Can I get hub style in this game?

  1. I've been reading some web sites and they say it is possible but I do not know how to get?

    User Info: megaman41

    megaman41 - 7 years ago


  1. No, you can't. There is no Hub Style in Battle Network 3. However, there is a NaviCust program called the HubBatch that has the same effects Hub Style did in Battle Network 2... in fact it's in many ways superior to using it as a style, because you can use it without overwriting your other styles. So, you could have all the powers of the HubBatch while keeping your Navi's element and any other style-based bonuses.

    To get the HubBatch you'll need to have beaten the game through once, filled out most of your standard chip library, beaten DrillMan Beta, gotten the Hammer in Undernet 7, and obtained at least one Giga chip. Once you've met all of these conditions you should be able to access all three Secret areas, which are accessed by jacking into the Undernet sever beneath the Ura Inn hot spring and pressing A in front of the hole where you originally obtained the GigaFreeze program. The HubBatch is located in Secret 3, at the end of an invisible path to the left of the platform with the BugFrag trader and blocked off by a Monolith. You'll have to destroy the Monolith with the Hammer item and defeat a challenging series of battles against (I think) 30 virus troops in order to pass through and obtain the HubBatch. It's easier than it sounds.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

    XTApocalypse - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I have the OFFICAIL strategy guide and it says nothing of it

    User Info: redXjack

    redXjack - 2 years ago 0 0

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