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    FAQ/Move List by Imaku

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 11/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    +++++++dP       YL++G   D#+++++++++G   D#++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++H    _    YL+`YuY##+++++++++`YuY##++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++.H   dHb   `Yqunup.+qunupiaupqunuppuq.+pnq.+pnq.+.qnunp.++puq.+pnq.++++++
    ++++++dP  ,H#H;   HH   HdY'   `T  HH   HH  Y7   Y7   Y)Y'   `YL+H  Y7   Y)+++++
    ++++++H   d#P*   aHP  .PY  ,ma,  dPP  .PH  .    .    .H  ,m,  Y)H  .    .H#++++
    +++++.H   ~~'   add'  d#L  YWW7  Hd'  ddP  dbi  dbi  dP  YW7  J)P  dbi  dP#++++
    +++++dP       adP#H  .H#Yb.     .HH  .HH' .H#' .H#' .HYb.   .dYH  .H#' .H##++++
    +++++HnununudHP##.HnudP#+YNund  d#HnudPHnudP#HndP#HudP#YNunuNP#HnudP#HndP#+++++
    ++++++##########++#####a7unuY   H#+##########+####+####+#######+#####+####+++++
    +++++++++++++++++++++++Y       dP#+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
              ___            #######      ____                      ____
             /   \ _ _________ __  ____  /  _/ __  ____   _______  /    \
            / /> </ |_  _/  _// / / __/  \  \ /  \/_/  \ /_/_  _/  \_/  /
           / /_> /  |/ / / / / /_/ _/   /-\  / /_/ / /_// / / /     /  /__
          /_//__/_/_|_/ /_/ /___/___/  /____/_/ /_/_/_|/_/ /_/     /_____/
    Digimon: Battle Spirit 2
    Gameboy Advance
    August 17, 2004
    Version 1.00
    I    * TABLE OF CONTENTS *    I
     1. Introduction
       A. About the Game
       B. Battling Basics
       C. Ancient Warriors
       D. Beast Spirits
       E. Status Conditions
       F. Your Score
     2. Controls
       A. Maneuvering
       B. Attacking
     3. Characters
       A. Agunimon
       B. Lobomon
       C. Kumamon
       D. Kazemon
       E. Beetlemon
       F. Lowemon
     4. Menu
       A. Collection
       B. Options
       C. 2P Battle
     5. 1P Battle
       A. Beetlemon
       B. Kazemon
       C. Kumamon
       D. Lobomon
       E. Agunimon
       F. Lowemon
       G. Kerpymon
     6. Final Battle
       A. Attack Phase
       B. Black Hole Phase
       C. Stormcloud Phase
     7. Contact Information
     8. Legal Issues
     9. Version History
    I    * INTRODUCTION *    I
    Wow.  This game is so amazingly similar to its predecessor... in fact, I'm
    using the almost exact same format and template as the one I used for the
    original Digimon Battle Spirit game guide.  Nonetheless, you'll find that
    Battle Spirit 2 differs from the first in many ways.  I'll cover most of these
    as we go along, but one thing is for sure.  Even though DBS2 has fewer
    characters, it will certainly last longer, as you will need many, many tries
    to defeat the ultimate boss. :)
    I am writing this guide playing the American release of Digimon Battle Spirit 2
    for Game Boy Advance.  Note that this means not every detail was available to
    me, as to any player in my position.  For instance, I don't know the official
    names of the fields, attacks, and other things of that nature.  However, that
    has very little to do gameplay, so it shouldn't matter much.
    Also note that I am writing this guide in the sense that a viewer will read
    it beginning-to-end.  However, I realize that is not always the case.  I do ask
    that you quickly skim through these introductory stuff, because located here
    are a lot of important things to understanding this guide (I tend to use made-
    up contractions).
     + About the Game +
    Digimon Battle Spirit 2 (which I'll shorten to DBS2 on occasion) is basically
    a realtime battling game (as opposed to turn-based, the kind you see in RPGs).
    You play as a character with a certain set of moves and attributes, and you
    face a similar opponent in battle.  However, unlike other fighting games (eg.
    Street Fighter, Tekken, etc.), the goal is not to knock-out your opponent by
    lowering his/her HP.  In fact, all but the boss battle ends when the timer
    runs out.
     + Battling Basics +
    To determine who wins the battle, the two combatants' scores are compared after
    it times out.  To add to your score, you must collect D-Spirit, which are
    colored orbs that are given off every time you hit your opponent.  (I will
    shorten D-Spirit to DSp on occasion.)  The opposite is also true -- you will
    give off DSp when you are hit, which will increase your opponent's score when
    collected.  The DSp you produce are red, while your opponent's are blue.  Your
    score does not increase if you collect your own reb orbs, but it's a good habit
    to do so.  If you collect them, that means your opponent cannot.
    One of the changes from DBS to DBS2 is that there are more than one kind of
    DSp.  There are several kinds, each of which will increase your score a
    different amount.  See the table below.
    | D-Spirit | Value | Frequency |
    |   Normal |   1   | common    |
    |  Glowing |   2   | uncommon  |
    | Gold-Rim |   3   | rare      |
    Remember that most attacks have a set value of DSp to them.  So if an attack
    has a 3 DSp value, it'll give off one of the following combinations: 3 normal
    orbs, 1 normal and one glowing, or 1 gold-rim orb.  If you're lucky, a gold-rim
    will occur and you only have to collect one orb.  If it gives 3 normals, that's
    three orbs you must collect in three locations, so it's more likely that some
    of them will fade before you get the full 3.
    There will also be something else given off when an attack lands -- the Diamond
    D-Spirit (diamond refers to its shape; it's actually rather golden in color).
    You'll see 5 slots for these near your score on the top of your screen.  When
    you collect 5 of them to fill these slots, your uber-powerful Ancient Warrior
    attack will be ready to use.
     + Ancient Warriors +
    The Ancient Warrior attack is a powerful attack that will only hit when you
    are very, very near to the opponent.  When you initiate it (see the attacks
    section below), your character will change to his/her respective Ancient
    Warrior, launch an attack, then change back instantly.  This attack uses up all
    5 Diamond DSp whether it hits or not.  If it does hit, this incredibly powerful
    attack will scatter Gold-Rim DSp everywhere.  It is very hard to me to count
    how many, but my guess is around 6 to 8.
    You should take special care not to get hit by your opponent's Ancient attack,
    especially on the harder settings.  Keep track of how many Diamond DSp they
    collect, and if it seems around enough, run and jump like crazy.
     + Beast Spirits +
    Digivolution here differs greatly from the original Battle Spirit.  Instead
    of touching Calumon to Digivolve, you need to charge up the Digivolution bar
    near the timer on your screen.  It charges when you hit your opponent, and you
    can activate it when the whole bar turns red.  This "energy bar" form of
    Digivolving is a large improvement over the Calumon thing.  Instead of a Mega
    totally pulverizing a rookie, you now can have both combatants be Digivolved
    at the same time.
    To activate Digivolution, press A and B at the same time.  Note that you will
    still be in your Human Spirit form, except with sparks above your head.  You
    can only see your Beast Spirit form when you attack, and these attacks will
    be significantly more damaging.
    This Slide Digivolution (from Human to Beast spirit) is not as spectacularly
    potent as the Ancient Warrior attack, but it is much more easy to obtain.  As
    a matter of fact, most of the Diamond DSp resulted from hits from my
    character's Beast Spirit.
     + Status Conditions +
    Some attacks not only damage a Digimon, but give it a status as well.  These
    statuses hinder their ability to battle.
    Burn, freeze, and shock temporarily immobilizes a Digimon, so that it cannot
    move nor attack.  These are caused by Agunimon, Kumamon, and Beetlemon,
    The worst status, however, is confusion.  It mixes up your controls so that
    left is right and right is left.  This basically makes it impossible for you
    to dodge attacks quickly, especially when it wears off right away and your
    controls and mixed back.  As I've mentioned in my other guide, it's not the
    actual effect that's bad, it's the transition into and out of it which is so
    devestating.  Kazemon can inflict confusion with her running attack, and
    Lowemon can inflict it with his 1st special attack.
     + Your Score +
    After each match, your score is added to your total score, which will go on
    the High Score table if it's high enough (the total score is displayed under
    the Victory Quote after each match).  If you lose in a match, however,
    you get the choice of continuing or not continuing.  If you continue, your
    total score resets to 0.  In order to get your best possible score, you
    basically must take a lot of DSp in each match, without getting knocked out at
    I    * CONTROLS *    I
    From now downwards, I'll be using certain symbols to signify each of your GBA
    buttons.  These shouldn't be too confusing, but I've included a key anyway.
     /\ Control Pad Up
     >  Control Pad Right
     \/ Control Pad Down
     <  Control Pad Left
     A  Button A
     B  Button B
     L  Button L
     R  Button R
     St Start Button
     Se Select Button
     + Maneuvering +
    = Format =
    = Walking =
    Move around normally.
    Available to all.
    Press < or >.
    = Running =
    More speed, but harder to stop and turn.
    Available to all.
    Press < or > twice and hold on the second press.
    = Blocking =
    Prevents most attacks.
    Available to all.
    Press \/ and hold.
    = Jumping =
    Lets you get airborne.
    Available to all.
    Press A (hold for higher jumps).
    = Dropping =
    Jump down from a platform to a lower one.
    Available to all.
    Hold \/ and press A.  Does not work when you're on the ground.
    = Floating =
    Falls slower for more horizontally movement while airborne.
    Available to Beetlemon.
    Hold A while falling.
    = Wall Bounce =
    Bounces off the field's vertical edge.
    Available to Kazemon.
    Press A, press your character against the wall, and press A again.
     + Attacking +
    The power, range, direction, and duration of attacks will vary by Digimon.
    Some attacks (mostly the specials) get stronger if you "charge" them.  Do this
    by holding down both buttons until the attack launches by itself.
    Normal Attack :: Press B
    Stronger Normal Attack :: Press B twice
    Air Normal Attack :: While airborne, press/hold B
    1st Special Attack :: Hold /\ and press/hold B
    Air Special Attack :: While airborne, hold /\ and press/hold B
    2nd Special Attack :: Hold \/ and press/hold B
    Running Attack :: While running, press/hold B
    Throwing Attack :: Press up against your opponent using < or >, then press B
    Ancient Warrior Attack :: Press A, B, and /\ together
    I    * CHARACTERS *    I
     + Agunimon +
    DigiDestined: Takuya
    Beast Spirit: BurningGreymon
    Ancient Warrior: AncientGreymon
    Unlock: given
    Normal color: red
    Alternate color: blue
    Victory quote(s):
     - "Ok.  Who's next?"
     - "That was some battle!"
    Despite the sheer madness caused by the AI Agunimon, I had a lot of trouble
    trying make this guy not suck.  Maybe I'm just used to playing as other
    Digimon, but this thing was just a big flop to me.  His 1st special attack is
    pretty powerful, but getting it to work right without getting your butt kicked
    takes too much luck to be worth it.  Well, at the very least, he is the only
    one who can set his opponents on fire, so they can't retaliate right after
    (Beetlemon and Kumamon has a similar thing going, though).
     + Lobomon +
    DigiDestined: Kouji
    Beast Spirit: KendoGarurumon
    Ancient Warrior: AncientGarurumon
    Unlock: given
    Normal color: pale violet-blue
    Alternate color: gold
    Victory quote(s):
     - "Be prepared."
     - "I can't lose."
     - "Who's up next?"
    Dual light sabers... hey, I didn't know Koji was a Jedi!  Ahem, anyway, Lobomon
    is pure melee -- his long-ranged attack suck.  Not to say it isn't powerful
    (because it is), but the shots move so slow that the opponent can dodge them
    each time.  Lobomon is pretty fast, though, but I guess it figures when you're
    a wolf among a dinosaur, a frozen stuffed animal, and a couple of insects.
    His running attack is my favorite to use, but his second special attack is
    just as strong.
     + Kumamon +
    DigiDestined: Tommy
    Beast Spirit: KoriKakumon
    Ancient Warrior: AncientMegatheriummon
    Unlock: given
    Normal color: green
    Alternate color: orange-yellow
    Victory quote(s):
     - "Cool!  I won!"
     - "That was fun!"
    They say not to underestimate the little guy, but after some experimentation,
    I think Kumamon is probably the worse off of all the playable characters.
    Despite freezing the opponent temporarily, all his attacks are sub-par.  He
    doesn't have very good range either, and the only attack worth using is his
    throwing attack (which is hard to pull off).  Tommy makes up for all of that,
    however, with his Beast Spirit.  Its attacks reap more DSp than any other Beast
    Spirit I've seen.
     + Kazemon +
    DigiDestined: Zoe
    Beast Spirit: Zephyrmon
    Ancient Warrior: AncientIrismon
    Unlock: given
    Normal color: violet
    Alternate color: light blue
    Victory quote(s):
     - "Ciao!  Later!"
     - "Strong women rule!"
    Her 2nd special attack is pure sweetness.  It's hard to counter, and it's one
    of the strongest attacks on a Human Spirit, getting up to 5 DSp.  It will also
    charge up your energy bar pretty fast.  A great opening move, too.  Other than
    that, Kazemon is pretty mediocre.  She's the only one that can bounce off the
    walls, which is rather akin to Wormmon's cling ability back in the first DBS.
    However, the wall-bounce thing isn't really useful for anything except jumping
    higher and dodging attacks.
     + Beetlemon +
    DigiDestined: JP
    Beast Spirit: MetalKabuterimon
    Ancient Warrior: AncientBeetmon
    Unlock: given
    Normal color: dark blue
    Alternate color: bright red
    Victory quote(s):
     - "Let's get 'em!"
     - "Heh, how's THAT?!"
    Oddly enough, this is the Digimon I used to first defeat Kerpymon, after many
    unsuccessful attempts with others.  I even got on the high score table with
    Beetlemon.  Why is it odd?  For one thing, Beetlemon is as slow as molasses.
    At least he's the sole heir of the float ability, reserved on the original
    Battle Spirit for Terriermon and Lopmon.  His attacks can shock opponents, much
    like Agunimon's flames and Kumamon's freezing.
     + Lowemon +
    DigiDestined: Kouichi
    Beast Spirit: JagerLowemon
    Ancient Warrior: AncientSphinxmon
    Unlock: defeat Kerpymon twice
    Normal color: dark gray
    Alternate color: light gray
    Victory quote(s):
     - "That was a good match."
     - "I can't lose... yet!"
     - "I was lucky this time."
    A secret character, and the foe just before the boss battle... he must be good
    right?  You bet.  His moves are almost the same to Lobomon, except slightly
    more powerful.  I think he also jumps better than the others, but that's a bit
    hard to test.  Most of his (and his Beast Spirit's) special moves are
    I    * MENU *    I
    After the game's intro, you see the title screen.  On the title screen is the
    title, your number of 2P battle wins in the top left corner, and your best
    Tamer Tag in the top right corner.  Press Start to enter the menu.  Since I'm
    saving 1P Battle for last, I'll go over the menu items in reverse.
     + Game Data +
    To access your game data, press B after you enter the game menu.  Note that
    this can also reset the game cartridge (the same effect if you turned off your
    GBA and turned it on again).  The other two instances will take you to the
    Score Ranking (high scores) and the Versus Record.
     + Collection +
    This is where you can see your Tamer Tags and, after beating Kerpymon the first
    time, where you can play the "Digimon Shoot" Mini-Game.
    Digimon Shoot is like a cross between air-hockey and billiards.  You are this
    puck-like thing (resembling the character of your choice) on a table with no
    edges.  Your simple mission is to knock the other players off of the table
    without getting knocked off yourself.  If you get knocked off, you lose.  If
    everyone else except you gets knocked off, you win.  Simple.
    This game is turn-based, so there's no rush here.  The round starts with your
    turn.  A turn comes in two main parts.  Part 1 is when you aim your arrow to
    the direction of where you're shooting yourself.  Part 2 is when you stop a
    moving meter to determine the strength of your shot.  Don't overshoot, because
    that might throw you off the table.
    The control pad is only used to rotate the arrow in Part 1.  Right and down
    turns it clockwise, while left and up turn it counterclockwise.  Button A is
    used to confirm an action.
    Occasionally, a Diamond DSp will appear on the table.  You will Digivolve
    to your Ancient Warrior when you touch it.  I am not yet sure how the game
    inproves when you Digivolve.
    There are 7 total levels, each one with its own set of opponents laid out a
    certain way.  Level 2 features AncientGreymon, level 6 features Susanoomon,
    and level 7 features Kerpymon.  The other Digimon on the table with those
    bosses are an assorted mix of the playable characters, except the one you're
    playing as.
    There's really no tips I can give you... just remember your physics lessons
    and you'll be fine (inertia, momentum, all that good stuff).  Keep in mind that
    the other players aren't all against you, it's every mon for him/herself.  If
    you're up against a group of foes, just wait and they might knock off each
    other.  Then you can pick off the survivors.
    When you win all 7 levels, you get a screen with "Congratulations" on it.  Yay.
     + Options +
    This menu item lets you change certain settings found in the game.
    = TIME =
    -- 90 -- 120 -- 180 --
    The amount of seconds on the clock from Battle Start to Battle Finish.  Aim
    short if you plan to blitz-and-stall and long if you're just playing around or
    if you're writing a guide for this game... *cough*
    = LEVEL =
    -- easy -- normal -- hard --
    How difficult you want the 1P Battles to be.  Set it on "easy" for getting the
    secret characters more easily, "hard" if you want more of a challenge.
    = SOUND TEST =
    -- 01 to 31 --
    This lets you listen to the various tunes found in the game.  Select one and
    press A to hear it.
    = LANGUAGE =
    -- English -- Francais -- Italiano -- Deutsch -- Espanol --
    What language you want the the game to be in.
    = ERASE DATA =
    -- no -- yes --
    This option lets you clear all saved data, restoring the game to as it was
    when you first took it out of the box.  Since I have never selected "yes", I'm
    assuming it takes away your high scores and secret characters.
    = RETURN =
    Closes the options menu and brings you back to the title screen.
     + 2P Battle +
    Section under construction!  I'll write it as soon as I find someone local to
    link battle with.
    I    * 1P BATTLE *    I
    This is the mode that pits you against 7 different computer-controlled enemies
    on 7 different playing fields.  You'll need to finish this mode several times
    in order to unlock secret characters, to work your way up the high score table,
    and to unlock the Mini-Game.
    The first 2 battles of 1P Battle mode will be against Beetlemon and Kazemon,
    but which one goes first is random.  After that, your opponents will be in
    this order: Kumamon, Lobomon, Agunimon, Lowemon, and Kerpymon.
     + Beetlemon + 
    Field: Kokuwamon's Forest
    Field enemy: Minomon
    Background Digimon: Kokuwamon
    = QUIRKS =
    None, really, except the Minomon hang from the platforms.  This can get in
    the way of aerial battling, so watch out for them.
    Through dense foliage, you can see that it is raining in the far back.  Every
    once in a while, lightning flashes.  The platforms are composed of clusters
    of orange and yellow mushrooms.
    = TIPS =
    Beetlemon is slow, and he doesn't have a good range on his attacks.  Distance
    fighting is your friend.
     + Kazemon + 
    Field: Breezy Village
    Field enemy: Toucanmon
    Background Digimon: Mushroommon
    = QUIRKS =
    One of the more memorable field features of the first Battle Spirit, the
    trampoline mushrooms are back again.  When on them, you can jump extra high if
    you press A at the right time upon landing on it.  I've found that it is a
    great method of avoiding attacks, especially when the opponent has activated
    his/her Digivolution.
    This battlefield rests in a large clearing at the edge of the woods.  You can
    see large green trees to left.  The ground is covered with lush green grass,
    and two giant mushrooms poke up from the ground.  The platforms in the middle
    are suspended in the air by ropes tied up to floating propeller-devices.
    = TIPS =
    For being the Spirit of Wind, Kazemon isn't all that great of an aerial
    battler.  Watch out for her spinning special attack and running attack, as well
    as the Toucanmon.  As long as you keep off of the ground, you'll probably be
     + Kumamon + 
    Field: Frozen Wonderland
    Field enemy: Candlemon
    Background Digimon: n/a
    = QUIRKS =
    Another icy field!  Gee, this brings back memories.  Pardon my uncreativity
    with the field name.  Anyway, the ice here will make it even harder to stop and
    turn when running.  Also, there are three dark blue ice platforms that will
    melt when Candlemon exposes it to his flame.
    The platforms and the ground are composed of frosted-over ice bricks.  In the
    back, two giant snowmen (in the image of Kumamon) are holding up fragmented
    pieces of a wall, also composed of the same ice bricks.  In the far back, some
    sort of ridge or mountain can be seen.  The sky is a deep sea blue, and it is
    lighter near the horizon.  It is near sunrise.
    = TIPS =
    Try to avoid running, if possible.  Kumamon's air attack targets downward, so
    attack from above.  Other than that, just do your thing and use commmon sense.
     + Lobomon + 
    Field: Abandoned Warehouse
    Field enemy: Goblimon
    Background Digimon: Pagumon
    = QUIRKS =
    None at all.
    The metal platforms have rails, on which rests some Pagumon who are cheering on
    the battle.  In the back, you can see industrial bric-a-brac, such as tubes and
    ducts.  To the upper corners of the field are some yellow striped hazard signs.
    = TIPS =
    I actually found this round pretty easy, due to how the field is layed out.
    There is a platform to the side which I stay at which is perfect for ambushing
    with a charged attack.  The DSp always bounce off the wall and right towards
    me, so there's no needless collecting.  The best part is that the AI battler
    falls for it again and again.  For those of you who actually want to do real
    battling, just try not to get caught too close to Lobomon.
     + Agunimon + 
    Field: Village of Flame
    Field enemy: Gotsumon
    Background Digimon: n/a
    = QUIRKS =
    Fireballs will drop out of the sky at regular intervals.  These will not only
    sap a DSp from you, it will knock you back, too.
    There's a large furnace in the middle of the field, and more of these round
    metal structures are seen in the background (except they're much bigger).
    Pipes, apparently from the same metal as the furnaces, run from one structure
    to the next in an odd, angular tangle.  These pipes are what forms the plat-
    forms, while the ground appears to be some sort of metal grate.  The sky
    reflects the scene, and it is a placid hue of orange red.  Flattened clouds
    populate this sky, around an enlarged sun.  It is near sunset.
    = TIPS =
    With that big furnace in the middle and the short and few platforms, you really
    don't have that much maneuvering space.  And the Gotsumon, who appear out of
    nowhere, certainly don't help the tight situation.  My only advice is to block
    often.  Those fireballs that drop down can give Agunimon the perfect opening
    for one of his attacks.
     + Lowemon + 
    Field: Trailmon Station
    Field enemy: Pipismon
    Background Digimon: Trailmon
    = QUIRKS =
    I suppose the Pipismon's odd flight pattern is something to remark about, but
    there's nothing else beyond that.
    Looks like a subway.  Moving Trailmon in the far back.
    = TIPS =
    Avoid his special attacks, and jump often.
     + Kerpymon + 
    field: Fragmented DigiWorld
    field Enemy: n/a
    = QUIRKS =
    Yes, Kerpymon is pretty much the only think that stands out in this field.  I
    guess the designers figured it was hard enough battling this thing without
    other things distracting you or getting in your way.
    The blues and purples of the backdrop reflect the deadness of night.  The plat-
    forms are large pieces of debris, colored a pinkish violet.  Rings of fractal
    code spin around them (towards the center).  When Kerpymon summons his storm-
    cloud, his enlarged eyes will appear in the black, glowing an evil yellow
    = TIPS =
    The boss battle.  Harder than any you've faced before, including Milleniummon.
    In fact, I think this merits its own section of the guide...
    I    * FINAL BATTLE *    I
    The rules are a bit different here.  You now have a set number of D-Spirit,
    only eight actually.  Consider this as your shield, the only thing protecting
    you from Kerpymon.  When it's gone, you will be knocked out if you are hit.
    It is critical that you try to retrieve every DSp you lose, especially since
    Kerpymon sucks them in.
    Kerpymon, too, has a limited mortality.  The number of hits it takes to defeat
    Kerpymon vary by the difficulty setting you choose.  However, even on "easy",
    this number will still be very high.  Too high, in fact, for a mere game guide
    writer like me to keep track of (while trying to play the game at the same
    time).  Luckily, there are indicators of how many hits Kerymon has taken.
    About mid-way, Kerpymon will shoot 5 shadow balls instead of 3, during his
    "Attacking" phase (more on this later).  Then when he comes really close to
    being defeated, Kerpymon will turn red, and the music changes to something more
    You are given 4:30 on the clock.  Don't worry about timing out; it's only
    happened 2 times to me, and I've faced Kerpymon dozens of times.  On the other
    hand, don't waste time either.  You wouldn't want to go to all the trouble of
    ALMOST defeating Kerpymon, only to lose by the timer.
     + Field Map + 
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |      (\/)      1    (\/)    2      (\/)       |
    |             _____          _____              |
    |             =====          =====              |
    |    _____     """            """     _____     |
    |    =====     (\/)          (\/)     =====     |
    |     """                              """      |
    |5_________                          __________6|
      """""""" ========================== """""""""
     + Attack Phase + 
    Oddly enough, this horribly evil villain has a very predictable attack pattern.
    It's a cycle of three phases: Attack, Black Hole, and Stormcloud.  This will
    help you greatly, as you know exactly what's next.
    The Attack Phase is where Kerpymon starts out, and where he's the most vulner-
    able to your attacks.  In this phase, Kerpymon will appear, attack, and dis-
    appear in one of five places, marked on the map as (\/).  The number of times
    he appears should vary.  When he attacks, Kerpymon shoots 3 or 5 shadow balls,
    in the directions marked below.  The values are in degrees, and this is based
    on Trigonometry's Unit Circle (where 0 degrees is to the right).
      3 balls: -135, -90, -45
      5 balls: 180, -135, -90, -45, 0
      3 balls: -45, -90, -135
      5 balls: 0, -45, -90, -135, 180
    Note that these are approximations.  I didn't actually get out a protractor
    and measure. =P
    Anyways, Kerpymon will linger for a short moment after launching his balls
    (please don't giggle at that), and this is your chance to attack.  You'll
    notice I marked some numbers on the field map.  Locations 1 and 2 are the ideal
    places to be during this phase, since you can easily attack at three out of
    five of Kerpymon's appearing spots.  You'll also be safe from attack, at least
    until he starts firing 5 shadow balls.
    When you attack Kerpymon, don't charge your attack (if it's chargeable).  You
    simply don't have enough time, and what good is a charged attack if it doesn't
    hit?  Go for quantity, not quality.
     + Black Hole Phase + 
    This phase really sucks.  If you're not careful, you could lose over half of
    your DSp shield here.  This phase starts when Kerpymon drifts towards the
    center of the field (unlike when he teleports, like in the Attack Phase).  From]
    there, he'll start up this energy portal thing, and you will lose 2 DSp if you
    touch it.  However, that is not the main danger of this phase.  The energy
    portal thing will start sucking in things.  Although you can easily outrun its
    gravitational pull, there will be rock fragments that are being pulled in as
    well.  If these hit you on their way in, they'll not only take a DSp off of
    you, but they'll knock you right into the Hole with them (and you lose another
    2 DSp).
    The other four locations marked on the map are your safe spots for this phase.
    Location 5 and 6 are 100% safe of the rock fragments (assuming you're pressing
    up against the wall and away from the Kerpymon's Black Hole).  However, you're
    usually not given enough time to go to these corners.  Locations 3 and 4 are
    almost as safe, but there will still be one rock fragment that can hit you.
    If you see it coming, you can just jump over it.
    Kerpymon can be attacked in this phase as well, though I should warn you
    against doing so.  This is extremely foolish, as the Black Hole will get you
    right after.  Only in the most ideal conditions should you attack Kerpymon
    in this phase, like being able to Digivolve and land an effective finishing
     + Stormcloud Phase + 
    After Kerpymon's done with his Black Hole, he'll summon a small black storm
    cloud, then retreat to the background to watch you suffer.  The stormcloud will
    patrol back and forth.  If it senses that you are under it, it will shudder,
    then shoot down a thunderbolt that shocks you out of 2 DSp.
    You have two options during this phase.  One: you can put your life on the line
    to attack the stormcloud, or two: you can take the safe route and just avoid
    Attacking the stormcloud has two plus sides to it -- your energy bar will go
    up (on the finishing blow only though), and you don't waste any time on the
    clock.  However, the risks sometimes overweigh the perks, especially if you're
    playing as someone slow and you can't dodge the bolts right after attacking.
    How many hits the stormcloud takes depends on the character you're playing as.
    The chart below is based on mornal air attacks, not special air attacks.
     Char. | Hits
     Lobo. |  4
     Kuma. |  2
     Kaze. |  4
     Lowe. |  2
    There are characters missing either because I didn't experiment with them on
    this level, or because I just forgot.
    As I mentioned before, just avoiding the stormcloud is the safe route, though
    it takes longer for the phase to end and you don't get that energy bar bonus.
    The stormcloud takes so much time to shoot its bolts that you can easily dodge
    them if you stay on the ground.  Just walk back and forth, but stay low.  The
    platforms can block some of the bolts.
    Good luck, and battle your best!
    If you feel the need to tell me I should correct or add something to this
    guide, by all means go ahead.  My email is aniki3564 (at) hotmail (dot) com .
    Please include your online alias and/or name if you expect to be given credit;
    if you don't give some identification, I'll simply list your email.  Also,
    try to make the message's subject revelant to this guide, as so I don't confuse
    the message for something else (ie. spam).
    I    * LEGAL ISSUES *    I
    The rights to Digimon and Digimon-related trademarks belong to Toei, Bandai,
    Saban, and others.  I am in no way affiliated with any of the aformentioned,
    and no copyright infringement was intended in writing this guide.
    This document is the intellectual property of myself, Huy Nguyen, known online
    as "Imaku".  It is protected under US law and international treaties.  No part
    of it may be reproduced or distributed for any other purpose than private,
    personal use, unless granted expressed permission from me.
    The only corporate sites this game guide should appear on is "GameFAQs", at
    http://www.gamefaqs.com, and "NeoSeeker", http://www.neoseeker.com.  It should
    not appear on any fan-ran websites other than those listed below.
     - DigiTernity (http://free.hostultra.com/~dternity)
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    If you wish to use it on your fansite, there are certain conditions that must
    be met.
    1) a. You ask me beforehand, and I approve of you doing so, OR
       b. I submit this guide to your website, and we've discussed terms.
    2) You do not alter the document in any way, and keep it in the .txt format.
    3) You give the credit of making this guide to me and none other.
    I    * VERSION HISTORY *    I
    This just goes over major changes.  Minor corrections (URL change, spelling
    errors, etc.) do not constitute for a version up.
     01.05 -- Proof-reading.  General corrections, like the Table of Contents
              numbering. [September 25, 2004]
     01.00 -- First draft, has all but 2 characters (the Ex's), all matches are
              done, but Lowemon's could REALLY use work.  Introductory stuff,
              control, and info on Kerpymon are all done.  Menu complete, save for
              the 2P section. [August 17, 2004]

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