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"Gameplay at long last harkens back to the good old days!"

I have enjoyed all the Mario type games, especially all of the “RPG” ones. This legacy of great mario rpg’s started back in 96’ with Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars. I had wanted to get it awhile, and by some chance, I found it at a garage sale. I for it and it instantly became one of my most cherished titles I have ever played and still continues to hold that title today. Later Paper Mario for the N64 came out and I instantly bought it also. I was a good game, but not as good as Seven Stars. This game came out and I got it for Christmas. Man, was I not disappointed...

Hey, this is a Mario game. What do ya’ expect? Classic Mario stuff here folks. Basically Princess Peach’s voice is stolen and it’s up to Mario and Luigi to get it back from the evil witch. I like the comedy the story puts into it, but the real kicker are the twists and turns that happen as you progress deeper into the game. Usually Mario stories are predictable, but fun. This fun, but not quite as predictable as you might believe to think. Don’t expect it to be a Final Fantasy yarn or anything like that. It not that deep! A neat twist(s) are added at the beginning, middle and end of the game, just to keep things interesting. The crazy characters keep the story from getting boring and laid-back. The story is, again, solid and the cameos of old characters are greatly appreciated.

I absolutely love this sound! I wear headphones every time I play. It’s just so enjoyable. The battle music is original and peppy, but gets kinda old eventually. The real treat here are the voices put into the game. Comedy is added by the grunt Mario makes when you zap him with electricity from Luigi’s hands. It adds a nice novelty touch. Mario and Luigi both sound authentic and are a joy to hear. Their realistic voice and emotional grunts and squeals add alot to the already wonderful music. The music may be new and fresh, but it still calls back to the good old days. The castle theme for Super Mario 64 is alive and well also. The original music is well enough done to be probably be redone in a future game.

This is pretty well done also. The graphics are all “cartoony” and are alive with expressions. Mario and Luigi are probably the well done with Queen Bean and Prince Peasely coming in a close second. The characters all are well animated. For example, all enemies make a funny face or expression whenever you hit them with your hammer, and a different expression when you zap them with electricity. The special battle animations, particularly the ones the involve Bros. Actions are extremely fluid and well done. They are an absolute blast to watch. Mario’s expression when Luigi zaps him with his zap hand is pretty as is Luigi’s expression with Mario zaps him with FireBrand. What does this all add up to? Lots of small details can make or break and game. In SuperStar Saga it doesn’t necessarily make the game, but it add alot of fun touches that a decent of production value. It’s nice to see they made an effort to make the expressions and enemies varied and fun to look at.


Wow, wow and more wow! This is the one and could be the only reason you fork over $30 or $35 dollars for this game! You start out controlling Toad on a mission to get Mario’s attention, and then you control Mario, and soon after, both brother’s. To switch the brother’s positions press Start. That’s pretty easy! Each brother eventually gains a set of similar “Solo Actions”. This are performed differently at different times in the game and depending if the active brother is in front or back. To switch these it pretty easy, just press the L button to switch the back brother and R to switch the front brother’s action. The brother in back can perform special “Bros. Actions”. These are used as powerful attacks in battle and are used to solve puzzle in the “overworld.” They add again alot of production value to an already production value rich game. I know doesn’t sound all that great, but the smoothness and naturalness of it is what makes it great. Rent and find out what I mean.

Replay Value

This is as hot. Alot of the excitement, unfortunately, comes from trying new things and seeing/doing new things. Obviously the second time time through is going to be as exciting as the first. That hurts replay value alot… I would like to fib to you and say it’s pretty good, but it’s not. I’m sorry. Some people might find joy in playing it again, and that may be you. You’ll know as you’re getting through the game. So as a final word on this department: replay value isn’t wonderful but you’ll have to see for yourself. It all depends on the player.

Final Score -9/10

Story ------- 8/10
Sound ----- 10/10
Graphics -- 9/10
GamePlay -- 10/10
Replay Value -- 7/10

Rent OR Buy???
This is usually pretty clear cut. I would recommend you rent it or play the demo in the store. If it seems lame, obviously don’t but it, but if it seems pretty good then buy it. If you’re not terribly interested, try renting it. You can without a doubt beat the game in one or two rental periods if you’re trying. This game has only about 22 to 25 hours of solid gameplay in it. If it seems that good that you want to buy it, go ahead. Also another possibility would be buying it for the sake of having your own copy. A mario game this good and of the this genre doesn’t come out often, so I would buying it new or even maybe used just for the sake of having it in your collection. I was glad I bought mine...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/04

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