Review by YeIIowYoshi

"Nintendo's much needed boost and one of the best Handheld RPGS ever!"

As you probably have guessed this is my Mario and Luigi(will be referred to as M&L for now on) review. When i first heard rumors of this game the first thought that came to mind was 'Pure Genius'. And it turns out my though was true! Well, on to the review!

Story - 10/10
It's an old story with a new twist! This time around Peach isn't kidnapped.....her voice is stolen! Now all she can do is weep with her explosive vocabulary! Looks like Mario is faced with another adventure. But it looks like Luigi is helping this time around. Now Mario can go past even more boundaries to save Peach!

Gameplay - 10/10
This is where M&L really shines. You are faced with better dungeons and better puzzles than in Paper Mario(PM) and you have Luigi instead of a Goomba or Boo. Later in the game you even split up to solve simultaneous puzzles to help each brother get through the dungeon. How cool is that?

Nintendo went all out with the music and SFX and it payed off for once! They did an awesome job with the music whether it be gloomy and dark or bright and cheery they made the perfect mix for the location. The SFX was also well made. The bonking of Mario hammer or the classic Jumping noise of Luigi or whatever else, they made it clear and crisp. Also they added voice acting. Mario can now laugh,yell, or speak gibberish along with Luigi. Nintendo really did a great job here.

Battle System - 8/10
The battle system is more complicated than most. It gets hard to pull off attacks and even harder to dodge them. Maybe if they had used Gamecube they could have spread it out on more buttons, but they still did a great job in making the controls. 'Tis to be expected on the GBA.

Humor - 10/10
This is an unusual section but i felt i needed to add it. The humor in this game rocks. It has plenty more than Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario combined. I laughed my head off at alot of parts. So if your looking for humor you get your wish here.

Overall this game rocks! If this didnt convince you then i should just quit now. What more could you ask of? Mario and Luigi fighting side by side is classic!

Rent or Buy? BUY!!!
This game is a definite buy. There is no way you can rent it for 5 days and be satisfied. So buy it and spend hours playing it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/20/03

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