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    FAQ/Move List by Dragon Angel X2

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                           /---     DIGIMON    ---\
                      /----     /-------------\    ----\
                /                                             \
                /                                             \
                /                                             \
                /-----|________ \--------------/________|-----\
                      \____     \_____________/    ____/
                           \___  Battle Spirit 2 _/
              FAQ/Movelist: Digimon Battle Spirit 2
    GameFaqs Username: Dragon Angel X2
    Version: 2.0
    Table of contents
    -1. Introduction
    0. Version History
    1. Levels
      a. Leafmon's Village
      b. Windy Village
      c. Tundra Park
      d. Light Palace
      e. Pyro Town
      f. Dark Station
      g. Kerpymon's Crib
    2. Characters
      a. Takuya
      b. Koji
      c. Zoey
      d. Tommy
      e. J.P
    3. Options
    4. Unlockables
    5. Story
    6. Digimon Battles
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    8. Digimon Shoot
    9. Digivolution
    10. Legal Stuff
    11. Closing Info
    12. Special Thanks
    Hello my account name is Dragon Angel X2. I made this FAQ back
    in February 2004. I was like 15 at the time so I am sure I made
    a lot of typo's and such so I am going to go through this FAQ
    to correct everything. I'm also going to do that with my other
    one as well. I haven't played this game in ages but it was
    a pretty good game when I did. Hope this helps.
    0. Version History
    Sunday, February 9, 2004 - 
    Well right now its version 1 because I haven't updated it yet. I will 
    hopefully be able to update it next Friday or Saturday.
    Saturday, May 2nd 2009 - 
    A little over 5 years since I made this. I am just going to fix the typos
    that I made and try and make it more readable.
    a. Leafmon's village
    Enemy Character - Beetlemon
    Enemy Digimon - Leafmon
    b. Windy Village
    Enemy Character - kazemon
    Enemy Digimon - mushroomon
    c. Tundra Park
    Enemy Character - Kumamon
    Enemy Digimon - Candlemon
    d. Light Palace
    Enemy Character - Lobomon
    Enemy Digimon - Goblimon
    e. Pyro Town
    Enemy Character - Agunimon
    Enemy Digimon - Shadowtoyagumon
    f. Dark Station
    Enemy Character - Lowemon
    Enemy Digimon - Demidevimon
    g. Kerpymon's Crib
    Enemy - Kerpymon (Cherubimon)
    2. Characters
    a. Takuya
    Agunimon - 
    Type - Fire
    Up + B = Pyro tornado (direction up)
    Jump + up + B = Pyro tornado (direction side ways)
    Jump + B = Aguni kick
    Speed + B = Pyro master
    Down + B = Pyro darts
    B = Punch
    b. Koji
    Lobomon -
    Type - Light
    Up + B = Howling laser
    Jump + up + B = Howling laser
    Down + B = Light twist tornado
    Jump + B = Lobo kendel
    Speed + B = Hunter glazer
    B = Lobo kendel
    B times 3 = Triple Lobo kendel
    c. Zoey
    Type - Wind
    Up + B = Hurricane wind
    Jump + up + B = Hurricane wind
    Down + B = Hurricane twister
    Speed + B = Kaza confusion
    B = Kaza kick
    A + A = Double jump
    d. Tommy
    Type - Ice
    Up + B = Frozen tundra
    Jump + Up + B = Crystal breathe
    Down + B = Frozen crystal
    Speed + B = Frozen mach punch
    B = Frozen mach punch
    e. J.P
    Type - Electric
    Up + B = Thunder fist
    Jump + Up + B = Thunder fist
    Down + B = Electric charge
    Speed + B = Beetle punch
    B = Beetle punch
    3. Options
    1P Battle: Battle against the 7 Digimon and win Unlockables and ranks.
    2P Battle: Battle against a friend using a Game Boy Advance Link Cable.
      A1. Time: Change the time to make the battles longer or shorter.
      B1. Level: Make it easier or harder.
      C1. Sound Test: Tweak the sound a bit.
      D1. Language: Change the language to make it easier for you to read.
      E1. Erase Data: Erases your data so you can start from the beginning .
    *WARNING* only use if you want to lose everything you've earned
      F1. Return. Returns to previes menu.
    Collection: Shows your Tamer Tags and you can play Digimon Shoot.
    4. Unlockables
    Lowemon: Obtain him when you beat the game with any two characters. The 
    human form of him is Koji's brother, Koichi. He has a ball of chaos 
    that comes out of his chest that he uses to destroy his enemy. He also 
    has a sword like Lobomon's. He's a dark type Digimon that is very 
    ExLobomon: The same as Lobomon, only when he digivolves he turns into 
    Beowulfmon. His attacks are super fast. He has a sword that can summon 
    a wolf that does light attacks to trap people in and destroy them. In 
    order to obtain this Digimon you must beat the game with all six 
    characters and have Lobomon, Beetlemon or Lowemon get over 800 points
    ExAgunimon: I don't have this Digimon yet so I don't have any info 
    about it. In order to get him though, you must beat the game with all 6 
    characters, and have Agunimon, Kumamon, or Kazemon get over 800 points.
    5. Story
    Several children get a message on their cell phones saying if they 
    would like their lives to change. Some say yes and some say no. Five Children 
    that say 'Yes' get chosen to go to the Digital World. They turn into 
    Digimon using their spirits. Can they beat the evil Kerpymon and save 
    not only the Digital World, but our world as well?
    6. Digimon Battles
    You first start out choosing your character. You can choose Agunimon, 
    Lobomon, Kazemon, Kumamon, or Beetlemon (or Lowemon if you have him). 
    After you've chosen what character you want you go into battle mode, 
    where you start your fight with the other Digimon.
    First match: The first match either starts with Beetlemon or Kazemon.
    Let's say I start with Beetlemon. Beetlemon is your basic electric 
    Digimon that has mighty attacks that can cause death instantly. He's 
    not to be taken lightly. He likes to use his Thunder Fist attack a lot 
    so be careful. Be sure to get lots of D-Spirits to. Beetlemon is an 
    excellent Digimon that can easily beat the whole game. He's kind of 
    slow, that is his weakness. Go behind him and then attack him. 
    It's fun doing, what I call, the Loop-de-loop. Jump over him with any 
    Digimon. He'll turn around and face you. Jump over him and attack, 
    he's slow so it should work. Definitely hit him from high angles. 
    The longer you charge, the better. Charging is amount of attack power 
    in one hit. You should always run when he slide evolves. He can hit you 
    from far distances with homing attacks, meaning they won't miss. Always 
    try and hit him from behind. There are a lot of platforms in this game 
    so that is good. Attack the Leafmon and take their points as well. 
    This match is pretty easy to beat. Jump over Beetlemon's head because 
    he's so clumsy and slow you'll be able to attack him really easily. 
    Keep doing this until you get a lot of D-Spirits. 
    Level of Difficulty
    Second match: If you didn't get Kazemon in the first match then you'll 
    get her in the second one. She has swift attacks that can sweep you off 
    your feet. She likes to use her legs to do her dirty work. Her 
    Hurricane Wind attack is an attack you better be sure to dodge. It is 
    hard to dodge because it goes fast and usually she uses it after she 
    kicks you, and you can't escape. She likes to fly around and do sneak 
    attacks. She also likes to get real close to you so be careful. Be sure 
    to run from her Digivolved form Zephyrmon. She can easily slide evolve 
    and take your D-Spirits. She loves jumping on the top platform and lure 
    you up there to be attacked and you'll fall and she'll take your D-
    spirits because they're all up there with her and you're on the bottom.
    Be careful of that! 
    Just shoot from long distances because she likes to 
    kick. I always try and stay on the bottom, towards the middle; this 
    ensures that she won't do any sneak attacks. She loves to jump around 
    and do her little kicking attack. Also, being towards the middle means 
    that she can't do her High Jump kick. She does do this a lot so be 
    careful. If you're going for a lot of D-Spirits, then stay towards the 
    sides and not the top. Only go towards the top if you're hiding because 
    when she tries to go up there, she usually falls. If she does try to go 
    up there, then it's a good time to hit her because she is clumsy, all 
    of them are.
    Level of Difficulty
    Third match: Now you're against the ice Digimon, Kumamon. He has a gun 
    that shoots ice blocks at you. He's stage is also hard because you can 
    slip and run into the Candlemon. This battle is fairly easy because 
    Kumamon slips to and that's where you attack. Be careful if Kumamon 
    Digivolves though. This guy will shoot axes at you, which hurts. Watch 
    out for his axe attack. They go pretty far. If you're running and you 
    see a Candlemon, be sure to jump onto the platform. The easiest way to 
    get past this level is to get on the second platform. Kumamon doesn't 
    really go up there. From there you can easily attack and defeat him. 
    The slipping in sliding you must work to your advantage. Let's say you 
    are not really good in this level and you want to get better. 
    Then follow these instructions. Wait for the moment when Kumamon is about 
    five feet in front of you. Run a little to get some speed and attack, he'll 
    then go flying and lose some D-Spirits. After you hit him just jump up 
    so you won't slide. When you jump it makes it so you can't slide. Also 
    there are a lot of Candlemon, like I said before, so be sure not to 
    jump on them. They will slide at times to so be careful. You don't 
    rally have to pay attention to the Candlemon, just Kumamon. Also be 
    careful of his Ice gun. He can shoot long distances. For safe keepings, 
    just keep jumping and dodge all attacks, and then do a nice aerial 
    attack. Also, he will freeze you sometimes, and that you can't avoid, 
    he'll hit you, so don't get to close
    Level of Difficulty
    Fourth match: The next Digimon is Lobomon. His stage makes it hard to 
    use special attacks. Lobomon will use his sword to quickly attack you. 
    He'll sometimes use his gun to attack, but that's easy to dodge. Be 
    careful of the Goblimon though, they're hard to see. I suggest going on 
    the top platform and defeat those Goblimon. Then when you can, jump 
    down and look for Lobomon, chances are that he's on the ground. Shoot 
    him from far away because he'll use his sword. He loves staying at the 
    edges of places so he can spy on you. It's hard to see him in this 
    level though. When you're not looking he'll shoot you far away with his 
    When you get to close he'll use his sword. I suggest attacking 
    from above. Charge up your power and jump on his head to do an enormous 
    amount of damage. He'll get right back up though so be fast. Lobomon is 
    a very slick and Sly Digimon. When he digivolves into KendoGarurumon, 
    he'll be even faster. He is not an easy Digimon to defeat. He mainly 
    uses light speed attacks; hence that's why he's a light Digimon, 
    because he moves at light speeds. Also because that's the way the 
    writers made him. The only thing Lobomon can't do, is teleport.
    Level of Difficulty
    Fifth match: Now you have to fight Agunimon. His level is so annoying 
    because Agunimon likes to jump around and use Pyro Tornado. It's easy 
    to counter because you can just jump in the air and attack him back, 
    and then take his D-Spirits. It's real easy to Digivolve in this level 
    because Agunimon is fairly easy to hit. Be sure to dodge the Digimon 
    that fall from the sky. The easiest way to defeat him is to go on 
    either the right or left side and wait for him to come near you. Then 
    when he's on your side, jump up, go behind him, and keep on attacking. 
    He usually loses about 10-15 D-Spirits. This is an easy method to beat 
    this level. Agunimon loves using the other Digimon to do his dirty work 
    When the Digimon that fall from the sky come down and hit you, 
    Agunimon will rush over and take your points. Agunimon seems like a 
    brave Digimon, but he runs away a lot to get D-Spirits. But the guy is 
    easy. Just be sure to trap him in a corner and don't stop hitting "B". 
    He'll lose so many D-Spirits this way. Also you will be able to 
    Digivolve real easy in this level, so Digivolve when you can. When you 
    digivolve, more D-Spirits fly out, meaning it's an easier way to win.
    Level of Difficulty
    Sixth match: The last match before the Final Battle is with Lowemon. He 
    is a dark Digimon that uses his chest as a mighty, dark attack. It's 
    hard to see Lowemon because the background is black, just like him. 
    When he digivolves his power grows even more. This guy will now use his 
    claws to attack. They're two platforms in this stage so you can dodge 
    the blats that he shoots at you. A good method is to go on the very 
    bottom and wait for him to attack. Then jump up and he won't see you. 
    Then attack! Be sure to run because he'll use his dark electric attack 
    to hurt you and take back his points. 
    There's not to much more to say about him. When he hits you he'll 
    sometimes run after and get the points. He also likes to walk back 
    and fourth and wait for you to come out so he doesn't have to chase 
    after you. Ya, he's kind a lazy. Just really gatta do some attacks 
    from underneath him. That's the sure way to victory. Like Lobomon, Lowemon 
    will move very fast so watch out. Ohh and if you're wondering, that's 
    a train in the background
    Level of Difficulty
    Final Battle: The last fight is with the all mighty mega Digimon, 
    Kerpymon. This is the strongest Digimon in this game. Don't worry, even 
    though you're just a champion who can turn into an ultimate and he's a 
    mega, anyone can beat him. He likes to use his rocks to do his dirty 
    work. He can teleport a round to dodge your attacks, but after he does 
    his little rock attack, you can use your attack and hurt him. He can 
    also use this black power ball to suck you in and spit you out. You 
    have a limited amount of life and time. If you can't beat him, just 
    keep trying. After he disappears, he'll use his electric shock that 
    comes out of the sky to hurt you so be sure to hide under the 
    platforms. A good Digimon to defeat him is Beetlemon because he knows 
    "Thunder Fist". The strongest attack in this game. Below is a list of 
    attacks you should use for each Digimon:
    Agunimon: Pyro Tornado, Jump and hit "B".
    Kazemon: Double Jump and hit "B".
    Beetlemon: Thunder Fist, Jump and hit "B".
    Kumamon: Wait for Kerpymon to come near you and hit up and "B".
    Lobomon: Howling Laser, up and hit "B".
    Lowemon: Dark Lightning, up and "B".
    When you're not fighting him, the electricity does. Like I said before 
    it'll hurt you. But it's also a great way to die. Just hide under a 
    platform and jump when it comes near you. It's easy to dodge. The 
    lightning only strikes 5 times per time he's in the sky. So after the 
    fifth time, jump on the platform and attack him. When he summons the 
    wind to make you come to him, just hold on right or left button 
    (depending which side you're on) and if you see a rock, be sure to 
    dodge it. Wait for him to summon those rocks before you hit him because 
    he'll hurt you. 
    Level of Difficulty
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Do you have this game?
    A. Duh!!
    Q. How long until I beat this stupid Boss!?!
    A. Just keep saying you can do it and you will.
    Q. Should I get this game or Digimon Battle Spirit?
    A. If you like rookie Digimon like Agumon, Guilmon, and Impmon then get 
    the first one, also it has more levels.
    Q. What are tags???
    A. Tags are, well after you beat the game you will get a new one, 
    Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, or Mega, Mega meaning the best. If you get 
    Mega, then you rule the game!
    Q. How do you pronounce Kerpymon?
    A. Its Chee-ruu-pi-mon, don't know why they made it like that.
    Q. What Does Q and A mean?
    A. Q means question, A means answer.
    8. Digimon Shoot
    Digimon Shoot is a mini-game you get when you beat the game. It's kind 
    of fun. I've only beaten about 5 levels of the mini-game so I haven't 
    mastered it yet. When I do beat it, I'll be sure to update it. Anyway 
    you choose a Digimon to be and you just shoot yourself at the other 
    Digimon. After every level you beat, another guy comes in to fight. 
    Like if I was on the third level and I was fighting 4 guys, the next 
    level would have 5 guys. It's actually a pretty good game.
    9. Digivolution
    Execute! Spirit evolution!!!
    Yes Digimon can digivolve! When you get enough hits you will be able to 
    slide evolve into a Digimon so you can attack an enemy with a much more 
    powerful attack, depending on your Digimon, some attacks can knock off 
    two times as much D-Spirits.
    Agunimon - Emperergreymon - When he digivolves he uses fire to attack, 
    like Agunimon. Only this time it's much more powerful! He can also fly 
    a little way and shoot out fire.
    Emperergreymon - 
    Type - fire
    Up + b = Flame Sphere 
    Jump + up + b = Fire shoot
    Jump + b = Fire shoot
    Speed + b = pyro master
    Down + b = Flame Blitz
    B = pyro punch
    Lobomon - KendoGarurumon (BladeGarurumon) - Lobomon know turns even 
    more into a dog, now he has 4 legs. He shoots wolf blasters out of his 
    mouth and feet to eliminate anyone. He is also very fast!
    KendoGarurumon - 
    Type - light
    Up + b = Wolf roll
    Jump + up + b = Charging attack
    Jump + b = wolfo lance
    Speed + b = blade sprint
    Down + b = Light beam
    B = punch
    Kazemon - Zephermon - This little bird type thing can now summon wind, 
    powerful wind, over 60 MPH. You'll go flying, trust me! She is 
    extremely fast, the fastest of any Digimon in the whole game.
    Zephermon - 
    Type - wind
    Up + b = terra twister
    Jump + up + b = zepher blaster 
    Jump + b = tempest wind
    Speed + b = confusion kick (Kazemon)
    Down + b = wing blaze
    B = punch
    Kumamon - Orikakumon - A beast type Digimon that looks like a Yetimon. 
    He throws Avalanche axes at you, as well and frozen arrowheads that 
    come from the back of his head. This Ice Digimon can throw his axes 
    very far, so be careful!
    Orikakumon - 
    Type - ice
    Up + b = Yeti punch
    Jump + up + b = Avalanche axes
    Jump + b = axe hit
    Speed + b = ski dunk (Kumamon)
    Down + b = terra axe
    B = ice punch (Kumamon)
    Beetlemon - MetalKabuterimon - Beetlemon ha become a tank type Digimon. 
    He now shoots an electric blast from his cannon. This guy is brute 
    strength, but kind of slow. He is so strong he'll knock a ton of D-
    Spirits out of you, making him the strongest Digimon in the game.
    MetalKabuterimon - 
    Type - electric
    Up + b = Bolton Blast
    Jump + up + b = moving charge attack
    Jump + b = Beetle kick (Beetlemon)
    Speed + b = charge
    Down + b = Homing missle
    B = punch
    10. Legal Stuff
    Please do not use this FAQ and count is as your own. Although I don't 
    know why you would want to. 
    Please do not post this FAQ in another web-site, ever. If I find out 
    you do, then I'll sue your family and win.
    11. Closing Info
    In conclusion I would like to say that this FAQ is copyrighted 
    2009 Dragon Angel X2. Don’t use my FAQ without giving me credit.
    12. Special Thanks
    GameFAQs users that need to be thanked:
    Carlo Aquino
    Arch Dragon
    To see my other work, go to:
    Live together, die alone.

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