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"A Great System, the portable of the future."

I remember hearing about Gameboy advanced a year ago and I thought ''probably just another gameboy'' but I was way wrong! Gameboy advanced made me rethink the limits of a handheld system. I previously thought portable system could only go to 16 bit (neo-geo color). The graphics are simply put amazing. Of course there's not all glory to this new powerful hand held system.

I have two complaints, one is that there's no backlight, so no playing in the dark or even when it's really bright. The light must be just right to play unless you buy a light adapter. That isn't quite so bad because the battery consumption would probably triple if there was a backlight. My 2nd complaint is that there are only 4 buttons. I was wanting something like 6 buttons.

I have one more complaint actually and that's that they didn't use any type of CD system, like mini CD's. With Mini CD's or any type of CD style game system they could have had graphics to match Playstation. But unfortunately they stuck with Cartridges (again) and ended up being the same exact graphics as Super Nintendo.

The screen is actually a little bit bigger than the GameBoy Color screen. Aside from having a little bit bigger screen the gameboys shape has totally been changed to be horizontal not vertical.

The power is obviously there in the system though, true it may not be able to run FMV's but a portable super nintendo in my hands is good enough for me. There are actually quite a few plus's to the new GameBoy system made by Nintendo.

+Nice color pallete, great graphics for a hand held
+One cartridge for multiplayer!
+Super Nintendo in your hands basically
+Cool look to the system itself

The 4 basic colors that are out now include:
Fuchsia (Pink)
Indigo (Purple)
Arctic (White)
Glacier (Clear Purple)

I'm sure everybody can expect more colors as is Nintendo's usual fashion when it comes to Gameboys.

The system runs on 2 battery's which will run for 8 hours straight without having to change them (that's on average with E2's or Duracell Ultra's). You could also make it so you never have to change the battery's by buying a GameBoy Advanced battery pak.

A light to go over the screen would not be too bad an idea either considering there is no backlight. Also a link cable (or 2) is necessary if you want to play multiplayer with friends. You need one link cable for each person besides you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/26/01, Updated 08/07/01

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