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    Time Trials FAQ by Shadowboy

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    English GBA Version
    Version 2.4
    By: Shadowboy
    Megaman Battle Network 3 WHITE/BLUE Or RockMan.EXE and all related contents and
    images are originally copyrighted to Capcom.
    This is something new in Battle Network 3... TIME TRIALS... You can only
    do the time trials after defeating Serenade the Underking. You should have 3 stars by then.
    Time trials are trials where you have to defeat a Version 2 navi within a time limit but
    you can only use the Extra Folder. A folder that cannot be modified. This guide is to help
    players beat the Time Trials.
    The Characters
    Lan Hikari - Main Goofy character
    MegaMan.EXE - Lan's brother and Navi, duh...
    Mayl - Lan's good friend, she has a crush on Lan
    Roll.EXE - Mayl's Navi, a good friend of MegaMan
    Dex - Lan's best friend, but arrogant
    GutsMan.EXE - Dex's net Navi
    Chisao - Dex's little brother from Netopia
    Yai - Mayl's short friend
    Glyde.EXE - Yai's navi is considered more like a butler than a navi
    Lord Wily - Evil scientist, leader of the WWW
    Tora - Lan's new friend in the N1 Grand prix, calls Yai a Forehead
    KingMan.EXE - Tora's Navi
    Chaud - Lan's rival, the youngest Official netbattler, very Proud and arrogant
    ProtoMan.EXE - Chaud's honorable navi
    Serenade.EXE - The underking of Mercy
    Bass.EXE - A strong navi who travels the Cyber world facing the strong, hates humans
    Maromu - A Boy in a wheelchair, Undernet Administrator
    Sean - Former Gospel leader, close to Lan's Dad
    Dr.Hikari - Lan's Dad, nice guy
    Lan's Mother - Lan's Mother, great cook according to Tora
    Higsby - Former WWW Member, owns NumberMan and a chip shop
    The rest of the characters are not important right now but... what the heck...
    Rei Saiko - Owner of FlashMan
    Inukai Takeo - Owner of BeastMan
    BubbleMan - Fat chubby fish Navi
    Sunayama - Owner of DesertMan
    Anetta - Owner of PlantMan
    Mr.Match - Owner of FlameMan(This guy's irritating)
    DrillMan - BubbleMan's cousin
    DarkMan - Evil assasin navi
    JapanMan or YamatoMan - SciLab Elite Corps leader but left to join as Serenade's
    right hand man.
    Alpha - The last boss of this game, little is known about it
    Jennifer - Netbattler of Netopia, last seen in MegaMan Battle Network 2
    Raoul - Owner of ThunderMan in Battle Network 2
    Masa - Owner of SharkMan in Battle Network 1, he lost to KingMan??? What a shame...
    CopyMan - Cold hearted Rank 3 Navi that sacrificed Rank 4, 5 and 6 to take down MegaMan
    Mr.Famous - Cool Scientist, owns Punk.EXE
    Tamako - Owner of MetalMan
    Ribitta - Owner of ToadMan, reporter for DNN
    What good are they??? Well basically you can test your abilities as well as earning
    either a Serenade S chip or a Dark Aura A chip depending on your version.
    But there's one good thing about this, you can modify the Navi Cust into the
    best one yet, only the Extra Folder is the difficult part.
    If you win a time trial, the black navi whom you spoke to will be happy for you and
    say Serenade will reward you if you complete all the time trials. The last Black navi you beat
    will give you the chip listed in Part 2.
    You must not sell this product and claim it as your own.
    This product was written by Shadowboy and nobody else.
    Only can be found in Gamefaqs.com
    If not, then tell me quickly.
    I also want to thank Capcom for this wondeful game.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Return to Secret Area 3 to Serenade's spot at the top of the stairs.A trio
    of Navis await at the top and each one has a challenge for you. You can
    choose to take on timed battles against DarkManV2, JapanManV2 and ProtoManV2
    using your Extra Folder. Each Navi must be deleted within 45 Seconds except
    JapanManV2 which is 40 Seconds. If you can't beat them, return to the surface
    and pick the folder you think best suits these challenges.Note that you need not
    break down any Number statues for these Time Trials.
    Fire Tower 150 dmg - He will use Fire Tower at the start of the battle
    Killer's Beam 150 dmg - When he's orange, he will use this if same row
    Ice Wave 150 dmg - Shoot a 2 Sq. ice wave if on same row
    Dark Shadow 150 dmg - Shadow's attack of knives!
    Black Wing 75 dmg - Bats come out of this hole
    Recommended Folder: App.Folder
    Why: The Prism and HeatSpread Combo should lower DarkMan's HP to 1000 so use the remaining
    RndmMeteor and Metalman chips to finish the job.
    Thousand Spear 150 dmg - He will use a Sq. away so go Left or right ot dodge this as it
    does 450 dmg in 1 hit
    Spinning Reflect 200 dmg - He will reflect your attack
    Straight Spear 200 dmg - If on last most row, he will use this
    Backup 150 dmg - Once half of his HP is gone, he will send tiny men to steal panels
    Recommended Folder: N1 Folder C
    Why: Using 2 Areagrabs then 4 panelOuts then 3 Snake chips(First Atk+10, Wood+30)
    should amount to 960 dmg Plus 480 dmg Plus 480 dmg = A whopping 1920 Dmg!!!
    Sonicboom 150 dmg - Shoots a sonicboom 2 Sq. wide
    Wide sword 150 dmg - Zooms in and uses a wide sword
    Fighter sword 150 dmg - Zooms in and use a Fighter Sword
    Surprise Sword 150 dmg - Jumps behind you to use a Wide Sword
    Delta Ray Edge 150 dmg - If on middle line, uses 3 Sword slashes to stun you for a while.
    Recommended folders: N1 Folder C and App.Folder
    Why: N1 Folder C's trick is risky since Protoman has AreaGrabs too but if you're fast
    you'll pull it off. App Folder is great for that Darkman combo.
    Back in Secret Net 2, a purple navi by the lower left teleporter challenges you
    to defeat MistmanV2/BowlmanV2(depending on version) within 45 seconds.
    Mist Tackle 80 dmg - the lamp launches MistMan ahead
    PoisPunch 80 dmg - MistMan appears in a Poismist and punches you
    SoulGang 40 dmg - 2 gangars appear and try to hold your position for a Mist Tackle
    Recommended Folder: App. Folder
    Why: Good question but Mistman's Tackles should be avoided to make way for RndmMeteor.
    It lowers His HP to 1000 if possible, then perform the DarkMan Prism Trick down to 400HP.
    The use the remaining Metalman chips.
    Gatling Pins 80 dmg - Shoots lots of Pins, the golden ones don't bounce when shot!!!
    Towel Bowl 80 dmg - 3 pins come from the ground, BowlMan throws his ball at you
    Bowling Bomber 80 dmg - The pins hit by the above attack will fall on you
    Recommended Folder: N1 Folder C
    Why: Using the DarkMan Prism trick will make BowlMan hit himself so use the Snakes Trick
    this time.
    In the little alcove to the far left, another navi challenges you to delete
    KingmanV2 within 40 seconds.
    Knight 100 dmg - A knoght stomps on you
    Pawn 60 dmg - A Pawn slashes 2 Sq. Forward
    CheckMate 100 dmg - KingMan traps you, then jumps on you
    Recommended Folder: App. Folder
    Why: Snakes is impossible to do because of the Pawns but The DarkMan Prism Trick will work.
    Above the teleporter back, take on MetalManV2 and beat him within 20 seconds.
    Metal Wheel 40 dmg - MetalMan launches a Boomer like wheel
    Metal Missle 40 dmg - MetalMan shoots 4 missiles
    Metal Fist 80 dmg - MetalMan zooms in and punches
    Recommended Folder: App. Folder, FamFolder, N1 Folder C
    Why: MetalMan is easy to defeat but the hardest of the 3 will be N1 Folder C so
    stick to the App. Folder.
    By the rightmost teleporter, a navi challenges you to delete GutsManV2 within
    15 seconds.
    SonicWave 40 dmg - Like the Mettaur2
    Gutspunch 60 dmg - Like the GutsPunch chip
    GutsHammer 40 dmg - Hammers you and cracks panels
    Recommended Folder: App. Folder, N1 Folder C
    Why: Isn't it obvious???
    Back to Secret Net 1, the navis on the right side of the main square have copies
    of FlameManV2, PlantManV2 and DrillManV2 to beat within 30 seconds each, DrillManV2
    is 45 Seconds.
    Fireblaze 80 dmg - A row of fire
    ChaosFlame 80 dmg - Shoots fire like this
    M-Mega Panel
    F-FlamMan Panel
    H-The attack
    The place where MegaMan is... Is the safe spot
    Recommended Folder: N1 Folder C
    Why: The flames are irritating so use the Snake trick again, FlameMan's hard but bear
    with it.
    Rose needle 80 dmg - Shoots a Rose needle
    Plant Weed 40 dmg - Sends vines to follow you like the Vineys
    Recommended folder: App. Folder, FamFolder
    Why: They have some great Fire based chips that'll burn this guy down. FlamMan and the
    Heat Spread P.A. is effective here.
    Drill Drive 120 dmg - Drills in your area, one of them is DrillMan
    Panel Crusher 120 dmg - Glow panels should be avoided, DrillMan cracks them
    Rubble 100 dmg - After the above attack... Rubble will fall
    Triple Hole 120 dmg - 3 holes send lots of Drills
    Recommended Folder: N1 Folder C, N1 Folder A
    Why: What's to be said? Just use the Snakes Trick to get good Time results.
    N1 Folder A: I deleted DrillMan in just 25 seconds!! This folder has a lot of Sword chips which
    makes it an ideal folder, make sure you have the FstGuage Navi Cust Block
    On the other side, Navis with the remaining bosses are ready for you.
    Delete DesertManV2 for 45 seconds, Bubbleman within 40, Beastman within 30
    and Flashman within 10 seconds!!!!!
    Neon Light 30 dmg - Send 2 types of Neon Lights. One is homing the other is not
    Spark Arm 45 dmg - Aregrabs when you are stunned by lightbulbs to spark you
    Recommended Folders: FamFolder, N1 Folder C
    Why: Flashman's Time is short but use 1 or 2 Snakes and he's down. PlantMan works well too.
    Beast Ray 40 dmg - A ray of Beastman
    Jumping claw 40 dmg - Jumps and slashes
    Wild Rush 40 dmg - Slashes 5 times
    Recommended Folder: App. Folder
    Why: DarkMan Prism trick, MetalMan HP remains. That's all.
    Bubble Parade 80 dmg - Bubbles of 1 HP pop out
    Aqua Shot 100 dmg - BubbleMan fires these Low on HP
    Fish Missle 80 dmg - A bubble contains fish that charges
    Fiddle Crab 80 dmg - BubbleMan throw a Ratton crab
    Mine 80 dmg - A bubble contains a mine
    Recommended Folder: App. Folder
    Why: Things look bad since the hole and stone in BubbleMan's arena. App. Folder's the best
    to use here, trust me.
    Lion Head 80 dmg - DesertMan's hands dash forward
    Sand Trap 80 dmg - Sand flows on 2 panels
    Sand Tumble 120 dmg - Hand becomes sand block that smashes MegaMan
    Recommended Folders: FamFolder, App. Folder
    Why: N1 Folder C stinks here because of the hands so these are the best. try to unleash
    all powerful chips before time runs out.
    Once all of these navis are defeated, you earn the Serenade S chip for White and 
    the Dark Aura A chip for Blue.
    1.0 (24/7/03): Made this guide in 1 day 2 hours rearranging the facts.
    1.2 (25/7/03): Added Navi battle tips since not long enough..
    1.4 (25/7/03): Added Secrets section for BassGS Info and FAQ Section 
    1.6 (25/7/03): Put in Characters introduction and Navi atk tips
    1.8 (26/7/03): Erased some mistakes about BassGS, erased mistake about DarkMan
    2.0 (05/8/03): Added Navi Help and comments.
    2.1 (09/8/03): Updated everything, added Ribitta to characters.
    2.2 (11/8/03): Cancelled E-mail as Viruses poured in. Updated stuff.
    2.3 (03/9/03): Added Time Trial Quick defeat for FlashMan Beta, more soon to come!
    2.4 (28/01/04): Added Time Trial Quicker defeat for DrillManV2 under the DrillMan attacks
    changed FlashMan Beta to FlashManV2 to avoid confusion as FlashManV2 is actually FlashMan Alpha
    As you progress through the game, you can earn pre-set extra folders to use as backups.
    However, you can only carry one of these extra folders at a time.
    Where: E-mail from Dad, ACDC Square
    Cannon A x 4
    Shotgun J x 4
    V-gun D x 4
    Sidegun S x 4
    Airshot1 x 4
    Minibomb B x 4
    Sword L x 4
    Widesword L
    Areagrab L
    Where: N1-Prelim, SciLab Square
    Ratton A x 2
    Ratton F x 2
    Shotgun F x 2
    Shotgun *
    V-gun G x 2
    V-gun *
    Sidegun Y x 2
    Sidegun *
    Spreader M
    Spreader N
    Spreader O
    DashAtk G
    Lance H
    PanlGrab Y x 2
    Guard * x 4
    Sword Y
    Widesword Y
    Longsword Y
    Atk +30 x 3
    Where: Hades Island
    2 Bubbler A
    2 Heatshot B
    3 SingleBom O
    3 CannBall D
    4 Burner S
    4 Boomer1 H
    1 Widesword Q
    1 Longsword E
    1 Firesword F
    1 Aqua Sword N
    1 Elecsword V
    1 BambSword W
    2 Recov80 D
    1 Atk+10 *
    1 Roll R
    1 GutsMan G
    1 GutsManV2 G
    N1Folder A
    Where: FolderBoy
    High Cannon H x2 / I / J
    Sonic Wave G x3
    Zapring 1 A x2 / *
    Lance Z
    Boomerang 1 H
    Invis * x2
    Sword Y
    Wide Sword Y
    Long Sword Y / L / R
    Fire Sword F
    Aqua Sword A
    Elec Sword E
    Bamb Sword W
    Var Sword C
    Area Grab * x2
    Roll R
    FlashMan F
    BeastMan B
    N1Folder B
    Where: Hades Island
    Cannon A / B x2 / C
    Air Shot 1 * x4
    Bubbler * x4
    Heat Shot * x4
    Zapring 1 A / M / P / *
    Yo-Yo 1 C / E / G / *
    Recover-30 F / H / M
    Recover-80 D
    Roll R
    GutsMan G
    N1Folder C
    Where: Hades Island
    Note: Considered best folder to beat time trials
    Mini Bomb * x2
    Single Bomb H x4
    CannBall P x4
    Hammer T x2
    Panel Out 3 * x4
    Recover-10 *
    Recover-30 *
    Recover-50 *
    Recover-80 *
    Panel Grab * x2
    Area Grab E x2
    Repair *
    Snake I x3
    Attack +10 *
    Wood +30 *
    N1Folder D
    Where: Hades Island
    Sword Y x4
    Wide Sword L x4
    Panel Grab * x2
    Area Grab *
    Single Bomb T
    CannBall P
    AirSword R
    Shock Wave D
    Guts Punch C
    Dash Attack Z
    Burner Q
    Ratton 1 A
    Hammer G
    Zapring 1 M
    Yo-Yo 1 F
    Lance H
    Boomer1 J
    Plasma 1 B
    Tornado *
    Wind *
    Attack +10 *
    FlashMan F
    BubbleMan B
    Where: DNN Lobby after Alpha defeat
    Zapring A x2
    MetaGel 1 C x3
    Boomer 1 F x3
    Tornado T x2
    Spice 1 S x3
    Plasma 1 J x3
    Burner Q
    Lava Stage T
    Ice Stage G
    Grass Stage *
    Sand Stage B
    Fire +30 *
    Aqua +30 *
    Elec +30 *
    Wood +30 *
    FlashMan F
    BubbleMan B
    BeastMan B
    FlameMan F
    PlantMan P
    Where: Man next to guardian Machine
    AirShot 1 * x4
    Stone Cube * x3
    Guts Punch D x4
    Mine D
    Bubbler E
    Bub-V E
    Bub Side E
    Heat Shot J
    Heat V J
    Heat Side J
    Plasma J x3
    Random Meteor S x3
    TimeBomb K
    Prism K / W
    MetalMan M
    MetalMan V2 M
    MetalMan V3 M
    Basically, the best folders are N1 Folder C and Apprentice folder.
    The Famfolder is the 3rd best folder.
    There is a way to beat FlashManV2 in the Time Trials in a few seconds, follow my way.
    First install FstGauge and get the N1-Folder C folder.
    Now do as I say.
    1) Enter FlashManV2 battle
    2) Use PanlOut3
    3) Use Snakes with Atk+10 and Wood+30
    4) Damage done to FlashMan Beta should be 480 dmg
    5) When he's stunned use your buster quickly
    6) The Busting level should be about 1.5 seconds around that time.
    7) Congrats! You did it!
    Please contact me with quick time trial defeats please!
    Before the Time trials, you must defeat BassGS.
    Go back to Secret net 3 after beating Serenade.
    Feed the bug frag trader there 300 bugfrags. Then Jack out where you jacked
    in. There will be an earthquake.
    Jack in, in Secret net 1 where DarkMan was, there should be a ghost navi, if so
    continue ahead to Secret Net 3. You should see a Ghost navi where JapanMan was and
    the path to the Bug Frag Trader.
    Go back to the BugFrag trader. Save after the Press program makes you bigger.
    you'll meet a reborn Bass, fueled by bugs and the remnants of the bug born Gospel
    beast. Before the battle, saving is required and getting NorthWind chips too.
    HP:2000 Aura of 200
    Explosion 300 dmg - Bass charges and shoots a heck lot of energy balls
    AirBurst 300 dmg - Bass does not charge for this attack, less balls than above atk.
    Earth Breaker 300 dmg - Bass jumps and throws his arm to break 3 panels
    Gospel Cannon 300 dmg - Bass shoots a Gospel fire cannon breather, stay out of back row.
    Shoot Claw 300 dmg - Bass points then 3 claws fall down
    Banishing World 500 dmg - A stronger version of the Gospel Cannon
    Bass has retained his attacks from his previous incarnation, only they
    hurt more this time.
    When Bass points, get ready for a Claw attack followed by a Gospel Cannon.
    Low on HP-Bass unleashes a powerful version of the Gospel Cannon.
    NorthWind chips are recommended here as well as BodyGuard P.A.
    Geddon3 + Sanctuary is great.
    When defeated, Bass gives up his Bass X chip in White and Bass+ in Blue.
    These tips are good as they provide what not to do and what to do.
    Don't use Elec style in the time trials.
    Bug style is probably the best style to get now.
    HubBatch is the best Navi Block to put in the Navi Cust.
    N1Folder C is one of the best folders to use.
    Make sure you have 2 area grabs and 4 panel outs.
    Use them now.
    After that use The Snake,Atk+10 and Wood+30 followed by 2 more Snake chips.
    This will knock out any navi in the time trials especially FlashMan.
    Note that FlameMan, GutsMan, ProtoMan and DrillMan are hard as FlameMan never 
    moves to the right most row and DrillMan makes it hard for Areagrabs.
    ProtoMan and GutsMan will use Areagrab too if you grab their areas.
    FastGuage is a MUST put item in your Navi Cust.
    DarkMan or (Put other Navi names here) tips(Prism) App.Folder
    Make sure you have the Prism Chip followed by a Heat or Bub Spread P.A.
    Use the Prism then the Heat or Bub Spread P.A.
    Your enemy should take 600 damage or 1200 depending on the weaknesses
    Credit to Freezeman and Dissonance2003 for this.
    Return to Undernet 7, the curtains will give way and you should get a Guardian O
    and a HPMemory. At the top, open the door after BassGS'S defeat to get a Purple mystery
    data containing GigFldr 1 Program.
    Or since now you have 4 Stars, you can now get your DeltaRay Z or your Balance Y.
    Where can i get these chips??? Look elsewhere, this is a Time Trials FAQ.
    I'd like to thank...
    Dissonance2003 for the foolproof way for winning the time trials.
    Adriyan for beating DrillMan on the time trials.
    Gamefaqs for putting this Faq on.
    My friend who is completely an expert on the time trials.
    TCB, my good friend for telling me my Time Trials helped him.
    Capcom for making this great game once again!!!
    Mastermind Chaud for teaching me the DarkMan prism trick.
    Omega Z for pointing out the BassGS problem was before the Time trials.
    Guardian Auron for making me do the Navi help and comments, sheesh...
    Anyone else who helped me and remembered my name on the message board!!!
    Here are some faqs from the Message board at Gamefaqs.
    How do i defeat (Insert Navi Name Here)???
    > Look under the SECRETS section to get the secret tips.
    Is there any way to beat FlashMan Beta in under 2 seconds???? I heard it's possible.
    > Yes, go to Secrets part of this guide.
    I defeated all of the navis, why can't i get their chips???
    > You can't get their chips this way
    I can't find (Insert Navi Name Here)!!!
    > Part 5 of this guide clearly tells you where the Navi is.
    What is NorthWind??
    > It removes Auras and Barriers Bass is one navi with an Aura.
    I can't defeat a Navi within the time limit!!!
    > Get a FstGauge block, it's great here.
    What's a Metalman HP remains??
    > Use Metalman chips to delete the Navi's remaining HP
    Where's the Guardian Machine
    > In ACDC it's the tank where you fought the ??? Viruses.
    Is it really true that N1 Folder A is the best folder?
    > In the N1 Grand Prix Scenario in Hades, yes but here DrillMan seems to be the only one that
    this folder is useful against
    Did you make up these FAQS???
    > Some were asked by my pal who's currently playing this game.
    Anyone who like to contact me on my faq section ..I will be hanging out in Gamefaqs.
    Sections: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue board and White.
    Copyright 2003 Shadowboy

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