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"A Great Game With A Great Flow To It"

The third Mario RPG is here! And it is ready to cook up a great game! Grab your hats! It is time to enter a new Kingdom! You may be thinking, ''Mario RPG and Paper mario were the bomb! Is this game as fun as those cool games! I bet better!'' Well, if you want to now the truth, to me, I like Paper mario and Super Mario RPG better. It is just a bit more interesting! The reason why is because in Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG.... well ... they had it where you could choose a character as your partner and switch partners. But, in Mario and Luigi, you have to stick with the same Mario and Luigi. I just think that is cooler and better if you can pick your partner instead of being forced to play the same characters throughout the game. You may not think so, but I do. Still, this game is worth the money! Another fun RPG, still. Will will like everything else the same as the other RPGs.

Gameplay: 10/10
This has a really interesting and cool RPG system. I like how you attack, and your enemy also attacks you. The DEF, ATTACK, and HP systems really make this game very interesting. It is also amazing how you can use teamwork as Bros. Attacks to do tons of damage! It is just good how the RPG system keeps track of DEF and stuff so well! Even more interesting is that you can sometimes use ''Lucky!'' attacks! And finally, the amazing Leveling-up system. You level-up by getting enough EXP. Even better is you can add bonus points to one that you choose! The RPG system is not the only good part of the game, though. There is also platfroming in this game! The platforming in this game makes another big difference in this game! It is like they took some of the things from the Mario Bros. platform games and posted it here! These platforms are even better than in the Mario Bros. games!!! It is like they remade it, except it is even better!!! How can they put such cool parts in a Mario game? I don't know!

Story: 10/10
A ambassador from another Kingdom has came to bring the princess. Which kingdom? The Beanbean Kingdom! But when the princess was just going to open it, a Jak-in-the-box thing popped out and sprayed some Take-A-Voice Spray and the ambassador revealed herself as the evil Cackletta! And her fowl sidekick, Fawful, joined her! And, they flew away with her voice. Now, when the princess speaks, explosive symbles appear! Then, Bowser wants to help Mario and Luigi recover her voice so he can kidnappe her! The game's story is very interesting and funny (where you are Toad and you see Mario in his towel without clothes)! All through the game, you will be springing into laughter! Like nobody in Beanbean Kingdom has a clue who in the heck is Luigi! They cannot even say his name correctly!!! A very funny game and story! You will know I am right later in the game where it starts getting amazingly funny!! Your only hint is that very, very soon, you will find some FUNNY GUY (the very soon is the Koopa Cruiser).

Graphics/Sound: 10/10
The game has some interesting graphics. The graphics are very detailed. Like adding a crab or two to the beach! They put some interesting graphics and pictures. Some of the best pictures I have ever seen! And for the sounds, they have good sounds and such a big mixture of sounds! The sound effects (like ''Ohh, yeah!'') are quite funny in this game! JUST THE SOUNDS ARE FUNNY!!! My favorite person with the best and funniest sounds would be Fawful. He is now the funniest nintendo character. He gots some humor!Where do they come up with such good sounds? But, lets not forget the Background Music! It is good! Some of them are even from the other mario games! There also new ones, too. These background musics are the best I have ever heard for quite a while! Trust me! They are good!Where all these good pictures and details?

Play Time/Replayability: 8/10
The playtime is fun and cool, but is sort of short. It could be a little longer. Because one day, I said, ''I wish this game would be longer.'' The game should not take more than 1 day. Usually, just 10 hours! Not very long! But if you are going for perfect level, than it could take about 1 week. But only if you are going for perfect status. If you are trying to get all the Badges and 99 of each item AND 9999 coins than it would take about 1 week and 1 Day. If you are going for Perfect Score AND all the stuff above, than it would take about 2 weeks and 1 day. But, if you are new to RPGs, than it would take a month. If you are an expert, just 1 1/2 weeks. Now, if you enjoyed playing this game for the first time, than you will know that you will like this game a second time. But, after about 5 times or so, you may think that it starts getting boring! But, don't be fooled! It is a great game to play millions of times!!
Play Time/Replayability - How long does it take to complete the game, and is it worth playing again once you've done it?

Final Recommendation: 10/10 (Yes)
After all of this, you are maybe asking, ''Should I look everywhere for the game?''. My answer would maybe yes. The best place to search would be Google and Yahoo!. If you want to buy the game at a low price, go to eBay! Yes! You should search and buy such a wonderful game! After about your 10th time beeting it, you might want to give it to someone as a gift. Please, buy the game! You will see exactly how good the game is! You are not being fooled!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/25/04

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