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"Who knew so much fun could be crammed into such a small cart?"

It all began with Super Mario Bros RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo. It was a work of perfection- nothing could top it. It easily became one of the best Mario games to ever be made.

Mario + RPG = Fun

Twas' a simple idea, really, it was easy to think up. Years had passed-- and then we were rewarded with another Mario RPG game, Paper Mario(yay!) Paper Mario did work much different from the original RPG formula, it was some sort of a hybrid mix with platform button timing and such. From there, were brought to our humble game, Mario & Luigi. It can totally top Paper Mario, but now the original RPG.(sadly, aw) Still, a fantastic Mario RPG game (with lots of twists-- you really can't call it a pure RPG game!) that will be sure to keep you fun for weeks.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a bit strange. It's not like any other RPG (well, beside Paper Mario) because of the certain ''twists'' it takes. So what are these ''twists'' you ask? Well, when attacking, you can do extra damage by hitting the A (or B when attacking as Luigi) and when being attacked, you can dodge or even counterattack using the same method. It's a turn based battle in case you were wondering, but between every battle, you'll have to make use of your wit to travel through the Bros. huge adventure. Also, while in battle and on the field you'll be able to perform Bros. moves! use both the Bros. and time your button hitting to do great damage to enemies, and clear gaps and scale cliffs, those Brothers sure now how to get around.

Story: Princess Peach's voice has been-- stolen!? Replaced with WHAT!? EXPLOSIVES!? Yes people, by none other than BOWS-- err, I mean Cakletta, The evil witch of the Beanbean Kingdom (Which somehow has always been a neighbor to the mushroom kingdom, yet never talked about, hmm!) Mario goes off to get Peach's voice back (Luigi unwilling is dragged along because of Bowser) and the adventure beings!

Graphics/Sound: The Graphics are clean, crisp, and detailed! Nothing from the old Mario games here, everything has been re-vamped (thank you!!) and brand new! The music? Why, the same thing has happened to it as well! Brand new tunes, brand new remixes of old tunes- what more could you ask for? The Graphics and sound have a great mood to them, and both are very nice- perfect even.

Play Time/Replayability: it's an RPG! it has LOADS of relay! Maybe you didn't get something here, or forgot to get a bean there.. Who knows! You'll have a lot of fun getting through the first time, and then even more looking for extra goodies. Perfection!

Final Recommendation: Buy. Now. If your Mario fan, or even if you just own a GBA- buy this game! It's for everyone! RPG fan, not an RPG fan- it doesn't matter, it works for EVERYONE! E doesn't mean Kiddie people, it means Everyone!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/03

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