Review by Kintaro Oe age 25

Reviewed: 11/25/03

Nintendo strikes gold again with Mario and…um that other guy.

It all began when a little plumber wanted to save his Pauline from a hairy ape and it lead to him and his brothers becoming video game icons of the 20th century … well for one of them that is. Ever since Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo released Super Mario Bros, Nintendo has been seeing gold coins wherever Mario name is placed. Mario is without a doubt THE video game icon, but the same can’t be said for his little brother. Mario has been in more games then his taller, slender, green clothed brother. The little green dude was always a side kick, a cameo character, hero in a mediocre game or just MIA. Now with Nintendo’s Adventure/Platform/RPG dubbed Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga; Luigi finally gets to share the spot light with his greedy, fat, commie older brother. Yes, Luigi’s brother isn’t really Mario, its Joseph Stalin!!! Dun, dun, dunnnnn!!!

Storyline: 9
It seems that old King Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again. Now it’s up to Mari—- what?... Bowser doesn’t kidnap the princess? Oh yea that’s right, there’s a new villain in the game and her name is The Great Cackletta. Cackletta has stolen Peach’s voice and replaced it with an explosive vocabulary. So does this mean Princess Peach has a naughty language in Nintendo speak? Nope, it just means anytime she speaks things go BOOM! Now Mario and Lu—- Lui—- Mr Greenie are out to get Cackletta and bring Peach her voice back. Anyway the story isn’t what pulled me in, but all the little jokes in the game. The story is pretty entertaining. Characters from almost every Mario game appear to help the brothers along the way.

Graphics: 10
Now the graphics aren’t as beautiful as Golden Sun or any of the GBA’s top games, but it’s still up there. The game looks more like a work of art than a game. The backgrounds are simply beautifully and fit in with Mario and Luigi’s world. The character themselves are also done beautifully; every character has an animation that will make you smile at least once. I was on the floor laughing because of Bowser’s crazy expression.

Gameplay: 10
Like all Nintendo games, this is where the Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga really shines. You control both Mario and Luigi in their adventure. By pressing A or B, you can control one or both of the brothers’ action. The game is played in a top down view and you control Mario and Luigi like characters in a platform game, by jumping and running everywhere. The game has many innovations like giving the brothers; Mario and Luigi moves called Bros Action. These moves must be done with both brothers to complete a level, solve a puzzle or defeat certain enemies. Speaking of defeating enemies, when the game goes into battle mode, the game changes its face, turning into a kick ass RPG. The battles for the game are never boring or repetitive like Final Fantasy, and will always have your fingers on the buttons ready to attack. In battle, you’ll not only need to time your attacks, but also your defenses.

Controls: 10
The controls are pretty simple. Just use the directional button to move the brothers, press the A button to make the lead brother jump and B to make the brother in the back jump. Press the select button to access the menu screen and press the start button to switch the brothers’ positions. When you have Bros action, just press the L or R button to turn it on and then B to activate it. When in battle Mario and Luigi are controlled with the A/B buttons and can switch selections with either the directional button or the L/R button.

Sound: 10
The sounds are crisp and clean. Hearing a few characters voices, had me breaking a rib from laughing so hard. The brothers especially, talk in some weird gibberish language, which will just make your day. The music for the game fits perfectly. It’s awesome to once again hear classic songs from Super Mario Bros, Mario 64 and many more. I’m still waiting for Nintendo to release a Super Mario Greatest Hit’s CD.

Replay: 8
The game has tremendous replay. You’ll find your self replaying the game at lest one more time. And if that wasn’t enough, like all Mario GBA games, this game contains the classic Mario Bros game. And like all the GBA Mario games, you can play it with all your friends in multiplayer.

Rent or Buy?
Buy, buy, and buy! If ya don’t, I’m a gonna send Mario and Luigi to break a your leg!

Final Score: 9.5
If you’re a fan of RPG, old skool 2D Nintendo games or just a fan of Mario and his little brother Linguini, then this game is defiantly for you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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