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    Secrets FAQ by Altimadark / The Proud Canadian

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 03/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =========Megaman Battle Network 3 Bule & White Version Secrets FAQv1.10========
    By The Proud Canadian
    Blue & White Notes by AltimaDark
    =Table Of Contents=
    -Version History
    -Contacting Us
    -Secret Area
    -Bass GS
    -Time Trials
    -Omega Navis and Alpha Omega
    -Even More Extras!
    -V2 and V3 Navi Locations
    =Version History=
    v0.8 (Submitted July 15th ,2003)
    -Completed "Secret Area", "Bass GS", "Time Trials", and "V2 and V3 navi 
    locations" sections
    -Plan to complete "Omega Navis and Alpha Omega" and "Even More Extras" 
    sections in next version 
    v1.0 (Submitted July 16th, 2003)
    -Completed all planned sections
    -First "complete" version
    v1.01 (Submitted July 28th, 2003)
    -Made a minor but important correction concerning a couple gates in the 
    Secret Area (Thanks to user "Some Canadian" for informing me)
    v1.02 (Submitted August 14th, 2003)
    -Added info about tomes treasure to "Even more Extras!" section
    v1.03 (Submitted October 4th, 2003)
    -Added info on tomes treasure and extra ending pic
    -Changed E-mail to my new address
    v1.10 (Submitted March 22nd, 2006)
    -Added White version information
    =Introduction by The Proud Canadian=
     Hello and welcome to my secrets FAQ! Just to clear any confusion, this FAQ 
    will pick up from right after you defeat Alpha, and cover pretty much all the 
    extras and secrets you can find after you've earned that yellow star! This is 
    the first complete version of the FAQ, and I don't plan to add anything else. 
    However, if you would like to contribute something or request that I add 
    something, feel free to ask me on the message boards or E-mail me. Be sure to 
    read the "Contacting Me" section first though.
    =Introduction by Altimadark=
     Before I came to the GameFAQs boards, this FAQ was on the FAQ pages of both
    the Blue and White versions of Megaman Battle Network 3.  However, it was
    written for the Blue version exclusively in mind, and because of that, TPC
    chose to have it removed from the White page.  I found this FAQ to be very
    helpful for both versions, even if it was meant only for Blue.  While I
    consider MMBN3 as one game on two cartridges, most new players (reasonably)
    do not.  As such, those that come to the White FAQ page rarely consider
    checking the FAQs on the Blue page, leaving them to wade in the dark.  Thus,
    with TPC's permission, I have decided to add infromation from the White
    Version to this FAQ.  I have kept the majority of it unchanged so that credit
    is given where it is due, to The Proud Canadian.
    =Contacting The Proud Canadian=
     If you want to contact me because you have some good info, a good suggestion 
    or a major correction to make, that's fine. If you want to contact me because 
    you have some useless info or a minor correction, there's a problem. I don't 
    want to get a bunch of stupid e-mails telling me that I forgot a letter 
    somewhere! So, if your reason for E-mailing me falls into the "fine" 
    category, feel free to. My address is: bbjjhe@mnsi.net
    =Contacting Altimadark=
     Because my hand in this was merely adding White version content to the FAQ,
    you should contact TPC for general information (but read above).  If you have
    any White-exclusive information that I missed or got wrong, feel free to
    contact me, but please, don't barrage me with trivial information.  I'm
    generally on the Message Boards as Altimadark, or you can email me at
    altimadarkmon at yahoo.com
    =Secret Area=
     Okay, so you've beaten Alpha. You're all done right? WRONG! You're just 
    about half way through this huge game! And the very first little secret you 
    can access is the Secret Area!
     To access this new area, you must jack in to the Undernet's server. Don't 
    know where it is? Weren't you paying attention when you got the giga freeze 
    program? Yep, that's the place. Jack in to the Undernet's server below the 
    bath area via the elevator behind it. First, make sure you have at least 100 
    standard chips, or else you can't even enter! Oh, and before you ask, I'm NOT 
    going to make a chip list to help you. There are other FAQs and the message 
    board for that. 
     Wait, before you enter, you should go get the "Hammer". You will need this 
    item to get through the Secret Area. It is located in Undernet 7. In order to 
    reach it you must defeat Flameman v3 as well, because there's a security 
    block in Undernet 6 that blocks your way if you haven't. He can be found in 
    Yoka area 1. Equip Oil body and run around until you fight him. You don't 
    have to S rank him or anything just defeat him. Once that's done with, return 
    to Undernet 6 and make your way through until you reach Undernet 7. Walk to 
    the right and you will meet a Spikey. He wants 50 bug frags, and he isn't 
    moving until he gets them. Feed him the bug frags, and move on. Go up the 
    ramp and grab the hammer from the blue mystery data. There, NOW we're 
    prepared for the Secret Area!
    -Secret Area 1-
     Okay, you've been transported to a new, deadly area. There are plenty of 
    obstacles to slow you down in here, but with some good chips and common sense 
    (seems like people have a harder time finding the latter) you can make it! 
     Okay, start by walking south and running into a monolith. Use that hammer 
    you got earlier to smash it, and fight the virii within it. You must survive 
    a 10-battle survival match. Add some Recovery chips in if you really need to. 
    After that's done with continue to the gate. You must have answered all 4 of 
    the quizzers' quizzes to open it. Once you have go forth and grab your brand 
    new Step Cross R.
     Now return to the entrance/exit of the area and walk west to find your first 
    "Number". These little buggers are an advanced version of the Protectos from 
    MMBN2. There are several of them throughout the secret area. To defeat them 
    you must destroy all of the towers with a "1" on them in one hit. Then you do 
    the same for the 2's(if there are any). Finally, take out the 3's in the same 
    fashion, assuming that there are any of course. As for attacking, the Numbers 
    only attack if you hit a black one. If a black one is struck it will use 
    "Err/Del", doing 1000 electrical damage to you! This first set you encounter 
    only has 400 HP each and there are many attacks that will do the job. 
    Muramasa, copy damage, lifesword, and the grass stage+heatsprd combo work 
    very well against the Numbers. So, once you're done with your first Number 
    continue on to find a platform with a Geddon 3 on it. 
     Go back to the center of the area. If you have at least 140 standard class 
    chips, it's time to take on the first guardian. If not, go back and get more! 
     Walk to the East and follow the path to a gate. You pass a Number on the way 
    here, so you can take it out if you wish. Behind it is 50,000z! Approach the 
    gate and examine it. If you do in fact have 140 standard chips, it will open. 
    Get ready for your first navi fight in the secret area! 
    HP: 1400
    Strategy: This guy isn't too hard if you stay on your toes and of course have 
    good chips. He has several different elemental attacks. When he is purple, he 
    will send a path of flames after you. Once he turns orange, he uses an attack 
    very similar to that of the sensor viruses. You should have fought some of 
    them in this area. Finally, when he is blue he sends out a snowflake attack, 
    just like those penguin viruses. Aside from those direct attacks, Darkman 
    will open up three dark holes at the top of each row on your side. Bats will 
    steadily fly out of them for a while. Simply simply stealing a panel and 
    staying on it can avoid this attack. After those bats are done with, Darkman 
    will use a "Shadow axe", one of a shadow virus's attacks. While you're 
    dodging all this, just keep hitting him with your attacks, and he'll go down 
    in no time. He can sometimes move quickly, so be sure to time your attacks 
     Once he's done with continue on to the second area.
    -Secret Area 2-
     This whole area is made of walkways that overlap other walkways. There are 
    several paths connecting walkways on the lower level, concealed by the 
    walkways above. Start by walking along the path until you reach a warp and a 
    monolith. If you have money to spend you can take the warp and walk down the 
    left path to reach a merchant. He's got a few HP Memories and some decent 
    chips, but he charges quite a bit for them. The only problem with reaching 
    him is that you have to delete a Number on the way. OK, once you're done 
    there go back and attack the monolith.
     After the 10 virus battle (remember to add recovery chips if you need to) 
    move on down the path to another warp. Take it and if you have completed all 
    the jobs walk down the right-most path to open a gate and grab an HP +500 NC 
    block! Now go back and take the center path this time. You will reach the 
    final warp. Take it and start walking down the path. Make a left and cross 
    the invisible path directly under the second walkway that overlaps yours. 
    Wait, there's a Number hidden there! Defeat it and continue up the path. Make 
    another left onto a path to the left and grab the HP Memory. Finally, go back 
    and continue up the path to reach the second guardian. You need at least 1 
    giga-class chip to open his gate. 
     The only giga-class chip you should have right now is either White's Navi
    Recycle * or Blue's Folder Back *. If you don't have one of them, you'll need
    to go back, jack out, and head to Hades Isle. Walk up to the top of the
    island and jack into the gargoyle there. Take the warp inside it and purchase
    your first giga-class chip from the merchant for 200 bug frag pieces.
     Now, go back to the gate and open it to fight...Japanman! Yeah, I know that 
    the name sucks, and Yamatoman is a much better name, but just bear with me. 
    HP: 1600
    Strategy: He will teleport randomly around the area and then appear in your 
    row and use one of 2 attacks. He will either thrust his spear at you(just 
    move over), or use his "thousand spear" attack. The column two spaces ahead 
    of him is attacked, so just don't stand there! In fact, you can stand right 
    in front of him while he uses it and nail him with a powerful attack! After 
    about half of his HP is gone he will use "Backup". This is where he gets 
    hard. You will have to finish him pretty soon or else you will be in trouble! 
    Little soldiers will march in one by one from the back of his area and steal 
    one panel at a time. They're very fast, but a quick buster shot can take care 
    of them. No matter how quick you are though, it's pretty much impossible to 
    stop them from taking over your side eventually, making you a sitting duck 
    for Japanman's attacks! You may want to save a P.A. to finish him quickly 
    once he uses this attack. 
     After he is defeated you are granted access to the final secret area...
    -Secret Area 3-
     Hope you brought your bug frags! There's a 10 bug frag trader in this area 
    that can give you some awesome chips (even V4 navi chips)! We'll get to that 
    later though. First you have to find all of the "friendly" virus families to 
    open a gate blocking your way. So go back and do that if you haven't already, 
    equip the "press" NC block and start running! When the path splits you can 
    take a right to reach a second half of the Scutlest virus family, or just 
    continue left. 
     You will soon reach a large platform with the bug frag trader, and a mystery 
    data containing Sanctuary C on it. That appears to be all that's here, but 
    it's not! Run along the west end of the platform to stumble upon an invisible 
    path that leads behind that rather large set of stairs to another monolith 
    and a blue mystery data behind it! This is a very special monolith; it 
    contains 20 battles instead of 10. The blue mystery data is very special as 
    well; it contains the Hub Batch NC block! Those 20 battles can be tough, but 
    it's worth it to get that block! After you destroy the monolith grab the data 
    and try it out! Don't forget that you will need an error code to use it. 
    Check the NC guide to find the correct code, and for a detailed explanation 
    of the block. 
     You may use up your bug frags if you wish, and then return to the start of 
    this area. Now take a left and confront the Number waiting there. After you 
    take it out, check the monolith for a nice 10 round virus battle. Now you 
    come to the most powerful Number in the game. There are 3 number 1's and they 
    each have 650 HP! Many people ask about this one, so I will give a strategy 
    for it:
    XXX|OON   X=Solid panel
    XXX|OOO   O=Empty panel
    XXX|ONN   N=Number
     Here's how it's set up. There are only a couple combos in the game that can 
    take out this Number! Here's the one I used: First use a grass stage. Then 
    get the chips for a heat spread P.A., a copy damage *, and an Atk +30 *(or 
    Fire +30). First load the copy damage, and then the heat spread P.A., then 
    the Atk+ 30. Use copy damage on the Number in the top right corner then 
    quickly shoot the Heat Spread P.A. at the other two.  The Heat Spread 
    normally does 300 damage, but it's increased to 330 by the Atk +30, and then 
    doubled to 660 by the grass stage! 
     The Number you just destroyed was guarding a Hole * chip. It's useless now, 
    but it will become very important later (so don't put it in the chip 
     Go back to where the monolith was and continue south follow the path up the 
    very large set of stairs you saw before to reach the final gate. You must 
    obtain all 200 standard class chips to open this door. You can check other 
    FAQs and the message board for their location. The bug frag trader is a good 
    source of rare chips. 
     Once you have them all return and open the gate. It will go dark and 
    Serenade, Undernet King will appear! After a brief chat it's time for battle!
    HP: 2000
    Strategy: If you try to hit Serenade any time other than when he uses the 
    holy shocker attack he will dodge it and send back an energy blast. There is 
    a way to damage him when he isn't using the attack though. If you area grab 
    him into one square he will be helpless and won't be able to dodge your 
    attacks. His attacks pack a punch, but they aren't too lethal. He will often 
    send an energy blast at you that moves a lot like Punk's zigzag attack. His 
    holy shocker that I mentioned before can do some nice damage, but you'll 
    usually hit him as soon as he uses it, so you shouldn't have to worry about 
    it. He will stand at the front row and he will smash your panels one by one, 
    with Megaman taking damage if he's on them when they're smashed. Just bring 
    some powerful chips and P.A.s, such as Muramasa, 2xHero, and Lifesword, you 
    should be fine. 
     Once Serenade falls the two of you will talk for a while and he will mention 
    that an old enemy is seeking Megaman, angry and powered by bugs. You will 
    also receive "Rank 1", making you the new Undernet King!
     Congratulations! You've finished the Secret Area mini quest! Just don't get 
    too excited, you've still got a lot ahead of you. 
     NOTE: You can now open the two curtains in Undernet 7.
    =Bass GS=
     After you've beaten Serenade and spent 300 or more bug frags in the bug frag 
    trader, you can combat an upgraded Bass! It seems that he did survive his 
    little trip into Alpha after all, but he was left very weak afterwards. The 
    multi-bug organism from MMBN2, Gospel, found him and they merged together to 
    survive. The new and improved Bass GS is powerful indeed but he seems to have 
    lost his memory and doesn't even remember Megaman, or his own name! By 
    putting bug frags into the bug trader, you were "feeding" him and now he's 
    ready for a fight! 
     After you put your last 10 bug frag pieces into the trader, Megaman will
    feel an earthquake, but nothing seems to happen. Exit, and return to the
    Secret Area. As long as you have defeated Serenade, there will be ghost navis
    at the end of each Secret Area, saying something about a massive power up
    ahead. Approach the Bug frag trader and you will meet him. Bass GS and
    Megaman will clash in one amazing battle! 
    Bass.EXE GS
    HP: 2000
    Strategy: Deadly. That's all I have to say about his attacks. Most of them do 
    300 points of damage, and his special low-HP attack does 500!!! No aura can 
    block that, and it would take out a 500 barrier in one hit! He's got the same 
    air burst attacks as before, but now he can also use Gospel's breath attack 
    and have Gospel's "paws" smash your panels! Oh, and did I mention his 200 
    aura he can regenerate? You've got your hands full with this guy. That aura 
    can be very annoying, but if you attack at the right time, you will only have 
    to break through it once. He will always regenerate his aura after he uses 
    his multi-air burst or his Earth Breaker. However, if you interrupt him with 
    a stunning attack before he completes his assault, he won't bring back the 
    aura. 2xHero is a very useful P.A. against him, and Protoman V3 is great for 
    destroying his aura. Step cross and a well-timed custsword can also do the 
    job. If you can, try using a B-coded chip that can break his aura followed up 
    by a 2xHero for a nice 700 damage. Once he has damaged you enough, a Muramasa 
    can take out a good chunk of his HP too, or you can use it to break through 
    his aura to hit him with another attack! Just pick some good chips for your 
    folder, and try to get lucky, you'll beat him eventually. 
     Your reward fits the task very well. For defeating the all-powerful Bass GS, 
    you get either White's Bass X or Blue's Bass+ X, your second giga-class chip!
    Remember, you must have an open dark hole on the panel in front of you to use
    it. What, you're disappointed?  You wanted Bass GS X, huh? Well, so did I,
    but unless you've got a Gameshark/Action Replay/Code Breaker or tickets to
    Japan and a time machine you will never have the privilege of unleashing it
    on an enemy!
     Bass GS is truly surprised at your power. Megaman tries to get him to 
    remember his past, but Bass GS teleports away shortly after losing. What does 
    the future have in store for him? Hopefully the upcoming N1 card battle and 
    EXE4 games will answer that. 
    NOTE: You can now open the blue door in Undernet 7. Behind it is a locked 
    GigaFolder1 NC block.
    =Time Trials=
     So you beat Bass GS, huh? You think you're the champ, you've conquered this 
    game, there's nothing left to do but toss out the cartridge, huh? WRONG 
    AGAIN! There are still a couple more mini quests to go, and here's the first 
     You will soon notice that there are several new navis in the Secret Area. 
    Each one of them has V2 navi data for you to fight. Serenade has set some 
    impressive records for each one and it's your job to top them all! There's a 
    catch though. You have to use your preset folder to fight them!
     The best NC setup for the time trials is a fstgauge NC block and a custom +1 
    or two if you have any. There are a couple folders that you should try using. 
    They are the Famous folder and the Apprentice folder. The Famous folder can 
    be found in the lobby of the DNN center. Talk with the scientist standing by 
    the counter in the back. The Apprentice folder is acquired by speaking with a 
    scientist standing near the tank you had to jack into earlier in ACDC. Take a 
    look at them both and pick your favourite. OK, we've got everything we need, 
    let's head to the Secret Area! 
     There will be navis surrounding the warp that you enter from. Starting from 
    the one in the south-west corner and going clockwise, you must beat:
    -Flashman in 10 seconds
    -Beastman in 30 seconds
    -Bubbleman in 40 seconds
    -Desertman in 45 seconds
    -Drillman in 45 seconds
    -Flameman in 40 seconds
    -Plantman in 40 seconds
     Once that's done with, head to Secret Area 2. All the navis here are next to 
    warps, except for one. Walk straight to the first warp and talk to the navi 
    standing near it to fight Metalman. Now take the warp and talk to the next
    navi t fight Gutsman. Take the warp back and and continue on the left path.
    Take another left and talk to the navi to fight Kingman. Now go back to the
    path and approach the next warp. Speak with the navi there to fight Mistman
    in White or Bowlman in Blue. Now take the warp and exit Secret Area 2.
    -Metalman in 20 seconds
    -Gutsman in 15 seconds
    -Kingman in 40 seconds
    -Mistman/Bowlman in 45 seconds
     There are only 3 navis in Secret Area 3, but they're tough! All three are at 
    the top of the stairs you took to fight Serenade. From left to right, you 
    must beat:
    -Darkman in 40 seconds
    -Yamatoman in 45 seconds
    -Protoman in 40 seconds
     It will be difficult, but once you've set new records for all 14 navis you 
    will receive either White's mighty Serenade S or Blue's impressive Darkness
    Aura A, your third giga chip (unless you've already gotten the net battling
    one)! Remember, to use the chip you must have an open dark hole in front of
    you. Boy, that Hole * chip just keeps getting more and more useful! 
    =Omega Navis and Alpha Omega=
     You've come a long way since you beat Alpha. You have all 200 of the 
    standard chips. You hold Rank 1 and are therefore the king of the Undernet. 
    Bass re-emerged more powerful than ever, and you stopped him in his tracks. 
    You defeated every V2 navi with limited chips and amazing speed. Just one 
    more mini quest awaits you, but even accessing it may be more difficult than 
    anything you've done before! 
     In order to fight the super-powered Omega Navis, you need 5 stars and a 
    special button code(more on that later). This is what you must do:
    -Defeat Alpha
    -Collect all standard class chips
    -Defeat Bass GS 
    -Complete Serenade time trials
    -Collect all 85 mega class chips
     Completing each one of these tasks will earn you a star next to "continue" 
    on the title screen. You should have completed 4 of these tasks already, so 
    all that's left is to get all the mega chips. 
     By now you probably have most of the non-navi mega chips. Here's a quick 
    list of them:
    Atk +30
    Navi +40
     *Don't ask me to type their locations, there are other FAQs for that*
     If you have all of these, then you're ready to collect the navi chips. 
    Getting the V1,V2, and V3 chips are just a matter of defeating the navi's 
    V2/V3 version quick enough (see V2 and V3 navi section for specific 
    locations). It's the V4's that might give you trouble. There are two ways to 
    get them. Defeat the navi's V3 form with an S rank in under 20 seconds with a 
    Team style, or get it from the bug frag trader. Your best bet is to get a 
    Team style (use lots of navi chips to defeat enemies) and get as many of the 
    V4's as you can through the fighting method. If you find that some navi's are 
    just too strong to beat in under 20 seconds with an S rank, you can always 
    save up and try your luck at the bug frag trader. Yes, this can be 
    frustrating, but it's really the only way besides GameShark/Action 
    Replay/Code Breaker to get the chips. 
     After you complete that task (if you ever do), you will have the opportunity 
    to challenge the Omega navis!
    =Fighting Omega Navis=
     Go to the title screen, move the cursor to Continue, hold left on the D-Pad, 
    and enter this code: "L-L-R-L-R-L-R-R" You should hear a sound and the stars 
    will move closer together. Resume your game and go to the following 
    locations. You must first fight 3 rounds of Omega virus battles, and then the 
    Omega navi will appear. For defeating it you get it's V5 chip!
    -Bottom right area of Dex's PC (Gutsman)
    -Empty platform in top right area of Hades Isle lower level (Protoman)
    -Principal's PC 2 near where the ranked ghost navi was (Flashman)
    -Zoo Comp. Area 3 where Sneakrun NC block was (Beastman)
    -Yoka Area 2 where an HP memory was (Bubbleman)
    -DNN van outside the DNN building (Desertman)
    -Dead end at the bottom left corner of Hospital Area 3 (Plantman)
    -Next to the top left torch in Undernet 3 (Flameman)
    -End of the platform where you fought Drillman in Undernet 5 (Drillman)
    -Dead end in Tomako's Home Page (Metalman)
    -Control panel next to the door on the second floor of the DNN building 
    -Left side of DNN battle console (Mistman)
    -Right side of DNN battle console (Bowlman)
    -Dead end on the left side of Secret Area 1 (Darkman)
    -Platform where Antinavi M was in Secret Area 2 (Japanman)
    -Platform where you fought Serenade in Secret Area 3 (Serenade)
    -Platform where you got Hub Patch NC block in Secret Area 3 (Bass GS)
     The good news is that they don't have any new attacks or movement patterns, 
    so all the strategies you used on their others versions will work on them, 
    just take a little longer. 
     Once you've had your fun with all those navi's, another star will appear on 
    the title screen! Alpha Omega is your next opponent, but you have to do 
    something else first.
     You need 7 stars to fight him, but you only have 6 right now. The final star 
    is acquired by completing all 32 P.A.s. Yep; you guessed it, look in another 
    FAQ for a list of them! 
    =Fighting Alpha Omega=
     Get ready for one final fight! This is the last challenge for you to 
    complete. Prepare your chips and NC and head to Castle Wily. Trek all the way 
    through it and confront Wily...again. Pulse in and reach Bass and the 
    Guardian program...again. Defeat Bass, who will seem pathetically easy after 
    fighting Bass Omega. Now fight Alpha...again. But wait! He's different this 
    time, he's got 3000 HP! Say hello to Alpha Omega, your final challenge! 
    You've already taken him out once, so you can use the same strategy as before 
    if you like, or try something new. Either way, it will be a challenging 
    fight. Here's a quick review of his attacks:
    -His "arms" with swipe at you first vertically, then horizontally (when he's 
    low on HP, Alpha Omega's arms will turn gold and crack the panels they move 
    -He can shoot at you will shoulder mounted blasters
    -He can blast a laser into the ground, cracking panels and sending out a 
    -He can launch a huge missile into the back of your area sending an explosion 
    at you that you can dodge by moving to the front column 
    -He can also use a electric type of attack that sends a bolt of energy down 
    the center row, then the top and bottom, then the center again (repeat about 
    10 times)
     Because he has so much HP, be sure to attack only when his core is exposed, 
    you can afford to waste many attacks. For defeating that freak, you will get 
    your next giga-class chip, either White's Alpha Arm Sigma V or Blue's Alpha
    Arm Omega V. Just check your pack after the ending and the chip will be there. 
     Congrats! You now have all 7 stars, and you have truly completed the game! 
    Well, maybe not truly completed...
    =Even More Extras=
    -Balance and Delta Ray Edge-
     There's one more chip for you to get, but you need someone to netbattle to 
    get it. This is the netbattle version-exclusive giga-class chip. White gets
    Balance Y, a chip which cuts both you and your opponents' HP in half, a real
    double-edged sword. Blue, on the other hand, gets Delta Ray Edge Z,
    Protoman's special attack. To get the chip you must netbattle in a middle
    class arena, and both players need to have at least 1 star. The winner of the
    match has approximately a 1 in 32 chance of getting the chip. Oh, one more
    thing. It has to be a "Real" battle, not a practice. 
    -Special Ending-(Japanese version ONLY!)
     If you defeat Alpha with a library of 200/85/20, you will get to see a 
    special picture of Megaman and Lan at the end. 
    -Tomes Treasure-
    (I did not discover this. This info is from the Translation guide by David 
    Broyles. I was informed of it through E-mail from another person. The E-mail 
    was deleted though, so I don't know that person's name, but I'd like to thank 
    them as well)
     This is a very good secret and definitely belongs in my FAQ. One of the last 
    few jobs you can accept involves collecting tomes for a navi. If you get them 
    all and return to the navi, you will receive a Fstgauge *. It's not a bad 
    reward, but the job is pretty hard, don't you deserve something better? If 
    you examine the statue in the teachers room when you have all 3 tomes in your 
    possession (before giving them back) you can get an awesome treasure! I'll 
    let you guys find out what it is for yourselves! HINT: It's a whole bunch of 
     Remember, if there is any extra info you'd like to contribute or request, 
    just ask! 
    =V2 and V3 Navi Locations=
    V2-Dead end near entrance to ACDC square
    V3-Random encounter in ACDC Area 2
    V2-Dead end in lower section of Science Area 1. 
    V3-Random encounter in Lan's dog house
    V2-Dead end on the way to the bug frag merchant in Yoka Area 1 
    V3-Random encounter in Beach Area 1(HP must be low) 
    V2-In Beach Area 1, the top-right corner of the large platform
    V3-Random encounter in the T.V. at the Inn
    V2-Take a right upon entering Undernet 4 and follow the path and when you see 
    a warp up ahead make another right onto the dead end
    V3-Random encounter in Hospital Area 3
    V2-Dead end directly below the blue one-way panels in Undernet 5
    V3-Random encounter in Yoka Area 1
    V2-Behind the bug frag merchant in Undernet 6
    V3-Random encounter in Hades Isle
    V2-Dead end in south path in Secret Area 1
    V3-Random encounter in Undernet 6
    V2-Dead end in a vertical path in Secret Area 2
    V3-Random encounter inside the armor at the Inn
     All other navis (excluding Mistman/BowlMan, Bass, and Serenade) can be
    fought by speaking with their respective operators at the proper time(s) in
    the storyline. 
    You can fight Mistman/BowlMan by speaking with him in the DNN battle console,
    and of course Bass and Serenade have no V2 and V3 forms!
    Special thanks to Zidanet for being the first one to inform me about the 
    Omega Navis and Alpha Omega
    Special thanks to Mega Boy for creating the maps I used for reference in much 
    of my Secret Area walkthrough
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Their respective trademark and copyright holders own all trademarks and 
    copyrights contained in this document.
    Copyright 2003 Jake Henkie
    White Version details added by Altimadark, with permission from Jake Henkie

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