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    Style Guide by zidanet129

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue Version/Rockman.EXE 3 Black Version Style Guide
    by Zidanet_129
    Rockman.EXE 3 Black Version/Megaman Battle Network 3 Black Version and all
    related contents and images are copyrighted to Capcom.
    Table of Contents
    1. Prologue
    2. Style List
    3. Style Elements
    4. Style Types
    5. Style Change
    6. Version Update
    7. Legal Stuff & Credits
    1. Prologue (^1)
    In this game, the Styles are like the Styles form the previous game with some
    new interesting changes. They grant Megaman new abilities but they, most of
    the time, also gives him weaknesses.
    To find the part you need help with, hit Ctrl + F to open the "Find..."
    Window, and type in "^x" and replace the "x" with the desired number of
    topic that you need help with. For example, to find info about the
    Wood Elemental Styles, you can type in "^3" and then look for the information
    Now, enjoy.
    2. Style List (^2)
    The following is a complete list of the Styles that appear in this game.
    Normal Style
    Heat Guts Style
    Heat Custom Style
    Heat Brother* Style
    Heat Shield Style
    Heat Bug Style
    Heat Shadow Style
    Aqua Guts Style
    Aqua Custom Style
    Aqua Brother* Style
    Aqua Shield Style
    Aqua Bug Style
    Aqua Shadow Style
    Electric Guts Style
    Electric Custom Style
    Electric Brother* Style
    Electric Shield Style
    Electric Bug Style
    Electric Shadow Style
    Wood Guts Style
    Wood Custom Style
    Wood Brother* Style
    Wood Shield Style
    Wood Bug Style
    Wood Shadow Style
    *: The Brother Styles are also known as "Team" Styles in English Version games.
    As you can see, the Styles, with the exception of Normal Style, are all composed
    by an Element and a Type. These two factors will be discussed in the next two
    3. Style Elements (^3)
    The element of a Style would affect the Style' Charged Attack and the Weakness
    of Megaman. The Charged attacks' strengths are determined by the amount of
    "Weapon +1" Programs that you installed in the Navi Customizer. There are 4
    Elements in the Styles, and they're listed below:
    Heat Styles
    Description: A Style charged up with the power of Fire, hence its red color.
    Weakness: Aqua
    Charged Attack: Flamethrower
    Charged Attack Power: 50 (V1), 80 (V2), 100 (V3)
    - Undamaged by Magma Panels and don't return them to Normal Panel even after
      Megaman stepped on them.
    - The Flamethrower has the potential of doing multi-hit damages if the enemies
      would charge at Megaman's direction.
    - The Flamethrower requires some preparing time before the fire can be shot
    - Megaman can't move while the Flamethrower is activated.
    Aqua Styles
    Description: A Style charged up with the power of Water, hence its bright blue
    Weakness: Electric
    Charged Attack: Bubble Shot
    Charged Attack Power: 40 (V1), 60 (V2), 80 (V3)
    - No slipping on Ice Panels
    - The Bubble Shot charges up very quickly
    Electric Styles
    Description: A Style charged up with the power of Electric, hence its yellow
    Weakness: Wood
    Charged Attack: Spark Ring
    Charged Attack Power: 20 (V1), 30 (V2), 40 (V3)
    - Spark Ring can paralyze enemies.
    - The Spark Ring requires some time for charging up.
    Wood Styles
    Description: A Style charged up with the power of Wood, hence its green color.
    Weakness: Fire
    Charged Attack: Twister
    Charged Attack Power: 10 (V1), 15 (V2), 20 (V3)
    - Recovers HP on Grass Panels
    - The Twister can hit 8 times and stun certain enemies.
    - The Twister's range is locked to 2 Panels ahead.
    - Megaman can't move while Twister is activated.
    4. Style Types (^4)
    As you can see from the list in section 2, there are 6 Types of Styles in
    this game. Thy're Guts, Custom, Brothers/Team, Shield, Bug and Shadow.
    These Types of Styles all have different abilities that usually helps Megaman
    in his Battles.
    Guts Styles
    Description: A Style that grants Megaman infinite strength (hence the HUGE
                 arm) and strong defense.
    - RockBuster's Attack Power is doubled.
    - By mashing the B Button, a machine gun will fire to shoot out 5 normal
      Buster Shots.
    - Uses Red Navi Customizer Programs.
    - Generates the following Programs:
      - Super Armor (Lv.2)
      - Break Charge (Lv.3)
      - Break Buster (Lv.4)
    Custom Styles
    Description: A Style that grants Megaman the ability of better contact with
                 his Operator so he could receive more Chip Datas when a Battle
    - Megaman starts the Battle with 6 Chip Datas to select from.
    - For deleting enemies with a Busting Leel of S, Megaman could acquire rarer
      Chip Datas.
    - Uses Blue Navi Customizer Programs.
    - Generates the following Programs:
      - Blue Custom +1 (Lv.2)
      - Yellow Custom +1 (Lv.3)
      - Custom +2 (Lv.4)
    Brothers/Team Styles (Brothers is in Japanese games while Team was the English
    Description: A Style that lets Megaman to interact better with the Navis' Datas
                 that he collected so he could have more Navi Datas in the folder to
                 help his Battle.
    - The Folders can contain +1 Mega-Class Chip.
    - By deleting Enemy V3 Navis with a Busting Level of S and Deleting Time lower
      than 20 seconds, Megaman could possibly acquire the Navi's V4 Battle Chip.
    - Uses Green Navi Customizer Programs.
    - Generates the following Programs:
      - Green Mega-Folder1 (Lv.2)
      - Pink Mega-Folder1 (Lv.3)
      - Green Mega-Folder2 (Lv.4)
    Shield Styles
    Description: A Style that grants Megaman the ability of using a Shield to defend
                 against enemy attacks.
    - A Barrier surrounds Megaman at the beginning of every Battle.
    - After equipping the Programs generated by this Style, Megaman can block enemy
      attacks with his arms, a Shield, or a Reflective Shield, depends on which
      Program was equipped.
    - By timing correcxtly, the Shield or the Reflective Shield could absorb the
      enemy attack and thus recovering Megaman's HP.
    - Uses Blue Navi Customizer Programs.
    - Generates the following Programs:
      - Block (Lv.2)
      - Shield (Lv.3)
      - Reflect (Lv.4)
    Bug Styles
    Description: A Style is born of Bugs and utilizes Bugs.
    - At the beginning of a battle, several Bug will be randomly generated:
      - Advantagous Bugs:
         - 100 Barrier
         - Invisible
         - 10 Chips to choose from in the Custom Window
         - Buster MAX
      - Disadvantagous Bugs:
         - HP Drain (either during the Battle or in the Custom Window)
         - Uncontrollably moving up or down
    - Uses Grey Navi Customizer Programs.
    - Generates the following Programs:
      - BugStopper (Lv.2)
      - DarkLicense (Lv.3)
    Shadow Styles
    Description: By far the most mysterious Style ever. This Style makes Megaman a Ninja
                 that focuses on indirect attacks.
    - Without the "Weapon Lv.+1" Navi Customizer Programs installed, the Charged
      RockBuster will make Megaman disappear (Invisibility) for a second or two.
    - With the "Weapon Lv.+1" Navi Custoimizer Programs installed, the Charged Shots
      will become the usual Elemental Charged Shots depending on the Element of the
    - Uses Red Navi Customizer Programs.
    - Generates the following Programs:
      - FloatShoes (Lv.2)
      - ShadowShoes (Lv.3)
      - KiwarimiMagic/AntiDmg (Lv.4)
    5. Style Change (^5)
    The first Style Change that'll happen to Megaman will occur during the BubbleMan
    Incident, after Megaman defeated BubbleMan's Minions for the first time. With the
    exception of the First Style Change, the Style Changes are all affected by the way
    you Operate Megaman to battle the enemies. Below is a list of how to get the
    Element and Type of Styles that you want.
    The Elements are randomly chosen.
    Guts: Frequently use the RockBuster to defeat the enemies.
    Custom: Frequently use Chip combos (not P.A.s, although that might help too) based
            on the same Chip Codes.
    Brothers/Team: Frequently use the Mega-Class Chips. Navi Chips are recommended.
    Shield: Frequently use Recovery and Defense Chips (except for Invis, which will be
            counted into Shadow Style).
    Bug: Battle with Bugs occuring in the Navi Customizer (SneakRun Bug recommended).
    Shadow: Preset one of the following Chips:
            - AntiDmg
            - Invis
            - Shadow
            and use the Chip EVERY BATTLE.
    Also, the following is a list showing how many battles it will take for each Style
    to Level up:
          |    Type     |   Level 2   |   Level 3   |   Level 4   |   Level 5   |
          |    Guts     |     80      |     120     |     160     |    -----    |
          |   Custom    |     50      |     100     |     160     |    -----    |
          |Brothers/Team|     50      |     100     |     180     |    -----    |
          |   Shield    |     50      |     80      |     180     |    -----    |
          |    Bug      |     120     |     200     |    -----    |    -----    |
          |   Shadow    |     50      |     100     |     150     |    -----    |
    After a Style is Mastered (Upgraded to the MAX Level), it will take around 100
    Battles for the Style Change to occur.
    Everytime a Style Upgrade occur or after a Style Change, an option like this one
    will appear:
    "Keep Upgrading the current Style!"
    "See another Style next time!"
    If you choose the first one, you will have a Style Upgrade when the amount of
    Battles are achieved. The Boss Battles and Special Battles (such as the ones
    triggered by a Mission or storyline) will NOT count for the number of Battles
    If you choose the second one, you will have a Style Change the next time you've
    fought enough Battles, whether you've Mastered the current Style or not.
    When you Master a Style by Upgrading it to the MAX Level it can go, Netto/Lan and
    Megaman will decide to see a new Style (Style Change) next time without giving you
    a chance to choose.
    When a Style Change occured, Netto/Lan's Dad will shortly introduce the Style and
    ask Netto/Lan and Megaman if they want to keep the Style. Also, with the exception
    of the first Style Change, Dad will warn Netto/Lan and megaman about how Megaman
    can hold only ONE Style in his Memory System, and ask if they want to get rid of
    the old Style for the new one. The following option will appear:
    "Replace the current Style"
    "Keep the current Style"
    Very self-explainatory (sp?) option. By choosing each option, Dad will double check
    with Netto/Lan and Megaman before he makes changes on Megaman.
    6. Version Updates (^6)
    V 1.2 (March 20, 2003): Corrected some errors and typos.
    V 1.0 (Feburary 16, 2003): Completed the Guide. The problems in this guide
                               will be fixed later.
    7. Legal Stuff & Credits (^7)
    This FAQ is Copyright Zidanet_129 (Alan Tseng), 2003.
    If you want to use this FAQ, please use the whole thing instead of breaking
    it up. Contact me at zidanet_129@hotmail.com and get my authorization
    before you use it.
    Special Thanks to:
    A nameless Japanese Website.

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