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"What if dragon ball was an american series?"

A couple years ago, a japanese guy named Akira Toriyama created a series which became known worldwide as Dragon Ball. After it, some other series were released, as Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT, being the Z series the most known worldwide. As you may imagine, there were created lots of games based on it, but lately those games have been made by american companies instead of the japanese ones who made the old, yet nice, games. Does this seem to matter? At least in my opinion, it does...

Once you start the game, you will be confronted with a quite nice main menu related in which a background pictures shows the main villains from the series. However, you will also notice the absence of a story mode. WHAT? NO STORY MODE? Well, mainly it means that you won't have anything to fight for, the game is basically just a sequence of senseless fights in which you will have to fight some characters of the series and make up your mind with it, if you want to. Also, after picking your character (first you don't have many choices, but I think you will get more as you progress through the game) and entering the battles, you will notice the characters moves don't have anything to do with those of the series, plus they are now performed in a different way from the ''classical'' games, meaning that you may take some time to get used to the way of playing with your characters. Finally, concerning the battle interface... You will have to watch 3 bars, one for your health, other for your defensive skills and the last one for your ki, which will be required for you to perform the special skills, like in the series.

Like I said, unfortunately the game doesn't have any story at all. Imagine a story for it, if you watched the series and you can do it...

Once in the battles, you will notice that the graphics both from the characters and from the background images are quite nice. However, both the graphics from the moves (even the Kamahameha!) and from the images of the characters (in the menus and so, i mean...) aren't very good, they just seem like the ones from the Dragon Ball Z rpg's for Gameboy Advance, and so is the sound... I mean, all the moves have exactly the same sound, there aren't any different sounds for the special ones (those which use ki) and the musics just don't seem to have anything to do with those of the series.

Play Time/Replayability
I guess this is the only interesting thing about this game... It has lots of different stuff for unlocking, which you need to pay for with the points acquired in battles, and you will be able to unlock stuff like the musics from the game, characters' bios, shiny images from the series, extra modes, and so on... But I guess you will get bored of playing this game before unlocking all that...

Final Recommendation
Maybe you should only get this game if you are an huge american fan of the series. If you aren't try playing the older dragon ball z games, I think they are much better than this one!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/19/04

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