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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kenshin Xtreme

    Version: 3.50 | Updated: 01/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Stuart Mitchell (Su'Ratt) Medabots Workshop
    Game Info: Medabots RPG (GBA Version)
    Game     : Medabots RPG (Rokusho/Metabee Version)
    Genre    : Role Playing Game (RPG)
    Console  : Gameboy Advance only
    Year     : 2002
    Language : English
    Table Of Content
    2.  HISTORY
    4.  CONTROLS
        - Team Building
        - Attack Type
        - Robattle Fields
        - Leveling Up Skills
        - Evolving Medals
        - Understanding Aim Attribute
    6.  MEDAL FAQ
        - Prologue
        - A New Beginning
        - School's A Disaster
        - Outdoor Hunt
        - Trouble In School Again
        - Outdoor Hunt 2
        - Preparations For Mt. Odoro
        - Road To Mt. Odoro
        - Swept Away By The Currents
        - Back On Track
        - In The Heart Of Odoro Marsh
        - Fresh Air At Last
        - Homeward Bound
        - Sailing To Medabot Island
        - Medabot Island A.K.A Isle Of Pain
        - Witch's Castle
        - The Dark Side Of Witch's Castle
        - Back Home At Last
        - Off To Medaropolis
        - Mom, I'm Home
        - Rubberobos Here We Come
        - Into The Sewage System
        - Rubberobos Here We Come 2
        - Phew, This Sticks
        - The Ancient Ruins
        - Into A New World
        - Massive Trouble
        - Wings Of The Skies
        - Grand Finale For Dr Meta-Evil
        - Ninja Theme Park
        - Partsun Rally
        - Spedabot
        - Collector's Items
        - Devil Or Angel Medal
        - Botro Medal
    13. VEHICLE
    15. CREDITS
    Medabots RPG games is based on a Japanese anime called Medabots in
    the US or Medarot in Japan. In this game, you will play as Ikki and
    engage different Medabot Battles or Robattles to help Ikki achieve
    his dreams - to be the best Medatrainer.
    Medabots RPG has now been released in UK and it is a ported from
    Medarot 2 to Gameboy Advance. It is now translated (in English !!!)
    and enhance with cool graphics and musics. However, the gameplay and
    story will still follow Medarot 2. The game had also been released in
    North America and Japan too. The Japanese GBA version is called
    Medarot 2 Core, according to Medarot's official webpage.
    + Information +
    Medabots is same like any other RPG games (Pokemon, etc). The
    difference is you could use a maximum of 3 medabots in a battle. You
    will also get to collect different medaparts and put them into your
    own medabot, customizing them, etc.
    Just like Pokemon, the game has two different versions. The Kabuto
    version lets you control a medabot called Kabuto (Metabee in the US),
    while the Kuwagata version lets you have Kuwagata (Rokusho in the US)
    as your first medabot. Both medabots have their pros and cons, so
    choose wisely or better still, get both of them.
    2. HISTORY
    GBA REV 1.00 - The very first GBA walkthrough. Revised from the old
                   walkthrough. Everything has been rewritten. (27/3/2003)
    GBA REV 1.50 - Mostly filling up medabots' stats, revised half of it
                   and part of the battle tactics have been rewrite from
                   Still have much to be done on it. (12/5/2003)
    GBA REV 2.00 - Walkthrough has been revised. Time to rewrite the Battle
                   Tactics section and After Ending Quest. (20/6/2003)
    GBA REV 2.10 - Battle Tactics and Vehicle section is completed at last.
                   Now time to change the After Ending Section. Might take
                   some time too. (24/6/2003)
    GBA REV 2.30 - Added some tips into the walkthrough. Thank to the
                   people e-mailing me and offering me help. Refurnish the
                   After Ending Section.(26/6/2003)
    GBA REV 2.40 - Removed a few mistakes. Added another more teams and
                   tips into the Battle Tactics section. Also added the
                   Ninja Theme Park which I have missed. Look forward for
                   a medal FAQ in the next update. (27/6/2003)
    GBA REV 2.50 - Added a lot of things, I could barely remember. The
                   After Ending Section is once again updated. Medal FAQ
                   have to come in later. (31/7/2003)
    GBA REV 2.60 - Updated the Karin/Erika sidequest section. (2/8/2003)
    GBA REV 2.70 - Added tinpet locations after getting hundreds of
                   request. Removed the Secrets Section. (15/8/2003)
    GBA REV 3.00 - Mega updates! Added more new sections, teams and battle
                   strategies. Medal FAQ completed at last!!! Redid the
                   Table of Contents for easier navigation. More secrets
                   and after ending quest has been added too. (8/9/2003)
    GBA REV 3.10 - Fix a few minor typos. Added a few strategies for
                   bosses. Also more after ending quest added thanks to
                   Thomas Bryan and others who helped. (10/1/2004)
    GBA REV 3.50 - Added medaparts list!!! Big thanks to Stuart Mitchell
                   (Su'Ratt). Now, I don't think there will be any other
                   things to be added in this FAQ/Walkthrough. Please
                   visit his Medabots Workshop using the link above.
    I wrote this walkthrough as there aren't any walkthroughs of the
    Medabot game in the net. I was inspired to play the game after
    watching the Medabots anime and found out how hard is it to play the
    game without any guides. The guides are mostly self-discovery with a
    little help from my brother. Most of the walkthrough is done by
    memory. Some of the sections were written with help from certain
    people. Credits are given to them at the credits section.
    This walkthrough is free for all to use. Please do not plagiarize
    any part of this walkthrough. If anybody wanted to use any parts of
    this walkthrough please notify me through e-mail. Please e-mail me if
    you wanted to add this walkthrough in your website. This is just to
    ensure nobody tries to abuse it. Currently this websites are allowed to
    host this walkthrough:
    www.gamefaqs.com - updated versions are always posted here
    As I am playing the GBA version of Medabots, most of my walkthrough
    will be deeply following the GBA version. However, Medarot 2 is
    basically the same as the GBA version with less graphics and music,
    while Medarot 2 Core is basically the Japanese version of Medabots.
    D-pad     : - Move Ikki
                - Change parts/medals in menu screen
    A button  : - Talk/Confirm/Run when hold
    B button  : - Cancel/Open main menu
    L/R button: - Change between menus
    Start     : - Start/Cancel Robattle
    Select    : - Nothing
    D-pad   : - UP    - Use head
                DOWN  - Charge medaforce gauge
                LEFT  - Change between options/Use right hand
                RIGHT - change between options/Use left hand
    A button: - Confirm
    B button: - Cancel
    Start   : - Starts Robattle immediately
    Select  : - Nothing
    In any Robattles, you may need to pay attention to different things
    to gain easy victory. This section shall brief you with the major
    things you may need to consider in each Robattle.
    + Team Building +
    This section tells you on what team to use when Robattling. As you
    could only use three medabots per battle, you will need to choose
    your team of medabots wisely. It is not a must to use this same team
    of medabots to Robattle as each Robattle can be different from the
    * Recommended Teams *
    1) Mixture Type   - This type of team is a mixture of both defensive
                        and offensive medabot. This one is my favourite.
                        Equip any medabots with defensive (armor) medaparts
                        to protect the weaker medabots from being destroyed.
                        Medabots in this team are also equipped with
                        short range weopens to increase their offensive.
    2) Allrounder Type- This team features a female tinpet equipped
                        with healing medaparts and armor. The other two
                        medabots will be equipped with short range
                        attacks. This is one of the best to use as you
                        could heal and attack at the same time. Not to
                        mention your healer gets to protect herself
                        when being attacked.
    3) Healer Type    - This team is build almost same as the allrounder
                        type, except that the healer is equipped only with
                        healing medaparts (without any defensive medaparts).
                        Though this is a great team, but the healer will be
                        easily destroyed as healers HP are small.
    4) Mischieve Type - This team consists of two assault medabots and a
                        male tinpet equipped with DEFEND - FORMATION (trap)
                        attacks. This way a medabot could set a trap for
                        either grapplers or shooters depending on the
                        battle. Highly offensive team. One of my favourites
    5) Offensive Type - This team consists of two grapplers and a shooter
                        equipped with AIM SHOT - BOMB medaparts. This team
                        is a high offensive team. While it lacks of a
                        healer or defender, this team could deal a lot of
                        damage to an enemy. This team is the least I favour
                        but sometimes I win the hard Robattles with this.
    6) Play Weakness  - This team uses the oppenent's weakness to win.
                        Therefore, chances of winning is high for this
                        team. For exmaple, you use ANTI-AIR medaparts in a
                        place filled with flying medabots or ANTI-SEA
                        medaparts when you are in undersea.
    * Fan Submitted Teams *
    The team which are fan submitted generally have to go through multiple
    tests for quality control. Anyone who wants to submit any teams to me
    please e-mail me, stating clearly your strategy, medaparts equipped and
    medals used. Please take note that I might modify your team to make it
    better. If you do not want your team to be modified just e-mail me.
    Submitted by Dwight Anderson
    Leader   - Kabuto or medals with shooting attribute
             - Head - Missile
             - Hands- Aim rifle and Battle Rifle
             - Legs - default is Ochitsuka, but could be changed according
                      to terrain
    Partner 1- Rabbit medal / Bear medal
             - Head - Tank Missile / Spyder Trap
             - Hands- Snipe Rifle and Rise Up / Burning Pin and Burst
             - Legs - Kinta Legs / Any type of tank legs
    Partner 2- Mermaid medal
             - Head - Hat Trick
             - Hands- Cure Hand and New Arm
             - Legs - Sacrifice Fin
    Comments - This team is basically a very offensive team but yet has a
               healer standby for healing purposes. The healer has a high
               evasive legs to avoid being damage. The tank legs is great
               for taking damages too. What is bad about this team is it
               might have some speed troubles on barren or desert terrain.
               However, for other Robattles this is a great team.
    Submitted by Thomas Bryan (modified)
    Leader   - Kuwagata or Devil medal is recommended
             - Equipping with all of Gill Girl's Stone Mirror parts is
               highly recommended
             - Head - Helmet
             - Hands- Dondon Punch or any other berserk destroy parts
             - Legs - depend on terrain
    Partner 1- Ninja or Jellyfish medal
             - Head - Charm Point or Appealsound
             - Hands- Bomb or any other aim shot or berserk medaparts
             - Legs - depend on terrain
    Partner 2- Spider or Knight medal
             - Head - Spydertrap
             - Hands- Rightarmor and Sweatcloak
             - Legs - depend on terrain
    Comments - This team is an excellent attacking and defensive team. You
               could have a partner defend or counterattack while the
               others attacking with great damage. With this team, I could
               even destroy Babbyblu easily. Having all of Gill Girl's
               parts in your leader will make this team even easier to
               defeat Babbyblu (Thomas only took two turns to defeat
               Babbyblu!!!). With Appealsound equipped you could absorb
               MEGA-EMPEROR and Babbyblu medaforce making them useless.
               This team is recommended for the final battle.
    Submitted by bjacson83604@yahoo.com (modified)
    Leader   - Kuwagata or Kabuto medal
             - Head - Default head of Rokusho or Metabee
             - Hands- Hand Shutter and any other break parts
             - Legs - Any high evasive legs
    Partner 1- Unicorn medal
             - Head - Eagle Belt or any other forcedrain medaparts
             - Hands- Deathbomb and Bee-Bee Hammer
             - Legs - Any high evasive legs
    Partner 2- Mermaid medal
             - Head - Shotclear
             - Hands- Homing and Cheaptrap
             - Legs - Any high evasive legs
    Comments - Not a bad team. With this team, your medabots will most
               probably have no problem in defense since bombs and grapple
               attacks are render useless. Enemies might have a hard time
               trying to hit you. However, healing have to rely heavily on
               MERMAID's medaforce, but I don't think you will need healing
               much with this team. While battling with ROBO-EMPEROR, I
               found out that it could not even lay any damage on this
               team. With Babbyblu, this team too quickly sweeps his
               medabots into the bins. This team could erase Babbyblu's
               attacks and render their medaforce useless. Excellent team!
    * Not Recommended Teams *
    1) All Defense    - This team consists of medabots equip with only
                        defensive medaparts. Since they can't attck they
                        will be ended up getting swipe by the enemy.
    2) All Healer     - This team only consists of medabots with healing
                        medaparts. Though good in recovering, this team
                        will be easy for the enemy to destroy.
    3) Hard Shooters  - This team is almost same as the beserker type team
                        except that they are equipped with only shooting
                        medaparts. This team will be slow on agility and
                        might have a low success rate (except for Metabee
                        of course)
    4) Berserker Type - This type of team consists of three male medabots
                        equipped with short range techs (beserk, etc, etc).
                        While this team is really offensive, but it lacks
                        of healing and defensive techs. Besides, it might
                        have a low success rate for certain types of
    5) Interrupters   - This type of team consists of tinpets equipped
                        only with interrupt medaparts (like Cafe Ole's).
                        This team is really irritating and could be
                        quickly immobalize by offensive teams. Although
                        it could be funny to watch your oppenent's team
                        confused and attacking each other, chances of
                        winning is low as most of this medaparts don't
                        come with a high armor or HP.
    + Attack Type +
    This section shall discuss about the different attacking types in
    this game. Each attacking type has its pros and cons.
    * Strike *
    A short range technique which only hits the nearest medabot. It is not
    very powerfull and doesn't cause a Chain Reaction. But is has quite a
    high success rate.
    BIND     - Lousy, but able to slows down a medabot.
    FLOW     - Causes burns on a medabot, damaging them during CRG/RAD.
    MOVEMENT - Decreases a medabot's speed, or hit rate.
    GRAPPLE  - A really quick attack
    STOP     - Stops a medabot for some time.
    * Berserk *
    A powerfull devastating  shot range attack. It will inflict a heavy
    blow on the nearest enemy. Although most of medaparts with this attack
    has a short HP, but it is the most powerfull attack.
    DESTROY - Completely detroy a medapart. Sometimes it might fail.
    GRAPPLE - A fast and powerfull hit.
    FLOW    - Causes burns on a medabot, damaging them while CRG/RAD.
    * Aim Shot *
    An overall attack which is quite powerfull and has a high hit rate. Its
    target depends on the default aim attribute of a medal.
    ANTI-AIR - Damages air medabots greatly
    ANTI-SEA - Damages sea medabot greatly.
    BOMB     - Exactly the same as DESTROY. Only thing this shoots out bomb
               and doesn't destroy your own medaparts
    DESTROY  - 100% hit rate and chain reaction. Powerfull, but you might
               have to sacrifice your own medaparts to damage others
    GRAVITY  - Has a high success rate
    SHOOT    - A fast aim shot attack.
    * Shoot  *
    Long range attacks that has a high chance to miss. However, these
    attacks let you choose which medabot you would want to attack although
    it still depends on the medal's aim attribute. The attacks are:
    ANTI-AIR- Damages air medabots greatly
    ANTI-SEA- Damages sea medabot greatly.
    BOMB    - 100% hit rate and causes a Chain Reaction. This attack is
              definitely the one you would want in your medabots.
    GRAVITY - Has a high success rate to hit but they are quite weak
    OPTIC   - Has the highest damage but their success rate are low.
    SHOOT   - Not the best as it couldn't deal a lot of damage to enemies,
              but it is not bad either. Doesn't create Chain Reaction.
    * Heal *
    Heal medaparts could be very helpfull if your medabot is damage or
    ceased function. Healing attacks are
    HEAL       - Heals HP of your medabot only
    DESTROY    - Repairs your destroyed medapart
    RELEASE    - Protect from status change
    REVIVE     - Revives a destroyed medabot.
    REGENERATE - Restores a deactivated medapart.
    * Defend *
    Defend medaparts have a high HP or armor. FORMATION medaparts however
    has quite a low HP. The defense attack are
    ARMOR         - Protects other medabots from being attacked, but the
                    damage inflicted shall minus your defending medabot HP
    DEFENSE       - Defend other medabots in your team and render any weak
                    attacks useless
    COUNTERATTACK - Reflects any attack back to the attacking enemies.
    FORMATION     - Set a trap for a certain attack (grapple/shoot). A good
                    defensive but yet offensive style.
    TEAM FORM     - Create a team formation. Must go with TEAMWORK to use
    TEAM WORK     - A team based attack. Powerfull, but needs TEAM FORM to
    * Support *
    Support techs could increase a medabots stats in battle only. The list
    of support type is listed below.
    TIME   - Speeds up certain types of medabots. Some medaparts let you to
             drain an enemy's speed into your own medabot.
    SCOUT  - Raises allies chance of hitting
    CONCEAL- Highers up evasion
    * Interrupt *
    Interrupt techs could be really irritating. They could change your
    oppenent's stats when battle. The list is below.
    CANCEL     - Renders a certain attack (bomb,etc) useless
    REGENERATE - Drains HP/Medaforce from enemy
    INTERRUPT  - Confuse enemies
    TRANSFORM  - Change medapart into a certain type of part
    RELEASE    - Binds an attack or medaforce
    + Robattle Fields +
    Medabots are affected by the different terrain you Robattle in. To get
    the most optimised speed in a terrain you might have to change your
    leg medaparts to get the most speed out of it. This is especially
    important when you (are force to) join the Medaroad Race. Here is the
    list of terrain and its best leg medaparts to use in. The leg medapart
    terrain mode can be seen at the side of a medabot when Robattling (the
    coloured box at the side a medabot in Robattle).
    TIP: You might want to equip leg medaparts that fit your medabots
         attack type (shoot,grapple,interrupt,etc). This way you would have
         better hit rate and CRG/RAD.
    Terrain : Plain
    Leg part: Red (Two-Legged medaparts), Light blue (Medaparts with wings)
    Terrain : Woods
    Leg part: Red (Two legged medaparts)
    Terrain : Rock
    Leg part: Yellow (Many-Legged medaparts)
    Terrain : Seashore
    Leg part: Dark blue (Medaparts with flippers)
    Terrain : Wilderness
    Leg part: Light blue (Medaparts with wings)
    Terrain : Street/Inside
    Leg part: Pink (Medaparts with wheels)
    Terrain : Desert
    Leg part: Light blue (Medaparts with wings)
    Terrain : Valley
    Leg part: Yellow (Many-legged medaparts)
    Terrain : Saibar
    Leg part: Almost any legs will be great on this terrain. It depends
              on your attack too. Grapple medaparts are the fastest in this
    Terrain : Water
    Leg part: Dark blue (Medaparts with flippers)
    TIPS : An all-rounder leg medapart is the green one (floating
           medaparts). Although its speed won't be as great as the listed
    + Leveling Up Skills +
    Here is the tricky part. Each medal has a different set of skills.
    Of course to get the best out of a medal, use medaparts which has
    the same skills as the highest skill value in your medal. You could
    check your medal skills at the medals menu and selecting a medal.
    The skills page will look like this:
    STRIKE             SHOOT
    ----------         -----------
    BERSERK            AIM SHOT
    ----------         -----------
    DEFEND             SUPPORT
    ----------         -----------
    HEAL               INTERRUPT
    ----------         -----------
    Note that you might see small boxes below them. The boxes indicate
    the amount of usage of your skills and how close it is to level up.
    The numbers at the side indicate the level of a skill.
    By using a skill (eg. SHOOT) more often, you will level it up more
    quickly.The maximum level of a skill is 100.
    + Evolving Medals +
    Many of you have e-mail me asking me about this. Most medals will
    change its form at level 10, 30 and 60. After a medal evolves, it will
    master a new medaforce.
    Kabuto and Kuwagata medal however will evolve at level 10, 30, 60 and
    100. At level 100, both the medals will not master any new medaforce
    but instead, its stats will increase terrifically, making them the most
    powerful medal you will ever possess.
    Evolving medals is a must for anybody who wants to win this game (who
    doesn't?). You will need to train and gain more EXP points to level up
    and gain enough levels to change form or evolve.
    + Understanding Aim Attribute +
    In Medabots GBA, the developers have introduce a new element in the
    game's battle system, unique by itself. It is the aim attribute of the
    medals. Based on the number of e-mails I have been receiving, I have
    wrote this section in order to enlighten people about how it functions.
    Firstly, aiming could ONLY be done by equipping any medaparts which
    shoots or heals. So, berserk and strike medaparts could never get to
    use this AIM ATTRIBUTE as they will only damage nearby enemies.
    The AIM ATTRIBUTE of a medal determines the medaparts your medabot is
    going to shoot or damage or heal first. Think of it as an artificial
    intelligence of a medal. Take example the KABUTO medal. Its AIM is on
    strike medaparts. Therefore, it will tend to destroy any strike
    medaparts of an enemy first before randomly dealing damage to others.
    This game is the first Medabots game which uses this unique battle
    system. Old Medarot fans will remember the day when aiming was all
    totally on luck. The new AIM ATTRIBUTE now changes the battle system
    giving gamers opportunity to seek for any type of medaparts they want
    to disfunction first.
    6. Medal FAQ
    The medals will be enlisted according in aphalbetical order according
    to the aphalbet on the medal. The numbers in the bracket is the amount
    of medaforce need to be comsumed to execute the technique.
    These are the list of medals which has an aphalbet on it.
    Attribute    - Grapple
    Aim          - Shoot
    Compatibility- +4
    Location     - Starts with it in Rokusho Version
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Spiral Bolt- Berserk - damages all parts         (80)
    2. Side Bolt  - Strike  - damages 1 part            (60)
    3. PROX Up    - Support - increase PRX of leg parts (40)
    Attribute    - Shoot
    Aim          - Strike
    Compatibility- +4
    Location     - Starts with it in Medabee Version
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Ultra shot      - Aim Shot- Uses all the power of shooting parts to
                                   attack                        (80)
    2. Damage Ball     - Shoot   - Inflicts the amount of damage you have
                                   to enemy                      (60)
    3. Cancel Formation- Defend  - Protect from formation status (30)
    Attribute    - Optic
    Aim          - Defend
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Hidden in the boxes in the abandoned factory (Medabee)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Optic Form    - Shoot   - Increases attack power by 2x (40)
    2. Absorb Optic  - Aim Shot- Absorbs optical attacks to recover damage
    3. Status Restore- Heal    - Heals any status symptom     (40)
    Attribute    - Bomb
    Aim          - Heal
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - In the chest at Mt. Odoro's small river island (Medabee)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Bomb Form    - Shoot   - 100% chance of hit with chain reaction
                                damage                                 (40)
    2. Absorb Bomb  - Aim Shot- Absorbs bomb attacks to recover damage (70)
    3. Remoteness Up- Support - Increases REM of leg parts             (40)
    E) BEAR
    Attribute    - Gravity
    Aim          - Support
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Given by the ninja at Ninja Theme Park's entrance
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Gravity Form  - Shoot   - Increases attack rate of success by 2x
    2. Absorb Gravity- Aim Shot- Absorbs gravity attacks to recover damage
    3. Leg Crash     - Defend  - Destroys leg parts                    (70)
    Attribute    - Formation
    Aim          - Interrupt
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Received after defeating Squidguts the first time
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Anti Attk Trap  - Defend- Set a trap to reflect any attacks (60)
    2. Cancel Formation- Defend- Protect from formation status     (30)
    3. Side Bolt       - Strike- Damages 1 part                    (60)
    G) SNAKE
    Attribute    - Movement
    Aim          - Defend
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Hidden in the boxes in the abandoned factory (Rokusho)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Movement        - Strike - Inflict movement status upon enemy (50)
    2. Cancel Movement - Berserk- Protect from movement status       (60)
    3. Unbreakable Will- Heal   - Attack power up based on number of
                                  broken parts of allies             (50)
    H) QUEEN
    Attribute    - Stop
    Aim          - Heal
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - In the chest at Mt. Odoro's small river island (Rokusho)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Stop         - Strike  - Inflict stop status upon enemy   (50)
    2. Cancel Stop  - Berserk - Protect from stop status         (60)
    3. Propulsion Up- Aim Shot- Increase propulsion on leg parts (40)
    I) SQUID
    Attribute    - Bind
    Aim          - Support
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Given by the ninja at Ninja Theme Park's entrance
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Bind           - Strike - Inflict bind status upon enemy       (50)
    2. Cancel Bind    - Berserk- Protect from bind status             (60)
    3. Pushover Attack- Support- Push over an enemy and erase orders
                                 as well                              (60)
    Attribute    - Flow
    Aim          - Interrupt
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Received after defeating Squidguts the first time
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Flow           - Strike - Inflict flow status on enemy    (50)
    2. Cancel Flow    - Berserk- Protect from flow status        (60)
    3. Anti-Protection- Defend - Protects against counterattacks (70)
    Attribute    - Release
    Aim          - Interrupt
    Compatibility- +5
    Location     - Received at the Kodine's Kingdom Secret Garden (Medabee)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Life Drain    - Heal      - Damage enemy and restore self      (70)
    2. Status Restore- Heal      - Heals any symptoms                 (40)
    3. Useless       - Interrupt - Inflicts useless status upon enemy (50)
    L) GHOST
    Attribute    - Cancel
    Aim          - Shoot
    Compatibility- +10
    Location     - Received at the Kodine's Kingdom Secret Garden (Rokusho)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Full Body Up   - Interrupt- Increase amount of times head parts can
                                   be used                            (40)
    2. Full Body RAD  - Interrupt- Force enemy into RAD phase         (50)
    3. Shrapnel Attack- Heal     - Halve own armor to attack enemy    (80)
    Attribute    - Defense
    Aim          - Strike
    Compatibility- +5
    Location     - Received from Dr Armond at the Surprise Site after
                   winning the Medabots Tournament
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Iron Wall  - Defend - Reduce damage from enemy  (40)
    2. Power Up   - Defend - Increases power of attack (40)
    3. Cancel Stop- Berserk- Protect from stop status  (60)
    Attribute    - Heal
    Aim          - Aim Shot
    Compatibility- +5
    Location     - Received from Dr Armond after being saved by Kirara in
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Total Recovery - Heal    - Repairs damages parts            (60)
    2. Shrapnel Attack- Heal    - Halve own armor to attack enemy  (80)
    3. Absorb Gravity - Aim Shot- Absorbs gravity attackto recover damage
    Attribute    - Revive
    Aim          - Berserk
    Compatibility- +5
    Location     - Received after chasing Dr. Meta-Evil in the Flying
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Full Body Repair- Heal    - Restores any deactivated parts (70)
    2. Ubreakable Will - Heal    - Attack power up based on number of
                                   broken parts of allies         (50)
    3. Absorb Bomb     - Aim Shot- Absorb bomb attacks to recover damage
    P) BAT
    Attribute    - Anti-Air
    Aim          - Berserk
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Received from Miss Nae
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Anti Air     - Shoot    - Inflicts a random status onto Air Medabot
    2. Propulsion Up- Aim Shot - Increase propulsion of leg parts    (40)
    3. Type Crash   - Interrupt- Inflicts huge damage to a Medabot with the
                                 same legs                           (70)
    Q) KAPPA
    Attribute    - Anti-Sea
    Aim          - Aim Shot
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Received from Miss Nae
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Anti Sea    - Shoot    - Inflicts a random status onto Sea Medabot
    2. Mobility Up - Shoot    - Inflicts mobility of leg parts      (40)
    3. Medaforce Up- Interrupt- Raises Medaforce stock by 2x        (50)
    R) MOUSE
    Attribute    - Scout
    Aim          - Interrupt
    Compatibility- +6
    Location     - Received from Miss Nae
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Spy Game     - Support - Reduce an enemy's scout to increase your
                                own                                    (30)
    2. PROX Up      - Support - Increase PRX of leg parts              (40)
    3. Structureless- Aim Shot- Destroys the parts that makeup
                                counterattacks or defense              (70)
    Attribute    - Conceal
    Aim          - Heal
    Compatibility- +10
    Location     - Received from Miss Nae
    <= Medaofrce =>
    1. Hide n Seek  - Support- Reduce an enemy's conceal to increase your
                      own                                 (30)
    2. Remoteness Up- Support- Increases REM of leg parts (40)
    3. Damage Ball  - Shoot  - Inflicts the amount of damage you have to
                               enemy                      (60)
    Attribute    - Time
    Aim          - Defend
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Received from Miss Nae
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Charge         - Support- Inflicts extra charge status upon enemy
    2. Pushover Attack- Support- Push over an enemy and erase orders as
                                 well                                 (60)
    3. Cancel Bind    - Berserk- Protect from bind status             (60)
    Attribute    - Interrupt
    Aim          - Support
    Compatibility- +8
    Location     - Received from Miss Nae
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Chaos      - Interrupt- Inflicts chaos status upon enemy   (50)
    2. Useless    - Interrupt- Inflicts useless status upon enemy (50)
    3. Cancel Flow- Berserk  - Protect from flow status           (60)
    V) DEVIL
    Attribute    - Destroy
    Aim          - Berserk
    Compatibility- +10
    Location     - Received after returning the Fiyun Stone back to Kodine
                   Kingdom (Medabee)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Destroyer    - Berserk  - Destroy attack                   (70)
    2. Structureless- Aim Shot - Destroys the parts that makeup
                                 counterattack or defense         (70)
    3. Full Body RAD- Interrupt- Force enemy into RAD phase       (50)
    W) ANGEL
    Attribute    - Regenerate
    Aim          - Aim Shot
    Compatibility- +10
    Location     - Received after returning the Fiyun Stone back to Kodine
                   Kingdom (Rokusho)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Crazy Medaforce- Interrupt- Drains Medaforce to 0 then attacks by
                                   same amount                  (60)
    2. Medaforce Up   - Interrupt- Raises Medaforce stock by 2x (50)
    3. Power Up       - Defend   - Increases power of attack    (40)
    Attribute    - Teamwork
    Aim          - Shoot
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Found in the Soda Pool in the Rubberobos' Hideout in
                   Witch's Castle (Medabee)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Formation Order- Defend  - Raises the power of formation action (40)
    2. Leg Crash      - Defend  - Destroys leg parts                   (70)
    3. Absorb Optic   - Aim Shot- Absorbs optical attacks to recover damage
    Y) NINJA
    Attribute    - Counterattack
    Aim          - Strike
    Compatibility- +1
    Location     - Found in the Soda Pool in the Rubberobos' Hideout in
                   Witch's Castle (Rokusho)
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Protector      - Defend  - Using this will sometimes do a
                                  counterattack                   (50)
    2. Anti-Protection- Defend  - Protects against counterattacks (70)
    3. Mobility Up    - Aim Shot- Increases mobility of leg parts (40)
    Z) ALIEN
    Attribtue    - Transform
    Aim          - Support
    Compatibility- +9
    Location     - Received if you choose to rebalance the Fiyun Flying
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Dice Attack    - Interrupt- The attack power will vary according to
                                   dice                         (60)
    2. Type Crash     - Interrupt- Inflict huge damage to a Medabot with
                                   the same legs                (70)
    3. Cancel Movement- Berserk  - Protect from movement status (60)
    Here are list of unknown medals which does not have any attributes and
    compatibility bonus.
    CAT medal
    Attribute- n/a
    Aim      - Defend
    Location - Received from Erika if you did the Erika's sidequest
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Total Recovery- Heal     - Repairs damaged parts            (60)
    2. Anti Attk Trap- Defend   - set a trap to reflect any attack (60)
    3. Dice Attack   - Interrupt- The attack power will vary according to
                                  the dice                         (60)
    ? medal
    Attribute- n/a
    Aim      - Heal
    Location - Received from Karin if you did the Karin's sidequest
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Full Body Repair- Heal   - Restores any deactivated parts (70)
    2. Destroyer       - Berserk- Destroy attack                 (70)
    3. Protector       - Defend - Using this will sometimes do a
                                  counterattack                  (50)
    BOTRO medal
    Attribute- n/a
    Aim      - Strike
    Location - Received from Dr Aki after having all 29 medals.
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Spiral Bolt     - Berserk  - Damages all parts              (80)
    2. Crazy Medaforce - Interrupt- Drains Medaforce to 0 then attack by
                                    same amount                    (60)
    3. Stop            - Strike   - Inflict stop status upon enemy (50)
    ! medal
    Attribute- n/a
    Aim      - Interrupt
    Location - Receieved after completing the Partsun Rally
    <= Medaforce =>
    1. Ultra Shot- Aim Shot - Uses the power of shooting parts to
                              attack                           (80)
    2. Chaos     - Interrupt- Inflicts chaos status upon enemy (50)
    3. Life Drain- Heal     - Damage enemy and restore self    (70)
    7. Medaparts Listing By Stuart Mitchell
    This medaparts listing is fully done by Stuart Mitchell (Su'Ratt). I
    only helped him a little by filling up his missing parts. He has kindly
    offered his medaparts listing FAQ to be added in this walkthrough. A
    million thanks to Stuart Mitchell (Su'Ratt) for his kind offer and his
    hardwork to compile this list. His original work is still at his
    So, please pay a visit to his website. His website is really cool.
    01-1. Noctobat
    	Head 	 	Psycho Missile
    	Right Arm 	Electro Missile
    	Left Arm 	Sonic Missile
    	Legs		Grave
    01-2. Wonder-Angel
    	Head  		Cherub Body
    	Right Arm 	Cherub Hand
    	Left Arm 	Cherub Arm
    	Legs 		Cherub Leg
    01-3. Air Ptera
    	Head  		Hidden Brake
    	Right Arm 	Pocket Sword
    	Left Arm 	Micro Sword
    	Legs 		Skyleg
    01-4. Paradiver
    	Head  		Eagle Belt
    	Right Arm 	Hawk Hand
    	Left Arm 	Swan Arm
    	Legs 		Turkey Leg
    02-1. Dragonfly
    	Head  		Hardweighter
    	Right Arm 	Heavyweighter
    	Left Arm 	Veryweighter
    	Legs 		Flyfly
    02-2. Crimson King
    	Head  		Peck Strike
    	Right Arm 	Dondon Punch
    	Left Arm 	Dona Punch
    	Legs 		Wanafly
    02-3. Utopian
    	Head  		Phanta
    	Right Arm 	Obstruct
    	Left Arm 	Disruptor
    	Legs 		Dreamer
    02-4. Wind Sail (Rokusho Only)
    	Head  		Changa-Head
    	Right Arm 	Changa-Hand
    	Left Arm 	Changa-Arm
    	Legs 		Changa-Fly
    03-1. Draken
    	Head  		Appealsound
    	Right Arm 	Side Muffler
    	Left Arm 	Silencer
    	Legs 		Singer
    03-2. Propolis
    	Head  		Hexadon
    	Right Arm 	Mistouch
    	Left Arm 	Stinger
    	Legs 		Insecto-Wings
    03-3. Phoenix - PHX-16824
    	Head  		Blastgun
    	Right Arm 	Fire Gun
    	Left Arm 	Flame Gun
    	Legs 		Red Tail
    03-4. Femjet - PLA-161214
    	Head  		Cockpit
    	Right Arm 	Stabilizer
    	Left Arm 	Wing
    	Legs 		Jet Engine
    04-1. Rappy
    	Head  		Fame Mascot
    	Right Arm 	Bubble Blow
    	Left Arm 	Balloon Blow
    	Legs 		Airline
    04-2. Churlybear - BER-2518
    	Head  		Spreader
    	Right Arm 	Smasher
    	Left Arm 	Splasher
    	Legs 		Anti-Grav
    04-3. Haniwa
    	Head  	 	Clay Flash
    	Right Arm 	Hand Flash
    	Left Arm 	Arm Flash
    	Legs 		Tea Cup
    04-4. Gorem
    	Head  		Head Shutter
    	Right Arm 	Hand Shutter
    	Left Arm 	Arm Shutter
    	Legs 		Blow Up
    05-1. Spitfire
    	Head  		Drago Crystal
    	Right Arm 	Curewater
    	Left Arm 	Repair Spring
    	Legs 		Dragonbed
    05-2. Specter
    	Head  		White Cap
    	Right Arm 	White Long Arm
    	Left Arm 	White Whale
    	Legs 		White Belt
    05-3. Moai
    	Head  		Stonecluster
    	Right Arm 	Handcluster
    	Left Arm 	Armcluster
    	Legs 		Tripod
    05-4. Jorat
    	Head		Full Moused
    	Right Arm 	Scout
    	Left Arm 	Spotter
    	Legs 		Mover
    06-1. Sunwitch
    	Head  		Majoram
    	Right Arm 	Two Cotton
    	Left Arm 	Boomerang
    	Legs 		Clean Box
    06-2. Saldron
    	Head  		Sala-Head
    	Right Arm 	Sala-Hand
    	Left Arm 	Sala-Arm
    	Legs 		Sala-Tail
    06-3. Redlace
    	Head	  	 Hat Trick
    	Right Arm 	Globe Trick
    	Left Arm 	Bangle Trick
    	Legs 		Floater
    06-4. Mistyghost
    	Head  		Void
    	Right Arm 	Avoid
    	Left Arm 	Exit
    	Legs 		Panic
    07-1. Volume 10
    	Head  		Larynx
    	Right Arm 	Sound Copy
    	Left Arm 	Return Sound
    	Legs 		Pipe Organ
    07-2. Botafly
    	Head  		Field Barrier
    	Right Arm 	Energy Barrier
    	Left Arm 	Force Barrier
    	Legs 		Flower Barrier
    07-3. Rockflower
    	Head  		Blank Look
    	Right Arm 	Leave
    	Left Arm 	Stem
    	Legs 		Fiyn Ball
    07-4. Babbyblu
    	Head  		Fracture
    	Right Arm 	Past Touch
    	Left Arm 	Past Feel
    	Legs 		Umbilical
    08-1. Spidar - SPI-19169
    	Head  		Spydertrap
    	Right Arm 	Cheapertrap
    	Left Arm 	Cheaptrap
    	Legs 		Multi-Leg
    08-2. Octoclam
    	Head 	 	Hatchin
    	Right Arm 	Catch
    	Left Arm 	Twist
    	Legs 		Swick
    08-3. Magdosnake
    	Head  		Cobrara
    	Right Arm 	Changer
    	Left Arm 	Snakebite
    	Legs 		Slither
    08-4. Floro
    	Head  		Sun Beam
    	Right Arm 	Go-Up
    	Left Arm 	Rise-Up
    	Legs 		Stem-Up
    09-1. Mega-Emperor - WEA-2351-2
    	Head  		Deathbreak
    	Right Arm 	Deathmissile
    	Left Arm 	Deathlaser
    	Legs 		Deathcrawler
    09-2. Chimerator (Rokusho Only)
    	Head  		Lion Attack
    	Right Arm 	Dragon Attack
    	Left Arm 	Goatattack
    	Legs 		Triple Thread
    09-3. Manta Prey
    	Head  		Kataki
    	Right Arm 	Kamakubi
    	Left Arm 	Kubikiri
    	Legs 		Kamaki
    09-4. Poison Copy
    	Head  		Scorpion Dog
    	Right Arm 	Scorpion Cat
    	Left Arm 	Scorpion Rat
    	Legs 		Zigzag
    10-1. Robo-Emperor - WEA-2351
    	Head  		Deathblast
    	Right Arm 	Deathbomb
    	Left Arm 	Deathbeam
    	Legs 		Spaghetti
    10-2. Redmatador
    	Head  		Body Attack
    	Right Arm 	Saber
    	Left Arm 	Mant Shield
    	Legs 		Dash Attack
    10-3. Tentaclam - CLA-3121
    	Head  		Headband
    	Right Arm 	Wire
    	Left Arm 	Net
    	Legs 		Octoleg
    10-4. Acehorn - UNI-21149
    	Head  		Guardian
    	Right Arm 	Cancellor
    	Left Arm 	Recovery
    	Legs 		Ace Hooves
    11-1. Multikolor - CMO-31315
    	Head  		Invisi Body
    	Right Arm 	Invisi Hand
    	Left Arm 	Invisi Arm
    	Legs 		Twirl
    11-2. Kuraba
    	Head  		Gun Krab
    	Right Arm 	Decoy Krab
    	Left Arm 	Real Krab
    	Legs 		Sidejump
    11-3. Rokusho - KWG-11237
    	Head  		Antenna
    	Right Arm 	Sword
    	Left Arm 	Pipo Hammer
    	Legs 		Tatacker
    11-4. Metabee - KBT-11220
    	Head  		Missile
    	Right Arm 	Revolver
    	Left Arm 	Submachingun
    	Legs 		Ochitsuka
    12-1. Krosserdog
    	Head  		Head Cannon
    	Right Arm 	Aim Rifle
    	Left Arm 	Battle Rifle
    	Legs 		Howzer
    12-2. Turn Monkey
    	Head  		Downstream
    	Right Arm 	Countfall
    	Left Arm 	Timefall
    	Legs 		Pita Pata
    12-3. Zorin
    	Head  		Broad Antenna
    	Right Arm 	Shin-Sword
    	Left Arm 	Bee-Bee Hammer
    	Legs 		Tatakawa
    12-4. Bayonet
    	Head 	 	Reaction Bomb
    	Right Arm 	Revolver
    	Left Arm 	Sumachingun
    	Legs 		Ochitsukan
    13-1. Belzelga - DVL-42212-2
    	Head 	 	Helmet
    	Right Arm 	Helmight
    	Left Arm 	Helming
    	Legs 		Helcaos
    13-2. Peppercat - CAT-3120
    	Head  		Lightcircuit
    	Right Arm 	Lightjump
    	Left Arm 	Light Blow
    	Legs 		Quick Alert
    13-3. Neutranurse - NAS-14119
    	Head  		Holy Helm
    	Right Arm 	Donor
    	Left Arm 	Translate
    	Legs 		Petticoat
    13-4. Sailor-Multi
    	Head  		Variable Hair
    	Right Arm 	Pateri Vulcan
    	Left Arm 	Short Shot
    	Legs	 	Flaregather
    14-1. Sumilidon (Metabee Only) - STG19207
    	Head  		Hunter
    	Right Arm 	Flexsorsword
    	Left Arm 	Straw Hammer
    	Legs 		Sharpedge
    14-2. Warbandit (Rokusho Only) - KLN-111214
    	Head  		Tension Up
    	Right Arm 	Shoot Barrel
    	Left Arm 	Range Shooter
    	Legs 		Abductor
    14-3. Attack-Tyrano
    	Head  		Breath Fire
    	Right Arm 	Crab-Hit
    	Left Arm 	Strike-Hit
    	Legs 		Attach Leg
    14-4. Banisher - BAN-2114
    	Head  		Sweat Mantle
    	Right Arm 	Sweat Cape
    	Left Arm 	Sweat Cloak
    	Legs 		Klip Klop
    15-1. Stone Mirror (Metabee Only)
    	Head  		Death Grin
    	Right Arm 	Death Beckon
    	Left Arm 	Death Curl
    	Legs 		Tail End
    15-2. Circulis (Rokusho Only)
    	Head  		 Charmee
    	Right Arm 	Charmy Hand
    	Left Arm 	Charmy Arm
    	Legs 		Charmy Leg
    15-3. Pretty Prime
    	Head  		Reflect Mirror
    	Right Arm 	Don't Move
    	Left Arm 	Shine Shield
    	Legs 		Temple Master
    15-4. Nin-Ninja - NIN-14914
    	Head  		Cover-Up
    	Right Arm 	Ninja Dagger
    	Left Arm 	Ninja Sword
    	Legs 		Tip Toe
    16-1. Foxuno - KTN-11914
    	Head  		Foxarmor
    	Right Arm 	Fencing
    	Left Arm 	Rapier
    	Legs 		Hakama
    16-2. Kintaro
    	Head  		Sumo Press
    	Right Arm 	Light Axe
    	Left Arm 	Great Axe
    	Legs 		Kinta Leg
    16-3. Agadama
    	Head  		Air Bag
    	Right Arm 	Spin Knuckle
    	Left Arm 	Megaton Punch
    	Legs 		Chi Leg
    16-4. Samurai - SAM-19113
    	Head  		Samurai Blast
    	Right Arm 	Beam Saber
    	Left Arm 	Samurai Saber
    	Legs 		Samurai Kick
    17-1. Cyandog - DOG-4157
    	Head  		Linear Cannon
    	Right Arm 	Snipe Rifle
    	Left Arm 	Assault
    	Legs 		Gunner
    17-2. Wigwamo
    	Head  		Acid Con
    	Right Arm 	Acid Bomb
    	Left Arm 	Acid Rain
    	Legs 		Repeatastep
    17-3. Rabudo
    	Head  		Aircon
    	Right Arm 	Stop Watch
    	Left Arm 	Fan
    	Legs 		Hop
    17-4. Cosmo-Alien
    	Head  		Mute Body
    	Right Arm 	Mute Hand
    	Left Arm 	Mute Arm
    	Legs 		Mute Leg
    18-1. Blackram - DVL-42212
    	Head  		Devil Body
    	Right Arm 	Devil Hand
    	Left Arm 	Devil Arm
    	Legs 		Devil Leg
    18-2. Sailormate
    	Head  		Fight Oneshot
    	Right Arm 	Machine Gun
    	Left Arm 	Magnum
    	Legs 		Mini-Scout
    18-3. Auroraqueen
    	Head  		Blizzard
    	Right Arm 	Ice
    	Left Arm 	Freeze
    	Legs 		Sled
    18-4. Icknite
    	Head  		Charm Point
    	Right Arm 	Explosive Ball
    	Left Arm 	Hand Grenade
    	Legs 		Tabi
    19-1. Hopstar
    	Head  		Body Con
    	Right Arm 	Hand Whip
    	Left Arm 	Arm Candy
    	Legs 		High Leg
    19-2. Papyrak
    	Head  		Feeler
    	Right Arm 	Metakiller
    	Left Arm 	Thudarm
    	Legs 		Tatakick
    19-3. Ambiguous
    	Head  		Mis-sile
    	Right Arm 	Thunder Hit
    	Left Arm 	Gato Ring
    	Legs 		Fallndow
    19-4. Greatmotha
    	Head  		Great Con
    	Right Arm 	Zeta Complete
    	Left Arm 	Zeta Perfect
    	Legs 		Zeta Entire
    20-1. Twinkle
    	Head  		Beauty Mask
    	Right Arm 	C-Right
    	Left Arm 	C-Left
    	Legs 		Tamofoot
    20-2. Armorparadeen
    	Head  		Clear Armor
    	Right Arm 	Right Armor
    	Left Arm 	Left Armor
    	Legs 		Rocking Horse
    20-3. Sabotina (Metabee Only)
    	Head  		Sombrero
    	Right Arm 	Spiky Gun
    	Left Arm 	Needle Gun
    	Legs 		Right-A-Way
    20-4. Spiralle (Rokusho Only)
    	Head  		Maxima Pouch
    	Right Arm 	Maxima Sword
    	Left Arm 	Maxima Drill
    	Legs 		First Wave
    21-1. Rollerman
    	Head  		Arma-Head
    	Right Arm 	Arma-Hand
    	Left Arm 	Arma-Arm
    	Legs 		Side Winder
    21-2. Antacker
    	Head  		Batori Stand
    	Right Arm 	Cannon Shell
    	Left Arm 	Cannon Ball
    	Legs 		Fortress
    21-3. Antldier
    	Head  		Marcus
    	Right Arm 	Shooter
    	Left Arm 	Archer
    	Legs 		Sagittari Base
    21-4. Toybox (Metabee Only)
    	Head  		Toymander
    	Right Arm 	Blast Rod
    	Left Arm 	Yo-yo
    	Legs 		Kendama
    22-1. Face Lantern
    	Head  		Pan
    	Right Arm 	Pun
    	Left Arm 	Keen
    	Legs 		Squashbasher
    22-2. Landmotor - CAR-3118
    	Head  		Bodshot
    	Right Arm 	Anti-Missle
    	Left Arm 	Long Cannon
    	Legs 		Plasma Dash
    22-3. Stingray - RAY-18125
    	Head  		Plasma Laser
    	Right Arm 	Track Laser
    	Left Arm 	Chase Laser
    	Legs 		Shadow
    22-4. Komandog
    	Head  		Morning Call
    	Right Arm 	Right Beam
    	Left Arm 	Left Beam
    	Legs 		Dog Race
    23-1. Magiclown
    	Head  		Finale
    	Right Arm 	Carnival
    	Left Arm 	Festival
    	Legs 		Balance-Ball
    23-2. Tankar
    	Head  		Victory Armor
    	Right Arm 	Vulcan
    	Left Arm 	Gatling Gun
    	Legs 		Armor Car
    23-3. Dr. Bokchoy - BOK-21511
    	Head  		Search Radar
    	Right Arm 	Point Radar
    	Left Arm 	Cut Radar
    	Legs 		Chairly
    23-4. Snailoader
    	Head  		Bat-Charge
    	Right Arm 	Charger
    	Left Arm 	Generator
    	Legs 		Snail
    24-1. Cordy
    	Head  		Mushroom
    	Right Arm 	Shite
    	Left Arm 	Maitake
    	Legs 		Fungoton
    24-2. Totalizer - TOT-201520
    	Head  		Tyranolaser
    	Right Arm 	Megalaser
    	Left Arm 	Gigalaser
    	Legs 		Rollertank
    24-3. Gentle Heart
    	Head  		Shotclear
    	Right Arm 	Grade Hammer
    	Left Arm 	Gold Hammer
    	Legs 		Big Boots
    24-4. Landbrachio
    	Head  		Anti-Skyer
    	Right Arm 	Rave-Luster
    	Left Arm 	Ray-Masher
    	Legs 		Land-Leg
    25-1. Dashbutton (Metabee Only)
    	Head  		Switching
    	Right Arm 	Right-ing
    	Left Arm 	Left Up
    	Legs 		Burly
    25-2. Snowbro
    	Head  		Flip
    	Right Arm 	Flap
    	Left Arm 	Flop
    	Legs 		Flavour
    25-3. Soniktank
    	Head  		Blasto
    	Right Arm 	Burning Pin
    	Left Arm 	Burst Needle
    	Legs 		Block Tread
    25-4. Giggle Jelly
    	Head  		Missile Base
    	Right Arm 	Intermissile
    	Left Arm 	Guidemissile
    	Legs 		Limptank
    26-1. Shamen (Metabee Only)
    	Head  		Misstep
    	Right Arm 	Slipstart
    	Left Arm 	Slipend
    	Legs 		Slipped
    26-2. Earthkrono
    	Head  		Spare Head
    	Right Arm 	Spare Hand
    	Left Arm 	Spare Arm
    	Legs 		Spare Tank
    26-3. Gloomeg - GLM-71213
    	Head  		Tank Missile
    	Right Arm 	Homing
    	Left Arm 	Grenade
    	Legs 		Block Tank
    26-4. Megaphant - ELF-5126
    	Head  		Trample
    	Right Arm 	Right Guard
    	Left Arm 	Great Shield
    	Legs 		Chauffeur
    27-1. Digmole
    	Head  		Cover Up
    	Right Arm 	Trapbuster
    	Left Arm 	Barrierbuster
    	Legs 		Shovel
    27-2. Kingpharaoh
    	Head  		Grand Bomb
    	Right Arm 	Black Hall
    	Left Arm 	Dark Hall
    	Legs 		Sit Down
    27-3. Eggy
    	Head  		Omelette
    	Right Arm 	Hamlette
    	Left Arm 	Ham-Egg
    	Legs 		Half-Egg
    27-4. Aquamar
    	Head  		Scope Head
    	Right Arm 	Scope Hand
    	Left Arm 	Scope Arm
    	Legs 		Scope Leg
    28-1. Kappalord
    	Head  		Plate Beam
    	Right Arm 	Underwater Flo
    	Left Arm 	Undersea Flo
    	Legs 		Anti-Stand
    28-2. Flatstick
    	Head  		Slipper
    	Right Arm 	Accident
    	Left Arm 	Troubler
    	Legs 		Speartail
    28-3. Fligflag
    	Head  		Pop-N-Eye
    	Right Arm 	Amphibi-Hand
    	Left Arm 	Amphibi-Arm
    	Legs 		Amphibi-Leg
    28-4. Orkamar
    	Head  		New Wave
    	Right Arm 	Clinch Wave
    	Left Arm 	Nibble Wave
    	Legs 		Fish Tail
    29-1. Aviking (Rokusho Only)
    	Head  		Enticed
    	Right Arm 	Burst
    	Left Arm 	Pro-Fence
    	Legs 		Depth-Sole
    29-2. Starpeda (Rokusho Only)
    	Head  		Hamster Bite
    	Right Arm 	Starnet
    	Left Arm 	Blaze Shield
    	Legs 		Starfish
    29-3. Fireflash
    	Head  		Watergun
    	Right Arm 	Shower
    	Left Arm 	Klench
    	Legs 		Luminous
    29-4. Aquacrown (Metabee Only)
    	Head  		Sacrifice Head
    	Right Arm 	Sacrifice Hand
    	Left Arm 	Sacrifice Arm
    	Legs 		Sacrifice Fin
    30-1. Sharkkan - SAK-19111
    	Head  		Power Driver
    	Right Arm 	Plus Driver
    	Left Arm 	Minus Driver
    	Legs 		Smacker
    30-2. Oceana
    	Head  		Allrepair
    	Right Arm 	Cure Hand
    	Left Arm 	Repair Arm
    	Legs 		Purple Fins
    30-3. Pingen - PEN-16514
    	Head  		Reza-Rector
    	Right Arm 	Free Arm
    	Left Arm 	New Arm
    	Legs 		Fin
    30-4. Wolfeel
    	Head  		Concealing
    	Right Arm 	Konpinch
    	Left Arm 	Konplier
    	Legs 		Duck Under
    Medaparts listing compiled by Stuart Mitchell (Su'Ratt) 2002-2004.
    The medaparts listing is copyrighted under the original author's name,
    Stuart Mitchell (Su'Ratt). Please do not plagiarize his work in any
    ways as this is done through his hardwork and love for Medabots.
    1) Winning in Robattles sometimes let you grap some medaparts for
       your medabot. However the same happens to you if you lose. So,
       reset your game by pressing START+SELECT+A+B if you lose in any
    2) Save often especially before every important Robattle.
    3) To have a quick victory, kill the leader medabot, which will
       always be the uppest most medabot.
    4) Train a lot and level up your medals' skills.
    9.1 Prologue
    As usual I will be listing the medabots I have encountered (random
    battles) and the landscape you will Robattle on. Recommended
    medabots/medaparts shall have a star beside it. Here is the legend of
    *   Not bad
    **  Recommended to have
    *** A must have
    Note that I will only list the stats of the leader medabot in any
    important Robattles.
    9.2 * A New Begining *
    You will start at a Science Labatory. After the conversation ended,
    go up and enter the door to another room. Then, head left to another
    room and talk to Professor Aki and name your character. After that,
    exit this room and head up to the above door. As you reach the door
    you will be punched by a scientistguarding the door. Then, Dr.Aki's
    granddaughter, Nae will come out. Follow her and talk to her.
    Nothing much around this lab, so exit down three times to get outside
    from this lab. Head far down and enter the most bottom house, which
    is your home.
    You will talk with your mom and go to your bedroom. Now, go watch
    TV and Medabots Weekly will go on air!!! Your mom will come up and
    switch off the TV and hand you some money to buy Spice-A-Rhoni.
    Time to use it "REAL" wisely. Exit your house. Go north a little and
    enter the Hopmart. It is the building with number 24 on its
    Talk to Henry. Buy the Medabot and Tinpet (medabot skeleton) from
    him. Name it and run back home with your treasure!!!
    You will be caught by your mom for buying a medabot and you will be
    going up to your bedroom to test your medabot. However, you found
    out that there is no medal!!! Just when things look really bad, Phantom
    Renegade will come to give a medal to Ikki's father who will pass it to
    you with a new (latest) medawatch which supports medaforce (you have to
    train though to get the medaforce ability)!
    Now, we are back in business.
    9.3 * School's A Disaster *
    Terrain Type : Woods, Plain
    Medabots     : Churlybear, Kintaro* 
    After you obtain your first medal, you will automatically put the
    medal into your medabot. Now you can access the main menu by
    pressing B. As you exit your house you will be engage in a Robattle
    with Erika. This battle is simple and easy.
    Robattle #1
    Type       : BRASS
    Medatrainer: Erika
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Keep hitting her and you will win. She is easy.
    After that, Erika will walk to the school. Follow her by going
    north and then west. You will see a big white school. Enter it.
    There will be a group of three standing in the middle of the school's
    field. Talk to them and prepare to Robattle for three times.
    Robattle #2
    Type       : TOTALIZER
    Medatrainer: Sloan
    Head HP    : 55
    Comments   : His slow speed makes him useless against your attack.
    Robattle #3
    Type       : CYANDOG
    Medatrainer: Spyke
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : He is really fast. So, be careful. Other than that he
                 is easy to beat.
    Robattle #4
    Type       : PEPPERCAT
    Medatrainer: Sammantha
    Head HP    : 30
    Comments   : Be careful of this one too. She may be east to beat,
                 but she IS a little tough. She could paralyze you with
                 her attacks too.
    Tough! Three Robattles in one time. This time they will get really
    heat up and attack you together, but your medabot just made a clean
    kill in just one attack. Check out the animated scene.
    Now you could enter the school.  Be sure to train your medabot too.
    Level it up to level 5 and above. I do recommend level 10, though.
    This way you could evolve your medal and gain access to your very
    first Medaforce. Don't forget to talk to everyone. Some will even
    Robattle with you.
    When you are ready, go upstairs and go to the right bottom most
    classroom. Enter and talk to Erika. Then, exit the school.
    9.4 * Outdoor Hunt *
    Outside, you will be greeted by a girl named Karin and your dog, Salty.
    Eventually they will go away and you are free to explore around. The
    shop you went before is a nice place to stop by. Though, not much
    medaparts are sold there, but this is a good place to sell parts
    and gain some money since this game doesn't let you gain money
    through each battle. However, I advice you to not to sell
    anything yet as the next journey requires a few medaparts to continue
    Nothing much you can still do. So, go to the most northeast building
    which is a factory/warehouse. Try entering it and Erika will come and
    call you back to school again. Sigh, more troubles. Go back to the
    school again.
    9.5 * Trouble In School Again *
    Terrain Type : Woods, Plain
    Medabots     : Churlybear, Kintaro*, Cyandog*
    As you enter the school, you will watch a robattle against a boy
    named Koji with Sloan, Spyke and Sammantha. Koji will win this battle
    and he will go into the school's building. You may enter the
    school's building, but watch out, Koji will be upstairs and he is
    tough, believe me.
    Make sure you are really prepared for this. Training to level 10 or
    above is highly recommended.
    When you are ready, go upstairs and then down. You will be approached
    by Koji and a Robattle will begin. This Robattle is different with
    each Medarot version. 
    Robattle #5
    Medatrainer: Koji
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : This guy is a real pain. His slashes could inflict a lot
    (Metabee)    of damage. Never mind if you lose. Just reset the game,
                 load your save and try again till you win. Careful of
                 his medabot's speed too.
    Comments  :  His speed is fast, but not as fast as you. Take
    (Rokusho)    advantage of that. Be careful of his shooting attacks.
                 It could inflict a lot of damage sometimes. Still, he
                 won't be a problem for your medabot. Not to forget, his
                 head medapart is equipped with healing ability.
    9.6 * Outdoor Hunt 2 *
    Once the battle is over, there will be more conversations. Then, exit
    the school again. You may want to do a little training in the school
    but I doubt it. Level 10 is fine already for this one. Remember to
    do a little shopping if needed to.
    Go to Erika's house (located just above your own house) and talk to
    Erika. Beacause you wanted to catch the harrassing medabot, you will
    change into girl's clothes. Follow her as she exits her house. A
    medabot will approach Erika and she will chase after it.
    When you get control of Ikki, go northwest and talk to Erika again.
    Then enter the factory/warehouse beside her. Go up and you will
    overheard a conversation. Karen will come into the scene, and you
    will Robattle with the Rubberrobo.
    Robattle #6
    Type       : FOXUNO
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Pummel with everything you got. He is real easy.
    After the battle and conversation, search the box at the northwest.
    There is a medal waiting to be owned by you. You will receive a
    tortoise medal in Metabee version or a snake medal in the Rokusho
    Return to Erika's house and talk to her. That's get rid of the
    clothes. Now, we are back to normal.
    Be sure to train your new medal if you want to use it. I didn't
    use it though since you are going to get a new medal which will be
    better than it. It is a Tortoise medal in Metabee and snake medal in
    Do any shopping when needed to.
    9.7 * Preparations for Mt. Odoro *
    Once you are ready, visit Erika in the school. After talking to her,
    exit the school's building and you will see Spyke announcing at the
    school's grounds. After this, everything will go back to normal
    again and Erika will meet you. Exit the school.
    Alright, time is to get ourselves a new Tinpet. Go back home
    and you will have a conversation with your mom. Then, you will go
    upstairs. Check the shelves to receive a penlight. Attempt to go
    downstairs and Ikki's father will come and hand you a new tinpet and
    a lunchbox!!! Now, you could use two medabots in any Robattle. Woohoo!
    Make sure you equip your medabot with your new medal and parts or it
    couldn't be use in Robattles.
    Also, don't forget to check out the science lab. Go to the northern
    most room and talk the scientist lady there. Then enter the left room
    and get a new medal!!! There are six medals altogether, so choose
    wisely.  Please check the Medal FAQ section for more infos on the
    Here are the listing of medals.
    Starting from the upper left ones to the upper right ones are:
    Bat   - compatible with medaparts that target Air type Medabots
    Kappa - compatible with medaparts that target Sea type Medabots
    Mouse - compatible with medaparts that assist an ally's attack
    Starting from the lower left ones to the lower right ones are:
    Chameleon - compatible with medaparts that hinder enemy's attack
    Rabbit    - compatible with medaparts that controls medabot's
    Monkey    - compatible with medaparts that confuse enemies
    Now is time to go to new area. Exit your house and head north and
    you will notice that the road above is open. Go through it into a
    new area.
    9.8 * Road To Mount Odoro *
    Terrain Type : Rock (Mt. Odoro), Plain (Ninja's Theme Park)
    Medabots     : Floro, Kintaro*, Dr. Bokchoy, Octoclam, Sharkkan,
    (Mt. Odoro)    Poison Copy, Churlybear, Oceana, Dragonfly,
    Medabots     : Nin-Ninja***, Spitfire**, Noctobat, Icknite***
    (Ninja's Park)
    You will be greeted by Erika. She will Robbattle with you.
    Robbatle #7
    Type       : BRASS
    Medatrainer: Erika
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Wouldn't be hard to beat. Use two medabots and she will
                 be pulverised.
    Then, she will follow you as a Non-Playable-Character (NPC) after
    some conversations. There are a lot of new and tough medabots here
    so get collecting and training.
    When you are ready, head up (you will see a bridge at your left,
    remember it) and then right. A boy will stop you and robattle with
    you. Rokusho players beware as your medabot will have frequent misses.
    Use aim shot or medaforce to kill 'im. After the short Robattle, keep
    heading right. You will read the sign between the two bushes and a
    medabot will appear from the water and talk to you. It will then take
    you to an island filled with treasure. Among the things you will get
    Psycho Missile
    A ninja??! Search it again for a medal (Jellyfish/Queen)
    Money (1.00)
    Talk to the medabot again. It will bring you back to the mainland.
    The medabot will then walk away and you are back on track again with
    Erika. Keep going right and go far down. Then go left to meet Koji
    and Karin again. Don't talk to them just yet! There is a sidequest to
    be done in order to receive a CAT or ? medal. Note that you cannot do
    both sidequest or you will receive nothing from either one of them.
    Be sure to choose carefully which medal you want.
    Talk to Koji only if you wanted to receive a CAT medal from Erika
    later in the game. Do NOT talk to Karin.
    Talk to Karin if you wanted to receive a ? medal from Karin later in
    the game.
    Now, backtrack to the bridge you seen and go down through the bushes.
    There will be another bridge. Go through it to enter a new area. There
    will be a lot of medatrainers here to battle. Just keep Robattling
    them until you reach the end. There will be a small space enclose by
    cliffs. Head to that small space to uncover a ninja who will give you
    a medal. (Squid medal in Rokusho and Bear medal in Metabee). Remember
    this place as you could enter Ninja Theme Park at this very spot later
    in the game.
    After that, backtrack to the first bridge and go through it. Walk left
    till you meet a red colored shirt girl. Talk to her and Robattle her.
    This Robattle will be easy. Then, head up and left. Go down the bridge
    as soon as you reach it. Talk to the three person guarding the house.
    Be sure to train your medabot till level 20 and above. The next
    Robattle isn't easy to achieve victory. Using the new medals you
    receive is a plus to win this one.
    When you are ready, enter the house and talk to the guy at the right.
    Prepare for a Robattle.
    Robattle #8
    Type       : ATTACK-TYRANO
    Medatrainer: Select Corps
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : This guy IS super hard. Believe me. Not only his battle
    (Metabee)    tactics are offensive, but they are also defensive.
                 Keep trying to defeat him and load your last save if you
                 can't. Train a lot too if you want to defeat him. With
                 only two medabots you really need luck and a high level.
                 Also, use medaforce whenever possible.
    Comments   : Equipped fish leg medaparts or CHURLY BEAR medaparts and
    (Rokusho)    his attack will keep missing. Attack normally.
    After the really hard battle, talk to the people in the house and
    exit the house. Now, head up, over the bridge and read the sign board
    in front of the bridge. A medabot will swim up to you and a guy will
    come out and Robattle with you.
    Robattle #9
    Type       : MANTAPREY
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : His medabots use short range techniques which has a high
                 agility. Other than that, his medabots doesn't have
                 anything special.
    He will then attempt to run away, and Ikki will try to stop him. He
    will dodge and Ikki will fall into a river.
    9.9 * Swept Away By The Currents *
    Terrain Type : Seashore
    Medabots     : Dragonfly, Noctobat, Flatstick, Kappalord, Octoclam,
                   Sharkkan, Firflash, Pingen
    A medabot will then come and ask you if you enjoy swimming. After that,
    you will fall unconcious. When you wake up, you will find yourself in
    an old lady's house. She ask for your help to retrieve back a stolen letter.
    You will then automatically exit the house. They are new medabots here. So,
    don't forget to collect medaparts for your medabots.
    Go one screen up and keep going up till you see a fork leading down.
    Head down the fork. Talk to the medabot there for a medapart
    (HEAVYWEIGHTER). Now, go far up. Talk to the medabot between a cliff
    and a tree, and prepare for a robattle. It is easy and same as those
    random medabot encounter.
    After that, go right and cross the bridge. Then, walk all the way
    down and exit to another screen. You will budge into a conversation.
    After that, you will Robattle with the guy who made you fall into the
    Robattle #10
    Type       : FLATSTICK
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : His medabots attacks could be a headache. Besides if you
                 are playing the Metabee version, you will find out that
                 you will keep missing your target. Use aim shot to him 'em
                 hard!!! Rokusho users follow the same.
    Now, more of the Rubberobos will come and surround you. Then, the
    Phantom will come and save you from trouble. The Rubberobo gang will
    then run away. After that, the Phantom's medabot will come and pick
    him up and fly away. Talk to the medabot in front of you before
    picking up the letter which look like a file on the right. Now, talk
    to the medabot again to get a free ride back to the old lady's area.
    Walk left and return the letter to the medabot. Then, enter the house
    and talk to Grandma for a prize!!!
    You will receive a new Tinpet as your prize. Note that you could only
    take one of the two prizes. The left one is a skeleton of a male
    medabot while the right box is a skeleton of a female medabot. Choose
    wisely on which you want as it will determine the easiness of the next
    areas you going to visit after this. I chose a male Tinpet as I have
    many medaparts for the male Tinpet. You will also receive money. Take
    note also that she will present you with BRASS medaparts if you pick
    the female skeleton medabot, and some money!!!
    Exit the house and talk to the flying medabot. It will bring you back
    on track again.
    9.10 * Back On Track *
    Terrain Type : Rock
    Medabots     : Floro, Kintaro*, Dr. Bokchoy, Octoclam, Sharkkan,
                   Poison Copy, Churlybear, Oceana, Dragonfly,
    Go up and talk to Karin. Prepare for a Robattle.
    Robattle #11
    Type       : NEUTRANURSE
    Medatrainer: Karin
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Her medabots ain't powerful. Just keep shooting/hitting
                 them and they will lose. Her medabots have healing
                 and defensive ability though.
    She will give you a medapart RIGHT ARMOR if you win.
    NOTE : Hopefully you didn't sell any medaparts as the part ahead needs
           certain medaparts to carry on or you might need to restart your
           game. I will be listing them below so just make sure you have
           1. BATTLE RIFLE (left arm medapart)
           2. PSYCHO MISSILE (head medapart)
           3. HEAVYWEIGHTER (right arm medapart)
           If you do not have anyone of them than please collect the
           through random Robattles.
    Now, go left and read the sign board. A medabot will turn up from the
    river and give you a ride to a cave just below the guarded house.
    9.11 * In The Heart Of Odoro Marsh *
    Terrain Type : Rock
    Medabots     : Poison Copy, Spidar*, Kintaro*, Dr. Bokchoy, Dragonfly,
                   Noctobat, Magdosnake, Gorem, Haniwa
    Head far up and you will see a treasure box. Open it and you will get
    a medapart BATTLE RIFLE. Now go down a little and then go right. You
    see Sloan blocking you from going further ahead to the right. Talk to
    him and prepare for a Robattle.
    Robattle #12
    Type       : TOTALIZER
    Medatrainer: Sloan
    Head HP    : 55
    Comments   : He is harder to beat now. So be careful and plan your
                 move carefully. He is still slow and speed is his
                 medabot's disadvantage.
    Keep walking right and you will feel a earthquake (Sloan must have
    push the rock to stop you). Go up (whichever lane you take ends up at
    the same place). Turn right and then down until you see a rock blocking
    your path. You need to use certain medaparts to break this rock. For
    now you need to use CYANDOG's BATTLE RIFLE to break the rock. Just
    equip it on any of your medabot and "search" the rock. You will
    automatically call your medabot out to break the rock.
    Head down and you will see another rock. Use PSYCHO MISSILE to break
    the rock. Head down and follow the wall down-right. You will come to
    another boulder blocking your path. This time use HEAVYWEIGHTER to
    break the boulder.
    Go around the walls and down the stairs which you can already see.
    Now, head up and then northwest. You will meet Sloan again. Talk to
    him and prepare for a Robattle.
    Robattle #13
    Type       : TOTALIZER
    Medatrainer: Sloan
    Head HP    : 55
    Comments   : Same as before.
    After winning the battle, Sloan will walk away and your path will be
    open. Head up a little and walk left. There will be broken medaparts 
    scattered. Pick it up. They can be fix by Dr Aki. Now go left till you
    hit the wall and down until you see a treasure chest at your right.
    Open it and you will receive 10.00 pounds.
    Go left again till you hit the wall and then all the way down. Walk
    to the left and you will see Spyke blocking the path above you. Talk
    to him and Robattle him.
    Robattle #14
    Type       : CYANDOG
    Medatrainer: Spyke
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : His medabots have a high agility. Careful of his MANTAPREY
                 too as its slashing techniques could really damage your
                 medabot. Still you couldn't lose this Robattle.
    After Spyke lost he will walk away. Head up and follow the right hand
    path when you come upon a junction. This time, you will see Sammantha
    blocking the path at your right. Just talk to her and she will walk
    away without even having a Robattle with you. Continue right and up
    the stairs. Take the broken medapart blocking your path.
    Then head up, left a little and then down. Before going to the right
    let me warn you the dangers you going to meet. The next Robattle will
    be a pain, so train up before going to the left. I recommend level 25
    and above. Don't forget to save too! It is important in case you lose
    in the next Robattles which are SUPER hard.
    When you are ready head left and Yanagi will spring on you as you pass
    by a cave. Koji will suddenly come and talk to you. Then, a Robattle
    will begin.
    Robattle #15
    Medatrainer: Koji
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : As usual he is superbly tough. Speed seems to be his
    (Metabee)    medabots advantage. With a high level and medaparts with
                 missile launchers will let you win this battle.
    Comments   : Slashing techniques shall do well against his medabot. No
    (Rokusho)    problems here.
    Now, the rubberrobo gang will come out from the cave and Robattle
    Robattle #16
    Type       : AVIKING
    Medatrainer: Squidguts
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : His medabot may be slow but they are still great in
    (Metabee)    shooting. Speed attacks such as beserk works best. Charge
                 Metabee's medaforce while the other partner attacks. Then,
                 blast him.
    Comments   : This guy is really a pain in the ass. His Sacrifice
    (Rokusho)    techs are both annoying and destructive. Not to forget his
                 missile attacks which are really powerfull. Charge your
                 medaforce gauge and give him a full blast of it. You could
                 also use ANTI-SEA medaparts to finish him easily.
    After the battle is over you will receive a medal (Phoenix/Spider) and
    some medaparts. The Phantom will appear. After having a conversation
    with you, he will just walk away, followed by Koji behind him.
    When you gain control again, head up to enter the cave. Pick up any
    broken medaparts and exit out of this cave. Oh yeah, just to remind
    you again, you will have a medal (Phoenix in Rokusho Version and
    Spider in Metabee Version) after the two Robattles you went through
    before. This medal is the best you will ever have. So train it up
    since it will start at level 13.
    Now, exit left and you will change back into your normal clothes.
    9.12 * Fresh Air At Last *
    Terrain Type : Rock
    Medabots     : Floro, Kintaro*, Dr. Bokchoy, Octoclam, Sharkkan,
                   Poison Copy, Churlybear, Oceana, Dragonfly,
    You will find yourself outside the cave. Head up and talk to Erika.
    She will be surprise, but glad to see you again. Now you are free to
    enter or exit the cave anytime.
    Head up and then cross the bridge. Then one screen right. You will see
    Karin and Koji at the bottom of your screen. Talk to them. They will
    walk away, followed by Erika. Head down and exit completely this area
    for good.
    9.13 * Homeward Bound *
    Head into the Science Lab. Talk with Professor Aki to give him the
    broken medaparts you collected. Now exit right and go a screen up.
    Talk to Aki's niece and enter the room at your right. Now, you are
    able to pick any medal you want again.
    After that, exit the Science Lab and Erika will call you. You will
    automatically meet up with her. After the conversation, she will
    walk away. Then you will skip into a scene of the Rubberobo gang.
    When you gain control of Ikki again, go back to your house and
    attempt to enter your house. A medabot will give  you a letter to enter
    the amusement park.You will automatically enter your house. Talk to
    everyone in your house, including your dog upstairs.
    Now exit your house and head up to enter Erika's house. Talk to
    Erika and her mother and Erika again. Then, exit her house. Go back to
    your house and speak to everyone in your house again (this time you
    don't have to talk to Salty (the dog). Exit your house. Now from your
    house, head all the way left and exit left to the dock.
    9.14 * Sailing To Medabot Island *
    Terrain Type : Beach
    Medabots     : Pingen, Fireflash, Orkamar, Giggly Jelly**, Flatstick,
    This is just a small port, so don't expect much from it. However, the
    medabots here are tough. So get training and collecting new parts.
    I highly recommend level 30 and above. Be sure to use the new medal
    (Phoenix/Spider) you just grab. Both the medals are really strong and
    could deal some really bad damage and powerful medaforce on enemies.
    When you are ready, head towards the ship below and Erika will meet
    you. She will give you a ticket to sail on the ship. You will deport
    into Medabot Island. The random encounters at the port of Medabot
    Island are the same as the dock before this.
    When you arrive, you will be greeted by an odd looking man. Walk up
    and enter the door.
    9.15 * Medabot Island a.k.a. Isle Of Pain *
    Terrain Type : Wilderness, Rock (North screen), Street (West screen),
                   Plain (East screen)
    Medabots     : Flatstick, Gorem, Haniwa, Pingen, Snowbro, Spidar**,
                   Phoenix*, Megaphant**, Tentaclam, Rollerman*,
                   Landbrachio, Air-Ptera**, Attack-Tyrano**, Tankar**,
    This is not quite a vacation destination as you have suspected.
    Robattles here are not as easy as they were before. So, train up and
    get collecting. Modify or change your medaparts when needed to. Save
    often and test your medaparts to see their speed, ability and
    effectiveness. I recommend level 30 as all your medals will evolve
    at this level with NEW medaforce.
    You will automatically walk a few steps into the park, followed by
    Erika. Then, she will leave you and you are on your own now. Walk up
    until you see a pond or water fountain. Take the left lane and follow
    it up and to the left at the junction. Exit at the left (upper left of
    this screen).
    Enter the tall building or arena. Hug the right wall and you will
    notice there is a stairs to your right. If you want to trade medaparts
    just talk to these people. Otherwise exit from where you came from.
    Talk to the lady at the counter to register for the tournament. Now,
    go down the stairs at the left. You will see Erika in this locker room.
    Be prepared though, once you enter the stairs at the upper right
    corner, you will have a Robattle with Erika. The terrain will change
    into Inside for this Robattle. So change you leg medapart if you need
    to gain some propulsion and attack success.
    Robattle #17
    Type       : BRASS
    Medatrainer: Erika
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : This time her medabots will be harder to destroy. She
                 will have a PRETTY PRIME to protect her weak ones, so
                 destroy the "protector" first. The other two medabot will
                 keep attacking. She will also have a medabot which could
                 counter any attacks. Having a beserker at your team will
                 with a high number of HP will give you a better chance to
                 win. Spidar medaparts will be great to trap her two PRETTY
                 PRIME which will act as beserkers.
    After the Robattle you will reenter the locker room again. This time
    you have to prepare for another Robattle with Karin. When you are
    ready (after changing your medaparts), talk to the man at the upper
    right corner. Now, lets Robattle.
    Robattle #18
    Type       : NEUTRANURSE
    Medatrainer: Karin
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : This Robattle will be slightly easier than the battle
                 with Erika. Her attacks are focus more on healing and
                 supporting techniques. So just keep hitting her with your
                 best attacks and you will win. However, her NEUTRANURSE
                 has a protect technique which could block almost any
    Robattle #19
    Type       : TOTALIZER
    Medatrainer: Sloan
    Head HP    : 55
    Comments   : As usual his laser beams will kill you quickly. Has a slow
                 agility, so equipped the fastest legs you got and give 'em
                 all you got.
    Robattle #20
    Type       : CYANDOG
    Medatrainer: Spyke
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : He has two beserkers as his partners which has a very high
                 agility. Use spidar medaparts to trap these two and blast
                 them with everything you got since his medabots has a low
    Robattle #21
    Type       : PEPPERCAT
    Medatrainer: Sammantha
    Head HP    : 30
    Comments   : Do NOT equip any AIM SHOT or SHOOT medaparts. She will
                 start of by releasing a trap to trap shooting techs. Use
                 BESERK or STRIKE techs to win. Don't worry about her two
                 partners whom will not attack except keeping the trap
    After this long Robattles, exit the locker room and talk enter any of
    the blue doors. Erika will call you and Dr. Armond will give some
    speech. When you gain control, exit the building to see a Rubberobo
    stealing a medal. Time to catch him. Talk to the kid and exit right.
    A crazy guy will come and Robattle you.
    Robattle #22
    Type       : SPIRALLE
    Medatrainer: Ryo
    Head HP    : 60
    Comments   : His medabots has really cool slashing techniques. I won
                 him by using ATTACK-TYRANO hand medaparts and AIR-PTERA
                 leg medapart. Really easy for me.
    He will be arrested and you are safe for the time being. If you
    observe your surrounding you will notice you are cornered by people.
    (it's a parade now). At this time being you are pretty much stuck at
    the place you are standing. Walk a little left and attempt to walk
    through the narrow lane between the wall and a building.
    The Rubberobo henchman will run into you and then flee. Walk down the
    lane and wholla you are out at last. Actually, not quite yet. All the
    roads or exits around you are block except one, which is the opening
    to your left. Go through it and talk to the Rubberobo.
    Robattle #23
    Type       : MAGICLOWN
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo
    HP         : 55
    Comments   : Attack with AIM SHOT and SHOOT medaparts to destroy
                 MAGICLOWN leg medapart. Then, attack with BESERK or STRIKE
                 attacks to put GOREM (partner) and MAGICLOWN to waste.
    As he attempt to escape again, follow him. Koji will come after you
    and try to do some heroism. He will be caught by more Rubberobo
    henchmen. The Phantom will suddenly appear out of the bushes,
    frightening all the Rubberobo guys. They will left two medals, but
    Koji will take one of them. Take the other one.
    Exit through where you come from and head up and through the left
    opening. Talk to the girl there and you will return the medal to her.
    Erika will come into the scene and talk to you. The girl will give
    a DONOR medapart in return since "you are SO nice".
    Now, everything will return back to normal. Walk all the way right
    and enter the pathway at the right. You will have two options to do
    this side quest. One is to help Erika and the other is to help Karin.
    I prefer Karin's sidequest as it is more challenging and hard. But, if
    you want the CAT medal, then take Erika's quest.
    I. Erika's Sidequest
    Then, go down a little and enter the arcade building. Walk up and
    talk to Erika. Talk to the lower left boy. He will walk away, so take
    over his place and game on.
    Your goal is to toss or throw the balls and hit the Rubberobo guy.
    Press A to use your right hand to catch the ball and toss it
    Press B to use your left hand to catch the ball and toss it
    Beware that the Rubberobo guy will also toss the ball to you to
    defeat you.
    II. Karin's Sidequest
    You will see Karin standing near some bushes. Talk to her and she
    will follow you. Now, enter the haunted house above you.
    This place is a little tricky. There are medabots hidden in the
    bushes and you will have to find all of them. To find all of them,
    go one step up, two steps right and one step down. Turn right and
    search the bush. The medabot will then Robattle you. Just as a
    reminder. the terrain here is Woods.
    After that, go one step up and five steps left. Go one step up and
    search the left bush for another medabot. Then, walk two steps up and
    four steps right. Take one step down and two steps right. Search the
    bottom bush. Now, just head up and enter the door.
    Follow the winding road and a medabot will appear and try to hide.
    Talk with it for another Robattle. Then, exit through the right door.
    The next room will be a pitch black room. To exit this room, just
    take three steps right, two steps down, three steps right, two steps
    up and a step right. You will be knock away from the door. So, just
    take two steps right. You will see two Karins in the next room, you
    will automatically find out which is the real one and Robattle with
    the imposter. Follow the runaway imposter and you will enter another
    dark room.
    Take four steps down, two steps left, four steps up, two steps left,
    four steps down and four steps left to another room.
    Now, just move to Karin and talk with her. She will runaway into
    another room. Follow her and you fall into a hole. Then, talk to the
    medabot blocking your way and Robattle it. After that, go up the
    stairs at the lower left corner of the room. Head down and exit down
    another time.
    Now, enter the arcade below you. Head up and talk to Erika. Exit the
    arcade after this.
    You are still not quite finish here yet. Head back to the arena and
    to the locker room to continue the second part of the tournament. Talk
    to the guy at the upper right corner of the locker room. Prepare for a
    Robattle #24
    Type       : REDMATADOR
    Medatrainer: Prince Kir
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : Put any two medabots to attack while the other one with
                 SPIDAR medaparts to set a trap for his medabots.
    Robattle #25
    Type       : KINGPHARAOH
    Medatrainer: Shandy
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : She is quite slow, but her HP is long and her attacks
                 packs a low of whollap. Her attacks are more on long range
                 techs. Beserk techs work ell against her. Use medaforce
                 whenever you are able to.
    Robattle #26
    Type       : AURORAQUEEN
    Medatrainer: Spumoni
    Head HP    : 30
    Comments   : This guy's medabots are really annoying. They could freeze
                 your medabots with their STRIKE hits. Use SPIDAR medaparts
                 to set a trap and use any beserk or aim shot techs to put
                 his medabots to a stop. Oh yeah, his medabots have a
                 really low HP. Anything which can do a chain reaction will
                 be great.
    Robattle #27
    Type       : WIGWAMO
    Medatrainer: Joe Swihan
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : His medabots have annoying FLOW strikes. They could give
                 one of those insane status damage. Hit him with speed and
                 having a medabot with healing techs will be great. Once
                 again this guy's medabots have a low HP so anything which
                 could do a chain reaction will work fine.
    Once you finish this Robattle, you will be with Ryo again. Talk to him
    if you want a Robattle outside the stage.
    Robattle #28
    Type       : SPIRALLE
    Medatrainer: Ryo (again?!!)
    Head HP    : 60
    Comments   : His medabots has really cool slashing techniques. Use
                 ATTACK-TYRANO hand medaparts with SPIDAR medaparts and he
                 will be down.
    You will Robattle Ryo again in the arena, which will be the same as
    the previous Robattle.
    Robattle #29
    Medatrainer: Koji
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : Won't be too hard to beat if you use the same strategy
                 as before.
    After this you will receive prizes. Woohoo! All that hard work really
    pays off. You will get the whole set of SPIRALLE medaparts. Oh yeah,
    you will also receive a new medal (KNIGHT in Rokusho). Please save as
    the Robattle ahead might be hard and I don't think you want to go
    through those mad Robattles again. Exit the locker room and talk to
    Dr. Armond in front of the counter. Then prepare for a Robattle.
    Robattle #30
    Type       : BAYONET*** (Superb medaparts)
    Medatrainer: Dr. Armond
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : I must admit, his medabots are really cool. I mean it. He
                 has modified versions of Rokusho and Metabee which are
                 really destructive and have a longer HP than Metabee or
                 Rokusho. I still don't have a good strategy, but you
                 could try using SPIDAR to set a trap for his beserkers and
                 focus in taking off the leader. If you have a better
                 strategy than this, please e-mail me.
    He will ask you whether you wanted to be his assistant or not. It
    does not really matter which one you answer. He won't want to accept
    you anyway.
    Exit the arena to meet with Erika. After a little bit of conversation
    she will follow you. Exit right and keep walking down. Then enter the
    left opening. Enter the Meda Coaster building.
    Head up and you will have a fun roller coster ride. Now, exit the
    building and then head left to talk to the boy. Head up and search the
    middle bush. A Rubberobo henchman will come out of it. He will run
    away again.
    Exit right. Head to the middle of the park (the fountain is the
    middle of the park) and then head up. Exit up. You will see Karin
    and other people heading into the castle. Erika will give you 3.00
    pound and ask you to buy some drinks before entering the castle. Exit
    down and head right till you see a counter lady standing in front of
    a small booth.
    Talk to the counter lady. You will pay her 3.00 pounds whichever you
    buy. I'm not sure whether it will affect the game in anyway, but I
    bought orange juice. There are lemon packs and oil for sale too.
    Backtrack to Erika and talk to her to give her the drinks or if you
    bought others she ask you to keep it ????? Anyway, you will enter the
    Witch's Castle with Erika.
    9.16 * Witch's Castle *
    Terrain Type : Valley (1F/2F Milky Way, 2F Moonlight Chamber), Desert
                   (2F Sunlight Chamber)
    Medabots     : Phoenix*, Paradiver, Dragonfly, Komandog, Magiclown,
                   Snailoader, Flatstick, Orkamar, Kappalord, Face Lantern,
                   Floro, Gloomeg
    NOTE : The Terrain Type listed above does not apply to Medaroad Race
           later in this castle.
    You will enter a lift and enter a new room. Welcome to the Witch's
    Castle. Do please refer to the Battle Tactics as you need to know
    what type of legs shall fit for each terrain. There will be a lot of
    race and leg types which will affect your speed when racing.
    Go down and talk to Erika. She will then walk above and disappear.
    Here's some briefing before you try to do something else. The star
    tiles on the floor shall teleport you into different parts of the
    To get out of this mess, just take the left most star you can get to.
    Now take the down most star tile you can get to. Then, take the left
    star tile and wholla you are out of here. Now, just head up and enter
    the door. You shall meet back Erika. Go around to the right and try
    to get pass him. He will stop you and ask you if you wanted to race
    him. Say yes to his question.
    The terrain will vary (change) each time you enter the Medaroad Race.
    If you win it will let you pass through. Please look at the Terrain
    Mode in the Battle Tactics section in this walkthrough to get tips on
    how to win. Tap A as fast as you could in the race. After that, exit
    right. Again try to go around the medabot. It will ask you for another
    Medaroad Race.
    The medabot will then let you pass through. Head right and then down.
    Talk to the girl and answer No for a Robattle. Exit down. Now follow
    the path back to the lift and talk to the witch. You will enter the
    lift. In the lift, there will be a blackout and some voice from the
    Dark Master. Time to swipe the Rubberobo army(?) for good although this
    is just an act *hint*. You will receive a cool looking warrior suit
    after you exit the elevator.
    Head down and talk to the Rubberobo henchman. Then, Robattle him. As
    usual he will run away after losing the battle. Follow him and talk
    to Robattle him. Follow him again as he runs away, and again Robattle
    Then, follow the witch into the next room. Now, head up and Robattle
    the Rubberobo henchman. Go around to the right and prepare for
    another Robattle with the Rubberobo henchman. Then go down and talk
    to yet another Rubberobo henchman. This time you are gonna race with
    him. After the race, follow the witch to another room and talk to
    another Rubberobo henchman for a Robattle. You will exit into the
    Moonlight Chamber.
    Head up to the Rubberobo henchman who will be blocking your path.
    Robattle him and show no mercy. Then, follow the path to Robattle the
    same Rubberobo guy. Now head into the elevator. You will go to 1F.
    Ahain, follow the Milky Way path at your left and enter the door at the
    Head up and the witch will talk to the Dark Master. Dark Master will
    then Robattle you.
    Robattle #31
    Type       : FLIGFLAG
    Medatrainer: Dark Master
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : Its medabots aren't easy to destroy. Fligflag has a high
                 evasion. It could hide itself too. It has two CRIMSON
                 KING partners as attackers (beserkers). Their DESTROY
                 attacks could put some heavy damage to your medabots.
                 Start off by charging your Metabee or Rokusho medaforce.
                 Keep one medabot for healing and another one for attacks.
                 Then blast him with your medaforce.
    Exit right after the Robattle. Head to the middle of the room and
    attempt to talk with the witch. She will give you back your normal
    clothes. After that, exit down twice. You will be out from the castle.
    9.17 * The Dark Side Of Witch's Castle *
    Head down and a woman will tell you that Karin is missing. Exit
    up back to the castle grounds again. Talk to the man at the left of
    the entrance of the castle. Yes, you are going to enter the castle
    the second time.
    This time talk to Erika again to get into the castle. Now, slip through
    the the door at the upper right. Follow the path at the right to be
    caught by Milky, the witch of this castle.
    Robattle #32
    Type       : SUNWITCH
    Medatrainer: Milky
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Her medabots speed are incredibly fast. Remember the
                 terrain here is Valley. Start off by setting a trap with
                 SPIDAR medaparts. This will put a stop to the two
                 partners. Destroy the partners before destroying the
    The witch will push you down into the stairs and down into a duengon.
    Now, we are really in a jam. Talk to every kid in the duengon and
    they will plan a escape for you. The guard medabots will come in and
    it's up to you to deal with them.
    After the Robattle, go up the stairs and some kid will come running
    into you. However, that kid turns up to be part of the Rubberobo
    gang. You will Robattle with his henchman first.
    Robattle #33
    Type       : MAGDOSNAKE
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo gang
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Wouldn't be too hard to defeat.
    Robattle #34
    Type       : GENTLEHEART
    Medatrainer: Shrimplips
    Head HP    : 30
    Comments   : He will start off by laying an ERASE trap. So, start off
                 by laying a GRAPPLE trap. Then charge your medaforce gauge
                 while having the others to attack and blast your medaforce
                 whenever possible. Keep repeating this way to win.
    You will receive a full set of GENTLEHEART medaparts which are pretty
    good. Now, all the prisoners will run away. Follow them. Now, exit left
    and talk to Karin. She will give you a new medabot skeleton. Yeah!
    Bactrack right and then down. Head down all the way and exit down
    again. You will be out from the castle.
    Backtrack to the port and enter the ship. We are heading home at
    9.18 * Back Home At Last *
    Backtrack to your home and talk to your mom. You will have a night
    rest before going for more adventuring. After that, go to the science
    lab and talk to the Dr. Aki for INVISI BODY, INVISI HAND, INVISI ARM
    and TWIRL. Head into Miss Nae's office and talk to her. Agree to
    Robattle with her.
    Robattle #35
    Type       : WINDSAIL
    Medatrainer: Nae
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Do not use shoot attacks. She will start by laying a trap
                 for shooters. Use berserk and strike techs. Her attacks
                 consist of mostly interrupt techs which are really
                 annoying. She will suck your medaforce gauge and switch
                 your speed with her medabot's. She won't usually attack :)
    After the battle, you are given a choice to select any Elemental series
    you wanted. Cool! Take a look at the Elemental Series section for info.
    Now, you are ready to head for Medaropolis. Exit right.
    9.19 * Off To Medaropolis *
    Tearrin Type : Street, 
    Medabots     : Attack-Tyrano**, Air-Ptera*, Landbrachio, Spidar**,
                   Phoenix*, Megaphant*, Cordy, Komandog*, Magiclown*,
                   Kuraba, Mistyghost, Sailormate*, Starpeda, Tentaclam,
                   Rollerman, Pingen, Snowbro, Rappy, Twinkle*
    You have a choice to enter the medashop at the bottom left of this
    screen to join Medalink Robattles. That is optional though. However,
    I advice you to do so because you will Robattle with Miss Nae and she
    will ask you go back to her for a medal!!! 
    Head east across the railway to the next screen. Head right and talk to
    Erika. Walk to the pink house at the bottom left and use the intercom
    at the wall. You will be reunite with Koji. Go to his house (left of
    Karin's house) and speak to the intercom. Enter the house and go
    upstairs to speak to Koji. Exit the house. Head up and enter Rosewood
    Private School. A rude guy will push you away. Time to teach him a
    lesson. Head all the way left and up. Talk to him for a Robattle.
    Robattle #36
    Type       : STINGARAY
    Medatrainer: Hachiro
    Head HP    : 40
    Comments   : He will have two medabots defending while the leader
                 attacking. Lay a trap for shooters and attack the two
                 defending medabots. Then, take out the leader for good.
    Exit the school and talk to Erika. She will walk away and you will
    regain control of Ikki again. Exit down. Head into the southeast
    building which is Medabots Corporation. Enter the room at your right.
    Head up all the way and talk to Erika. Then walk right and down a
    little. Talk to the yellow hair girl, Kirara. Then, head two rooms
    left and walk up. Talk to the scientist in front of the science
    facility. He will give you a complete set of medaparts for you to test.
    This medaparts could be transform into a car for you to ride around
    this big town. Cool!!! Check the Vehicle section in this walkthrough
    for details.
    Now, head down and Erika will be jealous of you. Exit the building and
    try out your new vehicle. 
    You will need to do some sidequest for now.
    I. Karin's Sidequest (? medal)
    Exit left and exit down.
    Enter the tall building at the southwest building (medamall) of this
    Head upstairs.
    Head to the last rack at the right and search the RIGHT side of the
    rack. Searching at the other side will only give you lousy food.
    Take it and talk to the counter lady to pay up.
    Head downstairs and talk to the counter at your right to deliver the
    present to Karin.
    The gift would be send to her house pronto.
    II. Erika's Sidequest (CAT medal)
    Exit left and exit down.
    Enter the southwest building (medamall)
    Head upstairs.
    Search the second rack at the left. Search the left side of the rack.
    Take it and talk to the counter lady to pay up.
    Head downstairs and talk to the counter at your right to deliver the
    present to Erika.
    Put the gift at the counter.
    Attempt to exit up and you will see a Rubberobo kid coming out from the
    restaurant at your right. Head right till you see the Rubberobo kid.
    Talk to him and Robattle him.
    Robattle #37
    Type       : TURNMONKEY
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo kid
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : You won't have trouble defeating this kid. He is really
    You will find out that he is actually a kid in that Rubberobo suit.
    You will automatically wear the suit and the Select Corp. will surround
    you thinking that you are the Rubberobo kid. Prepare for another
    Robattle #38
    Type       : ATTACK-TYRANO
    Medatrainer: Select 3
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Won't be too difficult to defeat.
    More Select Corp people will come and surround you. However, a masked
    woman (she is actually Kirara) will come and save you. She will destroy
    the police medabots with ease and they will run away. The masked woman
    will then walk away and you will change back into your correct clothes.
    Exit left and then up. Head into the southwest building. Go upstairs
    and walk down and head right after you pass the first row of computers.
    Talk to Erika. Now, move yourself around the second row of computers
    and talk to Dr. Armond. Use the computer at the left of him to
    Robattle him.
    After the Robattle, Rubberobo Gang will be at mischief again. Erika
    will run out to see what happen (as usual). Looks like you will need to
    catch up with her again. Go downstairs first and talk to the Dr. Armond
    He will give you a new medal (Mermaid). Exit the building after talking
    to everyone.
    Head up to meet Sloan, Spyke and Sammantha. You know what is coming.
    The Robattles shall be listed as once only as the same strategy is
    needed to defeat them.
    Robattle #39
    Type       : TOTALIZER
    Medatrainer: Sloan
    Head HP    : 55
    Comments   : The same sets of medabots will be used in the previous
                 battle. He should be easy for you now.
    Robattle #40
    Type       : CYANDOG
    Medatranier: Spyke
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Extremely easy to defeat.
    Another fat cape guy will come in and then Robattle you.
    Robattle #41
    Type       : BANISHER
    Medatrainer: Baron
    HP         : 65
    Comments   : This guy is superbly defensive. His medabots has a
                 counter technique which could reflect all your attacks.
                 The best way to defeat him is using medaforce since he
                 doen't attack at all. So, charge your medaforce gauge and
                 let him have it.
    After the Robattle, they will walk away (as usual). Exit right and
    head back to the Rosewood Private School. Talk to Erika. A Rubberobo
    kid will suddenly run out from the school. Go to the house on the
    right of the school. Talk to the intercom and enter the house.
    After some conversation, head up and read the document on the table.
    Then, head a little down and left and search the tank medabot. The
    medabot is actually a stolen one from Medashop. Something is fishy
    here. Attempt to go back to the entrance of the house and the strange
    butler will appear again. Exit the house and enter Rosewood Private
    You will meet Erika and talk to her. She will then walk to the left.
    As for you, head right and then up all the way. Erika will distract
    the guy blocking the stairs. Head upstairs and talk to girl standing at
    the door of the classroom. Then, head to the southern part and enter
    the meeting room. Talk to the teachers here. Now, exit and you will see
    Professor Siraf. Talk to him and he will move away. Head back to where
    the girl was standing and enter the classroom. The pupils here will
    Robattle with you, but don't worry, they are same as those random
    encounters. After the Robattle, they will tell you about Awano Hachiro.
    You will realize that Hachiro was the Rubberobo kid which disappeared.
    Exit school.
    Talk to Erika. She will reenter the school again. Exit left and head
    into the northwest building which is the Select Corps HQ. Talk to the
    policeman at the counter. Then talk to the policeman at the southwest
    part of the room. Prepare to Robattle!
    Robattle #42
    Type       : ATTACK-TYRANO
    Medatrainer: Select Corps
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Just same like the usual encounters before this.
    After the Robattle, the alarm will go wild and they will move out. Exit
    the building. Backtrack to Rosewood School. Attempt to attack the
    Rubberobo henchman standing at the entrance of the school. Koji will
    come and give you a hand. The hanchman will be tricked by Koji. Follow
    Koji into the school. Head right and then up to meet up with Koji. He
    will chase after the fat Slect Corps guy while you have to take care of
    the Select 3. It is an easy Robattle.
    After the Robattle, they will let you pass. Go up the stairs above.
    Don't worry about the Rubberobo here. Just head down all the way and
    turn left. The Select Corps guys will come and talk to you. Enter the
    Teacher's Lounge above you. He will have two keys and he will only
    give you one key. Choose the key base on the sidequest you have done in
    the Medabot Island. Here will determine the whether or not you will
    receive the medal. If you took Erika's sidequest, please skip the right
    key and go take the left one.
    I. Right Key (Karin's Sidequest/? medal)
    Choose the right key (B Class).
    Head up all the way and enter the classroom in the middle.
    Head down and Robattle those Rubberobo scums surrounding Karin.
    II. Left Key (Erika's Sidequest/CAT medal)
    Say no when you Koji ask you to take the right key. You will receive
    the left key (A Class).
    Head up all the way and enter the classroom at the left end.
    Head left to see Erika trapped by Rubberobos and Robattle them.
    Depending on which key you chose, Gillgirl or Squidguts will come in
    to Robattle you.
    Robattle #43
    Type       : CIRCULIS/AVIKING
    Medatrainer: Gillgirl/Squidguts
    Head HP    : 45/35
    Comments   : Lay a shoot trap and attack. They are not hard to defeat.
                 CIRCULIS only has interrupt techs which deals small
                 amount of damage on your medabots. For AVIKING just use
                 anti air missiles and he will be down.
    She will drop Big Key and some medaparts for you. After some
    conversation with Karin, she will walk away. Exit the classroom. Walk
    right along the balcony and down all the way. Head left and use the
    key to enter the Headmaster's room on your left. Head up and Robattle
    Hachiro, the spoilt brat.
    Robattle #44
    Type       : STINGARAY
    Medatrainer: Hachiro
    Head HP    : 40
    Comments   : He is faster this time and more sleekier too. His wheels
                 give his medabots great agility so my advice is to have
                 wheel type legs. His STINGARAY is a killer to your
                 medabots. Don't use medaforce too as your medabots will be
                 destroyed before you can even charge up and unleash it.
                 Put a medabot partner on defend to protect your berserkers
                 from STINGARAY's attack. Have the leader and another
                 partner for attacking.
    Hachiro will tell you that he was tricked by the (fake) Principal.
    After the crybaby run away, head up and Ikki will hear a struggling
    voice. Go up and search the left rack and you will find the Principal
    lock inside a rack??! Now head right and search the wall between
    the flower pots. You will enter a secret room where a Rubberobo is
    trying to steal medals in that room. He will be surprised to see you
    and you will hear Erika's distress call. She is caught by some
    Rubberobo henchman. Time to Robattle the thief.
    Robattle #45
    Type       : CHIMERATOR
    Medatrainer: Seaslug
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : His medabots speed IS slow plus with a low HP. Start off
                 by setting a Grapple trap. Then, use any attack with a
                 high success rate. His medabots have attacks which
                 consisted of flow damage, bind and some wicked stats
                 changing attack.
    After the battle, you will receive a DRAGONATTACK right arm medapart.
    They will leave the scene. Search the rack again to find the Principal
    again -_-;. He got caught again. The Principal will give you
    APPEALSOUND for saving him. Exit the school entirely. Koji and Karin
    will come to tell you that Erika has been chasing Seaslug. Koji will
    walk away to seek revenge. Head right into Hachiro's house. Head
    upstairs after Koji left. Go around the room to meet back with Hachiro.
    Robattle him. Teach him a lesson he will never forget.
    Robattle #46
    Type       : STINGARAY
    Medatrainer: Hachiro
    Head HP    : 40
    Comments   : Same as the Robattle before this.
    He will drop into a hole, but you will pull the rascal up (I wish Ikki
    would just throw him down). He will apologize and walk away. Head
    downstairs and you will see some Rubberobos walking out of the house.
    Exit the mansion. You will meet Koji and Hachiro. Hachiro will become
    your friend. Then, Erika will come with an annoying look and run away.
    Walk left and talk to the Select duos. They will be taken to the HQ.
    Enter Karin's house again. Talk to her dad then Koji and Karin.
    Exit the building and head back home. Don't forget to save too.
    9.20 * Mom, I'm Home *
    Head back to Erika's house. Talk to Erika and she will be scolding
    herself for not getting the scoop. She figured out that you have been
    running aorund Robattling Rubberobos. Then, prepare for a Robattle.
    Robattle #47
    Type       : BRASS
    Medatrainer: Erika
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : The terrain type you will be battling with her is plain.
                 So change your legs before battling with her as her
                 medabots are quick on this terrain type. Her partner
                 medabot will also have a reflect technique. Use
                 medaforce on it whenever possible (if it uses the reflect
    Head into the science lab and enter the Professor Aki's room. There
    will be a conversation between the Phantom and Dr. Aki. Talk to
    Dr. Aki. Then, talk to Miss Nae. Prepare for a Robattle. She will be
    using the same devastating team as last time. If you win her, she will
    give you another Elemental Series.
    9.21 * Rubberobos Here We Come *
    Tearrin Type : Street, 
    Medabots     : Attack-Tyrano**, Air-Ptera*, Landbrachio, Spidar**,
                   Phoenix*, Megaphant*, Cordy, Komandog*, Magiclown*,
                   Kuraba, Mistyghost, Sailormate*, Starpeda, Tentaclam,
                   Rollerman, Pingen, Snowbro, Rappy, Twinkle*
    Exit right and enter the southwest house (speak to the intercom in
    front of the house first). Go upstairs and talk to Koji. He will tell
    you how to make up with Erika. Exit the house. Head back to Select HQ.
    Talk to the Select guy blocking the meeting room. He will go out for
    patrol duty. Talk to the Select in the meeting room. Then, exit the HQ.
    Exit down. Search the dog statue at your right and Ikki will realize
    the statue is out of place. A rubberobo will come. You know what is
    Robattle #48
    Type       : TURNMONKEY
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo kid
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : His TURNMONKEY is aboslutely nothing, but his partner
                 could either defend or attack with missiles. Just put all
                 your medabot to attack and you will win easily.
    The Rubberobo henchman will turn out to be a kid. Select Corp will come
    to claim the boy. Man, they got the credit for your hard work! Head
    back to the Select HQ and you will see a scene of the mother reunite
    with her son. Her son will tip you to search the dog statue. Head back
    to the dog statue and talk to the guy beside it. His girlfriend will
    come and he will move away. Now, talk to Dr. Armond for a Robattle.
    His medaparts may come in handy. He will remove the statue to reveal a
    staircase. Before you enter it, backtrack to the candy bar and Robattle
    with the waitress twice. After doing so, enter the sewage.
    9.22 * Into The Sewage System *
    Terrain Type : Saibar
    Medabots     : Soniktank, Megaphant, Antacker**, Antldier**, Rollerman,
                   Flatstick, Haniwa, Gorem
    Head down and go across the second junction to the right. Go right
    along the path and search the manholes. Robattle all of the kids hiding
    there. After that, follow the path right, up and right again. Then,
    head down. Exit right.
    Follow the pathway and attempt to go into the Rubberobos secret
    hideout. He will stop you and ask you for the password. Of course you
    wouldn't know it so Ikki will just step back. Exit left and talk to
    the guard there who will Robattle you. He will give you the password
    although the password sounds stupid.
    Exit right and talk to the guard to give him the password. Now, just
    go to the racks and search the books at the right end. Phantom Renegade
    will pop out and give you some encouragement. Now exit up. Talk to the
    Rubberobo at the upper right of this room. He will tell you about the
    latest evil invention of the Rubberobos, which is carbon-dioxide soda.
    A medabot will come in to run the test, but it does not affect
    medabots. So, the Rubberobo will go in to test it on himself. Then,
    talk to the Rubberobo at the left. He will go in and blow himself up.
    Okay, now the path to your left is open. Seacrh the box with a green
    line to receive 100 pounds!!! Then search the above box to receive
    20 pounds. Then, search the box near the boy below to receive another
    50 punds. Now, you are rich. Before that make sure you save as there
    will be a Robattle ahead. Attempt to exit the store room and the
    Rubberobo will take back 100 pounds. Now exit down and right to see a
    graduation ceremony. The Rubberobos are up to mischieve again. Time to
    stop them. So, follow them up the ladder.
    9.23 * Rubberobos Here We Come 2 *
    Tearrin Type : Street, 
    Medabots     : Attack-Tyrano**, Air-Ptera*, Landbrachio, Spidar**,
                   Phoenix*, Megaphant*, Cordy, Komandog*, Magiclown*,
                   Kuraba, Mistyghost, Sailormate*, Starpeda, Tentaclam,
                   Rollerman, Pingen, Snowbro, Rappy, Twinkle*
    Alright, your mission is to swipe out all the Rubberobo kids for good
    in Medaropolis. Hard work!!!
    Start off by heading to the southwest section of this area. You will
    find a Rubberobo kid and a Select Cop. Talk to the kid and Robattle
    him. Once he loses, he will run away. As usual, you need to chase
    after him *sigh*. Exit left and talk to Erika. She will tell you about
    the secret hideout of the Rubberobos which you already knew. Now, there
    will be a scene of the Rubberobo kid, Select Cop and Phantom Renegade.
    Follow them to the left and up. Talk to the Rubberobo kid for another
    Robattle. He will run away again once he lost the battle.
    Exit up and head to where the Select HQ is. You will see the Rubberobo
    kid. Talk to the Select Cop holding the guy and he will unpurposely
    release the Rubberobo rascal. More Select will come out. Seems there is
    trouble at the Medaropolis Square. Exit down.
    Head all the way down to the Medamall and you will see the group of
    Rubberobo kids. Squidguts had betrayed them by reporting the incident
    to the Select Corps. Now, you will have to lead them to safety with the
    help of Phantom Renegade. Prepare yourself for the Robattle ahead.
    Then, head up and talk to the boss of Select Corps. Robattle with his
    lackey. Exit up and Robattle the Select Cop blocking the way at your
    right. Exit right.
    Now, the kids will be caught by some Select guys. Well, you need to
    save them by Robattling those Select guys. Once you win, Hachiro will
    send his medabot to push the Select guy away. He was not bad after all.
    Not only that, he will generously give you a UNICORN medal!!! Hachiro
    is really Ikki's friend now ; ). It starts off with a high level.
    Attempt to enter Rosewood Private School and Phantom Renegade will
    appear into the scene. He will change the name of the school plate to
    fool the Select Cops. Mission accomplished. The kids are safe and sound
    for the time being.
    Enter the school to receive a manhole key from the ex-Rubberobo kid.
    Exit the school. Exit left and then down. Once again, you need to go
    into the sewers to get rid of the Rubberobos for good in Medaropolis.
    Face the front of the statue and wholla the stairs will be revealed.
    Enter it again.
    9.24 * Phew, This Stinks *
    Terrain Type : Saibar
    Medabots     : Soniktank, Megaphant, Antacker**, Antldier**, Rollerman,
                   Flatstick, Haniwa, Gorem
    Walk down and across the second junction. Walk along the path and
    search the last manhole to open another new set of stairways. Enter
    it. Head up and talk to everybody twice. Robattle those who wish to
    challenge you. Attempt to go out from the room and the whole
    Rubberobo gang will arrive and push you away. Take your seat and a
    Rubberobo will be angry of you for taking his seat. Just go up the
    stage and Robattle him.
    Robattle #49
    Type       : FOXUNO
    Medatrainer: Rubberobo Gang
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : He is quicker this time on this terrain. But, he can be
                 stop by setting a grapple trap first and have the others
    Talk to Seaslug and he will have you as the sub-leader of Rubberobo.
    Another Rubberobo will be ordered to challenge you. Smack his medabots
    hard. They will give you the title but found out that you ARE Ikki, not
    a Rubberobo. Seaslug will Robattle you.
    Robattle #50
    Type       : CHIMERATOR
    Medatrainer: Seaslug
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Seaslug's medabots are now faster than the previous
                 battle. again set a grapple trap and have all your medabot
    You will be captured, but a Rubberobo will come to tell that their
    hideout has been busted by Select. Search the front of the weird statue
    to reveal a hidden passage. Ikki will enter it anyway. Follow the
    passage while Robattling any ANTACKERs blocking your way. Talking to
    the children here will let you know that the ANTACKERS feed and play
    with them. Of course the kids actually serves as food for the Queen.
    Keep robattling any ANTACKERS which block your way and keep following
    the path. Then, enter the door to find out that the "Queen" is actually
    another of those Rubberobos. After Robattling the ANTACKERS for the
    last time, open all the chest for some money and a new female tinpet!!!
    Now, equip a SCORPION DOG head medapart to melt the statue. If you
    don't have it, just head back to where the kids were and buy one from
    the convenient store there. Beware that it is gonna cost you. You will
    reveal a door and a Rubberobo after melting the statue. The ANTACKERs
    will realize that they were manipulated by the Rubberobos all this
    time. Enter the door ahead twice.
    9.25 * The Ancient Ruins *
    Head up the stairs and search the hole. Dr. Armond will come to tell
    you his plans of searching the Ancient Ruins for the Fuyin Stone. He
    will have Ikki to search for it seeing that Ikki would want to know the
    secret of Medabots hidden in the Ancient Ruins. He will also have the
    Rubberobos whom he sponsored to race with you (nevermind they won't
    find anything). Exit down and right.
    Just follow the straight forward path nabbing a BLASTO on the way. Use
    it to blast the rock blocking your path. Keep following the path while
    the Rubberobos chase you. Nab the ARMA-HEAD on the way and use it to
    remove the rock ahead. Keep following the path and step on the star
    tile to be begin a Robattle with those Rubberobos.
    After the Robattle, the earth will begin to shake and you will be
    warped to the a new world.
    9.26 * Into a New World *
    Terrain Type : Seashore, Water
    Medabots     : Pingen, Kappalord, Flatstick, Fireflash, Sharkkan,
                   Kuraba, Moai, Papyrak, Ambiguous, Oceana, Redlace
    Search the door below and you will change into your best warrior
    costume.  Head around the star tile and search the medabot above. Then
    head to the star tile and the Gillgirl with some Rubberobos will be
    warped to this area too *sigh*. More trouble for Ikki. They will touch
    the medabot while Ikki tries to stop them. Again, you will be warped
    into a new place, Kodine Kingdom. Seems that you have to play the
    Great Hero for the people of Kodine Kingdom.
    Exit up and head to the middle of the room. The old man will call you
    and then walk away. Now, eat the food on the table. The scene will
    move to Gillgirl and Co. whom were thrown into the sea.
    Exit the Kodine Temple for good. Head down to be brief about the Blue
    Hawaii. Attempt to exit left and you will see a Rubberobo bribing the
    villagers for candy. Yes, they are the ones behind the Blue Hawaii.
    Robattle with his FLATSTICK. Once he lose, take the Rubberobo to the
    prison (located at the right of the temple. Lock him up and exit the
    Okay, time to get permission from the Princess. Exit right. walk to the
    right and nab the female tinpet before talking to the Princess. Prepare
    for a Robattle.
    Robattle #51
    Type       : UTOPIAN
    Medatrainer: Margarita
    Head HP    : 25
    Comments   : Be sure to equip and legs with flippers to your medabots.
                 Her chaos effect could be annoying. It will make your
                 medabots confuse and begin to attack just anyone including
                 themselves. If you have any strategy for this please tell
    After the Robattle, she will kindly give you a flower necklace with
    a GHOST medal. Ikki will tell her about the Rubberobos and here a comes
    a Rubberobo. Well, attack him of course. After he loses the Robattle
    talk to Margarita to explain about the Rubberobos. Then send him into
    the prison.
    Head back to the temple and talk to Margarita. She will explain to you
    about the Fiyun Stone and the origin of medabots. Follow her to the
    door to talk with the chancellor. Enter and take a seat opposite him.
    He will tell you that the Blue Hawaii was actually the Princess medabot
    and not Rubberobos. Looks like Ikki have mistaken all the time. Enter
    the room above only to find the princess missing. Talk to the
    Chamberlain once again. Exit down twice. Now, search the medabot to
    find Maragrita, Princess of Kodine Kingdom.
    Exit Kodine Temple and head down. Ikki will be approached by the
    Oracle. Now exit left and talk to Margarita. She will be angry that
    Ikki will be going back after he finishes his duty. Follow her when she
    runs away. At the junction, head left and follow the path. Robattle any
    Rubberobos who try to stop you. Keep following the path until you meet
    two Rubberobos surrounding Margarita. Talk to them and Robattle them.
    Backtrack to the junction and head up instead. Follow the path at the
    right once you reach an island. Robattle any Rubberobos who try to
    stop you. Keep following the path and exit up. You will see more
    Rubberobos in the next screen. You will see a Rubberobo suck into
    a fish mouth. Agree to dive in to save him.
    Ironically, the fish will turn into an island. It is just an illusion
    created by Cafe Ole, Margarita's medabot. Head up and battle with him.
    Robattle #52
    Type       : UTOPIAN
    Medatrainer: Cafe Ole
    Head HP    : 25
    Comments   : The leader medabot will have a high evade rate. It also
                 have a confuse attack. Use medaforce on it whenever
    After the battle, the medabot will take you back to the mainland.
    Exit right and enter Kodine Temple. Head to Margarita's room and talk
    to her. Ikki will tip her about Cafe Ole. Exit the temple and go one
    screen right into the Flower Garden. Head up and talk to Cafe Ole to
    convince him to see Margarita. There will be a cool picture of Ikki in
    the warrior suit and Margarita hugging her long lost medabot.
    Follow them back to the temple. Head up to talk to the Oracle. The
    Rubberobos will come in and kidnap the medabots here. However, Cafe Ole
    and crew will create an illusion to trick them. Now it is your turn to
    go home. Margarita will give you a silver locket (for a NEW vehicle,
    but you can't use it yet) and Cafe Ole's medaparts.
    There will be a cutscene of Dr. Armond trying to steal the Fiyun Stone
    in Kodine Kingdom. You will be warped back to where you belong.
    9.27 * Massive Trouble *
    Tearrin Type : Street, Saibar
    Medabots     : Attack-Tyrano**, Air-Ptera*, Landbrachio, Spidar**,
                   Phoenix*, Megaphant*, Cordy, Komandog*, Magiclown*,
                   Kuraba, Mistyghost, Sailormate*, Starpeda, Tentaclam,
                   Rollerman, Pingen, Snowbro, Rappy, Twinkle*
    Exit the sewers and talk to Erika. She will be jealous of you since
    you could enter the Rubberobo's hideout. She will complain about how
    smelly you are too. Well, go get some new clothes.
    Backtrack back to your home and talk to your mom. Head upstairs into
    your room and search the rack above your bed. Talk to your mom again
    before getting out from your house. Now, head into Erika's house and
    talk to her mom. You will find out that someone has been using your
    name to take Erika as your date. You have to get to the bottom of this.
    Exit into the city again.
    Exit right and talk to the intercom at the southeast house (Karin's
    house). You will be told that Karin was out and that she is going to
    meet you at the train station *sigh*. Now, exit down and then left.
    Talk to Koji. Something juge will fly over their heads and it appears
    to be the Flying Fortress Fuyin. Dr Armond will announce his world
    domination and the kidnapped of Karin or Erika (depending on the
    sidequest you done). Time to ask Dr. Aki for some advice. Head back to
    the science lab. Robattle any medabots trying to stop you.
    In the science lab, talk to Dr. Aki. He will tell you that you need the
    WINGS OF THE WIND to make your medabot fly. Go to Miss Nae and she will
    She will give you a full set of medaparts plus a female tinpet and a 
    EXit the science lab and Ikki will bring out his new vehicle and off
    he goes to the flying fortress.
    9.28 * Wings Of The Skies *
    Terrain Type : Wilderness, Desert
    Medabots     : No random Robattles
    Exit down and follow the path around to the bottom of the room. Don't
    forget to change your leg medapart to fit the terrain here. Robattle
    any medabot who is in your path. Talk to the last medabot you meet in
    this room. It will give you a LEMON. Exit down.
    Head into the the middle of the room and talk to the medabot. Now,
    search the oil cans in front of it to receive a new male tinpet. Exit
    right and you will be greeted by a medabot called Harvey. Talk to the
    medabots in this room if you wanted a fight. The terrain here is
    Desert. Exit right again once you are done.
    Here you would want to walk a little down and right into a room with a
    computer in it. Search the middle book rack to receive a LEMON BATTERY.
    Head up after that and speak to the medabot between the two cans of
    oil. He will tell you to speak to Harvey for oil.
    Well, you are at a loss of clues, so backtrack to Harvey and talk to
    him. Once you talk to him, an emergency signal will ring and Harvey
    will fly away after warning you about the dangers of the Fiyun grounds.
    For your information, the medabots here has lost their mind because
    they were controlled by someone or something. Talking to the medabots
    in here will engage you into a Robattle.
    Exit right. Eliminate all the medabots here. Talk to the medabot
    opposite of the computer (beside the rack where you got your lemon
    battery). Then, talk to the medabot guarding the door above and
    eliminate him as well.
    Enter the door above. Follow the straight forward path, eliminating
    insane medabots on the way. Go up the stairs (you could unlock the
    door above the stairs with your lemon battery to be back at the
    entrance of the ship. You will have a cutscene of Dr. Armond talking
    about his plans and telling about the Limiter in medabots.
    Once you gain control of Ikki, follow the path as it twists around the
    room. Robattle with any medabots blocking your way. Don't forget to nab
    the treasure box containing a HAT TRICK head medapart. Exit to the next
    In this room, head right and face Dr. Armond. You know what is coming.
    The terrain you will fight on is Desert.
    Robattle #53
    Type       : ROBO-EMPEROR
    Medatrainer: Dr. Armond
    Head HP    : 70
    Comments   : This Robattle is extremely tough if you don't have enough
                 speed. Start of destroying his grapple medabot. I won by
                 using a shooter and two grapplers to win Dr. Armond.
                 Hopefully you could win the same way too.
    Dr. Armond will call up your medabot friend, Harvey. Prepare another
    Robattle #54
    Type       : PROPOLIS
    Medatrainer: Insane Medabot
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : His CRIMSON KING is really dangerous. Their DESTROY techs
                 could eliminate your medabots in a short time. Even your
                 grapple trap doesn't affect him. Use Anti-Air missiles to
                 win against them since they consists of flying medabots.
                 Have one medabot to use SCOUT to increase your hit rate.
    Talk to either Karin or Erika. Then talk to Harvey. Follow him as he
    unlocks the Engine Room where Dr. Meta-Evil is hiding. Nab the head
    medapart SPYDERTRAP. Go down the stairs. Then exit down and right.
    Exit down another time. Go around the room and attempt to enter the
    through the door.
    Koji will come and talk to you before entering the room. Follow him.
    Go up to the Fiyun Stone and there will be a thud sound. Go up to find
    Dr. Armond and Robattle him. The fight is the same as the previous one.
    After the fight Fiyun will lose control and Koji will give you a choice
    of rebalancing the ship or chase after Dr. Armond.
    #1 Go After The Doctor
    Exit up, left, and up again to the Landing Room.
    Search the door in the middle and it will open up revealing an
    airplane. Ikki will run after it and there will be a Robattle against
    Dr. Armond again.
    Dr. Armond will try to escape so catch him up. Ikki will trick the
    medabots to catch Dr. Armond. You will receive a Penguin medal.
    Head back to the Control Room (where Erika or Karin was tied up)
    Talk to Koji and take the empty control seat. The equilibrium will be
    rebalanced but it is losing altitude.
    #2 Rebalance The Equilibrium
    Go back to the Control Room (where Erika or Karin was tied up)
    Talk to the pilot medabot to rceive an ALIEN medal.
    Then head down to talk to Erika and Karin who will help you to
    rebalance the ship.
    Exit left and down the stairs. Exit up. Talk to Koji and another
    medabot will come to help you with the controls.
    Backtrack to the Control Room and take the empty control seat. The ship
    will be near to crashing.
    Now exit left and down the stairs again. Exit down and right. Talk to
    the middle medabot, Harvey. They will lend you a hand. Then, attempt to
    exit right and the Select Trios will come to give you some trouble. You
    will receive a POLAROID if you win.
    At last the passengers Fiyun will be saved. Exit this flying fortress
    for good. You are done here already.
    9.29 * Home Sweet Home *
    You will exit the ship completely and enter the woods. Head to the
    middle of the woods to see Dr. Armond getting caught by the Select
    force. Just head up to be reunite with Koji, Karin and Erika again.
    Then, you will automatically exit up. Head back home and talk to your
    mom. Head upstairs and go to your bed to have a good night sleep. Watch
    TV when you wake up. There will be a news flash about Dr. Meta-Evil
    escaping from jail to Medabot's Island. Head downstirs and you will
    receive an invitation from Shrimplips. Once you exit your house,
    Erika's mother will tell you that Erika has run off again for some
    Attempt to exit left and a scientist will come and tell you that Dr.
    Aki wanted to see you. Head into the science lab and attempt to enter
    Dr. Aki's room. You will overheard a conversation of Aki, Phantom Lady
    and Phantom Renegade. Talk to Dr. Aki. Talk to Miss Nae for another
    Elemental Series. Take a medal too. Exit the building and head into
    the medashop. Talk to Henry and he will give you a medapart TRANSLATE.
    Exit right and down. Enter the Medabot's Corporation. Enter the left
    room. Then,  walk up and talk to the scientist there to receive a
    full set of SCOPE medaparts and a periscope. Finally, a vehicle which
    could swim.
    Backtrack to Riverview City (where Ikki live).
    Exit left and head to the ship dock. The Selects will come after you.
    Robattle them. One of them will quickly swim to the sea. More Selects
    will come after you. So, just Robattle them to the end and Mr. Tokkuri
    will come to help you. You will hand him the Polaroid to explain things
    Use your vehicle on the sea and swim left and up the port of Medabot's
    Island. Exit up twice.
    9.30 * Grand Finale For Dr Meta-Evil *
    Terrain Type : Valley
    You will meet more Select troops. Prepare for a Robattle. After that,
    the Phantom will help you hold up the Select troops. Ikki will enter
    the Witch's Castle.
    Exit through the northeast door and talk to the stuffed animal. You will
    have a Medaroad Race with it. If you don't want to race with it, use
    PERISCOPE to tranform your medabot and swim across the small pond to
    the stairs. Head down the stairs. Talk to Hachiro and Milky the witch
    will appear. Time for a Robattle. The Robattle field is Valley.
    Robattle #55
    Type       : SUNWITCH
    Medatrainer: Milky
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Wouldn't be a problem now.
    Milky will see the error of her ways. Exit the prison. Talk to Rappy
    and it will cause the Select troop to chase it. Exit through the upper
    left opening. Talk to the Dark Master for another battle.
    Robattle #56
    Type       : FLIGAFLAG
    Medatrainer: Dark Master
    Head HP    : 50
    Comments   : This guy's medabot still have a really high evasion. Use
                 medaforce whenever possible. His CRIMSON KING are
                 powerful too.
    Terrain Type: Desert
    Medabots    : Gentleheart**, Aviking**, Phoenix*, Paradiver, Dragonfly,
                 Noctobat, Haniwa, Gorem
    Head down the stairs and you will change into your Rubberobo suit.
    Hug along the right wall and enter the room at the right. Open the
    chest for a SLIPPER. Now head left and up. Take a seat at the upper
    right. Then, you will Robattle with Gillgirl.
    Robattle #57
    Type       : CIRCULIS
    Medatrainer: Gillgirl
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Don't worry about this Robattle. You are sure to win as
                 her medabots aren't great on dessert terrain. Her slow
                 speed shall kill her.
    Once they know who you are, they will attempt to run. Time to chase
    after them. Head left and down all the way.  Head right and talk to
    the Phantom Lady. Follow the path right again and up. Head down the
    stairs. Before you enter down the stairs I would advice you to have
    your top fighting medals trained up to level 60 to unlock a new
    Terrain Type : Woods
    Medabots     : Haniwa, Foxuno, Gorem, Krosserdog*, Agadama*, Rabudo,
                   Sailormate*, Hapstar, Greatmotha**, Gentleheart**,
    Head down and talk to Sammantha. Then to the medabot. Robattle it.
    After the Robattle follow Sammantha and talk to her. Spyke will give
    you a WALKIE TALKIE. Head into the room at your left to solve a puzzle.
    Basically, it is just a mathematics challenge.
    Here's a simple map of it:
             A B C D
    E   F   G H   I
      X   X
    To solve it just search D, H, A, B, I, and C.
    Then Search G. Answer No and then Yes.
    Search F. Answer No, No and Yes.
    Search E. Answer No. You will get the password which is 2,4,6,8
    Now, talk to Sammantha and the door shall be unlock. Follow the Screws
    Gang to meet with the Rubberobos. Robattle them.
    Robattle #58
    Type       : AVIKING
    Medatrainer: Squidguts
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : His death slashing techs could deal some heavy damage
                 over medabots. But, don't worry as his medabots techs
                 could also damage his own medabots.
    This time they will run away and lock the door so that you couldn't
    pass. Now, search the door. Spyke will tell you that he couldn't open
    it. He adds that there is a ventilation pipe around this room. Search
    the book shelf on the left. You will head into a air vent. Head all the
    way around to exit it into the Rubberobos dorm. Talk to all the
    sleeping Rubberobos for a Robattle. Search the door to open it. Then,
    head up and fight with Squidguts another time.
    Robattle #59
    Type       : AVIKING
    Medatrainer: Squidguts
    Head HP    : 35
    Comments   : Though slow in speed but his medabots still could deal
                 a lot of damage just like the Robattle before.
    You will receive a KEYWORD 2. The cowards will run away. Take the
    letter on the table for KEYWORD 1. Then, follow Sammantha and search
    the door. You input the 2 KEYWORDs you have. Alright two more of it
    to go. Search the door at the right to open it. Then head right and up
    the stairs. Prepare for a Robattle with Gillgirl in disguise.
    Terrain Type : Desert
    Robattle #60
    Type       : CURCULIS
    Medatrainer: Gillgirl
    Head HP    : Around 200
    Comments   : Her medabot will be SLOW on this terrain. So make sure
                 you change your leg type and she wouldn't stand a
    Take the KEYWORD 3 on the table and exit downstairs. Head left and
    input the third key. A medabot will come out and stop you. Robattle it.
    It will drop another key. Insert the last key and another medabot will
    come out. At last the door will open. Head down the stairs.
    Terrain Type : Water
    You will come into another puzzle. To get out of this puzzle, press
    up, right, down, left, down, left and use SLIPPER (head) to hack the
    door. Then press left and right to exit the room of puzzles. Then,
    use PLATE BEAM (head) to hack the next door. If you don't have the
    PLATE BEAM just walk around for random Robattle encounters. You will
    sure to get one. Head down for another puzzle.
    To get to Seaslug, from the door press down, down, down, up, down, and
    talk to Seaslug. Robattle his henchman.
    Then walk up, left, up, up, up, up, left, left, and talk to Seaslug.
    Another Robattle is ahead.
    Now, go left, down, down, right, right, up and open the chest for some
    moeny. Then, go left, up, left, left, left, right, down, down (to face
    Seaslug). Talk to him. Another Robattle is coming.
    Go down, up, right, down, down, down, left, down, up, left, down,
    right and up. Talk to Seaslug again. Koji will come and give you a
    hand. He will destroy the door so go through it by pressing right, up
    and the down. Head up for another Robattle. Keep Robattling till Koji
    comes in to help you to distract all of the Rubberobos. Then you will
    Robattle with Shrimlips..
    Robattle #61
    Type       : GENTLEHEART
    Medatrainer: Shrimplips
    Head HP    : 30
    Comments   : Speed aren't his medabots advantage. Use any leg medapart
                 with flippers and he will lose.
    Open all the chests to receive money, a male tinpet and a medapart.
    Head down to meet with Seaslug. The Phantom will come and give him
    a push into the soda water. Then a Robattle will begin.
    Robattle #62
    Type       : CHIMERATOR
    Medatrainer: Seaslug
    Head HP    : 45
    Comments   : Not too great in agility so any legs with flippers and you
                 will be fine. Careful of his attacks as they could do FLOW
    You will receive some medaparts and a SWITCH. Transform your medabot to
    swim in the soda water below. Swim around to pick up rusted parts, a
    NINJA medal and Erika's medal. Head back up and talk to Erika. Then
    head up till you hit the box. Walk to the right till you hit the
    wall. Face up and press A. You will open switch on the conveyor belts.
    Head up to the uppest chain escalator and walk into it.
    Terrain Type : Saibar
    You will be in a labotary. Talk to the scientist opposite the machine
    with a tube. He will give you medapart SINGER. Head down and talk to
    the Phantom Lady. The Phantom Renegade will come into the scene and
    trigger more conversation. There will be an earthquake and Dr Meta-Evil
    runs to tend his secret-most-powerfull medabot. Phantom Renegade will
    follow along to stop him.
    Before you move any way equip your medabots with with the best
    medaparts you have and SAVE your game. This will probably be the
    hardest fight ever in this game. Have a defender or healer in your
    team. You are gonna need one.
    After that, head up and you will see Robo-Emperor emerged. Luckily,
    Phantom Renegade shall take care of them. But the modified version of
    Robo-Emperor will blast the Phantom away, revealing his secret identity
    and Kirara's too. Henry will tell Ikki that if the Limiter is removed,
    the medabots will go insane. Then, you will see Robo-Emperor blasting
    Dr Meta-Evil.
    It will corner you and replicate. Looks like you have to Robattle
    your way out and it is not going to be easy.
    Robattle Finale 1
    Type       : MEGA-EMPEROR
    Medatrainer: Mega-Emperor
    HP         : 70
    Comments   : They start with full medaforce tank ready to blast you
                 anytime. Their medaforce also are a real pain in the
                 ass. You wouldn't have time to charge for medaforce so
                 keep attacking and have a medabot to defend.
    Strategy   : 1 - Equipped all your medabots with high evasion legs.
                     Have a medabot as a healer and FORCE BIND tech. Have
                     another medabot equipped with BOMB medaparts.
                   - Quickly use FORCE BIND to bind their medaforce and
                     attack insanely. Heal whenever you need to.
                 2 - Have a medabot with DEFEND/COUNTER medaparts. Put a
                     healer and an offensive attacker in your team.
                   - Place a medabot to counter any attacks. Then, have
                     the others completing the work.
                 3 - This strategy is submitted by DustinD1791@aol.com
                  "- Have two male tinpets and a female tinpet
                   - Equipped Stoneclusters on the male tinpets and the
                     right arm of that medabot that stops missiles from
                     effecting, the left arm of the medabot that stops
                     laser and beam attacks from effecting. Put flying
                     legs on the medabots.
                   - For the female tinpet, equipped Hat Trick and any
                     other medaparts which are fast for the hands and legs.
                   - The key in winning this battle is to set up a trap
                     while the other two male medabots attack using
                     medaforce. Damage of Robo-Emperor will be minimum as
                     you could block them with your male tinpets."
    The battle is not over yet. It will Robattle you another time.
    Robattle Finale 2
    Type       : MEGA EMPEROR
    Medatrainer: Mega-Emperor
    HP         : 70
    Comments   : Just use the same strategy as before. However, they will
                 be more detructive than before.
    Dr Meta-Evil will be disappointed of his failed experiments. Head up
    and talk to Kirara or Phantom Lady. She will ask you to run as Dr
    Armond has release the self destruct mechanism.
    Head up and search the tubes for another lunatic Robattle. Please SAVE
    before this because this IS the hardest Robattle in the game.
    **Special Note: You could fight with BABBYBLU later too if you feel
                    that you are not ready. Just skip this part and
                    continue on with the walkthrough. Once the credits
                    roll over, head back to the science lab to have a
                    match with BABBYBLU. **End of Note
    Robattle Finale 3
    Type       : BABBYBLU
    Medatrainer: Babbyblu
    HP         : 60
    Comments   : This battle will be almost the same as the battle
                 before. So use the same strategy as before. Note that
                 their medaforce could suck your HP and regenerate their
                 HP. Use medaforce if your medaparts are destroyed. Don't
                 forget to put a healer in your team. Basically, BABBYBLU
                 does not attack much but MEGA-EMPEROR, his partner will
                 not show you any mercy. Please look at the team building
                 section to build a better team if you do not have one.
    You will receive a full set of his medaparts once you win. Now, exit
    left using the lowest escalator. Backtrack to Sammantha and talk to her
    to tell her that this place is going to blow up. Head up the stairs
    above. Go around this room and talk to the Select troops. You will
    exit from the Rubberobos hideout. Exit the castle completely.
    You will have a cutscene of firecrackers blowing up instead of REAL
    bombs. After some conversation with Erika, Karin and Dr. Aki, attempt
    to exit down and you will see the credits roll. There is a cool music
    and flashy medal moving around too.
    Of course there is an after ending quest which is covered in the next
    section of the walkthrough.
    These sidequests could only be access after you finish the game or
    defeat ROBO-EMPEROR. These sidequests are completely optional and does
    not affect the game by any means. They are only for collecting medals
    and completing what is missing.
    Ninja Theme Park
    This is totally a sidequest. It doesn't affect the storyline in any
    means. The entrance is at the place where you find a hidden ninja who
    stops you and give you a medal (Head into Mt Odoro and take the lowest
    left bridge where there are a lot of monks. Walk till the end and step
    into the closing gap). There are a few cool medaparts in Ninja Theme
    Park. There is also an old man who has Metabee or Rokusho (depending
    on your game version) who will Robattle you. Of course this means that
    you could receive his medaparts.
    Partsun Rally
    There will be a Partsun Rally Race after you finish the game. The goal
    is to search for 12 different medaparts in order to win the race. To
    join it you would have to talk to Dr. Aki in the Science Lab and fly or
    go to the Medamall. Go to the most top floor of the Medashop in
    Medaropolis. You will meet Miss Nae and she will give you the Partsun
    Rally Race badge. Here are the list of the locations of medaparts.
    1.  Search on the podium where Mr. Referee announced the competition.
    2.  At Rosewood School you have to search for Karin. You need to fight
        several people including Koji.
    3.  In the Kodine Kingdom you need to find one of the medabots (Cafe
        Ole) that the. It is on the same island as before. You need to
        fight Hachiro too.
    4.  In the Rubberrobo's sewer hideout, you need to fight several Select
        Corps. Then fight the Screws in the underground part. You must win
        5 robattles in a row. Then try and leave and Koji will fight you.
    5.  In the medabot island hideout follow the scientist to the acid
        bath, then search inside.
    6.  Go to the surprise site on medabot island, then win 2 races.
    7.  Go to the abandoned factory to eavesdrop on the Screws. Go back to
        your room your mum will ask to watch a shopping channel on it. They
        will advertise Mega Emporer's legs. Then go to the Medamall, fight
        your way to it and buy it. Then, beat the Baron when you leave.
    8.  Visit the old lady in the mountains. She wants you to send a
        message to her grandaughter working at the Medabots Corp. After
        delivering a couple of mesages, take the medapart from her flying
    9.  Go to Ninja Theme Park and finish the 3 rooms (opening all the
        chest and drawers to find the Rubberobo and ninjas to unlock the
        doors in the large house. Note that some treasure boxes can only
        be open after defeating a Rubberobo hiding in a chest. All chests
        should can be open. Once you finish the Ninja house exit and talk
        to Koji. Robattle with him to receive the next medapart.
    10. Enter the Flying Fortress Fuyin and head into the center of the oil
        making factory. Fight with the medabot and he will trade you a
    11. You have go to your school at the second floor, there should be 2
        girls standing beside a classroom door. Go in and fight, then go to
        the office. Talk to the guy on the left (forgot, if not, talk to
        both). He should run away, then go to the boy's washroom for a
    12. Go back to Medashop. The Screws will come as you enter the Medashop.
        Fight with Baron to receive the final medapart. Note that you might
        not get the medapart this way. If you couldn't, skip this part and
        continue to the next one.
    12. Take Salty for a walk. Salty will lead you to the museum. There
        you will find a medapart without a fight. Note that this way does
        not always work for all people. This way only serves as an
        alternative way to receive the ROBO-EMPEROR medapart.
    Enter the Medashop and head all the way to the highest floor. You will
    return all the collected medaparts to Miss Nae and a Robattle will
    begin. The Robattle consists of the medaparts you collected. You will
    receive all the medaparts back and will a ! medal. This medal has all
    three medaforce mastered. Sweet!
    Time to finish up the rest if the sidequest and receive the final
    I. Karin's Sidequest
    Go back to Ikki's house and bedroom. Talk to Koji. Then, go to Karin's
    house and talk to her. Some Rubberobos will steal her medal. Seek the
    Rubberobo and take the medal back from him. Return the medal to Karin
    and she will give it to Ikki.
    II. Erika's Sidequest
    Once you win the Partsun Rally, go back to your house and go up into
    your bedroom. Talk to Erika.
    Then, go to the dock and talk to Erika again. You will receive a CAT
    This is an amazingly expensive item. You could sell it for 100 pounds!
    However, there aren't any use for this item though. To get it, go to
    Medabot's Island and search the middle of the fountain. A man will come
    and ask you something. Answer yes, and he will Robattle you. Defeat
    him and there will be a funny scene. Then, you will receive a SPEDABOT.
    Answering no will let you have an AUTOGRAPH which could be sold for
    100 pounds without any battle. Thanks to Thomas Bryan for this info.
    Collector's Items
    The collector's items are mainly just for fun collection. They don't
    play an important role in the game. Anybody who have the full location
    of the Collector's items, please e-mail me.
    Blue Capsule - In Kiara's apartment (Medaropolis)
    Gold Line    - Go to the west of the kodine kingdom to the box bridge 
                   pathway and find one of Cafe Ole's look alikes and talk
                   with them robattle (Kodine Kingdom)
    Flower       - Talk to Margurite (Kodine Kingdom)
    Costume Six  - Go to the diner in Medaropilis located south east of
                   Select Corps Headquarters. Talk to  the waitresses one
                   of them will robattle with you and then give you a new
    Devil or Angel Medal
    Return the Fiyun Stone in the Flying Fortress back to its original
    place in Kodine Kingdom. You will receive a Devil medal (Metabee) or
    Angel medal (Angel). Thanks to Thomas Bryan for this info.
    Botro Medal
    To receive Botro medal which is the last medal in the game, you will
    need to own all 29 medals from both Metabee and Rokusho version. You
    will need to trade medals to do so. Once you have all 29, go to Dr. Aki
    and talk to him. He will give you the Botro medal. This will complete
    your medal collection. Thanks to Thomas Bryan for this info.
    Hidden Medapart
    As I haven't tested myself yet I shall copy and paste directly what
    Thomas Bryan said.
    "The first regards that rubberrobo that you see when you get to that
    air shaft as you get closer to the fight with the Mega-Emperor (when
    you start going below the medabot Island area). I found that by
    following the wall as you go through the air shaft (comes up just after
    the corner you can find a secret passage leading to the stray
    rubberrobo. When you get to him, tlak to him and fight him and when
    you win, you get the leg part block tread (I think is what it's
    Bar Fight
    Remember the candy bar at Medaropolis. Go there again and Robattle the
    waitress one last time. After this she will never Robattle again.
    You could transform your medabot into different transport unit. All
    you need is the key item for it and the full medapart of it. Although
    the medaparts are sold by scientists in the science lab, but it is
    better to get them for free by finishing certain quest. Here is the list
    of them with the specialty it has after transforming its medaparts.
    Earthkrona - Specialty : Protect allies. Its attacks consist of traps.
    (Tank)                   A good choice to take.
    Saldron    - Specialty : Attack enemies "bravely". Powerfull attacks!!!
    Windsail   - Specialty : Lower abilites. It has annoying interrupt
    (Air)                    techs. Quite lousy anyway.
    Aquacrown  - Specialty : Help out allies. You can't receive this until
    (Sea)                    later in the game.
    Here is list of the tinpets' locations and their gender. Remember to
    collect all of them as they are important in your quest.
    1. You can't go wrong with this since you will receive Rokusho or
       Metabee early in the game.
    2. Received from Dad after solving the Mystery of the Girl Tickler
    3. Received from the Grandma in Mt. Odoro.
    4. Received in Medabots Island in the Witch's Castle from Karin.
    5. In Underground, below Rubberobos hideout. It is inside a chest.
    6. At Kodine Kingdom's forbidden garden. Also inside a chest.
    7. After Erika or Karin is kidnapped, Miss Nae will give you a tinpet.
    8. In Fuyin Flying Fortress, hidden in the oil cans.
    9. In Medabot's Island at the Rubberobo's Hideout. It is inside the
       chest in the room you fought with Shrimplips.
    13. VEHICLE
    In the GBA version you have full access to your vehicles in your
    vehicle menu. However, Medarot 2 players have to access their Key
    menu to use them. Note that you will need to equip your medabot with
    the full vehicle medapart to be able to transform into a car, ship,
    etc. Any medals will do with the vehicle medapart.
    MINI  - To transform into a car, equip one of your tinpets (male)
    S.      with BODSHOT (head), ANTI-MISSILE (right), LONG CANNON (left)
    WHEEL   and PLASMA DASH (legs). These medaparts could be get when you
            visit Medaropolis the first time. Use vehicle item MINI S.
            WHEEL to transform your medabot into a car.
    WINGS - To transform into a bird, equip your tinpet (female) with
    OF      COCKPIT (head), STABILZER (right), WING (left), and JET ENGINE
    WIND    (legs). Use Wings of Wind to transform it into a flying
    PERISCOPE - To transform into a water transport, equip your tinpet with
                SCOPE HEAD, SCOPE ARM, SCOPE HAND, and SCOPE LEGS. Then use
                Periscope to transform its parts into a vehicle.
    SILVER - This is a rocket which could bring you to the famous star tile
    LOCKET   in Kodine Kingdom. You don't need any medaparts to use this.
             Note that it could only be use after you finish the game.
    If you found any mistakes in this walkthrough or there is something
    you wanted to add such as cheats, secrets or battle strategy just
    e-mail me or post messages at GameFAQs message board.
    My e-mail is <sichiro_X@yahoo.com>
    Post your messages at GameFAQs Medabots message board
    Please do not e-mail me any other things beside about the game. I will
    not reply to any other e-mails. Do not send me any attachments or your
    e-mail might be filtered into the trash. No chain mails please.
    15. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Imagineer for making this game
    Natsume for translating the game- <www.natsume.com>
    Nintendo for making it into a gameboy advance game- <www.nintendo.com>
    Gamefaqs for hosting a great amount of walkthroughs- <www.gamefaqs.com>
    Medarot (Japan) for making a great medarot website- <www.medarot.co.jp>
    Medarot Guide Webring for infos- <www3.to/medarot>
    "Thomas Bryan" <soniciniceage@yahoo.com> for giving me countless
    strategies on bosses. He has been a great help in giving comments and
    pointing my errors. He also has been tipping me all the locations of my
    missing medals. Most of the After Ending Section is done with his help.
    He had been searching for a lot of secrets in the game of Medabots
    which is now typed in the After Ending Section. Thomas, if you are ever
    reading this, thanks for the great help. This walkthrough won't be
    better without your help.
    Stuart Mitchell (su'Ratt) of Medabots Workshop for kindly offering me
    to use his medaparts listing in my walkthrough. A million thanks to this
    person. He has worked hard to compile a superb full medapart listing.
    He has also made a super-cool website on medabots so help him by
    visiting his site.
    xagor2 and "HFH" <hfhreimar@yahoo.com> for giving me a fantastic help
    in my After Ending Section.
    "Megaman X" <cool_blue_pang2@hotmail.com> for telling me the errors in
    my After Ending Section.
    "Vasilis Bouzoukos" <vbouzoukos@hotmail.com> and Jade for helping me
    a lot and correcting me in the Karin and Erika sidequest section.
    Vasilis Bouzoukos also wrote a very informative walkthrough of Medabots
    on his own. So please check it out.
    "Taylor Renchard" <inspector_enigma@yahoo.com.au> for few of the
    collectors' items location.
    <DustinD1791@aol.com> for strategies on how to defeat Mega-Emperor.
    "wesley brouwer" <wesleybrouwer@hotmail.com> for tipping me that one of
    the Medaroad Race which could be avoided
    "Lo's Family" <kclo10@freemail.absa.co.za> for tipping me on the after
    ending quest
    People in GameFAQs Medabots/Medarot 2 message board for info, tips and
    constructive comments
    The many, many people whom submitted their strategies and team
    My brother for helping
    Me for typing
    You for reading it
    Anyone else I forget
    Medarot or Medabots, Nintendo, Natsume and Gameboy are registered
    trademarks of their respective companies. I am no where affliated or
    associated with them.

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