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    Job FAQ by BF_Gamer

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       _____                          _____                 
      /     \   ____   _________     /     \ _____    ____  
     /  \ /  \_/ __ \ / ___\__  \   /  \ /  \\__  \  /    \ 
    /    Y    \  ___// /_/  > __ \_/    Y    \/ __ \|   |  \
    \____|__  /\___  >___  (____  /\____|__  (____  /___|  /
            \/     \/_____/     \/         \/     \/     \/ 
    __________         __    __  .__          
    \______   \_____ _/  |__/  |_|  |   ____  
     |    |  _/\__  \\   __\   __\  | _/ __ \ 
     |    |   \ / __ \|  |  |  | |  |_\  ___/ 
     |______  /(____  /__|  |__| |____/\___  >
            \/      \/                     \/ 
     _______          __                       __     ________  
     \      \   _____/  |___  _  _____________|  | __ \_____  \ 
     /   |   \_/ __ \   __\ \/ \/ /  _ \_  __ \  |/ /   _(__  < 
    /    |    \  ___/|  |  \     (  <_> )  | \/    <   /       \
    \____|__  /\___  >__|   \/\_/ \____/|__|  |__|_ \ /______  /
            \/     \/                              \/        \/ 
         ____.     ___.     ________________   ________   
        |    | ____\_ |__   \_   _____/  _  \  \_____  \  
        |    |/  _ \| __ \   |    __)/  /_\  \  /  / \  \ 
    /\__|    (  <_> ) \_\ \  |     \/    |    \/   \_/.  \
    \________|\____/|___  /  \___  /\____|__  /\_____\ \_/
                        \/       \/         \/        \__>
    Created by BF_Gamer
    Version 1.4
    Table of Contents
    I.   Version History
    II.  Introduction
    III. Contact, Credits, & Legal
    IV.  Jobs
    I. Version History
    Version 1.4
    Since Version 1.0 wasn't accepted I added a nice ASCII art at the top, and added
    a little information about the Job BBS.  I also added how to find jobs quiker.
    Version 1.0 
    All jobs and FAQ created
    II. Introduction
    Since the first MegaMan Battle Network game there has been the SciLab Job BBS.
    It has continued to carry though to each MegaMan Battle Network game, so far.
    There was one main reason I made this, and that was to hopefully clear up some
    of the the topic appearing on the Message Board saying how do I do this job.
    Also, this FAQ DOESN NOT include information on how to do the two jobs that
    Higsby or Match have you do.  Those are part of the plot of the game and not
    optional.  So, if you need help on those you can check out my FAQ/Walkthough,
    or any other one for how to do those.
    III. Contact, Credits, & Legal
    Everything from this MMBN3 Job FAQ was written and done by BF_Gamer unless
    noted below.  This is copyrighted to BF_Gamer.  All characters, graphics,
    music, and any other part of this game is copyrighted to Capcom.
    If you would like to contact me about anything in this FAQ feel free to do so,
    with only one rule.  That one rule is that you put MMBN3 Job FAQ Version #  in
    the subject.  If you fail to do so I will simply delete the email as if it
    were junk.  My email is BF_Gamer@yahoo.com DON'T FORGET THE RULE!
    This FAQ is to only be on the following sites (if it is on another email me):
    GameFAQs (Gamefaqs.com)
    IV. Jobs
    To do a job is very simple.  All you need to do is go to the SciLab and to the
    right of the Virus Lab and the left of the elevator is the Job BBS.  When the
    Job BBS comes up you can select which job you would like to do.  You can find
    the job you are having troubles on in this FAQ by using Ctrl+F (Mac users apple
    +f) then either type in the name of the job or type in the job number.  The
    jobs are listed from the bottom of the Job BBS to the top.
    Job #1 Please deliver this
    Message: Can someone make a delivery for me?  It isn't dangerous, so anyone can
    do it.  I'm the red Navi between ACDC Square and CyberMetro.  Come see me, and
    I'll tell you the rest.
    Prize:Yo-Yo1 D
    How to do it: Go jack in at the SciLab Virus Lab.  Go get on the CyberMetro and
    go to ACDC. Follow the path to take the first right to run into the red Navi.
    She needs you to deliver he husbands tools to him, but she can't do it because
    they argued this morning.  Jack out and head to the school.  Head to classroom 5A
    and jack in.  Head straight up and talk to the Navi.  Return the red Navi to get
    your prize.
    Job #2 My Navi is sick
    Message: Hello!  My Navi's feeling under the weather.  Apparently I need a
    "Recov30*" to fix him.  Does anyone have a "Recov30*"?  I'll pay a reward to
    anyone who finds me the chip!  I'm waiting at the SciLab Station.
    Prize: Reg-Up3
    How to do it: Head to the SciLab station and give her your Recov30*.  If for
    some reason you don't have on I belive you can get one from GMD in SciLab.
    Job #3 Help me with my son!
    Message: Um? This is rather embarrassing, but I'm having trouble with my son.
    I can't talk about it here, so can you come to Yoka Station?  I'd prefer someone
    skilled at NetBattling.
    Prize: SpinYllw
    How to do it: Go to Yoka Station, and talk to the talk to the lady standing by
    the exit.  Go Jack in at Lan's computer, and go to ACDC 3 he is the purple Navi
    standing there right after you enter ACDC 3.  You have to fight a Mettaur2,
    Fishy, and Boomer.  Return to the lady to get your prize.
    Job #4 Transmission error
    Message: I sent some data to the wrong place!  I need someone to delete it, or
    there's going to be trouble.  Come to the Virus Lab at SciLab, and I'll fill you
    Prize: HpMemory
    How to do it: Go to SciLab to talk to scientist in corner.  Go to the zoo and
    press  "A" on the education device the flamingos are at.  You have to fight a
    virus with Yort, Ratty, and Ratty2.  Head back to the scientist to get your
    Job #5 Chip Prices
    Message: I need to know the price a rival is asking for a chip.  If he finds
    out, it could get ugly, so meet me at ACDC Sqr.
    Prize: Slasher B
    How to do it: Head to ACDC square.  Talk to the Navi in the top right part of
    the square.  Head to SciLab Square and talk to the purple Navi.  Head back to
    ACDC Square and talk to the Navi.  Now head back and check the price of the
    purple Navi again.  Go back to ACDC Square AGAIN!  Now he will give you your
    prize, finally.  
    Job #6 I'm broke?!
    Message: I know this isn't something to ask a perfect stranger, but can someone
    PLEASE lend me 8000 Zennys?  I lost my wallet and back in Yoka.  I don't know
    what to do!  I promise I'll pay you back!  I'm at the Inn Lobby.
    Prize: Your 8000 Zennys back and HPMemory
    How to do it: Head to Yoka Inn lobby and talk to the guy to the right of the
    entrance.  Exit the building then talk to him again.  Go like your going to
    Yoka 1 and there are two Navis and one is robbing the other.  You have to delete
    a virus of Shrimpy2, Spikey2, and Ratty2.  Lan gets CashData, so head back and
    give it to the guy to get your prize
    Job #7 Rare chips for cheap!
    Message: For certain reasons, I need to dispose of a rare chip.  I'm inside a
    Telephone. The first one who finds me gets the chip!
    Prize: 10000 Zenny
    How to do it: Go to Yai's house and jack into her phone.  You fight a virus of
    two Twinners (have to delete them both at once).  He gives you your prize after
    deleting the virus.
    Job #8 Be my boyfriend
    Message: Hiya!  Do any of you have a male Navi that's kind, smart, handsome and
    strong?  You know, an all-around great Navi? I'm too busy to explain!  Meet me
    at Beach Square ASAP!
    Prize: StepSwrd O
    How to do it: Head to Beach Square.  Answer the questions with these answers,
    Yeah, that drama! My own CyberMetro. Uh, sure? Now Lan gets his prize.
    Job #9 Will you deliver?
    Message: Oh my aching back!  I have to deliver this here chip, but I'll be
    darned if I'm not too old for this!  Would someone be a darlin' and deliver it
    for me?  I'm a'waiting at the bottom of the sloped street in front of the Inn!
    Prize: Aqua+30*
    How to do it: Go to Yoka and get he TimeBomb N from the old lady below the ramp
    leading up to the Yoka Inn.  Go to the DNN and take the path to the studio you
    will see a businessman give him the chip.  Go back to the old lady and get
    Invis*, head to ACDC square and give the chip to the red Navi.  Go back to the
    old lady to get your prize.  
    Job #10 Look for friends (Tora)
    Message: I'd like someone to help me find an old friend.  If you can help, come
    meet me at ACDC Park.
    Prize: Reg-Up3
    How to do it: Go to ACDC park, and talk to the guy with the green shirt.  Go to
    Yoka 1 go by the water heater, and follow the path use PresData to go over the
    little path.  Take a right and talk to the navi.  Go to the Zoo and talk to the
    scientist to the right as you enter.  Go back to the guy in the park to get you
    Job #11 Stuntmen wanted! (Tora)
    Message: So you think you're good?  Prove it!  DNN is looking for a few good
    stunt Navis for "Cyber Corps: NetRangers"!  For the details come to Beach 1!
    This could be your big debut!
    Prize: HPMemory
    How to do it:Head to Beach 1, go down the moving walkway, down the ramp, and
    follow the orange path until you see the navi.  There is a survival fight so
    save before you talk to him.  You fight:
    Yort, HardHead
    Skikey2, Mettaur2
    Fishy, Spikey2, Shrimpy
    Beetle, Beetle
    Shrimpy, Shrimpy, Boomer
    Job #12 Riot stopped (Tora)
    Message: There's a gang of Navis spreading viruses by the TV Station.  They're
    mad because they lost at the N1.  I can't handle them alone, so if you can help,
    meet me at the Station Lobby.
    Prize: Tally
    How to do it: Go the DNN Station Lobby, and talk to the guy to the right of the
    entrance.  Go to the following three locations and delete the viruses:
    Upstairs control panel- Fishy, Fishy, Momogro
    Battle counsel at Station- Swordy2, Swordy, Momogro
    DNN van outside- Slimer, Slimer, Momogro
    Go back and talk to guy to get prize.
    Job #13 Gathering Data (Tora)
    Message: I'm looking for some important data I lost.  I can't talk much here.
    Come to the teacher's lounge at ACDC School.
    Prize: SloGauge* (WOW AWSOME!!!... not)
    How to do it: Go to ACDC school then to the bottom of the teachers lounge.  Go
    to SciLab1 upper and talk to the Navi by the WWW door.  Head to ACDC 2 to the
    white rectangle to get it back, but you have to give him a Yo-Yo G to get it
    back.  Give it to him then go back and get your reward.
    Job #14 Somebody, please help!
    Message: Dear Sirs.  A fellow teacher informed me of your board.  A certain
    computed is presently infected by a virus.  I seek the aid of a proficient virus-
    buster.  I am waiting in the Principal's Office of ACDC School.
    Prize: AntiRecv B
    How to do it: Go to ACDC school and to the Principal's office.  Talk to the lady,
    and then jack in to the Principal's PC.  Follow the path until you run into a
    program, at that time take a left and follow that path until you get to a red
    thing on the wall.  It says, "Mix me in to make black", select red.  Head on to
    area 2.  Go to the red rectangle and take the upper right path, examine the
    statue, it says, "It floats", select wooden.  Go back to the red rectangle and
    take the upper left path this time and check the big screen.  It says, "Immune
    to multiplication and to division", select 0.  Jack out and talk to the lady
    to get your prize.
    Job #15 Looking for condor
    Message: Our condor still hasn't come back.  Can someone find it and return it
    to the Zoo?  Come to the front of the Zoo's Parrot Hut.  I'll fill you in on
    the details there.
    Prize: SubMem
    How to do it: Go to the Zoo and at the entrance go to the right.  Talk to the
    lady over there, and she will tell you to see the caretaker in the Hospital.
    Head there and go to the second floor and enter Mamoru's old room and talk to 
    the old guy to get Old Doll.  Head to ACDC park, and press "A" on the slide.
    Lan will put the Old Doll there.  Go in some building and come back out to find
    the condor there.  Lan will ketch it and go return it to the Zoo to get your
    Job #16 Help with rehab
    Message: I'm an Official, but I need someone to help me with rehab.  You won't
    be battling me.  I just want to watch you battle so I can regain my virus
    busting instincts. If you've got the time, come inside the Hospital's TV.
    Prize: Navi Customizer piece Humor and WWW-ID
    How to do: Head to the Hospital, and jack into the TV in the lobby.  Head to
    the top right to fight the following viruses in a survival battle:
    Quaker Omega
    Viney Omega
    Eleball Omega
    PuffBall Omega
    Job #17 Old Master
    Message: I'm a used Navi, and lately I've ben thinking about my old master.
    Now I'm operated by someone else, though, so I can't see her.  Can someone go
    check up on her? I'm in the SciLab Vending Machine.  Please come for more info.
    Prize:GrabRvng Y
    How to do it: Go jack into the SciLab vending machine, then to the bottom right
    and talk to the Navi.  Go to ACDC school and go to the teacher's lounge.  Check
    the books laying down to the left of the graph on the wall.  You find "Future
    dream: to become a waitress".  Head to beach and go to the cafe, and talk to the
    waitress there, go back to the Navi and get your prize.  
    Job #18 Catching gang members
    Message: There's been a lot of gang activity in Yoka recently.  Can someone
    with skills help keep the peace?  Ask the program in Yoka Square for more
    Prize: EXPMemry-Makes Navi Customizer bigger!
    How to do it: Head to Yoka Square, and talk the program to the right of the main
    entrance.  Go like you are going to the lower part of Yoka 1, but just before
    you get there talk to the purple navi.  You will fight a Fishy2 and Ratty3.
    Follow the path like you are heading to Yoka 1 Upper, he will be right above the
    path.  You will fight Fishy2 and Doomer.  Head to upper Yoka 1, go up then left
    and follow the path to the big rectangle.  You will fight a Fishy2, and Metrod.
    Now, head down the path you took when you were chasing after BubbleMan, and you
    will run into him.  You will fight.  Fishy2, Fishy, and Trumpy.  Go back the
    Navi to get your prize.  
    Job #19 Please adopt a virus! 
    Message: Uh... you probably won't believe me, but I picked up some harmless
    viruses.  They're cute, but alas, I can't keep them.  If you want them, come to
    SciLab 2.  There will be a test make sure you can raise them properly.
    Prize: Bunny, TuffBunny, MegaBunny for Virus Breeder
    How to do it: Head to SciLab 2, and go to the square entrance.  From there take a
    right, go down, and take a left.  Talk to the Navi, and you will have to give him
    50 BugFrags.
    Job #20 Legendary Tomes
    Message: Come to Hades Isle...
    Prize: FstGauge * and possibly 300000z
    How to do it: Go to Hades Isle and jack in.  Follow the upper compressed path
    all the way around to find him.  Jack out and head to the Undernet Square.  Go
    up the slope, then down the one on the right and talk to the Navi he will give
    you the tomb for 7000z.  Take it then head to Undernet 6.  Once you are there
    take the two moving walkways up and talk to the Navi.  You have to battle him
    to get it, he has Twinnest, Twinnest, and N.0.  After getting the second tomb
    head to Undernet 3 and take the path to where FlamMan was, and you will see the
    Navi.  You have to give him a Magnum1 A for it.  Give it to him then jack out.
    Head to ACDC school and to the teachers lounge.  Then examine the statue to the
    right of the chart on the wall, and you will get 300000 Zennys!!!  Head back to
    the guy and give him his tombs he will give you a FstGauge *.
    Job #21 Hide and seek!
    Message: We need someone to be It in a game of Hide&Seek!  However, this is no 
    ordinary Hide&Seek!  Whoever gets found by the one who's It must hand over a 
    chip!  Since we are looking for someone to be It, you have nothing to lose! So, 
    who's up for some fun?  We'll be waiting by the Ticket Machine in front of the 
    Prize: Sword E, WideSwrd E, GutPunch E, Barrier E, and GutImpact H
    Message: Talk to the kid standing right below the entrance to the Zoo.  Go jack
    into the Zoo Comp.  At the first cage go up, then follow the path and go down
    the next chance you get to find the Navi and get Sword E.  Now head to Zoo Comp
    2.  Go straight ahead and go down the first chance you get, then down again to
    find the Navi and get WideSwrd E.  Now head to Zoo Comp 3.  Just go straight and
    you will run into the Navi and get GutPunch E.  Now head to Zoo Comp 4.  Go
    straight take a left then a right, go up, then left, and one more left to find
    the Navi and get Barrier E.  Now jack out and talk to the kid.
    Job #22 Finding the blue Navi
    Message: We want to meet that Navi MegaMan from the N1 Grand Prix!  After seeing
    him battle, we're his biggest fans!  You don't have to stay long. Please come
    meet us!  We are waiting in Undernet 2.
    Prize: HPMemory
    How to do it: Well, head to Undernet 2, once there take the path like you are
    going to go to Undernet 4.  The Navi will be standing on the way there.  He
    will fight you with Spikey3, Metrod, and HardHed Omega.
    Job #23 Give your support
    Message: I can't be specific, but something awful is happening!  Mighty virus
    busters, come ASAP to Hades Mntn on Hades Isle!
    Prize: 30 BugFrags (That's it)
    How to do it:Go to Hades Isle to where the first round of hte N1 was and talk
    to the Scientist.  Prepare for one long fight.  There is a 7 round survival
      Mettaur3, TuffBunny, Eleshere
      Ratty3, Swordy3, Doomer
      Slimest, Pengon, Shrimpy3
      Yurt, LowBlow, Trumpy Omega
      Totun, GoofBall, Vinert
      Spikey3, Fishy2, Metrodo
      Elehornet, Swordy3, Scuttlest
    Job#24 Stamp collecting
    Message: Want to enter the Cyberworld's stamp collecting contest?  I'll discuss
    the specifics in persons.  Please come to the Seaside Hospital 2F.
    Prize: StepCros Q
    How to do it: Head to the Hospital 2F and talk the nurse.  Go to ACDC 1, and
    talk to the program that is (from Lan's computer) a right hen a left.  Now go to
    Upper SciLab 1 follow the yellow path to the big square and talk to the program.
    Now head to upper Beach 2, and take the down path, and a right to find the
    program.  Now head to Yoka 2 follow the normal path and you can't miss the
    program.  Head back to ACDC 1 and talk to that program.  Head back to the nurse
    and get your prize.
    Job #25 Help with a will
    Message: I can't figure out my father's will.  Can someone help me unravel its
    puzzle?  First, I'll have to hand over the will.  Meet me in front of the Class
    5-A in ACDC School.
    Prize:Recov300 R
    How to do it: Head to school and go to the end of the hallway.  Try reading the
    will from top to bottom.  Well, head to the squirrel in ACDC 3, examine it.
    You will fight Totem Omega, Mushy Omega, Needler Omega.  Now head to Yoka Inn
    and examine the Armor Painting.  You will fight Heavy Omega, Basher Omega,
    Volcano Omega.  Now head to Yoka 1 and examine the water heater you will fight
    Pengi Omega, Slimer Omega, Jelly Omega.  Head to Hades Isle and examine the
    gargoyle.  You will fight KllrEye Omega, Elebee Omega, Momogra Omega.  Now, if
    you already haven't go defeat BeastMan V3.  Once that is done head to Undernet 4,
    then go up to the top of the green pillar and examine it.  You will get a photo
    and fight a Twin Omega, Twin Omega, Dominerd Omega.  Head back to the girl for
    your prize.
    Well, that is all the jobs in MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue hope this FAQ
    helped you!
    Copyright to BF_Gamer

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