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    Game Script by Super Slash

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/13/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                          Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
                                                  Game Script
                                                By: Super Slash
                                                 Version: 1.0
                                          Email: ganonpuppet@yahoo.com
                                          VERSION HISTORY
                                       v 1.0 - Submitted the guide
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                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                   II.........Game Script
                                  III.........Email Info
    I. Introduction
    If you're wondering why I made this guide (you might think it's a little
    pointless), it's because I've always wanted to make a game script, but I was
    usually beat to it. So I figured that now would be my chance of making one. I
    will not list the script for NPCs, as there's really no need to. I will just
    make the script of the story, in order of how the story goes. If I get enough
    emails requesting that I put in NPC dialogue, I'll do it, but not for now. With
    that said, enjoy the script! ^_^
    II. Game Script
    As stated in the introduction of this guide, I'll just list the script for the
    story of the game, rather than the NPCs as well.
    [The game starts by showing the Mushroom Kingdom, with fireworks popping. Then,
     you see inside the Mushroom Kingdom castle itself]
    Mushroom Kingdom
    "The Goodwill Ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom has arrived."
    [The ambassador of the Beanbean Kingdom, Lady Lima, enters the room, and walks
     up to Princess Peach]
    Lady Lima: I wish to improve my kingdom's ties with the Mushroom Kingdom. I
               bring a gift from Queen Bean.
    [Lady Lima's strange looking partner walks up to Peach, holding a box. He then
     opens the box, and a jack in the box appears, which sprays some green gas
     towards Peach's face, stealing her voice]
    Lady Lima: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    [Lady Lima takes off her disguise, revealing herself as an evil witch known as
     Cackletta. She then sends lightning bolts down, changing the color of the
     walls as everyone runs out, except for Peach. Cackletta's partner then takes
     off his disguise, revealing himself as Fawful. As a headgear flies onto
     Fawful's head, he sucks up the gas]
    Cackletta: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    [The Mushroom Kingdom is now a dark place, looking much more dangerous and evil
     than before. Cackletta and Fawful then fly off into a dark cloud with her face
     imprinted on the front. We now see Luigi doing the laundry, as Toad rushes to
     tell Luigi the bad news]
    Toad: E-E-E-Emergency situation!
    [Luigi sees Toad]
    Toad: Did you see the Kingdom Courier?
    [Luigi shakes his head, as in "No". Toad then rushes into Mario and Luigi's
     home to tell Mario]
    Toad: MARIOOOOO!!!
    [Toad approaches the shower, which Mario is in]
    Toad: Hmm... I hear humming...
    [Toad enters the shower, accidentally seeing Mario inside (LOL). He then yells]
    Toad: Eeeeeeek!!!
    [Then Toad runs out of the shower quickly, running into a dresser. Mario steps
     out with a towel wrapped around him. Mario jumps on Toad's head several times,
     and Toad speaks]
    Toad: P-P-Princess P-P-Peach...P-P-Princess P-P-Peach...
    [Mario immediately rushes outside, steals some clothes from the laundry, and
     puts them on somehow instantly. He also takes Luigi with him. Back at the
     Mushroom Kingdom, you see Bowser, and Mario and Luigi run in, knocking Bowser
    Bowser: Attacking me when my back is turned, huh? Well, that's typical! C'mere,
            Super Coward Bros.!!!
    [Bowser attacks Mario and Luigi. Only Mario fights, and wins the battle, with
     Bowser nearly unconscious on the ground]
    Bowser: Uh... W-Wait a second! Listen... This is no time for fighting! ...Even
            though I would've won!
    Toad 1: Listen to me, everyone!!! Something terrible has happened! The Goodwill
            Ambassador from our neighbor, the Beanbean Kingdom, just paid a visit!
    Toad 2: Yeah! But it was no friendly visit! The ambassador stole Princess
            Peach's voice!
    Princess Peach: *talking in symbols, which drop on the ground and explode*
    Toad 1: ...A-And replaced it with this explosive vocabulary!
    Princess Peach: *talking in more symbols*
    [Mario, Luigi, and Bowser quickly exit the castle. Peach talks in some more
     explosive vocabulary, and Mario, Luigi, and Bowser reappear before exiting the
     castle for good]
    Bowser: Gah! If I kidnap Princess Peach in this state, she'll wreck my castle!
            Mario! Do something super!
    Toad 1: Mario! Please! Go and retrieve Princess Peach's beautiful voice! Only
            you can do it!
    Toad 2: The perpetrator came from the Beanbean Kingdom! If you head over there,
            you should be able to learn more!
    Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha! Yes! Go, capture that fiend and get back Peach's voice!
            And then I can kidnap her!
    Bowser: We'll take my Koopa Cruiser and reach the Beanbean Kingdom in no time!
            Mario! We leave immediately!!
    [Peach talks in more explosive vocabulary, and Mario, Luigi, and Bowser run out
     of the castle before they get blown up. Mario arrives at a city]
    Toad: So! Off on an adventure yet again! ...I just hope your long vacation
          hasn't left you out of shape. You can stretch out and warm up here in
          this plaza. Oh, and I'd talk to everyone around here. Who knows what you
          might learn?
    [After Mario explores the plaza a little bit, and gets some information and
     some items, he notices Luigi, and speaks to him. Luigi explains that Bowser
     ran off, and Luigi follows him towards the Koopa Cruiser. Before they get
     there, Toadsworth appears]
    Toadsworth: Master Mario!
    [Toadsworth comes up to the brothers, holding a suitcase]
    Toadsworth: It would appear I'm just in time! I have prepared a suitcase for
                you to take with you on your long journey! I'm quite sure it will
                prove useful, as it holds many items and outfits. Please take it!
    "You got a suitcase!"
    Toadsworth: Just press SELECT to open your suitcase and check the menu screen.
                Then you can use any items you've found on your journey or even
                change your clothes...It's also a good idea to use that screen to
                double-check your personal status. ...Once you board the Koopa
                Cruiser you can take your time and look through it.
    [Mario nods]
    Toadsworth: Now then, I have one more parting gift, as it were: some funds for
                your trip! Here you go...
    "You got 100 coins!"
    Toadsworth: Oh, gracious! Master Luigi! Are you going to the Beanbean Kingdom,
                as well?
    [Luigi refuses to go with Mario]
    Toadsworth: Ah! You're just seeing Master Mario off? A captial idea! I do
                believe I'll join you. Master Mario! I'm going on ahead. I shall be
                waiting for you in front of the Koopa Cruiser.
    [Toadsworth walks off towards the cruiser. Mario and Luigi follow him]
    Bowser: Mario!
    Bowser: You're late! What were you doing? We're leaving! Right now! So get on
            board, and make it snappy!
    [Mario hops aboard the Koopa Cruiser]
    Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha!
    Bowser: Well? So? What do you think? Incredible, isn't it? This is my newest
            weapon: the Koopa Cruiser! Hmm... Yes, very good... Now all I need are
            my Baddies...
    Bowser: Bowser Baddies!
    [Luigi yells "Bye bye!", and there are no sign of Bowser's troops anywhere]
    Bowser: GAAH! Where are they?!
    [Bowser notices Luigi]
    Bowser: Huh? What in green blazes...? Hey! You! Are you signing up to join my
            crew of Bowser Baddies?
    [Luigi jumps repedately]
    Bowser: I see! I see! You want be to bring you along that badly, huh?
    [Luigi makes a "Huh?" noise]
    Bowser: Yes, you!
    [Luigi shakes his head "No"]
    Bowser: Gwa ha ha har! Oh, that's rich! Don't be modest, Mr. Green! I mean, you
            look like a real pain, but I'll take you anyway!
    [Luigi runs off]
    Bowser: Hey, you! STOP!
    [One of Bowser's men arrives, bumping into Luigi]
    Bowser's Troop 1: Your Gnarliness! The Baddies have just arrived!
    Bowser's Troop 1: Hey! The assembly area is over here, you blithering idiots!
    [Many of Bowser's men gather up, scaring Luigi]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Wait!
    [Luigi gets cornered]
    Bowser's Troop 1: All Baddies have assembled! We shall now begin boarding the
                      Koopa Cruiser!
    [Luigi tries sneaking away]
    Bowser: War har har! Good! Then we can depart! And with an increased head
            count, too! Excellent!
    Koopa Cruiser Camera: Your Filthiness, boarding is now complete!
                          ...Except for one deserter...
    Bowser: WHAAAAT?!? Move it, you idiots! Initiate Cruiser pursuit!
    [The Koopa Cruiser takes off, chasing Luigi down. Then, a crane with a hand
     grabs Luigi, forcing him to board the cruiser. The ship then flies into the
     sky, soon to be out of the Mushroom Kingdom]
    Koopa Cruiser
    "The Skies Above Mushroom Kingdom"
    Koopa Cruiser Camera: Hey! You! Down there in the ship's belly! Mario and...
                          what's-yer-name! Green guy!
    [Mario and Luigi walk up to the machine]
    Koopa Cruiser Camera: Mario! And...Mr. Green Mario Brother Guy! Look alive down
                          there, will you two? We're about to arrive in the
                          Beanbean Kingdom! Press SELECT to open your suitcase,
                          arrange your stuff, and get ready to roll. Then report to
                          the deck. Pronto!
    [Mario and Luigi make their way to the deck, but they're suddenly stopped by
     another one of Bowser's troops]
    Photographer: Hey, there! You two!
    [Mario and Luigi hear him]
    Photographer: Yeah! You two mustached dudes!
    Photographer: You're about to enter the Beanbean Kingdom, so you have your
                  passports with you, right?
    [The brothers are confused]
    Photographer: Well, it looks like you've got a suitcase there...Tell you what:
                  go ahead and press SELECT to open your suitcase, OK?
    [After opening the suitcase...]
    Photographer: Why, you've got 'em right here!
    Photographer: These are your passports!
    Photographer: But... Hey! There aren't any photos!
    Photographer: These won't get you into the Beanbean Kingdom! No sir, no way, no
    [Mario and Luigi shout "Oh no!"]
    Photographer: Don't wig out about it, though. If we take your pictures here,
                  you should be just fine. Since the Great Bowser has called you
                  to the deck, I'll let you two cut the line.
    [Luigi shouts "Oh yeah!", and Mario shouts "Lucky!"]
    Photographer: Snapping photos is easy!
    Photographer: Just stand on that mat there. See it? Right there.
    Photographer: Step onto the mat once you're ready! No hurry!
    [Mario steps on the mat first]
    Photographer: Now, Mr. Green 'Stache, you step back.
    Photographer: Okay! I'm gonna take it!
    Photographer: Oops! I forgot to tell you...Listen, when you're getting your
                  picture taken, stand still. Don't go pressing Up, Down, Left or
                  Right on the Control Pad to hold a pose! And away we go!
    Photographer: Ready? Say CHEEP CHEEP!
    [The photographer takes a picture of Mario]
    Photographer: You're next, Mr. Green 'Stache.
    Photographer: Press START to move to the front of the line, then just stand on
                  the mat. Got it?
    [Luigi stands on the mat next]
    Photographer: OK, Mario, you step back, nice and easy.
    Photographer: And away we go!
    Photographer: Ready? Say CHEEP CHEEP!
    [The photographer takes a picture of Luigi]
    Photographer: Great! I've taken passport photos for both of you! Aren't we all
                  happy now? Happy all around!
    [Mario and Luigi continue their way to the deck, as they are stopped by another
     troop of Bowser]
    Bowser's Troop 1: Hey!
    Bowser's Troop 1: Watch it, you clumsy oaf! Don't break the Great Bowser's
                      cargo! It's important stuff!
    [Mario tries to explain what they're after]
    Bowser's Troop 1: ...The deck?
    Bowser's Troop 1: The deck's just up ahead.
    Bowser's Troop 1: Uh... But before you go there, I need to make sure you won't
                      slow Lord Bowser down... So... I'll teach you how to fight as
                      a pair!
     - Please do
     - No thanks
    [If "Please do" is chosen...]
    Bowser's Troop 1: Then go have a look at that barrel over there. But
                      remember... You're about to face the best of Bowser's most
                      elite troops, so prepare yourselves.
    [Mario and Luigi break the shaking barrel, revealing a Goomba. The trooper then
     explains to the brothers how to fight as a pair]
    [If "No thanks" is chosen...]
    Bowser's Troop 1: All right, but it's not my fault if you get in hot water
                      later because you think you know everything.
    [As Mario and Luigi continue to the deck, the same trooper they saw earlier
     stops them, after they encounter a Goomba. He teaches them how to dodge
     attacks. After that, they find another one of Bowser's troopers chasing a
    Bowser's Troop 2: C'mere, you!
    [He tries catching it]
    Bowser's Troop 2: C'mere, you!
    [He gives up]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Hahhh... Hooffff... Haarfff...It's too quick! I can't catch
                      it...And I have to get ready for Beanbean immigration...
    [The trooper notices Mario and Luigi]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Oh! It's Mario and...Mr. Greenie! Can you two help me out?
                      I'll teach you something about going into battle in the
                      process! No charge!
    [He runs up to a button]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Now, you can catch these guys...But first, you have to stomp
                      'em and start a battle.
    [A battle commences between a pair of Goombas, as the trooper tells you about
     getting the first strike, and getting hit by an enemy upon starting a battle.
     After the battle, the brothers hold up a Goomba]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Hoo! Thanks!
    [The trooper presses the red button, capturing the Goomba]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Hey, can you get that other guy?
    [Mario and Luigi fight the next Goomba, and they hold it up afterwards]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Hoo! Thanks!
    [The trooper presses the red button again, capturing the second Goomba]
    Bowser's Troop 2: Now I'm all ready!
    [Mario and Luigi continue on, and hit an ! Block that they notice. A crane then
     comes down and grabs Luigi, carrying him onto the deck of the ship]
    Bowser's Troop 3: Uh-oh! Looks like the crane mistook you for cargo...That
                      looks...uncomfortable. Hey! Since you're up there, why don't
                      we use you as a lookout!
    [Mario, Luigi, and Bowser appear on the deck of the cruiser]
    Bowser's Troop 4: Your Rancidness!
    Bowser's Troop 4: We will soon pass over the border between the Mushroom and
                      Beanbean Kingdoms.
    Bowser: Hmm! Nice work! You can go back belowdecks. Now.
    [Luigi spots something with the binoculars]
    Bowser: Eh? What's with all the hoopla?
    [A green, explosive orb hits the ship]
    Bowser: RAWR! What now?
    [Cackletta suddenly appears in her floating chair]
    Cackletta: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    Cackletta: Who would have thought that you'd catch up to the Great Cackletta in
               even a hundered million years?
    Bowser: You! You're the fiend who stole Peach's voice! How dare you pull off
            such a cool, evil plan?
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha ha! Oh, I dare!
    [Her partner, Fawful, suddenly appears]
    Cackletta: And now I'm going straight back to the Beanbean Kingdom so my next
               plan can take root! I have no time to chat with the likes of you!
    Cackletta: Fawful! Take care of this!
    [Cackletta flies away]
    Fawful: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    Fawful: I am the great Cackletta's most best pupil, who is named Fawful! I am
            here, laughing at you! If you are giving us the chase, just to get your
            silly princess's voice, then you are idiots of foolishness! Princess
            Peach's sweet voice will soon be the bread that makes the sandwich of
            Cackletta's desires! And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on
            that bread! The mustard of your doom!
    [Fawful fires an orb at Bowser, knocking him over. Fawful then sneaks up behind
     the brothers]
    Fawful: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    Fawful: Next it is the turn of you!
    [Mario and Luigi battle against Fawful, and Bowser explains how to dodge his
     attacks during the battle. The brothers emerge victorious for now]
    Fawful: Bah! Now is when the talking stops! I do not have the time to stop and
            smell foul roses such as you! One fell swoop is the way I will deal
            with you fink-rats!
    [Fawful fires orbs all over the cruiser, making it lose its balance]
    Fawful: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    [Fawful flies off, as the ship begins exploding and losing control. Then, a
     Starshade Brother sees Mario and Luigi]
    Stardust Fields
    Sergeant Starshade: General Starshade! A massive explosion has been sighted!
                        Confirmation! I need confirmation!
    [He looks up into the sky with binoculars]
    Sergeant Starshade: General Starshade! Meteorites confirmed!
    [Mario and Luigi land into the ground]
    Sergeant Starshade: Impact in Stardust Fields! Initiate recon!
    Sergeant Starshade: Emergency! Emergency!
    "Beanbean Borderland"
    [Luigi sees no sight of Mario, but suddenly sees him stuck inside the ground,
     with his feet up. Luigi pulls him out of the ground, as Mario gets launched
     into the air, and lands directly on top of Luigi, sending him inside of the
     ground. Luigi pops up, and the brothers reunite. They explore the mysterious
     place they're at, and eventually encounter two Border Brothers]
    Border Brother 1: Well, well! Talk about a nice surprise! Check it out, Bro!
                      It looks like the famous Mario Bros. have arrived!
    Border Brother 2: Man! That really brings back the memories, doesn't it? Good
                      times... Good times. So what's up, brothers M? Are you two
                      heading off on a journey together?
    Border Brother 1: Oh... So you probably want us to let you pass, huh? Yeah,
                      well, I'm sure you guys know this is the border of the
                      Mushroom Kingdom.
    Border Brother 2: That's right, it's the border, and since we're the border
                      security, we can't let you in......until you do some jumping
                      worthy of the Mario name!
    Border Brother 1: Want to do the Border Jump?
     - Yes
     - No
     - Explain it
    [If "Yes" is chosen, the mini-game starts. After Mario and Luigi win...]
    Border Brother 2: Man! Very cool! That was some incredible jumping!
    Border Brother 1: Just beyond here is the Beanbean Kingdom. You be extra
                      careful when traveling there.
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Border Brother 2: Later!
    [If "Explain it" is chosen...]
    Border Brother 2: The rules are really simple! Just jump to avoid touching the
                      royal Border Line!
    Border Brother 1: And keep on jumping until that flag in the background reaches
                      the top of the flagpole. But listen, if either one of you
                      makes 3 mistakes, then the game's over. The end.
    Border Brother 2: Well said, little Border Bro! Anyway, we'll be nice and let
                      you practice first. Sound good?
    [Practicing then begins]
    Border Brothers: OK, Mario, you go first. Press the A Button to jump.
    [Mario jumps]
    Border Brother 1: OK!
    Border Brother 2: Next it's your turn, Luigi! Press the B Button to jump.
    [Luigi jumps]
    Border Brother 1: OK!
    Border Brother 2: OK, Mario, try to jump the rope... Er... I mean, try to jump
                      the royal Border Line!
    [Mario jumps]
    Border Brother 1: Man! That was incredible!
    Border Brother 2: Now it's your turn, Luigi. Let's see you jump.
    [Luigi jumps]
    Border Brother 1: Man! That was incredible!
    Border Brother 2: All right, Mario, and you, too, Luigi! Try it together!
    [Mario and Luigi jump the rope as it comes to them]
    Border Brother 1: Man! That was incredible!
    Border Brother 2: Well, that's all the practice you get!
    [As Mario and Luigi cross the next bridge, a Border Brother runs after them]
    Border Brother 1: Hold up, Bros.!
    Border Brother 1: Since we've been on duty, you two are the first ones to ever
                      cross our border. I mean, EVER!
    Border Brother 1: We've gotta commerate this occasion by giving you this!
    "You got a Beanbean Map!"
    Border Brother 1: As long as you have a map, you'll feel safer in foreign
                      lands, right? Press SELECT to bring up the menu screen and
                      check out that map.
    [The Border Brother walks away. As Mario and Luigi continue on with their
     journey, they come across Bowser, who is stuck inside of a cannon. Mario jumps
     on him repedeately, making Bowser sink inside and making the cannon flip over.
     Bowser's head then pops out]
    Bowser: Hey! Mario!!! Great timing! I could use a hand here! I'm kind of...
            stuck. Look, keep your diet jokes to yourself! They're not funny! Just
            get me out of here!!!
    [A fat bird-looking thing drops down]
    Tolstar: Nyeck nyeck nyeck!!!
    Tolstar: Why, could it be that Bowser, the great Koopa King, has fallen into my
             cannon?!? Nyeck! How amusing!
    Bowser: Wh-Who dares speak to me so?
    Tolstar: Nyeck nyeck nyeeeck! I am Tolstar, the great and famed king of
             Stardust Fields! I've heard tales of you, but you're not very
             impressive in person! Nyeeeck nyeck nyeck!
    [Bowser gets steamed]
    Tolstar: Nyeck nyeck! If you want me to get him out of there, little people,
             you must pay in coins! I will set him free...for ALL of your coins!!!
             And I'll even keep this most embarrasing incident a secret!
    Bowser: Wh-What?!? THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!
    [Mario offers Tolstar all of his coins]
    Tolstar: Pardon me? I'm not sure I heard you correctly just now! You'll give me
             all [coin amount] of your coins?
    [Mario hands over his bag full of coins]
    Tolstar: Nyeck nyeck nyeeeck! Why, these are Mushroom Kingdom coins, aren't
             they? This is the BEANBEAN Kingdom! ...I suppose I'll have to
             calculate their value in the local currency!
    Tolstar: Let's see... At today's exchange rate... [coin amount] Mushroom
             coins...are worth 10 Beanbean Coins! Well, sorry, but for only 10
             coins I can't guarantee this secret won't slip out! Nyeck nyeck!
    Tolstar: ...Yes, that means I'll need an additional 100 Beanbean coins!!! Go
             find them in Stardust Fields and bring them back to me! Then I'll help
             your Koopa King!
    [Tolstar creates a bridge]
    "Look around Stardust Fields and find me 100 coins! You can find them in blocks
     or win them in battles. Check your menu to see how many you have!"
    [Mario and Luigi wander around the Stardust Fields, and while they're trying to
     obtain 100 coins, they encounter the Starshade Bros.]
    General Starshade: Sergeant Starshade! The shooting stars we just witnessed
                       were an alien bombardment! ...Perhaps! In the name of the
                       Starshade Bros., we will find the alien scum! They will rue
                       the day!
    Sergeant Starshade: General Starshade! Sir! I have confirmed the presence of a
                        suspicious unknown entity! It is a vivid green color that
                        pierces the eye!
    [Mario and Luigi move]
    General Starshade: Hmm! Yes! Sighting confirmed! However, I see not green, but
    General Starshade: Urgent! Pursue additional visual contact immediately!
    [The Starshade Brothers and Mario and Luigi move in the same exact order, and
     Mario eventually performs a spin move, but not Luigi]
    General Starshade: Oh! Incredible! It is none other than Mario from the
                       Mushroom Kingdom!
    Sergeant Starshade: Luigi sighting confirmed!
    General Starshade: Sergeant Starshade! Change of mission objective! Obtain
                       autographs, STAT!
    [Mario and Luigi tell the brothers the story of why they're in the Beanbean
     Kingdom, although we don't get to see it]
    General Starshade: Hmm... I see...
    General Starshade: Incredible! To think... Princess Peach's lovely voice in the
                       hands of some vile enemy! Her voice must be recovered, no
                       matter what it takes! Priority one, Sergeant Starshade! We
                       must provide as much field support as we can!
    Sergeant Starshade: Very well! We Starshade Bros. will teach you the secrets of
                        Bros. Action! Master Mario! Master Luigi! Special Bros.
                        Action training shall commence immediately!
    Starshade Bros.: Are you ready to undergo training?
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "Yes" is chosen, the brothers are taken to a training arena]
    Sergeant Starshade: When you wish to jump up to a high ledge, Luigi can jump on
                        Mario to perform a High Jump.
    Sergeant Starshade: First, press the L Button to choose your High Jump.
    Sergeant Starshade: Then press the B Button to jump!
    Sergeant Starshade: At the moment you jump on him, press the B Button again!
    [The Starshade Bros. perform a High Jump]
    Sergeant Starshade: See? You can jump higher than you can on your own! Indeed,
                        it's jumping synergy!
    General Starshade: Very well, Luigi! Then use the High Jump you just learned to
                       reach the ledge on the right!
    [Luigi performs a High Jump]
    Sergeant Starshade: Excellent work, men! If you use your High Jump, you can
                        climb ledges that you could never climb alone!
    General Starshade: Now, press START to change positions. Mario, sir, you move
                       to the rear...
    General Starshade: Press the L Button to switch to your Spin Jump.
    General Starshade: Then press the B Button to jump!
    [General Starshade jumps onto Sergeant Starshade]
    General Starshade: See? You ride piggyback!
    General Starshade: Now, if you press the B Button once more, the two of you
                       spin through the air together!
    General Starshade: Press the Control Pad while you spin to move through the
    [The Starshade Bros. perform a Spin Jump]
    Sergeant Starshade: It is possible to use this Spin Jump to jump across wide
                        valleys and dangerous pits!
    General Starshade: Very well, Mario! Then use your Spin Jump to reach the ledge
                       on the right!
    [Mario performs a Spin Jump]
    General Starshade: Excellent!
    Sergeant Starshade: See, boys, actions that the rear member performs using the
                        B Button are called Bros. Actions! Press the L Button to
                        choose an action and the B Button to perform it! Remember
                        that! There are more actions that only brothers like you
                        can perform!
    General Starshade: Training complete!
    [If the "No" option is chosen, and you refuse the training...]
    Sergeant Starshade: Please! Feel free to address us whenever you are prepared
                        to undergo training! That is all!
    General Starshade: Excellent. Now, the proving grounds! The time has come to
                       show off the fruits of your training! You must use the High
                       Jump and Spin Jump we just taught you......To reach the flag
                       way up there! Good luck, soliders!
    [Mario and Luigi reach the flag at the top using their newfound abilities]
    General Starshade: Hmm... Incredible! Master Mario! Master Luigi! You truly are
                       super brothers! I salute you!
    Sergeant Starshade: You have perfectly mastered the High Jump and Spin Jump!
    General Starshade: Master Mario! Master Luigi! May your mission be successful!
                       Good luck out there!
    General Starshade: Move OUT!!!
    [The Starshade Bros. leave, as Mario and Luigi continue on with their quest. In
     another area, they encounter the Starshade Bros. again]
    Starshade Bros.: Mario and Luigi! Sirs!
    General Starshade: This is an emotional reunion, sirs!
    Sergeant Starshade: By your leave, there is something we com-PLETELY forgot to
                        mention to you earlier!
    General Starshade: Affirmative! You see, when you master a technique in the
                       field, you can also use it in battle!
    Sergeant Starshade: Since you have mastered both the High Jump and Spin Jump,
                        you can now use these techniques in battle!
    General Starshade: We must confirm technique mastery in combat simulation!
    [A battle ensues, as a Bros. Attack tutorial is given. After the tutorial...]
    Sergeant Starshade: Thus we can officially confirm that these field techniques
                        are indeed executable in battle!
    General Starshade: Proper planning and preperation ensure your safety
                       throughout your journey! We wish you luck!
    General Starshade: Move OUT!!!
    [The Mario Brothers continue through the Stardust Fields, soon returning to
     where Bowser and Tolstar are located, with enough Beanbean coins this time]
    Tolstar: Uh...nyeck? Let's see here... You now have [coin amount] coins...
    Tolstar: Nyeck! It took you long enough! But well done! I'll just be taking
             these coins now!
    Bowser: Finally! Let me outta here!!!
    Tolstar: Huh? You want out? You want me to help you? Who said I'd do that?
    Bowser: GRAGH! You welcher!
    Tolstar: Nyeck nyeck nyeck!!!
    [Tolstar flies to Mario and Luigi]
    Tolstar: Nyeck nyeck! You're not in the Mushroom Kingdom anymore! Outsiders
    [Tolstar attacks Mario and Luigi, as they fight and defeat him. After the
     battle, Tolstar is badly injured, and he goes back to where he was standing
     before. Suddenly, Sergeant Starshade appears]
    Sergeant Starshade: You, sir, have been griping far too loudly for some time!
    [Sergeant Starshade flips Bowser's cannon over, revealing a string. He lights a
     fire on it, which is about to make Bowser fly out of the cannon]
    Bowser: Graaaaaaaargh! M-MARIO!!! Green 'Stache!!! You gotta get Princess
            Peach's voice back! It's all up to you!
    [Bowser gets launched out of the cannon, sending Tolstar flying. There is no
     sight of Bowser. Mario and Luigi continue through the fields, and eventually
     they end up in a village]
    Hoohoo Village
    [Mario and Luigi proceed across a bridge, when they're suddenly stopped by some
     soldiers of Beanbean]
    Beanbean Solider 1: You fiends!!!
    Beanbean Solider 1: We... We've found you at last! You scum! What have you done
                        with Prince Peasley?!?
    Beanbean Solider 2: Yes! There is no mistake! YOU kidnapped Prince Peasley!
    Beanbean Solider 3: We have witnesses! Now confess, villains!
    [Mario and Luigi explain to them who they are]
    Beanbean Solider 1: What's that? You say you're Mario and Luigi?
    Beanbean Soldier 2: Lies! Bald-faced lies! The superstars of the Mushroom
                        Kingdom would never come here!
    [Tolstar flies down]
    Tolstar: Nyeh... Nyeck nyehhh...They're not lying...
    Tolstar: They say they've come here chasing someone called Cackletta...And
             they're really, really tough...
    [Tolstar flies away]
    Beanbean Soldier 1: ...Oh dear. Oh, my! Ohh, BOY! Pardon us, sirs! SO sorry!
                        See, our kingdom's Prince Peasley was kidnapped by
                        something......Or so recent reports out of Hoohoo Village
                        claim. We have been looking for any sign of the
    Beanbean Soldier 3: According to eyewitness accounts, the prince's kidnapper...
                        ...wore an odd helmet and spoke of mustard and fink-rats...
                        That's all we have to go on.
    Beanbean Soldier 2: If you come across anything, please let us know.
    Beanbean Soldier 1: Reopen the investigation!
    [The soldiers leave, as Mario and Luigi enter the village itself. They soon
     encounter Fawful, in an area outside of the village, with a Beanbean soldier
     next to him, scared]
    Beanbean Soldier: G-Give back Prince Peasley!
    [Fawful shoots an orb at the soldier, sending him flying. He then notices the
     Mario Brothers]
    Fawful: Nnrrgh-GACK!
    Fawful: Y-You again! You are the pair of fink-rats that swooped in with the
            Bowser that I hate!
    Fawful: Hmph! HMPH, I say to you! While I was busy with Peasley, you have been
            catching me!
    Fawful: I have fury!
    Fawful: But Cackletta has already begun smearing the butter of her next tasty
            plan over Beanbean Castle! Since you two cannot make it in time, I say
            to you that it is better never than late...
    [Fawful flies up]
    Fawful: So here is your halting place!!!
    [Fawful drops a big rock to block Mario and Luigi's path]
    Fawful: I have fury!
    Fawful: Since you will not be shattering this stone, I laugh at you trying to
            climb down this mountain!
    [Fawful flies off. Mario and Luigi explore the village, and they end up finding
     two Hammerhead Brothers]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Th-This is the last stone! Now we show the true
                               spirit of the Hammerhead Bros.!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: This stone's our last shot!
    [The Hammerhead Bros. attempt to create something out of the stone, but it just
     breaks into pieces]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Haah... Hufff... Hoorf...This...stone...just...
                               ain't... gonna...do...it... We can't make Hammers no
    [Hammerhead Brother Hammer notices Mario and Luigi]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Muh?!? What do you two think you're starin' at?
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Huh? What? You want us to make you a Hammer???
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Hey! I know these two dudes! They're Mario and Luigi
                               from the Mushroom Kingdom! The Jump and Hammer
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Yeah! You're so right, Sledge! I remember these
                               guys! Why are a couple of celebrities like you
                               bummin' around this place lookin' for a Hammer?
    [Mario and Luigi try to explain the situation]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Oh! Hey... Look, you don't have to tell us. We fully
                               understand...Our lips are completely sealed...We'll
                               just make what you need. We're professionals, after
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: ...That's right. Pros all the way.
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: ...But the thing is, in order to make Hammers, we
                               need Hoohoo Blocks from the mountaintop. And since
                               Blablanadon suddenly stopped comin' down here, we
                               can't get up to the summit!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Hoohoo Blocks are hard stones. Hammers made from
                               those things can break anything! We want to climb
                               the mountain to get more Hoohoo Blocks, but we
                               can't jump well enough to do it!
    [Mario jumps]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Huh? Oh yeah! What was I thinkin'? You guys are
                               jumpin' pros, ain't you?
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: So, are you sayin' you could go to the top of the
                               mountain and get us some Hoohoo Blocks?
    [Luigi jumps]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: That would REALLY hook us up! If you could get us
                               some Hoohoo Blocks, we'll make you a special Hammer!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: You scratch our backs, Bros., and we'll scratch
    [Mario and Luigi continue to Hoohoo Mountain, after they wander around the
     village for a bit, waiting for the bridge to get repaired]
    Hoohoo Mountain
    [After a long trip up the mountain, the brothers encounter a strange statue]
    Hoohooros: Ah. Travelers. I am Hoohooros. The ancient weapon of the Hoohoo
    Hoohooros: Beyond this point, the path grows even crueler. You must prove
               yourselves up to the challenge...
    Hoohooros: Dare you try this challenge?
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "Yes" is chosen...]
    Hoohooros: You must start now. And you must catch 10 Hoohoo Spirits within 30
               seconds! Do not fall off the ledges, or you will immediately fail.
    [The mini-game then begins. If "No" is chosen, nothing happens]
    "You have cleared the challenge!"
    Hoohooros: ...Now for your next challenge.
    Hoohooros: You must defeat me!
    [Hoohooros changes to a different color, then a battle ensues. After winning
     the fight...]
    Hoohooros: You have passed this test, too! Now you must face the test of
               reaching the summit!
    [Hoohooros disappears, as a platform gets created, which makes more areas of
     the mountain accessible. Mario and Luigi eventually make it to the summit,
     where they find a Hoohoo Block, with a bird guarding it. The brothers hit the
     Hoohoo Block, and Blablanadon, the bird, awakens]
    Blablanadon: Fooooools!!!
    Blablanadon: What're you kicking that for? That's a really rare stone! It's
                 called a Hoohoo Block! And I'll tell you, anyone who tries to kick
                 a Hoohoo Block down the mountain is a thief in my book!
    [Mario asks the bird his name]
    Blablanadon: Huh? My name? Oh... Right! I'm called Blablanadon!
    [Mario tells him about the Hoohoo Village townspeople]
    Blablanadon: ...Whuzzat? The townsfolk are all worried about me? Really? But I
                 didn't mean to make them worry! See, what happened is this: I saw
                 Prince Peasley and followed him up here...And then I saw that this
                 huge egg had appeared! I was shocked! I was speechless! Which is
                 rare! So anyway, I've just been here keeping this poor egg warm
                 ever since! Yup, that's the deal. I think something will hatch out
                 of it pretty soon! That's what happens with eggs!
    [The mountain starts shaking]
    Blablanadon: Oh! It's here! It's time! Oh, wow! It's about to hatch! I can't
                 take the suspense!
    [Blablanadon goes into the air, as the giant egg hatches]
    Dragohoho: Goo-gwaaaa!
    [The Hoohoo Block falls down into the water, down the waterfall, and into the
     chimney of the Hammerhead Bros. house]
    Blablanadon: Ack! Well, THAT'S a shock! Talk about one crazy egg!
    [The big dragon spits a Hoohoo Block out, hitting Blablanadon, sending him
    Dragohoho: Goo-gwaaaa!
    [The dragon jumps out of the egg, and attacks the brothers. Mario and Luigi
     win the battle. After the fight, Dragohoho turns back into its original form,
     which is Prince Peasley himself]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh!
    [Peasley shines]
    Prince Peasley: Cheers to your mustaches!
    [Blablanadon comes back]
    Blablanadon: Th-This incredibly dazzling man is none other than Prince
                 Peasley!!! What happened to you?!?
    [Peasley shines again]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh!
    Prince Peasley: Well! I suppose you could call it a bit of an accident.
    Prince Peasley: As I was investigating events throughout the country for this
                    top secret mission I'm on...I suddenly encountered Cackletta
                    and her vile underling, Fawful, here on this mountain...
    Prince Peasley: But by the time I realized who the fiends were, it was too
    Prince Peasley: They transformed me into THAT and shut me inside that egg.
    [Peasley shines again]
    [Mario explains what happened to Princess Peach]
    Prince Peasley: Is that so? Princess Peach's voice has been stolen?
    [Peasley's floating cloud comes down]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh... I wouldn't worry about Princess Peach. I'm quite
                    sure she'll be fine.
    [Peasley jumps on the cloud]
    Prince Peasley: At any rate, we should chase after Cackletta!
    Prince Peasley: I want you to visit Queen Bean in Beanbean Castle once you
                    climb down the mountain. It may be that Cackletta's next target
                    is Beanbean Castle! I'd bet my life on it!
    Prince Peasley: Oh! Heh heh heh... Here's a gift from me. Autographed, of
    [Peasley gives Luigi a rose]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh... Yes, I think a rose matches your green
                    perfectly! If you show that rose at Beanbean Castle, they'll
                    permit you to enter!
    [Peasley shines again]
    Prince Peasley: And with that, I must get back to my mission! May we meet
    [Peasley flies off, and Blablanadon takes the brothers down the mountain]
    Hoohoo Village
    [Mario and Luigi return to the Hammerhead Bros. house]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Hmph! Boy, did YOU two arrive at exactly the right
                               time! Just now a Hoohoo Block fell down in the
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Check it out: We'll use it to make you the ultimate
    [The Hammerhead Bros. begin constructing new Hammers using the Hoohoo Block]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Hoo! Hoo! Hooo... Man, it feels so GREAT to be
                               makin' Hammers again after such a long break!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: In fact, it feels so darn great that we went ahead
                               and made you guys TWO HAMMERS!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Look at that craftsmanship! POW! Now you're playin'
                               with power!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Yeah! You got that right! These bad boys are now all
    "You got a Hammer!"
    "You can use Solo Hammer Action!"
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: I guess we oughta teach you guys how to properly use
                               Hammers, huh?
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: First, press the R Button to select your Hammer...
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Then press the A Button to whack stuff! That's it!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: But, uh, right now, only the guy in front can use a
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: So, the action the guy in the front does with the A
                               Button is called a Solo Action. The action the guy
                               in the back does with the B Button is called a Bros.
                               Action. This is the most basics of all the basics.
                               Remember it!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Try whackin' all kinds of stuff with those Hammers.
                               One manly whack breaks the hardest rocks!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Y'know, you oughta break that Hammer in by smashin'
                               the rock in the next room!
    [Mario and Luigi continue to break the rock in the next room. Then, they go out
     to where Fawful placed a stone earlier, and smash the stone to pieces using
     the new Hammers]
    Hoohoo Mountain Descent
    Old Man: Whoa there, pards! It's been a Goomba's age since we had any strangers
             in these parts! Now listen, fellers: if you want to ride in them rusty
             old carts, I won't go a-stoppin' you. But I'd advise watchin' out fer
             trouble. Yep. No one knows where them rails lead...Still, I'll tell
             you somethin': you might just be able to find jewels by jumpin' a bit
             in there. And while you're hoopin' for loot, watch out! If you spot
             danger, just shine your light at it! ...Oh, mercy! There I go again!
             I'm always borin' folks to tears with stuff like this...
    Old Man: So, erm... Tell me, boys... Care to ride in the carts?
     - Yes
     - No
     - Explain
    [If "Yes" is chosen, the mini-game begins]
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Old Man: Then happy trails, fellers!
    [If "Explain" is chosen...]
    Old Man: Gotcha! So...
    [You are carried to the track]
    Old Man: Then let's start your practice.
    Old Man: Whoa now! Before you do...Nobody can see a goldurn thing like this...
             Mario! Take this light, young feller. Press that there A Button to use
    [Mario turns on the flashlight]
    Old Man: Just go on and press Up, Right, Down, or Left on the Control Pad to
             use it. Then I reckon you'll see just fine.
    [Mario moves the flashlight]
    Old Man: Now shine that light on Luigi.
    [Mario flashes it onto Luigi]
    Old Man: Well done, son. Mario, use that there light to light up Luigi. If you
             don't, Luigi will be stone blind!
    Old Man: All righty! Next up we got to do a spot o' jumpin'!
    Old Man: Mario, press the A Button to jump.
    [Mario jumps]
    Old Man: Luigi! Press the B Button to jump.
    [Luigi jumps]
    Old Man: OK! Next!
    Old Man: Next, I'll teach you gents how to get yourselves diamonds! Diamonds
             are right important things. If you see any, go and get 'em! Now, as
             far as how you go about doin' that, it's reeeeeeal simple. Touch a
             diamond and it's yours.
    Old Man: Mario, you get them red diamonds. Luigi, you go for them green ones.
             You got to jump to get 'em!
    [Mario grabs a diamond]
    Old Man: OK, your turn now, Luigi. Try to grab that diamond.
    [Luigi grabs a diamond]
    Old Man: Well done, son.
    Old Man: There's many dangers in them caves. Stuff could fall on you, or a
             monster could pop out and CHOMP! You need to be on your toes. You
             don't want to lose them diamonds you went about collectin'.
    Old Man: OK, then... How about you both try to dodge some obstacles...at the
             same goldurn time!
    [Mario and Luigi avoid the obstacles, as does the old man]
    Old Man: Now perk up them ears, boys, 'cause I got one more verrrry important
             thing to tell you. As time goes by, Mario, that light you got is gonna
             get dimmer and dimmer. So you'd best be sure to look for batteries
             before it goes out. Dead batteries ain't good. So, I reckon maybe you
             fellers ought to practice grabbin' batteries just a touch.
    [Mario grabs a battery]
    Old Man: That's ample practice, I reckon. Try out the real deal!
    [After winning the actual mini-game, the brothers end up on the other side of
     the cave, along with the old man]
    Old Man: Eh?! Hrm? Why, howdy! ...Again. Well, fellers, this spot marks the
             last stop on the long, strange railroad of my life. ...But I reckon
             your adventure has just begun. Get to it, boys!
    [Mario and Luigi exit the cave]
    Hoohoo Mountain Track's End
    [Mario and Luigi move on, and suddenly, they find the Hammerhead Bros. again]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Wait up!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: We forgot to mention one thing!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: We never taught you how to use your Hammers in
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Ready to learn?
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "Yes" is chosen...]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Then we'll explain it...in battle!
    [The tutorial then continues. After the tutorial...]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Didja get all that? You better have!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: You better look alive with those things. There are a
                               lot of monsters that your jump won't do diddly to!
                               You gotta learn some new tricks if you wanna get by
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: I'm sure you guys'll be able to take care of
                               business! If you can't, you're gonna have to give us
                               those Hammers back!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Hey! We're goin' back so we can ride the cart again!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Yeah! Cart rides are thrillin' and filled with
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: You nitwit! It's "filled with suspense"! SUSPENSE!!!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Oops! Well, excuuuuse me!
    [The Hammerhead Bros. leave]
    [If "No" on the earlier option is chosen...]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Ouch! Try bein' polite, will ya?
    [Mario and Luigi finally make their way into the regions of Beanbean, near the
     town of Beanbean. They eventually find the village]
    Beanbean Castle Town
    [Mario and Luigi see the village completely in ruin, with nearly all of the
     townsfolk about to go unconscious]
    [Mario and Luigi continue towards Beanbean Castle, when they're suddenly
     stopped by two guards that are guarding the castle]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Halt! You there! Halt! You can't just waltz on in
                             here! The town has just been attacked! Which means
                             the castle could be attacked at any moment!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Lady Lima has instructed us not to allow anyone to
                             enter the castle! Anyone whatsoever! Having said that,
                             if you still wish to enter, you must explain your
                             names and your motives!
    [Mario explains who he is]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: WHAT???
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: YOU are the world-famous Mario!?!
    [Luigi explains who he is]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: WHAT???
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: And YOU are the legendary Luigi!?!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Uh, Luigi, who?!?
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Shh! I have no idea...
    [Luigi falls over]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: If you really are the superstar Mario from the
                             Mushroom Kingdom, then prove it!
    [Mario jumps]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Th-That jump...
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: No mistaking it!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Th-This guy is really Mario???
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Shh! ...I can't be certain.
    [Mario falls over]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Anyway... What business would the famous Mario and
                             Lui-uh...other guy have in this castle?
    [Mario and Luigi explain the situation]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Hmm! Ah! Ho ho!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Huhhh? Ohhh! I see! Gotcha!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: What do they want?
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: No clue...
    [Mario and Luigi fall over]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: ...Enough! Regardless of all that nonsense, you may
                             not enter! Now begone!
    [Luigi holds up the rose Peasley gave him]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Prince Peasley's Rose! Are you friends of the prince?
    [Mario and Luigi say yes]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Umm, listen, I think maybe we ought to let these guys
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Umm... OK. Taking into account that rose and your
                             wacky story, we can allow you to enter!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: That was one wacky story! Woo!
    [Mario and Luigi enter the castle]
    Beanbean Castle
    [Mario and Luigi wander around the castle, and eventually they find a wounded
     Beanbean villager]
    Wounded Beanbean Villager: ...
    Voice: Well! Master Mario! And Master Luigi!
    [Lady Lima enters the room]
    Lady Lima: I am Lady Lima, the highest of the ladies at court...The gatekeepers
               told me of you. Are you indeed the Mario and Luigi of fame? The
    [Lady Lima examines the Mario Bros.]
    Lady Lima: ...Yes. I can't deny that such jumping is the hallmark of the Mario
               and Luigi of legend...
    [Mario and Luigi speak]
    Lady Lima: ...Pardon me? What are you trying to tell me? Oh, DO speak up!
    [They continue to try and explain]
    Lady Lima: Oh! Such ruckus! Speak in softer voices!!
    Lady Lima: Now, hear me! As you saw, the town is in ruins, and the castle is
               under strict guard! At a time like this I cannot allow a suspicious
               pair such as you to meet the queen! As the queen's longest-serving
               lady at court, I must act in the interest of her royal safety!
    [Lady Lima opens a trap, dropping the Mario Bros. down to the sewers]
    Beanbean Castle Sewers
    Lady Lima: Hear my words!!!
    Lady Lima: If you two are indeed the true Mario Bros., you must prove it by
               repairing the castle's plumbing! If you are able to completely fix
               it, then you may meet Queen Bean! Now then, show me the work ethic
               of the superstar Mario Bros.!
    [After Mario and Luigi navigate the sewers and get the water flowing in each
     area, two gates open. Out of one, Lady Lima and a Beanbean kid comes out]
    Lady Lima: Ohhh, thank the stars! You've saved me! You heroic souls!
    [Mario and Luigi do a dance]
    Lady Lima: C-Could you be the Mario Bros. from the Mushroom Kingdom? What are
               the Mario Bros. doing in a place like this?
    [Mario and Luigi explain]
    Lady Lima: What? You claim that I dropped the pair of you down here? And that
               I told you to fix the plumbing?
    [Mario and Luigi nod]
    Lady Lima: ...Most perplexing...Why, we were attacked by Cackletta and her
               fiends and have been stuck here ever since!
    [Mario and Luigi look confused]
    Beanbean Kid: Hmm... Perhaps the "Lady Lima" you encountered was...
    [The scene switches to a different room of the sewers, showing the fake Lady
     Lima and the Beanstar. The barrier guarding the Beanstar goes down, and then
     the fake Lady Lima laughs]
    Fake Lady Lima: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Fake Lady Lima: Foolish Mario Bros.! You have completely and pathetically
                    fallen into my trap! Repairing the plumbing is the key to
                    disabling the Beanstar security system!
    [Fawful enters the room]
    Fawful: Cackletta! It is the hurrying time! We must take that Beanstar and run
            away from this place!
    [The fake Lady Lima turns back into Cackletta]
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Cackletta: At last... At long, long last... I have in my possession both the
               Beanstar and Peach's voice!
    [The scene switches to a blue screen, showing the Beanstar, then the scene
     switches back to the Mario Brothers and Lady Lima]
    Lady Lima: That thing that grants all desires...The Beanstar...
    Lady Lima: We have always remained at this castle, acting as guardians...
               Protecting the Beanstar and keeping it out of evil hands...
    Beanbean Kid: There's no doubt about it! Cackletta must be after the Beanstar!
                  Oh no!
    Lady Lima: Ohhhhhhh! Heroic Mario Bros.! Quickly, now! You must go to the
               Beanstar! Go! You must not let the Beanstar fall into the hands of
    Lady Lima: Quickly! Quickly! Do not dawdle!
    [Mario and Luigi make it to the room where the Beanstar is kept, but the
     Beanstar is no longer there]
    Beanbean Kid: Aww... We're too late! The Beanstar...
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    [Cackletta and Fawful float down]
    Cackletta: The Beanstar and Princess Peach's voice are already mine!
    Fawful: Once we awaken the Beanstar with Princess Peach's voice, this world
            will be Cackletta's snack cake!
    Cackletta: Say, Mario Boys, you haven't bothered to pay a visit to your host,
               Queen Bean...
    Cackletta: I thought you had better manners! Wouldn't you agree, Queen Bean?
    [An enraged version of Queen Bean enters the room]
    Queen Bean: Grrroo-hoo-hoo!
    Cackletta: Perhaps the three of you can sit down over tea to discuss the finer
               points of policy!
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    [Cackletta and Fawful leave the room]
    Queen Bean: Huhn-gahhhhhhh!
    [Queen Bean attacks the Mario Brothers, and they battle her. After the battle,
     Lady Lima enters the room]
    Lady Lima: ...Oh, no! Cackletta forced Queen Bean to eat a Belly Belch worm!
               That's what turned her into THIS! Our fair kingdom is doomed!
               Doomed! How will we ever return Queen Bean to normal?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Lady Lima: ...Wh-What's that you say? The Mario Bros. will do something about
    [Mario and Luigi respond again]
    Lady Lima: What can you possibly mean? You speak of the impossible!
    [Mario and Luigi fall over]
    Lady Lima: Why, there is no known way to spit out an ingested Belly Belch!
    Lady Lima: Well, except... There is that one way... That last resort... It
               isn't pretty, though... She may be able to spit it up if she drank
               the legendary Chuckola Reserve from Chucklehuck Woods.
    [Mario responds]
    Lady Lima: ...You'll go to Chucklehuck Woods?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Lady Lima: You'll find the Chuckola Reserve?
    [Mario and Luigi respond again]
    Lady Lima: Well... If you're going to make such bold proclamations, I suppose I
               have no choice but to rely on you...
    Lady Lima: Take this Beanbean Brooch and head southwest from the castle toward
               Chateau de Chucklehuck. If you find the Chuckola Reserve, found deep
               in Chucklehuck Woods, our queen may yet recover!
    "You got the Beanbean Brooch!"
    [Mario and Luigi exit the castle]
    Beanbean Castle Town
    [As Mario and Luigi attempt to head out of the town, they're stopped by the
     Beanbean kid that was with Lady Lima earlier]
    Beanbean Kid: Mario! Luigi!
    Beanbean Kid: Lady Lima has asked that you also take this along with you.
    "You got a Bean Badge!"
    Beanbean Kid: That thing is a badge. If you equip it, you'll be a little
                  stronger in battle. Different badges have different effects,
                  so...For now, if you get badge, make sure you equip it!
    Beanbean Kid: To equip it, press SELECT to open your suitcase.
    [Mario and Luigi open the suitcase]
    Beanbean Kid: To equip badges...
    [He points to the Equipment icon]
    Beanbean Kid: Select this icon.
    Beanbean Kid: Here you can see the gear and the badge you're equipped with.
    Beanbean Kid: OK, Mario! Time to equip the badge I just gave you!
    [He points to the Badge icon]
    Beanbean Kid: Select this icon.
    Beanbean Kid: This is where all the badges you have are shown.
    Beanbean Kid: Normally, you'd pick a badge...It's simple this time, since you
                  only have one right now...
    Beanbean Kid: Press A and you'll equip the badge!
    [Mario equips the badge]
    Beanbean Kid: Now you're all set! Good luck! And be careful!
    Beanbean Kid: Oh, uh... Sorry, Luigi, but if you want your own badge, you'll
                  have to go buy one at the store.
    [The Beanbean kid goes back into the castle, as Mario and Luigi finish their
     errands at town, and then leave]
    Southwest Beanbean
    [Mario and Luigi encounter some guards that are guarding a closed gate, leading
     to Chateau de Chucklehuck]
    Beanbean Gate Guard 1: Travel here is permitted only for select individuals in
                           order to guard the Chucklehuck Woods ecology.
    [Mario shows the guards the Beanbean Brooch]
    Beanbean Gate Guard 1: OH! The Beanbean Brooch! The mark of the special guests
                           of Beanbean Castle!!!
    Beanbean Gate Guard 2: ...Very well, then! We shall permit you to enter these
    [The gate opens]
    Beanbean Gate Guard 2: We hope you will enjoy a taste of the incredibly
                           full-flavored Chuckola Cola while you are here.
    [Mario and Luigi continue into Chateau de Chucklehuck]
    Chateau de Chucklehuck
    [As the brothers make their way through a maze of barrels, Mario notices that
     someone different is behind him, and Luigi is nowhere in sight. He runs away,
     and the brothers reunite and go in the same direction as the person Mario just
     saw. They encounter him]
    Popple: Ooooh! Boo! Blast! Criminy! The famous shadow thief, Popple, has been
            caught in full sight!
    [He notices the Mario Brothers]
    Popple: Cripes! You think you're ready, do ya? Well, nobody's more ready than
            me, see? I'll show you!
    [Popple runs off]
    Popple: Rookie! Rookie! Shake a leg!
    Rookie: Yes, Boss!
    [Someone who looks very similar to Bowser appears, and the Mario Brothers see
     him as well]
    Popple: OK, Rookie! It's your turn, see? I want you to squash those red and
            green drips there!
    Rookie: Yes, Boss!
    [Mario and Luigi talk to Rookie]
    Rookie: Red and Green... I feel like I know these two from somewhere...
    Popple: Whaaat?!? Rookie! Are you saying you're acquainted with these two
    Rookie: Yeah... Something about them seems reeeeeeeeal familiar...it makes me
            feel...real mad!
    Popple: Quit your babbling, you!
    Popple: You two ugly mugs came here for the same reason as us! You want the
            fabled Chuckola Reserve!
    [Mario jumps]
    Popple: Boo! Boo, I say! You really think you can beat me to the punch? Well,
            open up those ears, punks! I, Popple, shadow thief, filcher of the
            world's richest, bet you that I get the Chuckola Reserve first! Rookie!
            Go to it!
    [The brothers battle Popple and Rookie. After the battle...]
    Popple: ...Geh! ...Buh! ...Haaaaack!
    [Popple gets up]
    Popple: Rookie! You bloated idiot! Who took you in when you were dazed and lost
            on the mountain? Me! You worthless vermin!
    Rookie: I'm...so ashamed...
    Popple: Meh! I don't care, see? We're fine as long as we get the Chuckola
            Reserve! Let's not mess with these two knuckleheads. We'll scram and
            hurry on ahead! Yeah...
    [Popple and Rookie run away. Mario and Luigi continue to the next room, where
     they find a barrel. They accidentally roll it towards the wall, breaking it
     open. It held two old men]
    Cork: !!!!!!!!!!!
    Cork: 'Ave I been saved? Rescued? Moi? Zut alors! 'Allo! I am zee maitre
           of zee chateau. Cork, zat is me!
    Cask: And moi... I am zee petit brother of Cork... My name eez Cask! We were
          stoofed into zese barrels by two tres bizzare characters. Are you zee
          ones 'oo saved us?
    [Mario responds]
    Cork: ...Oh! Oh oh! Oh oh oh! To get straight to zee point... Zee two 'oo
          attacked us are after zee Chuckola Reserve zat lies deep in these
    Cask: Et vous... You deux are after zee Chuckola Reserve, as well...
    [Mario responds]
    Cork: Ah, oui. Mmm... Zee problem eez... Whether or not zat legendary soda even
          truly exists... Why, even zee two of us 'ave never seen nor drunk that
          famed drink... Zee Chuckola Reserve...
    Cask: Behind Chucklehuck Woods eez a sanctuary no one can touchez! Getting zere
          eez not easy...
    [Mario responds]
    Cork: Eh? What? Quoi?
    [Mario jumps]
    Cork: Yous can stompez on enemies...
    [Luigi hammers the ground]
    Cask: And 'ammer rocks to leetle beets to make paths... Ah, oui?
    Cork: Mmm... Perhaps vous could get through zee woods... But not with zees
          moves alone...
    Cork: Cask, perhaps with zat wonderful 'ammer...
    Cask: Hmm... Oui. Tres bien, mon frere. Indeed, little old moi was thinking zee
          exact same thing!
    Cork: Eh-hem! Pardon moi!
    [Cork and Cask leave to the room ahead, as Mario and Luigi follow them]
    Cork: After 'aving a tete-a-tete with mon frere just a moment ago... We 'ave
          decided! To thank vous for 'elping us, we 'ave decided to teach you two
          'ammer techniques!
    Cask: These are techniques that 'ave been perfected and refined and passed down
          'ere at zees chateau. If you master zese, zey should 'elp you in your bon
          voyage in zee woods...
    Cork: Do you wish to try to master zese 'ammer techniques?
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Cask: ...Then we shall wait 'ere and teach nothing until it eez time.
    [If "Yes" is chosen...]
    Cask: First, Monsieur Green, give me your 'ammer.
    [Luigi gives Cask his Hammer]
    Cask: Mmm... Oui, I see... With zees 'ammer...
    Cask: First, press zee L Button to choose your 'ammer...
    Cask: Then press zee B Button to swing!
    [Cask hammers Cork, making him micro-sized]
    Cask: Et voila! Zat is zee secret 'ammer technique! Swing zee 'ammer 'igh and
          watch it plongez down with zee joie de vivre of zee woods!
    Cask: Anyone hit with such a technique will become micro-sized. Oui. Tres, tres
          petit. Anyone zis size would feel like a mouse. You could go into tiny
          holes for micro-adventures!
    Cask: To return to normal, just swing zee 'ammer again in a superb whack
    [Cask hits Cork again, returning him to normal size]
    Cask: Allez! Go! Try it!
    [Luigi hits Mario, making him micro-sized]
    Cask: Oh! Incroyable! To think you could produce zee joie de vivre of zee woods
          on zee first shot!
    Cask: Euh... Alors, perhaps you should try to put 'im back to normal.
    [Luigi returns Mario to normal size]
    Cask: Excellent!!! Magnifique! Vous could be a genius!
    Cork: Mmm... Now zen... Monsieur Red, give me your 'ammer zis time.
    [Mario gives Cork his Hammer]
    Cork: Zis time, press START to switch positions.
    [Cask and Cork switch positions]
    Cork: Zen press zee L Button to select your 'ammer...
    Cork: Then press zee B Button to swing!
    [Cork hammers Cask into the ground]
    Cork: Zis! ZIS is zee ultimate 'ammer technique. Tres bien, non? Crashing down
          on a gust of wind with zee power of zee earth!
    Cork: Whoever eez struck by zis 'ammer will be completely buried and 'idden in
          zee earth. Of course, in zis state, moving with zee Control Pad is
          possible. One feels much like a mole. Why, vous can even sneak under
          fences for micro-adventures.
    Cork: To come back above ground, just press zee A Button.
    [Cask pops up from the ground]
    Cork: Allez! Go! Try it!
    [Mario and Luigi switch positions, and Mario hammers Luigi into the ground]
    Cork: Ah, BON! Zee power of zee earth crashes down in a burst of wind! Zat was
    Cork: Ah oui, just press zee A Button to pop out of zee ground again!
    [Luigi pops out of the ground]
    Cork: FANTASTIQUE!!!
    Cork: Now, it eez time to put zese new 'ammer techniques to zee test!
    Cask: Use zee techniques you learned to get zee two cola goblets in zee room
          next door. Zee two goblets of which I speak are two of zee Beanbean
          Kingdom's greatest treasure! Zee sparkling glass is brilliante! It eez
          zee perfect reward for you who have gained zese techniques.
    Cork: So, monsieurs! Procure zee two goblets!
    [Mario and Luigi continue into the next room, and Mario gets the Red Goblet
     using his new ability]
    "You got the Red Goblet! Its beauty sparkles in your eyes!"
    [With the help of Luigi's new ability, the brothers get the Green Goblet"
    "You got the Green Goblet! Its brilliance glitters in your eyes!"
    [After getting both goblets, Mario and Luigi return to Cork and Cask]
    Cask: Oh! You got zee Red Goblet AND zee Green Goblet!!! Monsieurs, you are
    Cork: INCROYABLE!!! Zere eez nothing left for us to teach you. You 'ave
          mastered zee 'ammer techniques perfectly!
    Cask: Well, monsieurs, you may enter the Chucklehuck Woods in search of zee
          famous cola, Chuckola Reserve!
    [Cork and Cask leave, and Mario and Luigi proceed to Chucklehuck Woods]
    Chucklehuck Woods
    [As Mario and Luigi navigate the woods, they eventually meet up with a big root
     that's alive]
    Chuckleroot: I am Chuckleroot, protector of woods.
    Chuckleroot: Ahead is great tree: Mother Chuckalola.
    Chuckleroot: Only some may pass. Some who find all three kinds of Chuckola
    Chuckleroot: White Chuckola Fruit
    Chuckleroot: Red Chuckola Fruit
    Chuckleroot: Purple Chuckola Fruit
    Chuckleroot: Find three types of Chuckola Fruit here. Then I let you pass.
    [Chuckleroot opens up the two gates in this area, then Mario and Luigi go to
     find the Chuckola Fruits. Eventually, Mario obtains the white fruit]
    "You got a White Chuckola Fruit!"
    [Mario and Luigi soon encounter the granddaughter of Chuckleroot]
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: I am the granddaugther of the great Chuckleroot...
                                 This is my room. And may I say, how DARE you enter
                                 a woman's room uninvited? Well...since you're
                                 here...I'll share my secret with you...
    [She shows the brothers an X on the ground[
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: Have you noticed the spots on the ground that look
                                 like this?
    [She shows them a Chuckle Bean]
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: These are spots where beans lie buried in the
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: If the green one digs beneath the earth, the beans
                                 will pop out of the spot on the ground.
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: There are a total of five beans hidden here. Find
                                 all five and I will open the door ahead.
    [Mario and Luigi complete the task]
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: You found all five! You have done very well. If
                                 you find marks on the ground like these, dig
    [The Chuckleroot's granddaughter opens the gate, and goes back underground]
    Chuckleroot's Granddaughter: Good night.
    [In the next area, Mario and Luigi encounter a Wiggler stuck in between a hole.
     Mario and Luigi jump repedeately on it, sending it fully inside the small room
     the hole leads to. As Mario tries to go inside while micro sized, the Wiggler
     gets angry and Mario runs away. It hits Luigi, then they battle it. After it's
     defeated, it runs away. Mario gets the red fruit]
    "You got a Red Chuckola Fruit!"
    [The brothers find the next fruit inside of a cave]
    "You got a Purple Chuckola Fruit!"
    [Mario and Luigi head back to visit Chuckleroot, and they give him all three
    Chuckleroot: You found all three Chuckola Fruit types. I am amazed.
    Chuckleroot: Very well. You pass. Very well. Go.
    [Popple and Rookie suddenly appear]
    Rookie: Yes! Ohhhh, YES! The path is open!
    Popple: We were stuck and couldn't get past here, see? Hiding here and waiting
            for a couple of schmoes was brilliant!!!
    Popple: All right, Rookie! Let's not waste any more time! We're golden, see?
    [Popple and Rookie run off towards the sanctuary of the woods. Mario and Luigi
     follow them. Inside the sanctuary, they notice a barrel of Chuckola Reserve,
     and an old man]
    Bubbles: What do idiots drink? So-duhhhh!
    [The soda shakes]
    Bubbles: What do sodas call their dads? Pop!
    [The soda shakes]
    Bubbles: A hippie's favorite soda? Granola cola!
    [The soda shakes. The Mario Brothers walk up to the old man]
    Bubbles: My name is... Bubbles.
    Bubbles: I built Chateau de Chucklehuck, and I founded Chuckola Cola, Inc.
    Bubbles: And...I am the ultimate comedian, with the laughing and the chortling
             and the har har HAR!
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Bubbles: Yes, monsieurs.
    Bubbles: Indeed... What you see before you is the most legendary of sodas...
             The Chuckola Reserve... And, I am pleased to tell you, this Chuckola
             Reserve......is yours to enjoy!
    Bubbles: Har hee HAR! I have worked on Chuckola Reserve for 1000 years...
             Telling it joke after joke, so it would mature, and then mature some
             more, and then yet more...Until at last the greatest soda of all would
             be completed with the fizz and the tastiness.
    Bubbles: Because it is a soda of such high caliber and repute, rude guests meet
             a fate such as this...
    Bubbles: Un...
    Bubbles: Deux...
    Bubbles: Trois!
    [Popple and Rookie appear, trapped in barrels]
    Popple: Th-That's no ordinary soda, see? We can't stand up to such a
    Rookie: Gahhhhh!
    Bubbles: The great Chuckola Reserve is a thing to savor, with the flavor and
             tang and yum in the belly!
    [The Chuckola Reserve comes to life, as it knocks away Popple and Rookie, and
     Bubbles leaps away]
    Bubbles: Ahhh... It is wonderful... So wonderful...
    Bubbles: The great soda shines...
    Bubbles: However!!!
    Bubbles: That was not the only hidden soda power that my jokes have bred over
             these 1000 years!
    Bubbles: Now I insist you fully experience the texture, taste, and aroma of
             Chuckola Reserve!
    Bubbles: Bon appetit!
    [Mario and Luigi battle the soda, and they win the battle. After the battle,
     the soda calms down]
    Bubbles: NOOOOOOO!!! B-But the jokes! The puns! The humor I've saved up over
             the last 1000 years!
    [Out of frustration, Bubbles jumps at the ground repedeately, cracking the
     ground, and eventually breaking it. This sends Mario, Luigi, and the Chuckola
     Reserve down below to the bottom floor]
    Bubbles: Au revoir!
    [The Chuckola Reserve lands at the bottom of the area, and Mario lands directly
     inside of it, flipping the barrel over. Luigi lands next to a bridge, alone.
     He navigates his way through the cave, and when he finds the barrel of the
     Chuckola Reserve, it rolls into the water. He jumps on it, and uses it as a
     raft to get back to Beanbean Castle Town. Upon his arrival, the barrel busts,
     and Mario comes out lying on the ground]
    Beanbean Castle Town
    [When Luigi arrives and Mario busts out of the barrel, the guards notice the
     two brothers]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Hmmm!!! Well, look at this! A very Mario-esque fellow
                             and a Loo...uh, some other guy!
    [Luigi gets up and responds]
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Whaaaaaaat?!?
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: What is it?
    Beanbean Castle Guard 2: Mario's gut is filled to the brim with Chuckola
                             Reserve? It's sloshing around his insides?!? Gross!
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Th-That's terrible! And sort of disgusting! We must
                             contact Lady Lima immediately!
    Beanbean Castle Gaurd 2: Hmm! By the way... What's Chuckola Reserve?
    Beanbean Castle Guard 1: Shh! I have no idea...
    [Luigi falls over. The scene then switches to Beanbean Castle]
    Beanbean Castle
    [Queen Bean is seen lying on the floor, with Lady Lima, Mario, and Luigi in the
     room. They're standing right beside her]
    Queen Bean: Grooh... Groohoo... Gruuugh...
    Lady Lima: Queen Bean has been in a deep sleep, just as you see her now. Did
               you truly obtain some of the legendary Chuckola Reserve?
    [Luigi jumps on Mario, making him spew out the Chuckola Reserve into Queen
     Bean's mouth]
    Queen Bean: BLAAARF!!!
    [The Belly Belch worm suddenly pops out of her mouth]
    Lady Lima: There's the Belly Belch worm!
    [The worm hops away. Queen Bean then begins turning back into her normal self]
    Queen Bean: EEYAH HEH HEH!
    Lady Lima: Ohhhh!!! Success! A truly repugnant, yet truly tremendous success!
               Queen Bean has returned!
    [Queen Bean jumps]
    Queen Bean: Ahh... That's the hardest I've laughed in a long, long time. Well
                done, Lady Lima!
    Lady Lima: No, Your Highness, it is not I, but rather the Mario Bros. whom you
               must thank.
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Queen Bean: Hmm... So, Cackletta has stolen Princess Peach's voice and the
    Lady Lima: It was my fault...
    Queen Bean: Nonsense. But why would Cackletta steal the Beanstar and Princess
                Peach's voice in the first place?
    [A scroll is opened up]
    Lady Lima: The Beanstar is the protector of this land, and it has the power to
               grant any and all desires... To prevent such power from being used
               for evil, the Beanstar was cast into a deep sleep...
    [The next page is revealed]
    Lady Lima: It is said that a voice of great beauty is required to wake the
               Beanstar from its slumber. It must be the voice of a pure and noble
    [The next page is revealed]
    Lady Lima: ...In this day and age, Princess Peach is the only one who possesses
               such a voice.
    [The next page is revealed]
    Lady Lima: So...the reason Cackletta stole Princess Peach's voice... Aha! She
               must plan to awaken the Beanstar and fulfill all of her desires!
    [The Beanbean Castle throne room is shown again]
    Lady Lima: And there's no mistaking her one true desire: to rule the world!
    Queen Bean: EEYAH HEH HEH!
    Queen Bean: Fear not! I foresaw this desire of hers long, long ago! We are
                prepared! Card for card, we have a better hand than she!
    [The Beanbean kid comes in]
    Beanbean Kid: Your Highness! Prince Peasley has arrived!
    Queen Bean: Perfect timing! Master Mario! Master Luigi! Head out to meet Prince
    [Queen Bean jumps. Mario and Luigi continue towards the exit of the castle,
     when they suddenly see Prince Peasley. He shines himself]
    Prince Peasley: Cheers to Red and Greenie! Thank you for your help earlier!
                    Yes, thanks to you, my secret mission is about to pay off!
    [Mario and Luigi are confused]
    Prince Peasley: Ah heh heh heh heh heh!
    [He shines again. Queen Bean and Lady Lima enter the room]
    Queen Bean: Prince Peasley! Excellent work on your mission! Have you learned
                the whereabouts of Cackletta?
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh!
    Prince Peasley: Thanks to you... ABSOLUTELY!
    [Mario and Luigi are surprised]
    Prince Peasley: Southeast of this castle is Woohoo Hooniversity, our local
                    research institution. Cackletta and her underlings have just
                    snuck in there: into Woohoo Hooniversity!
    [Queen Bean jumps]
    Queen Bean: Yes, of course! Woohoo Hooniversity is the perfect place to awaken
                the Beanstar!
    Prince Peasley: I intend to march into Woohoo Hooniversity right this instant!
                    May we meet again!
    [He shines again, then leaves the castle]
    Queen Bean: Master Mario! Master Luigi! This may be your chance to recover
                Princess Peach's voice! I shall inform the locals that you are to
                be allowed passage on the road to Woohoo Hooniversity!
    [Queen Bean jumps, then her and Lady Lima exit the room. Mario and Luigi make
     their way out of the town, then they make their way southeast until eventually
     they reach Woohoo Hooniversity]
    Woohoo Hooniversity
    [As Mario and Luigi proceed down the hallway, they hear a scream]
    Voice 1: EEEEEEEEEK!
    Voice 2: Run!
    [A lot of Beanbean people run out of the Hooniversity. Mario and Luigi keep
     going, only to find a near unconscious Beanbean villager]
    Beanbean Villager: Ca-Cackletta and her crew snuck into the Hooniversity! They
                       transformed all of the Hooniversity's professors into
    Beanbean Villager: Ugh...
    Beanbean Villager: Ughhhh...
    [The villager turns into a monster, and Mario and Luigi fight it and defeat it.
     Mario and Luigi navigate through the Woohoo Hooniversity. After a long trek
     through the place, they eventually unseal the sun-symboled door in the main
     room. A scene is then shown, showing three Peach robots, and Fawful]
    Fawful: Preperations have completion!
    Fawful: O Great Cackletta, unleash the voice of Princess Peach on the Beanstar
            when you are wanting to!
    [Cackletta appears]
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Cackletta: The moment when all the world will bow down to me has come at
    [Mario and Luigi continue through more of the Hooniversity. They soon run into
     Cackletta, Fawful, and the three Peach robots]
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Cackletta: Peach bots! SPEAK!!!
    Peach Bot 1: Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Peach Bot 2: Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Peach Bot 3: Ho! Ho! Ho!
    [The voices of the Peach bots makes the Beanstar angry. It then goes on a
     rampage, and smashes the green grating. Cackletta and Fawful run away for a
     moment, then the Peach bots fall down the hole created by the Beanstar. The
     Beanstar also falls down, as Cackletta returns]
    Cackletta: Eeyah ha ha...HUH?! Wh-Wha-What happened?!? What is this???
    [Fawful appears]
    Fawful: I have fright! A situation we had not suspected has begun to
            d-d-d-develop! May we flee?
    [Mario and Luigi walk up to Cackletta and Fawful]
    Cackletta: EEYARGH!
    Cackletta: Pests! Loathsome pests! And at the worst possible moment! We don't
               have time to deal with you fools!!!
    [Luigi smashes Fawful into the ground]
    Cackletta: EEYARGH!
    Cackletta: Hah! Hmph! Well, won't this be fun! Oh, yes! If that's how it is,
               I'm ready for you. I'm going to knock you all the way back to the
               Mushroom Kingdom!
    [Cackletta grows huge, in a rage, and the brothers fight against her. After
     they win...]
    Cackletta: Graagh! Eeyaa...ha...hohhh...
    Cackletta: H-How could this happen?!?
    [Fawful appears]
    Fawful: CACKLETTA! Do not have worries!
    [Fawful pops out of the ground]
    Fawful: Watch! I am sucking up your energy with this headgear!
    [Fawful sucks up Cackletta]
    Cackletta: Oh... Oh... Oh, Fawful!!! Give them one final attack for me!
    Fawful: I say to you YES!
    [As Fawful approaches the Mario Brothers, Prince Peasley comes in and knocks
     Fawful over. He repedeately strikes him with his blade, and eventually sends
     him flying out of the Hooniversity]
    Prince Peasley: Now! Quickly! To the fallen Beanstar!
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Prince Peasley: What? The Beanstar heard Princess Peach's voice and went mad?
    Prince Peasley: But why would Princess Peach's voice drive the Beanstar mad? I
                    sense a surprising secret at the center of this riddle!
    [Mario and Luigi are confused]
    Prince Peasley: I shall explain it all in detail once we have safely recovered
                    the Beanstar that has fallen below. You two must go to the
                    bottom floor immediately!
    [Peasley shines, then jumps on his floating pillow, and flies off. Mario and
     Luigi proceed to the bottom floor. They eventually encounter Popple and
     Rookie, along with the Beanstar next to them]
    Popple: The Beanstar suddenly came falling down out of nowhere...It was
            shocking, see? But having treasure fall out of the sky sure is lucky!
            Yeah! That's right! Verrry lucky! Only Popple the shadow thief could
            get such results, see?
    [Rookie jumps]
    Rookie: You're amazing, Boss!
    [Mario and Luigi walk up to them, and Popple notices them]
    Popple: Rookie!
    Rookie: Yes, Boss!
    Popple: Uh-Unless my eyes are screwy...
    Popple: Look there! It's Red and Green from the Chateau!
    [Luigi takes off his hat, and Mario spins]
    Popple: Well, boo! Boo to you, I say! Why does this always happen?!? This isn't
            funny, see?
    Popple: Rookie!
    Rookie: Yes, Boss!
    Popple: These two numbskulls seem to like the old ring-a-ding-ding! Time to
            scrap again, see?
    [Rookie and Popple jump]
    Rookie: Yes, Boss!
    [Mario and Popple both grab the Beanstar, and they try and pull each other away
     from it. They eventually give up and enter battle. Mario and Luigi emerge
     victorious. After the battle, Popple and Rookie are on the ground]
    Rookie: ...
    Peach Bot: Ho! Ho! Ho!
    [A Peach bot falls down and breaks]
    Peach Bot: Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Peach Bot: Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
    [The voice of the Peach bot disturbs the Beanstar, making it get angry again.
     Popple then gets up]
    Popple: Oh, no! Our treasure! It's gonna fly away, see?
    [Popple holds onto the Beanstar, and Rookie gets up and does the same. Then,
     Mario and Luigi also jump on, as the Beanstar goes up into the sky. Popple
     falls off of the Beanstar, then Luigi and Mario also fall off. Rookie stays
     on, without falling]
    Rookie: Oh! I remember! I remember! I...I am...I am... Bowser the King!!!
    [Bowser then falls off of the Beanstar, and it then shatters into four pieces,
     and they fall down, landing somewhere around the Beanbean Kingdom. Luigi then
     appears at an oasis]
    Oho Oasis
    "East Beanbean: Oho Oasis"
    [Luigi is seen lying on the sand. He then gets up, and wonders where Mario is.
     He sees him up ahead, buried in the sand. Two crabs are knocking against his
     head. Luigi scares the crabs away, and Mario jumps out of the sand. The
     brothers reunite. They come across two strange palaces in the oasis. One is a
     temple only Mario can navigate, which the brothers enter first. Inside, Mario
     becomes micro sized, and jumps through a hole. He enters room ahead, where he
     finds a stone tablet he smashes with his Hammer. He gets returned to normal
     size, and a fire spirit appears]
    Fire Spirit: Welcome! Yes, welcome! Welcome to the Fire Palace! I have been
                 waiting for you. I have waited for many long years, smoldering
                 like embers. For you I have kept waiting...and waiting...and
                 WAITING! In fact, the last time anyone came through here was...
                 3000 years ago! Oh, waiting just burns me UP! But enough about
                 that...... So, why have you come?
    [Mario is confused]
    Fire Spirit: Huh? You, uh... This place... Umm... This place of power... It is,
                 uh... This place is...
    [The fire spirit is also confused]
    Fire Spirit: Now, wait a second... Just what kind of place was this, anyway?
                 What was it that I was planning on doing? Am I allowed in here?
                 Huh? Wait just a minute! Where am I? WHO am I???
    [Mario is still totally confused]
    Fire Spirit: ...Hm! I guess having no guests for 3000 years takes a toll.
                 Everything just seems to...slip one's mind! Har diddy HAR! How
                 humorous! So! I guess you can do what you want! I won't stop you!
    [The spirit disappears, and Mario walks up to the fire orb ahead, and touches
     it. His hand gets burnt, and he gets the power of fire engulfed into his hand.
     The fire spirit reappears]
    Fire Spirit: Oh! Wait! I just remembered! This is the famed Fire Palace, where
                 we teach the ways of the blistering Hand Power!
    Fire Spirit: Yes... It is all coming back... I have been waiting for you. You
                 want the Hand Power, right? You want to master the fiery power
                 known as the Firebrand, do you not? You do, right? Right? RIGHT?
                 You do not need to tell me. Your pose says it all.
    Fire Spirit: I shall instruct you in the arts of the Firebrand!
    Fire Spirit: First, press the R Button to select your Hand Power...
    Fire Spirit: Hold the A Button until you've charged up enough energy...
    Fire Spirit: Then release the button!
    Fire Spirit: Only then shall you shoot forth a mighty blast of flame! Perhaps
                 you should try it once.
    [Mario uses the Firebrand]
    "Mario mastered the Firebrand!"
    Fire Spirit: I see no problem with your skill. If you just do this action near
                 something flammable, you should have no problems! Surely this will
                 open up new paths in your life! Wouldn't you agree? So...
    [The fire spirit disappears, and Mario makes his way out of the Fire Palace,
     with the help of his new Firebrand ability. The brothers proceed to the next
     palace, which is the Thunder Palace. Luigi eventually enters a room, alone,
     with a stone tablet that he smashes to pieces with his Hammer. Then, lightning
     bolts strike, and a thunder spirit appears]
    Thunder Spirit: To you who have wandered into Thunder Palace... These are the
                    training grounds for the chosen few. I know not how you found
                    your way here, nor how you managed to enter this place... But I
                    have no business with you...and you have none with me. Depart,
    [The thunder spirit disappears, and Luigi touches the electrical orb ahead. He
     gets electrocuted, and gets the power of electricity into his hands. Then, the
     thunder spirit reappears]
    Thunder Spirit: CRRRACKITY!!! Wh-Who dares to touch the great Thunderhand
                    spark?!? Impertinent fool!
    Thunder Spirit: ...And yet... You have touched the great Thunderhand spark, but
                    still stand before me, so...
    Thunder Spirit: ...Perhaps you have the qualities needed to master the galvanic
                    Thunderhand technique...
    Thunder Spirit: Very well... I shall instruct you in the art of the
    Thunder Spirit: First, press the R Button to select your Hand Power...
    Thunder Spirit: Hold the A Button until you've charged up enough energy...
    Thunder Spirit: Then release the button!
    Thunder Spirit: Only then shall you release a burst of thunder and lightning.
                    Perhaps you should try it once.
    [Luigi uses the Thunderhand]
    "Luigi mastered the Thunderhand!"
    Thunder Spirit: Hmm! Very well done...
    Thunder Spirit: It is wise to use this power when an apparent conductor of
                    electricity is nearby.
    Thunder Spirit: You have done it! It is done! You have released me!
    [The thunder spirit disappears, as Luigi makes his way back to Mario, with the
     help of his new Thunderhand ability. Mario and Luigi exit the palace, and they
     find an area where they can use the Firebrand and Thunderhand in one wall.
     They do so, which causes a stone bridge to form. Mario and Luigi enter the
     yellow pipe ahead, which leads to the Seabed. They swim their way through the
     seabed, and eventually, they come to another yellow pipe. They climb it up.
     After that, the scene switches to the Stardust Fields]
    Stardust Fields
    "Meanwhile, Near the Border..."
    [Bowser is seen lying down on the ground, nearly unconscious. Fawful, who is
     also badly injured, walks up to Bowser using a walking cane]
    Fawful: O... G-Great... Ca-Cackletta... W-Will this guy...do?
    Cackletta: Any... Anyone will do now... Hurry... Quickly...
    [Fawful releases Cackletta into Bowser's body. She is then fused with Bowser,
     becoming reborn after being nearly dead. She laughs, then the scene switches
     back to Mario and Luigi, who are back at East Beanbean]
    East Beanbean
    [Here, Mario and Luigi encounter Prince Peasley]
    Prince Peasley: I have searched high and low for you two! I fear that you'd met
                    a terrible fate!
    [The brothers explain to him what happened to the Beanstar]
    Prince Peasley: Yes... It is true. The Beanstar split into four pieces. They
                    have scattered. It is sad, really...
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Prince Peasley: What? You say you'll help me search for the Beanstar pieces?
    Prince Peasley: Of course, I would be most appreciative... But actually, I'd
                    like you two to go to Beanbean Airport.
    [Mario and Luigi are confused]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh... You see... Princess Peach is blessing our fair
                    land with her presence!
    [Mario and Luigi are shocked and confused]
    Prince Peasley: A dignitary of Princess Peach's stature visiting our kingdom is
                    a very serious affair. And THAT is why I'd like you two in
                    attendance to greet Her Royal Loveliness.
    Prince Peasley: As such, you must head for Beanbean Airport immediately!
    [Mario and Luigi agree to go there]
    Prince Peasley: Well, by the by, Beanbean Airport is south of Beanbean Castle.
                    I must head there myself immediately, so I'll see you there!
    [Peasley flies off, as Mario and Luigi make their way to Beanbean Airport]
    Beanbean Airport
    [The Beanbean kid they saw earlier in the game appears]
    Beanbean Kid: Mario... Luigi... Lady Lima is calling for you. Please go to the
                  runway up ahead.
    [Mario and Luigi continue to the runway, where they see Lady Lima]
    Lady Lima: Oh! Masters Mario and Luigi! Queen Bean was most pleased by your
               efforts at the Hooniversity!
    Lady Lima: By the way... There has been a slight hiccup in our plans to welcome
               Princess Peach.
    Lady Lima: You see, nasty Piranha Plants have dug their roots into this runway.
               Her airplane can't land!
    [Mario and Luigi see the Piranha Plants. Mario responds to Lady Lima]
    Lady Lima: Hmm? What? You want to know why repairs haven't been made?
    Lady Lima: Well, with the Cackletta incident, it didn't seem to be a priority.
    Lady Lima: ...But, enough about that! You must do something about these
               disgusting Piranha Plants! ...For the sake of the princess! You
               can't refuse, can you?
    Lady Lima: Well, then! Show me that Mario Bros. work ethic I've heard so much
    [Lady Lima walks away. Mario and Luigi kill each Piranha Plant on the runway by
     using the water fountains spreaded throughout the runway, spitting the water
     on them, then having Luigi use the Thunderhand on them to kill them for good.
     After each Piranha Plant dies, an egg at the center of the runway cracks. Once
     all Piranha Plants are destroyed, the egg cracks open, revealing the mom of
     the Piranhas. Mario and Luigi fight and defeat it. After the fight, they
     return to Lady Lima[
    Lady Lima: Well done, Mario Bros.! Now we can welcome Princess Peach to our
               fair kingdom!
    [Princess Peach's airship then begins flying towards the runway. It then lands]
    Beanbean Castle Court Gardens
    "Beanbean Castle Court Gardens"
    [Mario and Luigi are talking]
    Lady Lima: Hush, everyone! Princess Peach, representative of the Mushroom
               Kingdom, brings greetings!
    [Princess Peach enters the area, along with Toadsworth. She walks up to the
     Mario Bros.]
    Princess Peach: Mario! Luigi!
    Princess Peach: Mario! Luigi!! Thank you so much for all you've done. I am so
                    relieved that the two of you are safe.
    [Mario and Luigi talk to Peach, being very confused]
    Toadsworth: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho! Oh, how terribly amusing! Yes. Come now,
                don't be startled! You see... I must tell you... Princess Peach's
                voice......was never stolen!
    [Mario and Luigi are still confused. Prince Peasley enters]
    Prince Peasley: I knew Cackletta was after the royal voice, so I beat them to
                    the castle and warned the princess.
    [A flashback of the start of the game occurs, showing Fawful stealing Princess
     Peach's voice. The real Princess Peach and Toadsworth are then seen behind
     some curtains of the castle. The scene then switches back to the present]
    Prince Peasley: THIS is the Princess Peach who's voice was stolen!
    [The fake Peach enters the area, and turns into a Birdo. Mario and Luigi are
    Prince Peasley: And THAT is why the Beanstar reacted so strangely to her voice!
    [The Birdo blows a couple of kisses, then chases the Beanbean kids. Queen Bean
     then enters the area]
    Queen Bean: As you can see, every card in our hand truly was better than
    Queen Bean: EEYAH HEH HEH!
    Princess Peach: Mario... Luigi... I am sorry to have caused you such trouble.
                    When the pair of you came rushing to the castle... I intended
                    to tell you the truth immediately, but Bowser beat you there...
                    And I lost my chance to spill the beans...so to speak...
    Toadsworth: But you defeated Cackletta nonetheless! And that is something to be
                congratulated for!
    [Mario and Luigi agree. The scene then switches to Beanbean Castle]
    Beanbean Castle
    Prince Peasley: ...By the way, there's no sign of what's left of the
                    Beanstar... It apparently broke into four pieces, which seem to
                    be lost... And so, I am off yet again! I must sally forth to
                    look for the pieces of the Beanstar! You two can relax here and
                    enjoy some sightseeing in our kingdom with fair Princess Peach.
    [Peasley shines, and walks off. Luigi waves bye, and the Mario Bros. proceed to
     the throne room. Toadsworth notices them]
    Toadsworth: Oh, Master Mario... Spot-on timing...
    Princess Peach: Mario, Luigi...
    Princess Peach: I was just speaking with Queen Bean... She tells me there is a
                    mushroom town in Beanbean Kingdom called Little Fungitown. Do
                    you know of it?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Toadsworth: It is a town of Toads who have immigrated to this land.
    Princess Peach: Since we have come all the way to this land, I wish to pay a
                    royal visit to Little Fungitown...
    [Queen Bean jumps]
    Queen Bean: That's acceptable in theory, but to reach Little Fungitown you must
                go north through Teehee Valley... Teehee Valley is filled with vile
                monsters. It would be a little... No! VERY dangerous for Princess
    [Toadsworth gets scared]
    Toadsworth: As the royal representative of the senior Toads, I must vigorously
                oppose this idea! Passing through unknown lands filled with
                monsters is absolutely absurd! Why, the very idea...
    Toadsworth: Koh-hoff! Ah-hem!
    Toadsworth: ...And yet... I suppose if Mario and Luigi escorted you...
    Princess Peach: Mario. Luigi. Since we seem to have come to a consensus...
                    Won't you take me to...Little Fungitown?
    [Luigi refuses. Mario hammers him into the ground, and agrees to escort Peach
     to Little Fungitown]
    Princess Peach: Will that do, Toadsworth?
    Toadsworth: As if I have any say in the matter! Just be very, very, very, very,
                very, very, VERY careful. I must begin preperations immediately.
                Mario, you and Luigi should meet us up north, at the entrance to
                Teehee Valley.
    Princess Peach: ...And with that, please allow me to excuse myself, Queen Bean.
    [Peach and Toadsworth leave]
    Queen Bean: ...Your princess is not only beautiful, but both wise and
                courageous, as well. I am severly impressed! Mario! Luigi! We have
                entrusted Princess Peach's safekeeping to the two of you! Leave the
                castle and head northeast to reach Teehee Valley.
    [Luigi pops out of the ground, and Mario and Luigi exit the castle. They try to
     go to Teehee Valley, but upon reaching the path leading there, they find a
     rock that cannot be broken. They keep searching for clues, and eventually they
     end up in a cave]
    Beanbean Outskirts East Cave
    [Inside the cave, they find a hideout where the Hammerhead Brothers are.
     They've decided to make the cave their new hideout. They notice the brothers]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Whoa! I was wonderin' who that might be! It's the
                               good ol' Mario Bros.!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: How have you guys been doin'? We've moved out this
                               way recently! This new place is bigger than the old
                               one, which makes it easier for us to do work! Which
                               is good.
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Say, are those Hammers we made for you strikin'
                               mighty blows? Well, how 'bout we reforge 'em and
                               power 'em up for you? What do you say? It's free!
    "Reforge your Hammers?"
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Oh... Hey, no biggie. Just say the word if you
                               change your mind!
    [If "Yes" is chosen...]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Great! We'll have these back to you in just a sec'.
    [The Hammerhead Bros. do their hammer-forging trick to power the Hammers up]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: All right! They're ready!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: And they're more powerful than ever! POW! POW!
    "You got Super Hammers!"
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Now you oughta be able to break rocks you couldn't
                               break before! Go ahead and test out the strength of
                               those bad boys!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: Come back here again after a while! You never
                               know... We might be able to forge your Hammers again
                               and make 'em even stronger!
    [The Mario Brothers continue to the path leading to Teehee Valley. They smash
     the rock in their way, and proceed into the valley]
    Teehee Valley
    [Mario and Luigi see no sign of Princess Peach or Toadsworth]
    Toadsworth: Master Mario! Master Luigi!
    [Mario and Luigi get Toadsworth's attention, as him and Princess Peach walk up
     to the brothers]
    Toadsworth: Hoo! Sorry to keep you waiting.
    [They automatically move to a different part of the valley]
    Toadsworth: Now then, Master Mario, Master Luigi... Please be sure to take the
                utmost, most diligent, sincerest care of Princess Peach!!!
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Princess Peach: I'll be back before you know it!
    Princess Peach: OK, Mario! And Luigi! Let's go to Little Fungitown!
    [Peach, Mario, and Luigi proceed through the valley]
    Toadsworth: Princess! Be careful!!!
    Toadsworth: Hmm... Why do I get the feeling I forgot to say something vital?
    Toadsworth: ...Oh!!! That's right!
    [Toadsworth runs back to the brothers and Princess Peach]
    Toadsworth: Master Mario! Wait!
    [Peach walks off carelessly]
    Toadsworth: Oh, now I've done it!
    Princess Peach: Eeeeeeeeek!
    [Mario, Luigi, and Toadsworth are scared]
    Princess Peach: Mario! Luigi!!!
    [A Goomba takes Peach through a yellow pipe]
    Toadsworth: Master Mario, I forgot to tell you one vital tidbit...and now just
                look at what has happened! If you let the princess out of your
                sight like we just did, she'll get kidnapped instantly! I beg of
                you: Rescue her and take care to ensure that you do not leave her
                side again. And if the princess gets too far ahead of you, please
                stop her and talk some sense into her! I have asked her to return
                by the same path she took if you should speak to her.
    [Mario and Luigi jump]
    Toadsworth: And with that... Good luck! I am counting on you!
    [Toadsworth walks off, as Mario and Luigi proceed to save Princess Peach from
     two Gritty Goombas in a small room. She gets rescued, and Mario and Luigi
     guide her to the end of the area]
    Princess Peach: Oh, that wasn't so bad! Now then, let's move on!
    [They continue to the next area, and guide her to the end of that area as well]
    Princess Peach: Oh, that wasn't so bad! Now then, let's move on!
    [Again, they guide her through the next area safely]
    Princess Peach: Oh, that wasn't so bad! Now then, let's move on!
    [They guide her through yet another area of the valley. After that...]
    Princess Peach: Thank you! We're almost to Little Fungitown!
    [The Mario Bros. follow Peach. She reads a sign]
    "^ Little Fungitown
     The Mushroom Kingdom
      Immigrant Community"
    [Peach walks towards the area leading to Little Fungitown]
    Princess Peach: Little Fungitown is up ahead! Don't let your guard down yet!!!
    [She walks off. Mario and Luigi follow her]
    Princess Peach: Eeeeeeeeek!
    [Peach is cornered by a big tree monster, with two Toads of Little Fungitown
     spying on her]
    Little Fungitown Toad 1: H-Hey, man... This looks bad... Uh... Go... Go rescue
    Little Fungitown Toad 2: Huh? Something that huge? That's impossible!
    [Mario and Luigi enter the area. The giant tree notices them]
    Little Fungitown Toad 1: Hey, man! Isn't that Mario?
    Little Fungitown Toad 2: Y-You're right! Talk about lucky!
    Princess Peach: Mario! Luigi! HELP MEEEE!!!!!!
    [The monster attacks Mario and Luigi, and they defeat it. After the battle, the
     monster is small, and he disappears]
    Princess Peach: Oh... Mario... Luigi... Thank you! You saved me!
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Little Fungitown Toad 2: It-It looks like they got it...
    [The brothers notice the Toads]
    Little Fungitown Toad 2: So, yeah, that monster blocking the gate to town was a
                             huge problem, needless to say. Thanks!
    Little Fungitown Toad 1: W-Welcome to Little Fungitown.
    Little Fungitown Toad 2: P-Princess Peach! M-Mario Bros.! We have been waiting
                             for you! We were told to expect you. Please! We insist
                             you use the lift in the back!
    [Mario, Luigi, and Peach walk up to the lift. Peach jumps on]
    Princess Peach: Tee hee... I wonder just what kind of town it is... Oooh, I
                    can't wait!
    Princess Peach: OK, Mario. And you, too, Luigi! Hop on!
    [The Mario Bros. hop on, and the lift takes them to Little Fungitown]
    Little Fungitown
    [Mario, Luigi, and Peach walk off of the lift, and into the town]
    Toad 1: P-P-P-Princess Peach! Is-Is that you, Your Highness? We-We'd heard you
            were coming from T-Toadsworth! But so soon?
    Toad 2: We-We're so honored you've come all the way h-h-here!
    Toad 1: A-A-And over here we have the s-s-superstar, M-M-M-Mario!
    [Mario jumps]
    Toad 2: And L-L-Luigi!?! Are you for r-r-real? We-We don't deserve such an
            in-in-in-incredible honor!
    [Luigi laughs]
    Princess Peach: Thanks for your hospitality.
    Toad 1: V-V-Very well then! A-Allow us to show you around L-Little Fungitown!
    Princess Peach: Mario! Luigi! Thank you so much for all that you've done. I'm
                    all right now. You two can relax a little and enjoy the sights.
    [Mario and Luigi jump]
    Princess Peach: We can all meet up again a bit later.
    [The Toads and Peach walk off. Mario and Luigi explore the town, then they
     enter the embassy. They continue into Peach's room]
    Princess Peach: Mario, Luigi... A Game Arcade near here offers entertainment
                    to the local residents. I know there isn't anything like it in
                    the Mushroom Kingdom, so I'm considering a visit. Mario, have
                    you and your brother been there yet? Yes, I think I will visit
                    it...a little bit later.
    [With the information Peach just gave them, the Mario Bros. continue to explore
     the town, then they enter the building with the Game Arcade. They examine the
     only available Game Arcade]
    "Would you like to play?"
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen, nothing happens. If "Yes" is chosen, the mini-game begins.
     This is the only place in the game where you get to see a brief appearance of
     Geno, which is a popular character from Super Mario RPG. I'll post the script
     of him for Geno fans to see]
    Geno: This is our most popular machine: The Star 'Stache Smash! The high score
          is 200 points. Beat it to get an exquisite prize!
    Geno: Press START to view the rules. Good luck!
    [After winning the game...]
    Geno: Congratulations! It's a new high score!
    Game Arcade Toad: WOW! Nice score! Super-nice, even! All righty! Here you go!
    "You recieved an Invincishroom!"
    [Mario eats the Invincishroom]
    Game Arcade Toad: Umm-yum! Isn't it delectable?
    [Mario suddenly chokes, and Luigi gets frightened. Mario's face turns green,
     and then he falls over, unconscious. Luigi takes him back to the embassy]
    Princess Peach: Mario...
    Princess Peach: How... How is he???
    Doctor Toad: Hmmm... Green hue... Yes... Discoloration in the face... The
                 symptoms seem to indicate... Bean Fever! No mistaking it!
    [Luigi is confused]
    Doctor Toad: The illness afflicts many travelers who aren't used to the food in
                 this region.
    Princess Peach: W-Well then... Can you cure him?
    Doctor Toad: Had I the right remedy, I could cure him, but sadly, I'm all out.
                 At this rate, in three days...
    Doctor Toad: He'll be a bean!!!
    [Luigi and Peach are scared]
    Princess Peach: Wh-What shall we do???
    Doctor Toad: It's somewhat dangerous, but west of this town lies a place known
                 as... Guffawha Ruins! It is said that deep within the Guffawha
                 Ruins.......there grows Crabbie Grass, an antidote to this fever.
    [Luigi jumps]
    Princess Peach: Luigi... Will you go to Guffawha Ruins?
    [Luigi agrees to go]
    Doctor Toad: On a side note, according to recent research...
    [A portrait of a monster eating a Toad comes up, and Luigi is frightened]
    Doctor Toad: Frightful monsters such as these have settled into Guffawha Ruins.
    Doctor Toad: Rumors say that those who have been attacked by these monsters...
                 ...have had their bones broken, their flesh stripped, and all
                 their blood sucked out. ...Yuck. ...Well, that's what they say!
    [The portrait disappears. Luigi is very, very scared]
    Princess Peach: Oh, my! That's quite frightful!
    Princess Peach: But you're Luigi! You'll do just fine there, surely! ...Uh,
                    right, Luigi?
    [Luigi hides in a corner]
    Princess Peach: You'll be fine, won't you?
    [Luigi refuses to go]
    Princess Peach: This is for Mario's sake, right?
    [Luigi still refuses to go]
    Princess Peach: You WILL go, yes?
    [Luigi moves, but barely]
    Doctor Toad: Look! That's true brotherly love! Sheer will is making his
                 cowardly bones move. How inspiring!
    Princess Peach: Luigi, you're our only hope. Please come back safely. We'll be
                    waiting for you.
    [Luigi exits the embassy. He's so frightened, however, that he has his hands
     over his head, and he walks slowly. He can't jump or do anything. He goes to a
     building where a Magikoopa is located, and speaks with it]
    Kamek: Oh, are you interested in my hypnotic abilities?
    Kamek: Oh, dear. You look so...nervous. Horrified, even. Why don't you start
           by taking a long, deep breath.
    Kamek: How was that? You feel more relaxed now, don't you?
    Kamek: Say, you're dressed strikingly like Mario, aren't you? Are you
           infatuated with Mario, the superstar? Well, in that case, I shall turn
           you into Mario!
    Kamek: Now, close your eyes...
    [Luigi closes his eyes]
    Kamek: You shall now become Mario. Yes. Embrace it. Believe. With his
           incredible jump, you will face the onslaught of evil. The greatest
           superstar of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario...is YOU!
    [Luigi starts leaning]
    Kamek: See? Aren't you feeling a tad Marioesque?
    [The room turns dark]
    Kamek: You are becoming Mario...
    Kamek: You are turning into Mario...
    Kamek: More and more Mario...
    Kamek: You are almost Mario...
    Kamek: Quite nearly Mario...
    Kamek: YAHHH!!!
    [Kamek uses his wand on Luigi. The room lights back up]
    Kamek: You may open your eyes now.
    [Luigi opens his eyes, and Kamek walks over to the curtain]
    Kamek: Now come this way...
    [Luigi opens the curtain, and his reflection shows him as Mario himself]
    Kamek: Well? Are your hat and clothes not red?
    [The curtain closes]
    Kamek: You are Mario!!!
    [Luigi is no longer scared, and has the courage of his own brother. He then
     proceeds to use the lift leaving out of the town. At Teehee Valley, he finds a
     lift that can only take one person at a time. He uses that lift. He soon finds
     a stone that he smashes to pieces with his Hammer. After he hits orbs on a
     stone statue, another stone is revealed. Luigi hits the switch on it with his
     Hammer, opening the entrance to the true part of the Guffawha Ruins]
    Guffawha Ruins
    [Luigi navigates the ruins alone, fighting some enemies along the way, and
     solving a puzzle. He eventually finds an ! Block, which he hits. This causes
     the stone head "monster" to appear, which has been rumored to have eaten many
     people. Three yellow platforms appear, and the stone head talks]
    Stone Head: Hey, Mr. Mussstache! I am amazed you hafff come ssso fffar. Word
                hasss ssspread in town that I hafff become a horrible and
                dessspicably fffrightening monssster. Why doesss everybody ssspread
                rumorsss they know nothing about? That makesss me fffuriousss!!!
                It's SSSOOOOO ANNOYING! It tearsss up my insssidesss! Oh! You could
                help! Mr. Mussstahce! Pleassse help me releassse the ssstresss that
                ailsss me ssso! All you mussst do isss dodge my flamesss fffor 30
                sssecondsss. What do you sssay? Will you eassse my pain? Will you
                help me essscape my ssstresss?
     - Yesss
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Stone Head: I thought fffor sssure you had come to help me...
    [The head then disappears. If "Yesss" is chosen...]
    Stone Head: Of courssse you will! Like I sssaid, you mussst dodge my ffflamesss
                for 30 sssecondsss. Ifff my ffflamesss hit you or you fffall offf
                that ledge befffore 30 sssecondsss passs......you mussst ssstart
                all over. Ready?
    [The mini-game thing then begins. After Luigi dodges his flames...]
    Stone Head: OHHH! Many thanksss!!! That really let offf a lot of ssstresss! It
                fffeelsss like my sssoul hasss at lassst been releasssed!!!
    [The big mouth below Luigi opens up]
    Stone Head: Thank you, mussstachioed one! You can go now! I am done with you!
    [The stone head disappears, and Luigi proceeds into the next room. He finds
     Crabbie Grass in the center]
    "You got Crabbie Grass!"
    [Luigi proceeds to the room ahead, which is a shortcut leading out of the
     ruins. He ends back up in Little Fungitown]
    Little Fungitown
    [Luigi heads back to the embassy. On the way there, he hears a rumble, and
     nearly gets struck by lightning]
    Fungitown Toad 1: Luigi! Are you OK?
    [Luigi is confused, and doesn't seem to recall anything that he just did. He
     then gets up, and responds]
    Fungitown Toad 1: What? You don't know what you've been doing? Don't you
    [He thinks, and then remembers]
    Fungitown Toad 1: I heard you went to Guffawha Ruins to get Crabbie Grass for
                      Mario... Did... Did you really get Crabbie Grass?
    [Luigi opens his suitcase, and finds the grass]
    Fungitown Toad 1: It-It really IS Crabbie Grass!
    Fungitown Toad 1: Going to the frightful and dangerous Guffawha Ruins all by
                      yourself... Luigi! How incredibly courageous you are! Surely
                      you will be a legend in this town!
    [A sweat drop appears above Luigi's head]
    Fungitown Toad 1: By the way, what do you think that thunderous noise was?
                      Could something have happened at the embassy? Luigi,
                      shouldn't you be rushing to Mario's side?
    [Luigi agrees, and closes his suitcase. He heads towards the embassy]
    Fungitown Toad 2: L-L-Luigi!!
    [The Toad comes rushing in]
    Fungitown Toad 2: P-P-Princess Peach!!! She-!!!
    [Luigi is curious. The area suddenly turns dark, and a lot of lightning bolts
     strike the ground. Bowser's old Koopa Copter is then shown, and Peach is shown
     inside the copter]
    Princess Peach: Luigi!!!
    [Peach is shoved down. Luigi thinks Bowser is inside]
    Voice: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    Voice: Excuse me? Bowser??? Oh, I think you're sorely mistaken. I'm...
    [A transformed-looking version of Bowser is shown, which is Cackletta and
     Bowser fused together]
    Voice: Bowletta!!!
    [Luigi is scared. Fawful suddenly appears]
    Fawful: Cackletta's power has poured into this Koopa who is king!!! The body is
            of the Bowser, but the mind is all of the Great Cackletta!
    [Fawful laughs]
    Bowletta: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    Bowletta: I need no voice this time... I'll just steal...the real deal!!!
    Bowletta: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    [Peach calls for help, and Bowletta and Fawful fly away with Peach. Luigi goes
     to the embassy, and enters the room Mario is in. He gives him the Crabbie
     Grass, returning him to his normal self, thus curing his Bean Fever. Mario
     gets up, and Luigi starts crying. A Toad enters the room]
    Fungitown Toad: Mario!!! The p-princess...!!!
    [Mario is scared. The brothers then appear back at Beanbean Castle]
    Beanbean Castle
    Toadsworth: Master Mario! Master Luigi! Awful things transpired while you were
                off doing who-knows-what!
    Toadsworth: It looks like my hobbies will have to be shelved once again...
    Lady Lima: Your Highness!
    [Lady Lima enters the room]
    Lady Lima: Bowser... No... Cackletta... Uh, I mean... Bowletta... A message has
    [She holds up a thing that looks like a Game Boy Advance. Then, the message
     Bowletta sent plays]
    Bowletta: Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!
    Bowletta: You puny little worms are no match for me now! I'm only going to say
              this once, so listen up! If you want your precious princess returned
    [The Beanstar pieces are shown]
    Bowletta: Bring me the four pieces of the Beanstar! I will contact you again
              once the Beanstar is complete!
    [The message turns off, and Queen Bean jumps]
    Queen Bean: Oh, my... How has it come to this?
    Lady Lima: It seems we played our hand out, only to find the game is not
    Prince Peasley: There is little we can do. For now, we must gather the Beanstar
                    pieces as Bowletta demands. Luckily, I know the general areas
                    that the pieces fell in, so it shouldn't be too hard to find
    [The Beanbean map is shown, and the Beanstar pieces are shown on the map. All
     four get circled]
    Prince Peasley: I have marked the areas where the pieces fell.
    Prince Peasley: Who will gather the pieces first? The esteemed Mario Bros.? Or
                    me? I will bet 99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom coins that it will
                    be me!
    [Peasley pokes Luigi with his blade]
    Prince Peasley: Do not scoff...for I do not intend to lose!!!
    [Luigi is embarrased]
    Prince Peasley: The game is afoot!
    [Peasley leaves]
    Toadsworth: Master Mario! Master Luigi!!! We're counting on you! Heed my
                directions well and you'll quickly find the Beanstar piece that
                landed in Teehee Valley!
    [The Beanbean map is shown again, and Toadsworth circles the Beanstar piece he
     recommends the Mario Bros. find first]
    Toadsworth: I recommend going to find this Beanstar piece first!
    Toadsworth: I must say, my senses have been referred to as "strangely keen"!
    [Mario and Luigi exit the castle, and continue back to Teehee Valley, in search
     of the first Beanstar piece]
    Teehee Valley
    [Mario and Luigi explore the valley, and eventually come across an abandoned
     boat out in the sand. They get on board the boat. A Beanstar piece is lying on
     the deck. Two pirates come out]
    Skull Pirate 1: Whoa! Is this the thing that fell from the sky an' crashed into
                    the hatch with a big ol' thud?!?
    Skull Pirate 2: It's gotta be! And thanks to that, the hatch is busted! This is
    Skull Pirate 1: But hey! Whoa! Jus' lookit this thing sparkle an' shine! I
                    dunno what this is, but I'm puttin' it in the hold!
    [The pirate takes the Beanstar piece, and both pirates enter the ship. Mario
     and Luigi follow them inside]
    S.S. Chuckola
    [The Mario Bros. explore the inside of the ship, and eventually they find the
     pirate they saw earlier. He takes the Beanstar piece into the next room, and
     another pirate blocks the doorway leading to that room. Mario and Luigi speak
     with the guard]
    Skull Guard 1: Hey! The storage area's this way! If you wanna get in, you need
                   a Membership Card for this boat! An' if you want a Membership
                   Card, try doin' somethin' that'll help out this boat!
    [Mario and Luigi explore the boat some more, and eventually find a room with
     lights around a doorway. A Beanbean man comes out]
    Beanbean Man: I... I just can't handle this heavy-duty brain labor!!!
    [The man runs off]
    Skull Guard 2: Please! Quit cryin'! I swear! THIS is why I hate hirin' these
                   workers from out in the sticks!
    [Mario and Luigi speak to the guard]
    Skull Guard 2: Oh! Perfect timin'! We're short some people an' we're hurtin'.
                   Yeah, we're in a huge jam. You two ready to take on a little
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Skull Guard 2: Oooh, too bad for us.
    [If "Yes" is chosen...]
    Skull Guard 2: Great! OK, come in here!
    [The Mario Bros. follow him, and meet a skeleton named Bink]
    Bink: Hrmm! Hrmm! I am Bink! Nice to meet you!
    Bink: If you get 10 Barrel points, you can be my sidekick. You win, I win...we
          all win!
    Bink: Want to Barrel?
     - Yes
     - No
     - Practice
     - Explain!
    [If "Yes" is chosen, the mini-game begins]
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Bink: Hrmm! Hrmm! Nice work. Yes! Nice!
    [If "Practice" is chosen...]
    Bink: Then practice to the content of your heart. Press START when you are
          ready to quit.
    [If "Explain!" is chosen...]
    Bink: Just line up barrels of the same color. Line them either vertically or
          horizontally. I will show you how, so give it a try. It is not so
    [Bink tosses barrels onto the machine]
    Bink: Mario, you use Left and Right on the Control Pad. Luigi, you use Up and
          Down. Try taking ten steps each.
    [Mario and Luigi take ten steps each]
    Bink: Next, I will show you how to move barrels. How exciting! Hold the A
          Button and press the Control Pad Up or Down to move Mario's vertical
          line. Hold the A Button and press the Control Pad Left or Right to move
          Luigi's horizontal line.
    Bink: Mario, try moving some barrels. Do not fear them! Hold the A Button and
          press the Control Pad Up or Down.
    [Mario moves some barrels]
    Bink: Now it is your turn, Luigi. Hold the A Button and press the Control Pad
          Left or Right to do your thing!
    [Luigi moves some barrels]
    Bink: Hrmm! Hrmm! I am such a good teacher! I amaze myself sometimes! Why don't
          you work up a sweat moving barrels until you get used to the rules. Press
          START when you're ready to quit.
    [After Mario and Luigi clear the mini-game...]
    Bink: Hrmm! Hrmm! You stop right there!
    Bink: Oh! Ho-ho! Not bad, friend of mine! As of today, you are now my new
    [Mario and Luigi are taken out of that area]
    Skull Guard 2: Thanks for your hard work! You really helped us out, fellas!
                   Unfortunately, we can't pay you with cash, so take this instead!
    "You got a Membership Card!"
    Skull Guard 2: If you ever need more work, jus' drop by, all right? We're
                   always happy to welcome hard-workin' types like you fellas!
    [Mario and Luigi continue to the area where the doorway was blocked, and Mario
     shows the guard his Membership Card]
    Skull Guard 1: Oh! Lookit that! You got a Membership Card right there! Whoa!
                   Now that I know, I oughta be able to remember you by sight from
                   now on.
    [The guard moves out of the way, and the Mario Bros. enter the room. Inside,
     they see the pirate with the Beanstar piece]
    Skull Pirate: Bringin' this sparkly thing to the hold was a good idea, but
                  where do we put it?
    [Mario and Luigi walk up to him and jump, then talk to him]
    Skull Pirate: Whoa!!! Whuzzat??? You say this sparkly thing is a piece of the
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Skull Pirate: And you say you two came here lookin' for it?
    [They respond again]
    Skull Pirate: Hmm... Really? You want this thing? Well... I GUESS I could give
                  it to you... But I gotta tell you, this thing busted our hatch. I
                  can't jus' give it to you for free...
    Skull Pirate: All right!
    Skull Pirate: Jus' get that guy Bloat off the wall up ahead! Then I'll give
                  this sparkly thing to you guys! Those are the, y'know, conditions
                  of the trade!
    [Mario and Luigi speak to the guard next to Bloat]
    Skull Guard: Come one! Come all! Have a look! Come see the pathetically
                 inflated man, Bloat!! He drank so much Chuckola Cola, he got stuck
                 in this crack! Plus, he forgot where he left the bombs for blowin'
                 up walls! Can't nothin' be done? Can't poor Bloat escape his fate?
    [The brothers speak with Bloat]
    Bloat: Wheee! Burrrp! This Chuckola Cola fizz seeps right into your bones!
           BRAAP! Hic! Don't you guys wanna join me for some refreshin' cola? Hic!
    [The Mario Bros. keep exploring the ship, eventually finding a long piece of
     wood that doesn't look like part of the floor. The brothers attempt to use
     their Hammer on it. This causes a dynamite to fall into Bloat's room. Mario
     and Luigi return there, and Mario uses the Firebrand to light the fuse. This
     blows up the wall, releasing Bloat]
    Bloat: Ooh ho ho ho ho ho!
    [The ship suddenly begins shaking, and sand comes pouring out of the wall,
     pushing Bloat out of the way. Mario and Luigi fall down lots of sand, and the
     boat gets moved into the water]
    Skull Captain: Bluh?!? Wha's goin' on here?!?
    Skull Guard: C-Cap'n! It's the ocean! It's an actual ocean!
    Skull Captain: Oh! Is the S.S. Chuckola finally afloat once more???
    [The boat floats on an ocean, but crashes into a rock]
    Skull Guard: OOOOWEEEE!!! Emergency! Emergency! Mayday! Mayday!
    [As the boat sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the Beanstar floats out of the
     ship, and floats away. The bottom of the boat has sand pouring all out of it.
     Mario and Luigi make their way through the Seabed, and eventually they go
     through a yellow pipe, leading to the Gwarhar Lagoon]
    Gwarhar Lagoon
    [Mario and Luigi explore this beach area, and suddenly, they hear a voice]
    Voice: You! Move it!
    [The fish-like creature walks up to the other people]
    Lagoon Fish: You've GOT to hear this!!! I'm back with humonstrous news and
                 incredibling rumors!
    Fish Lady 1: Whoa! Is it about that strange-looking shining bean-thing that
                 fell from the sky?
    Fish Lady 2: Wait... Is that the one everyone is saying Hermie found?
    Lagoon Fish: Yeah, the same! Hermie took that bean-thing and decorated his
                 shell with it! That's the word, anyway. I hear he looks just like
                 a festive holiday tree!
    Fish Lady 1: Wow! Ker-razy! Cool!!!
    Fish Lady 2: We really should go take a look at it!
    Fish Lady 1: Yeah! That's a fantabulous idea! Let's do it!
    [The three fish people run off, but one of the fish ladies speak before leaving
     the area]
    Fish Lady 1: If you two just lie there all day, you'll get wicked sunburned.
    [The lady runs off, and Mario and Luigi get up. They proceed through the beach,
     and they enter a relaxation room. They speak to a small fish girl]
    Small Fish Girl: Welcome, travelers! This is the Relaxation Room, where we ease
                     your weary body and spirit! Our massage masters use their
                     miracle hands to give you a gentle, calming massage. 100 coins
                     gets one individual a thorough, if brief, rubdown! For the two
                     of you it'd only be 200 coins. What do you say?
     - Please!
     - No thanks
    [If "No thanks" is chosen...]
    Small Fish Girl: It's not healthy to let stress build up, you know!
    [If "Please!" is chosen...]
    Small Fish Girl: Great! That comes to 200 coins...in advance, thank you!
    [The Mario Bros. pay 200 coins]
    Small Fish Girl: Now then, you can sit on the chairs in that room and wait.
    [Mario and Luigi sit on the chairs ahead. Two girls suddenly appear]
    Gigi: Oh, hey there! WELCOME! How're you? Super! I'm Gigi. Now, let's get right
          to it! Show me where you're sore.
    Merri: Ooh! Show me too! Please! 'Cause I'm Merri, and I despise soreness! It's
           my sworn enemy!
    Gigi: Oh, look at this... Your hands are so very, very tired...
    Merri: ...And you, too! This is awful! Your hands are so tired, they look ready
           to hibernate!
    Gigi: Now, don't worry! Our miraculous hands will gently coax the weariness
          from you. Promise!
    [Gigi and Merri do a spell-type thing to massage Mario and Luigi's hands. Gigi
     eventually feels Mario's Firebrand]
    Gigi: Oh! Jeepers! What's this?!? Wowser! I mean, double wowser! You've
          mastered the Firebrand!?!
    [Mario notices it, and his hand gets burnt a little. Merri notices that Luigi
     has the Thunderhand]
    Merri: Oh my goodness! How shocking! You've mastered the Thunderhand!
    [Luigi notices it, and his hand gets a little shocked]
    Gigi: You guys aren't ordinary travelers, are you?
    Merri: Aren't you two fascinating! As miracle hand technicians, we're masters
           of hands like yours!
    Gigi: Oh, yes! That is SO true, Merri! Why, with your Hand Powers, you could
          even get those...
    [Mario and Luigi are confused]
    Merri: ANYWAY... I've gotta say, you guys don't need massages! Instead, we'll
           do you one better: we'll teach you two very special Hand techniques!
    Gigi: What do you say?
     - Teach us
     - No thanks
    [If "No thanks" is chosen...]
    Gigi: Oh! How...weak. But we won't give up easily, you two! We'll be waiting
          right here for you! Count on it!
    Merri: You'll want us to teach you soon! Oh yes, you will!
    [If "Teach us" is chosen...]
    Gigi: Yes! I knew you'd say that! Let the lesson begin!
    Merri: We'll show you two guys two absolutely incredible techniques that'll
           make your hands magical!
    Gigi: Those who don't listen will get left behind! Buh-bye!
    [Mario and Luigi get dropped down to a cave. They get out of their chairs, and
     Gigi and Merri come down]
    Merri: You're first, Green Bean!
    Merri: Press the L Button to select a Hand Power...
    Merri: Build up your Thunder Power with the B Button...
    Merri: Build it up... And when you just can't contain the electricity... When
           you're about to explode... Release the B Button!
    [Merri electrocutes Gigi]
    Merri: When you electrify the person in front of you with this move... You can
           use the Control Pad to both move on the same path!
    [Gigi and Merri move on the same path]
    Merri: Yeah! Make 'em feel it! Right down the spine! Make it stingly! Send a
           big jolt of electricity racing down the back! Yeah!
    Merri: With electrical tickle power, you can push things with your back or walk
           from side to side.
    [Merri gets by a wall]
    Merri: And now, the time has come to use it! Are you excited? Great! Try to
           bump into me with your back! Come on! Bring it!
    [Luigi uses his new ability to bump into Merri's back]
    Merri: Nice!!! Yowser!!! Wowser!!! Wow! You're a tickle technician!
    Gigi: It's your turn next, Red.
    Gigi: Press START to change positions, OK?
    [Gigi and Merri switch positions]
    Gigi: Press the L Button to select a Hand Power...
    Gigi: Charge up your Fire Power with the B Button...
    Gigi: When you feel the fiery power build to a dangerous level... When you're
          about to ignite... Release the B Button!
    [Gigi performs the technique]
    [Gigi dashes towards a wall, then back to where the Mario Bros. are]
    Gigi: Right down that spine... Tickle boldly! With power!
    Gigi: Make 'em feel tickle fever as it burns, burns, BURRRRNS!
    Gigi: Yeah! You can use this move to dash super-fast or even knock stuff over!
          Feel the power!
    Gigi: Super! Then let's get you a little practical experience!
    [Gigi dashes towards the wall, near a rock]
    Gigi: I want you to dash into this rock! C'mon!
    [Mario dashes into the rock]
    Gigi: Nice!!! Super!!! Duper!!! You're a tickle technician!!!
    Gigi: Super! And that's all we have to teach you!
    Merri: Oh! Gigi! I know this is being super-picky, but you're forgetting one
    Gigi: Oh! That's right!
    Gigi: Of course... When you want to stop dashing... Turn in any direction other
          than the one you're facing, or just press the A Button!
    Gigi: Truly, THIS time, we've taught you everything that we can.
    Merri: ...Now that that's done, we have a little job for you!
    [Mario and Luigi are curious]
    Gigi: That's right, Merri! We need you to use that technique to get the two
          Pearl Beans in this cave!
    Merri: Your power is much, much more powerful than ours! That's why you can get
           the Pearl Beans!
    Gigi: Listen, I don't mean to be a pill, but if you refuse, you'll have to pay
          for your lesson...
    Gigi: It'll cost you 100,000 coins!!!
    [Mario and Luigi are shocked]
    Merri: OK! All right! Hurry! Do it! We need both Pearl Beans! Yeah! Woo! Go!
    [Mario and Luigi navigate the cave, and they obtain the red Pearl Bean]
    "You got the Red Pearl Bean!"
    [They automatically return to Gigi and Merri]
    Gigi: Oh, yeah! Nice! Sooo nice!!! A Red Pearl Bean!
    Gigi: I wanted this so bad!!!
    Merri: N-Next is the Green Pearl Bean! Oh, please! Get it! Get it! Come on!
           Hurry! Faster!!!
    [Mario and Luigi go for the next Pearl Bean. They obtain it]
    "You got the Green Pearl Bean!"
    [The Mario Bros. return to Gigi and Merri]
    Merri: Oh, good! Oh, good! SO GOOD!!! A Green Pearl Bean!
    [Mario and Luigi get sent back to the relaxation room. They leave, and keep
     going through the lagoon. Eventually they end up in the Seabed, but then they
     climb up a yellow pipe leading back to the lagoon. They go through another
     part of the Seabed eventually, and end up in the lagoon again. After forming a
     stone bridge completely, they cross it. They notice a crab with a Christmas
     tree on its shell, and the Beanstar piece on the top. There are three ladies
     decorating the tree]
    Fish Lady 1: How's that feel, Hermie? Like the look of it?
    Hermie III: Oh! I get a good feel from that! Yethh, I do.
    [The Mario Bros. walk up to Hermie]
    Hermie III: Huhn? Who are you? Have you come to help me decorate, too?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Hermie III: Why! Red clothes... And a muthtache, even... That meanthh...
    Hermie III: C-Could you be...
    Hermie III: Thanta Clauth!?!
    [Mario and Luigi fall over, then Mario responds]
    Fish Lady 2: Hermie! What is it?!?
    [The girl notices Mario and Luigi]
    Fish Lady 2: Oh, wow... On closer inspection, I see you have red clothes and a
                 shiny mustache... Could you be...
    [Mario jumps]
    Fish Lady 2: Wow! That jump! Pow! Then it's true! It's true! You're Mario of
                 the Mushroom Kingdom! Stupendular!
    Fish Lady 2: Mario of the Mushroom Kingdom is here! Party on! This is no time
                 to be decorating!!!
    [The other fish lady stops decorating. All of them go around Mario]
    Fish Lady 3: WHOOOAAAA! It's true! It's true! Can I touch your mustache?!?
    Fish Lady 2: That jump! It's gloriful! Grandular!
    Fish Lady 1: I cannot WAIT to brag to everyone I know! This RULES!
    [Luigi tries to pull Mario]
    Hermie III: Ahh... Oh... My decorationthh...
    [One of the ladies notice Luigi]
    Fish Lady 3: Huh? Oh... You must be... The president of the Mario Fan Club?
    Fish Lady 1: No! Wait just a second... Green clothes... Mustache...
    [The other fish lady walks up to Luigi]
    Fish Lady 2: Hey... Any chance that you're... The famous brother who always
                 gets left behind???
    [They walk up to him]
    Fish Lady 3: Luigi???
    [Luigi jumps, and responds. They gang up on him]
    Fish Lady 3: Wow! Are we lucky or what?!?
    Fish Lady 2: How old are you?
    Fish Lady 1: What's your sign?
    Fish Lady 3: And your hat size?
    Fish Lady 2: OK, your waist?
    Fish Lady 1: Favorite snack???
    Hermie III: ARRGGHPTHH!!!
    [Everyone gets scared]
    Hermie III: Ppthh! The decorating thtopped, and it ith all becauthe of you! If
                you want to cauthe trouble... Then you're thtupid!
    [Hermie fights the Mario Bros., but they win. After the battle...]
    Hermie III: Apppth! Haaackth!
    Fish Lady 3: Please excuse Hermie... He's a little...kooky.
    Fish Lady 2: Gee, I'm sorry, fellas... I guess we were in the wrong...
    Fish Lady 1: Anyhoo, I'm sure you two must have had some reason for coming
    [Mario responds, then Luigi does]
    Fish Lady 2: Huh? The bean-thing on the shell?
    Fish Lady 1: Well, whoop-de-doo. What's so important about that thing?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Fish Lady 3: Wow, did you hear that, Hermie?
    Hermie III: Uhhnnn... Ith that tho? Then I thuppothe I have no choithe...
    [Hermie shakes off the Beanstar piece, and Mario and Luigi obtain it]
    "You got a Beanstar piece! Only 3 more to go!"
    Hermie III: And after decorating thingth tho well, too...
    Fish Lady 3: But we tried so hard...
    [Mario and Luigi get ready to leave]
    Fish Lady 1: What? You're leaving already?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Fish Lady 1: I don't see why you can't stay and relax, personally.
    Fish Lady 2: Superstars are busy people, I'm sure.
    Fish Lady 2: If you're going back, this way should be a shortcut.
    [Mario and Luigi use the shortcut ahead to exit the lagoon. Then, they head to
     South Beanbean, and eventually find a place known as Harhall's Studio. They
     see another piece of the Beanstar held inside of a cage]
    South Beanbean
    Harhall: YAAARF!
    [A Beanbean guy exits the studio]
    Beanbean Man: Im-Impossible! No WAY am I working with explosive colors like
    [The Beanbean man runs off. An old man comes out]
    Old Man: Burrrr-urrrrp! Water... Drank...too much water...
    [The old man walks off, and Mario and Luigi continue into Harhall's Studio.
     Harhall stomps the ground]
    Harhall: Honestly! What is one to do with such riffraff?!?
    [Mario jumps, and Harhall notices the brothers]
    Harhall: Oh! Welcome! WELCOME!
    Harhall: I am called Harhall, genius designer. And I am also called Bleetch.
             Yes! We are one and the same!
    Harhall: Did you know?
    [Mario and Luigi stop for a moment, and Harhall stomps the ground]
    Harhall: Did you know?!?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Harhall: Yes, yes, whatever. Am I correct in assuming you're interested in the
             Splart Assisstant opening? Fine, fine. If you do a decent enough job,
             I'll pay you. Your pay will be...
    Harhall: A bean-like thing that cascaded down from the heavens! Tah-dah!
    [Mario and Luigi notice he's talking about the Beanstar piece]
    Harhall: What? Do you have some sort of complaint? Hm? Hm? HM?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Harhall: That's better. Now then...
    [A plain white shirt is shown. Harhall stomps the ground, and three Designbombs
     come out of the pipes]
    Harhall: You can help me with my Splart right away! But you must be snappy!
             Just do it and get it done!
    Harhall: Now, don't mind me! I'll just give you a little advice while you work.
             Trust me, you need it.
    Harhall: First, go have yourself a drink so you can become a proper Splart
             water pump! Once you're able to pump out water like a human fire
    [Harhall steps to the left]
    Harhall: Step on these little foot marks! Try it!
    [Mario guzzles some water using the water pipe nearby. He then steps on the
     footprints by Harhall. A Designbomb appears]
    Harhall: Fine! FINE! I'll explain the method to my genius! Though the genius of
             Splart defies explanation...
    Harhall: First, you must dye the fabric!
    Harhall: Press the B Button to shoot water at the Designbomb!
    Harhall: Try it, already! Try it!
    [Luigi hits Mario with his Hammer, making him spit out water and hit the bomb,
     coloring the fabric]
    Harhall: The color of the Designbomb you hit...colors the fabric! Oh. By the
             way... If you hit two Designbombs at the same time...then the fabric
             color becomes a mixture of those two colors! Don't forget it! It's
             vital to Splart!
    Harhall: Oh! And one more teensy thing! If you're dyeing fabric and you think
             "Barf! That's all wrong!"...Just talk to Bleetch! He'll make the
             fabric nice and shiny white for you!
    [A Designbomb appears]
    Harhall: Once you're done dyeing, then you choose your design!
    Harhall: So you get to shoot water at the artsy bombs again! Isn't it just so
             fun you could dye?!?
    [Mario hits the Designbomb, making it hit the fabric]
    Harhall: The design of the Designbomb you shoot......alters the design on your
    Harhall: The Designbomb patterns are...
    Harhall: The tropical design...
    Harhall: The polka-dot design...
    Harhall: And the checkered design!
    Harhall: By the way, if you hit two or more Designbombs... The pattern always
             ends up being a star! Remember that!!
    Harhall: Once you're done with the design, I'll decide if it perfectly matches
             the artistic vision of Splart! So, yeah. Anyway, that's the method to
             my genius... And now, I'll need you to finish four outfits for me, OK,
             boys? Hop to it!
    Harhall: That's all I have to tell you! So get started on your first assignment
             with all speed!
    Harhall: As for design, anything will do! Just give me a red color!
    [Mario completes the design]
    Harhall: Yes! That's it! That will do fine! Next! On to the next one! Let's
             see... The next design is...
    Harhall: I want something in yellow! Oh! And in a checkered pattern!
    [Mario completes the design]
    Harhall: Yes! That's it! That will do fine! Next! On to the next one! Let's
             see... The next design is...
    Harhall: Give me some purple! Purple with a polka-dot flare!
    [Mario completes the design]
    Harhall: Yes! That's it! That will do fine! Next! On to the next one! Let's
             see... The next design is...
    Harhall: I'm depressed! I crave brown! But with a star! Remember, to make a
             star pattern, just hit two or more Designbombs at once!
    [Mario completes the design]
    Harhall: Splendid! We're all done here!
    Harhall: This means I must pay you with a bean-like thing, as promised! Go next
             door and get your pay!
    [Harhall walks off, and Mario and Luigi follow him]
    Harhall: See! Here is the bean-like thing I promised you! Take it with you!
    [The Beanstar piece gets dropped out of the cage, and Mario and Luigi earn the
     next piece]
    "You got a Beanstar piece! Only 2 more to go!"
    [Mario and Luigi continue their search for the Beanstar pieces. They come
     across a place known as the Yoshi Theater]
    Yoshi Theater
    [Mario and Luigi notice someone place a Beanstar piece onto a sign. Mario and
     Luigi try to speak with the guy]
    Boddle's Partner: Hey! What's with you two?!?
    Boddle's Partner: You can't just waltz up and start talking to my master! You
                      weasels! Look at you! There's no doubt in my mind that you've
                      come looking for money! Well, I'll have you know that my
                      master is very busy! He doesn't have time to waste on the
                      likes of you! Be off! OFF, I say!
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Boddle's Partner: Huh? The Beanstar? Busted into four pieces?
    Boddle's Partner: ...O M-Master! Master! You mustn't listen! You can't listen!
                      All of this talk is just meant to swindle you out of your
                      money again! It's all lies! LIIIIIIES!!
    [Boddle hides inside of his egg, and launches himself at his partner, which
     knocks him over]
    Boddle: Silence, you twit!
    [Boddle's partner gets up, and Mario and Luigi are scared]
    Boddle: And with that, please excuse me.
    Boddle: What's that? There's something on my face?
    [Mario responds, then Luigi does]
    Boddle: Eh? You say I look like Bubbles, the legendary soda maker?
    [The brothers respond]
    Theater Master: Heh heh heh... That's because...
    Boddle: I'm...
    Boddle: Bubbles's...
    Boddle: Younger brother!
    [Mario and Luigi stop]
    Boddle: My name is Boddle... Younger brother of the legendary soda maker. As
            you can see, I'm rich enough to own my own theater. I also happen to be
            president of the Yoshi Fan Club.
    Boddle's Partner: This theater was designed by a Yoshi-loving chap specifically
                      for the enjoyment of the Yoshis.
    Boddle: So, uh... What did you want to talk about?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Boddle: I see... You just have to have the decoration on this sign...
    [They respond. Boddle thinks for a moment]
    Boddle: ...Yes, of course. Fine, fine. I suppose I could decorate the sign with
            something else and give that sparkly thing to you...
    [Mario and Luigi get an "!" above their heads, and they clap]
    Boddle's Partner: No! No! You mustn't! Master, you mustn't!!
    [Boddle becomes an egg again, and hits his partner. He gets back up]
    Boddle: However... Only on one condition...
    Boddle: This sign is my theater's face. You must find something else that can
            be used to decorate my grand sign, understood?
    [Mario and Luigi have no clue what to look for]
    Boddle's Partner: Why, do you mean... Neon Eggs?
    Boddle: Yes! I shall trade you this for the seven brilliant colors of the Neon
    Boddle's Partner: Im-Impossible, Master! Washed-up middle-aged men such as
                      these could never get the Neon Eggs!
    [Boddle turns into an egg again, and hits his partner. He gets back up]
    Boddle: Will the two of you agree to this? When Yoshis eat a particular kind of
            food, they lay Neon Eggs, or so they say. Inside that movie theater are
            seven hungry Yoshis... So, find that particular food and give it to the
            Yoshis inside. Once you get a Neon Egg, it means the Yoshi's stomach is
            filled. It also means...
    Boddle: Everyone's happy!
    Boddle: ...Right?
    [Mario and Luigi stop]
    Boddle's Partner: In-Incredible, Master! Thinking not only of yourself......but
                      of all the Yoshis, too!
    Boddle's Partner: You two! Don't just stand there staring! Thank my master! And
                      once you're done thanking him, hurry up and get those Neon
    Boddle: Now that you mention it, there is someone in this theater who's well
            versed on Neon Eggs. You should talk to that individual about what food
            makes Yoshis lay Neon Eggs and where to find it.
    [The Mario Bros. go into the actual theater, and speak with an old man sitting
     on a ledge by the big screen]
    Fava: ...Indeed, I am the architect who designed this very theater. I am called
          Fava. And, also indeed, I am the older brother of the castle town's
          greatest intellectual.
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Fava: ...What? What-what? What-what-what-what-WHAT? Ne-Neon Eggs, you say?
          ...How did you know that I'm a Neon Egg fiend?
    Fava: That's right! Some know me as...an architect and some know me as an
          intellectual's older brother... But in reality...
    Fava: I'm just an old man who loves Neon Eggs!
    Fava: ...Perhaps!
    [Mario and Luigi stop, then respond]
    Fava: What?! You want to know what food makes Yoshis lay Neon Eggs? Well,
          that'd be Bean Fruits! ...Perhaps! Bean Fruits are native to the Beanbean
          Kingdom. They grow underground. ...Perhaps!
    [The screen he's standing by turns on, showing steps to finding a Bean Fruit
     and getting a Neon Egg]
    Fava: First, dig the Bean Fruit out of the ground...
    Fava: Then feed the Bean Fruit you dug up to a Yoshi.
    Fava: Then you will get a Neon Egg! ...Perhaps!
    Fava: But, you know, there's nothing wrong with an old man being a Neon Egg
    Fava: I've never even found a single Neon Egg in all my life.
    [Mario and Luigi stop]
    Fava: ...Very well. However... The knowledge I have gained after much
          collecting and searching is not exact... But in my head, I have a map
          that shows kind of the general area where Bean Fruits may be. Perhaps!
    [Mario and Luigi jump]
    Fava: WHAAAT? What-WHAAAT? You're going to find them? And feed them to the
    Fava: Hmmmmmm...
    Fava: OK! I'll tell you! Indeed, I will now tell you! I'll show you a map that
          points out the general location of some Bean Fruits!!! I'll put marks on
          your map! ...Perhaps!
    [Bean Fruit marks appear on the Mario Bros. Beanbean Map]
    Fava: Go to the areas I marked on your map and look for suspicious spots
          surrounded by grass or rocks... If you find such spots, there's no
          mistaking that a Bean Fruit lies in the dirt in that spot! By the way, to
          dig up a Bean Fruit, just dig underground once and pop back up...
          ...Perhaps! If you're lucky!
    [Mario and Luigi use their Beanbean Map and Luigi's mole ability to find all of
     the Bean Fruits. At the northeastern part of Beanbean, Luigi uses his mole
     ability to go through a gate, leaving Mario behind]
    Northeast Beanbean
    [Luigi sees a Piranha Plant next to a Bean Fruit. The plant eats the fruit, and
     then Luigi attacks it. After he defeats it, the plant spits out a weird
     looking thing, then disappears. That thing is Prince Peasley. Luigi notices he
     is very small]
    Prince Peasley: Oh! Luigi! You saved me, didn't you? Why, thank you so much!
                    You're a huge help!
    [Luigi responds]
    Prince Peasley: But my, my, my, Luigi...
    Prince Peasley: Look at how you've grown!!
    [Luigi falls over, then responds]
    Prince Peasley: ...I see. I guess I wasn't aware of the whole shrinking
    Prince Peasley: Say, Luigi... I'm none too fond of this body size. Do you think
                    you could change me back?
    [Luigi thinks, then gets an idea. He explains it to him]
    Prince Peasley: To think that you know such cool moves! You're a real zero!
                    ...I mean hero!
    [Luigi laughs. Peasley walks up to him]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh! OK... But be careful!
    [Luigi hammers him, returning Peasley to his normal size]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh!
    [He shines]
    Prince Peasley: Look at the difference in my shine now that I'm back to normal!
                    Zing! Now THAT'S a shine! Thank you so much, Luigi!!!
    [Luigi jumps]
    Prince Peasley: I feel like I must thank you. Please, I insist you accept this!
    [He takes out a Bean Fruit]
    Prince Peasley: I found this inside that large Piranha Plant back there...
                    Please take it!
    [Luigi takes the fruit]
    "You got a Bean Fruit!"
    [Peasley's pillow floats by]
    Prince Peasley: Well, I've returned to my old self once again, so there's no
                    point in staying here longer.
    [Peasley hops on his pillow]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh! I will most defenitely be getting the next Beanstar
                    piece! Oh, and be sure to give my regards to Mr. Red Mustache!
    [Luigi responds, and Peasley shines]
    Prince Peasley: May we meet again after gathering the Beanstar pieces!
    [Peasley flies off, and Luigi waves bye. He reunites with Mario, and they keep
     searching for the rest of the Bean Fruits. After they find them all, they
     return to the Yoshi Theater]
    Yoshi Theater
    [Mario and Luigi give all of the Yoshis fruit throughout the theater. All seven
     Yoshis produce Neon Eggs. Mario and Luigi go back and speak with Boddle]
    Boddle: Hmm. Well done... I did well, asking you two. My, Neon Eggs are
            beautiful. On the sign you go!
    [Boddle places Neon Eggs on all spots of the top part of the sign]
    Boddle: Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You did it! You did it!
    [Later, the sign is put up on the top of the theater, with the eggs glowing]
    Green Yoshi: (Hooray!)
    Blue Yoshi: (It's complete!)
    Red Yoshi: (Banzai!)
    Boddle: Thanks to you two, my theater is now complete! Marvelous! Very well! As
            promised... Here is your reward!
    "You got a Beanstar Piece! Only 1 more to go!"
    Boddle: Excellent! We're going to be rather busy preparing for our grand
            opening! Pardon us!
    [Boddle and his partner leave. With only one Beanstar piece left to find, the
     Mario Bros. head back to Chucklehuck Woods, where the last piece lurks]
    Chucklehuck Woods
    [The Mario Bros. head to an area they've never explored of the woods, using
     Mario's dashing ability to knock over a fat Koopa Troopa blocking a cave. They
     find a bunch of snails, and they enter a place known as the Winkle Colosseum.
     Inside, they speak with the owner]
    Winkle Colosseum Owner: This is Winkle Colosseum reception. Are you up to the
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen, nothing happens]
    [If "Yes" is chosen...]
    Winkle Colosseum Owner: Entry fee is 500 coins. Pay 500 coins and the rest is
                            free...500 coins...
     - We'll pay
     - No thanks
    [If "No thanks" is chosen, nothing happens]
    [If "We'll pay" is chosen, the brothers pay up 500 coins]
    Winkle Colosseum Owner: You go learn the secrets of Winkle Colosseum.
    [Mario and Luigi speak to the snail guarding the door to the colosseum room]
    Winkle Colosseum Guard: Want to try?
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "No" is chosen, nothing happens]
    [If "Yes" is chosen, the colosseum door opens]
    Winkle Colosseum Guard: Good luck!
    [Mario and Luigi head inside. They have to play a mini-game of some sort]
    Mini-Game Instructor: Welcome to Winkle Colosseum.
    Mini-Game Instructor: Ready to try Chuckola Bounce?
     - Yes
     - No
     - Please explain
    [If "Yes" is chosen, the mini-game begins]
    [If "No" is chosen...]
    Mini-Game Instructor: Good-bye.
    [If "Please explain" is chosen...]
    Mini-Game Instructor: OK. All right. I'll explain the rules to you. Winkle
                          Colosseum is a fun place. Try to beat as many Chuckoroks
                          as you can within the time limit.
    [Chuckoroks appear]
    Mini-Game Instructor: These are Chukoroks.
    [A Chuckorok shoots a rock out]
    Mini-Game Instructor: Look! One shot out a rock. You touch one, it shocks you.
                          It startled me, too. I will move.
    [The rock hits the Chuckola Board Mario and Luigi are holding, making it bounce
     off and change colors]
    Mini-Game Instructor: Chuckola Rocks change color. Hit a Chuckola Rock with
                          your Chuckola Board and it will change color. Hit the
                          Chuckoroks with these rocks to destroy them.
    [A Chuckorok gets destroyed, and another one spits out a golden Mushroom]
    Mini-Game Instructor: This is a Barrier Mushroom. Chuckoroks sometimes spit
                          these out. Get one of these to get wrapped in a barrier.
                          You can't take these from the Colosseum.
    [The Barrier Mushroom touches Mario, wrapping a golden barrier around him]
    Mini-Game Instructor: You're wrapped in a barrier. Now you can touch Chuckola
                          Rocks without being shocked. Chuckola Rocks hit the
                          barrier and fly off to maybe destroy a Chuckorok.
    [A Chuckorok fires a rock, and it hits the barrier, causing the barrier to
     backfire to another Chuckorok. This destroys it]
    Mini-Game Instructor: Press the L or R Button to turn the barrier off. Control
                          Pad moves you. A or B Button rotates you.
    Mini-Game Instructor: So, how many Chuckoroks can you beat before I get to the
                          other side? You will need luck. My explanation is done!
    [After they win the mini-game...]
    Mini-Game Instructor: Oh! Incredible! You did it! The high score is yours!
    Winkle Colosseum Guard: You are champion. Take this. The Winkles acknowledge
    "You got the Winkle Card!"
    [Mario and Luigi exit the colosseum. Back in the woods, they find a Winkle that
     is blocking a path. They show it the Winkle Card] D
    Winkle Guard: That is the Winkle Card. You are the Colosseum champions.
    [The guard moves out of the way]
    Winkle Guard: Winkles acknowledge you.
    [Mario and Luigi continue to the next area, and they jump up a platform. They
     see the Beanstar piece, along with Popple, who is trying to get it. They get
     Popple's attention]
    Popple: Oh!!! What is this?!? Boo, I say! Y-You guys again?!? But I found this
            treasure first! It's mine, see?
    [Popple hits the statue with a stick, making the Beanstar piece fall into his
     hands, literally. Mario and Luigi try and corner him as he tries to escape]
    Popple: Oh, sure, you guys are real tough, teaming up on me! Don't think you
            can beat me just 'cause I'm alone. It's my solo debut on the battle
            lines, see?
    [Popple battles Mario and Luigi, and ends up losing. After the battle, they get
     the Beanstar piece]
    "You got a piece of the Beanstar! Now you have all four pieces! Hurry! Back to
     Beanbean Castle!"
    Popple: ...N-No!!! B-But I'm not giving up, see?
    [Popple gets up, and escapes by burrowing underground. With all four pieces of
     the Beanstar in Mario and Luigi's possession, they make their way back to
     Beanbean Castle]
    Beanbean Castle
    [Mario and Luigi proceed to the throne room. They throw all four Beanstar
     pieces into the air. They combine, reforming the Beanstar]
    "The Beanstar is revived!"
    "You got the Beanstar!"
    Queen Bean: Hmm... So the Beanstar is finally back to normal...
    [Lady Lima enters]
    Lady Lima: A message has arrived from Bowletta. I shudder to think...
    [The message plays]
    Bowletta: Very good! You fools make fine scavengers! Now, I want Red and Green
              to bring that Beanstar to me!
    [The Beanbean map is shown]
    Bowletta: The drop point is at the far end of the ocean, at that crypt for
              cruddy jokes called Joke's End!
    [A circle is shown by Joke's End]
    Bowletta: You can't get to Joke's End by walking on the seafloor, so don't try
              it, cretins. Come after you learn how to cross the sea surface! And
              And don't lose the Beanstar on the way, butterfingers!
    [The message quits playing]
    Queen Bean: Hmm... But if he...she...uh, IT plans to return Princess Peach when
                we give it the Beanstar... Then it can't be planning to use Peach's
                voice to awaken the Beanstar after all...
    Toadsworth: That would seem to be so!
    [Prince Peasley enters]
    Prince Peasley: Relax, all of you. We can just give the fiend THIS!
    [Peasley holds out a fake Beanstar]
    Lady Lima: Oh! A fake Beanstar! Of course!
    "You got a fake Beanstar!"
    Toadsworth: Also, please take along a change of clothes for the princess. I'm
                sure that Princess Peach likely tried to escape, doing untold
                damage to her lovely dress...
    Toadsworth: Just thinking of it drives me mad! Curse that Bowletta!
    [Toadsworth brings in a pink suitcase]
    Toadsworth: At least this old servant can help in some small way...
    [He opens the suitcase]
    "You got Peach's extra dress!"
    Prince Peasley: To get to Joke's End, you have no choice but to travel above
                    the ocean waves... Perhaps if you go to the beach you'll find a
                    way to get there. Apparently, there once was quite a fine
                    surfing spot at one of this land's beaches...
    [Peasley shines]
    Prince Peasley: Excellent! Then the two of you will execute our daring plan!
    [Peasley remembers something before leaving]
    Prince Peasley: Oh, I almost forgot...
    [He holds out a bag of coins]
    Prince Peasley: You won our little Beanstar wager, so here are your Mushroom
                    coins: 99,999,999,999,999 of them!
    [Mario and Luigi are excited]
    [Peasley runs off, and Lady Lima comes in]
    Lady Lima: At today's exchange rate, 99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom coins comes
    Lady Lima: 99 Beanbean coins!
    [Mario and Luigi fall over. They exit the castle, and head back to the cave
     where the Hammerhead Brothers are]
    Beanbean Outskirts East Cave
    [In the Hammerhead Bros. hideout, the Hammerhead Bros. are seen lying on the
     table. Mario and Luigi get their attention]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Whoa! I was wonderin' who that might be, and it
                               turns out to be those Mario Bros. again!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: You guys have the best timin'! Why, we just now
                               finished masterin' a brand-spankin' new
                               Hammer-makin' technique!
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Want us to re-reforge your Hammers for you?
    [Mario and Luigi respond]
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: In that case, this'll be the debut of our new
                               Hammer-makin' technique! We'll get right to
    [A few seconds later...]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Here we go!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: On your toes!
    [The Hammerhead Bros. use their new Hammer-making ability to reforge Mario and
     Luigi's Hammer's again. After they're done...]
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: Hoo... That's some fine work we did!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: These are defenitely the finest Hammers available!
                               They're even more powerful than before!
    "You got Ultra Hammers!"
    Hammerhead Brother Sledge: With those Hammers, you can break any kind of rock!
                               Any kind at all!
    Hammerhead Brother Hammer: We've used all our talents in makin' these Hammers!
                               May they serve you well!
    [Mario and Luigi exit the cave, and head to the eastern part of Beanbean, where
     they find a black rock near a beach. They smash it to pieces with their
     Hammer, and speak with the person on the beach]
    East Beanbean
    Fish Lady: Huh? You want to cross the sea? Why, such a thing is impossible!
               Without a surfboard, that is... Say... Maybe if you can find
               something to jam into that hole... Maybe it'll make some sort of a
               surfboard substitute! Maybe...
    [Mario sees a hole nearby, and Luigi stands on top of the hole. Mario hammers
     him into it, and Luigi pops out as a surfboard. Mario surfs northeast, and
     eventually he finds a shore, with another surfboard hole. He lands onto the
     shore, and pumps air back into Luigi. They proceed into Joke's End]
    Joke's End
    [Mario and Luigi smash many rocks that are blocking the way, then they continue
     up the icy path. Eventually, a blue creature appears, by the entrance to the
     actual part of Joke's End]
    Jojora: ...Hold it, you two. This palace is our playground, understand? Do you
            two want to play here, too? In that case, the least you could do is say
            hello to those of us who were here first.
    [Mario responds]
    Jojora: Eh? Me? I'm Jojora. I'm a buddy of the cousin of the descendant of the
            spirit who once guarded this place.
    [Mario and Luigi ask and explain about Bowletta and Princess Peach]
    Jojora: Princess Peach? Bowletta?
    Jojora: Man, I have NO idea what you're talking about!
    Jojora: ...Whatever. Look, if you want to go inside, then go right ahead. Be my
            guest. Go nuts. I don't know what kind of adventure you've been on to
            get here, but man... Getting through here won't be nearly as easy as
            what you're used to! No way!
    [Jojora flies off and disappears. Mario and Luigi head inside. Not too long
     after, they find Jojora in a room with a weird bowl that looks like soup. He
     flies up higher]
    Jojora: I wonder if you can even make it over here...
    [Jojora flies off. Mario and Luigi keep making their way through the palace.
     They end up finding Jojora again]
    Jojora: This is where the real challenge starts. Look, you probably should just
            give up and go home!
    [Jojora flies off. After another long trek through the palace, Mario and Luigi
     hit a set of Simu-Blocks. Then, Jojora flies down]
    Jojora: Hrmm... Wow. If you've come all the way here, you obviously don't give
            up easily. Cool.
    [Jojora uses her wand to create a black egg-shaped thing]
    Jojora: So this is a present from me to you... Press the A and B Buttons to hit
            the blocks that come flying and score points. If you get 30 points in
            25 seconds or less, I'll open this door for you. Cool?
    [Jojora flies off, and the mini-game begins. After Mario and Luigi win it, the
     doors on Mario and Luigi's side open up. They keep going, and eventually they
     reunite, and meet with Jojora yet again]
    Jojora: Oh! Man! Cut it out! You're the most stubborn people I know! No girls
            would ever like you!
    [Jojora flies off again, and as Mario and Luigi explore the palace some more,
     they end up on the fifth floor. On that floor, they find Jojora one more time]
    Jojora: Welcome!
    Jojora: You're the first people ever to climb all the way up here! ...Cool.
            You're pretty darn determined! Let me reward you with something, OK?
            Don't just stand there! Have a seat and relax for a bit.
    [Mario and Luigi take a seat, and relax]
    Jojora: I'm inviting one of my pals over today. They're all good people, but
            I'm only inviting one today.
    Jojora: Who would you like to invite?
     - Chucklissa
     - Oholina
     - Hoohoolia
     - Teeheena
    [It doesn't matter which choice you make. Either way, the same freakish girl
     will drop down, regardless of who you choose to invite. Once you choose...]
    Jojora: Oh, man! You two have really good taste!
    Jojora: Oh, Chucklissa/Oholina/Hoohoolia/Teeheena!
    Jojora: Introduce yourself!
    [A giant doll-like girl drops down]
    Jojora's Friend: I'm Chucklissa/Oholina/Hoohoolia/Teeheena! GAH HAH!
    Jojora's Friend: Are you done working for the day? Then please sit back and
                     relax! Gah hah HAHHH!!
    Jojora: Well done! Now take good care of our honorable guests!
    [A fight between the Mario Bros. and Jojora and her friend commences. Mario and
     Luigi win. After the fight, Jojora's friend disappears]
    Jojora: EHH! Play time's over for the day! Over! Over! Over! Over! Over! Over!
            Over! Over! OVER!!
    [Jojora flies off, but then comes back for a brief moment]
    Jojora: JERKS!
    [Jojora leaves, for good this time. Mario and Luigi continue into the next
     room, and they see Fawful. Fawful laughs]
    Fawful: So! The fink-rats come at last! Now is the time where you hand over the
            Beanstar, you little men! Send the Beanstar up to the top of this
            pedestal, and be hasty!
    [Luigi uses his mole ability to slip under the closed gate. He pops out of the
     ground, and walks up to Fawful]
    Fawful: Send the Beanstar up here!
    [Luigi holds up the fake Beanstar, and Fawful blasts him with his headgear.
     Fawful laughs]
    Fawful: Oh! Oh, I am laughing at you! I can see through your pathetic designs,
            you ugly thing! That was a FAKE Beanstar!
    [Fawful flies to Luigi]
    Fawful: Now you give me the real one!
    [He uses his headgear to suck the suitcase out, then the suitcase opens. He
     uses his headgear and grabs the real Beanstar]
    Fawful: Har! You idiots of stupidity!
    [Fawful flies off. Luigi heads to the next room, and hits a switch on the wall
     with his Hammer. This opens the gate, allowing Mario to pass through. Mario
     goes through the gate. Luigi comes out of the room, and explains what just
     happened. Mario gets an idea, and takes out Peach's extra dress. They go to
     the area ahead, and Fawful is seen again]
    Fawful: O Great Bowletta! At last we have the Beanstar! I am joyful!
    [Bowletta flies down, with Peach in the Koopa Copter]
    Bowletta: You have done well!
    Bowletta: Seeing through their fake Beanstar ruse and ruining their plan was
    [Mario appears]
    Princess Peach: Mariooo!
    Bowletta: What's that? Do you need something? Or are you finally admitting
    [Mario responds]
    Bowletta: Huh? What? What are you saying? You want us to return Peach?
    [Mario responds]
    Bowletta: Oh, I have to laugh! We would never release Peach to scheming liars
              like you two!
    [Mario gets mad]
    Bowletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Bowletta: You reap the beans you sow, fools! Now, meet your doom!
    [Mario starts laughing]
    Bowletta: S-Something's wrong here...
    [Another Princess Peach walks in, with her hand over her mouth]
    Bowletta: T-Two princesses?!? Wha-What is this?!?
    Other Princess Peach: Tee hee hee hee...
    Other Princess Peach: The Princess Peach you kidnapped......is an imposter!
    Other Princess Peach: We expected this to happen, so we prepared an imposter...
                          You fell into our trap!
    [Bowletta gets angry]
    Bowletta: No! It can't be!
    Other Princess Peach: Tee hee hee hee...
    Other Princess Peach: Come, Mario, let us return!
    [Mario and Peach are about to leave]
    Bowletta: W-Wait!!!
    [Fawful blasts an orb at Mario, shocking him]
    Bowletta: Forget this cheap knockoff! I'm taking the real Princess Peach!
    [Bowletta drops the other Princess Peach out of the Koopa Copter, and she and
     Fawful fly off, and chase the second Peach]
    Other Princess Peach: Heeeelllp!
    [With Peach in their possession, Bowletta and Fawful fly off. Mario walks up to
     the other Princess Peach, and she gets up]
    Princess Peach: Oh, Mario! Thank you! I always believed you would save me.
    [Peach gives Mario a kiss. The scene then switches to Bowletta, Fawful, and the
     second Peach. They're in the repaired Koopa Cruiser]
    Repaired Koopa Cruiser
    Bowletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Bowletta: At last, we have both Princess Peach and the Beanstar!
    Fawful: I still have rage over that fake Princess Peach...
    Bowletta: Hmph! They're a slick bunch, huh? And you, Princess Peach... You're a
              sly one, too!
    Bowletta: Eeyah ha ha ha!
    Bowletta: By the way, Princess... Why are you covering your mouth with your
    [Bowletta and Fawful walk closer to the fake Princess Peach]
    Fawful: Do you hide something?
    [She doesn't respond]
    Bowletta: Ack! Behind you!
    [She turns around, accidentally revealing a mustache. It turns out that this
     Peach is Luigi]
    Bowletta: Fawful...
    Bowletta: Did you see that?
    Fawful: Yes.
    Fawful: Mustache.
    Bowletta: Fawful...
    Fawful: Yes.
    Bowletta: ...Fire at will.
    [Fawful flies up, and fires an orb at Luigi, revealing his entire head.
     Bowletta and Fawful get angry]
    Bowletta: GAHHHHHHHH!!! How did you trick us?!?
    [Fawful chases Luigi around the room, firing orbs at him constantly. Luigi runs
     to the next room, and hits an ! Block, causing a crane to drop two boxes that
     block the path]
    Bowletta: GAHHHHHHHHH!
    [Luigi changes back into his regular clothes. Since Bowletta and Fawful are
     blocked, they can't catch up at the moment. Luigi makes his way through the
     repaired Koopa Cruiser. He eventually finds the Beanstar, which is encaptured
     in a barrier. He uses his Thunderhand on an electrical orb nearby, disabling
     the barrier surrounding the Beanstar]
    "You recovered the Beanstar!"
    [The door leading out of the cruiser opens. Luigi jumps out, and Bowletta
     enters the room, only to find that the Beanstar has been taken]
    Bowletta: GRAAAAAACK! How could this happen not only once, but twice?!?
    [Fawful enters]
    Fawful: We chase them now!
    Bowletta: ...No! Instead we go to the Mushroom Kingdom!
    Fawful: M-Mushroom Kingdom?!?
    [Luigi is then seen falling. He uses Peach's extra dress as a parachute. Prince
     Peasley sees him]
    Prince Peasley: Excellent work, Mario Bro! Is the Beanstar safe?
    [Peasley takes the Beanstar. A bird comes and bites the rope off of Peach's
     extra dress that he's using as a parachute. Peasley tries to catch him, but
     both him and Peasley fall]
    Teehee Valley
    "Luigi's Predicted Landing Site"
    [Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth are at Teehee Valley]
    Toadsworth: I wonder if Master Luigi will land here in splendid fashion...
    Princess Peach: Oh, I just hope he can escape safely...
    [Mario notices something]
    Toadsworth: Ah! Could that be him???
    [They see Luigi land beyond some rocks ahead, with his head stuck in the sand.
     Peasley floats down to Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth]
    Toadsworth: Oh... Prince Peasley...
    [Mario jumps. Peasley then shines]
    Prince Peasley: Heh heh heh heh heh heh!
    Prince Peasley: What a perfect landing! And the Beanstar made the trip just
    [Peasley takes out the Beanstar. Mario then claps]
    Prince Peasley: Say... Where's Luigi?
    [Mario shows him where Luigi is]
    Princess Peach: He seems to be struggling somewhat over there...
    [Luigi gets sunk into the sand because of quicksand. He falls into a cave of
     some sort, landing on a seesaw-type bridge, which hits an ! Block up to the
     surface of the sand]
    Prince Peasley: Wah hah hah hah hah!
    Prince Peasley: Look at Luigi! Always showing off his Luigi dunk! Honestly!
    Prince Peasley: Mario! I'll leave his welfare up to you! You can handle it. I
                    must return and move the Beanstar to a safer place!
    [Mario jumps, then Peasley shines again]
    Prince Peasley: I will see you later!
    [Peasley walks off]
    Toadsworth: Master Mario... I must say... Being here is unhealthy for the
                princess as well. We shall return to the castle ahead of you.
    [Mario jumps]
    Princess Peach: Please take care of Luigi...
    [Mario responds]
    Toadsworth: Shall we go, Princess?
    [Toadsworth and Peach walk off. Mario tries to navigate the valley and search
     for Luigi. He hits the ! Block that popped out earlier, which causes a
     platform to rise. Luigi is shown again]
    Voice: Wha-What was that earthquake?!?
    [Popple runs in and sees Luigi]
    Popple: This...is that green guy.
    Popple: Which means...that red guy should be around somewhere... Well, for
    Popple: Rookie!!! Tie this guy up!!!
    [The scene switches back to Mario. He proceeds through the valley some more. He
     goes through a yellow pipe that takes him underground, where Luigi was. As he
     keeps going through the cave, he notices Luigi tied up, and he runs up to him.
     He uses the Firebrand to burn the ropes. The brothers reunite, then Popple
     enters the area]
    Popple: Nya ha ha ha ha!
    Popple: What an emotional reunion! Oh, WAH! My hankie is sopping wet with
            tears! Boo-stupid-hoo!
    Popple: You! Red! I've been waiting for you to arrive, see? Oh, yeah! I went
            and found me a rookie, you hear? One that'll take you down for me, see?
    Voice: Darling! What's all the ruckus?
    [A Birdo enters the room, and Mario and Luigi are shocked]
    Birdo: Oh, why must THEY be here? Why can't we be alone, darling, speaking the
           language of love?
    Popple: Wh-Who are you calling "darling"?!?
    [Mario and Luigi stop]
    Popple: N-Now is not the time to be doing this, see?
    Popple: This, uh...dame passed my audition perfectly, see? She's my all-new,
            bigger and better rookie, Birdo!
    Birdo: Darling... Don't call me Birdo... Call me Birdie!
    Popple: ...I don't care about names, see?
    Popple: Ha HA!!! I'll show you! Ya hear? You'll be all bamboozled, see? With my
            rookie's new power... You'll see what I mean!
    Birdo: Yes, the power of love!
    [Popple stops]
    Popple: AARGHH! QUIET! Stop freaking me out! I don't care what kind of power it
            is! Any kind will do! I will destroy you, see? DESTROY YOUUUUUU!!!
    Popple: Yeah, here comes destruction, ya couple of knuckleheads!
    [Popple and Birdo fight the Mario Bros., but Popple and Birdo lose. After the
    Popple: ...Hack! ...Horf! ...Hufff!
    [Popple gets up]
    Popple: Y-You!!! Look at you! Pathetic! You're useless, see?
    Popple: You... You're fired!!!
    [Birdo gets up]
    Birdo: Are... Are you saying that was all my fault?!?
    Birdo: Ooh!!! Shocking! SHOCKING, I say!
    [Birdo hits Popple with her tail, sending him flying]
    Popple: AAAAAAAAAA!!!
    [Luigi waves bye]
    Birdo: Clearly this is a test for me. Yes, the powers-that-be want me to go out
           on my own. Once I overcome many hardships, I shall be one step closer to
    Birdo: I CAN'T believe I lost to YOU!!!
    [Birdo leaves, angered. Mario and Luigi take a yellow pipe nearby, which is a
     shortcut out of the valley. They head back to the castle town]
    Beanbean Castle Town
    [They immediately notice that the town is a wreck, just like it was back when
     Cackletta and Fawful first invaded. Bullet Bills are wrecking the town. An old
     man suddenly runs up to the Mario Bros.]
    Old Man: The skies are raining destruction! It's the end of everything! The
             town will be destroyed! We all gotta take refuge! You should, too!
    [The old man runs off. Mario and Luigi run to the castle without delay]
    Beanbean Castle
    [Lady Lima runs in to the main room]
    Lady Lima: Oh, Mario Bros.! This is our most desperate hour! The end of the
               Beanbean Kingdom may be at hand!
    [Queen Bean appears]
    Queen Bean: Bowser's Castle has unleashed an assault on the Beanbean Kingdom
                from the skies overhead!
    [Bowser's Castle is seen above the Beanbean Kingdom, firing more Bullet Bills
     at the town]
    Lady Lima: This is Bowletta's doing! We're utterly defenseless against an
               attack from the sky!
    [Prince Peasley enters]
    Prince Peasley: We have safely evacuated Princess Peach and the others to
                    Little Fungitown.
    Queen Bean: Hmm... At least Princess Peach is safe... That's something. But if
                we don't do something about Bowser's Castle, our poor kingdom may
                not survive...
    [Mario responds]
    Prince Peasley: ...Eh? What's that, now? You know something about Bowser's
                    Castle? You say you know how to get from Bowser's room to the
                    bathroom? What an odd thing to say...
    [Mario responds]
    Queen Bean: Oh! I get it!
    Queen Bean: You're saying that you Mario Bros. know Bowser's Castle like the
                backs of your hands! I, for one, feel very reassured knowing that
                the Mario Bros. are going up to that horrible castle!
    Prince Peasley: ...No. This is our kingdom's problem. We cannot impose upon
                    them any more than we have.
    Queen Bean: While that certainly may be true...
    Prince Peasley: Farewell!
    [Peasley runs off]
    Queen Bean: Oh! Prince Peasley! Whatever are you doing? You mustn't go to
                Bowser's Castle all alone...
    [Luigi starts crying]
    Lady Lima: Your Highness... Can we not think of a countermeasure ourselves?
    Queen Bean: Of course! Let us do just that. Cowering here will get us nothing.
    [Queen Bean jumps, then her and Lady Lima return to the throne room. As Mario
     and Luigi attempt to leave, Lady Lima rushes back in]
    Lady Lima: Uh, this is just a thought, but isn't there someone who can fly
               anywhere in our kingdom? If I were younger, I would cling to his
               legs and chase after the prince myself... Ah... But just sitting
               here talking about it won't make it happen...
    [Lady Lima returns to the throne room. The Mario Bros. put Lady Lima's thought
     into consideration, and head all the way back to Hoohoo Village, to pay
     Blablanadon a visit]
    Hoohoo Village
    [The Mario Bros. head to Blablanadon, and speak with him]
    Blablanadon: What?!? Bowser's Castle is attacking the Beanbean Kingdom? And
                 Prince Peasley is in there? Hrmm... This is no small matter! No,
                 not small. Not small at all! OK! Grab onto me! We're going to
                 Bowser's Castle! Are you ready?
     - Yes
     - No
    [If "Yes" is chosen, Blablanadon takes the Mario Bros. all the way up to the
     entrance of Bowser's Castle]
    [If "No" is chosen, nothing happens]
    Bowser's Castle
    Blablanadon: I'll be waiting here for you. If you want to leave this castle,
                 just talk to me.
    [After Mario and Luigi open the first door of the castle, a scene with Bowletta
     and Fawful is shown]
    Fawful: O Great Bowletta! The Mario Bros. who I hate are coming this way!
    [Bowletta laughs]
    Bowletta: Bah! No matter! They'll never make it here!
    Bowletta: Koopalings! Your time has come!
    [All of the Koopalings from Super Mario Bros. 3 come out of the curtains in
     Bowletta's throne room. The scene then swtiches back to Mario and Luigi. They
     navigate the castle. It is a long trek through the dungeon. Throughout the
     castle, they fight all seven Koopalings. Eventually, after a very long way
     through the castle and after many hard battles, they nearly reach Bowletta.
     Some sort of dome appears, and Fawful emerges from it]
    Fawful: I have fury!
    Fawful: At last, my entrance with drama!
    Fawful: Finally! Now is the time where my true might shines, like many angry
            sunbeams of rage!
    [A screen is shown where Fawful is in the dark. Two Lakitus shine on him]
    Fawful: St-Standing in the spotlight at such a gala of spectacularity... My
            nerves are nervous!
    Fawful: But... Now that I am thinking... Cackletta's revival was all thanks to
            my quite nasty efforts!
    [The Lakitus disappear]
    Fawful: Which means that all this time, I am Fawful, who is just a toady! Such
            working, all for others!
    Fawful: And THAT means... The true meaning of our battle gives me fear and
    Fawful: I need no long speech before this battle, which will be mighty! Snack
            on my wrath, fink-rats!
    [Fawful fires a lot of fireballs around the platform, and Mario and Luigi avoid
     them. They battle with Fawful. After the battle...]
    Fawful: Urggh... Unless my mind is crazy, I have somehow managed to lose...
            This must be...fate... Urrrgh... I must accept the defeating...
    [Fawful fires an orb at Mario, stunning him. Fawful gets up]
    Fawful: I have fury!
    Fawful: Hah! Now taste the finale, when carelessness opens the door to a
            comeback not expected by you! Your lives that I spit on are now but a
            caricature drawn by a kid who is stupid! You shall all fall and vanish
            with your precious Beanbean Kingdom as I laugh heartily at you!
    [Prince Peasley suddenly comes in and strikes Fawful with his blade, knocking
     him over]
    Prince Peasley: HAH! In the finale of the finale, when negligence begets
                    rashness, the comeback is come-back upon!
    Prince Peasley: Ah heh heh heh heh heh!
    [Fawful fires an orb while Peasley laughs, stunning him as well]
    Prince Peasley: EE-YOUCH!
    [Fawful gets up]
    Fawful: I have fury!
    Fawful: In the last moments of the finale of the finale, when relief leads to
            negligence that begets rashness... That is when the comeback that
            faltered comes back and beats your pathetic comeback that I scoff at!
    [Mario hammers Fawful into the ground. He pops back up, but before he can land,
     Luigi uses his Hammer to hit him. He gets sent out of the castle completely]
    Prince Peasley: It looks like I am indebted to you once again.
    Prince Peasley: So, farewell!
    [Peasley flies off, and a bridge forms. Mario and Luigi continue, and they
     enter Bowletta's throne room]
    Bowletta: You've done well to make it here! I should have expected as much from
              the superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom!
    [Bowletta jumps off of her throne]
    Bowletta: Unfortunately for you, those who desire to disrupt my plans have very
              short futures! After conquering the Beanbean Kingdom, I intend to
              make the Mushroom Kingdom mine as well!
    [Bowletta spits out a lot of fireballs all around the room]
    Bowletta: My new country has no need for old superstars! It will do just fine
              with only one: the Great Bowletta!!!
    [She spits out a line of fire around the room, then the Mario Bros. engage in
     combat with her at last. After a relatively short battle...]
    Bowletta: GAHH!
    Bowletta: NO! Cursed Mario Bros.! Not again...
    [A Time Bomb suddenly walks by and explodes, knocking out the brothers]
    Bowletta: EEYAH HA HA!
    Bowletta: Fools! You let your guards down! Even with all your fancy attacks,
              you can't beat me!
    [Bowletta jumps towards the unconscious Mario Bros.]
    Bowletta: Farewell, you two losers! It's time you took a nice, relaxing
    Bowletta: ...in my belly!!!
    [Bowletta sucks up Mario and Luigi into her belly. Inside, the Mario Bros. are
     barely conscious]
    Cackletta: Are you still conscious? Ugh. You're a persistent pair!
    [Cackletta's spirit is shown. The Mario Bros. walk up to her. She laughs]
    Cackletta: I shall dispose of you quickly, and then eat you for lunch!
    [The final battle begins at last. After a long and hard battle with Cackletta's
    Bowletta: Gahhhh! What? Huh? HEY!!! What's happening to me?!?
    [Bowletta spits out the Mario Brothers]
    Bowletta: EEYARGH!
    Bowletta: It can't be!!! Impossible!!! I... No... How could I... And to this
              filthy little pair! HOW COULD I LOSE?????
    [Cackletta's spirit emerges from Bowletta's mouth, and she perishes for good.
     Bowletta disappears, and turns back into Bowser. A curtain opens up nearby. As
     the brothers attempt to escape, Prince Peasley comes in. He shines]
    Prince Peasley: Cheers to the superstar siblings!
    Prince Peasley: I have just finished rigging this castle with an explosive
                    device! We must escape before it blows up and falls from the
                    sky! Make haste! I will meet you at the castle entrance!
    [Peasley flies off. The Mario Bros. use the shortcut nearby to try and escape
     the castle as fast as possible. They have exactly three minutes to escape. At
     the entrance, they speak to Blablanadon]
    Blablanadon: H-Hurry! We've gotta get out of this place! Now!
    [Blablanadon takes them out of the castle. The scene switches to Bowser, who is
     still sleeping in the throne room]
    Bowser: ...Whoa... Wh-Where am I? Wh-What have I been doing?
    [The castle begins to rumble, as Bowser's castle begins to explode. Bowser is
     sent flying to the top of the screen]
    [Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth are about to leave the Beanbean Kingdom]
    Princess Peach: Take care, everyone! Please come visit us in the Mushroom
                    Kingdom someday!
    Queen Bean: Princess Peach, you have a fine group of friends. I am quite
    Lady Lima: Toadsworth!
    Toadsworth: Lady Lima!
    [They hug each other, and Prince Peasley comes in. Luigi tries to hug him, but
     Peasley flies up]
    Prince Peasley: Princess Peach! Mario Bros.! I must thank you all! Accept this
                    gift from me to mark our parting!
    [Peasley drops a gigantic present. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth depart
     from the Beanbean Kingdom, with the present attached to the back of Peach's
     airship. Bowser pops his head out of the present. The credits then roll. After
     the credits, the Yoshi Theater is shown, with the ending words...]
    "The End"
    III. Email Info
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    or even a big error in the guide, then email me at my email listed at the top
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    IV. Credits
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    Credits go to Nintendo for making such a fun and awesome game!
    V. Copyrights
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