Review by Thegreekweezel

Reviewed: 11/17/03

Better than Paper Mario, but not better than SMRPG

A few years ago, I learned Square (now Square-Enix) were collaborating with Nintendo to make a Rpg based on mario and his gang. I was hooked to the Mario Rpg saga since then.

Gameplay 9
Very, very solid. Mario has three types of attacks: Hand, Hammer and Jump. You use each attack on a certain type of enemy. There are also ''bros.'' attacks, you control Mario and Luigi so they can do team attacks, by pressing the B button when it's green and A button when it's red. There are a whole lot of mini-games in the game, where you earn beans, that you send to the coffee shop to make a certain drink and each drink increases some stat permanently. You have pants, which is your armor and you can change them when you progress through the game, when the shop has more of them. The badges are back, but the badge points are not, which means you can only equip one badge at a time. There is also a new dodging system, which lets you dodge attacks by jumping or using your hammer. You can also earn medals, when you give Professor E. Gadd some of your ''expresso''. It might take a while to adapt to the dodging system. The only bad thing is that you can't equip more than one badge at a time.

Graphics 9
Way, way better than Paper Mario. The sprites are very clear and all the animations are solid. Some animations are very, very funny an animated very well. Even the water is animated to the fullest.

Sound 10
All the classic Mario Bros. tunes are back and better than ever and Nintendo has even created even more great songs to add to this awesome game. Mario and Luigi's voices are also entered in this game.

Difficulty 8
This game isn't too hard, but the puzzles can be nerve wracking. The boss fights aren't too hard either one you learn there weaknesses. Some enemies can also be very tough if you are not prepared

Lasting Appeal 9
After you beat this game you can try to collect all the items or try to level up to the fullest. There's at least a few more beans you can search for in the dirt or a little more exp. points you can get!

Rent or Buy?
Buy, Buy, Buy this game NOW! It's only a measly thirty dollars. When you buy two another game like Mario Party 5 or Mario Kart: Double Dash you can register both games and get a special Zelda Collection disc!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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