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"An Epic-RPG of the GBA/SP Series. Luigi makes his shine!"

Everyone knows Mario, but what about his brother? Luigi is usually out of the actions of Mario. Luigi is finally forced to companion Mario on an epic journey of stars. Classic.

Storyline: 9 stars.
I found the storyline very perfect. Its not bad really, heck even I found it interesting. There are various of loops in the story, crack some puzzles and of course, humor.

Now the story starts as Princess Peach voice gets stolen by some weird cackling witch. Yet again, its Mario job to retrieve the voice of Peach or else, lots of kaboom will happen. Even Browser doesn't want to attempt to steal Peach or good-bye to the castle. That's a first, *laughs*. Browser will be an NPC of companion and will guide you to help to get the voice. Luigi waves good-bye but on second thought, Browser decided to grab him, and some humor goes.

I end this part as I will let you play its story.

Graphics: 9 stars.
Game Boy Advance/Special (SP) graphics are limited. But since Nintendo is throwing us two superstars in one game, its a crucial part that it should have great graphics. It didn't let us down and found the graphic very impressive. A little more push would have gave it 10 stars but it didn't.

Gameplay: 10 Stars
I am a huge fan of timing games. The games goes as Mario is Button A, and Luigi is Button B. The shoulder buttons (R, L) are used for actions to get a point. This game is an RPG game and also a very delicate puzzles. You need to use R, L to get through obstacles in the game. It doesn't require lots of thinking but just the right amount of us gamers have. The battle system is very unique and I can do a side-by-side comparison with Paper Mario. Both games require that you need to time each action for defending or jumping out of the way. This game require both usage of A and B to dodge at the same time. Each turn based and also depending on speed, you can get the first hit or use a badge. Badges are just like Paper Mario, they boost your powers but you can only equip one. Very stunning game I say.

Controls: 10 stars
As I said, I enjoy timing games so this gets a 10. Its not really confusing if you have the regular GBA which I prefer the most. GBASP doesn't suit me well. I give you guys a hint, once you get some more actions commands; press R and L together to reset the commands to jump. It makes it easier, trust me.

Difficulty: 10 stars
This game is pretty hard, not kidding. I did an low level rush and well didn't go so well. If you don't level regularly as an RPG player, you will have a hard time with the bosses. But the end-story bosses are pretty weak sauce with a deadly combo that is. Yes, you can wipe them out in 2-3 turns without the power-augment. So if you are playing this game and seriously can't move on near end-game, equip Great Force to your powerhouse Mario/Luigi to get through the game much quicker. Last boss can tough you out without the proper understanding of her moves. The worst part, you get 1 HP and there is nothing to do about it until its your turn. Its a live or die situation. Doing this flawless, you should get an achievement for this but nope. Its practically hard to get an flawless. Out of my 20 tries of my game, 1 out of 20 happen.

Replay?: 8 Stars
Once you beat the game, it feels like your happy and all. Time to sell it back! Well, I didn't since my friends also have the game and you can link each other GBAs to play the classic Mario and Luigi from 90s. Also playing again the second feels very heavy on your gaming career.After pain-staking time, its feels like a burden. Why? I don't know, thats how I felt when I play this about more than 20 times. I pretty much hate 1/8 of the games scene whether its hard scene like Jokes End and the shirt stuff.

Rent or Buy: Buy
This game is very nicely done and you should have no problems of playing this. It will keep you busy for a long time if you intend to get most of the best items or so. You would mostly get those end-game items if you invest enough time on those beans and so. I found no end-game equipments other than First-Hit slacks or Casual Slacks. Badges depends on your stats so think wisely.

Insanity gives it an 10 bright stars out 10. Its unique and its one of the most original RPG game out there. Give it a try, and will guaranteed this game won't waste your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/20/08

Game Release: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (US, 11/17/03)

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