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"This ain't your daddies GameBoy"

Nintendo releases yet another update to their Game Boy line. The Game Boy Advance sports a 32-bit processor, wide screen LCD screen and backwords compatibility. Ahhh, yes, the Game Boy. Perhaps Nintendo's most successful venture and quite possibly, forever will be. I remember when I bought my first Game Boy. It was in the Late-80's. Back then there was none of this color stuff like there is today. No, there was one color, gray. And there wasn't 32-bit graphics like today, no, we had 16 color gray-scale. You punks today have it good. In my day, we had to march to the store 40 miles through snow in our bare feet just to get a glimpse at this brand-spanking new piece of hardware dubbed the ''Game Boy''. But, enough of that, back to the review.

Graphics - 10
Nintendo made the most with what it had. The wide LCD screen Nintendo decided to go with is cool and just screams ''This ain't your daddy's Game Boy''. The games are clear and easy to see (that is, in a well lit area). It would've been cool if Nintendo did make it back-lit. But The component is expensive to install and expensive to replace (if it ever goes out). Though, my Game Gear is still working fine.

Sound - 9
Well, it depends on the game mostly. It's got a speaker, what else do you want? Dolby digital surround? Well, I guess you could hook it up to your stereo if you were inclined to do so.

Features - 8
It has pretty much the standard stuff for any portable system. But it is compatible with any Game Boy game. And if you want to see your old games like you've never seen it before, just tap the left shoulder button to make them wide screen (just stretches the picture to fit the whole screen). Press the right shoulder button to set it back. One really odd thing about the GBA, the games are tiny. I mean, like half the size of a normal Game Boy game. Weird.

Games - 6
Well, its got a good selection. But I'm just not too interested in most of em. Maybe about 20 games at launch with more coming all the time. Of course, you have all the previous Game Boy games you can use.

Overall - 8
Good system. If you get a portable, think ''Game Boy Advance''. Of course, there's not a lot of alternates as far as portables go. Just a tip, if you get this, get the worm light or at least something to help you see the screen in the dark. I'm shocked that this system only requires 2 double A batteries to run. I have yet to find out what the battery life is, but I guestimate maybe 15-20 hours.

Just think, 10-20 years down the line, your kids will probably be saying ''only 32-bit, how could you survive''. Then, I hope you follow that up with a good ''When I was your age'' story.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/25/01, Updated 06/25/01

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