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"One of the best Handheld RPG's to date"


Mario and Luigi is and action RPG involving Mario, the third of its kind. This game takes the best of its predecessors, Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and Paper Mario and combines them into one incredible game.
The battles take place in turn-based combat, but also involve quick reactions, as Mario and Luigi will have to time their attacks perfectly and even dodge enemy attacks. You play as both Mario and Luigi, in this game and each can be controlled separately. Mario = A button, Luigi = B button. As you progress in the game, the two brothers learn new abilities and attacks to use in battle. New jumps are acquired to help Mario and Luigi move around the world easily, and both brothers even get special elements to control.

Story: 9

The story begins at Princess Peach's lovely castle, where the ambassador from the Bean Bean Kingdom has come to meet with Princess Peach. As the ambassador's servant presents Peach with a gift, the ambassador suddenly sprays Peach with a gas! After the effects of the gas Peach slumps to the floor, and the ambassador reveals herself to be: Cackletta and her assistant Fawful. Now its up to Mario, Luigi, and even King of all Koopa's, Bowser to team up in order to restore peace to the world.

Gameplay: 10

The gameplay of Mario and Luigi is very innovative. The idea of controlling both brothers is dead-on and is programmed quite nicely. On the Map Mario and Luigi must use all their abilities, either separately or together. For example, if Mario is in front then Mario can hit switches with the hammer, grow small, and light things on fire. This means Luigi is in back, and when this happens Luigi can interact with his brother in front. Luigi can perform High Jumps, make Mario small, and shock Mario. The same goes for Mario, when he is in back Mario can perform a spin-jump, bury Luigi into the ground, and light Luigi on fire. It takes a little while to get used to but later becomes second nature. The brothers also must use A and B in battle. When an attack is coming at either brother, Mario and Luigi can use a jump or swing the hammer in order to dodge attacks. They must also push these buttons in order to attack themselves. When an attack is about to hit an enemy press that brothers corresponding button and it will do extra damage. Both of these are extremely important to master.

Graphics/Sound: 10

The graphics in Mario and Luigi are very bright and colorful. It helps with this game to have a GBA SP in order to see the full beauty of the game. Each character and landscape is brilliantly animated and fits perfectly into the game. I never saw an error in the graphics. The music is just as good, I constantly finding myself humming several tunes from this game to myself. This is how GBA is meant to be.

Playtime/Replayability: 10

Mario and Luigi took me about 22 hours to complete, and I didn't even collect everything! This is a fairly long game, like most RPG's should be. This gives the game time to develop a story. I also found myself wanting to play more after I completed the game and I am currently playing for my third time. This is definitely a game you'll want to replay.

Final Recommendation:

To all of you with ROMS, GET THIS GAME NOW! It not only cheats Nintendo out of money it also degrades yourself and makes you look like a fool when you report glitches.(I found no glitches in my store bought copy) This is definitely a must-own game. Since no place I know of lets you rent GBA games that is your only chance to play the game. I recommend this game to people of all ages.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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