"MegaMan is forever staying young"

Yet ANOTHER MegaMan game! Yay! Ok, sure, you might think: ''Oh joy, another biased reviewer...'' I say, WRONG! Sure, I like MegaMan games, but I don't especially like the Battle Network branch of the franchise. The thing here is, it's just so damn good! Read on to find out more.

They actually didn't change much about the gameplay.. That I can say is true. It's still the basic running on 9 given tiles and trying to smash the enemies on their side, but it's not that simple anymore. Sure, styles are back and all that jazz, but it's the fact that enemies are getting stronger and a bit faster that's getting me happy about this game. Enemies are smarter, they're also more persistent. The quick controls are still good, albeit the fact I've yet to achieve a quick teleport in a diagonal line.

Ok, the story is starting to get a LITTLE bit annoying... We all know someone out there wants to take over the world, we all know that there is a team of anti-virus navigators. Of course, the story is still good for now. IF they don't change it next game, I think I'll give the story a lower mark then.

Ok, I never really liked GBA sound... That's why I don't especially like any tunes on the soundtrack. You'll get some good kicks out of some songs (like thee battle song) but the rest are somewhat annoying. The little sound effects are cute at first but get progressively annoying after awhile. Just have some of your favorite music on your radio if you're going to play for more than an hour. Trust me, you'll need the break.

Yes, a perfect mark. Sure, it's 3 game-old graphics, but the new sprites for every style and new chip is well worth it. I really like the stuff in this game. It still doesn't disappoint. (Argue with me if you wish, this is MY review, it's MY opinion!)

This is a first... Every style is worth trying out, every chip is unique, every combo is cool. Heck, you can even have replayability in random encounters while trying to fight odder mixes of viruses!

Buy or Rent?
Yet again, it's a good game, and it's really too long to rent and finish in 2 days. You should also buy it due to the strong replayability factor that is in the game. As an added bonus, you can trade stuff between the two versions of the game, it's something that's quite interesting! (yet seems to take on a Pokemon-ish trait...)

*Review Recap*

Gameplay - 9/10
Story - 8/10
Audio - 6/10
Video - 10/10
Replayability - 9/10
Buy or Rent? - Buy

General - 8/10 (not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/03, Updated 06/27/03

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