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"Nintendo needs more RPG's like this and less games like Luigi's Mansion"

I find it interesting that Nintendo actually releases a game worth playing about three years after the Game Boy Advance comes out. Nevertheless, this is still a great game, as I will describe below.

Gameplay 10/10: You can’t get much better than this. This is by far the best formatting of an RPG on the GBA. The worlds you get to explore are huge, yet there is no lag that you find on other large games. Also, the game will keep anyone playing for over twenty hours, yet so addicting, you cannot stop playing.
In this game, you can play with Mario and Luigi together the whole game, except in some parts where they are separated. In the regular world, you can jump, hammer, and use other cool techniques you find later in the game. The game starts out with the princess’ voice being stolen by Cackletta and her puppy. Mario and Luigi set out with the help of Bowser, but afterwards, the game takes a great twist. You’ll find out for yourself.
This game’s gameplay is above the rest.

Control 10/10: Basically it is a two-button setup, where you can switch Mario and Luigi with the Start button, and pull up the pause screen with the Select button. The R and L buttons change the action of Mario and Luigi. When you are controlling Mario, Luigi can also be used with him doing some great stunts, the same with Mario when you are controlling Luigi. When an enemy pops up, you can attack it to inflict damage in the beginning of the battle. It can also paralyze you too before the battle, as in Paper Mario. This can give you a huge edge when facing multiple enemies.
In battle, you control Mario with A and Luigi with B. You both take turns attacking, along with the enemies. When a foe attacks, you always have a chance to either dodge an enemies attack, or counter the attack and inflict damage. After playing the game for a while, you get to do Bros. Attacks. This means both Mario and Luigi can flip or smash each other to REALLY damage an enemy. You also get to advance your Bros. Attacks for sweet looking combos.
Yes my friends, this game is saweet.

Sound 9/10: The tunes in this game are beautiful and really compliment the situation you are in. Also, many characters have voices, which only sound in certain situations. The battle tune is really catchy and I always humming it in the shower. There are about 10 tunes in the game, and all of them fit the places they‘re in. The sound effects in this game are nice, especially when someone gets hit. I applaud Nintendo on this highly detailed sound system.
The only thing that gets to me is that sometimes the music get repetitive, and it gets annoying. Other than that, the sounds are great.

Graphics 10/10: No game on the GBA looks as great as this .The expressions of Mario and Luigi in certain situations are great, and they give the game a nice touch. The over world is nice looking, and the only fault is that you cannot see how far apart things are.
Things still look beautiful in the Bean World, and the enemies are creative and detailed.

Buy or Rent?: Buy it. That’s a must. Even if you have to beat up your little sister, do it. It is worthwhile. Mario and Luigi is the best RPG ever made, and if you do not play it, shame on you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/18/03

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