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"It's Mario and......Some other guy in green.....But look Mario!"

After about 20 years Luigi and Mario team up! The last game I can think of were they were on team was Mario Bros in 1993 Arcade and 1985 NES, Man that's a long time, Luigi has faded away in the back, Often in the shadow of his brother...Mario,Luigi got his own game in Luigi's Mansion but lets not get into that garbage, But onto the review which is garbage...I mean not..

Graphics 9, The graphics are nice, Its not anything I have seen, Is this cel-shaded 2-D graphics? I have no Idea but I like the Graphics they are as smooth as the ice I slipped and fell on the other day, And that is SMOOTH! And I like how when you get points it pops up on the screen like older 80's games often did!

Gameplay 8 Gameplay is good I gave it a 8 because some moves are sometimes hard to do and I hate how to switch character is a different button I think it should be the exact same button so I don't get confused when trying to change, its not a problem I just think it needs to be change.

Story 7...Wow I like that 9,8,7, What's next a 6?!....The story is weird Peach losses her voice so then Mario and Luigi most find it so Bowser [Koopa] can take it or something like that it confuses me! and they ARENT in Mushroom Kingdom any more yeah ANOTHER 20 years [They used to be in some were in the first couple of Mario games, And in the first couple ones it wasn't peach it was Pauline]They are in Bean Bean Kingdom! Yeah weird name, Good gameplay!

Music 9 Awwww Man I messed it up 9,8,7,6,9? No The music is WAAAAAAAY to good for a 6 the music is really Bold and loud for the nice tone of Nintendo quality,I think Nintendo really put much needed effort in the music, Because this is the Mario and Luigi game,So it needs to be good! I like the music a lot, More than a lot of games, In caves its soft and slow, Outside in boss battles its Fast and rapid jamming into your ears like A apartment being blown up into little pieces, Yeah it's THAT good.

Sum it up This is a really good game that will please fans for years to come, Just look at Earthbound [BoInG....From Earthbound] People still praise it and look up to it, Earthbound Changed RPG's and steered it into a different direction, And thats what Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga is doing Putting everything in a Other diffrent direction.....Im confused, Any way the game is 100% Fun.

Replay 8 The replay is good It's kinda long and is like Super Mario world [SNES]It's kinda long, Nice levels and every time you see it you get the urge to play it even though you have beaten it 100,000,000 times [Hint of exaggeration] The levels,Music,Gameplay, and GAME get you to play it again, The levels arent a challenge, But the ending is worth the time.

Buy or forget.....Buy kind sir, Or I will slap you. Just Kidding about the slap, It's a great game like I said it will be praised for years to come, You know this reminds me of an EXTREMELY long story about...No wait...Wait, Stop dont...Don't turn it Off... No wait what are you doi............
Got Yoshi

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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