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"Luigi finally joins Mario!"

Ask yourself, when was the last time you played a Mario RPG game? More than 2 years ago? But guess what? The time has come! Luigi is joining Mario in the RPG! Luigi in a RPG! Yes, and he's not watching the home front anymore! If you thought Paper Mario and Legend Of The Seven Stars was nice..

Story: 9/10
Hmm... The story here revolves around a food.. I think that there's actually not much of a story in this game, because it just separate the story into sub-stories, that actually combine to get the story itself..

There's some twist here and there too..

Graphics 9/10
This is around the same for Paper Mario. Every action is carefully animated. Details like trees and flowers are one of the best around. MArio and Luigi still have the same looks, although Mario looks a bit thinner.. When Mario minimise himself, the details are still shown clearly..

However< i think that the graphics can still be improved, if Nintendo didn't make way for..

Sound!! 10/10

You'll get to listen to the classic Mario themes. I think they are in remixed versions! Also, Mario and luigi have their own voices! Not only them, but also Peach, Bowser...blah blah.. Sounds made from the Hands ability they use sound lifelike!

Gameplay 9/10

Minigames, in my opinion, are a must in Mario games. However, the minigames here aren't really going to make a difference. Battle style is similiar to that in Paper mario, where in the Overworld, you can attack the enemy. The Brothers Attack is a nice addition to this game.. Especially when you do not complete the command correctly..You'll know what Im talking about when you buy..
Occasionally, there are quite a lot of jokes, which tingle to your sense of humor when playing an RPG. No, no weak jokes.

Replay Value 7/10

I think the replay value will not be as good, especially after you know the storyline. The small amount of minigames can still extinguish your bore, but not for long. The minigames, in my opinion, are too easy. They're not time consuming too..:)

Rent Or Buy??

If it's out near you, get it now! A must for Mario fans!

You think you like RPG, you think you know Mario.. Get this now! Especially for collectors of Mario games, I think there's no reason you're not going to buy this, unless you hate Mario to the core, which i dont think you do... And this is the first game featuring the 2 brothers only, and only them.. Nice game, in my opinion, Ive not waited for nothing..

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/18/03

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