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"Two questions: Did you like SMRPG or PAPER MARIO?"

If you said ''yes'' to any of the questions...You're in for a treat! First let's start off by the story...

Story - 9/10
Mushroom kingdom was enjoying peaceful times. The queen of Beanbean kingdom was visiting Princess Peach today in her royal throne. Little did the princess know that the queen was disguised as the awful Cackletta and her servant, disguised as the ''queens'' helper, Fawful (the most funniest character in this game, might I add). They quickly steal her voice and leave for their home. Then, Toad goes over to Mario and Luigi's house to give the bad news. And so set's the path for our heroes, Who knows what surprises are in store for them?...

Gameplay - 10/10

OK The gameplay is a bit hard to get used to but it only takes the first ''boss'' fight to get the hang of. The field play is very simple. B button controls the back character and A button controls the front. You can use L and R buttons to switch your ''actions'' which you get later on in the game (although you start with the jump action). You can clearly see enemies on the field so that you can choose to fight or not fight with enemies (basically, no random battle junk). If you jump on top of the enemy in the field or use one of your other actions to ''hit'' them, you will get an advantage in battle. That leads us to the battle element of the game. The game is basically a typical RPG game, with HP and ''Bros. Points''(which can be analogical to Magic points). You pick your move and attack but there's a catch. In this game, If you press A (Mario, regardless of ''Field position'') as Mario is about to land on the enemies' head, then you will do extra damage. If you press B while Luigi does his attack, you will do extra damage also. There are a lot of ''Brother attacks'' in which you have to press a certain button combination to attack with both brothers at one time. It's a very neat addition to the game and very carefully planned out. Basically, take a little of SMRPG and a little of Paper Mario, and you have a nice little blend of a perfect game...truly perfect in every way especially for a GBA game.

Graphics - 10/10
This isn't golden sun so I'm not going to treat it like that. The graphics can compare and match Paper Mario's. The fluidity in the movements in the animations is just so awesome to watch. It's almost like playing a cartoon. Everything is just so well done, you have to see it to believe it.

Sound - 9
Ok the real reason I didn't give this a ten was because I never listened to the sound much so I wouldn't know but the times that I did listen, it was VERY good. There are even voice clips of Mario and Luigi saying things such as ''Hammer!'' ''Jump!'' when you change your action command. All in all, Great sound.

Replay/Lastability - 8/10
Eh, well you can play again and again to collect all the items and what not but it's really not that important. But I can say this, This game will be played through atleast twice and the first time you play it, It'll take you about 20 hours as It's taking me 16 right now and I'm almost at the end.

Overall - 10/10
Alpha dreams really did a good job with this game, Nintendo gave this game to the right developers. Very fun, addicting, and one of the best Mario RPG games, if not the best. It can probably even be nominated for best Mario game. This game really has some nice cameos, surprises, secrets, etc. for you to find out! Pick this game up and your won't regret it.


BUY! Skip the rent and go straight for the buy. You'll save yourself five dollars because you'll be buying it anyway.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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