Review by Dark Link18

Reviewed: 12/30/03

Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga is the best game on the GBA.

This is definitely the best game on the GBA. No doubt about it. It’s much better than Paper Mario, but not as good as SMRPG. It comes close to SMRPG though.

Story: 9/10
In typical Mario games something happens to Princess Peach and Mario has to save her. It happens in this game too. This is a little different though. Instead of Peach getting kidnapped her voice gets stolen. And guess what. Bowser didn’t do it! Cackletta did. She is a witch from the Beanbean Kingdom. An ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom visits Mushroom Kingdom. The ambassador is just a disguise for Cackletta and her sidekick, Fawful. She reveals herself and steals Princess Peach’s voice. Bowser arrives wanting to kidnap Peach once again, but he arrives too late. He doesn’t want to kidnap Peach anymore because her voice has been replaced with something explosive. If he kidnaps her she will wreck his castle. So Bowser ends up helping you so he can kidnap Peach once you get her voice back. At first you may think the story is cheesy, but as you progress through the game you will find out why Cackletta wants Princess Peach’s voice.

Music/Sound: 10/10
The music/sound in this game is great. No tune feels out of place. For example when there is a humorous moment it has humorous music and when you are in a forest or something the music is dark and gloomy. A lot of the old tunes are back with some new tunes that are great. Occansionally Mario and Luigi talk. They say stuff like “Hammer!” and “Jump!”. They say stuff clearly. They have there own little grunts and sounds. There are no flaws in music/sound here.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in this game have no flaws. The graphics are cartooney. The character sprites are awesome and they run smoothly. The animation runs fluidly. There are so many colors. It is almost like watching a cartoon. The background and the level are the happy little places you would expect from a Mario game. The character and enemy sprites look good in battle and out of battle. You can tell a character’s emotions in this game. For example once you get the hammer and you whack Mario or Luigi with it they turn around and growl, look mad, and steam comes out of their head. The graphics rival SMRPG’s graphics.

Control: 8/10
This is the worst part of the game which really isn’t that bad. When you are switching commands out of battle like from hammer to jump it gets annoying cause it’s confusing which buttons to press and which character you are switching commands for, but you will eventually get used to this. That’s the only bad part about controls in this game. Other than that the controls are good. Out of battle to switch a characters commands you press L or R depending where the character is. With the A button you control the lead character and with the B button you control the character in back. In battle you control Mario and Luigi with the A and B buttons (A to control Mario and B to control Luigi). This game has pretty good controls.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is the best part of this game. What I really like about it is that it is kind of real time because you can jump in battle when it is not your turn to evade or counter an enemy and it is also turn based because, well, you take turns hitting your enemy. You see your enemies outside of battle. You can get first hits on your enemies if you hit them outside of battle. In this game you level up and each time you level up you get a bonus thing to further raise one of your stats. You can buy gear and items in shops. Gear is badges and clothes used to raise your stats. Instead of magic you have bros. Points which is when Mario and Luigi team to do an attack together. This only takes up the brother who did a bros. attack’s turn. This is like other Mario games but with an overview and it’s an RPG. You still do the same things as before like jump on platforms and solve puzzles. This game is also very funny. Overall the gameplay in this game is superb.

Replay Value: 10/10
The replay value is really good. There are a lot of mini games that are fun to go back and play. There are also a lot of side quests. It is also very fun to just play it again.

Rent or Buy: Buy
This game is the best game on the GBA. If you don’t buy it you will miss out on a lot. If you rent it once you have to return it you will probably want to buy it so save yourself some money and buy this.

There is no reason why you should not buy this game (unless you are short on cash or something). This is the best game on the GBA and will probably always be. You will not regret buying this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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