Where can I find HolyPanl R/*, Recov300 R or TimeBomb K/N?

  1. I need to find TimeBomb for the PA, and Holy Panel R for the PA, too.

    I'm looking for multiples of recover 300 and holy panel though.

    User Info: Spark_Flash

    Spark_Flash - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I found Time Bomb in the chip order and Holy Panel from Brushmen in the Undernet, but how do I get more recover 300s?

    User Info: Spark_Flash

    Spark_Flash - 8 years ago


  1. After you can get to secret area 3 there is a bugfrag trader past the press pathways(the ones you need press installed to cross). You can get more recover 300 chips from trading 10 bugfrags at a time. But, recover 300 has a low % since it's a rare chip so don't expect to get 3 in a row...

    For Bugfrags(from the white version Q & A's):

    To get bugfrags i would suggest going into ACDC areas and fighting the easy mettaur and Canodumb viruses since they are easy to counter. If you've beaten the game(gold star) or just got past the Bubbleman tank(the one with dex) , talk to dex and he will challenge you to a fight. Gutman has 900 hp and is the easiest boss to counter since his patterns are easy to follow. When you counter delete him you get 10 bugfrags and a chip/zenny depending on your busting level(S,10,9,8...) To counter you have to delete the virus as it attacks, like a mettaur is about hit the ground with its pick axe you delete it before the shockwave gets created. The virus will slide back and there will be like a clicking noise indicating a counter. When you delete the last virus you'll see your busting level and if you countered you'll see a certain number of stars by your level. For normal viruses(mettaurs and such) 1 star = 1 bugfrag, 2 stars = 3 bugfrags, and 3 stars = 8 bugfrags. For bosses 1 star = 10 bugfrags. Many people like the www base gutman bugfrag technique since it gives you 10 bugfrags, but the virus technique in ACDC area is a faster way.

    User Info: Bass_GS_2

    Bass_GS_2 - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. I disagree with Mr.Bass_GS on the trader thing,you take too long...

    You can take Holypanel R from viruses,I saw a timebomb K on a store,and recov300 R from last job.

    Ok seeya dudes!!!

    User Info: bearboy43

    bearboy43 - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. Just order them dude!!!

    User Info: bearboy43

    bearboy43 - 8 years ago 0 1

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