"A wack walk in the park?"

Hello. Like many of you that visit GameFaqs I'm a die-hard gamer and although young, I have grown up up with Mario all the way back from 1985 till now. I've seen pretty much all the major history of both Nintendo and the video gaming world. From Mario RPG to Mario 64 and now Mario and Luigi.

I honestly bought this game without knowing a whole lot about it. From what people had told me it was ''like paper mario'' or ''like mario rpg.'' and I suppose that was good enough for me since I needed a good game.

The story starts off with Mario and Luigi living their normal, daily lives, only to have it intruded by a panicked Toad who announces that Princess Toadstool's voice has been stolen by an evil witch and her henchmen from a neighboring kingdom. As a result, the Princess' vocabulary becomes explosive... yes, explosive. Mario and Luigi make an alliance with their almost constant rival, Bowser, and together the threesome go off on an adventure to rescue Princess Toadstool's voice..

Gameplay 6/10: The standard gameplay in the game is running around a field, like in an RPG, and you're able to communicate with NPCs. You're also capable of jumping onto ledges and hitting blocks (like in mario rpg),breaking rocks with your hammer, blowing things up, and even more unique abilites. However as most of us know, the real meat of the game play in an RPG is the battle system and this is the place I feel Mario and Luigi lacks in innovation.

The battle system is very simplistic in comparison to other RPGs. You don't gain a significant range of spells or techniques or combos to perform. You have standard attacks with include jumps and hammers and then on the side you have Bros. moves which enable Mario and Luigi to perform a duel-attack much like in Chrono Trigger. I know it gets the job done and the Bros. attacks certainly are fun to watch, but the intensity and the difficulty I should feel in this game when fighting bosses just isn't there.

Story 9/10: Nothing big or complex. I really won't criticize the story since I don't actually expect a game about Mario and Luigi to be long, dramatic and deep. The story is simplistic and fun. There are several jokes, cameos, and surprisingly a few plot twists.

Another reviewer on this website declared the humor in this game a bit too ''immature'' and in no way do I necessarily disagree with him, but myself as an 18 year old gamer still could not help but crack a smile a whenever something remotely silly happened to Luigi or Bowser. Yes, the game and its story are silly, immature, and childish, but if you happen to be a kid at heart then I see no reason why you won't be able to enjoy it.

Graphics/Sound 8/10- The graphics in the game are 2-D at some of its best. There's not a whole lot to say. There's some 3-D, more 2-D and plenty of frames of animation, expressions, and sprites for Mario and Luigi to become active and amusing cartoon characters.

As for the sound, Mario, Luigi, Princess, Bowser, and others have voices and witty comments to say whenever something off-the wall happens, further making their roles in the game that much more lively.

The music on the other hand a tad bit of a disappointment. The majority of the tunes in the game are remixes of past Mario music, ranging from Mario Bros. to Mario 64. Yes, I do greatly adore them all but the few new tunes that are supplied aren't that memorable and that's very unfortunate. Sometimes I really wish Nintendo would stop recycling their old material, stop playing on nostalgia, and do something different. But again, that's my opinion and regardless, the remixed music is pretty darn rad (to the max).

Play Time/Replayability 8/10: For hardcore RPG players you shouldn't complete the game in under a few days. For more casual players it'll probably take a week or longer. RPGs are usually games I like to play and then just move on from. But I've already found myself coming back to this one, trying to find every secret and trying to master every Bros. attack.

The Bottom Line: Be you a hardcore gamer or a kindergartener, if you love Mario and you like RPGs then you should definately give this game a chance. It's not ''action packed'' or difficult like Contra 3, but it's definately a wonderful and wacky walk in the park.

Final Rating 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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