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"Mario and Luigi, Finally a New Mario Game for GBA! Great."

Have you ever played Super Mario RPG for your old SNES? If you liked it, then you’re going to totally love this game as Mario and Luigi comes again to help princess toadstool getting into a journey in an new unknown kingdom! Definitively this is a must have for your Game Boy advance!

Story: 9/10
A great story with many plot twists, there are many quests that will end in the same story, That’s why I like this game, It has a very funny story, that will entertain you until you beat this game!

The graphics in this game are totally awesome, with many clear colors.
The backgrounds are good, again with many colors that help to make the game very funny, the characters sprites are great since they show in a very nice way their feelings and emotions.(Specially Luigi’s funny faces)

Just after I entered the first city I was surprised…Incredible music mixes that gives me many good memories, the game includes many good old-school background music and, of course it also contains many new music that helps, again to give this game a funny feeling.

Well, Nintendo couldn’t make a better battle system for this game, the fluency of the game is great, as you need to react as fast as you can in the backgrounds, or, in battle, you can even dodge your enemy’s attacks! The real-time button pressing comes back with the new bros command, a great addition to the battle system of the game.

Replay value:8/10
The replay value is good, not the best since Nintendo could have been a little more original with some side quests, but anyway, there’s some good replay value, There’s also a considerable amount of minigames that will keep you playing and trying to beat until the last difficult level.

This game will last you at least 15 hours, that without including the replay value that could extend that time up to 18 hours of game, again I think Nintendo could have done a better work with side quests but It’s a great game.

A definitive must have game for Game Boy advance, Mario And Luigi coming back in the first only for game boy title of Mario, since other games have been only ports, This great game Is what I like, If you like Mario and You love RPGs (like me), then this is your game, buy it now!

I don’t see why you shouldn’t buy it, It’s a great game which you will enjoy greatly.
This game is what we Mario fans were waiting for, a truly semi-sequel of a great game that we loved when the SNES was around, Super Mario RPG, Mario and Luigi contains also good touches of fun and comedy that actually are funny, with special cameos that will surprise you!! Buy this funny game now and help once again the princess toadstool finding her voice!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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