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    7 Stars FAQ by freezeman

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 07/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue
                            7 Stars FAQ version 1.20
                                                               written by Freezeman
    Table of Contents                                 
    I.   Megaman Battle Network Story
    II.  What are these Stars and their purpose?
    III. Obtaining the Stars and Unlocking Secrets
    IV.  Legal Info
    V.   Credits
    VI.  Frequently Asked Questions
    VII. Contacting Me
    VIII.Author's Final Note
                           Megaman Battle Network Story
    20 years before the setting of the game, Tadashi Hikari, grandfather of 
    Netto(Lan) and Saito( Hub), was the top scientist in all of Japan, and probably
    the world. After inventing networks and PETs, he embarked on his largest 
    project to date, a prototype internet society that would link every network 
    together, the basis of the future net society in which they all live. This 
    prototype, called Proto (Alpha), had to be thoroughly tested and refined before
    it would be ready for the world to use. And so for 10 years, it was studied and
    worked on and put through all sorts of the most rigorous testing. Then, one 
    day, all of the networks connected to Proto for testing were suddenly went 
    haywire. After careful study, the scientists on the project concluded that it 
    was not Proto which was glitched, but another project that the science labs 
    were working on, the auto program navi project led by a brilliant young 
    programmer named Cossack. The project had designed the world's first automatic 
    navi, one that could carry all its own chips, access networks without human 
    help, and even included a special Get Ability program Cossack had designed that
    let the navi copy any chip or program and adapt it to himself. That navi was 
    called Forte. However, because the timing of the testing of Forte coincided 
    with the strange occurrence with Proto, the scientists blamed Forte. The 
    project was deemed a failure and Forte found to be too dangerous, so sent the 
    strongest Navis designed by the Officials, the Navi Elite Unit, to delete him. 
    Just in time, Forte was able to save himself and escape, but he was horribly 
    scarred from the battle (hence the cloak he wears to cover the wound). Ever 
    since that day he had been wandering the net, fighting off viruses in daily 
    battles for survival. Over time he collected the strongest powers he could 
    find, challenging the most powerful navis on the net, determined that he'd one 
    day gain the ultimate power, and sit in judgement of those pathetic humans who 
    turned on him and cast him into the dark recesses of the net.
        Meanwhile, believing Forte to be gone, the scientists expected that the
    problem with Proto would be solved. Really, it was on the beginning. For years,
    a bug had been growing and multiplying inside Proto undetected, increasing in
    power and even developing a sort of intelligence, a basic instinct. Like an
    amoeba, it started absorbing and feeding off programs and navis, growing larger
    and stronger. One day it showed itself, by devouring all the networks connected
    to it. The scientists scrambled to find a way to destroy the bug anomaly, but 
    it was too powerful for the current technology, all attempts only made the
    situation worse. Another scientist, Dr. Urakawa, developed a powerful hindrance
    program, Giga Freeze, that could potentially freeze Proto, but this cure turned
    out to be potentially worse than the disease, since only the most powerful 
    Navis could handle it, and one mistake in using it could freeze the entire net
    forever. With his dream of networks becoming like a nightmare, Tadashi 
    developed the "Guardian", a barrier which would contain Proto until a solution 
    could be found. Feeling responsible, he attempted a daring operation that would
    place his mind and even his soul into the Guardian, to watch over Proto 
    personally and ensure his monster would never harm the world. Finaly, after 
    about a week of devouring everything in sight, Proto's activity began to slow. 
    Tadashi used the time to put his plan into action. It was a success, and Proto 
    was contained. After the incident, which was later called the Proto Rebellon, 
    Proto was sealed away into the highest level top secret in the science network,
    protected by the tetra code, sealed away, they hoped, forever. Cossack, 
    saddened by the failure of Forte, left the science labs and started an 
    independant navi development company, which would later become one of the most 
    successful in the world. The dangerous Giga Freeze was sealed far away from the
    mainstream society by Dr. Urakawa into the enormous, shady network area known 
    as the Ura Internet. Its obscurity would later make it a popular hangout for 
    the criminal population of the net, for whom the original purpose of the area 
    was unknown. The Giga Freeze would be protected by the Ura Rank navis, some of 
    the strongest in the net. If ever a day came when the program would be used, 
    only a navi who could climb the Ura ranks would be strong enough to use the 
        Fast forward 10 years, to NetMafia Gospel. After failing in his attempt at
    creating a Dream Virus to destroy his old rival's network society, Dr. Wily hid
    out for a while to rebuild his ranks. One day in the net he came across a 
    lonely boy who had lost his parents. The boy, Shun Obihiro, had become quite 
    wealthy from his parents' death, but was angry at the world and lost in remorse
    (remember the boy from Megaman battle network 2...the end boss kid). Wily saw 
    an opportunity, and began manipulating the boy into doing his dirty work for
    him. He convinced the boy that the world was corrupt, and that he should take
    control of the net, wipe out the old ways and create a new order. At first 
    Wily's plan was to use the boy to create chaos, but then Wily discovered 
    information on Proto, and developed a new plan to use Proto to destroy the Net 
    for him. But to break the Guardian program, it would require the assistance of 
    an enormously powerful navi. He decided the legendary navi Forte, who could 
    copy any power, was the perfect one for the job. Wily attempted to make his own
    Forte by fusing bugs with special programs he had the boy gather for him. In 
    fact, he sould be able to make as many Fortes as he wanted. However, this ended
    in failure as well, as bug fusion could not create a true Forte, but instead a 
    multibug organism with great but uncontrollable power. However, the attempt did
    catch the attention of the real Forte, who took it upon himself to destroy the 
    remaining copies of himself running around. Wily struck a deal with Forte to 
    help him destroy the Guardian, convincing him that absorbing the Guardian's 
    power would make him the strongest in the world. Although he cared little for 
    Wily or his plots, the thought of such power was too tempting, and the two 
    formed a wary alliance.
        Also around this time, the rumors circulating of the mysterious black navi
    caught the attention of Dr. Cossack, who took it upon himself to find Forte and
    stop him if he was really still out there.
        Skip a bunch and fast forward to the end of the game, Proto is stolen by
    Wily and Proto Bugs have begun leaking out all over the net, creating paths to
    blocked off systems, even into military computers around the world. However,
    the core of Proto was still sealed. As Netto and his friends invade the WWW
    base, Wily and Forte prepare to destroy the final Guardian and set Proto free.
    Wily uses the Pulse Transmission System to plug himself into the net, and Netto
    and Rockman come in after him. As they arrive, Forte shatters the Guardian with
    his powerful Earth Breaker, and absorbs its power. Rockman and Forte do battle,
    which Rockman wins. Forte is awestuck, but Wily is indifferent, remarking that
    he was hoping the two would destroy each other, but no matter. He reaveals that
    now that the Guardian was destroyed, Proto would flood the net, destroying the
    network society and plunging the world into anarchy. He laughs as Proto absorbs
    the battle-weakened Forte, but his joy is short lived when Proto swallows Wily
    as well. Rockman and Netto use all their power to delete Proto, and to their
    surprise, find a doorway where Proto stood. Inside, they meet the ghost of 
    their grandfather, who had met them only when they were babies. After a 
    heartfelt reunion, Tadashi gives them a letter to give to their dad before 
    Proto begins to collapse. Confident that the future of the world is in good 
    hands, Tadashi is finally ready to leave the mortal coil. He stays in the 
    collapsing Proto while Lan and MegaMan make their way out. While pausing for 
    only a moment, the two are swallowed by Proto, and Rockman decides to use the 
    last of his power to blow Lan free and back to his body. He bids his brother 
    goodbye, and Lan is expelled from the network. The others find him and the 
    group returns for a reunion with family and friends. Meanwhile, Forte barely 
    managed to escape death yet again, but this time he's extremely weak. To his 
    surprise, he is found by Gospel, the wolf-like partial clone of himself, who 
    had regenerated from bugs which were spread across the net after his initial 
    destruction. More surprising, Forte realizes that the creature wants to help 
    him, and the two are joined and begin to regenerate using bug power, forming 
    the more powerful Forte GS.
        Weeks go by, and Lan is about to start the 6th grade. After going to sleep
    on the day before beginning the new semester, his father arrives home with
    Lan's new navi, which he installs into Lan's PET. When awakened the next
    morning by a familiar voice, Lan is overwhelmed to see MegaMan alive and well
    again, on a bright day of new beginnings.
                        What are these Stars and their purpose?
    These 7 Stars represent certain accomplishments you make in this game, as for 
    doing things, beating certain people, and getting chips.  These things will be 
    covered in the next topic.  As for their purpose, some of the stars open new 
    areas of the game for you to explore, allow you to battle certain people that 
    were not accesable before you get one, and again this will be covered in the 
    next section.
                       Obtaining the Stars and Unlocking Secrets
    There are 7 Stars total for you to collect (yellow, green, light blue, blue, 
    purple, red, and orange). Here's how to get them:
    Yellow Star: Defeat Alpha ----- 
    Alpha (the main story boss) is kind of tough when you first meet him, so I 
    would suggest using the MasterStyle PA (Salamander, Fountain, Bolt, GiaBlade).
    Once you beat him, you'll view the credits and the title menu will come up, and
    then you'll see your first star.	
    Green Star: Defeat Bass GS -----
    Now that you have your first star (the yellow one) you can enter the secret 
    area if you have abtained atleast 100 standard chips, but you cant fight Bass 
    GS yet. Once you make your way to the end of secret area 3, you'll encounter 
    the door of honor, which Serenade is behind.  You must beat Serenade first 
    before you can find Bass GS.  To get past the door, you must obtain all 200 
    standard class chips.  Once you have defeated Serenade, head over to the bug 
    frag trader in secret area 3, use it 30 times (or 300 bug frags total), then 
    you will hear a loud growl (this one will cause megaman to say something). From
    there, exit the secret area, and the undernet, then jack back in and head for 
    the bug frag trader (there will be ghost navis at the end of each area telling
    you of a great but evil power up ahead), when you reach the platform with the 
    trader on it, save, then walk towards it and Bass GS will appear.  Beat him to 
    obtain the Green Star. 
    Light Blue Star: Beat Serenade's Time Trial ----- 
    Once you have beaten Bass GS, you will then receive his chip(depending on the 
    version you have), then take notice, there will be numerous undernet looking 
    navis all over the secret areas. Each one of them has a beta series(v2) navi 
    that is available for battle. Once you beat every navi you will receive the 
    Dark Aura(blue) or Serenade(white) chip. But theres a catch. You have to beat 
    each navi in a certain time limit using your extra folder. My advice would be 
    to use the "N1FldrC", the one with the 3 snake chips, 4 panlout3 chips, and 2 
    area grab chips. Equip the Fastguage NC Block and use the area grabs first, 
    then use as many panlout3s as you can, then you can use the snakes (also note 
    that the folder contains and attack +10 and a wood +30, so use them with the 
    snakes). This may take a few times to get the hang of it, but beleive me, this 
    does work.
    Blue Star: Obtain all 200 Standard Class Chips ----- 
    This is obtained just how it states. You have to obtain all 200 of the Standard
    Class Chips. (There are other FAQs for this and it would take up to much space
    to put them here).
    Purple Star: Obtain all 85 Mega Class Chips -----
    This again is obtain just how it states. Mega Class Chips are mostly Navi chips
    and some others. V4 Navi chips ARE part of the Mega Class, and can be obtained 
    by the V3 Navis if, and only if, you are using any form of the "team style," 
    and beat that Navi in 20 seconds or less, and aquire and "S" busting level. 
    Also note that V1-V4 Navi chips can be found in the bugfrag trader in secret 
    area 3.
    *IMPORTANT*After you get the first five stars, the Omega (or SP) Navis will 
    appear on the Net after you enter a special code on the opening screen. After 
    obtaining five stars, highlight Continue at the title screen, hold left, and 
    input this code (using the should buttons):  RRLRLRLL
    The stars should move closer together. You can now find and fight the SP navis.
    Red Star: Defeat all 15 Omega (SP) Navis -----
    When you defeat these SP Navis you will receive their V5 Navi chips (these 
    chips are considered Giga Class Chips). Here are the locations of all SP Navis:
    FlashMan Omega: Principal's PC 2 
    BeastMan Omega: Zoo Computer 3, where you found the DashRun NCP
    BubbleMan Omega: Yoka Net 2, dead end (where you found an HPMemory)
    DesertMan Omega: Top-right corner of the DNN Van
    PlantMan Omega: dead end in Hospital Computer 3
    FlamMan Omega: topleft torch in the area you fought his version one in 
    Undernet 3
    DrillMan Omega: Undernet 5 where you fought his version one
    GutsMan Omega: bottom-left part of Dex's homepage
    MetalMan Omega: dead end in Tamako's homepage
    KingMan Omega: DNN building, in control panel by editing room door
    BowlMan Omega: NetBattle Machine in the DNN studio
    MistMan Omega: same place as BowlMan 
    DarkMan Omega: top-left dead end (where you found Geddon3) in Secret Net 1
    JapanMan Omega: Secret 2 (where you found the antinavi) found by invisable path
    ProtoMan Omega: small square area in Hades Net
    Serenade Omega: where you fought him the first time
    Bass Omega: where you found SaitoBatch (Hubbatc NCB) 
    *****Note: There is NO Punk Omega or Punk version chip of anykind.You can only 
    take on Alpha Omega AFTER earning the last two stars (red and orange). He will 
    be in the same area you fought him in the first time.Defeating him in Blue 
    Version gets you AlphaArm Omega, White Version earns you AlphaArm Sigma.***** 
    Orange Star: Complete your P.A. library by pulling off all 32 
    Program Advances -----
    Pulling off all 32 PAs is not as easy as it sounds, so I have listed them all 
    here. *Note: Combos for PAs are running left to right, not up and down.*
    1)Z-Canon 1--- Unlimited Cannon for 5 seconds.
         Cannon A     Cannon B     Cannon C
         Cannon B     Cannon C     Cannon D	
         Cannon C     Cannon D     Cannon E 
    2)Z-Canon 2--- Unlimited Hi Cannon for 5 seconds.
         Hi Cannon H    Hi Cannon I     Hi Cannon J
         Hi Cannon I    Hi Cannon J     Hi Cannon K
         Hi Cannon J    Hi Cannon K     Hi Cannon L
    3)Z-Canon 3--- Unlimited M-Cannon for 5 seconds.
         M-Cannon O     M-Cannon P     M-Cannon Q
         M-Cannon P     M-Cannon Q     M-Cannon R
         M-Cannon Q     M-Cannon R     M-Cannon S
    4)Z-Punch--- Unlimited GutsPunch for 5 seconds.
         GutsPnch B     GutsPnch C     GutsPnch D
         GutsPnch C     GutsPnch D     GutsPnch E
         GutsPnch D     GutsPnch E     GutsPnch F
    5)Z-Straight--- Unlimited GutsStraight for 5 seconds.
         GutsStraight O     GutsStraight P     GutsStraight Q
         GutsStraight P     GutsStraight Q     GutsStraight R
         GutsStraight Q     GutsStraight R     GutsStraight S
    6)Z-Impact--- Unlimited GutsImpact for 5 seconds.
         GutsImpact G     GutsImpact H     GutsImpact I
         GutsImpact H     GutsImpact I     GutsImpact J
         GutsImpact I     GutsImpact J     GutsImpact K
    7)Z-Variable--- Unlimited varswrd use for 5 seconds.
         VarSwrd B     VarSwrd C     VarSwrd D
         VarSwrd C     VarSwrd D     VarSwrd E
         VarSwrd D     VarSwrd E     VarSwrd F
    8)Z-Yo-Yo 1--- Unlimited Yo-Yo 1 for 5 seconds.
         Yo-Yo 1 C     Yo-Yo 1 D     Yo-Yo 1 E
         Yo-Yo 1 D     Yo-Yo 1 E     Yo-Yo 1 F
         Yo-Yo 1 E     Yo-Yo 1 F     Yo-Yo 1 G
    9)Z-Yo-Yo 2--- Unlimited Yo-Yo 2 for 5 seconds.
         Yo-Yo 2 H     Yo-Yo 2 I     Yo-Yo 2 J
         Yo-Yo 2 I     Yo-Yo 2 J     Yo-Yo 2 K
         Yo-Yo 2 J     Yo-Yo 2 K     Yo-Yo 2 L
    10)Z-Yo-Yo 3--- Unlimited Yo-Yo 3 for 5 seconds.
         Yo-Yo 3 M     Yo-Yo 3 N     Yo-Yo 3 O
         Yo-Yo 3 N     Yo-Yo 3 O     Yo-Yo 3 P
         Yo-Yo 3 O     Yo-Yo 3 P     Yo-Yo 3 Q
    11)Z-Step 1--- Unlimited Stepsword for 5 seconds.
         Stepswrd L     Stepswrd M     Stepswrd N
         Stepswrd M     Stepswrd N     Stepswrd O
         Stepswrd N     Stepswrd O     Stepswrd P
    12)Z-Step 2--- Unlimited StepCross for 5 seconds.
         StepCros P     StepCros Q     StepCros R
         StepCros Q     StepCros R     StepCros S
         StepCros R     StepCros S     StepCros T
    13)BubSprd--- Attacks w/ spreading bubbles!
         Bubbler   C     Bubbler   D      Bubbler  E
         Bub-V     D     Bub-V     E      Bub-V    F
         BublSide  E     BublSide  F      BublSide G
         Bubbler   E     Bub-V     E      BublSide E
    14)HeatSprd--- Attacks w/ spreading fireball!
         HeatShot  H      HeatShot I     HeatShot  J
         Heat-V    I      Heat-V   J     Heat-V    K
         HeatSide  J      HeatSide K     HeatSide  L
         HeatShot  J      Heat-V   J     HeatSide  J
    15)H-Burst--- Firing a 5-hit Spreader that deals 100 damage per hit.
         Spreader M     Spreader N     Spreader O
         Spreader N     Spreader O     Spreader P
         Spreader O     Spreader P     Spreader Q
    16)LifeSwrd--- Swings a huge 2x3 sword!
         Sword E     WideSword E     LongSword E
         Sword L     WideSword L     LongSword L
         Sword Y     WideSword Y     LongSword Y
    17)ElemSwrd--- Wide sword contains 4 elements.
         FireSwrd N      AquaSwrd N     ElecSwrd N      BambSwrd N
         FireSwrd P      AquaSwrd P     ElecSwrd P      BambSwrd P
    18)EvilCut--- Megaman uses 3 sword swipes.
         StepSwrd P     HeroSwrd P     StepCros P
    19)H-Ratton--- Megaman shoots 1 Ratton doing major damage.
         Ratton 1 A     Ratton 2 A     Ratton 3 A
         Ratton 1 C     Ratton 2 C     Ratton 3 C
         Ratton 1 F     Ratton 2 F     Ratton 3 F
    20)TimeBom+--- Sets Time Bomb in enemy area.
         TimeBomb J     TimeBomb K     TimeBomb L
         TimeBomb K     TimeBomb L     TimeBomb M
         TimeBomb L     TimeBomb M     TimeBomb N
    21)GelRain--- Summons 6 Metgels to steal area.
         MetGel 1 B     MetGel 1 C     MetGel 1 D
         MetGel 2 E     MetGel 2 F     MetGel 2 G
         MetGel 3 S     MetGel 3 T     MetGel 3 U
    22)EverCrse--- Megaman Summons endless CrsShield 'till enemies death.
         CrsShield 1 C     CrsShield 2 C     CrsShield 3 C 
         CrsShield 1 L     CrsShield 2 L     CrsShield 3 L
    23)MthrQuake--- GodStone appears, sends 3 rocks for 3 turns.
         RockCube *     RockCube *     GodStone S
    24)PoisPhar--- Summons purple Pharoman, poisons enemy area 2x fast as Anubis.
         PoisMask A     PoisFace A     Anubis A
    25)BodyGrd--- Bodyguard takes out enemies.
         AntiDmg M     AntiNavi M     Muramasa M
    26)500Barrier--- Summons are Barrier that nullifies 500 damage.
         Barrier E     Barrier100 E     Barrier200 E
         Barrier R     Barrier100 R     Barrier200 R
    27)BigHeart--- Summons Roll to attack and recovers 300 HP.
         HolyPnl R     Recover300 R     Roll R
         HolyPnl R     Recover300 R     Roll V2 R
         HolyPnl R     Recover300 R     Roll V3 R
    28)GtsShoot--- Gutsman throws MegaMan at enemy straight ahead.
         Guard *     DashAtk G     Gutsman G
         Guard *     DashAtk G     Gutsman V2 G
         Guard *     DashAtk G     Gutsman V3 G
         Guard *     DashAtk G     Gutsman V4 G
    29)DeuxHero--- MegaMan and ProtoMan team up!
         CustSwrd B     VarSwrd B     ProtoMan B
         CustSwrd B     VarSwrd B     ProtoMan V2 B
         CustSwrd B     VarSwrd B     ProtoMan V3 B
         CustSwrd B     VarSwrd B     ProtoMan V4 B
    30)2xHero--- MegaMan and ProtoMan dual attack.
         Slasher B      CustSwrd B      VarSwrd B      ProtoMan B				
         Slasher B      CustSwrd B      VarSwrd B      ProtoMan V2 B			           
         Slasher B      CustSwrd B      VarSwrd B      ProtoMan V3 B
         Slasher B      CustSwrd B      VatSwrd B      ProtoMan V4 B
    31)GPPower--- Bowlman/Kingman are summoned to do damage.
         Team 1 *     Team 2 *     Bowlman V5 B
         Team 1 *     Team 2 *     Kingman V5 K
         Team 1 *     Team 2 *     Mistman V5 M
    32)MstrStyl--- MegaMan unleashes his power.
         Salamndr *     Fountain *     Bolt *     GaiaBlad *
                                      Legal Info
    This FAQ was written by me, Freezeman, and may NOT be used by any other sites 
    besides "www.gamefaqs.com" and "http://angelfire.com/games5/freezeman_megaman" 
    (my site). If you see any other sites using this FAQ, please notify me at once.
    Thank you. Megaman and all related items are a Trade Mark(TM) of Capcom.
    Here are a list of people who helped me with their information and/or made a 
    difference in the creation of this FAQ.
    -----Capcom- for making a awesome game.
    -----Marshmallowman- for the story.
    -----Omega Z- for correcting my information on Mistman for 6th star.
    -----Zidanet129- for the locations of all the Omega (SP) Navis, and numerous 
         corrections on my PA list.
                               Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are Frequently Asked Questions on the Gamefaqs Message Board:
    How do you get <insert star here>?
    >>>please read this FAQ.
    Do you get to battle Protoman?
    >>>Yes, obtain the yellow star and head over to Hades Island top8 elimination 
    What is the star-ID and the 100 fragments of power?
    >>>The star-ID is the Yellow Star you get from beating Alpha and the 100 
       fragments of power is 100 standard chips
    I can't beat the Time Trials, what should I do?
    >>>Please read that stars section carefully and use that folder, it may take a 
       few times, but this strategy does work.                      
                                     Contacting Me
    If any of the information above is inaccurate, or you feel I have missed 
    something please contact me at Freezeman@gamingp.zzn.com. Please be considerate
    and remember that I have limited space on that email and please do not spam me.
    You will be credited if you give me any information and I put it in this FAQ. 
    Thank you.
                                  Author's Final Note
    Thank you for reading my guide.  I hope it helped you in your search to 
    complete this game. 
    version 0.75- made innitial FAQ
    version 0.90- completed another(3rd) Star, and started last one(PA Star)
    version 1.00- completed everything (minor changes may be needed)
    version 1.20-- added another Omega Navi, changed several PAs and part of a star

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