Review by Mechnor

Reviewed: 06/29/04

Mario and Luigi...have done it again!!!A game for the moment.

The creator of the Mario series has done it again. This game is great. I have spent nearly 27 hours on it and my characters are pumped up.It was a 50 bucks :well spent in my opinion. If you like games that are great for the moment, this is probably the game for you,I know I did.

-Story:8/10 :This game plays a lot like the games Mario RPG: The legend of the seven stars and Paper Mario. This is either a hybrid of both games or just a completely new adventure. The opening scene starts out in the Mushroom kingdom where the Chancellor of the Beanbean kingdom,Lady Lima, comes to Princess Peach, with a gift. But the mood quickly turns sinister as the gift was really a device to suck out something from the beautiful Princess. Toad rushes out towards Mario and Luigi's house,where you take control of Toad, and that's where the game starts. All throughout the game you will grow levels(standard RPG fare) and play a roulette style game to get some extra points. You stomp the funny badguys and listen to a whacky story that unfolds somewhat too quickly.While the main idea is great and there are many plot twists, it just goes too fast. You'll quickly find yourself nearly at the end before you know it and you really didn't do anything.

-Graphics:9/10:The game uses a combination of Paper Mario in that you move in a 2D fashion in a 3D world. The world itself has a cartoony look to it and reminds you a little of a Link to the past with the uniformed trees and rocks. Everything is brightly colored so nothing is too hard to see or find and all the monsters and sights around the Beanbean kingdom look especially nice.It's just good eyecandy.

-Sound:7/10:The music is good as well, but it's nothing that would make you want to play just to listen. I have to say that Paper Mario still has the best Mario songs yet. Some of the old songs have made a comeback with some remixes. The sounds are great as well, but again nothing very spectacular.

-Gameplay:8/10:ACTION COMMANDS!!!They're back and if you suck at them then you better polish your skills with some Mario RPG or Paper Mario(Mind you Mario RPG is a bit harder). But in this instalment you get to see the Mario Brothers at their best,or worst if you mess up(they do funny things so try to mess up when fighting weak monsters:). Also you can perform Bros. attacks by combining both brothers. While it seems easy at first, you have to try getting faster with them so that you can progress to the harder versions. The controls aren't too hard to learn, with the occasional fumble while trying to get the right moves(Fire Brand,lol).

-Particularities:7/10: The Starbeans cafe is a place where you can brew stat raising drinks by combining different variety of beans. This is similar to Tacey T.'s cooking spot in Paper Mario, but watered down. You can make up to 8 different drinks but doing so drastically diminishes your reserves. So it takes a while before you can get another. Also you get rare items whenever you make a drink you didn't make before. Also there are mini-games which can be found here and there which give this game a little of a Game-and-Watch feel. You can come and go as you please since the games don't cost anything. There is quite some variety in them and range from a jump the rope to a tic-tac-toe styled game.

-Replay value:6/10: This game, while great in the other departments, falls flat here in the last portion needed to make it one of the best. Since the game is pretty easy, you might think hey why not play this again and do something different?Well you can't. Many a time have I tried to say no to the Hammer Bros when they proposed to teach me how to use the hammer.But you have no choice but to concede. Also there are few activities that can even qualify as side quests;The shirt making game for Harhall is really more of a way to gain beans and a pair of pants. And after the rewards she leaves never to return again(so you can't do the game anymore,and why would you want to anyways?)
Basically this game is just fun once, then a couple of months later(having rusted a little)is good for another game. You can try to make your characters go all the way to the limit(a hundred for levels and 999 for stats),but you might fall terribly ill and accidently erase your maybe just getting another game is the better option.

-Average 7,5/10:This game is more than obviously a must have for Mario fans especially since Luigi is finally getting some action(laughs). If you know you are going to go months after this without touching it then suddenly getting a craving for Mario and Luigis then this is for you.At around 40-50 dollars you could just wait for Paper Mario 2, but if you are looking for portable Paper Mario slash RPG slash Traditional Mario and Luigi this is a great choice. I hope this wasn't too bad for a first review!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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