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"This game is the mustard in your sandwhich of greatness!"

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga is a fantastic game, people! It's one of those games that you mustn't miss out on. It overpowers Super Mario RPG, it outshines Paper Mario. How can they possibly do that, you're asking? They threw in Luigi. I'm a big Mario fan of course, but when you have the brothers together, there is seemingly nothing they can't do, and no butt they can't kick. This game proves that...

Gameplay (9/10)

This game is wicked awesome, especially for the gameplay. The battle system is awesome. You have Mario, controlled by the A button, and Luigi controlled by the B. You select your attacks one at a time, and you can either attack with a jump, a hammer, or your hand. You can also select a ''Bros.'' attack, which is an attack dealt using Mario and Luigi in combo with each other. Of course, these attacks are very interesting... Timed hits are still in play here, but for defense it's a little bit different. Instead of timing a block right, they removed blocking entirely. Now you have to counterattack using the hammer or a jump. You can physically jump over an attack, or smack something in the face as it's about to hit you. The good thing about this is it keeps battles vigorous and exciting, but can take away from the difficultly. However, it is definately not a bad thing. What kind of number engine does this game use? High damage is about a hundred, and high HP is 100 as well. There was one occasion where I did 550, killing a boss in one hit, but yeah... that may have been a fluke. Either way, the number system is very nice.

Sound/Music (10/10)

For a gameboy advance game, I was very surprised with this title. The music is insanely good, for awhile I believed I thought I was on a Super Nintendo. They used a ton of Mario remixes in this game, giving you that classic Mario feel. They also have some new tracks, but are all still very good. There is only one song that annoyed me, but one song isn't enough to make this lose one point in the music category. It's just that good. The sounds, obviously, are recycled Mario sounds. Everything from jumping to hitting a coin block, it's all there. Nothing disappointing at all. Especially the things they say, it sounded just like they speak on the console games, they had no distortion at all. For this reason, using the gameboy player I forgot it was a Gameboy Advance title at all.

Story (10/10)

The story is so great, it keeps you PAYING ATTENTION. Unlike some games, that basically say ''Go here, so you can save stuff.'' This game says ''That place is cool, if you go there, they will give you candy.'' They also have a ton of quotes I will never forget, and will use a lot in person... such as ''I have fury!'' and ''This weapon is the mustard on the sandwhich of your doom!'' , and ''Choke on my wrath, rat-finks!'' It's really sexy like that, and I mean it. The story is quite amusing.

Difficulty (3/10)

I don't know if I just plain leveled up too much, but I know that I was beating some major ass in this game. Mario and Luigi are too powerful, as they can sheerly dominate the competition on every level, no matter who they are. The dodging attacks can be very difficult at times, but it's never too insanely hard to dodge something. There are some bosses I killed in one hit, but I don't know if you were supposed to or not... *cough* Wendy *cough*

Graphics (8/10)

Two words, paint document. But it doesn't matter, because it fits the theme. Sometimes I was disatisfied with the Mario or Luigi sprite, but other times I cursed myself for acting stupid. The graphics are exactly the way they wanted them, this game wouldn't work as well if they were rendered or something. At least they didn't bump-map the hell out of it, like a certain game I know...

Marioscity (10/10)

There are so many Mario references to this game, it just makes you smile. Everything from the koopa kids to the viruses is thrown in there somewhere, and there are even bullet bills with a super-scope. Hell, you can even jump onto the flag next to a castle in one of the towns. This game has so much Mario crammed in it, it seems to be just what the fans asked for. Diehard Mario fans will never stop drooling over this game, I know for a fact that I am still wiping my mouth every so often because of how great this game is.

So that's it! This game definitely deserves the 10/10, and personally I give it a PLATINUM award because it DESERVES every single molecule of that metal. But then again, the game has the same sense of humor as I do, so maybe some of you will think differently, but I doubt it.
Buy this game. Buy it now. Don't even bother renting it, because you'll think back on how awesome it was, and want to play it once more.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/03/04

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