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"Join Mario and Lui...that other guy in a great game!"

This is in my top 5 Game Boy Advance games, and tons of people like this game. Join Mario and Luigi in a quest to get back Princess Peach's voice! Not sure whether to buy this game? I'll tell you if you should or not!

Graphics: 9.5/10: The graphics for this game are very good! Everything looks very nice, including the bosses! The bad thing about the graphics though is that almost all the bosses are green. (Yes, literally) Besides that though, the graphics, of course, are very nice.
Graphics: A

Sound: 9.5/10: All of the sounds in this game is very nice! There are very many different music tracks in this game, and I love the music when you fight the bosses!
Graphics: A

Control: 17/20: The controls are a bit hard to learn. They'll seem simple at first, but when you learn new moves, it WILL get confusing at first. You should pick them up somewhat fast, but they may become tedious.
Control: B

Gameplay: 19/20: The gameplay is good. Travel through all the different areas while fighting monsters. Fighting is very simple, yet fun. Attack an enemy to deal damage, if you press a button at the right time, you'll do extra damage. Simple, right? Dodging is a bit different from Paper Mario 64. When an enemy attacks press a button to dodge, but be warned, some enemies attack you very hard and are hard to dodge.
Gameplay: A

Storyline: 9.5/10: The storyline is also great. Follow the villains through many different areas, while meeting many different people. Some are nice, some are mean, and some just want to give you their autographs.
Storyline: A

Challenge: 11.5/15: The challenge is lacking a bit. It won't take you very long to beat the game. Some of the puzzles require a bit of skill though!
Challenge: C-

Replay: 11/15: The replay is O.K. I think it should be a little bit better though. You'll probably want to beat the game twice because the game is good.
Replay: C-

So let's take a look,
Overall: 87/100, 87% out of 100%. I round up and get 9/10.

So it comes to the question, buy or rent? Buy! I encourage you to get this game, even if it is a bit short. This is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Mario game so far, and I hope it goes the same for you too!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/20/03

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