right and High Jump up onto the ledge.
    Continue north onto the next screen, then activate Warp Pipe 2.
    Head down back to the former screen with the long dirt path, and start heading
    west once you hit the high walls. Hit the rock at the end, and go along the
    straightforward path to grab from two blocks a 1-Up Mushroom and some coins.
    Now, head back to the start, just outside of Beanbean Town. Follow the path
    west now, and jump across the ledges at the end.
    Here, you'll be stopped by a gate. Hit Luigi into the ground, then go past the
    gate, and emerge. Continue into the gate.
    Here's an interesting game - you must dodge wisp-like creatures while walking
    across the cave. If you get hit by one, you must try to get past it again, but
    you won't be required to start over. After you get to the end, you get a Golden
    Mushroom. Now, go through the pipe, leave the cave and go down, and jump onto
    the spring to be launched over the gate.
    With that out of the way, go back down a bit, and go down the bridge into the
    next section. Here, continue along the dirt path, and when you have a choice of
    going either down or right, go down. At the second split, go down the bridge,
    and go into the Warp Pipe to activate Warp Pipe 8. If you have been following
    this walkthrough, you should now have all but one of the Pipes throughout the
    Beanbean Kingdom. Go back to the first split, then head east. In this area, go
    right all the way, jumping over the ledges when required, and go to the next
    Here, reading the sign, you find a job offering, and the pay is 'A strange
    bean-like thing that fell from the sky'! With a Boo Statue nearby, use Luigi's
    Electric Attachment to push the Boo Statue to the left, thus causing a bridge
    to build itself. Go down the bridge, and take the bridge to your right when you
    can. At the end, get some coins and a Hoo Bean from the two coins. Go back west
    across the bridges, and then head south.
    Here, High Jump onto the ledge, and save at the Save Block. Head south, across
    the bridges, then go down and up the steps. Take a look at the cage! The
    Beanstar piece is in there! Well, head across the bridge, since you have no
    other choice. However, two Beanbeaners will rush across in the opposite
    direction, seemingly intimidated by the job they were doing, so head across now
    A strange guy will be tapping his foot, wondering what he's to do with such
    riffraff Beanbeaners. He suddenly notices Mario and Luigi, and welcomes them,
    introducing himself as Harhall, a genius designer. After he shows a bit of his
    temper and wackiness, he asks if he is correct in assuming that Mario and Luigi
    are interested in the Splart Assistant opening. Harhall tells them that if they
    do a good job, he'll pay them the Beanstar piece! What do you have to do? You
    have to help design clothes.
    Here's how it works; First, you get Mario full of water, and place him at the
    spot with footprints. First of all, you must dye the fabric of the clothing by
    shooting water at these flying bombs, then you must shoot at a second set of
    bombs that determine what type of pattern the clothing will be. The colors will
    be blue, yellow and red, and the designs checkered, tropical, and polka-dot.
    In addition to this, hitting two or more of the bombs will change it. If you
    hit both blue and red bombs, the color of the fabric will be purple. Hitting
    blue and yellow will make it green, red and yellow will make it orange, and all
    three colors will make it brown. Two or more patterns will just form a star.
    In order to complete this, you must make four different types of clothing. Here
    are the specifications for each.
    Piece #1 - Red color, any type of design.
    Piece #2 - Yellow color, checkered design.
    Piece #3 - Purple color, polka-dot design.
    Piece #4 - Brown color, star design.
    After you finish, Harhall tells you to head left to get your reward. Going left
    to the next screen, Harhall will fork over to you the Beanstar piece. Now, head
    back to the Boo Statue.
    			      Beanstar Piece IV
    From the statue, head west, south, then west again into the next area. Here,
    follow the dirt path north and west and up over the bridge. Here, continue east
    into Beanbean Town. Since your business in Beanbean Town should be scant, leave
    East Beanbean Town by the eastern bridge. Outside of Beanbean Town, head north
    a single screen. On the next, head up to the entrance to Teehee Valley, but
    then head left onto the next screen.
    Here, enter the cave. Inside, you'll see a lone mouse hole, so wallop Mario
    into a mouse, and have him enter the mouse hole. It's just like the same game
    that you had just earlier done with Luigi, instead it's with Mario this time
    around. After you finish, talk to the yellow guy for a 1-Up Mushroom, enter
    the pipe, then leave the cave after macrosizing Mario.
    Now, notice those bunch of steps near the entrance to Teehee Valley? Start
    jumping up them, then end off with a Spin Jump over to the cliff. After that,
    head up.
    On this screen, you have an odd layout. There's a single pump along with six
    plots of land, each with a plant in the middle. Talk to the old guy to learn
    about his childhood of tickling friends while they had water in their mouths,
    to make them spew water out. <_< You know what this means. Get Mario full of
    water, then before each plot of land, have Luigi use his Thunderhand technique,
    and the plants will grow into large trees, acting as platforms. Now, High Jump
    up the center platform in the upper length, and High Jump again onto the cliff.
    Talking to the guy there, he will give you both a Red and Green Pepper for
    reaching him. The bottom right platform will send you to a small ledge, with
    only an imprinted circle there. This imprinted circle has a Chuckle Bean in
    there, so get it while underground as a mole. Now, leave this area, and head
    back to the previous area.
    From the stone path in this area, head west into the next area. On this screen,
    continue heading west until you hit the steps, then stop. Climb up the ledges,
    until you get to the gate. Have Mario hit Luigi, then go under the gate. Emerge
    and then hit the block to open the gate. Reunite with Mario, then High Jump up
    to the left, then go across the bridge onto the next screen.
    Here, Spin Jump over all the ledges, and at the end, cross the bridge. Notice
    that there is a Boo Statue here. Use the Electric Attachment, and move it to
    the left to activate a bridge. Cross the bridge, and use your hammer on the
    hole to open up a cave. Enter.
    Here, you find another mousehole, so microsize Mario, and send him through the
    hole. Whoopdee-doo. It's another one of those long paths with the wisps, but
    after you finish it, you can get the Iron Pants! After that, leave, macrosize
    Mario, then exit the cave.
    From here, head off the cliff. Now, you should have noticed the Thunder Orb by
    now, so use Luigi's Thunderhand ability on it to make a ledge appear and
    elevate beside you. High Jump up, and enter the cave.
    Here, the sign tells you about the Block Fortune - Hit two blocks at the same
    time to raise your luck. That's actually pretty easy. Go right, and jump up
    ONLY ONE of your characters onto the top ledge. The back person should NOT jump
    at all. From there, just get them in sync, then jump to make a bridge appear.
    Crossing over, you're faced with another two blocks. This time, put the front
    person onto the low right ledge, then work your way up from there. After you
    hit these two blocks, another bridge will appear. Go over this bridge to
    another set of blocks.
    Here, go to the far right, and jump up the two ledges. Going left, have the
    front person jump over to the left side, but not the back person, who will fall
    down. Now Jump, and another bridge will appear. Thankfully, you'll meet up with
    one of those yellow guys this time, who will give you the Wool Trousers. Now,
    leave the cave, and go left. Here, there's a drunk Koopa, so use the Flaming
    Dash to knock him off balance. Then go up, to enter...The YOSHI THEATRE! YAY!
    Here, somebody is putting up the fourth Beanstar piece onto the Yoshi Theatre's
    main sign. Walking up, the Beanbean at the guy's side asks Mario and Luigi what
    they think they are doing, saying that they can't just waltz up and start
    talking to his master. He calls them weasels, thinking that they just came
    looking for money. He says that his master is very busy, and that he does not
    have the time to waste on the likes of Mario and Luigi. He then tells them to
    be off. Mario and Luigi try to explain about the Beanstar, but the Beanbeaner
    doesn't believe them, and tells his master not to listen to them, and that all
    of the brother's talk is just meant to swindle him out of money again. The
    master will do this cool move, where he will bundle up into an egg, and aim
    himself straight at the Beanbeaner, knocking him into the ground. He tells his
    employee to be silent, and asks Mario and Luigi to excuse him.
    The brothers then freak out, and the master asks what's wrong. Mario and Luigi
    explain that he looks just like Bubbles, the legendary soda maker, and the
    master then does a twirl on one foot (0_0), saying that he's Bubbles younger
    brother! He then introduces himself as Boddle, and says that he's rich enough
    to own his own theater, and also that he is the president of the Yoshi Fan
    Bobble's employee comes up again, saying that the theater was designed by a
    Yoshi-loving chap specifically for the enjoyment of the Yoshis. Bobble then
    asks Mario and Luigi what they wanted to talk about, and they request the
    Beanstar. He then decides that he will give it to Mario and Luigi, and that he
    can replace it with something else, but the Beanbeaner will pipe up again,
    saying that Bobble mustn't do it. Bobble does that cool egg move again, then
    tells the brothers that there is one condition: Because his sign is the
    theater's face, Mario and Luigi must first find something else to replace it
    with, the Neon Eggs. Seven to be exact. The Beanbeaner says that Mario and
    Luigi could never do it, and Bobble does that egg move for a third time.
    Bobbles then asks Mario and Luigi if they will do it, and tells them that when
    Yoshis eat a particular kind of food, they lay a Neon Egg. Finding that food,
    feed it to the seven Yoshis inside the theatre to get the Neon Eggs. Lastly,
    there's a person in there who's well-versed in the Neon Eggs, so go inside.
    In the theater, continue through either of the two doors, then go talk to the
    guy on the stage.
    The Beanbean introduces himself as Fava, the architect who designed this
    theatre. He also happens to be the older brother of the person whom you got the
    Beanstones for. Mario and Luigi ask about the Neon Eggs, and Fava is a bit
    surprised, thinking that they knew he was a Neon Egg fiend. He then says that
    despite what others think he is, he's just an old man who loves Neon Eggs, and
    then Mario and Luigi ask him what type of foods make Yoshi lay Neon Eggs. Fava
    tells them that that would be Bean Fruits, which are native to Beanbean Kingdom
    and grow underground. He then gives the directions on what to do for a Neon
    Egg, and adds that there's one thing that undermines his being a Neon Egg
    fiend - he's never found a Neon Egg in his life! LOL! He then says that in his
    head, he has a map that shows the general area of where Bean Fruits may be, and
    then marks on your map seven spots where the Bean Fruits can be found. After,
    leave the Yoshi Theatre.
    Now, to find the Bean Fruits, you are required to dig with Luigi. However, you
    can find the general locations of the Bean Fruits by hitting Mario with Luigi's
    hammer into Mouse mode, and finding a ! mark over his head. Dig around there
    for the Bean Fruit.
    Now, for a general direction as to where you should start, I'll first give the
    location of a Bean Fruit near where you've just been. Go to the screen that has
    the exit going to Teehee Valley.
    BEAN FRUIT 1: Next to the steps, there are four flowers. Dig in the middle for
    a Bean Fruit. With that done, head east into the next area.
    BEAN FRUIT 2: Jump up the ledges in the middle, and hit the block with the !
    expression on its face. A ledge will come out of the ground up a bit ahead of
    you, so use the Spin Jump to get to that ledge. From there, Spin Jump again to
    your right, and you'll see a drunk Koopa. Equip the Flaming Dash, and knock him
    off his feet. Now, pass the bridge onto the next screen.
    Here, jump up the ledges to the gate. Hit Luigi into the ground, then send him
    under the gate. Once he's on the other side, emerge from the ground, then cross
    the bridge, after saving.
    Here, you'll see the Bean Fruit - But a Piranha will eat it! Luigi will have no
    choice but to fight the Piranha. Now, I won't classify this as a boss battle,
    but just use your hammer, and dodge the attacks that the Piranha sends at you.
    After you win, before the Piranha disintegrates, it spits something out. Luigi
    goes and check on it, and bad music plays. And as one knows, there's only one
    character in the game who has bad music, and that's Prince Peasly! Luigi will
    be freaked out, but Peasly will then thank Luigi for saving him. Oblivious to
    what has happened to him, his having shrunk, Peasly thinks that Luigi has grown
    a lot. ¬_¬ Luigi explains what really happened, then Peasly asks Luigi if he
    knows how to change him back. Luigi figures out a way, and Peasly will accept.
    Hit the A button to use the hammer, and it will macrosize Peasly.
    After, Peasly thanks you, and gives you the 2nd Bean Fruit! He then says that
    now he's normal again, there's no point in staying here any longer, and gets
    on his private flying thing, and leaves, after asking Luigi to give his regards
    to Mario. Now, fall down the cliff, go left, and reunite with Mario.
    BEAN FRUIT 3: Go to the screen east of East Beanbean Town, then head south one
    screen. Take the dirt path going down to the left, and at the split, head a
    bit right until you find the path of six flowers. Dig a bit to the left of the
    middle of this
    patch to get Bean Fruit 3.
    BEAN FRUIT 4: Head west two screens, and stop at the rock that is blocking off
    the first bridge. Destroy it, then head down. Dig in the center of the blue
    flowers that is south of the bridge.
    BEAN FRUIT 5: Head west an area. On this screen, in the south, there is a
    highly elevated ledge with six flowers in the middle of it. Go to the hill to
    the left of it, and climb up the ledges. Spin Jump over, and dig for the Bean
    Fruit in the center of the flowers.
    BEAN FRUIT 6: Head up between the two walls, then go left and up until you see
    eight blue flowers. Dig in the center of all of these plants to get the sixth
    Bean Fruit.
    BEAN FRUIT 7: Head north an area. Here, go northwest among the lowly elevated
    land to find four blue flowers. Dig in the center for the last Bean Fruit! From
    here, head west a screen, then head north as soon as you can into the theatre.
    In the Yoshi Theatre, go and feed the Bean Fruits to the seven Yoshis that have
    their tongues out, and aren't standing upright, to get the seven Neon Eggs. Now
    go and talk to Bobble. He'll say that he did well, asking Mario and Luigi to
    get seven Neon Eggs, and will replace the Beanstar piece on the sign with the
    seven Neon Eggs. We'll later see the sign up on the theater's front entrance,
    and the Yoshis will be cheering. Bobble will thank Mario and Luigi for helping
    him complete his theatre, then hands over the last Beanstar piece! Bobble then
    goes into the theater, saying that he's going to be rather busy preparing for
    his grand opening. Pooh. Who cares? We've got to get to the castle! Now, head
    to Beanbean Castle Gates.
                             Beanbean Town Revisited 5
    Here, save, and then go into the castle and to the throne room. Mario and Luigi
    will meet up with Toadsworth and Queen Bean, then throw the Beanstar pieces up
    into the air. The Beanstar will be revived. Queen Bean comments that the
    Beanstar is finally back to normal, and then Lady Lima comes in, saying that a
    message has arrived from Bowletta. With a hologram coming out of yet another
    Gameboy Advance, Bowletta congratulates Mario and Luigi on retrieving the
    pieces of the Beanstar, saying that they make fine scavengers. She then demands
    Mario and Luigi to bring the Beanstar to her. Apparently, the drop point for
    the Beanstar is at the far end of the ocean, at the crypt for cruddy jokes
    known as - what else? - Joke's End. Unfortunately, you can't go to Joke's End
    by walking on the seabed, so you'll have to find another way to get there.
    After, Queen Bean observes that if Bowletta plans to return Princess Peach when
    they give her the Beanstar, then Bowletta can't be planning to use Peach's
    voice to awaken the Beanstar after all. Peasly then arrives, telling everybody
    to relax, and says that they can give the fiend a fake Beanstar. He'll then
    give Mario and Luigi the Fake Beanstar.
    After this, Toadsworth will ask the brothers to take along a change of clothes
    for the princess, seeing as how Princess Peach likely tried to escape, doing
    some damager to her dress. He then goes and fetches her suitcase, and gives the
    Mario Brothers Peach's extra dress.
    Out in the front room of the castle, Peasly tells Mario and Luigi that to get
    to Joke's End, they have no choice but to travel across the ocean waves, and
    that if they go the beach, they may find a way. He tells you that there
    apparently once was quite a fine surfing spot at one of the Beanbean Kingdom's
    beaches. He then begins to leave, but then remembers the bet that he made to
    Mario and Luigi - and hands over all of the 99,999,999,999,999 coins! Lady Lima
    then comes in and tells us that at the current exchange rate,
    99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom coins comes to 99 Beanbean coins! D'Oh. Now, leave
    the castle.
    First of all, both the Beanbean Town and Little Fungitown Fashion and Item
    Shops have new equipment and items in, so you'll definitely be wanting to check
    that out. However, do not spend all your money - save 500 coins, as you will be
    required to have that much in the future.
    Now, once you are finished all your shopping, leave East Beanbean Town by the
    eastern bridge. On the next area, continue east. On yet the next area, continue
    on east, and when past the gate, you learn that this is the Beanbean Surfing
    Spot - but an unbreakable rock is blocking your way. Now, head north a screen.
    Here, head norht a bit, and then head west into the next area. Go down until
    you find the Thunder Orb, then take the long path into the cave.
    SAVE YOUR GAME at the Save Block, then head down the stairs. The Hammerhead
    Brothers will be sleeping, the one gets up, saying that he wondered who that
    might be, and it turns out to be the Mario Brothers. The other brother comments
    on the timing, saying that they just finished mastering a new Hammer-making
    technique. They'll then offer to reforge your hammers, making them into a
    yellowish tinge. After, they tell you that these hammers can break any kind of
    rock. These are the Ultra Hammers.
    Now, head right, and destroy the black rock blocking your way here. Go up now,
    and destroy the second black rock. Exit through the door. Here, there is a
    Thwomp, who, for 500 coins, will drop 3 rocks down onto the floor. One of the
    rocks will have nothing, another will have 500 coins, and the third will have
    the Secret Scroll 2. If you get the rock with nothing, just reset. After you
    find the Secret Scroll 2, you'll learn a new Brothers Attack. Now, leave the
    cave, and head back all the way to the surfing spot. Destroy the black rock
    that was formerly blocking your way.
    Talk to the old man, and you'll learn that if you can jam something into the
    hole there, you'll be able to obtain a surfboard to go to Joke's End. Now, go
    and put Luigi on the hole, and use Mario's hammer to knock him in. Luigi will
    come out flat, and will act as a surfboard for you!
    Now, head a few screens south of the Oho Oasis, which is the large island on
    your map. You'll find two small islands, so stop off at the upper one to play a
    mini-game. There, save at the Save Block, and talk to the man that's there. The
    gist of the mini-game is quite simple - you must travel along a course, popping
    balloons, and if you can get them all under a certain time limit, you can win
    great prizes.
    Now, head to Joke's End, which is marked on the map. You can find it by looking
    for a strip of sand. Get off the surfboard, destroy all the rocks, and head
    into Joke's End after you activate Warp Pipe 9 - the last of the Warp Pipes in
    all of Beanbean Kingdom.
    				  Joke's End
    Heading up the stairs, you'll be stopped by a girl who says that this palace is
    their playground, and asks Mario and Luigi if they want to play here too. She
    says that if you do, the least we can do is say hello to those who were here
    first. She then introduces herself as Jojora, and says that she is a buddy of
    the cousin of the descendant of the spirit which once guarded this place. Mario
    and Luigi explain about Bowletta and company, but Jojora does not know who they
    are talking about. She then invites us inside, but warns us that getting
    through here won't be as easy as what we are used to. She then leaves, so enter
    Joke's End.
    In the first room, use Mario's Firebrand on the fire pit to open the door, then
    go inside to the next room. Save at the Save Block, then High Jump up the ledge
    to your left. Defeating the enemy, High Jump up the second ledge and defeat the
    next set of enemies. Now, go up through the door.
    In this room, you will see Jojora again, who will float up to a higher floor,
    and asks if you could also make it up there. For now, don't worry about it,
    and defeat the enemy. In the northwest, you'll see a circle with an X in it, so
    dig there for a Chuckle Bean. Now, go to left into the next room. Here, grab
    from the two Item Blocks a Super Mushroom and Super Syrup, and some coins from
    the Random Brothers Block. Now head back to the former area.
    Back here, hit the cracked door thrice to completely destroy it, then head
    outside. Here, defeat the enemy, then head up the stairs. Talk to the guy with
    the telescope, to learn that whirlwinds occur when rotational energy is added
    to warm updrafts of air. You'll be needing that information for later. Now,
    head up the second path of stairs, and defeat all the enemies in the next room.
    Head right from here, and get from the five blocks two Hoo Beans, a Super
    Mushroom, a Refreshing Herb and some coins. Head back to the previous room, and
    now head right.
    Here, defeat the lone enemy, then Spin Jump over onto the ledge. Go through the
    door to another room, and here, use the Electric Attachment ability to get
    through the cylinders to the end. At the end, hit the block with a ! expression
    on its face, then head back normally for the first part walking, and the second
    part with the Electic Attachment, and drop down to the floor below. Head right,
    and enter the door that the ! block opened for you.
    Here, hit the Save Block. Go up and crack open the door with three hits, then
    go outside here. Here, hit the Brothers Block for some coins, then dig for a
    Chuckle Bean in the circle right of the ledge. Head into the left room for
    another Block-Hitting mini-game, and dig in the circle here for another Chuckle
    Bean. Head back two rooms, save at the Save Block, then head into the room to
    your right this time around. Head down the stairs, obtain the two Hoo Beans
    from the two chests, then continue on. Light the fire pit to boil the soup
    overhead. Now, go back up into the open area.
    Here, High Jump to just over the soup. Use Mario's Spin Jump, and a whirlwind
    will form and rise! Take the left door, go up the stairs again, take the right
    path, and Spin Jump into the tornado, then Spin Jump again over to the next
    ledge, and head onto the next screen.
    Here, we will meet up with Jojora again, who tells us that this is where the
    real challenge starts, and that we should just go home. She then heads onwards,
    and we can't follow her. Drop down, save at the Save Block, and dig for a
    Chuckle Bean. Go right, to find the gate. Hit Luigi into the ground, then send
    him across the gate. Emerge, and hit the block to open the gate. Now, head
    right. Now, switch to Mario.
    For pretty much the first time in the game where Mario will do a lot alone, go
    through the door that Luigi opened for him. Climb up the stairs, then go
    through the door at the end. Defeat the enemies in here, and grab the Hoo Bean
    and the Ultra Mushroom from the chests, then continue left. Save at the Save
    Block, then head south. Stand under the block here, and then switch to Luigi.
    Back to Luigi, climb the two sets of stairs, and go down at the ends. Fight the
    enemies, then grab the Ultra Nut from the block. Head east now, and defeat the
    multitude of enemies that are here, then head north. Here, get under the block,
    and press A and B simultaneously to hit both blocks and open the gate that is
    blocking Mario and Luigi. With Luigi, head down, and then west.
    Now, with Mario, go down and left into the next area.
    Here, hit the block for a barrel to come down, allowing access to a switch,
    then switch to Luigi. Have Luigi stand on the barrel and hit the switch to open
    the door on Mario's path, then go up, all the way under the next simu-block.
    Switch to Mario, and go up to his simu-block. Hit the blocks at the same time,
    and Jojora will appear again, saying that if the Mario Brothers have come all
    the way here, then they obviously don't give up. She then drops an egg-like
    thing, and tells you that if you can hit 30 blocks in 25 seconds, she'll open
    the doors for you. For those who don't remember this from Woohoo Hooniversity,
    I'll refresh your minds with the rules.
    You will have the brothers seperated, and two blocks floating forth, one on
    each side, and you must hit these two blocks a minimum of 30 times in 25
    seconds. It is quite annoying at first, as the two blocks do move at different
    speeds, but after a while, you should be able to get the hang of it.
    After you hit 30 blocks, the timer will stop, and both doors will open. As
    Mario, go through the door, up the two rooms of stairs, and into the next room
    here. In this area, you have four unlit candles, so light all of them on fire
    to push that green block two areas back. Doing so, head back two rooms, and go
    stand on the now-revealed yellow block. Now, switch to Luigi. Go up into the
    next room, and stand under the block that Mario is standing on, and then switch
    to Mario. Have Luigi jump, and then jump to the right while the block's going
    up. Grab the coins from the chest, then head left.
    Here, fight all the enemies for some experience. Hit the three blocks for two
    Hoo Beans and an Ultra Mushroom, then head east into the next room. Standing
    under the block, switch to Luigi.
    With Luigi, head down a screen, put him under the block, and hit the two blocks
    simultaneously to open the gate blocking off Mario. Switch to Mario, and go
    down one screen. Switch to Luigi, and also go down one screen, and put him just
    to the right of the doorway. Switch to Mario again, and hit the ! block for a
    barrel to come down and fall over Luigi. With the barrel over Luigi, head back
    into the previous room, and step on the floor switch. The face will spit out a
    ball of fire, but it will be deflected back at the face, destroying it. This
    will cause a bunch of green blocks to form at the mini-game area. Bust out of
    the barrel, and take Luigi to the mini-game area. Now, take Mario to the
    mini-game area also, and you'll FINALLY be reunited! I recommend you go and
    pick up some Chuckle Beans from the circles you may have seen so far. For now,
    go on the right bridge, and go south. Take the straightforward path until you
    see the Save Block, and save here. High Jump up those ledges, go through the
    door, then climb up the stairs into the next room.
    Here, just continue east. On the next screen, head down the stairs into the
    next section. You'll meet up with Jojora again, who'll tell you to stop trying,
    saying that the two are the most stubborn people she knows and that no girl
    would like them, and she then leaves. Head east and dispatch the enemies, then
    climb down the stairs and head west. Here, go and hit the Random Brothers Block
    to the west for some coins, then go and light the logs to boil the water above.
    Now head back two screens, and hit the cracked door thrice, then go through.
    Here, get from the chests a Hoo Bean and an Ultra Mushroom, and play the
    Block mini-game if you wish, then leave. Outside again, High Jump up the to the
    platform over the pot, then use the Spin Jump to make a whirlwind appear in
    another room. Head back to the room with the candles, and put Mario in front of
    the fountain to fill him up with water. Go and place yourself horizontally to
    the whirlwind, then hit Mario with Luigi's hammer. The water will fly out and
    hit the whirlwind, which will in turn extinguish all the flames, and open the
    door above you. Go up now and enter. Continue along the stairs, then save at
    the Save Block.
    Now, go up the ledges, and get from the Item Block an Ultra Mushroom. With
    Mario at the back, hit the ! block to form a bridge, then use the Flaming Dash
    to just make it over onto the next screen. In the next room, after walking
    right a bit, Jojora will appear, and welcome the brothers. She tells them that
    they are the first people to ever climb it all the way up here, and says that
    they are pretty darn determined. She then asks to reward them with something,
    and then invites them to sit. She then says that she's inviting one of her
    friends and only one, and she asks who you think she should invite. It doesn't
    really matter, as any way, a puppet-like creature will come down, and Jojora
    will tell it to fight you.
    HP: 500 (Guest), 50 (Jojora)
    Experience: 1600
    Spoils: 180 coins, Ultra Nut
    Jojora will first start off with running to you to attack you, so respond by
    hitting her wand out of her hand. She'll get angry and then run away from the
    battle. The Guest will then get angry and charge at you in a rolling snowball,
    in which you should ready your hammer as soon as Guest appears onscreen. Also,
    since you can't tell who she's attacking until she appears onscreen, ready both
    of the brothers' hammers. This is the only attack that Guest has. Use Brother
    Attacks for the most part on the Guest to hurt it quickly.
    After Jojora reappears in the battle, the Guest's hair will change, boosting
    its defense. Guest will then start to do an attack, where it puts its arms out,
    then goes straight at a brother. Jump as soon as Guest actually starts
    advancing to do damage - otherwise, if you're hit, you'll be poisoned with 1
    damage otherwise, so use Refreshing Herbs at need. Also, when Guest's hair is
    red, it will absorb fire attacks - lightning attacks if it is yellow.
    Otherwise, when hitting Guest, Jojora will attack you with a snow attack, where
    snow gathers over Mario and Luigi. Jump repeatedly to dodge it, but at the end,
    Jojora and Guest will recover HP.
    After winning, Jojora will sniffle, tells us that playtime is over, then runs
    away after calling us jerks. Now, light the two fire pits that don't have a
    flame in them to open up the wall to the right of you, then head to the next
    Here, we meet up with Fawful, who'll comment that the fink rats have come at
    last, and tells us that now is the time to bring the Beanstar, and that we are
    to send the Beanstar to the top of the pedestal that he is floating over. So,
    go and wallop Luigi into the ground, and send him under the gate, then go talk
    to Fawful. Fawful orders Luigi to get on the pedestal, and Luigi does so,
    holding out the fake Beanstar, and then Fawful shoots something at Luigi.
    Fawful says that he can see through Luigi's pathetic designs, and knew that
    that was a fake Beanstar. He then takes the real Beanstar out of Luigi's
    suitcase, and flies off. Now, go up to the next room and hit the switch up on
    the ledge to open the gate blocking Mario off. The two will reunite, and Luigi
    will begin to cry - until Mario comes up with an idea and takes out Peach's
    extra dress. Now, save at the Save Block, High Jump up the ledge and continue
    right two screens.
    We will see Fawful, who tells Bowletta that they at last have the Beanstar.
    Bowletta tells him that he has done well, and that seeing through their fake
    Beanstar ruse and foiling their plan was brilliant. Mario will suddenly walk on
    the scene, and Peach will yell to Mario. Bowletta will ask if he needs
    something, or if he's finally admitting defeat. Mario asks them to return
    Princess Peach, but Bowletta says that she would never release Peach to
    scheming liars like him and Luigi. Mario then gets angry, and Bowletta tells
    him that he reaps the beans he sows, and then tells him to meet his end. Mario
    suddenly laughs.
    Bowletta senses that something is wrong, and indeed, something IS wrong as a
    second Princess Peach walks onto the scene! Bowletta is shocked at the fact
    that there are two princesses, but the second Princess Peach, who is really
    Luigi in disguise, talks for the FIRST TIME in the game, telling Bowletta that
    the Princess Peach she kidnapped is an impostor, and since they expected this
    to happen, they prepared an impostor. She tells Bowletta that they fell into
    their trap. Bowletta tries to resist the 'truth', and then Luigi/Peach says
    that they'll be going. Bowletta stops them, releases the real Princess Peach,
    and starts running after Luigi, and soon captures him. Bowletta and Fawful
    soon run off, leaving Peach on the ground. As Mario, go and talk to her, and
    she'll thank you for saving her. She'll then give you a kiss. Awwwww!
    On board Bowletta's ship, Bowletta laughs, announcing that they at last have
    both Princess Peach and the Beanstar. Fawful says that he is still enraged at
    that fake princess, and Bowletta remarks that Mario and Luigi are quite the
    slick bunch, and so is Princess Peach. She then asks 'Peach' why she is
    covering her mouth. Fawful asks if she is hiding something, and 'Peach' shakes
    her head. Suddenly, Bowletta yells that there is a cockroach behind 'Peach',
    and Luigi being the coward he is, reveals his mustache. Bowletta asks Fawful
    if he saw that, and Fawful says he did see a mustache. Bowletta then orders
    Fawful to fire at will. Fawful complies, shoots at 'Peach', and Luigi's
    disguise is ruined. Bowletta will be enraged that Luigi tricked her, then
    Luigi will run off, dodging Fawful's attacks.
    In the next room, press A to hit the block, thus blocking off Fawful and
    Bowletta, and allowing you free reign of the ship. First off, save at the Save
    Block, then head right. Here, power up the two Thunder Orbs with Luigi's
    Thunderhand ability to make a block appear, and go hit the block FIVE TIMES for
    FIVE HOO BEANS! Now, head right into the next room. In this room, grab from
    the block over the boxes a Super Mushroom, then electrocute all three of the
    Thunder Orbs for another block to appear over the second set of boxes. From
    this, you'll get five more Hoo Beans after hitting it five times. Now, head
    In the next area, get from the three chests a Super Nut, an Ultra Mushroom, and
    a Super Mushroom. Continue west into the next section. In this part of the
    ship, activate the first Thunder Orb, head up the bridge, and electrocute the
    second Thunder Orb. Continue left, and put a spark into the third Thunder Orb
    for another Item Block to appear. Grab another five Hoo Beans, then save at
    the Save Block. Now continue left.
    Here, the Beanstar will be imprisoned by a force field, so activate the last
    Thunder Orb to destroy the force field. Luigi will take it, and putting on a
    parachute from who knows where, will fly out of the ship. Bowletta will finally
    arrive on the scene with Fawful, and will be enraged that this happened twice.
    Fawful says that they will follow, but Bowletta changes it, saying that they go
    to the Mushroom Kingdom. Uh-oh.
    Luigi will be parachuting down the sky, as Prince Peasly arrives on that flier
    of his. Peasly congratulates Luigi on retrieving the Beanstar, and then Luigi
    will hand it over. A bird will suddenly come over and snap Luigi's ropes, and
    when Peasly tries to save him, he is knocked off his flier. Both fall down to
    the Beanbean Kingdom.
    			     Teehee Valley Revisited
    At Luigi's predicted landing site (WTF? How is it f'ing possible that they even
    HAVE a predicted landing site?), Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth will be gathered.
    Toadsworth wonders if Luigi will land in splendid fashion, and Peach tells her
    advisor that she just hopes he escapes safely. Mario will spot Luigi with his
    binoculars, and Luigi will fall a few feet to the left. Prince Peasly will then
    float down with what must be his own parachute, and he will then comment that
    his was a perfect landing, and that the Beanstar made it also. He then asks
    where Luigi is, and Mario motions to where Luigi is. Peach remarks that Luigi
    seems to be struggling a bit, and Luigi then falls down belowground, sending
    back up a ! block. Peasly will observe the silliness of Luigi, showing off his
    Luigi dunk, then says that he'll leave Luigi's welfare to Mario, as he must
    return the Beanstar to a safer place. He now leaves. Toadsworth will also tell
    Mario that this is an unsafe place for Peach, and that they shall return to the
    castle ahead of him. Peach tells Mario to take care of Luigi, and then they
    Now, go to the northwest, and destroy the rock with your hammer. Head up, save
    at the Save Block, then head west. Retrieve from the three chests a 1-Up
    Mushroom, a Super Mushroom, and some coins, then head south in the left exit.
    Down here, hit the block to lower a ledge back in the previous area.
    We'll now see a scene down below, and an unknown will wonder what the
    earthquake was. Popple then shows up, and immediately recognizes that green
    guy. He then figures that that red guy must also be around, and then calls to
    Rookie to tie Luigi up. Rookie isn't whom you think it is, though. Now, we're
    back to Mario.
    With Mario, head up, and go past the now lowered rock, then head left onto the
    next screen. Here, defeat the enemies as you progress, then go up the ledges to
    the northwest and into the yellow pipe. Mario will fall down the pipe, and
    after shaking his fist, leave. Now, proceed through the door, and use the
    Firebrand technique on the pit to open the mouth. Heading through, save at the
    Save Block, then go into the next room.
    Here, Mario will find Luigi tied to a pole, then he'll go up. Press the A
    button to burn up the rope constricting Luigi, and the two of them will hug.
    Suddenly, Popple comes out of the blue and laughs, sarcastically calling it an
    emotional reunion for the brothers. He tells Mario that he's been waiting for
    him to arrive, and that he went and found a rookie, one that will take him
    down. Somebody suddenly calls to Popple, asking what all the ruckus is and
    calling him darling, and out comes Birdo! WTF? Wait, didn't Birdo's voice get
    stolen? When Birdo sees Mario and Luigi, she asks why they must be here, and
    why her and Popple can't be alone, speaking the language of love. Popple then
    is enraged at her calling him darling, and tells her that now is not the time
    to be doing this. He then tells the speechless Mario and Luigi that this dame
    passed his audition perfectly, and that she's his bigger and better rookie,
    Birdo. Birdo, calling Popple darling again, asks him to call her Birdie, not
    Birdo. Popple says he doesn't care about names, and then turning back to Mario
    and Luigi again, will tell you that he'll beat you with his new rookie's
    special power, which Birdo then calls the power of love. Popple then freaks
    out, saying he doesn't care what kind of power it is, then challenges Mario and
    Luigi to battle.
    HP: 500(Popple), 450(Birdo)
    Experience: 1800
    Coins: 495, Ultra Syrup
    With your fourth and last battle with Popple, you'll finally fight a new ally.
    Popple will again try to steal your items and even hammers, so definitely make
    sure to ready your hammers as soon as he starts moving to you. Again, if he
    grins, he'll be attacking Luigi, and if he does not grin, he'll be attacking
    Mario. He'll also be throwing items again from his bag, which remain pretty
    much the same; Poisonous Mushrooms, bombs, coins, and regular Mushrooms. Again,
    if you get hit by a Poisonous Mushroom, use a Refreshing Herb. He also has his
    regular attack, where he'll just try to hit you, and you can counter by
    The main thing to do here is to attack Birdo, mainly with Brother Attacks. She
    has two attacks; the first, she'll fire a crosshair at a brother, spin around,
    then shoot a bomb. Jump just as the bomb is about to land to dodge the attack.
    Birdo will sometimes shoot out several bombs, so watch out.
    The second attack, Birdo will come and try to suck you up. Let her do so, then
    at the last moment possible, hit Birdo with your hammer, and she'll release her
    Eventually, Birdo will go and suck up Popple, and release four eggs. One of the
    four has Popple in it, the other four will have bombs. They will each roll at
    you, so you'll have to use your hammer to deflect it. Once you find Popple's
    egg, all the others will be destroyed and you will continue fighting. After you
    defeat Birdo, Popple will run away.
    Afterwards, Popple will call Birdo useless, and fire her. Birdo is in disbelief
    that Popple is blaming it all on her, and then kicks Popple out of the secret
    underground lair. She tells Mario and Luigi that this is clearly a test for
    her, and that the powers-that-be want her to go out on her own, and that after
    she overcomes hardships, she will become one step closer to superstardom. She
    then says she cannot believe that she lost to you, then leaves. Now, go up the
    yellow pipe in the northeast, then head south from the exit to leave Teehee
    Valley. Now, go to Beanbean Town.
                             Beanbean Town Revisited 6
    Mario and Luigi will freak out when entering Beanbean Town - and with good
    reason! The town's been destroyed again, and Bull Billets are flying down,
    destroying whatever remains! A Beanbeaner will come and announce the obvious,
    that the skies are raining destruction, and that it's the end of everything,
    and the town will be destroyed. He says that they've all got to take refuge,
    then he leaves. Head straight to the castle.
    Entering, Lady Lima comes and tells the Mario Brothers that this may be their
    last hour, and that the end of the kingdom is near. Queen Bean then jumps down
    out of nowhere, telling us that Bowser's Castle has unleashed an assualt on the
    Beanbean Kingdom from the skies overhead. 0_0. Didn't we destory Bowser's
    castle many times already? How many spares does he have? We see a cutscene of
    a flying Bowser-shaped castle firing more Bill Bullets, and some rocks fall in
    in the castle. Luigi is shaking and scared stiff, and Lima says that this must
    be Bowletta's doing, and that they are utterly defenseless against an air
    Prince Peasly then comes in and says that they have finished evacuating
    Princess Peach and the others to Little Fungitown, and Queen Bean is glad that
    at least Princess Peach is safe. She then says that if they do not do something
    about Bowser's Castle though, their kingdom may not survive. Mario then tells
    Peasly that he knows something about Bowser's Castle, and Peasly asks what that
    would be. Mario says that he knows how to get from Bowser's room to the
    bathroom, and the prince comments that that is an odd thing to say. Queen Bean,
    however, gets the gist of what Mario is saying, that he and Luigi know Bowser's
    Castle like they know the back of their hands. She says she feels very
    reassured that the Mario Brothers will be going up to Bowser's Castle, and now
    Luigi freaks out. Peasly tells her no, that this is their kingdom and that they
    cannot impose more upon the Mario Brothers than they already have. Queen Bean
    tries to get a word in, but Peasly then leaves. Queen Bean is upset, and says
    that Peasly mustn't go to Bowser's Castle alone. Lima asks Queen Bean if they
    cannot think of a countermeasure themself, and Queen Bean says they should do
    that. They then go to the throne room. Follow them, and talk to Lady Lima. She
    will tell you that you'll have to get somebody who can fly. For now, there are
    a lot of things you should do first to prepare for before going to Bowser's
    First off, go to West Beanbean Town. Use all the beans that you have at the
    Starbeans Cafe, and if you can, get all the items. Now go to the Fashion Shop
    and buy whatever equipment you need from the newly stocked stores. Finishing
    that, go back up into the Beanbean Castle area, as the bridge linking West and
    East Beanbean is down, and then go to East Beanbean. Here, get some items from
    the Item Shop.
    Finishing that, go to either Warp Pipe 2 or 6, and head to Warp Pipe 7 into
    Little Fungitown. Pick up what you need at the Fashion Shop in Little Fungitown
    and then go back into the Warp Pipe. Head for Warp Pipe 8, and exiting, head
    down two screens. Here, head right, down, and right again, and then head down
    on the next screen. When you can go no further, head right, and climb up the
    steps. Continue heading right after falling off the ledge, and destroy the
    black rocks. Proceed east again, and you'll meet up with a starfish, who wishes
    to be on a stage. After obtaining the Spangle, head back to Hermie III. The
    Spangle will become the Beanstar Piece's replacement, and Hermie III will give
    you the Soulful Brothers Badge. Now, head into Warp Pipe 8, then go to Warp
    Pipe 1. From Stardust Fields, head to Hoohoo Village. Go talk to Blablanadon
    who's at his nest. He will be shocked that Bowser's Castle is attacking the
    Beanbean Kingdom, and that Prince Peasly is in there. He says that this is no
    small matter at all, then tells Mario and Luigi to grab onto his wings, and
    that they are going to Bowser's Castle, then takes off to drop Mario and Luigi
    at Bowser's Castle.
    				 Bowser's Castle
    Dropping Mario and Luigi off, Blablanadon says that he will remain here, and
    that if Mario and Luigi need to, he'll take them back. Now, save at the Save
    Block, then High Jump up both ledges to get an Ultra Mushroom and Ultra Syrup
    from the chests. Now, go north to the huge door, and open it. After the Mario
    brothers enter the door, we'll see a cutscene with Bowletta and Fawful, as
    Fawful tells Bowletta that the Mario brothers whom he hates are coming this
    way. Bowletta will laugh, and tells Fawful not to worry, that the two will
    never make it here. She suddenly calls out to the 'Koopalings', telling them
    that there time has come. Seven freaky-looking Koopas will then come into the
    room, and they'll leave to different sections of the castle. Going back to
    Mario and Luigi, enter the door, again.
    In here, defeat the lone enemy, climb up the stairs, and enter the next door.
    In this next room, go up, and climb the stairs. Spin Jump across the first
    ledge, then start jumping across the rest of the gaps. At the second to last
    ledge, start up another Spin Jump, then enter the door here. Here, save at the
    Save Block, then head up to encounter Iggy. Iggy will spin around Mario and
    Luigi, making them dizzy.
    This will cause your controls to f' up, so down could be right, up could be
    down, etc. The controls will NOT ALWAYS BE REVERSED. Anyways, you'll have to
    go right, down, and left to meet up with Iggy again, dodging some flames, or
    else you'll be forced to restart. After you finally reach Iggy, likely after
    several attempts, get into contact with him to start a battle.
    Spoils: 99 coins, Max Mushroom
    Iggy has two attacks, both of which are easy to deflect. The first one, he will
    start spinning around Mario and Luigi, eventually making them dizzy and hurting
    them. Stop his attack by hitting him with your hammer when he is in front of
    you. His second attack will be where he will shoot out fireballs at you. Hit
    them back at him by using your hammer. Brother Attacks will be the way to go in
    this battle. Overall, he's pretty easy.
    After you've defeated Iggy, a warp field will appear. Go into it to go back a
    few rooms. Head right and up to fight the enemy, then continue on and through
    the door here. Now, go and jump over the spikes. For those who do not remember
    Stardust Fields, you need to jump with the front person, then the back person.
    Defeat the lone Magikoopa, then at the end, go up across the bridge. Continue
    along the spikes, defeating the enemies that are here. At the end, head through
    the door.
    Here, you'll find those moving yellow blocks that you haven't seen since
    Stardust Fields. Go across both sets, then proceed through the second door. In
    this next room here, go right at your first chance, climb the ledges, and save
    your game at the Save Block. Proceed west again, then go up the bridge, then
    right again. Morton, the second of the Koopalings, will drop down, sending out
    a shockwave. You'll have to cross the bridge without touching any of the
    shockwaves, or you'll be sent back to the start. Dodge by jumping
    simultaneously with the Mario Brothers, and go and meet up with Morton.
    			       BOSS BATTLE:MORTON
    Spoils: 99 coins, Bowser Fist badge, Max Nuts
    Morton is a lot like Iggy, but for his one annoying attack, where he can cause
    you a lot of unnecessary damage. Morton will jump into the air and do a few
    flips, and then he will land back onto the floor. This will send out some
    shockwaves, and if you get hit by one, you will be toppled, allowing the other
    shockwaves to hit you.
    His second attack will be to shoot fireballs out of his mouth. After having
    used your hammer for baseball practice with Iggy, you should be able to easily
    deflect these fireballs back at Iggy, thus dealing him some damage.
    The best way to go in this battle is to use your Brother Attacks on Morton,
    dealing him some quick and efficient damage. However, since his attacks are
    easy to avoid, you could easily be able to manage your items efficiently.
    Toppling this beast, he will disintegrate, and a warp will appear where he once
    stood. Back a few rooms, a ledge will elevate upwards, allowing you further
    access to the castle. Go into the warp, then High Jump upwards to the right.
    Fight the lone enemy, then continue. In the next room, climb up the stairs, and
    then the second set into the next area. Here, Spin Jump across, then proceed
    through the door.
    Here, go up the ledges, then at the top, High Jump up and hit the block to play
    the mini-game if you wish. Drop back down, then Spin Jump over. Fight the
    enemy here, then jump up the ledges, and Spin Jump over again. Enter the door.
    In here, you'll see some whirlwinds again, just like back in Hoohoo Mountain.
    It's almost as if we're revisiting the whole of Beanbean Kingdom again. The
    first room of whirlwinds should be easy to do, so Spin Jump all the way to the
    end, then go into the next room. Here, you'll find a whirlwind going back and
    forth. Spin Jump into it just as it starts moving towards you, then go onto the
    next ledge. If you miss, and fall into the lava, no worries, you'll just start
    at the beginning and not lose any HP.
    For the next whirlwind, it's a lot trickier. You can't reach the ledge in just
    one jump. Fortunately for you, there is a way to bypass this difficulty, and it
    is as simple for you as it is for a genius to find the sum of two and two. When
    first going into the hurricane, go out east, but then move back into the
    whirlwind. Eventually, it'll move far enough east so that you will be able to
    reach the ledge. At the end there, talk to the mole there to obtain a 1-Up
    Super for your efforts. Now, go back, this time leaving the whirlwind by the
    west direction. Now, enter the door.
    Here, save at the Save Block, then head up. You'll finally find Lemmy, the
    third Koopaling who will give you heck in Bowser's Castle. Lemmy will spin
    around you, but unlike Iggy, you won't get dizzy. Instead, Lemmy will split
    into four different Lemmy's, and you have to hit the real Lemmy with your
    hammer. If you make a mistake, Lemmy will redo his move, until you finally hit
    the correct Lemmy. Once you do that, Lemmy will begin to cry, then he will end
    up fighting you.
    			       BOSS BATTLE:LEMMY
    Spoils:99 coins, Max Syrup
    Lemmy will make his first attack by splitting into four, three of them fake
    copies. Don't waste your breath, or rather, your BP on these guys. Rather, just
    attack them normally until you find which Lemmy is the real deal. You'll know
    if it's fake if it doesn't take damage and flys off the screen after you hit
    Secondly, like the two Koopalings before him, Lemmy will shoot out fireballs
    at you. With your quickly increasing baseball experience, hammer them back at
    him to cause some damage.
    Again, Brother Attacks will probably be your attack of choice, but seeing as
    how Lemmy has less HP than his brothers, you may want to consider your hammer
    or jumping on him.
    Finishing off Lemmy, he will disappear, a water fountain will activate a few
    screens back, and a warp will appear where Lemmy once stood. Go back and save,
    then go head into the warp. Being warped to the area with the water fountain,
    put Mario in front of the water, and after extinguishing some flames, go left.
    In this section of the castle, High Jump up, and enter the door.
    Here, High Jump up, and fight the lone enemy. Grab the Ultra Syrup from the
    block, then continue onto the next room.
    In this area, fill Mario up with more water, then use Luigi's Hammer/High Jump
    on Mario to hit the moving things into the holes between pipes. After you
    finish hitting them all in, the door at the end will open, so proceed through
    Read the sign up top to learn that when somebody full of water is tickled
    from behind, they will spurt out the water. So, with Mario full of water, go
    up to one of the plants, and have Luigi use his Thunderhand on Mario. This will
    make two Piranhas grow, both of which will spit out blocks with the !
    expression, and then disappear. Hitting the right one will make an enemy appear
    while hitting the left one will make the locked door open. Enter the next room,
    and save at the Save Block. Head up the bridge to find Ludwig, the fourth
    Koopaling in this castle. He will then force you into a mini-game, and the
    rules are as following;
    Ludwig will retreat into his shell, and circle you. Mario and Luigi must jump
    to avoid being hit by Ludwig, whose pattern is different each time. Unlike the
    Border Jump mini-game, here, if you are hit once, you will be forced to restart
    the mini-game. After you win, you will fight Ludwig, by trying to go onto the
    			       BOSS BATTLE:LUDWIG
    Spoils:99 coins, 1-Up Supers, Max Syrup
    Ludwig is somewhat different and more annoying than his brothers, his main
    attack to be retreating into his shell then spinning around, trying to attack
    you. Unfortunately, you're quite likely to be hit, so try to dodge as well as
    you can.
    Ludwig also has the ability to use the fireball attack, but it seems that he
    uses it less often than his siblings.
    Overall, use Brother Attacks to end this annoying battle quickly.
    After you finally dispose of Iggy, some spikes will come down from the barred
    path a few rooms previous, and a warp will appear where Iggy once stood. Now,
    go through the warp.
    Out here, have Luigi hit Mario with his hammer into a mouse, and send Mario
    through the mousehole. Inside, hit the left block for an Ultra Syrup and the
    right block for a Super Mushroom, then hit the switch with your hammer to
    heighten the ledge to the left. Now, leave, and turn Mario back to normal with
    Luigi's hammer. High Jump up the two ledges to the left, then go through the
    door. Here, defeat the enemy, go up and down the steps left onto the next
    In this room, start off by heading west, and then up, to get some coins from
    the Brothers Block. Now, go to the front of the gate, have Mario hit Luigi
    into the ground, then go across. Start going through until you hit a dead end,
    then emerge. If you mess up and come up from underground too early, go and
    jump up on one of the springs to get out of the cage, and redo the moving
    underground. Once you get to the end, anyways, hit the switch with Luigi's
    hammer. This will open the first gate. Take the spring outwards, then go and
    reunite with Mario - and show your love for him by hitting him into Mouse mode.
    As a mouse, send him through the mouse holes all the way to the second switch,
    and there, hit the second switch. This will open a door blocking you off
    earlier, so leave the cage, get Mario macrosized, then head up through the
    new exit.
    Here, go and hit the red switch in the northwest. This will lower the spikes
    that were preventing you from going through the mousehole in the southeast, so
    go and hit Mario into a Mouse again, and send him through. Climb up the stairs
    and go scale the top now. A 1-Up Mushroom and Ultra Mushroom are present in the
    southwest corner, so go grab the items, dodging the Boos. Now, take the path
    from the far west, go north, east, south, then east again into the next room.
    Here, you'll have another jumping course, like the ones earlier where you got
    items from the yellow moles. This time, however, you're going across lava, and
    you have to dodge fireballs for the first section. On the second section, you
    will have to run past two cycyling balls of electricity, since I have no better
    name to call them. On the third section after climbing up, drop down since you
    cannot go any higher, and go onto the raft. As it goes right, jump over the
    many blocks, and make sure you avoid the star-shaped things. At the end, jump
    off, and continue your way right and across the bridge. Grab the axe, and the
    bridge will suddenly appear. The Bowser lookalike thing will fall down into
    the lava, breaking apart. Now, go right and hit the ! block. The gate in the
    room where Luigi is that was blocking you from proceeding will now open, so go
    into the pipe to exit. Go left, drop off the ledge, and reunite with Luigi.
    Now, macrosize Mario, then go through the door. Here, hit the Random Brothers
    Block for some coins, and save at the Save Block. Finishing that off, head
    through the door.
    Here, you'll find four sets of Simu Blocks. Since the sign does a *WONDERFUL*
    job of explaining how to each set simultaneously, I'll explain it also. Have
    the front brother jump up the ledge to the far left, then jump up to the higher
    elevation. Now, go right, and get Mario and Luigi under the boxes, then jump
    for a bridge to appear. Continue onwards with this path to bring down two sets
    of spikes, and to make the fifth Koopaling, Roy, come down out of nowhere!
    Cross the bridge and High Jump up the two ledges to encounter Roy. He will
    instead of fighting you, run off! Go into the portal that Roy has left behind
    to follow him. In the room that you're warped to, head left, and up. Nearing
    the switch, Roy will suddenly appear, and fight you.
    			      BOSS BATTLE:ROY
    Spoils:99 coins, Max Syrup, Bowser Fang
    Roy is quite the interesting boss, compared to all the others. A Bob-Omb will
    have a number on its face, and that number represents how many turns you have
    to defeat Roy before your game is over. So, obviously, you'll want to swiftly
    defeat Roy.
    Borrowing from Morton is the shockwave attack, where Roy will jump up into the
    air, do some flips, land, and send out some shockwaves. If you get hit by one,
    you are toppled off your feet, and will be hit by the rest of the impending
    His second attack is evil, borrowed from Ludwig, where he retreats into his
    shell, and charges at you a lot, forcing you to jump a lot. Make sure you don't
    get hit by this, as it can also be painful.
    For his third attack, he will spit out the fireballs that you've encountered
    a few times before. Again, use your hammer to deflect them back into his face,
    harming him.
    Again, use Brother Attacks, Level Three, particularly since this time around
    you have a time limit to do it in.
    Defeating Roy, he will disintegrate, and a barrel will appear. Go down, and
    hit Luigi into the ground. Go under the barrel, and emerge. Go up next to the
    high switch, and have Mario jump up onto the barrel and hit the switch. The
    ventilation below the barrel will send it up to the top, so get off the barrel
    then, and have Luigi break out of the barrel. If you want, grab an Ultra
    Mushroom and Ultra Syrup from the blocks, then reenter the room to go through
    a second barrel. After you're done all that, head right now. Enter the door
    set before you here.
    In this next room, go to the left and enter the next area. Here, fight the
    Boos as they can just be plain annoying when you try to hit the switch in here.
    Once you've finished clearing the room of the enemies, have Mario hammer Luigi
    into the ground, then have Luigi go under the barrel. Emerge, and go up to the
    switch. Get Mario to jump onto the barrel and hit the switch to open the
    door. Now, get Mario off the barrel, but don't have Luigi break out of his
    encagement. Instead, head onto the next room.
    Here, head in either west or east direction, and pitting Luigi before the
    statue, have Mario Jump up onto the barrel. Use Mario's Firebrand to light the
    statue's mouth, then go and do it to the other to open the door. Now you can
    break out of the barrel, so do so, and head into the next section.
    Here, there are the rolling bars again, soput Luigi into the back, and use the
    Electric Attachment to exit through the right door. Here, use your Ultra Hammer
    to smash your way through the rocks, then hit the switch. This will trigger
    the cylinders to go the other way, so go back out, and use the Electric
    Attachment to first reach your starting point, then the far left path. Going
    through the door, get an Ultra Mushroom and an Ultra Syrup from the chests,
    then save at the Save Block. If you wish to head back, just hit the switch to
    reverse the direction of the rolling cylinders, but for now, go through the
    Here, go up, High Jump onto the ledge, and drop down to the right to encounter
    Wendy, the second-to-last of the Koopalings. She'll be in a pipe, but for now,
    do not go to her. Instead, pull out Mario's hammer, and nail Luigi into the
    ground. Have him go past the gate, enough to be seperated from Mario, then
    emerge from the ground. Take Luigi up to the right pipe, WITHOUT REUNITING WITH
    MARIO, and then switch to Mario. Go and hammer Wendy with him, then quickly
    switch to Luigi and whack her. Wendy will furiously climb out of the center
    pipe, and attack you!
    			       BOSS BATTLE:WENDY
    Spoils:99 coins, Max Nuts
    The similarity that Wendy will share with Roy is the 8-turn time Bob-Omb that
    will lose you your game after eight turns. She also shares the similarity with
    Lemmy in that she will split into four copies of herself. Thankfully, Wendy is
    in herself quite easy to beat, with the lowest HP of all the Koopalings.
    However, Wendy's main attack(besides splitting) is quite frustrating. She
    will send out two diverging rings that will then converge, the circumference
    of each bordering the brothers, so jump when you need to. Quickly, though, the
    rings will get a bit bigger, then suddenly shrink. If you get hit, you will get
    1-ton of weight put on you, so you don't want that to happen.
    Again, simple attacks or Brother Attacks will pull you through this battle, so
    don't sweat it.
    Once you've defeated Wendy, the warp will appear in her place, and a ledge will
    rise a few screens back. Go through, and High Jump up onto the ledges. At the
    Thunder Orb, electrocute it to make a platform appear. Spin Jump over to the
    platform, then Spin Jump to the next part, fighting the enemies if you wish.
    Now, enter the door here. Here, put Mario at the back with Firebrand technique
    ready, then hit the ! block. Another ! block will appear up a bit, and the
    first door will open, allowing you to go through. Use the Flaming Dash to
    charge past all the cracked doors, then at the end, hit the block to open the
    door. Now, go through the door here.
    Here, microsize Mario into a Mouse, and send him through the mousehole.
    Continue along into the next room. In here, go right along the steps, until
    you get to the yellow block. Now, switch to Luigi, and head upwards into the
    next room. Here, position him under the yellow block, then switch to Mario.
    Have Luigi jump, then get Mario to the right by jumping up. Repeat the same
    step for the next two yellow blocks that are obstacles in your path. At the
    end, hit the ! block with Mario to form a bridge back in the previous room
    over the lava. Bring both brothers back into the last room, and reunite. After
    you're finished that, macrosize Mario, and go along Mario's path. Jump and
    High Jump as necessary, until you reach the top. Here, go through the door.
    In this room, go left up the ledges, and save at the Save Block. Head up the
    bridge, and you'll find a gate in your way. So, use Mario's hammer to nail
    Luigi into the ground, and send him under the gate. Reemerge, and go up and
    right. You'll suddenly meet up with Larry, the last of the Koopalings. However,
    a barrel will fall down on Luigi, and with a flame, Larry will play a game
    with a twist, a game that we all remember with love - Pong!
    The basic gist of the game is that you have to keep moving back and forth,
    using your barrel to deflect the flame that Larry will keep sending back at
    you. If the flame hits the Bob-Omb behind you, you will lose the game and be
    forced to restart. After you finally hit Larry with the flame, he will show
    Now, the gate that is blocking off Mario opens, so go up, and with Luigi, head
    up the bridge. Here, High Jump onto the ledge, then go and face Larry.
    			       BOSS BATTLE:LARRY
    Spoils:99 coins, Max Mushrooms
    The Bob-Omb returns from previous battles, remaining the same with 8 turns on
    the clock until your demise. Larry, however, is not so tough as one would think
    he would be for the final Koopaling, but nevertheless, you'll be wanting to
    end this quickly.
    Larry uses the same fireball attacks as many of his siblings, but this time
    with a twist; he will hit back the fireball with his Pong paddle, and you'll
    be having to hit it back at him a few times before he is hit for damage.
    His second attack will be the move where he retreats into his shell, and tries
    to charge at you with various zigs and zags. As always, try to dodge it.
    Brother Attacks should finish Larry off quite quickly for the job.
    After you finish off Larry, the traditional defeated Koopaling scene will
    occur, and the spikes will come down a few rooms previous, so go into the warp,
    and High Jump up right. In the next room, climb up the stairs leading right
    and then left, then when you come to the three way, head left. Here, get from
    the chests an Ultra Nut and an Ultra Mushroom, then save at the Save Block.
    Finishing that, head up the center bridge.
    In this room, seeing as nobody else is here, try to go north. You will be
    interrupted by a big ship coming out of the center. It will open, and Fawful
    will appear, with his classic "I have fury!" line as his opening, and then
    announces that at last is it his entrance with drama. He says that this is
    where his true might shines, like many angry sunbeams of rage. 0_0. He then
    summons two Lakitus with cameras, who put the spotlight on him. He says that
    standing at the center of attention makes him nervous, and then comments that
    Cackletta's revival was all due to his nasty efforts, and finally calls himself
    a toady. He then tells Mario and Luigi that he needs no speech before this
    battle, and sends some electric balls after the two. He then proceeds to battle
    the two Mario Brothers.
    			       BOSS BATTLE:FAWFUL
    Spoils:365 coins, Golden Mushrooms
    Fawful will start out in his ship, and nothing can harm him while he is
    protected by it. That said, you'll have to find a way to get him into harm's
    way. Don't waste BP on the ship; four solid Jumps can do the good.
    Anyways, when Fawful begins to attack, the ship's hatch will open, leaving
    Fawful open to a counterattack. He will then proceed to throw an electrical
    ball at you, of which you should counter with your hammer to harm Fawful. After
    having played baseball with the Koopalings, this should not be a problem to
    When he is in his hatch, Fawful will send out two streams of purple 0's, and
    they will cross each other, trying to hit both Mario and Luigi. However, he
    will speak just before that, and if his text is green, the beam below Luigi
    will cross first, and if it is red, the beam above Mario will cross down first.
    Next, Fawful will spin the ship around quickly, and purple and white balls
    will circle it. Hit them with your hammers when you get the chance, for if
    there are leftover balls, they will come back to haunt you by trying to charge
    right at you, requiring you to jump to dodge them.
    After this attack, the ship will glow orange, and the hatch will open due to
    overheatedness. Fawful will leap out, and be open to attacks. Hit him with your
    Brother Attacks at this point in time.
    After the ship cools down and Fawful escapes to safety, he will sometimes come
    out and charge downwards at you. You will be unable to tell who he will attack,
    so just ready both hammers.
    Also, Fawful has one last attack where boxes appear over Mario and Luigi's
    heads, and he prepares a white laser. If you do not break the boxes quickly
    enough by jumping, you will find it hard to dodge the laser.
    After he comes out of the ship again, hit him with quick and effective attacks.
    After you beat Fawful, he will think that he has either gone crazy, or that he
    has indeed lost. He suddenly shoots out another electric ball at Mario, and
    gets up, saying that his comeback was due to the Mario Brothers carelessness.
    Suddenly, Prince Peasly appears out of nowhere, hitting Fawful, telling him
    that his so called comeback was defeated by Peasly's comeback. He begins to
    laugh, but Fawful sends out another ball, and it shocks Peasly. He trys to
    leave, with another grandiose speech, but Mario comes to his senses and goes to
    hit Fawful into the ground. Fawful gets out, but Luigi then whacks him out of
    the castle. After, Peasly thanks Mario and Luigi, then leaves. Now, go up to
    the next room. Here, hit the two blocks for an Ultra Mushroom and Ultra Syrup,
    then save at the Save Block. Proceed straight through the door and up the
    ledges to meet up with Bowletta.
    Bowletta will start off the conversation telling Mario and Luigi that they
    have done well to make it here, and that she should have expected as much from
    the superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom. She then leaps off her throne and
    jumps onto the floor, telling them that those who disrupt her plans however
    have very short futures. She explains her plans to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom
    after defeating the Beanbean Kingdom, then begins to spit out fireballs. She
    then says that her country has no need for old stars, but her and only her. We
    then batlte.
    Bowletta will likely start off the battle by creating blocks similar to what
    you saw with Fawful, but you'll only need to jump five times to destroy them
    this time around. However, if you don't succeed in the three seconds you are
    given, a huge flame will be sent through the center. This is not always going
    to be the start of the battle, though.
    Alternatively, Bowletta will clench her teeth, then send out fireballs that are
    hard to dodge. However, jumping quickly will help you avail over these flames.
    However, some of the flames will turn into orbs, so when it comes to your
    turn, DEFINITELY destroy them with your hammers. If not, they can and WILL heal
    Possibly thoughout the battle after causing Bowletta some damage, she will turn
    a black color. During this time, do NOT hit her with Jumping attacks. Instead,
    stick to your hammer. When she reverts to normal, then you can attack.
    After you defeat Bowletta, she will scream. As you are doing your victory pose,
    a bob-omb suddenly comes up and explodes. Mario and Luigi hit the ground, and
    Bowletta then sucks the two into her belly.
    Inside, Mario and Luigi get up, and a voice comments that they are a persistant
    pair for still being conscious. Mario and Luigi walk over to the REAL
    Cackletta, who tells them that she shall dispose of them quickly and eat them
    for lunch. Now we battle the final battle of this game.
    You will start the battle off in deep shit, with only 1 HP to each brother.
    However, depending on your speed and equipment, you may be able to go before
    Cackletta does, so use a Max Nut if you have to recover all of your HP. After
    that, start destroying the arms.
    Onto her attacks, Cackletta can perform an annoying attack of which she will
    charge a large blue ball and then send it at you. You will have to hit it three
    times with it flying up again before you can destroy it - if you don't, you
    will take damage, and you can't deflect it back at Cackletta.
    One of the easier attacks is where Cackletta will send out her two arms, one
    ahead of the other. You can turn the tide here by wielding your hammers against
    the arms.
    Another attack that Cackletta will use is where she will send out a ball of
    lightning at one of the two brothers. Hit it with that brother's hammer, then
    it will head in the other brother's direction. Finishing that, hit it with that
    brother's hammer to destroy it.
    Also, Cackletta's arms can spin around, hugging the ground or sticking to the
    sky. This can get annoying when you jump but you get hit by an airborne arm.
    Lastly, Cackletta will form two fireballs that will circle Mario and Luigi,
    then try to hit them. You'll be jumping a long time here before they disappear,
    so you'll be wanting to concentrate.
    When you have finally finished destroying Cackletta's arms, hit her head.
    Accomplishing some damage, her head will disappear to reveal the heart that is
    her vulnerable spot, but a new head and arms will then regenerate. However,
    Cackletta's heart is now visible, so instead of aiming for her arms or her
    head, hit the heart now. Throughout the course of battle, the heart will heal
    the rest of the body parts, but not itself. After taking some damage, the heart
    will finally shrink after healing the other body parts completely.
    With this in, a few of the attacks will have changed, such as the thunderball
    attack requiring more than two hits to destroy and the blue ball requiring more
    than three hits to destroy it.
    About now, Fawful's ghost will appear. He isn't that bad; he will send electric
    balls at you, and appear next to a brother after each stream. He will start
    sending the balls at the opposite brother of the one he appears next to. When
    he appears next to you, take the opportunity to hit him with your hammer, and
    he will disappear.
    Now, destroy the arms and the head again. The heart will be revealed again, but
    this time, the head and arms won't regrow, so hit away. However, they will soon
    grow back.
    Soon, Cackletta will try out a new attack, where her eyes will start by
    flashing. If her eyes are toward the ground, jump. If they are to the ceiling,
    stay where you are. Time will then freeze, and a laser will shoot in the
    direction she was looking. After a few turns, a new twist will be added, where
    one eye will be to the ceiling, the other to the floor. This means you will
    have to have one brother jump and the other stay low.
    After you beat Cackletta up a lot, one last attack will be thrown in. She will
    create green, blue, and purple balls, and throw them at you. The blue ones do
    nothing, so ignore them. The purple ones will attack Mario, and the green ones
    will attack Luigi, so deflect them back at her to cause her damage. After you
    hit the heart enough, she should die.
    After you defeat Cackletta, multitude of events will happen. I will not say
    anything as to not spoil the game for you, but you should know when to use
    these directions here;
    Go northeast and High Jump up the ledge. Drop off your right and head to the
    next room. Here, go down the staircase, and hit Luigi into the ground with
    Mario's hammer. Reemerge from under the barrel, then place him under the
    switch. Have Mario jump up and hit it to open the door, then go through the
    rest of the path. After you watch the rest of the scenes, congratulations,
    you've completed Mario and Luigi!
    *Prices are always without Stache applied.
    |Bean Badge       |--------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:6 |Receive after beating Queen Bean|
    |Power:8          |Increases POW and BROS. Points  |
    |Bean B Badge     |--------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:6 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(78 coins)|
    |Power:10         |The most popular badge in the kingdom |
    |Beauty Badge     |-----------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(200 coins)  |
    |Power:28         |A sparkling, beautiful badge.            |
    |Bowser Fang	  |---------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:50|Dropped by Roy.				|
    |Power:0	  |Releases Bowser-like counterattacks.(Power-D)|
    |Bowser Fist	  |-------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Morton.				    |
    |Power:10	  |Releases powerful, Bowser-like attacks.(Power Up)|
    |Brilliant Badge  |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(350 coins)|
    |Power:45	  |A shiny badge dug up behind the shop.  |
    |Brothers Badge   |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:8 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(150 coins)|
    |Power:25	  |Owner's choice! Raises Brothers Points!|
    |Brothers Life    |----------------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Location unknown. Contact FAQ Author if you know location.|
    |Power:22	  |A badge for true brothers!(BP-Auto Gain)		     |
    |Brothers Respect |----------------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Location unknown. Contact FAQ Author if you know location.|
    |Power:72	  |A badge made for Brother Attacks.(BP-Auto Gain)	     |
    |Brothers Rock 	  |----------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:20|10 Beanstones mini-game in Beanbean Town|
    |Power:20	  |Hugely boost Power and Brothers points! |
    |Castle Badge     |--------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(75 coins)|
    |Power:10         |A badge for tourists                  |
    |Charity Badge    |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(140 coins)|
    |Power:15         |Manager's Special! What a bargain!     |
    |Chuckola Badge   |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Gold Beanie.		  |
    |Power:28	  |Designed to look like a Chuckola fruit.|
    |Counter Badge    |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(140 coins)|
    |Power:8          |Increases counterattack damage.        |
    |General Badge    |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:15|Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(350 coins)|
    |Power:40	  |Significantly increase Brother Points. |
    |Grab Badge	  |------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Little Fungitown Fashion Shop(400 coins)  |
    |Power:45	  |Makes monsters drop more items.(Item Grab)|
    |Hand Aura	  |-----------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Starfish.				  |
    |Power:20	  |Thunderhand's and Firebrand's might!(HP-Up Hand|
    |High-End Badge   |-------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:12|Northern Beanbean Kingdom		|
    |Power:0	  |Auto-boosts Power once during battle.|
    |Lucky Brothers   |------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Trunkle.				   |
    |Power:26	  |Increases frequency of lucky hits.(Lucky Attack)|
    |Lucky Ribbon     |------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:22|Dropped by Hermie III.			   |
    |Power:0	  |Increases frequency of lucky hits.(Lucky Attack)|
    |Mari-Lui Badge	  |--------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Little Fungitown Fashion Shop(180 coins)    |
    |Power:20	  |A must-have for all Bros. fans!(BP-Auto Gain|
    |Miracle Badge    |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(120 coins)|
    |Power:22 	  |Recovers HP with solo jump attacks!    |
    |Mush Badge A	  |-----------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Little Fungitown Fashion Shop(160 coins)	  |
    |Power:20	  |More Mushrooms mean more damage! (Shroom Force)|
    |Mush Badge AA	  |------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Little Fungitown Fashion Shop(300 coins)	   |
    |Power:40	  |A must-have for Mushroom fanatics!(Shroom Force)|
    |Muscle Badge	  |----------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Little Fungitown Fashion Shop(220 coins)|
    |Power:25	  |Increases counterattack power.(Power-D) |
    |Oho Jee Symbol   |-----------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Oho Jee.				  |
    |Power:28	  |Recovers HP with solo hand attacks.(HP-Up Hand)|
    |Ohoracle Badge   |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(130 coins)|
    |Power:22 	  |Recovers HP with solo hand attacks!    |
    |Oh-Pah Badge     |--------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(280 coins)     |
    |Power:35	  |A mystic badge from Guffawha Ruins.(Power-D)|
    |Pea Badge        |--------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:2 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(80 coins)|
    |Power:12         |Recommended for beginners.            |
    |Piranha Swing	  |---------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Piranha Bean.			      |
    |Power:25	  |Recovers HP with solo hammer attacks!(HP-Up Hammer)|
    |Power Badge	  |---------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(160 coins)	|
    |Power:20	  |Unleashs counterattacks on monsters.(Power-D)|
    |Salvage Badge    |---------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(320 coins)	|
    |Power:40	  |Attracts monsters that have items.(Item Grab)|
    |Sarge Badge	  |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:15|Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(300 coins)|
    |Power:0	  |Briefly boosts Power points.(Power Up) |
    |School Emblem    |-----------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Mecha-Chomp.	|
    |Power:18	  |A symbol of the Hooniversity.|
    |Sledge Heart     |---------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Birdo.				      |
    |Power:25	  |Recovers HP with solo hammer attacks!(HP-Up Hammer)|
    |Soulful Brothers |---------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:40|Gwarhar Lagoon.			  |
    |Power:0	  |Augments Brother Attacks.(BP-Auto Gain)|
    |Spike Badge	  |----------------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Dropped by Pestnut, Gold Beanie			     |
    |Power:8	  |Jump for 2x damage on spiked creatures.(Spiny-Killer Jump)|
    |Spiny A Badge	  |--------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Defeat Mom Piranha at Beanbean Airport|
    |Power:22 	  |Does double damage to spiny creatures!|
    |Spiny Badge AA   |-----------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Little Fungitown Fashion Shop(280 coins)             |
    |Power:50 	  |Immensely damages spiny creatures.(Spiny-Killer Jump)|
    |Tank Badge	  |--------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Castle Fashion Shop(400 coins)	     |
    |Power:55	  |Sturdy gear worn by Beanbean soldiers.(HP-Up Jump)|
    |Wonder Badge     |------------------------------------------------*
    |Brother Points:0 |Beanbean Town Fashion Shop(140 coins)	   |
    |Power:22         |Increases frequence of lucky hits.(Lucky Attack)|
    One thing I should note that these HP counts are from me frog's walkthrough,
    and are rough estimates, as there is no way in this game to find the exact HP
    count but through trial and error, one thing that can be quite long. Some HP
    counts have been changed by my own experience with these enemies.
    Another thing I should note is that for Jumping strategies, these are done
    WITHOUT using Heavy or Light Gravity effects.
    See Sand Shark, the name that me frog has coined for these enemies.
    Location: Teehee Valley
    HP: 60
    Experience: 60
    Spoils: 15 coins, Anuboo Jeans
    1. Anuboo will move forth, then metamorph twice. Once a star appears over it's
    head, it will shoot out a laser. Jump when the star appears to dodge this
    attack. You can tell who he is going to attack by the brother that he
    metamorphs into.
    Location: Hoohoo Mountain
    HP: 6
    Experience: 3
    Spoils: 2 coins, Woo Bean
    1. Beanie will fly over to one of the brothers, stop, and then attack you. Jump
    a bit after it has begun to charge at you again to counterattack it.
    Notes: Jumping on the Beanie will cause it to lose its wings.
    Bill Blaster
    Location: Stardust Fields
    HP: 5
    Experience: 3
    Spoils: 2 coins
    1. The Bill Blaster will shoot out a Bill Bullet, which will fly forward to try
    and hit you. Jump to either hit or dodge the Bill Bullet once it's over halfway
    between you and the Bill Blaster to avoid being hurt.
    Location: Seabed
    HP: 60
    Experience: 35
    Spoils: 20 coins
    1. They will slowly edge towards the brother, then drop on them quickly. Hit
    them with your hammer when they are just above you.
    Notes: Since the Blooper is above ground, hit it with your Jump attacks.
    Location: Beanbean Region
    HP: 28
    Experience: 15
    Spoils: None
    1. The Bob-Omb will come up and try to explode at you. If you hit it with your
    hammer far enough away from you, it will retreat. Otherwise, if it is too close
    to you, it will explode.
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    HP: 10
    Experience: 40
    Spoils: 10 coins
    1. Boo will do its classic taunt, then disappear. It will then reappear in
    front of either Mario and Luigi, then try to attack you. When it reappears is
    when you should attack it.
    2. Boo will float above, taunting you, then soar down to attack either Mario
    and Luigi. Although you can't counterattack, you can easily dodge the Boo's
    Note: Only Jumping attacks can harm the Boo, and they do only two or three
    damage each.
    Boomerang Bro
    Location: Gwarhar Lagoon
    HP: 60
    Experience: 119
    Spoils: 22 coins, Ultra Mushroom
    1. Boomerang Bro will throw a boomerang at one of the brothers, and then it
    will turn around and try to hit the other brother before returning to Boomerang
    Bro. Jump when you need to.
    2. Boomerang Bro will throw a boomerang up into the air behind a brother, then
    go charge past the brother.
    Cheep Cheep
    Location: Seabed
    HP: 40
    Experience: 60
    Spoils: 15 coins
    1. It will move forward, facing one of the brothers, then charge at the
    brother. Respond by jumping as soon as it dashes.
    2. It will move forward, facing one of the brothers, then charge at the
    brother. Respond by hammering it as soon as it dashes.
    Note: Cheep Cheep will switch between normal size and bloated, and while
    bloated, will be spiky. Normal uses attack number one, bloated attack number
    Chomp Bro
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    HP: 130
    Experience: 128
    Spoils: 8 coins
    1. The Chomp Bro will go up, and spin his Chain Chomp around a lot. When you
    hear an odd sound after it has been spinning for a while, have both brothers
    jump. It is possible that if it is spinning clockwise, it will be hitting
    Mario, but if it spins counterclockwise, it will be hitting Luigi.
    Notes: If you hit away the Chomp Bro's Chain Chomp when dodging the attack, the
    Chomp Bro will not attack for the rest of the battle. It might also run away.
    Chuck Guy
    Location: Chucklehuck Woods, Guffawha Ruins
    HP: 25
    Experience: 7
    Spoils: 3 coins
    1. The Chuck Guy will move forward, and twirl his lance, then dash forward at
    you. A good way to counterattack him is to wait about two seconds after he
    starts twirling his lance, then jumping.
    2. Chuck Guy will start out the same as he did in attack number 1, but this
    time, instead of trying to dash through you, he will try to hit you with his
    lance. To dodge this, again wait about two seconds after he starts twirling his
    lance, then jumping.
    HP: 195
    Experience: 100
    Spoils: 8 coins, 1-Up Super
    1. Clumph will move forward, and hit his club on the ground, causing a yellow
    shockwave to come out of the ground. Jump as soon as his club hits the ground
    to avoid this attack.
    2. Clumph will charge for one turn, then will move forward and hit his club on
    the ground, causing a purple shockwave to come out of the ground. This moves
    slower than the yellow shockwave, so wait until it's almost hitting Mario and
    Notes: Mario's Firebrand attack will burn the Clumph's hair, causing it to
    Dry Bones
    Location: Teehee Valley
    HP: 60
    Spoils: 13 coins, Ultra Mushroom
    1. Dry Bones will move forward, and try to hit you. If he does, it might poison
    you. Jump as soon as he starts moving forward after his hesitation to make him
    retreat into his shell, and move back and forth hitting friend or foe until
    you miss jumping on him, or there are no other enemies.
    2. Dry Bones will move forward, then his head will twist, and move out to hit
    you. It can also poison you. As soon as his head leaves his body, jump to
    HP: 22
    Experience: 14
    Spoils: 2 coins, Refreshing Herb, Smart Pants
    1. The Eeker will run up to a brother and just stand there for a few seconds.
    You can hit it with your hammer twice, and maybe even thrice, before you will
    force it to retreat.
    2. It will run up to just a bit aways from you, and charge an attack. It is
    somewhat difficult to counter this, but it is possible.
    Elite Troopea
    Location: Gwarhar Lagoon
    HP: 40
    Experience: 40
    Spoils: 12 coins
    1. Whenever you've killed an enemy, the Elite Troopea will shoot up a spurt of
    water, which will bring back the defeated enemy. However, you can still collect
    experience from these enemies.
    2. The Elite Troopea will go to one of the brothers, then charge at him. What
    is different about the Elite Troopea, though, is that they will go back and hit
    one of your enemies, then come back at the other brother, so on, until one of
    the brothers miss hitting it. It's a very fun thing to master the technique of
    jumping on the Elite Troopea, because of it's first attack.
    3. The Scaratroopea, while on the ground, will heal itself or allies.
    Notes: Elite Troopea will retreat into their shell if you use your hammer or
    hand attacks, so jump on them.
    Fighter Fly
    Location: Stardust Fields
    HP: 5
    Experience: 2
    Spoils: 2 coins
    1. Fighter Fly will fly over to one of the brothers, stop, then inch two steps,
    and then attack you. Jump a bit after it has performed its first step to
    counterattack it.
    Location: Chucklehuck Woods
    HP: 15
    Experience: 12
    Spoils: 4 coins, Refreshing Herbs, Bubble Gear
    1. It will spit out enemies that will sail at you. If they hit you, you can be
    poisoned, and it's not just one enemy that is shot at you every turn. If you
    get hit, heal yourself with a Refreshing Herb.
    Location: Joke's End
    HP: 35
    Experience: 70
    Spoils: 10 coins
    1. Glurp will turn into liquid, move over to one of the brothers, and reform.
    Yellow balls of energy will gather in it's mouth, and it will shoot a sometimes
    poisonous cloud. Only the core of the cloud actually touches you, so jump as
    soon as you're touching the outsides of the cloud.
    2. Glurp will turn into liquid, move in front of one of the brothers, then it
    will reform, and try to hit you with its teeth. Ready your hammer as soon as it
    reforms to hit it.
    3. Glurp will make another Glurp appear on the battlefield after you've already
    killed a Glurp.
    Notes: Glurp will only take 1 damage when using Jumping and Hammer attacks, so
    use your Firebrand and Thunderhand.
    Gritty Goomba
    Location: Teehee Valley, Gwarhar Lagoon
    1. The Gritty Goomba will will make a star-shaped thing, then a sandstorm will
    blow, and the Gritty Goomba will go forth. If he's closer to Mario than Luigi,
    he's going to hit Mario, and the same thing with Luigi. About two seconds after
    he stops before he attacks, start up your hammer, and when he comes forward,
    then you should attack.
    Notes: Classified as a Spiky enemy, so don't Jump on him.
    Gold Beanie
    Location: Anywhere there's a Pestnut
    HP: 30
    Experience: 65
    Spoils: 32 coins, Spike Badge
    1. It will flee. Har har.
    Location: Koopa Cruiser
    HP: 4
    Experience: 2
    Spoils: None
    1. The Goomba will move forth and try to hit you. Jump when it's about halfways
    between you and it's starting point to hit it on the head.
    Location: Seabed
    HP: 30
    Experience: 25
    Spoils: 16 coins
    1. It will simply run up and attack you. Jump to dodge it's attack.
    2. It will cycle up and down until it reaches the brother. It will hesitate,
    then hit the brother. Use that hesitation to hit it.
    Gunner Guy
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    HP: 70
    Experience: 90
    Spoils: 25 coins
    1. A Shy Guy will come up and move up the Gunner Guy, then shoot at you a gold
    Bill Bullet. Do NOT try to jump on it, as it will damage you.
    2. The Shy Guy will come forward again, and this time, it will shoot out a
    slowly rolling cannon ball. To dodge it, jump just as it's about to hit you.
    Notes: Out of battle, jumping on Gunner Guy's bullet will put you into battle
    with your enemies damaged.
    Hammer Bro
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    HP: 100
    Experience: 132
    Spoils: 25 coins
    1. The Hammer Bro will throw a hammer, which can do some damage and possibly
    stun you for a turn or two. Due to the slow pace of the moving hammer, you
    should have no problem deflecting the hammer with your own hammer.
    Ice Snifit
    Location: Ice Palace
    HP: 60
    Experience: 118
    Spoils: 18 coins, Ultra Mushroom
    1. When facing two Ice Snifits, they will both go in front of a brother, and
    consecutively shoot out snowballs. You will also have to jump consecutively to
    avoid taking damage from this attack. Otherwise, an Ice Snifit will just shoot
    a bunch of snowballs at a brother.
    2. The Ice Snifit will shoot out some slowly-moving ice that will travel to a
    brother. Bring out your hammer to hit it in time.
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    HP: 200
    Experience: 110
    Spoils: 20 coins, Ultra Mushroom
    1. The Magikoopa will use its wand to heal itself.
    2. The Magikoopa will cast a ring of fire that will go past a brother, trying
    to hit you. You'll have to jump just when it's about to hit. The ring will
    then come back, so you'll have to jump again.
    3. The Magikoopa will cast a ring of fire that will go above Mario, then come
    down passing Mario and Luigi. Jump when the ring is about to hit you.
    Location: Seabed
    HP: 60
    Experience: 68
    Spoils: 16 coins
    1. While it is sleeping, hit it with either Mario or Luigi. The Malibut will
    wake up, and respond by throwing a random number of pillow-shaped objects at
    you. Keep about a half a second between when you deflect the first one and
    prepare for the next one. In close proximity, however, it's impossible to
    deflect these.
    2. It will send two small green bubbles at you, easily dodgable by jumping.
    3. It will send a large bubble at you, which you should be able to destroy with
    your hammer.
    Location: Seabed
    HP: 80
    Experience: 112
    Spoils: 7 coins
    1. It will  shoot out five Bill Bullets, randomly at each brother. Jump onto
    these things to dodge them.
    Location: Woohoo Hooniversity
    HP: 36
    Experience: 26
    Spoils: 6 coins, School Badge
    1. The Mecha-Chomp will start running forward and it's head will start flashing
    red and green. If it stops on red, it will hit Mario, and if it stops on green,
    it will hit Luigi. The actual attack will be of the Mecha-Chomp launching it's
    head at you, so jump to counterattack.
    Location: Beanbean Region
    HP: 40
    Experience: 20
    Spoils: 12 coins
    1. The Lakipea will throw out a Sharpea if there is room for one.
    Notes: Jumping is the only way you can hit a Lakipea.
    Laser Snifit
    Location: Woohoo Hooniversity
    HP: 25
    Experience: 20
    Spoils: 4 coins
    1. The Laser Snifit has two variations of this attack, of which it sends at
    you a hoop-like thing. If they get quite close to the brother it is attacking,
    it will sail above you, and you do not have to do anything. If they stay far
    away from you, they will shoot it low, so you will have to jump.
    Limbo Bros.
    Location: Guffawha Ruins
    HP: 40
    Experience: 105
    Spoils: 35 coins, Ancient Pants
    1. Limbo Bros. will march forward with the front of his shell open, as if he's
    walking on his back, and dash through you. Needless to say, there are a lot of
    times that you can counterattack this when he's getting close.
    2. You will know that it's this attack when you have the dodging choice of
    jumping. When Limbo Bros. comes over, wait. When he finally goes upright, then
    is the time to jump and dodge his fire attack.
    Oho Jee
    Location: Oho Oasis
    HP: 70
    Experience: 4
    Spoils: 1 coin
    The Oho Jee does pretty much nothing but stand there, so nyah for you. Better
    luck fighting a monster who gives off more experience.
    Oucher Glass
    Location: Guffawha Ruins
    HP: 40
    Experience: 105
    Spoils: 22 coins
    1. The screen will turn dark, and a ball of sand will form, and drop down on
    you. The right time to prepare your hammer is just when the ball has reached
    it's completeness.
    2. A bit of sand will gather underneath your feet. When that happens, wait one
    second, then jump. A fist will try to hit you from underground.
    Location: Chucklehuck Woods, Seabed
    HP: 20
    Experience: 19
    Spoils: 4 coins
    1. The Pestnut will roll backwards off the screen, then hit one of the brothers
    from behind. To tell which brother it's going to hit, watch if it rolls off the
    screen in the north direction or south direction. If it's north, it'll hit
    Mario, and if it's south, it'll hit Luigi. To dodge, jump as soon as you see it
    2. They will run up and try to charge at you, but will hesitate for a second.
    Use that second to hit them back.
    Notes: After you defeat the Pestnut, they will turn into either a Beanie, or a
    Gold Beanie.
    Piranha Plant
    HP: 30
    Experience: 6
    Spoils: 1 coin
    1. The Piranha Plant will shoot a fireball at either Mario or Luigi, and you
    will have to jump to dodge it.
    Notes: The Piranha Plant is classified as a spiky enemy, and takes critical
    damage from Thunderhand. Firebrand will heal it instead of damaging it.
    Location: Hoohoo Mountain
    HP: 15
    Experience: 8
    Spoils: 3 coins
    1. Rex will come and charge at you. If you've already jumped on it, it can be
    counterattacked. Otherwise, it is unavoidable.
    Notes: Jumping on the Rex will cause it to shrink.
    Sand Shark
    Location: Gwarhar Lagoon
    HP: 45
    Experience: 106
    Spoils: 13 coins, Super Syrup, Ultra Syrup
    1. The Sand Shark will come forth to one of the brothers, emerge from the
    ground and hit you with a poisoning attack. Jump as soon as it emerges from
    the sand to counterattack it.
    2. The Sand Shark will come over to a brother, then jump over it. You can tell
    if it will jump over you if the screen doesn't shake. Don't do anything here.
    Location: Ice Palace
    HP: 70
    Experience: 48
    Spoils: 20 coins
    1. Whenever you've killed an enemy, the Scaratroopea will shoot up a spurt of
    water, which will bring back the defeated enemy. However, you can still collect
    experience from these enemies.
    2. The Scaratroopea will go to one of the brothers, then charge at him. What
    is different about the Scaratroopea, though, is that they will go back and hit
    one of your enemies, then come back at the other brother, so on, until one of
    the brothers miss hitting it. It's a very fun thing to master the technique of
    jumping on the Scaratroopea, because of it's first attack. This attack will
    only happen when the Scaratroopea has lost its wings.
    3. While it has its wings, the Scaratroopea will rise above the sky, then swoop
    down to attack either brother. Jump as it's coming down to hit it.
    4. The Scaratroopea, while on the ground, will heal itself or allies.
    Notes: Elite Troopea will retreat into their shell if you use your hammer or
    hand attacks, so jump on them. Scaratroopea cannot be hit by the hammer, but
    can lose their wings to become an Elite Troopea.
    Sniper Bill
    HP: 80
    Experience: 80
    Spoils: 10 coins
    1. Sniper Bill's only attack has two variants to it. First off, Sniper Bill
    will aim at one of the brothers, and that is the person whom it will be
    attacking. Now, the Sniper Bill could either shoot out the Bill Bullet then be
    right behind to attack you, or it could attack you, and then its gun would fire
    the Bill Bullet. Jumping on one of the enemies won't help, as you'll instantly
    be hit by the other.
    Spiky Snifit
    Location: Teehee Valley
    HP: 80
    Experience: 66
    Spoils: 5 coins, Red Pepper
    1. The Spiky Snifit's visible arm-like thing will move, and it will shoot out a
    star like missile. DO NOT DO ANYTHING! If you jump, it will likely hit you. If
    you do nothing, however, it will just bounce over you harmlessly.
    2. The Spiky Snifit will show an arm in the left direction, and do pretty much
    the same thing as the first attack, so again, I repeat, DO NOT DO ANYTHING!
    3. The Spiky Snifit's nose-like thing will move. When this happens, it will
    shoot out another missile. This time, you must jump over it to dodge it. Wait
    for about a second after it is fired before you jump.
    4. A variation of attack number 2, the Spiky Snifit will throw out a Mushroom
    instead of a spiky missile. You definitely want to get this.
    Notes: Classified as a Spiky enemy, so don't Jump on him.
    Location: Castle Sewers
    HP: 15
    Experience: 15
    Spoils: 1 coin
    1. They will come forward to you and try to charge at you. Hit them with your
    hammer when they do so.
    Notes: The Spiny is classified as a spiky enemy.
    Location: Outside of West Beanbean Town
    HP: 8
    Experience: 4
    Spoils: 1 coin
    1. Sharpea will come and charge at you, and hesitate just before they hit. Hit
    it when it comes forward.
    Location: Seabed
    HP: 28
    Experience: 58
    Spoils: 1 coin, Hand Aura
    1. Starkiss will dash forward, and let go a kiss that will slowly move in an
    up-down path. Jump when it heads in the brother's direction the second time.
    Super Fly
    Location: Castle Sewers
    HP: 12
    Experience: 12
    Spoils: 2 coins, Mushroom
    1. Super Fly will fly over to one of the brothers, stop, then inch two steps,
    and then attack you. Jump a bit after it has performed its first step to
    counterattack it.
    Location: Outside of West Beanbean Town
    HP: 15
    Experience: 14
    Spoils: 3 coins, Woo Bean
    1. Sworm will burrow underground and reemerge next to one of the brothers and
    chomp at them. Prepare your hammer as soon as you see dirt being gathered on
    the ground next to you to counterattack it.
    2. Sworm will burrow underground and reemerge right from under you. Jump as you
    see this happening to counterattack it.
    Location: Beanbean Region
    HP: 30
    Experience: 20
    Spoils: 1 coin, Green Pepper, Woo Bean
    1. The Tanoomba will run up and try to ram into you. Jump when it does this to
    2. The Tanoomba will run up and try to tail whip you. Jump when it does this to
    dodge it.
    Location: Woohoo Hooniversity
    HP: 35
    Experience: 22
    Spoils: 4 coins, Steady Badge
    1. The virus will come over to you and try to hit you. When it starts to come
    over, hit it with your hammer to make it retreat.
    Notes: You will always have two or more Viruses on the field. They come in
    three colors of red, blue, and yellow, and you can change their colors by
    hitting them. If all of them are the same color, they will die. The order that
    they change in is red-blue-yellow. Nevertheless, you could just take out their
    Yo Bro
    Location: Woohoo Hooniversity
    HP: 39
    Experience: 30
    Spoils: 10 coins
    1. The Yo Bro may sometimes start charging the attack for a turn first to do
    some extra damage. After, it will start spinning either a red or a green yo-yo,
    a red yo-yo meaning it will attack Mario and a green yo-yo meaning it will
    attack Luigi.
    *Prices are always without Stache applied.
    =-+Key Items+-=
    Bean Fruit
    A juicy bean grown in the ground.
    Beanbean Brooch
    A pass to Chateau de Chucklehuck
    Beanbean Map
    A map of Beanbean Kingdom.
    Bean Fruit
    A juicy bean grown in the ground.
    A small, cute, green pet.
    A powerful, sleeping granter of wishes.
    A soybean civilization jewel.
    Beanstar Piece
    The <insert position here> part of the Beanstar.
    Crabbie Grass
    Bitter medicine for Bean Fever.
    Fake Beanstar
    A cheap-looking, plastic fake.
    Green Goblet
    A dazzingly beautiful green glass.
    Membership Card
    An S.S. Chuckola membership card.
    Neon Egg
    A <insert color here> egg laid by a Yoshi.
    Peasely's Rose
    A keepsake pass to Beanbean Castle.
    Peach's Extra Dress
    Princess Peach's lovely dress.
    Purple Chuckola Fruit
    A fruit with a refreshing flavor
    Red Chuckola Fruit
    A fruit with a robust flavor
    Red Goblet
    An eye piercingly beautiful red glass.
    Secret Scroll 1
    A scroll inscribed with jumping secrets.
    Secret Scroll 2
    A scroll inscribed with Hammer secrets.
    Show me the stage, baby.
    White Chuckola Fruit
    A fruit with a tangy flavor
    Winkle Card
    The trophy of the Winkles.
    =-+Recovery Items+-=
    1-Up Mushrooms
    Cost:80 coins
    Revive with 1/2 HP.
    1-Up Supers
    Cost:240 coins
    Revive with full HP.
    Golden Mushrooms
    Cost: -
    Max HP and Brother points.
    Green Peppers
    Cost: -
    Boost Defense and get lighter.
    Max Mushrooms
    Cost:180 coins
    Recover all HP.
    Max Nuts
    Cost:220 coins
    Recover all HP each.
    Max Syrup
    Cost:150 coins
    Recover all Brother points.
    Cost:24 coins
    Recover 25 HP.
    Cost:50 coins
    Recover 20 HP each.
    Red Peppers
    Cost: -
    Boost Power and weight.
    Refreshing Herbs
    Cost:30 coins
    Cure status ailments.
    Super Mushrooms
    Cost:60 coins
    Recover 50 HP.
    Super Nuts
    Cost:80 coins
    Recover 40 HP each.
    Super Syrup
    Cost:50 coins
    Recover 40 Brother Points.
    Cost:24 coins
    Recover 20 Brother Points.
    Ultra Mushrooms
    Cost:100 coins
    Recover 120 HP.
    Ultra Nuts
    Cost:140 coins
    Recover 100 HP each.
    Ultra Syrup
    Cost:80 coins
    Recover 100 Brother Points.
    *Prices are always without Stache applied.
    #1 Trousers
    Cost:250 coins
    Wear these to always move first!(First Strike)
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +35 Defense
    Ancient Pants
    Cost: -
    Slightly moldy pants.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +40 Defense
    Anuboo Jeans
    Cost: -
    Swift, fashionable desert jeans.
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +40 Defense
    B. Brand Jeans
    Cost:600 coins
    Brand names make everyone happy!(HP-Auto Gain)
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +55 Defense
    Bean Pants
    Cost:100 coins
    Cheap and durable...but not cool!
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +12 Defense
    Beanstar Pants
    Cost:500 coins
    Beanstar patterns help you walk fast.(First Strike)
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +55 Defense
    Bean Trousers
    Cost:130 coins
    Trendy pants popular in Hoohoo Village.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +10 Defense
    +4 HP
    Blue Jeans
    Cost:220 coins
    Thick Jeans perfect for dangerous work.
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +15 Defense
    +5 HP
    Bubble's Gear
    Cost: -
    Pants from the chateau owner.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +6 HP
    +45 Defense
    Casual Coral
    Cost: -
    An outfit designed with a coral motif.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +75 Defense
    Casual Slacks
    Cost:550 coins
    Great-looking, business casual pants.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +20 HP
    +55 Defense
    Hard Pants
    Cost:130 coins
    Starchy pants stiffened with bean juice.
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +18 Defense
    Harhall's Pants
    Cost: -
    Eccentric pants of the famous designer.
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +60 HP
    Heart Jeans
    Cost:120 coins
    Jeans with a lovely heart-shaped patch.
    +9 Defense
    +9 HP
    Heart Slacks
    Cost:520 coins
    Durable gear worn by Beanbean troops.(Defense-Up)
    Who can wear it:Mario
    +55 Defense
    Hermetic Pants
    Cost:300 Coins
    Sealed pants that are tough to change. (60% Poison Dodge)
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +45 Defense
    Iron Pants
    Cost: -
    Heavy jeans plated with a titanium alloy.
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +65 Defense
    Mushluck Pants
    Cost:258 coins
    Your luck equals your Mushroom count.(Lucky Mushroom)
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +40 Defense
    Mushwin Pants
    Cost:264 coins
    Get Mushrooms after every battle!(Win Mushroom)
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +55 Defense
    Oho Jee Wear
    Cost: -
    Made from molted Oho Jee skins.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +6 HP
    +13 Defense
    Parasol Pants
    Cost:180 coins
    These boost DEF during battles.(Defense-Up)
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +8 HP
    Peachy Jeans
    Cost:280 coins
    Wear these to move right after Mario.(Mario Follow)
    Who can wear it: Luigi.
    +65 Defense
    Peasly Slacks
    Cost:450 coins
    Slo-mo gear signed by the prince!(Light G)
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +65 Defense
    Piranha Suit
    Cost: -
    A suit made of Piranha Plant petals.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +30 Defense
    Plaid Trousers
    Cost:300 coins
    Super-cool trousers for the super-cool.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +40 Defense
    Queen B. Jeans
    Cost:550 coins
    Elastic pants that even fit Queen Bean.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +14 HP
    +70 Defense
    Random Slacks
    Cost: -
    Good on defense, but hard to walk in.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +60 Defense
    Safety Slacks
    Cost:220 coins
    Sturdy pants that block status effects.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    Effect: 60% Poison Dodge
    +35 Defense
    Scandal Jeans
    Cost:280 coins
    These let you move before Mario!(Mario Ahead)
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +70 Defense
    School Slacks
    Cost: -
    Wear these to always attack after Mario.
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +18 Defense
    Shroom Bells
    Cost:380 Coins
    Made back home from Koopa shells.
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +50 Defense
    Shroom Pants
    Cost:200 coins
    These help you win Mushrooms in battle.
    Who can wear it: Mario
    Effect: Win Mushroom
    +30 Defense
    Shroom Slacks
    Cost:250 coins
    More Mushrooms make these luckier!(Lucky Mushroom)
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +25 Defense
    Smart Pants
    Cost: -
    Pants made for Hooniversity staff.
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +50 Defense
    Street Jeans
    Cost:400 coins
    All the rage among fashion's elite!
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +60 Defense
    Tropic Slacks
    Cost:280 coins
    Sunny slacks made from tropical beans.
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +12 HP
    +30 Defense
    Wool Trousers
    Cost: -
    A pair of comfy and sensible trousers.(HP-Auto Gain)
    Who can wear it: Mario and Luigi
    +32 Defense
    Work Jeans
    Cost: -
    Thick, durable, practical jeans.
    Who can wear it: Luigi
    +5 Defense
    Work Pants
    Cost: -
    Light, comfy, and easy to walk in.
    Who can wear it: Mario
    +4 Defense
    Bonus Ring
    Don't lose HP in battle for an EXP bonus!(Double-Up EXP)
    Cobalt Necktie
    Double your Stache points!(Shining Stache)
    Excite Spring
    Hold the button to float on defense!(Floating Jump)
    Gameboy Horror SP
    Defeat Foes and always get rare items!(Rare Itemizer)
    Great Force
    Double the damage you give AND take!(Rough Battle)
    Greed Wallet
    Double the coins you get from monsters!(Double-Up Coin)
    Power Grip
    Never drop the Hammerhead on defense!(Hammer Grip)
    Mini-Game 1 - Border Jump
    Location: Stardust Fields
    You have to jump over a Royal Border Line, which is in actuality, a rope. This
    will be required of you until the flag that is noticable behind Mario and Luigi
    hits the top of a pole.
    Now, Mario and Luigi both have three chances. If the Border Line touches one
    of the brothers, that brother loses a chance. When either of the brothers lose
    their chances, Game Over! There are four levels in this game, and while the
    first level is mandatory, the other three can be done for beans. Also, the
    four levels follow certain patterns, so I'll do my best to describe them here.
    Level One
    The two brothers will start off by charging at Mario, then do a slow charge
    back past the Mario Brothers. Then they'll charge past Luigi, slow down for a
    second, then charge past Mario. They'll again make another charge down to the
    opposite direction, then charge past Luigi again into the middle.
    Here, they'll come back again at Luigi, then slowly charge to the far right.
    Now, they'll run down the bottom to the left side, and charge past both Luigi
    and Mario, and they will then come back. From here, they'll head up to go to
    the right, and charge past both of the brothers. Next, they'll charge at Luigi,
    then do a loop upwards at Mario, do a 180 downwards, then loop down to Luigi.
    After that, the flag will hit the top.
    Level Two
    They will start off by going in Luigi's direction after a fake to Mario's side.
    Then they will come back after a halted charge, aiming for both Luigi and
    Mario, so remember, have Luigi jump a second before Mario.
    Right after that, they'll fake two charges, then go through Mario but stop
    before Luigi. They'll then fake towards Luigi, then after a small slowdown
    going to Mario, they'll charge past Mario.
    Next, they'll move very slowly, but once they reach Mario, a boost of speed
    will overcome them, and will go past both Mario and Luigi. You can jump
    simultaneously here. Then they will quickly charge back into the middle. Next,
    they'll fake once left and once right, before finally charging at Luigi. They
    will then sway and go through Luigi.
    They will then sway again and charge at Mario, then do one last sway and charge
    into the middle again. Once they're done this, the flag will hit the top.
    Level Three
    They will start off with a fake to Mario, then charge at Luigi to the side.
    Accomplishing that, they'll head to the far right normally, so jump with Luigi
    and Mario consecutively.
    Then, they'll go downwards, and do a loop around Mario. They'll head south,
    then charge north, so you'll want the two brothers to jump simultaneously. They
    will charge south then. After this, they'll charge north again, and although
    it looks you shouldn't, you'll still need to jump at the same time, and the
    same when the brothers come back. After that, they'll do a loop around Luigi,
    and one brother will go into the center, and one into the south center. They'll
    do a 360, first hitting Mario and then Luigi. Once again, they will perform the
    move, but they'll head to Luigi first. Once done, they'll go back to
    north-south positions, then charge at Luigi. After that, they'll do regular
    charges, but will at some points speed up, so you'll want to react quickly. By
    then, the flag should have reached the top.
    Level Four
    The Brothers will move right with a looped circle closing in on Mario, so just
    jump basically. Next, they'll fold up, and cross over Mario, then Luigi. Then
    they'll head downwards toward Luigi, and do a 180 past Luigi and then Mario.
    They'll then go back up Mario, then fold up to him again, and head diagonally
    southeast charging at both Mario and Luigi. They'll then fold, and unfold while
    charging at Luigi, and then end up in the middle again.
    Now, they will twirl two 360's going counterclockwise, then do four 360's going
    clockwise. Finally, they'll inch in a twirl, so you'll have to jump at the
    same time. They'll do another twirl somewhat faster, and then the flag will
    reach the top.
    Level Five
    To play this level, you must say no to the brothers when they ask if you want
    to take any of the first four challenges. Accept their challenge for the
    Complete Border Jump.
    The brothers will first run at Mario, and then they'll charge past Mario and
    Luigi. They'll charge the other way, with an uneven rope, and then head back,
    again with an uneven rope. After that, they will charge at Luigi, then charge
    left at him again, then walk past both Mario and Luigi. They'll then run under
    Mario and Luigi to the other side, and charge at both Mario and Luigi. After
    this, they'll charge back again, and then go up top. From here, they'll charge
    at Mario and Luigi again, then come back at Luigi. They'll perform an upward
    loop at Mario then, and then do a 180 past Mario and Luigi. They'll then come
    back to the center.
    After some jumping, they'll fake right, then head left at Luigi. They'll fake
    going right, back up, then charge past both Mario and Luigi. After two fakes,
    they'll run past Mario back into the center. Next, they'll fake left, walk
    towards Mario, and suddenly charge at him. Next, they'll walk towards Mario,
    then again charge at him and Luigi. They'll then run back into the center. After
    that, they'll fake left, then fake right, then charge at Luigi. They'll then
    wiggle and run back into the center.
    Next, they'll wiggle, then charge at Mario. They'll wiggle again, and run back
    into the center. After some more jumping, they'll head left, then go back past
    Luigi and Mario. Next, they'll loop upwards towards Mario, then they'll go down
    to the bottom and try to hit both brothers at once. They'll then charge back
    down. Next, they'll go back up, hitting Mario first, then go back down, again
    aiming for Mario first. Next, they'll try to loop a 360 around Luigi, and then
    do a 360 around the entire room. They'll then do another 360 backwards, then
    they'll head back into the center. They'll charge at Luigi, charge back at both
    brothers, and after doing this five times, charge back at Mario into the center.
    Now they'll start jumping again. They'll close in on Mario with a loop, then
    loop in and out at Mario and Luigi. Next, they'll charge at Luigi into the
    middle again, and after looping to Luigi, do a 180. They'll then go back into
    the center, and loop upwards towards Mario. Next, they'll try to go from the
    northwest down to the southeast, then unfurl upwards past Luigi in the middle.
    Now, they'll swing around in a circle counterclockwise twice, then clockwise
    four times. Next, they'll inch counterclockwise in a circle, then go slightly
    faster in a clockwise path. After that, the flag finally reaches the top.
    Mini-Game 2 - Hoohoo Spirit Game
    Location: Hoohoo Mountain
    In this game, you must use the Spin Jump to move around the four pillars to
    capture 10 Hoohoo spirits. Although it may be a bit difficult at first, it
    actually depends on luck, and quick reactions, as well as telling when to end
    your Spin Jump. The spirits themselves are between the pillars, and you have
    all of thirty seconds to grab 10 Hoohoo Spirits, so make sure your time is used
    Mini-Game 3 - Cart Riding
    Location: Hoohoo Mountain
    The cart riding game is where you have to ride a cart, seperately. Your goal
    is to grab the diamonds, and beating your high score will net you some beans.
    1. Press A to have Mario's train jump, and B for Luigi's to jump.
    2. Grab red diamonds with Mario, green diamonds with Luigi.
    3. Avoid obstacles, such as falling rocks or bats.
    4. Collect batteries, as your flashlight will be running out of power.
    Mini-Game 4 - Double Blocks
    Location: Woohoo Hooniversity, Joke's End(Tougher Version)
    You will have the brothers seperated, and two blocks floating forth, one on
    each side, and you must hit these two blocks a minimum of 30 times in 25
    seconds. It is quite annoying at first, as the two blocks do move at different
    speeds, but after a while, you should be able to get the hang of it. In Joke's
    End, the same mini-game exists, but it is somewhat harder.
    Mini-Game 5 - The Star 'Stache Smash
    Location: Little Fungitown
    You have a see-saw, and a Piranha on either side of you. Items will constantly
    fall down from the sky onto the see-saw, and you have to direct the see-saw
    to curve down left or right with A and B to move the items into the mouth.
    Also, reversing directions can put a force on some items, thus making them fly
    However, while Mushrooms give you one point, Flowers three points, and Stars
    five points, Bombs will lose you five points and explode, thus causing the
    mouth to close and the other to open. Not only that, but the mouths go up and
    down, thus making it harder.
    Every time you beat your high score, you can win some beans.
    Mini-Game 6 - Hit the Statues!
    Location: Guffawha Ruins
    In this mini-game, blue balls will drop down from wherever. You'll have to hit
    it with your hammer for it to go hit the statues, but there's a catch. After
    going through the first few statues, red balls will appear. If you hit even one
    of these, it's game over for you, so you definitely want to avoid these. Good
    luck, as your resolve will wear thin near the end, when mostly red balls will
    appear and you'll have to wait for a blue ball.
    Mini-Game 7 - Dodge the Flames!
    Location: Guffawha Ruins
    Basically, the ledges will move forth, and you have to jump back to get on the
    ledges coming out of the wall. While the jump is automated, if you jump before
    the ledge comes out, you'll fall. While doing that, the rock will spit out blue
    balls of fire, and if you're hit, you fail.
    Mini-Game 8 - Barrel Assorting
    Location: S.S. Chuckola, Game Arcade
    On a 6x6 grid, you have to form 10 rows of same-color barrels. Red and blue
    will dominate at first, but yellow will later appear. That sounds pretty easy,
    huh? Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that.
    You have to push and pull barrels around, and every time you do that, you bring
    every barrel in the row or column with you. To do so, you'll be required to
    press A + Direction to push or pull the barrels. Now, Luigi manages the left
    and right sides, while Mario manages up and down. It sounds complicated, so I
    recommend listening to the rules to get it. What's unfortunate is that you have
    to complete at least 10 within 3 minutes, which can be hard.
    After the first game, you can get some beans for each time after you beat your
    high score.
    Mini-Game 9 - Chuckola Bounce
    Location: Chucklehuck Woods
    Now, this mini-game, Chuckola Bounce, is quite simple and easy. You must use
    a thin board to deflect rocks that the Chuckola shoot out back at them to
    defeat them. At times, the Chuckola will shoot out Golden Mushrooms, which will
    give you a barrier, allowing you to deflect a rock back once if you're hit.
    Move with the D-Pad, and rotate with A and B. Use L and R to turn off the
    barriers if you wish.
    Mini-Game 10 - Fabric Designs
    Location: South Beanbean Region
    Here's how it works; First, you get Mario full of water, and place him at the
    spot with footprints. First of all, you must dye the fabric of the clothing by
    shooting water at these flying bombs, then you must shoot at a second set of
    bombs that determine what type of pattern the clothing will be. The colors will
    be blue, yellow and red, and the designs checkered, tropical, and polka-dot.
    In addition to this, hitting two or more of the bombs will change it. If you
    hit both blue and red bombs, the color of the fabric will be purple. Hitting
    blue and yellow will make it green, red and yellow will make it orange, and all
    three colors will make it brown. Two or more patterns will just form a star.
    Mini-Game 11 - Oho Balloons
    Location: South of Oho Oasis
    The gist of the mini-game is quite simple - you must travel along a course,
    popping balloons, and if you can get them all under a certain time limit, you
    can win great prizes. Here are what the prizes are.
    Less than 60 seconds - 1 Chuckle Bean
    Less than 45 seconds - 2 Hoo and Chuckle Beans
    Less than 38 seconds - Casual Coral
    Less than 38 seconds - 2 Hoo, Chuckle, and Woo Beans, after receiving the
    Casual Coral
    Mini-Game 12 - Ludwig's Shell Shock
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    Ludwig will retreat into his shell, and circle you. Mario and Luigi must jump
    to avoid being hit by Ludwig, whose pattern is different each time. Unlike the
    Border Jump mini-game, here, if you are hit once, you will be forced to restart
    the mini-game. After you win, you will fight Ludwig.
    Mini-Game 13 - Larry's Fireball Pong
    Location: Bowser's Castle
    The basic gist of the game is that you have to keep moving back and forth,
    using your barrel to deflect the flame that Larry will keep sending back at
    you. If the flame hits the Bob-Omb behind you, you will lose the game and be
    forced to restart. After you finally hit Larry with the flame, he will show
    Mini-Game 14 - Block Hitting
    Location: Various places
    Mario and Luigi will stand apart from each other, while a block will travel
    back and forth between them. Each time you hit the block by jumping, the block
    will travel in the other brother's direction, going more quick each time. After
    you miss, the game ends. While the first time you find this mini-game, you
    cannot get coins, everytime after you can play for up to three times for coins.
    Start - Switch the front and back characters around
    Select - Enter and exit your suitcase, also used for pause
    A/B - Perform character actions
    L/R - Scroll between character actions.
    ===The Characters===
    Mario - The hero of this game, now forced down from a definite number one to
    compete with his brother. Forced into another mess now that Peach has lost her
    voice, he's bound to do a lot of fighting. Strangely enough, although we have
    never even heard of anyone in Beanbean Kingdom before, everyone knows him.
    Luigi - More commonly referred to as 'Greenie' or 'that green guy', Luigi has
    finally decided to stop letting Mario shadow him, despite that he's supposed to
    overshadow Mario, because of that secret conspiracy of his...er, nevermind, go
    play Paper Mario. Nevertheless, nobody still cares about him.
    Princess Peach - The trouble magnet of this game, she's lost her voice thanks
    to Cackletta, and whenever she speaks now, she can give someone quite the
    explosive vocabulary.
    Bowser - This large turtle has been Mario's foe for nearly all of his games.
    Nevertheless, in order to steal Princess Peach again, he will accompany Mario
    and Luigi (Or rather, they'll accompany him) to reclaim the princess's lost
    voice from the evil Cackletta.
    Cackletta - The evil witch who stole Peach's voice and replaced it with bombs,
    her motives as to the question of why she stole the voice are unclear. However,
    as the game progresses, the Mario Brothers learn how stealing Princess Peach's
    voice is a minor but vital part of Cackletta's plan to rule the world.
    Fawful - Whereas Luigi is Mario's sidekick, Fawful is Cackletta's sidekick,
    although different in the reasoning of the word 'sidekick'. His name is based
    off of the laughter sound "Guffaw", but can also be based off the word "Awful".
    Besides making a few relatively horrible food jokes, being a clown, and using
    overpowered machines, you'll have to fight Fawful a few times throughout the
    Prince Peasly - The counterpart of Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom,
    Peasly is the son of Queen Bean, who is well respected and enjoys taking on
    the arduous tasks as a spy. While he likes to flash his hair, it's hoped that
    his ego was deflated when he was kidnapped, early in the game.
    Queen Bean - The mother to Prince Peasly and the queen of the Beanbean Kingdom,
    Queen Bean got turned into a monster by Cackletta after her pride was wounded
    by the loss of the Beanstar. A large woman who is well-spirited, she is
    respected like her son throughout the whole of Beanbean Kingdom.
    Lady Lima - The single most trusted advisor of the queen, Lady Lima helps you
    out throughout the game, pointing out key information and giving you the
    assignments that will lead you on the way to defeating Cackletta and her evil
    Popple - A shadow thief, who likes to steal. Unfortunately, he is often times
    after the same thing that Mario and Luigi are after, so you will be required to
    face him a few times throughout the game. In addition to his constant annoyance
    in the choice of locations to be, he also has a large sidekick named Rookie.
    Rookie - Just WHO is Rookie? While Mario and Luigi, and the player, may easily
    be able to recognize him, Rookie himself does not know who he is, suffering
    from a case of amnesia. With the lack of an identity, Rookie joins up with
    Popple, and they can perform their own Brothers Attack.
    Bubbles - Famous for his Chucklehuck soda, he's a little too obessed with the
    job. For 1000 years, the legendary soda maker has told jokes to his precious to
    make it better and better over time.
    Toadsworth - The senior representive of the Toads of Mushroom Kingdom, to hear
    him say it, Toadsworth is Princess Peach's most loyal servant - loyal to the
    point where he is too overprotective of her.
    The Beanstar - A mysterious and powerful thing, the Beanstar has the strength
    to grant any one person's desires. People feared that this might lead to a
    great evil, so they sealed the Beanstar's power, putting it into a deep sleep.
    The only way that the Beanstar can be awoken and it's power revoked is for a
    beautiful voice to be heard by it.
    ===Adventure Field===
    While on the Adventure Field, you can walk around, and do Abilities. Also, two
    things populate the land of the Beanbean Kingdom; enemies and blocks. Enemies
    have free movement, and blocks will contain either an item or some coins. In
    addition, some puzzles and mini-games exist.
    Certain things on the landscape may be blocking your way, or maybe you just
    can't get to where you want to go. Abilities taught to you throughout the game
    will get you past these obstacles.
    Action Symbol - A white arrow pointing upwards
    Location Learned - Start of Game
    Press A/B to jump up.
    High Jump
    Action Symbol - A yellow arrow pointing upwards
    Location Learned - Stardust Fields
    When Luigi is in the back, press B to jump onto Mario. Press B again, and Luigi
    and Mario will go up slightly higher than a normal jump would process you.
    Spin Jump
    Action Symbol - A coiled yellow arrow pointing upwards
    Location Learned - Stardust Fields
    When Mario is in the back, press B to jump onto Mario. Press B again, and hold
    the control pad in the direction that you want to spin. You will spin across
    the air for a short amount of time.
    Action Symbol - A Hammer
    Location Learned - Hoohoo Village
    Press A/B to break boulders and attack enemies. In addition, you can hit the
    opposing brother to make them go into Mouse/Mole mode.
    Action Symbol - No actual symbol
    Location Learned - Chateau de Chucklehuck
    When Luigi is in the back, use his hammer to thwack Mario and microsize him. In
    this state, he can fit through small holes, thus accessing new areas, although
    his jumping skills aren't so good anymore. He'll also still be able to use his
    hammer. To macrosize him, just bonk him again with Luigi's hammer.
    Action Symbol - No actual symbol
    Location Learned - Chateau de Chucklehuck
    When Mario is in the back, use his hammer to smash Luigi into the ground. As
    a mole underground, Luigi can travel under gates, find items, and even submerge
    under barrels to walk with them over his head! Press A to get out of the
    Action Symbol - A white glove
    Location Learned - Oho Oasis - Thunder Palace
    With Luigi, hold A/B, depending on whether you're in the front or back, to
    charge an electrical ball. Release it to shock things. This is especially
    useful for the Thunder Orbs, blue balls that need to be recharged.
    Action Symbol - A white glove
    Location Learned - Oho Oasis - Fire Palace
    With Mario, hold A/B, depending on whether you're in the front or back, to
    charge a blazing ball. Release it to smolder things. This is especially useful
    for the Fire Pits, fireless pits that need to get a flame to work again.
    Electric Attachment
    Action symbol - No actual symbol
    Location Learned - Gwarhar Lagoon
    With Luigi in the back, use his Thunderhand power, and when Mario is being
    electrocuted, let go to attach Mario to Luigi. Using this, you can both head
    in one direction, and walk backwards.
    Flaming Dash
    Action symbol - No actual symbol
    Location Learned - Gwarhar Lagoon
    With Mario in the back, use his Firebrand power, and when Luigi is being
    burned, release the stored up energy to dash forward. This can move heavy
    objects and crack some walls.
    There are several ways to start a battle, depending on what you do around the
    enemy you fight beforehand. A note that bosses will instantly engage you, so no
    advantages can be made for either side.
    1st Way - Direct Contact
    Like it sounds, direct contact is what can get you into a battle. Basically, if
    you and your enemy touch each other, without jumping or tripping, you'll end up
    in a battle with no preadvantages.
    2nd Way - Jumping an enemy
    As it sounds, if you jump on an enemy, you can start a battle with the
    equivalent of a normal Jump attack's damage dealt to each enemy already. A note
    is that hitting winged enemies who are airborne will make them fall, and
    jumping on spiked enemies will hurt you instead.
    3rd Way - Hammering an enemy
    Not so similar to Jumping an enemy, Hammering an enemy will stun the enemies
    instead of dealing them damage. To do this, you must hit an enemy with your
    hammer. Stunning your enemies will allow you to go first. A note is that
    hitting airborne enemies is impossible, but hitting certain enemies will topple
    them upside down.
    4th Way - Tripping yourself
    Tripping yourself is a failed jump attempt - when you try to jump on an enemy,
    the back character then walks into the enemy, and trips. In battle, you'll
    cause no advance damage, and the back character will be on the ground. He will
    be unable to dodge until he gets his first turn.
    5th Way - Counter-Stun
    While VERY rare, it can happen. If an enemy somehow sneaks up behind you, or if
    it falls off a cliff or something and falls onto you, one of the characters
    will trip. Just like Tripping yourself, that character will be unable to dodge
    until it comes to his turn.
    Battle is similar to most other RPG's - You take turns and fight with
    preselected attacks against your opponent, and trade blows.
    In battle, Mario and Luigi follow the two main schematics of most RPGs; HP and
    MP, though a slight variation of MP.
    +HP AND BP+
    As in just about every other RPG, HP is the counter of how much damage you can
    take before you lose the game. Once it hits ground zero, you're dead. If only
    one of the two brothers fall in battle, though, the other will carry the first
    for a single round. However, there are no worries if one person only dies in
    battle, for when returning to the adventure field, that person will be restored
    to 1 HP.
    In battle, you can use certain items to both heal and revive the brothers. The
    amounts that they heal differ depending on what item you are using.
    BP is a modification of MP, standing for Brother Points. Using these Brother
    Points, you will be able to use Brother Attacks, which involve both Mario and
    Luigi in a single move. If you fail to execute a Brother Attack properly, then
    it will do little damage, but if you can do it, you can do plenty of damage. If
    you need more Brother Points, some items can recover your Brother Points. The
    amount that they grant depends on what item you are using.
    In battle, defeating your enemies will net you experience points, where after
    you reach a certain amount, you gain a level. Experience points and levels are
    found at the foundation of almost every turn-based RPG.
    When winning a battle, you will gain experience points, which is split between
    the two brothers. If one brother is down, then the remaining brother will gain
    all of the experience points. With the game the way it is, Luigi will be more
    likely to get ahead with levels, fighting on his own a good amount of the time.
    When somebody levels up, their stats will all go up a bit, but you can choose
    one stats to raise by 1-5 points in a slots mini-game.
    The stats are as follows;
    HP - The amount of HP you have. This is the amount of damage that you can take
    in a battle.
    BP - The amount of BP you have. This will fuel your Brother Attacks.
    Attack - How powerful you are. The higher your stats, the more damage your
    attack will do.
    Defense - How fortified you are. The higher your stats, the less damage an
    enemy's attack will be able to do.
    Speed - How fast you are. The higher your stats, the more likely it is that
    you will be able to attack first in a battle.
    Stache - How lucky you are. The higher your stats, the better chance you have
    of making a critical hit in battle.
    IMPORTANT: Stache not only acts as the Luck part of this game, it will also
    give you a discount on store items depending on how high your Stache is.
    In battle, Mario and Luigi can do various commands against their enemies. What
    follows is thus what one can do in a regular battle. After that, I should note
    Timed Attacks and Dodging.
    Items are objects that you can use to your advantage, whether it may be to heal
    your HP/BP, or to harm your enemy. They can be bought at the Item Shops.
    Running in battle will allow you to escape your enemies. For a certain amount
    of time on each brother, you will have to press their respective button to run
    away from the enemies, and you lose coins while running away - so the longer it
    takes you to run away, the more coins you lose.
    Complementing what the Mario Brothers are famous for, the Jump ability will
    launch you over your enemy and hit them from above. This is the only way that
    you can hit airborne enemies, and when hitting some winged enemies, you can
    bring them down to earth. On the otherhand, hitting enemies with spikes will
    harm you.
    Gaining these two hammers after scaling Hoohoo Mountain, the Hammer will allow
    you to hit your enemy from in front. Making up for the Jumping ability's
    negative effect of being unable to topple spiked enemies, the Hammer will in
    addition to damaging these same enemies, flip some of them upside down, thus
    exposing a weak spot. However, the Hammer is unable to hit airborne enemies.
    Gained in the two temples at Oho Oasis after exiling Cackletta and Fawful from
    the Woohoo Hooniversity, the Thunderhand and Firebrand powers help you where
    the Hammer or Jumping cannot.
    In the predecessors, pressing certain buttons during a certain part of an
    attack that you may be using could cause more damage than you normally could.
    This is known as a Timed Attack. The following is when to press A/B, according
    to which brother you are attacking with.
    Jump - Just when you're about to hit the enemy, press A/B to cause more damage.
    Hammer - When going to attack, hold the A/B button. When the hammer begins to
    shake, let go of the A/B button. If you wait too long, though, the head of your
    Hammer will fall off, causing less damage than a normal attack.
    Hand - When building up your hand attack, let it go about three seconds after
    you start.
    Whereas proper timing can help you cause more damage, proper timing can help
    you avoid deathly attacks. Although there are a few completely unavoidable
    attacks, this ability, Timed Dodging, can help you dodge virtually every
    attack! Not only that, but some dodging attacks will deflect an attack back at
    an opponent, or just hit an opponent. Below is what to do to
    dodge/counter-attack an opponent. Use A/B according to which brother you're
    The main innovation of battling in this game, Brother Attacks can do more
    damage than a brother could do solo.
    One of the more important aspects of battling, Brother Attacks are unique and
    innovative attacks that involve both Mario and Luigi. If one brother is knocked
    out, dazed, or just not with it, you will be unable to perform a Brother
    Attack. Besides that requirement, you must use Brother Points, better known as
    BP, to perform these attacks.
    Now, Brother Attacks are simple in the idea, but complex in the executing - you
    must press a combination of the A and B buttons at certain times during the
    attack, and the more times that you hit the button at the right time, the more
    damage you can perform. Eventually, your Brothers Attack will upgrade itself to
    an 'Advanced' Brothers Attack, which is more powerful. However, there is no
    in-game signal telling you when it's upgraded, so you'll just have to notice it
    Now, there are three levels of Brothers Attack, varying in difficulty of the
    execution. You can toggle between difficulties when selecting a Brothers Attack
    by using L and R. They are as follows;
    ---Level One---
    A Brothers Attack will always be set at this level by default. Here, the attack
    will be done in slow motion. The buttons will be signaled at the proper time on
    the screen, telling you when to hit the respective button. Obviously the
    easiest difficulty.
    ---Level Two---
    Somewhat harder than Level One, in Level Two, the speed of the attack is set
    from slow motion to normal speed. The buttons you are required to press will
    still show themself on the screen, but it is much harder to respond to these
    than it was with Level One.
    ---Level Three---
    Despite it being very difficult, and hard to master, Level Three offers you the
    most power - and power's what you want, right ^_^? Here, you have to perform
    the attack at normal speed without flashing buttons to indicate when to press
    a button. It's recommended to use this only when you've memorized just when to
    press a button.
    Now, here's a list of the button combos to use for each attack.
    Splash Brothers - A, B, A
    Can steal items from enemies (Advanced only)
    Swing Brothers - A (Hold), A, B
    Chopper Brothers - A, B, A
    Fire Brothers - A (Repeatedly), B (Per Fireball)
    Bounce Brothers - B, A, B
    Knockback Brothers - B, B, A
    Cyclone Brothers - B, A (Repeatedly)
    Thunder Brothers - B, B, B
    Can lower enemy's defense (Regular Only)
    Can lower enemy's power (Advanced Only)
    Seeing as I couldn't figure out how to manage the whole of beans in any other
    section, here it is. I'll start off some advice.
    1. Beans can be found in small circles throughout the Beanbean Kingdom. To get
    these beans, you must be in Mole Mode, and pop up from the ground to get the
    2. The circles usually have x's in them, but some are faint, and not very
    3. Woo Beans are best obtainable by defeating enemies within the Beanbean
    4. Chuckle Beans are best obtained from the second Splart Fashion Design
    5. Hee Beans and are best obtained by mini-games.
    Now for the items themself.
    Woo Beans
    Blend this green bean at Starbeans Cafe!
    Hee Beans
    Blend this yellow bean at Starbeans Cafe!
    Chuckle Beans
    Blend this yellow bean at Starbeans Cafe!
    Hoo Beans
    Blend this yellow bean at Starbeans Cafe!
    Woohoo Blend
    Starbeans Blend: +4 HP
    Teehee Blend
    Starbeands Blend: +4 Stache
    Chuckle Blend
    Starbeans Blend: +4 Speed
    Hoohoo Blend
    Starbeans Blend: +4 BP
    Starbeans Blend: +4 Power
    Starbeans blend: +6 Random (Attribute)
    Starbeans blend: +4 Defense
    Starbeans Café
    The beans all by themself serve no purpose. Going to Starbeans Café, however,
    will make them serve a purpose. Here, you can grind and brew the beans into
    luscious coffee. These blends can raise your stats permanently, and after you
    make a new drink, you get a useful item.
    To make coffee, you need a certain amount of beans. Here are the blends and
    their requirements.
    Woohoo Blend 	- 25 Woo Beans
    Hoohoo Blend 	- 25 Hoo Beans
    Teehee Blend 	- 25 Hee Beans
    Chuckle Blend 	- 25 Chuckle Beans
    Hoolumbian	- 15 Woo Beans, 10 Hoo Beans
    Chuckoccino	- 15 Woo Beans, 10 Chuckle Beans
    Teeheespresso	- 15 Woo Beans, 10 Hee Beans
    The effects of each drink are covered above.
    Every time you make a drink for the first time, Professor E. Gadd, from Luigi's
    Mansion, will show up and give you an item in exchange for the new blend. I've
    already described the first scene in the walkthrough in detail, but I won't
    go in detail for the rest. In fact, I won't cover them at all. In order of what
    items you do receive, however;
    1. Greed Wallet
    2. Bonus Ring
    3. Excite Spring
    4. Great Force
    5. Power Grip
    6. Cobalt Necktie
    7. Game Boy Horror SP
    The descriptions of these items are in Equipment - Other.
    			   Super Mario Brothers Classic
    Super Mario Brothers Classic is the original arcade game that made the Mario
    Brothers famous.
    Go me, huh? The ASCII may hurt your eyes, but it's pretty much a good scale
    representation of the real deal, the only level in the game.
    |2   ---	__	  ---  3 |
    |---O---	||	  ---O---|
    |---/		~~	     \---|
    |--------------    --------------|
    |				 |
    |				 |
    |				 |
    |        ----------------	 |
    |----			     ----|
    |				 |
    |		__		 |
    |------------   ||   ------------|
    |		~~		 |
    |-----			    -----|
    1 = Warp Pipe One. Enemies exit through here and reappear in Warp Pipe Two and
    2 = Warp Pipe Two. Some enemies emerge from here.
    3 = Warp Pipe Three. Some enemies emerge from here.
    4 = Warp Pipe Four. Enemies exit through here and reappear in Warp Pipe Two and
    - = Floor.
    || = POW Block
    Enemies will emerge from the pipes, and you must defeat them. How? The floors
    are designed so that if you hit a part where an enemy is standing on, it will
    react to it. Below is how to defeat the enemies, and how they will react to it,
    and some notes.
    Coin = Will act as if you touched it, disappearing and giving you your points.
    Red Crab = Hit it twice to make it be unable to protect itself.
    Red Spikey = Flip over. Hit it while its belly is unprotected.
    Red Icicle = Hit it right when it's touching the floor to extinguish it.
    Some notes;
    Touching a protected enemy will lose Mario a life.
    Make sure you destroy flipped enemies, or else they will turn green and become
    When you destroy the blue enemy, you'll win the level.
    Icicles, looking like flames, will freeze platforms. Destroy them as soon as
    Every few levels, you'll get a bonus stage with coins. Collect all the bonus
    coins for a life.
    POW Blocks will make enemies react as if they got hit once. You have three uses
    for a POW Block.
    				 Contact Details
    MSN: yamishuryou@gmail.com
    Email: yamishuryou@gmail.com
    AIM: Yami Shuryou
    Here's a list of rules; failure to follow any one of these rules can result in
    me blocking you, so use your alternate accounts wisely.
    NOTE: I know that there may be a few spelling errors in this guide, but since I
    am Canadian, do not be surprised if I use -re instead of -er and other such
    rules distinct to our spelling of English.
    =Instant Messaging=
    -I may usually be talking to friends, or otherwise my slow connection may be
    taking a while to register an instant message. Don't freak out if you don't
    get a reply after ten seconds.
    -Good, proper grammar and spelling. However, you don't need to be too too
    perfect, as I have a 60 wpm stroke, a bit too fast for some to keep up with.
    -Be polite.
    -And of course, always just ask questions that aren't in the FAQs.
    -Title your email 'Mario and Luigi Help/Errors'
    -I usually should be able to respond back in a day or two, but sometimes I may
    not be able to reply for a while. Don't freak out if I don't reply quickly
    -Good, proper grammar and spelling. This is more warranted in emails, simply
    because you should have the time to spell and punctuate.
    -Be polite.
    -And of course, always just ask questions that aren't in the FAQs.
    And especially, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ask me where to find Mario porn.
                                    Version History
    20/6/04-Added some emailed info I've been meaning to do, line-broke a lot of
    cramped paragraphs, and updated my email address.
    21/4/04-Added in some table of contents stuff that I forgot to add in
    yesterday. D'oh!
    20/4/04-Did everything else! Yay!
    19/4/04-Coming back from a two-day vacation, got done the rest of Bowser's
    Castle, and all of the enemies.
    16/4/04-Yesterday and today, got a lot of Bowser's Castle done, and all the
    remaining equipment and items.
    14/4/04-Did followup to Joke's End and Joke's End today, plus the appropriate
    mini-game and enemies.
    13/4/04-Did Beanstar Piece III and Beanstar Piece IV, plus some enemies and
    12/4/04-Did S.S. Chuckola, Gwarhar Lagoon, Chuckola Forest, Beans, and the
    Super Mario Brothers Classic, totaling in nearly another 40 KB. Added some
    enemies and mini-games also, and finished editing those too-narrow lines.
    11/4/04-Stuff. Really, I just took a day to relax.
    10/4/04-Did Guffawha Ruins, Little Fungitown Revisited and Beanbean Town
    Revisited 4, added some enemies, equipment, badges, and some mini-games. All in
    all, an average day.
    9/4/04-Blah blah blah, who cares about getting 100% on the Science exam? I do
    not, seeing as I already have 94% average in that subject. But yeah, life stuff
    aside and all, I completely finished the Overview (Unless there's another
    ability later in the game), and did everything up to and including Little
    Fungitown. A lot, I know, huh? Besides that, I finally started the Enemies
    8/4/04-Did a Semi-Update at school, with Timed Attacks, Jumping, Hammers, Timed
    Dodging/Counter-Attacking, and Thunderhand/Firebrand on the Overview.
    7/4/04-Finished Beanbean International Airport.
    6/4/04-Did up to the Beanbean International Airport. Also started shifting some
    lines around so that they fit to about 79 characters per line, and not 65, and
    got the headers all to the same length.
    5/4/04-Did the sea part.
    2/4/04-Did the part on the Thunder and Fire powers, added some characters into
    'The Characters' on Overview.
    29/3/04-Came back to this, did Woohoo Hooniversity.
    7/3/04-Out of a writer's block and slump, I finished off the rest of the
    stuff to do in Beanbean Town before going to Woohoo Hooniversity.
    14/2/04-Did most stuff up to before starting Woohoo Hooniversity, added some
    badges and equipment, and finally fixed up the format to how I liked it,
    13/2/04-Did up to just before Purple Chuckola Fruit Cave.
    12/2/04-Meh. Did up to just before Chucklehuck Woods, and did some extra things
    on equipment.
    10/2/04-Back from CIMA, I fixed the format to a higher standard.
    18/1/04-Finished Beanbean Castle. Considering what needs to be
    done in the FAQ part.
    17/1/04-Finished the descent to Beanbean, and part of Beanbean
    town and castle.
    16/1/04-Done Hoohoo Mountain and part of descent to Beanbean Castle.
    Also started items.
    14/1/04-Started Hoohoo Mountain, up to the boss Hoohooros. First
    try at submitting.
    13/1/04-Started the FAQ/Walkthrough, and got done Prologue and Stardust
    Fields along with working out all the contact info and the ASCII. Might
    change the headers for next update.
    Me Frog... for allowing me to use his style of outlining the equipment, and
    for allowing me to use his enemy HP count estimates.
    Nintendo... for making this game, and the GBA.
    Happybuddha311...for the February 15th (2004)Semi-Complete FotD.
    Sérgio Moço...pointed out an extra attack with Trunkle.
    Jonah Gads...pointed out the fifth Border Jump game.
    DERAMOZ...confirmed that Ludwig has the fireball attack.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright 2004 Yami Shuryou
    I do not take lightly the use of this FAQ except for personal use
    without my permission. Stealing it may be a form of flattery, but
    that doesn't work on me.

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