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"Finaly, another Mario Rpg is done on the GBA!"

Well, after years of waiting for a new Mario type rpg, we finally get Mario&Luigi. Mario&Luigi is different than most rpgs, cause it does something that many, or any, rpg’s do. You control two characters throughout the game, but you use one button to control each one. Now this seems to be a commonly asked question by newbs, “Is this a sequel to PaperMario?” the answer is no, it’s a completely different game. Although, this game has plenty of cameos made by characters from both paper Mario and Super Mario RPG. These are how the ratings go for this game.

This is where the game truly shines. Like I’ve said before, you control each character with a different button. You control Mario with the A button, and Luigi with the B button, on and off battle. Battles are not too long or not to fast, and it requires a bit more strategy from the past two Mario rpgs. For example, in battle, each and every enemy has two attacks, one directed at Mario and one directed at Luigi. Some enemies will attack both at once. Where the strategy comes in is that you have to press the corresponding button for the character to make them dodge the attacks, like jumping to dodge a shock wave or hitting a spiked enemy with a hammer. This all and more makes this game very fun. The only negative about this game is that it’s a little on the easy side, but not overly easy. Not overly easy because if you don't spend time leveling up, later on in the game, this game becomes a bit harder.

Story 10/10
Well, what do you expect from a good rpg, a good story right? The story without spoiling it is simply this. Princess Peach’s voice gets stolen bye Cackletta, an evil witch from the Bean-bean kingdom, and its up to Mario to save the day, but oh? What’s this? Luigi seems to get dragged into this quest, and thus Mario&Luigi begins.

For a gameboyadvance game, this game has very good graphics. It has the old school 2-D look to it, and they pulled that off beautifully off in this game. The only downside would have to be that the 2-D also pulls the game down because, even though 2-D can be good, it’s a little overused now, that, and the game looks kiddy, but that doesn’t really hurt the game too much.. Another reason graphics get one point from perfect, the enemies, while unique at first, later on in the game look exactly the same, just with something added or different colors.

The sound is really good, like jumping sounds, magic sounds, and music that fits the occasion perfectly. The only downside is that 9/10 of the noise in this game is babble and grunts. Although, it does have Mario and Luigi talk a TINY amount, all they say is babble or “Here we go!” “Mario!” and “Luigi!”, and this doesn’t really improve the sound anyway.

Playtime/Re playability-7/10
This is the game’s weakest point, most casual may beat this game in about 25 hours or less, depending if you do all the side quests and/or mini games or not. Sure, you can replay the game again, but for most people, they only play games until they beat it.

Final Recommendation-Rent or Buy?
Definitely a buy, even if it’s short, you must have this in your collection if you even just liked Mario a little bit or like rpg’s. If you don’t want to shell out the dough for it or just don’t like rpg’s, then rent it. But hey, you never know, if you receive this as a gift, this might turn you on to rpg type games, or even Mario games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/24/03

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