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"The Superstars Live On!!!"

Lets start off by saying that this game is amazing in creativity. I shutter to think about how they came up with the ideas in this game, but that is a good thing! You will be amazed, awed, surprised, and maybe a little confused at what is delivered to you in this game! The Superstars live on! Oh how they live on!

The Story is..... 9
A little strange to say the least. Pretty much, an evil Bean witch - thing steals Peaches voice, and replaces them with bombs. Bowser decides that he can't kidnap her in that state, so he asks Mario for help. Luigi comes along as well. Bowsers ship crash lands. Once free from that area, you reach Bean-Bean Kingdom. There you meet many Bean people including a prince. You meet many friends and foes along the way. Although the story is strange and kind of awkward, it is a pleasant experience once the game is beaten. You do have to be patient for the story to develop, but it is all worth it in the end! You will be pleasently surprised wit hthe story in this game, in all of it's features. Such as creativity, surprise, suspence, and overall greatness. All of that is why I gave the story a nine.

The Graphics are..... 10
For a GBA, this game has amazing graphics. There are a lot of colors, and everything is very clear. In fact, the colors are the best part about the graphics in this game. Nintendo is always creative and colorful, so we know what to expect. But this game brings it to a whole new level. The characters move the way they are supposed to, and look the way you would want them to. Bottom line is, the graphics are the way every Mario fan wants them to be! Though cartoony, the character design is very detailed. The characters make funny expressions and the game succeeds at making you laugh at them. It is hard to deliver graphic wise in a game like this, but Nintendo has done it again! With such an aray of colors and...more colors, I have to give the graphics a ten!

The Controls are..... 9
Not much to say about this except that the "A" button controls Mario and the "B" button controls Luigi. In battle you can dodge or counter certain attacks with the "A" and "B' buttons. The only reason I did not give this a 10 is because sometimes, you accidentally hit one button for the other, causing you to mess up. The littlest things can make you have to start over from the beginning of that obstacle which can be kind of tedious. That just slows the game though, it doesn't take much from it. It is close, but not there! Even with the two characters, you are able to move very easily. So that's why I gave the controls a nine.

The Learning Curve is.....10
In the RPG part of this game, it is self-explanitory. You click to pick an attack, and you have to press the button at the right time...but I'm not the manuel. That part of the game is very easy to learn. In the platformer part of the game, it is very easy to understand how to do things. Even though you control two people at the same, it is very easy to learn how to use them. You are not confused at all in the beginning, middle, or end of the game thanks to the amazing way they teach you. That is why I gave the learning curve a ten.

The Sound is..... 10
The sound in this game is great! First off, the music is lively and upbeat when it needs to be. Which is most of the time. The characters make very amussing sounds which will sometimes make you laugh. The music always flows into the gameplay and the scene. Not only is the music in the right place, but it is amazing music as well. This is one of the games that you can put the sound on full blast when you are in public because it doesn't sound like someone scratching a chalkboard. For the GBA, this game has amazing sound. That is why I gave the sound in this game a ten.

The Gameplay is..... 10
The best part of the game is the gameplay. Addicting and fun, are the two best words to use to explain the gameplay. As I said before, one button controls Mario and the other, Luigi. The gameplay is easy to understand, and is easy to learn. In battle, enemies will give clues as to who they are going to attack. If you press a the corresponding button to the person who is about to get hit at the right time, you will dodge or counter it. In battle, if you press the certain characters button at the right time when attacking, you do more damage! In Bro. moves, you press certain buttons at certain times to do the attack correctly. If done correctly, it does more damage. The game gets more fun as you get more moves which have upgraded forms. You always want to get into a fight just to see your new move a few more times. This game makes it fun to train, or to just mess around. You only get to control Mario and Luigi, but the game makes up for it by having problems be faced by only one character. Luigi has one ability and Mario has another. But the game makes it so that Luigi can get through this while Mario has to go through that to get past the level. Once done with the dilemma, you feel triumphant and surprised at how they did it. This game does amazing in its platformer part and in its role playing game part of it. That is why I gave the gameplay a ten.

The Replay Value is..... 8
Play this game as much as you want and it is always fun. The reason I gave it an 8 is because, it can lose some of it's fun if you know how to do everything. This game is addicting, so prepare to play it many times. If you play it over, the gameplay will always be exceptional, but the levels might not be as fun. For example, since you already know the obstacles, the levels become tremendously easier. Although the gameplay is still extremely fun, the game becomes somewhat lacking in the challenge department in the fourth or fifth play through. You will still love the game, just not as much. That is why I gave the replay value an 8.

The Overall is..... 10
This is the overall experience of the game, not the average. This game is accomplishing and one the best games I have ever played. This is a must BUY for anyone interested in this game after reading my review or ant Mario fan. You will love this game if you can take in it's creativity and sheer excitement. My final words are........................................................
BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry for kind of going overboard with the punctuation there, but this game is worth it)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/14/06

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