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    Character Guide by takamanexe

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 11/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    __________               __                                
    \______   \ ____   ____ |  | __ _____ _____    ____   
     |       _//  _ \_/ ___\|  |/ //     \\__  \  /    \   
     |    |   (  <_> )  \___|    <|  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \  
     |____|_  /\____/ \___  >__|_ \__|_|  (____  /___|  /
            \/            \/     \/     \/     \/     \/ 
     __________         __    __   __          
     \______   \_____ _/  |__/  |_|  |   ____  
      |    |  _/\__  \\   __\   __\  | _/ __ \ 
      |    |   \ / __ \|  |  |  | |  |_\  ___/ 
      |______  /(____  /__|  |__| |____/\___  >
             \/      \/                     \/ 
     _______          __                       __     ________  
     \      \   _____/  |___  _  _____________|  | __ \_____  \ 
     /   |   \_/ __ \   __\ \/ \/ /  _ \_  __ \  |/ /   _(__  < 
    /    |    \  ___/|  |  \     (  <_> )  | \/    <   /       \
    \____|__  /\___  >__|   \/\_/ \____/|__|  |__|_ \ /______  /
            \/     \/                              \/        \/ 
    __________.__                                     .___
    \______   \  |  __ __   ____   _____    ____    __| _/
     |    |  _/  | |  |  \_/ __ \  \__  \  /    \  / __ | 
     |    |   \  |_|  |  /\  ___/   / __ \|   |  \/ /_/ | 
     |______  /____/____/  \___  > (____  /___|  /\____ | 
            \/                 \/       \/     \/      \/ 
     __      __.__    .__  __          
    /  \    /  \  |__ |__|/  |_  ____  
    \   \/\/   /  |  \|  \   __\/ __ \ 
     \        /|   Y  \  ||  | \  ___/ 
      \__/\  / |___|  /__||__|  \___  >
           \/       \/              \/ 
    ____   ____                  .__               
    \   \ /   /___________  _____|__| ____   ____  
     \   Y   // __ \_  __ \/  ___/  |/  _ \ /    \ 
      \     /\  ___/|  | \/\___ \|  (  <_> )   |  \
       \___/  \___  >__|  /____  >__|\____/|___|  /
                  \/           \/               \/ 
    Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue/White Faq
    This document/FAQ belongs to Takaaki Ishii a.k.a. takamanexe from GameFAQs. 
    GameFAQs.com is the only site that has permission to use this FAQ. 
    Copyright 2003 Takaaki Ishii. Any infringment of this copyright will result in 
    a severe result. If you see this another site w/o my permission, please 
    contact me and report it. I can be contacted at takaakiishii0_0@hotmail.com.
    (Well No Duh...)
    .1=Started working on it, and 1.0-43.0 Finished
    .2=Added Bowlman.EXE and Mistman.EXE and added Navies, HP, and Chips.
    .3=Added the Basics 0.0-3.0. Adding Chip Description.
    .4=More updates on chip description. 
    .5=Added Basic6.0, Basic7.0, and corrected more spelling mistakes. Added 
       Elemental Weakness.
    .6=Added Strategy for each Navi.
    .7=Mild Revisions 
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is a Character Guide. It will explain how/who the 
    characters in this game are.  
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Table of Contents+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++Basic0.0-Basic6.0=Basics of the Game+++++++++++++++++
    --------------------------Basic1.0=Navi Customizer-----------------------------
    --------------------------Basic5.0=Net Navi------------------------------------
    --------------------------Basic6.0=Program Advances----------------------------
    -------------------------------1.0=Lan Hikari/Hikari Netto---------------------
    -------------------------------2.0=Mayl Sakurai/Meiru Sakurai------------------
    -------------------------------4.0=Eugene Chaud/Ijuuin Enzan/Chaud Blaze-------
    -------------------------------8.0=Ms. Mari/Mariko-sensei----------------------
    -------------------------------9.0=Mom/Hikari Haruka---------------------------
    ------------------------------10.0=Dad/Hikari Yuuichiro------------------------
    ------------------------------11.0=Gramps/Tadashi Hikari-----------------------
    ------------------------------12.0=Torakichi Aragoma---------------------------
    ------------------------------16.0=Dr. Wily/Wily sama--------------------------
    ------------------------------17.0=Rei Seiko-----------------------------------
    ------------------------------18.0=Takeo Inukai--------------------------------
    ------------------------------19.0=Mr. Match/Hinoken---------------------------
    ------------------------------23.0=Megaman.EXE/Hub Hikari/Saito----------------
    ------------------------------38.0=Bass(GS and Omega)/Forte--------------------
    ------------------------------40.0=Punk(Blue Only)-----------------------------
    ------------------------------44.0=Bowlman.EXE(Blue Version Only)--------------
    ------------------------------45.0=Mistman.EXE(White Version Only)-------------
    Here are the controls for moving Lan and Megaman in this game.
    The same controls apply to both character, so here they are.
    D-Pad: Move Lan and Megaman, look through the NC, and choose through your 
    chips by using the D-Pad.
    [<] [>]
    A Button=A lets you talk to people and navies when you press A in front of 
    them. When you press A in front of GMD's or BMD's, you open them. During 
    battle, A lets you select and use the chips you choose.
    B Button=If you hold down the B button in the real or cyberworld, the 
    characters will run faster. Holding down B in battle will let Megaman Charge 
    his megabuster, or pressing it rapidly will let you fire your megabuster. B 
    also lets you stop your action, like when some one challenges you to a net
    battle, pressing B will automatically say no to that challenge.
    L=L will let you talk to each other out of battle. For example, when your Lan,
    pressing L will let you talk to Megaman, and vice-versa. During battle, L will
    let you go to the custom screen if your guage is full. 
    R=R will let you Jack-In to the cyber world when your Lan, or Jack-Out when 
    your Megaman. R will let you return to the custom screen in battle. 
    Game Boy Advance:
    _///L///                        \\\R\\\_
    |          __________________           |
    |         |                  |          |
    |   [^]   |                  |          |
    | [<] [>] |[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]|      (A) |
    |   [v]   |[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]|  (B)     |
    |         |[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]|          |
    |         |                  |          |
    |         |__________________|          |
    |     *Start                            |
    |_    *Select                          _|
    Basic1.0=Navi Customizer:             
    This is a speacial feature that lets you make Megaman the way you want. Even 
    though this is a Character/Boss FAQ, the Navi Customizer has the ultimate 
    importance and is a basic tool, so I included this. 
                    **[B][W][Y]<---Color of the blocks acceptable
     Wood Team*****__________
    |    |    |    |    |    |             *[Darklcns]           ______         
    |    |    |    |    |    |              [Hubbatch]<------***|[][][]| 
    |____|____|____|____|____|              [Megfldr1]          |[][][]| 
    |    |    |    |    |    |              [Charge+1]          |[]__[]|   
    |    |    |    |    |    |              [Speed+ 1]    
    |____|____|____|____|____|              {RUN}****     
    |    |    |    |    |    |\\                        
    |====|====|====|====|====|=COMMAND LINE    
    |____|____|____|____|____|//                 ___________
    |    |    |    |    |    |                  |Information|****** 
    |    |    |    |    |    |                  | F3 Error  |
    |____|____|____|____|____|                  |           |                
    |    |    |    |    |    |                  |___________|    
    |    |    |    |    |    |                  
    *On the right side of the Navi Customizer there is a list of all the blocks 
         you have. 
    **The colors at the top shows what kind of color blocks will go in the Navi 
         Customizer without having an error. (This will change depending on the 
         style you have.
    ***The block the cursor is pointing to will show the size and the color. 
    ****The RUN button will allow you test out what you put in.
    *****This is where it says the style your in.
    ******This is the information box. By pressing Select, you can enter a Mod, 
    code, error code, or extra code.
    Rules: These are the important rule of the Navi Customizer that dad will send
    to you in an E-mail.
    1.Program parts must touch the Memory Map's Command Line.
    2.Plus Part with a square pattern must NOT touch the line.
    3.You cannot place same color programs next to each other.
    1.Follow the 3 Navi Customizer rules your dad gives you.
    2.There can only be ONE error in the NC
    3.There are many error,Extra, and mod codes that you can use and find 
    throughout the game.
    4.There can be bugs in the NC. Some can help and some can destroy you.
    4.Super Strong Megabuster.
    1.HP Draining.
    2.Uncontrolable Movement.
    3.NO megabuster.
    4.Oil comes out of the megabuster.
    Other Bugs:
    1.Megabuster is a RockCube. 
    Styles are the other way to customize Megaman. You get different styles 
    throughout the game that have advantages and disadvantages. This is an 
    important concept to know in the game. You can get a style before you face-off
    against Bubbleman. Leveling up a style takes a different amount of battles, 
    and each one gives you different Navi Customizer programs. Here are all the 
    Normal:      The style that you start with and can go back to any time. It is the 
                 normal Megaman. 
    Ground(White Only):
    Dad's E-mail-The Ground Styl lets you crack panels with a Delayed Atk.  Level 
                 up, and you'll get a program that changes the panels at the start 
                 of each battle.  Use panel types in battle!
    Shadow(Blue Only):
    Dad's E-mail-The Shadow Style lets you use a Delay attack to vanish! Level up,
                 and you'll get a tricky program for your NaviCust! Remember, they
                 can't get you if they can't see you!
    Dad's E-mail-When you use the Guts Style, your MegaBuster becomes twice as 
                 strong, and if you fire it fast it becomes like a machine gun! 
                 Level up, and you'll get even more powerful programs! Now got out
                 there and fight! With Guts!
    Dad's E-mail-With the Custom Style, you can choose from 6 chips to use. If you 
                 get a level "S" without using chips or Megabuster, you may be able 
                 to get a special data chip! If you level up, you will get a 
                 program that gives you even more chips each battle, letting you
                 delete your enemies with style! Custom Style!
    Dad's E-mail-The Team Style lets you keep 6 MChips in a folder! If you delete 
                 your enemies especially fast, you may recive a special data chip!
                 Level up, and you will receive a program that lets you use even 
                 more MChips! Never forget "Team" work, Lan!
    Dad's E-mail-The Shield Style puts up a barrier when battle starts! Level up, 
                 and you can get a program that lets you guard by pressing 
                 Left+B Button. If you time it just right, it will even heal you!
                 Make sure to time it right, and then go for an attack.
    Dad's E-mail-The Bug Style will simultaneosly both power up your Navi and 
                 introduce bugs into it. Even I don't know what kind of program you
                 will get from leveling up with this style. Little is known about 
    Elements come along with the styles you get. They have advantages and 
    disadvantages in battle. Elements that you get during a style change is random.
    There are 7 Stars in the game. You need to fulfill the requirments to earn 
    each star. I've listed them in the order you have to/should get them in.
    Yellow Star-Defeat Alpha.
    Blue Star-Obtain all 200 Standard Class Chips.
    Green Star-Defeat Bass GS.
    Light Blue Star-Beat Serenade's Time Trial.
    Purple Star-Obtain all 85 Mega Class Chips. 
    Red Star-Defeat all 15 Omega (SP) Navis. 
    Orange Star-Complete your P.A. library by pulling off all 32 Program Advances.
    Basic5.0=Net Navi
    A Net Navi is short for Navigator. They are special programs that can become 
    close friends with their operators. They have the ability to "Jack-In" to the 
    Cyber world. Megaman and his friends are all net navies and can walk around 
    the net areas. Net Navies are kept in PETs, which is like their cyber home.
    Most navies can use battle chips to fight and get powered up. Dr. Hiraki, 
    invented a special program that lets the navies feel different emotions such
    as anger, hate, friendship, and maybe even love.
    Basic6.0=Program Advances (P.A.s)
    In this game, if you select certain chips in a certain order, they make a 
    stronger chip. There are 32 Program Advances total, and every time you find a 
    new one, it gets recorded in your P.A. Library. There are two kinds of P.A.s,
    indivisual and Zeta. Zeta P.A.s are made by putting the same kind of chips 
    (such as Cannon) and put them in order (A,B,C) and that will make the Zeta 
    Cannon. Zeta P.A.s will let you use the same chip unlimited times for 5 
    seconds. Indivisual P.A.s are different. They don't have to be the same chip or
    have a chip code order. An example would be the "2xHero." It consists of:
    Slasher B- Customsword B- Varswrd B- ProtomanV1-V4 B. They are 4 different 
    chips and have one consistant code (B). Good luck pulling off all 32 P.A.s.
    During battle, you can use your megabuster, or delete them more efficiently by
    using battle chips. There are 3 classifications of chips: 
    Standard-These are what your folder will mostly consist of.
    Mega-These are more powerful chips that include the Navi Chips.
    Giga-The most Powerful type of chips. These include the Navi V5 and Bass+.
    Those are the 3 types of chips, but there a 5 other catagories of battle chips. 
    Attack-These chips are the ones that do damage to the enemy. They can have one
           hit attacks like Cannon, or be multiple hit like Serenade. The other 
           type is a combo chip. You can do more damage by inputing certain combos
           such as Varsword. 
    Defense-Defense chips protect you during battle. The two types are Healing 
            chips like Recov 300, and the others are chips that make it so the 
            opponent cannot hurt you. It is a good idea to keep a good defense in a
            folder. Some of these are Invis, Mole, or Shadow. 
    Power-Up-These chips make the original base attack of a chip stronger. Some of 
             them are Attack+10, Attack+30, or Navi+20. They can really power up
             a multiple attack chip like Bubbleman.
    Navi-Navi Chips range from V1-V5. (Some chips like Roll only go to V3). All of 
         them are Mega, except the V5 which are Giga chips. Each has their own 
         unique power.  
    Field-Field Altering chips can change the Field that you play on like Set Grass
          or Set Lava which will turn the field into that elemental area. Others 
          like Geddon 3 will cause the field to turn into poison, so both players 
          take damage. Using Field Chips to your advantage can tip the scale in 
          your favor in a net battle. Using Sanctuary chips will reduce the damage
          you recieve. 
    Welcome to the world of Megaman.EXE. The year is 200X, almost everything is 
    connected via the internet. This guide will explain all the characters in the 
    game. Remember, Ctrl+F is your friend. The format is like this:
    HP:(Navies Only)
    Navi:(Humans Only)
    Location:(Navi Only)
    Then a description.
    Chips that they give.
    Chip Class:(Navi Only)
    Location:(Navi Only)(V3 Only)
    Navi P.A.: (Navi Only)
    Chip Description:(Navi Only)
    Damage:(Navi Only)
    V1-(Navi Only)
    V2-(Navi Only)
    V3-(Navi Only)
    V4-(Navi Only)
    V5-(Navi Only)
    Elemental Weakness:(Navi Only)
    Suggested Chip:(Navi Only)
    Strategy: (Boss Navi Only)
    These are the humans that you will meet in the game. Good or bad, they are 
    still humans. 
    1.0=Lan/Hikari Netto
    He is an eleven year old boy who lives in ACDC town. He is the main character 
    of the game. He's kind of "dense" to whats going around him. While you're in 
    the real world, you will be able to control Lan by using the D-Pad to move 
    him around. If you hold down the B button, Lan will run. His navi is 
    Megaman.EXE and they are an unbeatable team. Lan loves adventure and will go 
    around stopping Dr. Wily's evil plans. 
    The D-Pad controls Lan around the real world.
     _| |_
    |_   _|
    (A) Press the A button to talk to people. "A" lets you choose the chips that 
    you put into your folder.
    (B) Hold B to make Lan run faster in the real world.
    /L/ L lets you talk to Megaman out of battle.
    \R\ R lets you Jack-In Megaman into the cyber world.
    2.0=Mayl(Meiru) Sakurai
    Mayl is a good friend of Lans. She is always worried about Lan when he goes to 
    stop Wily. She will help you along the journey by giving you RollV1-V3 chips.
    Remember: Those are the only Roll chips in the game, so don't waste them by 
    trading them in the chip traders.
    3.0=Dex/Dekao Ohyama
    A big guy. That explains him. Dex is a friend of Lan's and is the operator of 
    Gutsman.EXE. He has an attitude and thinks he's the best netbattler around. You
    will be able to fight his Gutsman.EXE for his chips and bugfrags. Tips: Gutsman
    is the easiest way to get bugfrags.
    4.0=Eugene Chaud/Ijuuin Enzan 
    A prodigy netbattler. Chaud is a skilled netbattler and can prove it with his 
    tough navi, Protoman. You will be able to fight Chaud on Hades Isle near the 
    end of the game. Lan and Chaud are serious rivals. 
    A rich girl. Yai is a young girl in Dentown, but she is very smart. Even though
    she is only 8 years old, she is in the 5th grade class with Lan and the others.
    Yai's navi is a butler type named Glyde. Sadly, you cannot fight Glyde in this 
    6.0=Chisao Ohyama
    Cute little brother. Dex's little brother from Electopia. He came to visit his 
    older brother, "the best netbattler in the world." He doesn't have a navi in 
    this game. During the game, Chisao gets into trouble, but what little kid 
    7.0=Higsby/Higeru Yamitaro
    Age:Maybe 30's
    Local chip shop owner. Higsby has a weired habit/accent of saying "huh" at the
    end of every sentence. Like this, Huh. So do you get the idea, huh. He owns the
    chip shop in ACDC. He has a vast collection, and every new chip you get, you 
    can buy that chip from his chip order. He owns the navi Numberman.EXE, but you 
    can't fight him in this game.    
    8.0=Ms. Mari/Mariko-sensei
    Age: ??
    It's your nice kind teacher in classroom 5-A. She isn't much help in this game,
    but always respect your teacher and do your homework.
    9.0=Mom/Hikari Haruka
    Nice. Your mom will always encourage you throughout the game. She trusts you to 
    save the world..... again. 
    10.0=Dad/Hikari Yuuichiro
    Genius. Your dad is one of the best scientists in the world. He created the PET
    and Megaman.EXE. He helps you a lot throughout the game by giving you the Navi 
    Cutomizer, tips on style changes, and helps through the e-mails he sends.   
    11.0=Gramps/Hikari Tadashi
    ~~Major Spoilers Below~~
    Lan and Megaman haven't really seen their grandfather until now. His memory was
    stored inside ALpha to keep it from reawakening again. He explains a lot when 
    you meet him. He was one of the greatest scientists ever, because he created 
    the net.
    12.0=Torakichi Aragoma
    A skilled chess netbattle. Tora is a skilled netbattler with his net navi 
    Kingman.EXE. When you first see him, he is mean and thinks that you have no 
    skills, as you progress, Tora turns out to be polite and smart. You help him 
    out with a couple of jobs during the game. Kingman.EXE will turn out to be a 
    tough opponent at first but you'll eventually see his strategy. 
    13.0=Mr. Famous/Meijin Eguchi
    A skilled net battler with helpful tips for the game. Mr. Famous is back again
    but his time with his new navi, Punk. Everytime you talk to him, he tells you 
    helpful tips about the game and specific chips.  
    Ura Inn netbattler. Tamako owns a little shop in front of the Ura Inn. Her navi
    is Metalman.EXE. She's pretty friendly and nice. Her Navi is fun to net battle 
    Sick boy. You will meet this sick boy in the beach area. He is a little younger
    than Lan and is in a wheelchair. He has stayed at the hospital for his whole 
    life because of his illness. The same as Hub's illness. Lan will grow a strong 
    friendship with Mamoru.
    16.0=Dr. Wily
    Evil, Enemy, Old... Dr. Wily is back again to destroy the net. This time, he is
    going to try to revive Alpha the beast. He has new WWW lackeys to accomplish 
    his tasks and needs. Defeat Wily, and you will save the net/world. 
    17.0=Rei Seiko
    WWW worker. Rei Seiko is the operator of the first boss you'll fight, Flashman.
    He is asian and is a WWW worker. He threatens to kill Lan and his friends. He 
    steals the first tetracode from the school. He hypnotizes Lan's friends and now
    you have to go save them.  
    18.0=Takeo Inukai
    WWW worker. He is the operator of Beastman. If you beat him, Wily isn't too 
    happy, and he "disposes" of Inukai.
    19.0=Mr. Match/Kenichi Hino "Hinoken"
    Fire is nice. Mr. Match is back again with his new navi Flamman. His loyalty to
    the WWW organization and Dr. Wily is truly strong. He "tricks" Lan and Megaman
    that he has turned over a new leaf and is good. His Net battling skills aren't
    bad though.
    Save nature. Annetta seems to be a "confused" girl. She is always influeced
    by either Plantman.EXE or Wily that getting the tetra codes to destroying the
    world is a good thing for the planet. Her navi is Plantman.EXE and he is pretty
    strong. A plant/wood based navi. 
    "DDN Director?" The host of the N-1 Grand Prix. He has a mysterious background.
    His navi is Desertman.EXE and has great power. 
    Mysterious Character. Unless you've played the earlier MM games, Cossak is 
    pretty much a mystery until you get to the WWW base. 
    23.0-43.0=Net Navies
    23.0=Megaman.EXE/Hub(Saito) Hikari/Rockman
    HP:100-1000+(Depending on Navi Cust Blocks)
    Megaman.EXE the Hero. Megaman.EXE is really Lan's brother. He has many weapons 
    that he can use in the game, such as the megabuster and the charged shot. When
    your in the Cyber World, you can control Megaman.EXE by using the D-pad to move 
    him and if you hold B,Megaman will run. During battle, you can move Megaman.EXE
    by using the D-Pad and using the B button will shot the Megabuster. Hold the B 
    button to charge a shot. Pressing A in battle will let you use chips. In this 
    game, Megaman can be customized and have style changes. The real hero of the 
    Chip Class:N/A
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:N/A
    Elemental Weakness:It depends on his element of stlye.
    The D-Pad controls Megaman around the real world.
    Suggested Chip:N/A
     _| |_
    |_   _|
    (A) Press the A button to talk to Navies. "A" lets you choose the chips that 
    you use in battle.
    (B) Hold B to make Megaman run faster in the Cyber world.
    /L/ L lets you talk to Lan out of battle.
    \R\ R lets you Jack-Out Megaman and go back to the Real world.
    Roll has healing powers throughout the game. She is a real good friend of 
    Megaman. Along the way, her operator, Mayl will give you the Roll chips. You 
    don't get to fight Roll in this game,  but she encourages/helps Megaman and 
    RollR-You get it from Mayl.
    RollR V2-You get it from Mayl. 
    RollR V3-You get it from Mayl.
    Chip Class: All Mega.
    Navi P.A.:Big Heart.
    Chip Description: Roll comes to the closet enemy on the left hand side and hits
    them three time and then heals Megaman. 
    Damage:3 Hits
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    P=Empty Panels
    >=Roll appears here to attack the enemy.
    HP:V1-300, V2-700, V3-900, SP-2000
    A big Navi. Gutsman is a huge navi compared to Megaman. He has a big arm for 
    smashing his opponents. Dex always thinks that Gutsmans power can crush 
    Megaman, but you can try and beat Gutsman. You can battle Gutsman as many times 
    as you want in this game. He gives you the Gutsman chips and he is the easiest 
    navi to collect Bug Frags from.
    GutsmanG-Beat Gutsman V2 with a 4-7.
    GutsmanG V2-Beat Gutsman V2 with a rank of 7-10.
    GutsmanG V3-Beat GutsmanV2 or V3 with rank 7-S.
    GutsmanG V4-Beat Gutsman V3 with rank S and under 20 seconds with Team Style.
    GutsmanG V5-Beat Gutsman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location:Talk to Dex on the WWW Base.
    Navi P.A.:Gutshoot.
    Chip Description:Gutsman appears where you were and smashs all the panels in 
    front of him.
    Damage:One Hit
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip: Using the Airshoe Chip or Navi Customizer Program will let you 
    not be dragged down by Gutsman Panel Smashing. 
    P=Empty Panels
    C=Cracked Panels
    Butler type navi. Gylde is a butler type that serves Yai. Even though Gylde 
    can't fight too well, Yai always equips him with rare battle chips. he competes
    in the N-1 Grand Prix, but you don't get to fight him.
    Chips: None.
    Chip Class:None.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:N/A
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    Powerful, skilled, and has an attitude. Protoman is Chauds Navi and he has 
    great skills in Net Battling. He goes and doesn't depend much on Chuad to help 
    him. He specailizes in sword techniques and has the ultimate move called the 
    Delta Ray Edge. 
    ProtomanB-Beat Protoman V1 or V2 with a 4-7 rank.
    ProtomanB V2-Beat ProtomanV2 or V3 with a 7-S rank.
    ProtomanB V3-Beat Protoman V3 with S rank.
    ProtomanB V4-Beat Protoman V3 with S rank and in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    ProtomanB V5-Beat Protoman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location:Talk to Chaud inside Eternal Hades.
    Navi P.A.: Deux Hero, 2xHero.
    Chip Description: Hits all enemies with a wide sword.
    Damage:Hits all enemies
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:AntiSword will automatically deal 300 damage to Protoman. 
    P=Enpty Panels
    B=Protoman starts here
    >=Protoman appears here attacks the enemies in front
    Computer Navi. Numberman is Higsby's navi. He specailizes in numbers, but you
    don't get to fight him in this game. He helps out with the chip order and 
    Numberman machine. In the Numberman machine, you can enter codes (only once 
    though) to get Programs, subchips, and other goodies. 
    Chips: None.
    Chip Class: None.
    Location:Chip Order and Numberman Machine. (You cannot Net Battle him).
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:N/A
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    Chess playing champion. Kingman is Tora's navi and he specailizes in chess net 
    battling. You first fight him in the N-1 grand Prix and he can turn out to be 
    tough at first. He starts off with 2 pawns and a kinght, and his final attack
    is the Checkmate. He becomes one of your friends and you canm battle him as 
    much as you want on the WWW base.  
    KingmanK-Beat Kingman with a rank of 4-7.
    KingmanK V2-Beat KingmanV2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S.  
    KingmanK V3-Beat KingmanV3 with S rank.
    KingmanK V4-Beat Kingman with S rank and in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    KingmanK V5-Beat Kingman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Talk to Tora on the WWW Base.
    Navi P.A.: Prix Power.
    Chip Description: Kingman appears where you were and jumps forward 3 spaces, 
    and doing damage to the panel he landed on, the panel above him, the panel 
    below him, and the panels to the left and right of him. Note-You cannot hurt 
    the enemy by landing directly on them.
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    P=Empty Panel
    J=Where Kingman jumped FROM
    K=Where Kingman LANDED
    H=Where Kingman's attack HIT
    Damage:One Hit
    Tamako's Metal navi. Metalman is a tough navi with a custom battle field. There 
    are two gears that run through the middle row. He shoots missles at you and he 
    can throw his gears from his shoulders at you. He is a fun navi to battle with.
    He is located in front of the Ura Inn. Just talk to Tamako.
    MetalmanM-Beat Metalman with a rank of 4-7.
    MetalmanM V2-Beat Metalman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S.
    MetalmanM V3-Beat Metalman V3 with S rank.
    MetalmanM V4-Beat Metalman V3 with S rank and in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    MetalmanM V5-Beat Metalman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location:Talk to Tamako next to the cart right in front of the Ura Inn.
    Navi P.A.: N/A
    Chip Description:Metalman appears where you were standing and slams the panel in
    front with his fist. He cracks that same panel also.
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    P=Empty Panels
    Damage:One Panel Punch
    Electricity is nice. Flashman is the very first boss in the game. He is Rei's 
    Net Navi. He specializes in electricty and sets up two towers that will stun
    you and he shoots electricity onto the floor. He also sends a row of bulbs at 
    FlashmanF-Beat Flashman with a rank of 4-7.
    FlashmanF V2-Beat Flashman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S. 
    FlashmanF V3-Beat Flashman V3 with a S rank.
    FlashmanF V4-Beat Flashman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    FlashmanF V5-Beat Flashman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in ACDC 2.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:Flashman comes out and shocks the enemies. Note-This hits all
    enemies on the field.
    Damage:Hits all enemies
    Elemental Weakness:Wood
    Suggested Chip:Tornado will do twice the damage.
    A=Area Affected
    Strategy: This guy is the first boss, but he isnít a pushover(not yet anyway). 
    His first attack sends a wave of circuits in a path that can be this: /\/\/\, 
    or it can follow you up and down, just move forward and up/down. The next 
    attack is tough to avoid, it comes in two parts, he will first create 2 bulbs 
    in your area. this is where you must make a decision, have 2 panels in between
    you and the nearest blue panel, use 2 chips to destroy the bulbs, or if neither 
    is an option you must eat the hit. When the light bulbs blow up they stun you, 
    so you will automatically get hit if in range of the next attack. note that he 
    can steal your first row of panels and make the first option impossible, so 
    youíll have to use chips, but remember after 30 chips are exhausted you will 
    be unable to win easily, as your buster does 1 damage.
    Awaken the beast inside. He is the very second boss in the game. His operator 
    is Inukai and fighting him can be hard at first. He is very quick and speedy. 
    He can stands in one spot one second and the next, he is behind you and 
    slashing you to bits. When you lower his health, he starts charging and 
    slashing you. He starts froms the corners and then charges throught the row 
    your in.
    BeastmanB-Beat Beastman with a rank of 4-7.
    BeastmanB V2-Beat Beastman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S. 
    BeastmanB V3-Beat Beastman V3 with a S rank. 
    BeastmanB V4-Beat Beastman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    BeastmanB V5-Beat Beastman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly in Lan's Dog House. (MUST have Sneak Run on; Navi Customizer 
    or SubChip, it doesn't matter).
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:Beastman appears where Megaman is standing and dissappears.
    Then he comes out and hits the enemy by going diagonal from the top, diagonal 
    from the bottom, and finally down the row you where in. Pressing A at the right
    moment will let you get more hits. Note-For the most damage, make sure you lock
    the enemy at 3 Panels ahead.
    Damage:3 Claw Hit
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    C=Claws Path
    P=Empty Panels
    Strategy: Second boss, but he is really tough! If youíve played any other BN 
    games consider this the temporary replacement for blues/protoman(protoman can 
    be fought once you complete the main game). He likes to enter your side of the 
    screen so be ready to dodge. During te first attack he will appear in front of 
    you ,or behind you and wide slash. If he appears in front of you, you can hit 
    him with a sword, if he appears behind you just dodge. During the second 
    attack, he will appear diagonally from you and fly diagonally towards
    (and if you are in the way) you. His only other attack is to disappear and have
    his body parts appear in your side of the field, move left/right to avoid the 
    claws and up/down to avoid the head.
    Dishwasher Trouble. You find out that the WWW has bugged the dishwashers that 
    they are selling. After you chase down his lackies, you will meet him face to 
    face. The good thing is that you should be getting a style change right about 
    now. Bubbleman.EXE does not have an operator, but he has a cousin named 
    Drillman. He has a hole on his side of the field and he summons bubbles and 
    throws crabs at you. He can be really annoying at first. 
    BubblemanB-Beat Bubbleman with a rank of 4-7.
    BubblemanB V2-Beat Bubbleman V2 or V3 with a S rank. 
    BubblemanB V3-Beat Bubbleman V3 with a S rank.
    BubblemanB V4-Beat Bubbleman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    BubblemanB V5-Beat Bubbleman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Beach 1. (MUST be in Critical health; Red must
    be flashing for you HP).
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:Bubbleman appears and shoots 6 spears through the row you are 
    in. This is a multiple hit chip, and can be powered up with Navi+20's and 
    Elemental Weakness:Elec
    Suggested Chip:FlashmanV4
    P=Empty Panels
    R=Spears path/Enemy can get hit on ANY of these Panels
    Damage:Multiple hit spears
    Strategy: Bubbles flow constantly out of the hole in the middle of his side and 
    he refuses to move from the backrow, so it is nessesarry to hit him with long 
    range attacks. Also, this guy is practically begging to be bolted as most of 
    the time there are 2 or more objects in his side, but beware, it's hard to time 
    it right unless he is behind the rock in his top row. The bubbles like to 
    attack you so be on your gaurd. One buster shot pops the bubbles but sometimes 
    they're trapped with razor sharks that zoom across the screen when you break 
    the bubble. Also keep in mind he throws crabs that act like rattons. Last but 
    not least, later in the fight some bubbles contain mines thet blow up in a + 
    when next to you and hi will put a bubble barrier up and shoot harpoons. When 
    he does this, pop the bubble, nail him with a long range attack then move out 
    of the way. This was actually a challenging fight despite how much of a coward 
    he was... and gutstyle machine gun busters are good for getting rid of bubbles 
    AND shooting Bubbleman.
    Desert sand. Desertman is Sunayama's Net navi. He has a head the stays in one 
    place, but he continuously has Lion head arms that shoot off through the row. 
    He can be hard at first, but he gets easier. Desertman was hidden until 
    Sunayama revealed that he was working for Wily. The whole N-1 Grand Prix was
    messed up and Lan and Megaman had to take action.
    DesertmanD-Beat Desertman with a rank of 4-7.
    DesertmanD V2-Beat Desertman V2 or V3 with a S rank.
    DesertmanD V3-Beat Desertman V3 with a S rank.
    DesertmanD V4-Beat Desertman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    DesertmanD V5-Beat Desertman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Yoka Inn TV.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:Desertman's head appears where you are standing and his Lion
    Heads come out and charge through the top and bottom rows. The panels that the 
    heads go across will be turned into Sand panels. 
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:Bubblespread P.A. will stun him and does 300 damage.
    P=Empty Panels.
    D=Desertman's Head.
    L=Lions head path.
    Damage:Lions head charge
    Strategy: Desertman.EXE is constantly protected by two pillars, and he has two 
    lions heads going across the row. Water attacks cause him to pause for moment. 
    Use lots of bubble/heat spread attacks. His HP maybe overwhelming the first 
    time you face him, but just watch out for his lion head attack, his whirlpool 
    attack, and the rock cube that falls on top of you. A quick note would be that 
    if you use Metagel, you destroy the hands and take only 1 panel. At first he 
    may be hard, but is actually a fun boss.
    Burning Candles. Flamman is Mr. Match's new Net navi for WWW. He can be found 
    in the Undernet while your looking for the forbidden program. He could be 
    considered one of the hardest bosses for begginers. He has candles that give 
    him bonus powers. Red=Slowly recovers HP. Green= Invincible. Orange=Flameballs
    circle around you. When you battle him, auqa chips are so useful, and of 
    course, you have to make sure that the candles aren't green. You'll have to 
    win quick because he can recover HP. Flamman is a fun navi, and when your in 
    the WWW, Mr. Match and Flamman Full Synchro for ultimate power.
    FlammanF-Beat Flamman with a rank of 4-7.
    FlammanF V2-Beat Flamman V2 or V3 with a S rank.
    FlammanF V3-Beat Flamman V3 with a S rank.
    FlammanF V4-Beat Flamman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    FlammanF V5-Beat Flamman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Yoka 1.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:Flamman appears where you are standing and blows a row of fire
    to the enemy. You can change the direction of the flame by pressing the Up and
    Down controls on the D-Pad.
    Damage:Flame throughout the row
    Elemental Weakness:Aqua
    Suggested Chip:Bubble Spread P.A.
    P=Enmpty Panels
    B=Burning Area
    Strategy: Flamman is a fire type navi you meet for the first time in Undernet 
    3. The candles explain his power. Such as green=invincible, orange=2 fire balls 
    circle the center panel, and red=recovers hp at a certain rate. You can't win 
    on green candles, so I suggest you keep his candles, all red, or one red and 
    one orange. If you use areagrab, the fire balls won't hurt you. The best way to
    defeat him is to use lots of water chips, and metagels.
    Mother nature needs help. Plantman is a WWW navi and with her operator, 
    Annetta, they want to "help" mother nature by destoying the world. Plantman 
    influences Annetta and takes over the hospital. The bad thing is that Mamoru 
    needs the power for the operation. Plantman has a leaf shield and thorns that 
    shoot at you. Plantman can summon flowers that confuse you. Fire chips double 
    in power when they hit Plantman. Heatspread P.A. can do 300, but is doubles to
    PlantmanP-Beat Plantman with a rank of 4-7.
    PlantmanP V2-Beat Plantman V2 or V3 with a S rank.
    PlantmanP V3-Beat Plantman V3 with a S rank.
    PlantmanP V4-Beat Plantman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    PlantmanP V5-Beat Plantman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Hospital Computer 3.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description: Plantman appears and puts his vines into the ground. They 
    contrict the enemy and hits them multiple times. Plantman grabs all the enemies 
    on the field. 
    Damage:Constricting Vines 
    Elemental Weakness:Flame
    Suggested Chip:HeatSpread P.A. or Totem Chips
    E=Enemies being contricted.
    Strategy: Plantman.EXE shoots thorns through the entire row. The damage varies 
    from each version. He then puts his arm/vines into the ground and the vines 
    reappear on your side of the field. They constrict you and do multiple damage. 
    The attack is easy to avoid. Fire chips are so useful against this guy. Totems 
    will help but remember to keep the vines away from the totems so they dont hit 
    them and destroy them. If you charge up your Flamethrower, you will do 100 
    damage. If you have guts sytle the buster doubles. Plantman also puts 2 flowers
    on your side of the field. When the flowers open, the pollen confuses you. I 
    would recommend that you use the lava stage chip or Navi Cust program if you 
    are a heat element. Every panel Plantman steps on does 100 damage.
    I like pointy drills. Drillman is an independent navi for the WWW. His cousin 
    is Bubbleman (o_O Net Navies can be related? Besides Netto and Saito though) 
    and he doesn't have a operator. He keeps shooting 3 drills through
    all the rows. One of the drills are Drillman.EXE coming through. Right before
    you reach Alpha in the WWW base, Drillman comes and interupts you. Sword chips
    are wonderful against him. Drillman has a huge drill on his head.
    DrillmanD-Beat Drillman with a rank of 4-7.
    DrillmanD V2-Beat Drillman V2 or V3 with a S rank.
    DrillmanD V3-Beat Drillman V3 with a S rank.
    DrillmanD V4-Beat Drillman V3 with a S rank in under 20 secs with Team Style.
    DrillmanD V5-Beat Drillman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Hades Net.(This is where you search for the vict.
    data during the N-1 Grand Prix).
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description: Drillman goes up into the air and then three drills come out
    and go through the three rows. Then, out of the remaning panels, 3 drills 
    randomly got through the floor and hurts the enemy. Finally, 3 rocks will 
    randomly fall down onto the enemies side of the field. 
    Damage:Multiple Drill attacks
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:Hero Sword
    >=Drills path
    *=The enemy is standing here and a drill can come up hurt the enemy.
    +=Boulders fall on the enemies.
    Strategy: If you think he is easy because of his low hp, you're mistaken. This 
    guys best weapon is SPEED. Sword chips make this guy fall on his knees.
    38.0=Bass(GS and Omega)
    Must destroy humans. Bass is the very first independent navi, and he has gained
    incredible power. Now he's after revenge on the humans. You first fight him in
    the WWW base. He has powerful attacks and a 100 regenerating aura. After you 
    defeat him, you fight a even stronger Bass GS in the secret area. He has 
    powered up and teamed up with Gospel the beast. Now he has a 200 aura and 
    tremendous power. His final form is incredible, but by now you should be able 
    to beat him with ease. When you fight later forms of Bass, you should put in 
    Folderback if you have the Blue Version. 
    Bass+X-Defeat Bass GS to deserve this Powerful Giga Chip.
    Chip Class: Giga.
    Location: Bass is in the Alpha Brain in the WWW Base. Bass GS is in Secret Area
    3 after you beat Serenade and pay 300 Bug Frags.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description: When you use Bass+, you MUST have the Hole chip out and open,
    or have the Dark License in your NaviCust. Bass appears and hits the closet 
    enemy's column and hits them for 550. The other panels in the coloumn are
    cracked. This takes a lot of set up, but the ultimate power. 
    Damage:Powerful Punch
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:Northwind (for Bass Gs and Omega)
    C=Cracked Panels
    D=Damaged Area
    Strategy: Bass.EXE has 1000 HP and a 100 barrier that keeps regenerating. He 
    shoots a ball of energy at you which goes through the whole row. Then he shoots 
    a bunch of energy balls through all the rows. The best tactic is to avoid them. 
    Once you get him down to 300, he puts out one hand that is glowing, then jumps 
    onto your side of the field. This crushes the whole column. His barrier goes up 
    automatically after he does this attack. Good luck on Bass. Also if you have 
    Elec or Guts using the zapring or machine gun during the random spark or 
    earthbraker attacks will stop him from regenerating his Aura (Spoilers). After 
    you beat Bass, you automatically face Alpha.
    Alpha the beast. Well, you've made it too Alpha/Proto. Are you ready to save 
    the net? He was created when the original net was created. Wily has now used 
    his power to completely destroy the net. Now you must stop him. Alpha is 
    located in the deepest part of the WWW base. Lan and Megaman will Full Synchro
    to get the MAX power. During battle, you cannot take over any of his panels. 
    Alpha has a protected core that you have to break, when its open, you can hurt 
    him. Once you reach his Omega version, Alpha is powered up and harder than 
    ever. Depending on the version you have, you will either get Alpha Arm Omega
    or Alpha Arm Sigma. Alpha has a huge head with horns on the side and a 
    protected core.
    Alpha Arm Omega-Beat Alpha Omega(Blue Version Only)
    Alpha Arm Sigma-Beat Alpha Omega(White Version Only)
    Chip Class: Giga
    Location: In the WWW Base. Go past Chaud through the door and you'll meet the 
    big boss of the game. 
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:N/A
    Damage:Multiple and single hit attacks
    Alpha Arm Omega-500
    Alpha Arm Sigma-80
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:For the first time, Zeta P.A.s are great. It's up to you. 
    Strategy: Alpha has 2000 HP, and if your a beginner that might seem 
    overwhelming, but it is easy.
    *Spoilers*-Easy ways to beat him.
    1.Random Meteorsx4- They do 100 each, they take him down about 600 damage. 
    2.Undersht,Grass Stage Combo- If you are a wood element, equip undersht and 
    use grass stage. you can never die as long as you stand on a grass panel.
    (Does not work on Proto Omega)
    3. Zeta P.A.s will kill him easily
    40.0=Punk(Blue Only)
    Punk. This is a Blue Version exclusive. When you talk to Mr. Famous, Megaman 
    will ask you if you want to challenge Punk. Punk is a fun challenge and only 
    gives zenny. There are rumors that you can get the Punk chip, but that is only 
    by a Capcom Specail Event and by cheating(Game Shark,AR,ect). Punk uses pysical
    attacks and cannot go through objects on the field. He rolls through the field
    and hurts you when he hits. Punk is a red color and has a mohawk on his head. 
    He has spikes sticking out all over and has stretchable arms to hit you. 
    Punk-Only obtained by Cheating or Events.
    Chip Class: Mega or Giga(Sorry, I don't have it...then again...I don't cheat)
    Location: Talk to Mr. Famous next to the electric tower, near the zoo entrance.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description:N/A
    Punk-180 (360 with Mr. Famous's Wristband)
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    Punk's Rolling Attack
    >=Punks Path
    Assassin of the Dark. The first gaurd of Serenade and the Secret Area 1. 
    Darkman.EXE is an assassin that lost to Serenade once, and needs to delete 
    enemies to get the chance face Serenade again. Darkman can change elements and 
    do different elemental attacks. Darkman will also summon 3 holes on your side 
    on the field and bats will fly out hitting you. Areagrab him and the bats won't
    be a problem. Darkman doesn't have a specific face and wears dark cloak. You 
    can tell what element he is by looking at what color his cloak is. 
    DarkmanD-Beat Darkman with a rank of 4-7.
    DarkmanD V2-Beat Darkman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S
    DarkmanD V3-Beat Darkman V3 with S rank.
    DarkmanD V4-Beat Darkman V3 with S rank and in under 20 secs in Team Style
    DarkmanD V5-Beat Darkman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Undernet 6. (MUST have a glitch in the Navi 
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description: Darkman appears and create 3 holes on the enemies side of the
    field. Then, bats will fly out, hitting the enemy multiple times. 
    Damage:Multiple hit bat attacks
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
             ( )( )( )
    ()=Bat Caves
    V=Bats Path
    Bodygaurd of "S". Yamatoman.EXE is the personal bodygaurd of Serenade. He 
    blocks the entrance to Secret Area 3. He is pretty tough, and he can reflect
    any buster attack. He can spear you if your in the back row or hit you multiple 
    times if your in the front. He can call for back-up once you lower his health. 
    Yamatoman is a tall navi in old Japanese armor. He holds a huge spear to kill 
    his enemies. 
    YamatomanY-Beat Yamatoman with a rank of 4-7.
    YamatomanY V2-Beat Yamatoman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S
    YamatomanY V3-Beat Yamatoman V3 with S rank.
    YamatomanY V4-Beat Yamatoman V3 with S rank and in under 20 secs in Team Style
    YamatomanY V5-Beat Yamatoman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Randomly appears in Yoka Inn Armor Display.
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description: Yamatoman appears and does multiple hits with his spear to 
    enemies in the area that is 2 columns ahead. Then he spears the enemies that 
    are 3 spaces ahead. The best way to do damage is to get the enemy in front of 
    you, and 2 columns ahead.  
    Damage:Multiple Spear attack
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    Y=Yamatoman stands here
    H=Area of hits
    B=Back-Up soilders
    <=Path of the soilders
    Multiple Hits
    Spear Point
    Male=English Game;Female=Japanese(Thats what I hear, I might be wrong, but the 
    translation of the game might have changed that)
    The "King"(I'm talking about the English version of the game) of the Undernet. 
    He is Ranked Number 1. If you beat him, you will become the champion. There is 
    only one way to hurt him, and that is when he is in the middle front row and is
    about the blast you and crack panels. Buster attacks are useless against him. 
    Good P.As are Bodyguard or 2xHero. If you have Blue version, you might want to
    have Folderback in your folder. He looks like a little arabian boy with loose
    clothes and has a couple ribbon like shields that stick out of his back.  
    None. (There is the Serenade chip, but you get that in the Serenade Time Trails
    in the White Version) 
    Chip Class: None
    Location: Serenade is in Secret Area 3 and is located on top of the stairs. 
    You MUST collect all 200 standard to enter past the "Door of Honor", to fight
    Navi P.A.:N/A
    Chip Description: A Multiple hit Air burst attack on the enemies side of the 
    field. Note-Requires Hole Chip to out on the field. 
    Nessie's Description:First, you need to use to Hole chip. The chip attack is 
    exactly like a Serenade attack except that it freezes the time. It does 100 
    dammage and it's a Giga chip. It cracks random opponent's panels and all the 
    cracked panels inflict 100 dammage to the enemy. If the opponent is locked, 
    it does a lot of dammage.
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    Damage:100 damage Multiple hit attack.
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    C=Cracked Panels
    44.0=Bowlman.EXE(Blue Only)
    Bowling theme Navi. Bowlman is a Blue Version only exclusive character. He can 
    be found in the DNN fight machine. He is ranked number 2 in the Undernet and
    you must beat him for the title. He has a gattling type machine gun that shoots
    bowling pins at you. He also brings up bowling pins on your side of the field
    and knocks them down with a bowling ball to do damage. He is a fun Navi to net
    battle. He is pretty tall and has an arm made up of bowling balls and the other
    is a huge pin. 
    BowlmanB-Beat Bowlman with a rank of 4-7.
    BowlmanB V2-Beat Bowlman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S.
    BowlmanB V3-Beat Bowlman with S rank.
    BowlmanB V4-Beat Bowlman V3 with S rank and in under 20 secs in Team Style.
    BowlmanB V5-Beat Bowlman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Top corner of the DNN netbattle machine in the studio.
    Navi P.A.: Prix Power.
    Chip Description: Bowlman appears and bowling pins be summoned and will go 
    across the row you are in. Then he will roll a bowling ball at the pins. The 
    pins and the ball will do damage. To do more damage, stand in the back row and 
    line up with the enemy.  
    Damage:Multiple Bowling Attack
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
    P=Pins rising/Row of where Bowlman rows bowling pins across the row.
    Strategy: Move up and down to avoid his pin attack. After the pin attack he may 
    do it again or pins will appear in your area and he will try to get a strike by 
    hitting pins and sending them flying at you. If you hit pins enough when they 
    are flying through the air in the pin shooter attack they will do the same 
    thing, so move out of the way. strategy isnt that important here, skill and 
    luck are.
    45.0=Mistman.EXE(White Only)
    Genie in a bottle.
    A white exclusive navi. He can be found in the DNN computer and he holds the 
    rank of number two in the Undernet and you must beat him to claim the title. 
    MistmanM-Beat Mistman with a rank of 4-7.
    MistmanM V2-Beat Mistman V2 or V3 with a rank of 7-S.
    MistmanM V3-Beat Mistman with S rank.
    MistmanM V4-Beat Mistman V3 with S rank and in under 20 secs in Team Style.
    MistmanM V5-Beat Mistman SP.
    Chip Class:All of them are Mega, but V5 is Giga.
    Location: Top corner of the DNN netbattle machine in the studio.
    Navi P.A.: Prix Power.
    Chip Description:Mistman appears and goes through the rows to inflict damage.
    If target it right, Mistman can do more damage by attacking twice in the middle
    Nessie's Descrtiption:When you use the chip, one square of purple mist appears 
    in front and one at the back of the opponent . However, if the opponent is on 
    the back column, one square of mist appears in front but none at the back. If 
    the opponent is on the front column, one square of mist will appear behind him 
    but none at the front. It means that the spots of mists can only be on the 
    opponent rows. Then, mistman appears from the spots of mist and hits the 
    Damage:Multiple Genie Damage
    Elemental Weakness:N/A
    Suggested Chip:N/A
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