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    Dialogue Translation by Cyllya

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                      Tales of the World ~ Summoner's Lineage ~             
                             Plot/Dialogue Translation
                                     by Cyllya
                            [cyllya @ mad.scientist.com]
                (yes, there is really a dot between mad and scientist)
    WARNING: Reading this will give you a good idea of what's going on, but
    remember that some details may be blurry....
    I'm not fluent in Japanese. This translation was done with three
    different kinds of online dictionaries, two online translators, and what
    Japanese knowledge I've collected via self-teaching. It is approximate and
    even contains a few gaps. DO NOT treat it like a %100 accurate translation.
    It's meant to help anyone who knows less (or even about the same amount)
    Japanese than me understand what's happening in the story.
    I left some of the name suffixes in the dialogue, because I feel they say
    something about the characters, but they can't be translated right. If they
    bother you, just ignore them. There aren't as many as you'd think.
    03:07:25 - [v0.50] So far, I have up through what is arguably the
    biggest non-ending spoiler in the game (i.e. the West Island chapter). I
    hope to make more progress soon. Feel free to pester me if I take REALLY
    long. ^_^;
    03:07:27 - [v0.51] Added notes and useless stuff like that.... 
    04:01:03 - [v0.52] Added four more sections, up through the part at the Moria
    Tunnels. Sorry for how awkward the dialogue sounds in these parts.
    04:12:03 - [v0.53] Changed many special terms to match those used in the 
    official translation of ToS.
    05:03:16 - [v0.60] Added a few more chapters, added table of contents, added
    base conversations, added info on the different endings (need more info).
    Editted the whole thing again, changed Maou to Demon Lord.
    CONTENTS (by location of event)
    --Forest of the Ancient Ruins
    --Capital of Euclid
    --Lone Valley
    --The Town of Miguel
    --The Forest of Spirits
    --Erosion Cave
    --Venezzia City
    --The Cave of Spirits
    --Desert Cave
    --West Island
    --Miguel Outskirts
    --Ymir Forest
    --City of Eternal Darkness Ary
    --Ninja Village
    --Moria Tunnels
    --Volt's Cave
    --Zodiac Tower
    --Underground Mausoleum
    --Ancient Super-Civilization Thor
    --(Harmel City)
    --(Valhalla Plains)
    --(Cave of Ice)
    --(Cave of Fire)                  <--haved done (these) yet.
    --(Mine Ruins)
    --(The Demon Lord's Castle)
    --(The Demon Lord's Flying Castle)
    --Base Conversations
    Chou Inishie Yo Bunmei no Isan
    Heritage of a Super Ancient Civilization
    Forest of the Ancient Ruins
    Fulein: The path turns to the right here....
    Fulein: And passes through this gate....
    Fulein: Th, there! It's where the light points!
    Fulein: So it's just like in the literature I investigated after all. Of
            course it was in these ruins.
    Fulein: South from here.... 1... 2... 3...
    Fulein: And to the east.... 1... 2... 3... 4... I wonder if it's this  
    Fulein: Perhaps, when this pillar is turned... I'll find more and more
            Rings of Pact...
    Fulein: Huh? ...Isn't that strange? I haven't made a mistake about this
            pillar... but what...
    (rumbling sounds)
    Fulein: Huh, what? What's that's sound?
    Fulein: Ah! The floor is.... Waaaaaaaah!
    Young Man: Doctor Garrel!
    Garrel: Hmm....
    Garrel: Oh, Xex. What's wrong?
    Xex   : This little bird was in the forest....
    Garrel: Well, let me see....
    Garrel: ...Unfortunately, it's too late to help it....
    Xex   : Too late?
    Xex   : I hurt it, why can't it be repaired?
    Garrel: Repaired.... Well. I can certainly repair you, but
    Garrel: I'm afraid I can't repair a living thing.
    Garrel: Not if it sustains a large wound and dies or dies because it's life
            span is over.
    Xex   : Dies?
    Garrel: That's right.
    Garrel: Death visits everyone someday. The life of a living creature is
    Garrel: I researched intently thinking that that a person's limited life
            could probably be extended at least a little
    Garrel: But I finally become aware of my mistaken point of view this
    Garrel: Because a creature's life is limited, that time should be spent
            living in eagerness and feeling happiness.
    Garrel: Life is not be eternal, perhaps, but...
    Xex   : There is no eternal life?
    Xex   : Your research was useless, Doctor Garrel?
    Garrel: I don't know if there is a way for eternal life.
    Garrel: But my research was by no means useless.
    Garrel: Without my research, I wouldn't have been able to create you.
    Garrel: Thanks to you, I can enjoy the rest of my short life.
            Thank you, Xex.
    Xex   : Doctor Garrel, will you die someday too?
    Garrel: That's right, but I'm fine for now at any rate.
    Xex   : That's no good!
    Garrel: It can't be helped. A person's limited life....
    Garrel: But it's not impossible for you to live forever....
    Garrel: However, all you understand about years past is what's in your
            memory, of living day after day with me.
    Garrel: Let's make every day a good one, so we're left with happy memories.
    Xex   : I won't forget no matter what. Doctor Garrel....
    Garrel: Xex... you're a kind child.
    Fulein : Ouch....
    Fulein : Why did the floor suddenly collapse like that? Nothing like
    that was
             mentioned in the literature....
    Fulein : Ah! Could that be... a treasure box?
    Fulein : I did it! That must be the Great Heritage... especially the
             Ring of Pact!
    Fulein : Uh... how do I open this thing?
    ------ : MAIN SYSTEM STARTUP....
    Fulein : Hm? Where'd that voice come from? Is someone here...?
    Fulein : Huh? Is this box talking?!
    Fulein : That's awesome magic! I expect it's....
             PUSHUUUU (sound affect)
    Fulein : Waaaaaah!
    ?????  : Yeah-... I slept well.
    ?????  : Huh?
    Fulein : (cough)... (cough).... Ah, surprised me.
    Fulein : When the box opened, there was some smoke and a little fairy came
    ?????  : Good day, Master.
    Fulein : Huh? Master? Um, who's that? Aren't you and I the only ones here?
    ?????  : The person who awakens me is my master.
    Fulein : Uh...!
    Fulein : The fairy talks like a ring was used, but there was no pact made....
    Fulein : Ah, that reminds me... Do you know where there's a Ring of
    ?????  : Ring of Pact?
    Fulein : Yeah, I think there was a Pact Ring in the box you came out
             of, but...
    ?????  : This box is my cradle; there is nothing in there but me....
    Fulein : Eh, must be an exception... The Great Heritage is even in
             literature.... There was Ma Charon....
    ?????  : Is Macaron my name?
    Fulein : Yeah... the name is....
    Fulein : Huh? ...What's that? Your name?
    Macaron: Yes. My name is Macaron.
    Fulein : So that's it.... Ma Charon is the name of this fairy....
    Fulein : ............
    Fulein : Well, it's no use... I was wrong... I guess I should give up.
    Fulein : So why did Fairy Macaron sleep here so much?
    Macaron: Master, if I may correct you, I am not a fairy.
    Macaron: I am a Fairy-Type Android assembled from the essence of crystal
             by magitechnology.
    Macaron: The reason for the cradle is...
    Macaron: I was to be released before the end of my former master's life
             span, unless there was no use for me.
    Macaron: I awaken so that a new master could be found.
    Fulein : I see.... He's dead now. That's a bad thing to hear.
    Macaron: Bad thing? Is the coming of life a bad thing?
    Fulein : No, he died with no new life.
    Fulein : When I said it was a bad thing, I think it's saddening to hear
             something like that.
    Macaron: Dead...?
    Macaron: Master has died?
    Macaron: I saw his smiling face with my own eyes before I went to sleep....
    Fulein : Are you... crying?
    Macaron: Crying...? Do you not know we androids have no tears?
    Fulein : I see... you must be very sad.
    Fulein : But, your previous master must have been kind. I can tell that
             without ever having met him just by looking at you.
    Macaron: Thank you very much. I think so.
    Macaron: And I think my new master is kind as well.
    Macaron: Surely I may go with you, Master.
    Fulein : Yeah, sure... but can I make just one request?
    Macaron: Yes. Please request anything.
    Fulein : Can you stop calling me "Master"?
    Fulein : I don't want to be treated like something I'm not.
    Fulein : I'm just a student of an ordinary magic school, chasing my
             research topic...
    Fulein : Oh, my name is... Fulein. Think you can call me that?
    Fulein : And you don't have to talk so politely either.
    Macaron: I do not?
    Fulein : No, you don't....
    Fulein : That's right, we're friends!
    Fulein : Everyone should have friends!
    Macaron: We are... friends?
    Macaron: I understand. Now, I shall switch to conversation mode.
    Macaron: .......... Change complete!
    Macaron: Hey, Fulein, where we goin' after this?
    Macaron: Is this okay?
    Fulein : Yeah, that's good.
    Fulein : I'm searching the world for Pact Rings.
    Fulein : I came to these ruins after inspecting some literature, but we
             need to get out somehow.
    Fulein : Anyway, shall we take Macaron outside these ruins for the first
             time in a while?
    Macaron: Yeah, I want to go with Fulein to see what the world is like
             since I slept.
    Macaron: Teach me a lot of things about the world.
    Fulein : Well, once more, it's nice to meet you, Macaron.
    Macaron: Nice to meet you, Fulein.
    [If you didn't know, Japanese has a formal and informal way of speaking.
    A human can change speaking styles on a whim, but Macaron has to stop
    and change her internal settings. ^_^;]
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    Macaron: The world changed a lot since I last saw it.
    Macaron: Hey, who's that over there?
    Fulein : Oh, those are monsters called goblins.
    Fulein : If they notice us they'll attack.
    Macaron: Huh, why would they attack?
    Fulein : Depending on the monster, they might attack when a person enters
             their territory.
    Macaron: Uh-oh, we can't escape....
    Fulein : It's okay. Leave it to me.
    Macaron: Eh? Are you so strong? Fulein, are you okay by yourself?
    Fulein : I don't have to fight alone.
    Macaron: So... I'm going to fight too?
    Fulein : No, no. Don't worry, a little think like you wouldn't cause much
    Macaron: But who else is going to help us? How?
    Fulein : I have these rings.
    Macaron: Rings? What are those rings going to do?
    Fulein : Yeah, I can use this rings to call many companions, and we can
             fight together.
    Fulein : This is called summoning.
    Fulein : I could try to explain, but it'd be a very long explanation.
    Fulein : Do you want to know? (Yes/No)
    [after battle]
    Macaron: We did it!
    Fulein : Hey, was that all right?
    Macaron: Yeah. Fulein is awesome!
    Fulein : This would have been a crises if not for the Pact Rings.
    Fulein : Macaron, if you continue to travel with me, we will meet many
    Fulein : Are you sure you want to go together?
    Macaron: Yes. Of course.
    Macaron: Fulein is the one who woke me up.
    Macaron: So my master is Fulein.
    Fulein : Why do you keep calling me Master?
    Macaron: Ah, okay. I'm sorry....
    Macaron: Ah, that reminds me. Where are we going?
    Macaron: Where are you going to find Pact  Rings away from the forest?
    Fulein : I'll check the books to see where we should go to find another
    Fulein : I don't know whether or not they're right.
    Soldier: Garrel Opus. You are under arrest for national treason.
    Soldier: Please come willingly. Resistance will get you beheaded.
    Garrel : That's not possible, don't you think it's a mistake?
    Garrel : I am too proud of my nation; a revolt is not possible.
    Soldier: You! How dare you resist?!
    Garrel : No, that's not my intention....
    Soldier: It's best if you come peacefully.
    Soldier: I wouldn't like to use force in a place like this.
    Soldier: Whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of the king.
    Garrel : ......
    Xex    : Doctor Garrel!
    Xex    : You, where are you taking Doctor Garrel?!
             (You = Plural/Rude)
    Soldier: What a nuisance. Beat it, kid.
    Xex    : Uwa....
    Garrel : How dare you speak that way to a child!
    Garrel : Are you all right, Xex?
    Xex    : I'm all right... but, Doctor Garrel, you're...
    Garrel : I'm all right. Don't worry.
    Garrel : This is surely some kind of mistake.
             I'm sure the king will understand once I talk to him.
    Garrel : Therefore, await my return.
    Soldier: Now, what did you say? Did you say this child's name is Xex?
    Garrel : Yes. What about it?
    Soldier: So, this is... if...
    Solder : DIE!!
    Garrel : !!
    Garrel : Look out, Xex!!
    (Zash! = slashing sound)
    Garrel : Are you all right... Xex....
    Xex    : Yeah. I'm all right.
    Garrel : Right.... That's... good.
    Xex    : !!
    Xex    : Doctor Garrel, covered in blood....
    Garrel : Don't worry....
    Garrel : Why do you suddenly... want to kill... this child...?
    Soldier: It is by order of the king.
    Soldier: Garrel Opus has created the magitechnology weapon known as Xex for
             instant mass destruction.
    Soldier: It has only failed to destroy so far.
    Garrel : Xex is... nothing like a... magitechnology weapon....
    Soldier: So, what do you say it is?
    Soldier: Those produced by magitechnology can be nothing but weapons.
    Garrel : We humans... did not apply the magitechnology....
    Garrel : The art called magitechnology... can be good... if used properly....
    Garrel : Xex is... the closest I can have... to a son...
    Soldier: You're thoughts are muddled.
    Soldier: Those produced by magitechnology can destroy life like all weapons.
    Soldier: Even if it's created with good intentions, when moving like a
             weapon its existence is a danger.
    Soldier: Therefore, Xex will be destroyed here in accordance with the King's
    Garrel : Xex... escape....
    Xex    : No! We must go together!
    Garrel : Do not... disobey....
    Garrel : For me... ugh... it's too late.... At least....
    Garrel : At least you would get away....
    Garrel : and... live....
    Xex    : Doctor Garrel.... Are you... dying...?
    Soldier: With an injury like that, I'm surprised you've lived this long.
    Soldier: Now what to do with this, this magitechnology weapon!
    Soldier: I must escort you away from Doctor Garrel.
    Garrel : Escape... Xex. Me and... you... pass....
    Garrel : In... ha... ppi... ness....
    Xex    : Doctor Garrel...?
    Xex    : Well, say something....
    Xex    : Doctor....
    Xex    : Doctor Garrel-----!
    Soldier: Hmph, serves you right.
    Soldier: Your death will be easier if you cooperate.
    Soldier: Every magitechnology weapon protects something, the genius
             magitechnology scientist is a necessary sacrifice.
    Xex    : ....you.
    Soldier: Hm? What did you say?
    Soldier: I hadn't expected sadness. Go to hell!
    Xex    : You.... (plural/very rude)
    Xex    : You----! You'll pay for this------!
    Soldier: W, what is this sudden power...!?
    Soldier: Is this.... Is this the power... of the magitechnology weapons?!
    Xex    : Uooooooooooh
    Soldier: W, Waaaah....
    Macaron: !!
    Fulein : Hm? Macaron, what's wrong?
    Macaron: Somewhere, deep sorrow and great hatred are forming....
    Fulein : Deep sorrow and great hatred?
    Fulein : I don't feel anything....
    Macaron: Uh.... this is.....
    Fulein : Now it's... what?
    Macaron: A mighty... and... dangerous... power....
    Macaron: Yeah, I don't know what it is. The world is rivaled by this
             brutal... power....
    Fulein : Such a mighty power can't be in this world.
    Fulein : That kind of might is almost as powerful as the legendary Dhaos.
    Macaron: !! It went away....
    Fulein : Why did the mighty power suddenly go away?
    Fulein : Macaron, are you getting tired?
    Macaron: Yeah-, I guess.
    Macaron: But, Fulein, it was too violent to really be gone.
    Fulein : Macaron, you're really strong too... with unintentional power.
    Fulein : Until it overflows that is. Macaron is a Trump Power!
    Macaron: Well, Macaron is an android. Has my strength been calculated
    Fulein : No, well, that's right, but....
    Fulein : Th, this is Alvanista.
    Fulein : Well, it's an awfully large city, isn't it.
    Macaron: It's about time. It feels like a long time, and I'm getting tired.
    Fulein : We'll rest awhile once we're in the town. Then we'll gather some
             information. There's no need to hurry....
    Macaron: Yaay! Finally a break!
    Macaron: Huh? Are there goblins?
    Macaron: I wonder if goblins have a use for the city too?
    Fulein : Goblins rarely come into human places.
    Fulein : You shouldn't expect them to be in the cities....
    Goblin : Gobuuuu! Get everything with any monetary value!
    Goblin : Treat opposition without mercy!
    Man    : G, Goblins! Goblins are attacking!
    Macaron: Th, there's trouble, Fulein! The city is being attacked by a bunch
             of Goblins!
    Fulein : Why are Goblins in the city...?
    Fulein : They almost never leave their own territory....
    Fulein : Anyhow, we need to save the townspeople! Let's go, Macaron!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    (in battle)
    Fulein : Anyhow, the first thing we need to do is move to the Castle
             so I can summon help....
    Fulein : Because it's not possible for a person to defeat this many monsters
    Macaron: That's true. Let's hurry, Fulein.
    [after battle]
    Macaron: We did it! The Goblins are escaping.
    Fulein : Yeah.
    Fulein : Are the townspeople okay?
    Old Man: Thanks to you our city is saved. How can we possibly express our
    Old Man: Thank you so much.
    Fulein : Doing the right thing doesn't call for gratitude.
    Fulein : But, why were the Goblins attacking?
    Woman  : We don't know the reason, but lately, monsters everywhere have
             become violent.
    Woman  : It's very dangerous outside the city.
    Woman  : Because of the attack, we are increasing the patrol in the city....
    Woman  : We need people to join the patrol group quickly to prepare for
             future attacks....
    Fulein : I see. It sounds like a good idea.
    Old Man: But you're incredibly great for your youth. You worked the monsters
    Old Man: If only there was a young person like you around this place.
             How is it? Would you stay in this town?
    Fulein : There is no excuse, but I'm in the middle of important journey
    Fulein : Oh, that's right. Have any of you seen a Ring such as this?
    Old Man: Ring...? Let's see... hmm....
    Woman  : Yeah, I haven't seen anything like that.
    Old Man: As you can see, no one has seen such a thing, unfortunately.
    Fulein : I... see....
    Macaron: Too bad, Fulein. Don't give up....
    Man    : It, it's awful!
    Man    : I heard the Capital of Euclid is being attacked by monsters!
    Fulein : What?! Is that true?
    Man    : The story of the person who barely escape with his life is no
    Old Man: With this much patrol, to send some to Euclid....
    Old Man: This is dangerous in the hands of monsters.... How could this
    Fulein : I'll take care of it.
    Old Man: Oh, that's reassuring! Reluctant... but....
    Old Man: [something]
    Old Man: A young man with a promising future going to such a dangerous
    Fulein : Please, don't worry. I have strong companions with me.
    Fulein : Besides, I intended to go to Euclid anyway to gather information
             about the Rings.
    Old Man: Is that so...
    Fulein : I've overcome difficulties before.
    Fulein : This time will be no different.
    Fulein : Best to strike while the iron is hot, they say, so I'd better
             hurry. Everyone, be strong.
    Old Man: You too, be careful.
    Woman  : [something]
    Fulein : Thank you. Well then, goodbye.
    Macaron: Hey, Fulein, are you really all right?
    Fulein : Well, how?
    Macaron: Well..... Such a chance....
    Fulein : Sorry. But, when I see a troubled person, I have to help.
    Macaron: You're very kind, Fulein.
    Fulein : Yeah? Is that normal?
    Fulein : You if you think you can accomplish something, you can,
             but if you don't think you can do it, you won't accomplish anything
             no matter what.
    Fulein : That's important, because what else is there in the end?
    Fulein : If you don't understand what to do in a certain situation,
    Fulein : [something]
    Macaron: I see. But, as long as it's not unreasonable.
    Macaron: Take special care, because you're traveling the world.
    Fulein : Yeah. It's okay. We need to keep going, because we have a long way
             to go.
    Fulein : It'll work out one way or another. It's been fine so far.
    Macaron: That's right... yeah. It's okay. [Something]. I'm sure it'll go
    Macaron: Well, let's hurry and get to the Capital of Euclid.
    Macaron: [something]
    The Demon King
    Capital of Euclid
    Note: Maou (devil, demon king) = Xex
    Soldier  : Waaaaah!
    Soldier  : M, monster----!
    DemonLord: Your deaths will make up for the pain in my heart!
    DemonLord: You'll know it well!
    Soldier  : Gwaaaaaa
    Soldier: Reporting. The rebels are present and have broken through the
             troops we've placed in the in the Central Plaza.
    Soldier: It's estimated that they're just arriving at the castle.
    Soldier: The reinforcements which have been stationed around town are headed
             this way, but it won't be enough.
    Soldier: Your Majesty, we can't hold them back any longer. You must take
    King   : What! Is just one magitechnology weapon so much stronger than the
             castle army that it would  bring such annihilation?!
    King   : Uhnnnnn...
    King   : I may be old, but I am the the leader of this military, and I will
             not take shelter....
    King   : Garrel... you created this terrible weapon....
    King   : This time... I say the Academy shall be retired by whatever means
             this hand may do...
    (this is a new soldier)
    Soldier: Reporting! The rebels are approaching the castle.
             Your Majesty, you must take shelter!
    Macaron: Fulein, look! There's smoke everywhere in town!
    Macaron: Monsters are already invading the town!
    Fulein : Yeah, they're stronger than I thought. Hurry or we'll be too late!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat the Demon Lord (Maou/Xex)
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    [in the battle]
    Fulein : This is bad....
    Fulein : The forefront has already arrived at the castle; we better go see.
    Macaron: This sense is....
    Macaron: I felt this before... power?
    Macaron: Fulein, be careful! This time Macaron felt the owner of that
             brutal power near here!
    Fulein : Say what!
    Fulein : I know, I'll be careful and fight.
    DemonLord: Hohoh, it looks like reinforcements have arrived....
    DemonLord: But, any who come are all the same!!
    DemonLord: My sorrow... and my anger can be soothed by nothing!
    DemonLord: Your deaths will be retribution for my pain!
    Macaron: It's started raining.
    [after battle]
    DemonLord: Gugh... the status of humans... you! Why do you interfere with my
    Fulein   : Vengeance?! What are you talking about?!
    Fulein   : We came to keep the monsters from invading human territory!
    Fulein   : You're on the humans' side and yet your intentions are manipulate
               monsters into attacking the city!
    Macaron  : Wait, Fulein, he isn't a human!
    Macaron  : Just like Macaron... one produced by magitechnology!
    Fulein   : Say what!
    DemonLord: Hm.... [kisama reteiru sono yousei youna no mono....]
    DemonLord: It smells the same as me....
    DemonLord: You are a product of the same magitechnology?
    Macaron  : That's right!
    Macaron  : You were made by human hands,
    Macaron  : for the sake of working for humans!
    Macaron  : Why do you torment humans now?!
    DemonLord: To be produced by humans, to be used as a weapon, are you happy
               with that?
    DemonLord: How is it that we can be made of the same magitechnology?
    Macaron  : Absolutely not!
    Macaron  : Macaron has decided to travel the world with Fulein!
    Macaron  : Who would want to follow an atrocious person like you?!
    Macaron  : Besides, Macaron is not any kind of weapon!
    Macaron  : Nyah nyah! (rasberry-ish remark...)
    DemonLord: You do not understand your own identity as a weapon of
               magitechnology.... You're pitiful.
    DemonLord: At least it's good that you enjoy traveling now.
    DemonLord: Because there is no place in this world where humans live that my
               hand will not put an end to!
    Fulein   : What!
    DemonLord: Looking at the humans of this city, I finally understand.
    DemonLord: [Ningen wa ikani ri-isetsu-teki na ikimono ka toiu koto ga.
    DemonLord: Not just for my vengeance but because there are too many living
               things in this world, I will obliterate this species!
    Macaron  : But you, you wouldn't exist if not made by that human!
    Macaron  : Extinct humans neglect what they create.... I can't allow such a
    DemonLord: That's not true! I had revered Doctor Garrel with all my heart!
    DemonLord: The humans of this country... for their own gain, murdered Doctor
    DemonLord: They tried to destroy me!
    DemonLord: It is only right that these humans be exterminated!
    Macaron  : That's nothing by your ego!
    Macaron  : [Fukushuu suru nara, honhin dakeni surebaii janai!]
    Macaron  : You don't do it to every single human, consider what you're doing!
    Fulein   : I get your point.
    Fulein   : The sadness you felt when Doctor Garrel was killed is a pain I
    Fulein   : But destroying every human for revenge is too much....
    DemonLord: Shut up!
    DemonLord: There's no way you understand me!
    DemonLord: No matter what you say, I will destroy all humans!
    DemonLord: For Doctor Garrel, who was murdered by selfish human hands, and
               for all living things!
    Soldier  : all right, now! Turn to Xex and FIRE!
    Fulein   : Huh! What?!
    (sounds of the attack)
    DemonLord: Gugh... You, you did it!
    DemonLord: This time I must leave, but without fail, I will exterminate
               all humans.
    DemonLord: If you stand in my way, you will have no mercy!
    DemonLord: With all the power I possess, I will remove you all! Remember my
             name, Demon Lord Xex!
    Fulein   : Ah, wait...!
    Soldier  : He's escaping! Get him!
    King   : At this time, you performed admirably.
    King   : Your great achievement has helped our troops make Xex retreat.
    Fulein : Thank you very much.
    Fulein : But, Your Majesty. What sort of person is he?
    Fulein : He said that someone important was murdered....
    King   : That magitechnology weapon was created by an evil scientist in a
             scheme to rebel against this nation.
    King   : Our army gave the scientist an admirable death to atone for his
    King   : but we have not been able to destroy the magitechnology weapon by
             any means.
    Fulein : Destroy... you say.
    King   : Thanks to you, we were able to pursue him, but he escaped anyway.
    King   : We would like to continue after him, but the damage on out army is
    King   : Therefore, as the King, I order you to do it.
    King   : Because of your achievements, your desires will be heard by all
    Fulein : Eh! Am... I?
    Fulein : I can't handle such a huge mission. Besides, the purpose of my
             journey... is to find  Pact Rings....
    King   : Pact Rings...? ...Ring....
    King   : Oh, that's right! I remember.
    King   : I don't know if you've looked deep in the Lone Valley, but I was
             told the ring you look for is there.
    Fulein : Is that true?
    King   : Um, there's no mistake....
    King   : That's right! I'll write a letter of introduction to make your
             journey easier.
    King   : My introduction is from the Kingdom Library, along with pictures
             and information about the kingdom.
    King   : You still need to track down and destroy him... Xex.
    King   : How? Will conditions be bad?
    King   : If by some change you should refuse, I'll send a letter out to
             every country, and you won't be able to travel....
    King   : So will you take this mission?
    Fulein : Ugh....
    Macaron: Are you really the king of this country? You're too narrow-minded?
    Soldier: You! Watch your mouth!
    Fulein : I understand.
    Fulein : I'll take the mission....
    Macaron: Wait, Fulein! Are you serious?
    King   : Oh, you'll take the mission!
    Fulein : But is whether or not he's destroyed left to my judgment?
    Fulein : I almost persuaded him before. If he insists that he take revenge
             by any means,
    Fulein : I will destroy him without mercy.
    Fulein : But if he can reform, destroying him will be unnecessary.
    King   : Hmm...
    King   : As you wish, however, if he reforms, I must see for myself whether
             or not it's true.
    King   : You'll promise to accompany him back to me. Is this acceptable?
    Fulein : I understand.
    King   : Well then, begin his pursuit at once. It's reported that he headed
             south of here when escaping.
    King   : If you head south from here, you'll find Miguel City.
    King   : When he attacked this castle, reinforcements were called from
             surrounding towns.
    King   : So Miguel City is defenseless...
    King   : If he were to attack the city, it would most likely be destroyed.
    King   : Hurry and depart.
    Fulein : Well, I'll depart now.
    King   : Um, thanks.
    Fulein : Still, are you angry?
    Macaron: But, Fulein, are you really going to listen to the commands of such
             a haughty king?!
    Macaron: How many bothersome people do you actually take the time to listen
             to, Fulein....
    Fulein : I was trying to be reasonable back there.
    Fulein : And we need to be careful about him...
    Macaron: By him, you mean Xex?
    Fulein : Yeah.
    Fulein : What did you feel before, Macaron? And evil power... that could
             guide the world to destruction... you said.
    Fulein : And he wasn't necessarily lying when he said he intended to destroy
    Fulein : I want to hurry and find him and thwart his plans.
    Fulein : I really think he can make a true recovery.
    Fulein : I understood his fighting, and I'll use all my power to fight.
    Fulein : If he becomes stronger, I'll be crossing swords with him anyway.
    Fulein : I have that hunch.
    Macaron: Fulein...
    Macaron: I understand. Macaron will help too.
    Macaron: The two of us will stop Xex together!
    Fulein : Thank you, Macaron.
    Fulein : But I want to keep looking for Pact Rings at the same time....
    Fulein : And we'll get some stronger companions.
    Macaron: Right. Let's do our best!
    Hourou no Kenshi
    Wandering Swordsman
    Lone Valley
    Fulein   : So this is Lone Valley....
    Fulein   : It sure is a lonely place.
    Fulein   : I don't think we can find a Ring in here....
    Macaron  : Yeah, I think that King told us a lie.
    Fulein   : Why would that stubborn King tell a lie like that?
    Macaron  : Come now, how can you wonder?
    Macaron  : That King doesn't care about what comes out of his mouth as
    long            as he looks like he keeps his composure, but....
    Macaron  : Huh? Hey, Fulein, did you hear something like a clash of metal
               coming from the windward side?
    Fulein   : Hm...? Now that you mention it... I did hear something in the
    Fulein   : !! There's someone fighting down there!
    Fulein   : It can't be Xex... Macaron, let's hurry!
    Swordsman: In a place like this, monsters could cause a problem....
    Swordsman: Because of that... I'll have to go very slowly!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat Sylph
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    ++                    Mark is killed
    Turn 5:
    Macaron: Look out, Fulein! There are more enemies!
    After battle...
    Swordsman: Thank you, because of you I was saved.
    Fulein : Huh? You're a... girl?
    Swordsman: No, I'm male. It's a frequent mistake.
    Mark   : My name is Mark. I'm looking for someone, and I'm traveling.
    Fulein : Oh, sorry. Your features are too pretty.
    Fulein : I'm Fulein. This is Macaron.
    Fulein : Is the person you're looking for down here?
    Mark   : No... I'm afraid he isn't.
    Mark   : I heard he was collecting Spirit Rings, so I came here, but....
    Fulein : Eh! He came here to look for Spirit Rings?!
    Mark   : Yeah. As when we fought, the Sylph Ring can summon Sylph, but...?
    Mark   : Are you looking for it too?
    Fulein : Yeah. I'm traveling in search of Pact Rings because I'm
             studying the art of summoning.
    Fulein : But, I never though I'd find a Spirit Ring, a Ring that can
             complete a contract with a Spirit, here....
    Fulein : When studying summoning, a Spirit Ring is really necessary.
    Fulein : Do you think I could have it?
    Mark   : Um...
    Mark   : I don't care about the Ring itself, but I need to keep it
    because          he's looking for it....
    Macaron: Then, why don't we travel together for a while?
    Macaron: Isn't it safer than traveling alone?
    Macaron: Mark won't need the Spirit Ring when he find the person he's
             looking for,
    Macaron: so then Fulein can have it?
    Mark   : That doesn't matter though, what I want is revenge for my
    Mark   : And he's a really strong man, is that all right?
    Fulein : Yeah, it's okay. We'll travel to look for that person.
    Fulein : We can help you.
    Mark   : Is that so? That'll help. Well, thank you again.
    Fulein : I should be the one to say that.
    Fulein : If the person you're looking for is looking for Spirit Rings, he'll
             come after this Ring,
    Fulein : It's likely we'll just run into that person, right?
    Fulein : Do you know any other places to find Spirit Rings?
    Mark   : I heard that there's one here and one in the Erosion Cave.
    Mark   : The Erosion cave is where the Undine Ring is.
    Mark   : I couldn't get any information about the other Rings.
    Fulein : In that case, we'll find something when we get there.
    ++Mark the Fighter joined the party!
    ++Received Summon Ring "Sylph Ring"!
    The Twins
    The Town of Miguel
    Girl   : Volga, hurry! This way!
    Volga  : Wait, Velga-neesan....
    Velga  : Hurry home... Our parents will be back....
    Volga  : Sister, hey! Father and Mother are....
    Father : It's crazy to think Monsters would come to a town like this!
    Father : Ahhh!
    Goblin : Ugyaaaa!
    Father : How many monsters have gotten into the town?
    Father : They could be endless....
    Mother : Dear!
    Father : Oh, what is it? Velga and Volga aren't with you?
    Mother : They went to the river, where....
    Mother : The river is strange right now.... A lot of fish have died, and the
             color is different from usual....
    Father : With the monsters around... Damn, those two are out playing
    Mother : Look out, Dear!
    Mother : Kyaaaaaaa!
    Father : What!
    Father : Waaaaaah!
    (Slashing sound!)
    Goblin1: Gobuuuuuuu!
    Goblin2: Catch many of our companions' enemies!
    Goblin1: There are yet more humans to be killed, head for the Forest of
             Spirits to report to the Great Demon Lord, Gobu!
    Goblin2: Huh? There are two children near you!
    ++Victory Conditions: Kill all enemies
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    ++                    Velga and Volga are killed
    Volga  : This... Mother and Father are....
    Velga  : Monsters... no matter what, you'll pay....
    Turn 3
    Macaron: It's started raining pretty hard. With this much,
             the poisoned river might be purified.
    Turn 4
    Macaron: It's awful, Fulein!
    Macaron: The river became clean, but the bridge was washed away by the heavy
    After Battle:
    Fulein : Are you okay? Those two are...
    Velga  : Yes... somehow....
    Fulein : Besides you, survivors are...
    Fulein : We came too late....
    Macaron: Fulein...
    Velga  : No.... the whole thing, the monsters are... they're evil!
    Velga  : Things like monsters are not from this world.... Father, Mother,
             and everyone in the town...
    Fulein : [Your feelings are well-known.]
    Fulein : We came here in pursuit of Xex... er, the Demon Lord. Your enemy
             has been made. So until that day, you know somebody even if....
    Velga  : We don't know anyone except the people who live in this town.
    Velga  : Because of that, we will fight together!
    Velga  : We'll kill everyone's enemies!
    Fulein : ........
    Fulein : The traveling gets dangerous, is that still okay?
    Velga  : Yes. We're prepared enough.
    Fulein : I understand.
    Fulein : Let's go together!
    Velga  : Thank you.
    Velga  : I'm Velga. This is my little brother Volga.
    Volga  : ........
    Fulein : So you're twins. Nice to meet you.
    Velga  : The monsters said that the Demon Lord was headed for the Forest
             of Spirits.
    Velga  : The Forest of Spirits is the forest east of here that has the World
             Tree Yggdrasil.
    Fulein : The source of the mana in the world, Yggdrasil... I see!
    Fulein : The Demon Lord must intend to pump mana out of Yggdrasil to heal
             his injury!
    Macaron: I bet that's right.
    Macaron: Before the injury is healed, somehow... let's hurry!
    The monk Velga joined your party!
    You received the summon ring "Monk Ring"!
    The wizard Volga joined your party!
    You received the summon ring "Wizard Ring"!
    Mori no Ikari
    The Forest's Anger
    The Forest of Spirits
    ?????? : Strange. The fairies forgot to look....
    ?????? : There's something in the World Tree Yggdrasil....
    ?????? : If I don't hurry to Yggdrasil....
    ?????? : ....! Damn it! I'm surrounded....
    Fulein : So this this is the Fairy's Forest.... It's a pretty place....
    Fulein : Has Xex been here yet?
    Macaron: Be careful, there's some kind of hateful feeling....
    Macaron: The flow of mana is strange. As if... yes, the forest is angry....
    Fulein : So Xex has already been here?
    Fulein : .....oh! There's a woman over there!
    Macaron: How awful! She's surrounded by a group of fairies!
    Macaron: The fairies are angry too. It's a very dangerous situation.
    Macaron: We have to hurry and stop it!
    Fulein : Yeah, let's hurry!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat the Dryad
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    ++                    Elmira is killed
    Fulein : Are you okay?
    ?????? : For now, I offer my gratitude. Thank you.
    Macaron: Just a minute! What do you mean "for now"?
    Macaron: Fulein went through a lot of trouble to help you!
    ?????? : I shall be grateful that I was helped.
    ?????? : You can manipulate monsters, and because the fairies who live here
             are injured,
    ?????? : They embrace hatred.
    Macaron: You. Well, what if he's not skilled enough and you die?
    ?????? : There's nothing wrong with the fairies being killed.
    ?????? : At least the monster was killed.
    Macaron: What did you say!
    Fulein : Now, calm down, you two.
    Fulein : By the way, why did you come to a place like this alone?
    Fulein : Did you happen to see Xex... some person in this forest?
    ?????? : I came to this forest to check on the condition the World Tree
    ?????? : Being a magic user, of course I would be driven to see the source
             of this power.
    ?????? : But I didn't see anyone in the forest. When I entered this forest,
             the fairies' condition had already changed.
    ?????? : Who is this... Xex person?
    Fulein : Human extermination.... No, he's harmless.
    Fulein : Well, we're in a hurry, so you'll have to excuse us.
    ?????? : Wait a minute.
    ?????? : Do you think I could go along?
    ?????? : I'm interested in your ability to manipulate monsters.
    ?????? : My name is Elmira. I'm a witch. I think I can be somewhat helpful.
    Macaron: Who are you to.... What do you think? Fulein....
    Fulein : But I don't care?
    Fulein : It's very dangerous travel, is that okay?
    Fulein : You'd hate to be killed by monsters....
    Macaron: In that case, let's hurry. But, it's good to stop.
    Elmira : This time for sure, you'll give your help?
    Fulein : That is... well....
    Elmira : Then it's settled.
    Elmira : It's nice to meet you too, Shorty. ("O chibi san")
    Macaron: HEY!
    Macaron: Who are you calling Shorty?!
    Fulein : Now, you two....
    Fulein : Yeah, let's think about our destination.
    ++The witch Elmira joined your party!
    ++Receive the Summon Ring "Witch Ring"
    Erosion Cave
    Mark   : The Undine Ring can supposedly be found in the inner part of this
    Fulein : There's no sign of anyone coming in here recently.
    Mark   : But unfortunately, he hasn't been here.
    Mark   : No matter, let's proceed to the inner part.
    Macaron: But it doesn't look like it's easy to get in.
    Fulein : Yeah, that's true.
    Fulein : But we must obtain the Undine Ring no matter what.
    Mark   : We must obtain it now, because it's likely that he's following us.
    Fulein : That's right. Everyone, let's go!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat Undine
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    Fulein : Whew, we won somehow.
    Mark   : It was tough.
    Macaron: Th, there's the ring we're looking for.
    ++Received summon ring "Undine ring"
    Fulein : I can summon Undine with this.
    Macaron: If she'll be our friend, that's very heartening.
    Mark   : Why don't we head for Venezzia City, which is near this cave?
    Mark   : It's where I was born, and because it's a trade city full of people
             coming an going, you can get info from various countries, but....
    Fulein : Yeah, that's good, since we want information....
    Fulein : all right then, let's head for Venezzia City.
    Mizu Miyako Junan
    Water City Suffering
    Venezzia City
    Mark   : Venezzia City is called the Capital of Water because there are so
             many waterways in town.
    Mark   : It's such a beautiful city that everyone else must like it too.
    Fulein : Heh, that's great.
    Velga  : But doesn't it seem a little different?
    Fulein : Huh? Why?
    Velga  : Because you can't hear people's voices at all from inside the town.
    Fulein : That's right.... Isn't it strange?
    Mark   : It's always different.
    Mark   : Now the town is... Let's hurry.
    Velga  : What are those squishy things?
    Velga  : Nasty~
    Fulein : Those are Slimes!
    Fulein : Maybe they came up through the waterways to invade the town.
    Macaron: Did the townspeople get away safely?
    Mark   : No, they escaped and are crowding into the houses and buildings.
    Fulein : And it's only a matter of time before the slimes invade the houses
    Fulein : We have to stop the slimes!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat all slimes within 20 turns
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
                          There are still slimes when the 20th turn ends
    Macaron : Somehow we made it in time.
    Fulein  : Right. It was a dangerous situation.
    Old Lady: Are you the ones who fought off the monsters? Thank you.
    Old Lady: This is the first time anything like this has happened in this
              city for a long time.
    Old Lady: If you hadn't been here, who knows what would have happened...
    Old Lady: We are truly grateful. Thank you.
    Fulein  : No, it was....
    Mark    : Ma'am, do you know of any place where we could find rings such
              as this?
    Old Lady: Ring? Ring... Hmm, now that you mention it....
    Old Lady: Not long ago there was a man who was asking about rings
              similar to yours.
    Old Lady: If I remember right, his names was... Al... or something like
    Mark    : !! Was it Alph?
    Old Lady: Ah, yes, that was his name.
    Mark    : Where did he say he was going?
    Old Lady: If I'm not mistaken, he said he was headed for the Cave of
    Mark    : Cave of Spirits....
    Elmira  : Is that the the cave near the Forest of Spirits where I was?
    Fulein  : What sort of cave is that?
    Fulein  : I didn't notice it.
    Elmira  : You didn't notice it? That's okay. I can lead us there.
    Old Lady: Hey, by the way.
    Mark    : Who, me?
    Old Lady: Haven't I met you somewhere before?
    Mark    : I once lived in this city,
    Mark    : so perhaps you happened to see me once?
    Old Lady: Yes, that must be it.
    Old Lady: But I seem to remember a child who looked just a little bit
    Old Lady: Now that I think of it, I think I've seen the man who asked about
              those rings before too....
    Old Lady: Oh, that's it! It was in this town a long time ago, you were the
              children of that wealthy family!
    Old Lady: If I'm not mistaken, the parents were killed by somebody, and the
              older brother and younger sister were each cared for by
    Mark    : Perhaps you're mistaking me for someone else?
    Mark    : Nothing like that ever happened when I was in this town.
    Old Lady: Yeah, I guess so.
    Old Lady: But because I'm getting old, the brother and sister part may
              differ from my memory.....
    Old Lady: Nah, I'm sorry.
    Mark    : No, please don't worry about it. Then, excuse us.
    Mark    : Well, Fulein-kun. Let's head for the Cave of Spirits.
    Fulein  : Uh... yeah. Sure.
    Fulein  : Well, let's head for the Cave of Spirits.
    Slime   : .....um
    Macaron : Fulein, be careful! There are still Slimes.
    Slime   : Please wait. I don't mean any harm.
    Slime   : My name is Slam.
    Slime   : A while ago you defeated fragments of the slimes.
    Slime   : Already two bad things have happened, so please let me join you.
    Fulein  : [trans note: couldn't get this part]
    Slam    : No, [trans note: or this one]
    Fulein  : The reason you exist?
    Slam    : Yes. We are afraid of this city and we avoid depended on the
              humans while we search for our reason for existence.
    Fulein  : Avoid depending on the humans.... You all attacked this city
              because of someone told you to?
    Slam    : Yes. He calls himself the Demon Lord and gives many orders.
    Macaron : The Demon Lord... Xex!!
    Slam    : I made a mistake fighting with you.
    Slam    : Please. Let me join you please.
    Fulein  : Yeah, it's good to have many companions instead of few.
    Fulein  : I understand. Let's go together!
    Slam    : Thank you so much!
    Slam    : I will do my best to be helpful!
    Velga   : What! Are you serious?
    Velga   : How could this nasty thing come with us....
    Slam    : Please try to be my friend before you talk like that~!
    Velga   : No~! Stay away from me!
    Fulein  : Yeah, I guess Velga really doesn't like him.
    Fulein  : But isn't this kind of pathetic?
    Macaron : Won't she get used to him eventually?
    Fulein  : That's good, but....
    ++Slam the Slime joined your party!
    ++Receive the Summon Ring "Slime Ring"
    Fukushuu no Chi
    World of Revenge
    The Cave of Spirits
    ?????  : What I'm looking for should be in this cave....
    ?????  : Hm? Seems like someone's coming....
    ?????  : If they too came here for the Gnome Ring...
    Elmira : Look, here's the entrance.
    Fulein : Indeed. I never noticed this hole here.
    Fulein : Thanks, Elmira.
    Elmira : No, it was nothing.
    Macaron: Hey, Fulein, there are signs of someone entering here recently.
    Mark   : It must be him... Alph. Everyone, please be careful.
    Fulein : No matter, we're going in.
    ????? : Hmm, so it's a group...
    Mark  : !! You're Alph!
    Alph  : How do you know my name?
    Mark  : You're joking!
    Mark  : You are my parents' murderer! I will avenge them now!
    Alph  : Parents' murderer?
    Alph  : I don't remember being called a murderer by any children like you.
    Mark  : Don't say you've forgotten!
    Mark  : Put your hand to your chest and try to remember!
    Alph  : Child, you will face my sword with no mercy!
    Fulein: Mark, wait!
    Fulein: We can't see well in here. Everyone, let's help Mark!
    (This is battle dialogue; the battle must last through at
    least 3 turns for all of it)
    Mark: Today I will clear away the resentment of my parents' death seven
          years ago!
    Alph: Seven years ago... is it?
    Mark: Yes, in Venezzia City, you killed my parents!
    Alph: Venezzia City...
    Alph: Never!! No, it couldn't be...
    Mark: So you do remember.
    Alph: If my thoughts are correct, just who are you?
    Alph: There is still no reason for you to call me murderer.
    Alph   : Ugh... it's no good....
    Alph   : It can't be helped. If I must abandon the Gnome Ring, I will
             seek the Efreet Ring.
    Mark   : Wait! He's leaving!
    Alph   : I don't know who you are, but if you call me murderer, it must be
             some kind of mistake.
    Alph   : If you follow me, things will not go this way the next time we
    Mark   : Ugh... after all this work to follow him....
    Fulein : That's... too bad.
    Macaron: You don't have to be discouraged. I heard a hint of the place he
             goes next.
    Fulein : Yeah. That's right. We know Alph is aiming for the Efreet Ring
    Fulein : If we investigate the Efreet Ring, we should be able to meet Alph
    Mark   : But he didn't say where he was going to search for the Efreet Ring.
    Mark   : Judging by his tone, he already knows where to find the Efreet Ring
             and  will not make a mistake.
    Mark   : We must do our investigating and catch up with him before he
             obtains it.
    Mark   : What on earth do we do....
    Elmira : When you think about it, it's easy to predict the ring's location.
    Fulein : Really?
    Elmira : Following the pattern, we should search for the ring in a place
             where its respective element is strong.
    Elmira : The Undine Ring was in the water-filled Erosion Cave,
    Elmira : The Sylph Ring was in the windy Lone Valley,
    Elmira : The Gnome Ring was here in the earth, in the Cave of Spirits....
    Fulein : The Efreet Ring is... fire!
    Fulein : The Efreet Ring can be found in a place where the Fire element is
    Elmira : That's right.
    Elmira : We should search in Freyland, the most fiery place in the world.
    Elmira : I'm sure it's somewhere in Freyland.
    Fulein : I see, that's it!
    Fulein : We should be able to leave for Freyland by ship!
    Fulein : Alph may board that ship as well if he's headed for the ring!
    Macaron: If we ask around to check if people have seen him, we can catch up
             with him.
    Fulein : all right, let's hurry toward the port!
    Fulein : [trans note: ?!]
    Macaron: What's wrong? Mark, there's no light to be seen in your dark
    Mark   : I'm sorry. He is... Alph is...
    Mark   : my older brother.
    Fulein : Huh! Say what!!
    Fulein : Brother.... Do you mean to say he killed his own parents!?
    Mark   : Yes. That evening seven years ago...
    Mark   : Brother Alph didn't even tell me the reason he did it.
    Mark   : From when I began to pursue him seven years ago, to when I met him
             here today, I've wanted nothing more than revenge....
    Mark   : But meeting him now, the reason....
    Mark   : I want to know the reason my kind brother killed my parents.
    Mark   : Without killing my brother, if it's possible....
    Mark   : Because now he's my only blood relative....
    Fulein : Mark....
    Fulein : I think that feeling is important.
    Fulein : Whatever happens, we'll follow Alph and find the truth!
    Fulein : It'll be all right, because we will catch him.
    Mark   : Fulein-kun...
    Mark   : Thank you.
    Fulein : all right, let's start heading for the port right away!!
    ++Receive the Summon Ring "Gnome Ring"!
    Taikai he
    To the Ocean
    Fulein : Yeah. Not a clue....
    Macaron: Somehow Alph must ride the boat to get there from here.
    Fulein : Is there a land route he could've taken instead of going by boat?
    Elmira : I'm sure he didn't walk the land route since the boat is much
    Mark   : Is it possible that the Efreet Ring is in someplace besides
    Fulein : Yeah. It's possible.
    Fulein : I don't think there's any where besides Freyland that symbolizes
             fire so well.
    Velga  : The ocean liner to Freyland is leaving soon.
    Fulein : It can't be helped, let's go.
    Orc    : Gobuuuu! After that trade ship! Everyone, it's an assault!
    Goblin : Gobuuuuu! Follow Commander Oic----!
    Man    : It, it's horrible!
    Man    : It's an invasion of the orc robbers!
    Elmira : Did he say orcs!?
    Fulein : Ah, Elmira! Where are you going!?
    Macaron: It looks like they're after the trade ship that's next to this
    Macaron: The boat is leaving right away. What are we going to do?
    Fulein : It never fails! We can't leave Elmira.
    Fulein : Everyone, let's get rid of the orcs! [****]
    ++Complete Victory  : Defeat Oic within seven turns
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat Oic (Orc)
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
                          Occupy the right boat's magic circle when Turn #7
                          All of the port's guards die
    Oic    : Buhiiii! It's no good, their defense is too strong. For now,
             retreat -buhi!
    Goblin : C, commander! Wait -gobu!
    Goblin : Don't leave us -gobuuu!
    Fulein : Whew. We got rid of them.
    Man    : Thank you. Because of you the robbers were repeled with few
    Fulein : No, it was nothing....
    Fulein : It's enough that our strength was even a little bit of help.
    Man    : As a token of our gratitude, please take this--a symbol of us
    ++Received "Aqua Mant"!
    Fulein : Thank you.
    Man    : By the way, where did you intend to go?
    Fulein : We were going to Freyland Continent.
    Man    : Why do you want to go to a place like that desert?
    Fulein : We're going in search of a ring.
    Fulein : Have you heard anything about a temple where such a ring can be
    Man    : A ring, huh....
    Man    : I don't know if there's a relation, but an acquaintance of mine
             told me  
    Man    : he saw some ruins were there's lava building in a cave in
             Freyland's desert.
    Fulein : Is that true?
    Man    : Ah, unfortunately, I heard about it a long time ago. It may not be
             there anymore.
    Fulein : Thank you very much. We'll head that way as soon as we can.
    Man    : Ah, be careful. I hope for your safe travel.
    Fulein : I've received very important news.
    Mark   : It's very likely to be a place with lava, isn't it.
    Fulein : Yeah, that's right.
    Macaron: But why did Elmira suddenly not care about the boat?
    Elmira : ......
    Macaron: She won't talk, so I don't know!
    Fulein : Well, maybe the reason is something even Elmira doesn't want to
    Fulein : And you shouldn't blame her for that.
    Fulein : We never would've came to the port if not for her....
    Elmira : My husband....
    Elmira : was killed by orcs....
    Elmira : When I hear about orcs, I overreact by accident....
    Fulein : So that's it....
    Elmira : Even now... they're in my dreams.
    Elmira : So... I think that if orcs are defeated, I can't cut this horrible
             memory asunder.
    Elmira : I'm really sorry that I was so selfish....
    Fulein : Yeah, I think that's inevitable....
    Fulein : And one day that horrible memory will be gone from your mind as you
    Elmira : .... Thank you.
    Mark   : It looks like the ocean liner is about to leave. We had better
             hurry and board it.
    Fulein : Yeah, let's hurry. We're headed toward the Freyland cave.
    Nekki Omoi
    Heated Thoughts
    Desert Cave
    Nidhogg  : Hmm, so this is the Efreet Ring.
    Hellhound: Wait, Nigg!
    Hellhound: Where have you bastards taken my younger brother?!
    Nigg     : You're brother joined us by his own wishes.
    Nigg     : So, Heln, would you like to come to us as well?
    Nigg     : Will you help us bring the hammer of judgment down upon the
               humans' arrogance?
    Heln     : I refuse!
    Heln     : We siblings have always lived quietly together. We have no
               interest in interfering with humans.
    Heln     : It'll be okay if you return my brother unharmed. You will be
               dropped into Hell otherwise!
    Nigg     : Dropped into hell?
    Nigg     : Heheh... You over-estimate your body.
    Nigg     : YOU will be defeated by ME!
    Nigg     : I know my body well!
    Heln     : Gwaaaaaaaa!
    Macaron: It's ho~~~t.
    Fulein : It was really hot out in the desert, but it's even hotter inside
             the cave.
    Velga  : The sweat is making me sticky. I want water.
    Mark   : I'm sorry. You came here because of me....
    Fulein : No, don't worry about it.
    Fulein : So, where did Alph go?
    Mark   : Maybe we should try going further in. If we happen to see some
    Fulein : Wh, what's this tremor?
    Macaron: Th, those ruins over there!
    Velga  : It looks like there's a dog and a dragon in front of the ruins.
    Elmira : Those are... a Nidhogg and a Hellhound....
    Elmira : It looks like the Hellhound is almost dead.
    Elmira : That tremor must have been caused by the Nidhogg.
    Nigg: Hm? We have guests.
    Nigg: I wonder if they're after this ring....
    Nigg: Are they the ones the Demon Lord spoke of? Interesting, why don't
          we play.
    Nigg: Come! Salamanders! Don't be stingy on those people!
    Velga : What are those red lizards?
    Elmira: Those are Salamanders!
    Elmira: Fire fairies.... It seems he has the Efreet Ring.
    Fulein: They're having some kind of discussion.
    Fulein: Whatever. We have to defeat them to get the Efreet Ring.
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat Nigg(Nidhogg)
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    Nigg  : Ugh... Stupid child!
    Fulein: Well, return the Efreet Ring!
    Nigg  : That's out of the question. This thing belongs to the Demon Lord.
    Fulein: The Demon Lord! You mean Xex?!
    Nigg  : Something like that. He wouldn't give this ring to you for any
    Nigg  : I came here just to get it.
    Velga : Whaaat? So you don't want to use it.
    Nigg  : Little girl! Watch your mouth!
    Velga : Hee....
    Fulein: Now why would a big nasty dragon like you become a subordinate to
    Fulein: Did he abandon his quest to destroy humanity?
    Nigg  : Sub...ordinate?
    Nigg  : I fail to see how I'm HIS subordinate. We are in cooperation.
    Nigg  : Once his use is done, he will be discarded.
    Fulein: What?! Just what are you after?!
    Nigg  : The reorganization of this world....
    Nigg  : For the world to be dropped into the Chaos it was in the
            beginning--that is my desire!
    Nigg  : His revenge on humanity fits nicely into my ultimate goal.
    Fulein: World... reorganization? Where is the need to do such a thing?
    Nigg  : Humans conspire to make us kill our companions one-by-one.
    Nigg  : The leading power of the this world selfishly tries to push order
            upon us.
    Nigg  : They threw us out into remote regions to protect human order.
    Nigg  : But the world returning to its original state of chaos won't
            satisfy me.
    Nigg  : Anyone with the strength to build a world should reign as leader.
    Nigg  : I'll use anyone and anything that can be used!
    Fulein: I cannot allow such a thing!
    Nigg  : You don't need to worry about it, kid.
    Nigg  : I'm leaving this place.
    Nigg  : My name is Nig. If we should meet again, think about your neck.
    Fulein: Ah, wait!
    Fulein: Dammit, he got away!
    Mark  : Fulein-kun, this hellhound's condition is....
    Elmira: His wounds are deep. What are we going to do?
    Fulein: We can't leave someone who's injured.
    Fulein: Let's give him some help. Pitch in, everyone.
    Fulein : Whew, we're done with his medical treatment.
    Macaron: I'm tried. It took enough time.
    Fulein : Well, it can't be helped.
    Mark   : After all, Alph didn't come here.
    Fulein : Yeah... Things got serious when we met with Nigg.
    Fulein : But we may have to ignore the Rings because of the Demon Lord.
    Fulein : We may come across Alph by chance, but we can't take the time.
    Fulein : We can't hurry and search for Alph.
    Velga  : I looks like the hellhound is waking up.
    Heln   : You, who are you?! Where did Nigg go?!
    Fulein : Settle down. We drove Nigg away.
    Fulein : We're after the Demon Lord. We're traveling to stop his treachery.
    Heln   : You're not the Demon Lord's servants?
    Heln   : I see, this treatment is from you, and....
    Heln   : Sorry, I was all worked up. Forgive me.
    Fulein : Don't worry about it. Anyway, why were you fighting with Nig?
    Heln   : My name is Heln. Me and my brother Kerse were getting along fine
             here, but
    Heln   : He instigated my brother Kerse into being one of the Demon Lord's 
             followers and took him away from here.
    Heln   : I challenge him to a fight to get Kerse back, but it was no use.
    Fulein : Your brother....
    Fulein : Well, where do you think they went?
    Heln   : I think they went to the oasis south of this cave.
    Heln   : I saw him to the south as he came to this cave.
    Fulein : Okay, I understand. Let's head to the oasis to follow Nig.
    Fulein : You should stay here and rest for awhile.
    Fulein : It's okay, we'll get your brother.
    Heln   : No, I'll go with you. Kerse doesn't think humans are kind.
    Heln   : There's too high of a risk that he would attack you.
    Heln   : But Kerse knows me.
    Fulein : I understand. We'll go together. It's nice to meet you, Heln.
    ++The hellhound Heln joined your party!
    ++Receive the Summon Ring "Hellhound Ring"!
    Kyojin no OASIS
    The Giant's Oasis
    Cerberus: How slow you give up, Tyne.
    Cerberus: Why do you defend humans? Do you think there's some merit
              to defending these humans?
    Tyne    : Who's giving up....
    Tyne    : Why have you abandoned your quiet life in the cave with you
              brother? Kerse!
    Kerse   : It was him who told me of the growth of the wonderful world
              outside the cave.
    Kerse   : I never intended to live my whole life in that little cave.
    Kerse   : My power will strengthen and I will progress to the world
    Tyne    : Idiot. That's nothing but a past illusion. Wake up!
    Tyne    : What's wrong with Heln? Didn't he stop?
    Kerse   : Hmph. My brother and I are different.
    Kerse   : My stupid brother is happy living peacefully inside a cave!
    Kerse   : If he hinders me any more, I will show no mercy.
    Kerse   : He will be my stool to fly to the world! Tyne!!
    Tyne    : Ugh... until this....
    Heln    : Wait, Kerse!
    Kerse   : Bother... why are you here?!
    Heln    : I've come to take you back.
    Heln    : You have been deceived by the Demon Lords's words. Wake up!
    Heln    : Let's return to the cave together.
    Heln    : Our existence has not been accepted by the current world.
    Kerse   : Brother, why do you accept something so irrational?
    Kerse   : I cannot be so patient.
    Kerse   : I will follow my own beliefs! I won't follow big brother's orders!
    Heln    : You don't understand....
    Heln    : If need be, I'll use force to drag you back to the cave!
    ++Complete Victory  : Tyne lives until Kerse is defeated
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat Kerse (Cerberus)
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    Heln  : Well, do you know about this? So this is your power.
    Heln  : There are those in the world who are stronger than you and he.
            Do you understand enough?
    Kerse : This is not my true power! I went easy on you because you're my
    Kerse : But if HE's my companion, I won't be defeated no matter what!
    Heln  : Don't you understand yet?! You're as strong as you are now.
            Therefore, there is no more relation between us.
    Kerse : Shut up! I may not be very strong yet, but I will be too strong to
            be defeated by my brother!
    Heln  : Wait, Kerse!
    Heln  : Why wouldn't he understand was I was saying....
    Tyne  : Muu... You made a mistake. You were deceived by Kerse.
    Tyne  : It's been a long time, Heln.
    Heln  : Um, it's been 20 years.
    Heln  : I've been very busy, Tyne.
    Tyne  : No. Don't worry about it.
    Tyne  : Anyway, it's unusual. You leaving the cave, I mean.
    Tyne  : No, more than that, I think this is the first time I've seen your
            here with humans.
    Heln  : Um, they're my benefactors.
    Heln  : Had they not come, I would no longer be in this world.
    Tyne  : I see. I give my gratitude.
    Tyne  : You were a help, as I was defeated by Kerse.
    Fulein: No, no gratitude is necessary.
    Fulein: After all, we came to bring Kerse back.
    Fulein: And we were after Nigg and the Efreet Ring....
    Tyne  : You came here seeking the Efreet Ring?
    Fulein: Yes. Something like that.
    Fulein: We're pursuing all of the Spirit Rings....
    Tyne  : Someone pursuing the Spirit Rings.... Are you a summoner?
    Fulein: I'm learning. That's true.
    Fulein: I'm traveling the world to study summoning.
    Tyne  : In that case, have you been to West Island?
    Tyne  : I hear that someone who studied summoning lived there long, long
    Tyne  : It should be useful to your research.
    Fulein: I understand. I'll go there. Thank you.
    Tyne  : Um. Be careful when you go.
    Tyne  : And Heln, I hope you bring Kerse back safely.
    Heln  : I'll be careful. Thanks.
    Shoukan Jutsu Shi
    West Island
    Fulein : So this is where someone who studied summoning once lived.
    Macaron: Maybe we'll get some clues here.
    Alph   : Of course, you've come here.
    Fulein : You're Alph!
    Alph   : Too bad I have to make you leave.
    Mark   : Alph! No, Brother!
    Alph   : Of course, it's you... Myra... You're nothing.
    Myra   : Why, that day... you killed Father and Mother and left me behind!
    Alph   : I don't know why you waited so long to ask.
    Alph   : No one can turn time back.
    Alph   : And the gap between you and me will never be filled.
    Alph   : This is the last advice I give you as your older brother: Myra,
             leave before me right now.
    Alph   : And never appear before me again! Or else, I'll kill you like I did
    Myra   : Brother....
    Myra   : I...
    Myra   : For Father and Mother, I'll kill you!
    Alph   : Hu....
    Alph   : In that case, come here!
    Alph   : Go, Efreet, burn them with your flames!!
    Myra   : !!
    Fulein : It's Efreet! Why, Alph?!
    ++Victory Conditions: Defeat Alph
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    Alph  : With Efreet...
    Fulein: Alph, why do you have the Efreet Ring that Nigg had?
    Fulein: I never thought you'd be the Demon Lord's... Xex's ally...
    Alph  : Why not?
    Alph  : As I mercenary, whom I'm concerned with or employed with is at my
    Myra  : Brother.
    Myra  : The Demon Lord wants to make humans extinct!
    Myra  : How you can be an ally to someone like him....
    Myra  : You've changed that much!
    Alph  : The brother you once knew died that day seven years ago.
    Alph  : The Alph you see before you is known as your parents' killer!
    Myra  : That's....
    Alph  : Take one last present from the brother you knew!
    Myra  : Eh...
    Myra  : This is... the Efreet Ring?
    Alph  : That's the last. Next time we meet, there will be no mercy.
    Myra  : Ah, Brother!
    ++Received Summon Ring "Efreet Ring"!
    Myra   : I'm sorry I lied to you until now.
    Myra   : Truth is, I'm a girl.
    Myra   : Because it's supposedly easier for a boy to travel and chase his
    Myra   : so I continued to travel like a boy.
    Fulein : It's okay, don't worry about it. Mark is Myra from now on.
    Myra   : Thank you, Fulein-kun.
    Macaron: But... I'm glad we have the Efreet Ring now.
    Macaron: But shouldn't we worry about where Xex is getting these companions?
    Fulein : Yeah, that's for sure.
    Fulein : With his influence steadily expanding, he's becoming strong.
    Fulein : We need to crush Xex's treachery immediately, but we don't know
    where he is,
    Fulein : or where we should go next.
    Fulein : I'm worried... Times like this I wonder what my ancestor would
    Macaron: Ancestor?
    Fulein : Yeah, he's the one who revived the summoning arts that I use.
    Fulein : Klarth, the person said to have fought with a mighty enemy.
    Velga  : Say what, he was one of the heroes who defeated the legendary
    Velga  : AWESOME! Fulein, I didn't know you were the descendant of a
    Fulein : The legends I read say that Klarth used these Spirit Rings to make
    Fulein : I felt like it was destiny for me, the descendant, to cross time
             and get these into my hands.
    Fulein : But ancestors are ancestors. I don't have that kind of courage and
    Macaron: That's not so. I think Fulein is awesome.
    Macaron: What Macaron says is no mistake!
    Fulein : Thanks, Macaron.
    Fulein : But Klarth would be useful at a time like this....
    Macaron: Well, shall I invite the man himself?
    Fulein : But he's a person of legend.
    Fulein : Why do you think he's my ancestor? He's not around anymore.
    Macaron: No problem, no problem.
    Macaron: Lend a Spirit Ring to Macaron for a minute!
    Fulein : That's unusual....
    Fulein : What are you going to do with it?
    Macaron: Everlastingly establishing the flow of time,
             defying the wrinkles the body has allowed...
    Fulein : Wh, what, this sudden tremor....
    Macaron: My name is Macaron. Guide this body to the bygone
             days of the first master of this ring.
    Macaron: Emito Eto Caboo!
    Fulein : D, disappeared!?
    Fulein : Macaron disappeared!?
    Elmira : Settle down, Fulein.
    Elmira : What Macaron-chan just recited sounds like a time-travel
             incantation, like something written in some ancient book.
    Fulein : Time-travel incantation?
    Elmira : Perhaps, "the first master of this ring"... that is, she went to
             Klarth's time.
    Elmira : Who in the world is she, that she would know such an incantation,
             much less be able to use it?
    Fulein : Well, didn't I hear from Macaron's mouth that she's an android
              by magitechnology?
    Elmira : I see.... But I've been trying to learn how to use that spell.
    Elmira : To the ancient magitechnology....
    Fulein : Uwa! It's happening again!
    Macaron: I'm ba~ck!
    Macaron: I brought Klarth-san~
    Klarth : Oh, we're here? That was fast.
    Fulein : Klarth-san...
    Fulein : Are you... really Klarth-san?
    Klarth : Hmm? Ah, you mean Klarth F. Lester?
    Fulein : Uwaaaa, it's true! You're really my ancestor!
    Fulein : It's nice to meet you. I'm your descendant, Fulein K. Lester.
    Fulein : I'm excited. I've been studying summoning just like you,
    Klarth : I'm glad you're excited, but can you stop calling me "ancestor"?
    Klarth : "Klarth" is fine. She told me what's going on.
    Klarth : It's hard to believe there's an enemy with power equal to that of
             Dhaos, but if it's true, we need fighting power.
    Klarth :
    Klarth : Let's get to work and compensate for his fighting power.
    Fulein : Yeah, that's right. I agree.
    Klarth : But I didn't fight Dhaos alone. I think we can bring my
             companions to this world too.
    Klarth : With her power...
    Macaron: Yeah, it doesn't work like that... A certain condition is needed.
    Elmira : You need a possession, something that once touched their body....
             Is that right?
    Macaron: Yeah. Something like that.
    Macaron: Unless there's an item that that person's thoughts were printed
             into, I can't arrive there.
    Fulein : So some of their possessions must be left in modern times....
    Klarth : We can't help but think this through. Let's try places where they
             have some relation.
    Klarth : First off... let's go for Cless.
    Klarth : I think he used to live in Miguel City, but....
    Velga  : Miguel City is...
    Fulein : Miguel City has already been destroyed by the Demon Lord, and
             the survivors,
    Fulein : are Velga and Volga here.
    Klarth : I see.... I said something to upset you. I'm sorry.
    Velga  : No, don't worry about it....
    Velga  : Ah, but I think a lot of people who know a lot about the city's
             history and traditions living in the Miguel Outskirts....
    Velga  : Maybe those people know something....
    Fulein : all right, let's visit those people. It should go well....
    Fulein : I don't know where else to look for one of Cless-san's
    Macaron: Yeah. Well, let's depart for Miguel Outskirts!
    ++The summoner Klarth joined your party!
    ++Receive the Summon Ring "Summoner Ring"!
    (Trans: I apologize if I wrote "Mark" where it should've said "Myra" or
    vice versa. I was playing on clear-file and for me, it said "Myra" all
    the way through... -_-;)
    Denshou Mono
    Miguel Outskirts
    Velga : Look! That's the house where the person who knows about the legends
            of this town lives.
    Fulein: Good, it's been able to avoid the war.
    Velga : I hope the old man is okay too....
    Elmira: But before we do that, it looks like there's something else we need
            to do.
    Heln  : That's... Kerse!
    Fulein: Was he following us?
    Fulein: Uh, Heln!
    Heln  : Kerse, are you here because of the Demon Lord?
    Kerse : Ah, Brother. I have not left the Great Demon Lord's supervision
    Kerse : But you, Brother, surely you aren't together with something like a
    Heln  : I'm traveling with them so I can bring you back.
    Heln  : I plan to stop traveling when you return.
    Kerse : So my brother HAS decided to travel with humans.
    Kerse : Ah, that's right!
    Kerse : Look, Brother. Why don't you work together with me under the Great
            Demon Lord?
    Kerse : Won't it be really fun to see things we would never see from inside
            the cave?
    Heln  : But you're just being used for the Demon Lord's benefit. Do you not 
            understand that?!
    Kerse : Even if I am being used by the Demon Lord, at least I get to see
            the outside world.
    Kerse : At least it's better than letter life pass me by in that cave!
    Kerse : My brother is nothing but an encumbrance to me.
    Kerse : Like the Great Demon Lord said, my brother can be extinguished
            along with the humans!
    Heln  : Kerse....
    ++Victory Conditions: Arrive at the southwest-most house.
    ++Defeat  Conditions: Fulein is killed
    Kerse : Ugh.... So I've failed.
    Kerse : Well, okay. I know your goal. I will report tothe Great Demon Lord.
    Kerse : You think you can simply resurrect the heroes of the past.
    Heln  : Kerse....
    Heln  : Why do you leave me....
    Fulein: Heln.... I'm sure he'll come to understand eventually.
    Heln  : No, if we don't defeat his leader, the Demon Lord, there will be no
            way to save him....
    Heln  : One day soon, the Demon Lord will be defeated so that....
    Fulein: ........
    Fulein : ........ so that's what happened.
    Old Man: I'm glad to know what's been going on.
    Old Man: I'll help you at Velga's request, for I am in debt to her parents.
    Velga  : Thank you, sir. (Grandpa?)
    Old Man: Concerning a belonging of Cless-sama's.... 
             if I'm not mistaken, this red bandana should do....
    Old Man: Oh, perhaps this is it.
    Fulein : Thank you very much.
    Fulein : How's this?
    Macaron: Yeah... I think this will be fine.
    Klarth : Well then, take me along too. We can explain everything faster
    Klarth : Because I didn't believe you at first. 
    Macaron: I'm sorry. That's impossible.
    Macaron: Macaron can only transport one person at a time....
    Macaron: I don't have the power to do more than that.
    Klarth : I see.... Well, it can't be helped.
    Klarth : When you meet Cless, mention my name, and it'll be alright.
    Klarth : He'll probably cooperate after that.
    Macaron: Yeah, I understand.
    Fulein : Be careful.
    Macaron: Forgive the my body which defies the everlastingly established flow
             of time....
    Macaron: My name is Macaron. Guide this body to the bygone 
             days of the first master of this cloth.
    Macaron: Emito Eto Caboo!
    Klarth : Hmm.... It looks like the ancient magitechnology was revived after
             summoning arts....
    Elmira : (sore ha yameta kata ga yoroshii kamoshire masen wa.)
    Elmira : The war in which the ancient civilizations were lost....
    Elmira : It's said that Fenrir and Odin were annihilated by a war of Magic
             Science weapons.
    Elmira : Now, if the ancient magitechnology was revived,
             I don't doubt that we would walk the same path.
    Klarth : I know that story. I was relieved. It's a joke.
    Fulein : Looks like she's coming back.
    Macaron: I'm back~!
    Macaron: It's Cless-san~.
    Cless  : Whew, that was a strange experience.
    Klarth : It's been awhile, Cless. Sorry about being so remote.
    Klarth : Forgive my descendant for bothering you.
    Cless  : It's nice to see you again, Klarth-san.
    Cless  : Don't worry about it. It's good for training.
    Klarth : Indeed, training....
    Klarth : I think we should try to call on Chester next. How about it?
    Fulein : Alright. That'll work.
    Fulein : Do you know of anything of Chester-san's that may have remained
             until today?
    Cless  : Let's see....
    Cless  : I bet the Elven Bow is still around.
    Fulein : Elven Bow... where would that be now?
    Cless  : Let's go to the Elven Village to see if we can find it there.
    Fulein : Elven Village.... that's in the Ymir Forest.
    Cless  : The people there should know about things made by elven hands.
    Cless  : Do you thing it's possible to come back?
    Fulein : That's right. Let's go to Ymir Forest.
    Fulein : Kerse knows our plans. We have to hurry and get ahead of the Demon
             Lord, or it'll be dangerous.
    Macaron: Well, let's DEPART to Ymir Forest!
    ++The sword master Cless joined your party!
    ++Recieve the Summon Ring "Sword Master Ring"!
    ERUFU no Shuuraku
    Elven Village
    Ymir Forest
    ElfGirl: This broom is very important to Elfy....
    ElfGirl: I won't hand it over no matter what!
    Grendel: I came here just to get that broom, so hand it over!
             Or else you're gonna pay!
    Elfy   : I won't lose to threats like that!
    Grendel: You're gonna find out what happens when I get mad!
    Elfy   : Kyaaaaaaaaa!
    Macaron: Was that a scream!?
    Fulein : It came from over there! Let's hurry!
    Macaron: There!
    Macaron: That elven girl is being attacked by a monster.
    Fulein : We have to help her!
    Fulein : Wait, Monster!
    Grendel: Boy! Are you calling me, Lord Goodel, "monster"?
    Fulein : That's right. Where are the other monsters like you!?
    Goodel : Hmm~....
    Goodel : Maybe you're the obstacles the Great Demon Lord talked about.
    Fulein : What did you say?!
    Fulein : Are you one of the Demon Lord's minions too!?
    Goodel : That's right.
    Goodel : It's just as well, I'll be praised by  the Great Demon Lord for
             defeating you here and now!
    Goodel : You'll all die for me!
    Fulein : Come on! Everyone, be careful!
    Complete Victory  : Elfy lives until Goodel is defeated
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Goodel (Grendel)
    Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
    (Script below is based on complete victory)
    Goodle : Dammit!
    Goodle : I'll remember this!
    Macaron: We gotta hurry or he'll get away.
    Fulein : Are you okay?
    Elfy   : Yes. You saved me.
    Fulein : Why did the Demon Lord's minion attack you?
    Elfy   : He wanted Elfy's treasure, this broom.
    Fulein : Broom, you say.... What's so great about this broom?
    Elfy   : No, it's nothing.
    Fulein : Well, why did the Demon Lord's minion come here just to snatch
             that broom away?
    Elfy   : This broom belongs to a special person.
    Elfy   : But Elfy wants this broom because it was used by the great hero,
    Klarth : Now, did you just say Arche?
    Elfy   : That's what Elfy said. What about it?
    Fulein : Could you loan that broom to us for a little bit?
    Elfy   : I'll loan it to you for a bit, just because you helped me.
    Elfy   : But it's very important to Elfy, since that's the broom that
             belonged to a special person.
    Fulein : So Arche used this broom?
    Fulein : This is really important to us.
    Elfy   : Are you guys fans of Arche-sama too?
    Fulein : Yeah, something like that.
    Klarth : No, nothing like that.
    Elfy   : Well, okay. Yes, by all means.
    Fulein : Well, Macaron? Is this okay?
    Macaron: Yeah, I don't know, but I'll see.
    Macaron: Forgive the my body which defies the everlastingly established
             flow of time....
    Elfy   : What on Earth is this rumbling?
    Macaron: My name is Macaron. Guide this body to the bygone 
             days of the first master of this thin branch.
    Macaron: Emito Eto Caboo!
    Elfy   : Wah, that kid disappeared.
    Fulein : Yeah, she went to the past to get Arche....
    Elfy   : Arche sama... to the past? ????
    Fulein : Well, you'll understand soon.
    Fulein : Looks like she's coming back.
    Girl   : Wait, I didn't hear where we're going!
    Macaron: It's dangerous how you're struggling!
    Macaron: That's what I meant!
    Girl   : H, huh? What happened?
    Fulein : It looks pretty amazing....
    Macaron: I brought Arche.
    Macaron: Ugh, it was truly terrible.
    Macaron: It was dangerous how she was struggling while we were returning
             to time.
    Arche  : This is....
    Cless  : This is far from where we were in the future world.
    Arche  : Ah, it's Cless! And Klarth! It's been a while!
    Arche  : So, Cless, have things been going well with Mint?
    Cless  : W, why so suddenly....
    Arche  : Uh-huh~. You're just training again?
    Arche  : When are you gonna shape up?
    Arche  : Mint'll only wait so long.
    Cless  : That's none of your business, Arche!
    Arche  : Of course, but....
    Elfy   : Arche-sama!!
    Arche  : Wh... don't cling to me all of a sudden! You surprised me!
    Elfy   : I'm sorry. But I'm so exited.
    Elfy   : I never thought I'd ever be able to meet the real Arche-sama.
    Elfy   : Arche-sama has always been admired by Elfy.
    Arche  : Uh, yeah... um, can you let go of me?
    Arche : Hmph. I see. That's a strong enemy.
    Fulein: Eh, that's why we need to call the legendary heroes to this time.
    Arche : Well, I'm the third person, so only Mint and Suzu-chan are left?
    Fulein: No, there's Chester-san....
    Arche : Oh, him....
    Arche : We don't really need him, do we?
    Fulein: No, we can't go divided.
    Fulein: Oh, that's right! Hey, Elfy,
    Fulein: Is there a bow called the Elven Bow in this village?
    Elfy  : Elven Bow?
    Elfy  : ........ !!
    Elfy  : I've heard of it before, but I never thought about it.
    Fulein: Is that so?
    Fulein: Where is it now?
    Elfy  : Umm, I don't know where it is because someone stole it.
    Fulein: Ehh.... all the trouble to come here, and it's been stolen....
    Fulein: Well, do you know where the criminal went?
    Elfy  : Everyone says the merchant who visited the village the day before
            was awfully suspicious.
    Fulein: Well, if we knew what he was selling....
    Myra  : If it's a stolen item, should we check Ary's black market?
    Fulein: Ary's black market?
    Elmira: She means the market of stolen goods that's around in Ary,
            the City of Eternal Darkness.
    Elmira: Surely it's there....
    Fulein: Okay, well, we have a plan. Let's go to Ary, City of Eternal Darkness.
    Arche : Right. Well, Elfy, I have to go now.
    Arche : Good-bye. Be well.
    Elfy  : If Arche-sama is going, Elfy is going too.
    Arche : Ehhhh!
    Arche : What are you saying? Elves are supposed to live in this village.
    Elfy  : No, I've decided. Elfy will always be where Arche-sama is.
    Arche : Ehh~ but~
    Klarth: Don't give up.
    Cless : Don't you think she's such a cute girl?
    Arche : Wait, that's a selfish thing for you guys to say!
    Arche : Fulein, since you're in charge, you decide.
    Fulein: I think it's best to have as many companions as possible, but....
    Elfy  : Look, Arche-san. Everyone agrees. It's nice to meet you.
    Arche : Ahhh~, come on~
    ++ Arche the Shaman joined the party!
    ++ Received summon Ring "Shaman Ring"!
    ++ Elfy the Elf joined the party!
    Yami no Kuru Utage
    Revelry of Darkness
    City of Eternal Darkness Ary
    Fulein : So this is Ary, City of Eternal Darkness.... It's not a very
             lively city. It really is shrouded in darkness.
    Fulein : Well, where is the stolen goods market?
    Elmira : Well. I don't know where to look for it.
    Fulein : Anyway, let's ask that weird person over their. Excuse me....
    Macaron: Wait a minute, Fulein. Something's strange about this.
    Macaron: I can't feel that person's life energy at all.
    Velga  : Macaron's right. He's a zombie... an undead monster.
    Fulein : What!
    Vampire: Huhuhu, I can see through you well!
    Fulein : Who are you!?
    Reecis : My name is Reesis.
    Reecis : By the Great Demon Lords's orders, I must take all of your lives.
    Fulein : You can't defeat us so easily!
    Reesis : I have no business with men! Hurry up and become the zombies'
    Reesis : The ladies won't be zombies. You'll rest peacefully after getting a
             warm embrace from someone as beautiful as me.
    Macaron: Eww... what a nasty imagination.
    Elmira : I'll decline that courtesy.
    Arche  : Him. "Someone as beautiful as me," he says. Can we say "narcissist"?
    Myra   : I... don't look like a girl, do I?
    Velga  : No one would want an embrace from you!
    Velga  : Can't you get rid of those bad thoughts?
    Reesis : Oh?
    Reesis : Ohh!!
    Reesis : This is wonderful!
    Reesis : A chaste girl who knows no impurity, my favorite!
    Arche  : Eh, me?
    Reesis : I don't mean you; stay away.
    Reesis : I'm talking about YOU!
    Velga  : Ugh, me...?
    Reesis : Yes, you. The pure girl I've been looking for is YOU....
    Arche  : Wahh~ it's bad enough that you're a narcissist, but you're a
             pedophile too. There's no hope for you....
    Reesis : Be silent!
    Reesis : Well, you'll love my warm embrace.
    Velga  : Eww~ gross. No one would want your hug!
    Velga  : I'd rather be hugged by a toad.
    Reesis : Hmm, it can't be helped. I'll show you the power I have.
    Reesis : Dwellers of Darkness, go! Tear them apart by hand!
    Volga  : Velga-neesan... I'll protect you.
    Fulein : Be careful everyone, the monsters are attacking!
    ++ Victory Conditions: Reesis (Vampire) is defeated
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein is killed. 
    Reesis: How dare you inflict these ugly wounds on my beautiful body!
    Reesis: I'll withdraw for now, but it won't go like this next time!
    Reesis: And the next time we meet, I'll hold you close, my honey.
    Velga : No way! I don't want anything to do with you, you arrogant pedophile!
    Reesis: Huhuhu, well, let's meet again!
    Velga : Ah, gross. I don't want that to happen twice.
    Man    : Are you the ones who chased that vampire away?
    Fulein : Huh? Oh, yes. That's right.
    Man    : On behalf of everyone, I can't thank you enough. Thank you.
    Fulein : No, no thanks is needed...
    Fulein : Oh, that's right! There's something we wanted to ask about, but
    Fulein : We heard that there's a black market that deals in stolen goods 
             in this city.
    Fulein : Do you know about it?
    Man    : Deals in stolen goods!?
    Man    : Y... yeah? I don't know about it....
    Man    : But if there is one, how did you hear about it?
    Fulein : There's an item we're searching for.
    Fulein : Do you know about a bow called the Elven Bow?
    Man    : E, Elven Bow? I, I don't know about it....
    Man    : Oh, but maybe the elder knows....
    Man    : Maybe you could ask him?
    Fulein : If so, we need to talk to him together....
    Man    : N, no!
    Man    : The elder is, uh, that. He's a busy person.
    Man    : Besides, I hear he rarely meets with strangers.
    Man    : Wait here.
    Man    : I'll go ask.
    Fulein : What a nice person....
    Elmira : Really? He's obviously hiding something.
    Arche  : Yeah, I think so too.
    Arche  : He was acting pretty strange after you mentioned the black market.
    Arche  : I'll be glad to make him confess as a punishment.
    Fulein : Don't be so extreme....
    Elfy   : Elfy saw that person earlier. I have a hunch.
    Fulein : What's that?
    Elfy   : Yeah...
    Elfy   : Forget it.
    Man    : Hey, wait!
    Man    : The elder is by you....
    Fulein : What's this? This broken bow?
    Man    : It seems the elder bought it directly from a man who visited this city.
    Man    : There's no mistake that the man was calling this bow the Elven Bow.
    Macaron: If that's true, did you steal it from the Elven Village?
    Man    : W, wh, what makes you say that....
    Man    : Y, you've got to be kidding!
    Man    : Anyway, I'll return it!
    Man    : I'm busy, so, uh, I have to go. See ya!
    ++ Received the Broken Elven Bow!
    Fulein : Uh....
    Fulein : I was going to say thanks.
    Velga  : Somehow or other, it looks like a book.
    Fulein : Anyway, will this work, Macaron?
    Macaron: If it's the real thing, it should work, but... Yeah, will it?
    Macaron: That man was a little....
    Elfy   : This is the same one that was in the village.
    Fulein : In the village.... You mean this is the real Elven Bow?
    Elfy   : Yes.
    Macaron: I needed to hear that. Well, I'm going now.
    Macaron: Forgive the my body which defies the everlastingly established
             flow of time....
    Macaron: My name is Macaron. Guide this body to the bygone 
             days of the first master of this powerful branch.
    Macaron: Emito Eto Caboo!
    Arche  : Ahhh, she's gone.
    Arche  : Everything's fine when he's not around....
    Fulein : Chester-san and Arche-san don't like each other?
    Cless  : Huh? What makes you think that?
    Cless  : Hmm?
    Fulein : Well, from what she said, I thought....
    Velga  : Cless-san and Fulein are so thick-headed.
    Myra   : Eh, I think so.
    Fulein : eh~ really?
    Fulein : Klarth-san what do you think?
    Klarth : Don't come to me. Well, I'll figure it out sooner or later.
    Fulein : Ah, they're coming back.
    Macaron: I'm back~
    Macaron: I brought Chester-san.
    Chester: Are we there?
    Cless  : Chester, long time, no see!
    Chester: Oh, Cless. It's been too long.
    Chester: Have you kept training?
    Cless  : Oh, the usual. Still halfway there.
    Arche  : Ahhh, no, no. Why are you talking about training all of 
             a sudden?... well.
    Arche  : Don't you two ever have any fun?
    Chester: Shut up. What are you doing here anyway!?
    Chester: Who brought Miss Loud Mouth here? [gasatsu onna]
    Arche  : Who are you calling Miss Loud Mouth?
    Arche  : Like you aren't the Dirty-Minded Devil! [sukebe daimaou]
    Chester: What! Wait!
    Arche  : Kya~~~~ Save me~~~~ The Dirty-Minded Devil is attacking me~
    Macaron: It got noisy so quickly.
    Fulein : Yeah. Well, is it okay.
    Fulein : By the way, Klarth-san. Where do we go next...
    Klarth : Um. There's Mint or Suzu, 
    Klarth : But nothing about anything of Mint's comes to mind.
    Cless  : What about you, Cless?
    Cless  : Well, there's the Unicorn Horn....
    Fulein : Unicorn Horn.... Where would this be now?
    Klarth : Until we know where to find the Unicorn Horn, let's go to the 
             Ninja Village.
    Klarth : We may be able to find something about Suzu there.... Right, Cless?
    Cless  : That's right. It's fine with me.
    Klarth : No, is that really okay with you Cless?
    Cless  : Um... Since Fulein is the leader, shouldn't he be the the
             one to decide?
    Arche  : Awww, you're as thickheaded as ever.
    Arche  : If we head to the Ninja Village, it'll take that much longer
             to get to Mint.
    Arche  : Klarth asked you because he knows you're concerned.
    Cless  : W... why is that?
    Arche  : Awww, poor Mint.
    Klarth : Well, we can't just randomly go searching for the Unicorn Horn.
    Klarth : So we'd better head to the Ninja village for now. Right, Fulein?
    Fulein : I don't mind, but Cless is....
    Cless  : It's none of your business! It's most efficiant to go to the
             Ninja Village first.
    Cless  : Well, let's hurry to the Ninja Village!
    Arche  : We'll go to the Ninja Village to get Suzu-chan, then go look for
             the Unicorn Horn.
    Arche  : And not meet Mint for a while~
    Cless  : Say what you want. It won't keep me company.
    Fulein : Are you... okay?
    Macaron: Don't worry, let's go. They'll get over it.
    Fulein : Yeah, that's right.
    ++ Chester the Sniper joined the party!
    ++ Received Summon Ring "Sniper Ring"! 
    (Trans: Yes, that said "warm embrace." No, they're not talking about hugging.
    Classic Tales-esque child-safe dirty joke, right there.) 
    Kage no Ichizoku
    Group of Shadows
    Ninja Village
    Shinobi: Dammit, they mean to attack while our Master is gone!
    Kerse  : Hehehe, it was my plan to separate your Master from the village.
    Shinobi: What!
    Kerse  : If you're mad, be mad at your Master who we caught successfully.
    Fulein : Wait! Kerse!
    Fulein : You've done enough!
    Heln   : You've engaged in this nonsense long enough, Kerse!
    Kerse  : Again, the humans hinder me?
    Kerse  : It won't go the same way as before!
    Kerse  : Brother, you'll all go to Hell!
    Heln   : It will be the same! You can't defeat me!
    Kerse  : Can you be so sure?
    ++ Complete Victory  : All Shinobi live until Kerse is defeated
    ++ Victory Conditions: Defeat Kerse (Kerberos)
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
    Kerse: Ugh, again.... Why can't I ever win!?
    Heln : Wake up already! You'll never win because you're not as strong as us.
    Kerse: That's not so. I will defeat you, Brother!
    Kerse: Next time for sure!
    Heln : Kerse... you won't win against me.
    Heln : That's the strength of thinking. You can't win if you don't 
           understand that....
    Master : I heard the whole story.
    Master : Our village has been saved thanks to you. Thank you.
    Fulein : No, thanks aren't necessary.
    Fulein : Do you know of some item that is related to Suzu-san?
    Master : Did you say Suzu?
    Fulein : Suzu, one of the heroes who defeated Dhaos in the past.
    Master : Oh, if that's the case....
    Master : Please have this.
    ++ Received Nintou Kuroyuri (Black Lily Ninja Blade)
    Master : That was the blade used by Suzu-dono.
    Master : It has been handed down from generation to generation in our
    Fulein : Is it really something so important?
    Master : If you're able to pass through this village, it must be lost soon.
    Master : I hope that you can make use of it.
    Shinobi: This is our thanks to you.
    Shinobi: Because of you all, we were not more greatly injured.
             We are truly grateful.
    ++ Received Murasama (only if you got "complete victory")
    Fulein: Thank you very much.
    Fulein: Well, now that we have this, we should hurry on....
    Master: I hope that your travels go well.
    Fulein : Well... does this work, Macaron?
    Macaron: Yeah. I think so.
    Macaron: Forgive the my body which defies the everlastingly established flow 
             of time....
    Macaron: My name is Macaron. Guide this body to the bygone 
             days of the first master of this sharp blade.
    Macaron: Emito Eto Caboo!
    Fulein : After this, there's Mint-san, but....
    Klarth : But we still don't know where the Unicorn Horn is.
    Fulein : We should try to gather information....
    Klarth : That's right....
    Klarth : In the mean time, we could try to gather Spirit Rings....
    Fulein : What Spirit Rings are still left?
    Klarth : There were 12 of them that I used.
    Fulein : Really...
    Klarth : That's right.... First we should head to the Mines of Moria to
             retrive the Maxwell Ring.
    Fulein : Ah, she's back.
    Macaron: I'm back.
    Macaron: I brought Suzu-san.
    Suzu   : Are we in the future? It's not very different from when I was here
    Arche  : Suzu-chan! It's been awhile!
    Suzu   : Ah, Arche-san. And everyone. I hope you've been well.
    Cless  : It's a relief that you aren't any different either, Suzu-chan.
    Suzu   : Huh? I don't see Mint.
    Suzu   : Did you two get in a fight, Cless-san?
    Cless  : Nothing like that....
    Arche  : For various reasons, Mint hasn't come here yet.
    Arche  : Now we're going to look for clues on how to find her.
    Suzu   : I see. We should hurry then, shouldn't we, Cless-san.
    Cless  : So... that's good...
    ++ Suzu the Shinobi joined the party!
    ++ Received Summon Ring "Shinobi Ring"!
    Ajin Touzoku Dan
    Half-Human Thieves
    Moria Tunnels
    Fulein : So the Maxwell Ring is in these tunnels.
    Klarth : That's right. Unless someone took it, it should be here.
    Oic    : Buhiiiii!
    Oic    : It's those who killed our comrades before!
    Oic    : They've come here again!
    Oic    : This time, we will NOT lose!
    Oic    : Everyone, finish them off this time!
    Goblin : Right -gob! Follow Commander Oic~!
    Fulein : What are orcs doing in a place like this?
    Fulein : What on earth do they mean, that we killed their comrades?
    Elmira : They're talking about that time before at the port!
    Elmira : They're resentment is fine with me!
    Elmira : There is no way I'll forgive them!
    Fulein : Ah, Elmira!
    Fulein : Again.... Everyone, help Elmira!
    Klarth : We have to deal with the orcs, but we can't forget that we came here
             for the Maxwell Ring.
    Klarth : First subjugate Maxwell, then defeat the Orcs.
    Fulein : I understand!
    ++ Complete Victory  : Maxwell is defeated, then Oic is defeated.
    ++ Victory Conditions: Defeat Oic (Orc)
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
    Oic   : Dammit!!!!! They're too strong -buhi!
    Oic   : I'm sorry, my fellows.
    Oic   : We could not destroy your murderers.
    Oic   : For now, retreat -buhi!
    Goblin: We can't retreat! This is our hideout!
    Goblin: Besides, there's no way we can get out of this cave!
    Oic   : Buhiiiii! Dammit -buhi! I forget -buhi!
    Oic   : Kaku naru ue ha....
    Oic   : Excuse me -buhi!
    Oic   : I have something to say -buhi!
    Oic   : We ask for forgiveness -buhi!
    Elmira: You will never be forgiven!
    Elmira: You killed my husband! Prepare yourself!
    Oic   : I don't know anything about that! We've taken money and goods but
            we've never taken human life!
    Oic   : Buhiiiii!! Forgive us -buhi! Please -buhi!
    Fulein: Wait a minute!
    Fulein: If we take this into consideration, we can forgive them.
    Elmira: What are you saying!?
    Elmira: They hurt someone important to me! I can't forgive them!
    Elmira: Every orc in the world will be annihilated!
    Fulein: Elmira...
    Fulein: I understand that you're hurt. But killing him won't do anything.
    Fulein: I think you should at least take your anger out on the one who hurt
            your important person.
    Fulein: Hating all orcs, and annihilating every orc in the world....
    Fulein: is just like what the Demon Lord is doing.
    Elmira: Just like... the Demon Lord....
    Klarth: Fulein is right.
    Klarth: Killing this orc won't bring your husband back.
    Klarth: Killing orcs just to calm the heart of hatred that's inside of
    Klarth: I don't think you or your husband want that.
    Elmira: ....
    Elmira: Go... and don't appear before me again.
    Fulein: Elmira...
    Fulein: Well, you all have to promise you won't ever attack humans again.
    Fulein: And leave this cave.
    Oic   : You're good people -buhi.
    Oic   : Your nothing like Nigg, who killed many of our comrades before.
    Fulein: Nigg!?
    Fulein: You mean Nigg has been here?
    Oic   : He came here a little before you all did -buhi.
    Oic   : He made a fort  within our borders.
    Oic   : Some of our comrades died -buhi.
    Fulein: He came to these tunnels... what on earth did he do?
    Klarth: Perhaps he was after the Maxwell Ring.
    Klarth: I don't know what other reason he could have....
    Klarth: I don't know what to do about that, but....
    Fulein: Where is he?
    Oic   : I don't know where he went -buhi.
    Oic   : But a lookout saw where he came here from.
    Oic   : The lookout said he came from Midgard....
    Fulein: Midgard! Then the Demon Lord is there!?
    Klarth: That's possible.
    Fulein: Alright, everyone, let's head to Midgard!
    Fulein: It's okay, we'll destroy the one who murdered your comrades.
    Oic   : You are truely good people -buhi.
    Oic   : Aright, it's decided -buhi! Take us along with you!
    Elmira: What did you say!?
    Elmira: Do you want me to kill you?
    Oic   : That's absurd!
    Oic   : We aren't like the orcs that committed that crime -buhi.
    Oic   : Understand that all orcs are against him.
    Oic   : That's why we want to go along and help you -buhi.
    Elmira: You don't understand anything!
    Elmira: You can't possibly be thinking of this orc along, can you!?
    Oic   : Please -buhi. I'll be helpful if you bring me.
    ++Let Oic join? Yes/No
    --If you say Yes:
    Fulein: I think we should bring him along.
    Fulein: I know Elmira has a great hatred of orcs, but if she can....
    Elmira: What!?
    Elmira: My hatred for orcs isn't so simple! He enters and it's all the
    Elmira: I'd rather we just keep becoming stronger!
    Fulein: But if you just hate, you'll never move on.
    Fulein: It you face the past for ever, you'll be able to walk on.... at least
            I think so.
    Elmira: You say it like you know....
    Elmira: Fine! Do as you please!
    Fulein: Elmira....
    Klarth: I'm sure she understands.
    Klarth: But some people are never convinced.
    Klarth: You have to understand her feelings too.
    Fulein: Yes....
    ++ Oic the Ork joined the party!
    ++ Received Summon Ring "Orc Ring"!
    --If you say No:
    Fulein : It's too bad, but if Elmira hates you that much, we can't take you
    Fulein : Now, you won't leave this place?
    Oic    : Right...
    Oic    : Too bad -buhi....
    Oic    : I could have been useful -buhi.
    Oic    : It can't be helped -buhi. We'll live in places where there are no
             humans -buhi....
    Oic    : I pray for your safe travel -buhi.
    Oic    : We're in debt to you -buhi....
    Fulein : Should we... really be glad about that?
    Macaron: No one knows the future.
    Macaron: But it was your decision, Fulein.
    Macaron: I think it'll work somehow. Macaron will be with Fulein forever.
    Fulein : That's right.
    Fulein : I think it'll work somehow. Thanks, Macaron.
    Klarth: Next is Midgard.
    Fulein: That's right.
    Fulein: Well, let's head to Midgard, where the Demon Lord is. 
    Houjutsu Shi
    Fulein : We're almost to Midgard, but
    Fulein : We should be able to find Maou's whereabouts easily.
    Macaron: If we can learn about Nigg from the people of Midgard, we should have
             no problem knowing where Xex is.
    Fulein : Of course, it's possible we're going on a fool's errand.
    Fulein : But if we don't find info in a big city, we won't get his whereabouts.
    Fulein : Is Midgard a big enough city?
    Velga  : Which reminds me, there's supposed to be a very big temple in
    Velga  : I heard the Arch Bishop who assembles all the clergymen on the
             contentent is here.
    Fulein : If that's the case, we'll leave that to you.
    Fulein : Let's split up to gather information in the city.
    Velga  : Leave it to me!
    Reesis: Even this place will be under the rule of the undead. Go, Dwellers of
    Bishop: Everyone, do not falter!
    Bishop: It would be a shame to clergymen to let this place fall to the undead!
    Bishop: They won't have their way.
    Fulein: This is Midgard.
    Fulein: There's something a little strange about the atmosphere in this city,
    Velga : For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this....
    Fulein: Let's hurry into the city!
    Reesis: Soresore!
    Reesis: A little more! [ato mou sukoshi da!]
    Fulein: That's enough!
    Reesis: What... You again....
    Reesis: Oh, my honey!
    Reesis: We meet again.
    Reesis: So you do care about me after all.
    Reesis: Beauty is a sin.... I'm so glad we happened to meet again.
    Velga : Of course... I hit the mark with that bad premonition....
    Velga : I didn't want to have to meet you again.
    Reesis: Don't be shy. Well, come here into my warm embrace.
    Velga : You're so rude. Absolutely not!!
    Velga : And besides, you! Why are the undead attacking the temple!
    Velga : Don't you know clerics hate the undead!?
    Reesis: We must overcome the hateful ones first, my beauty!
    Reesis: If we can't beat just here, all the other little temples will be no
    Velga : Of course you wouldn't just let them free.
    Velga : I give notice here that you'll return to the earth!
    Reesis: Even though I called you my honey, you had to turn this into a painful
            expirience instead of hugging me.
    Velga : [omoshiroi], yareru mon nara, yatte goran!
    ++ Victory Conditions: Defeat Reesis (Vampire)
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
                           All neutral Monks are annihilated
    Velga : How about that?!
    Reesis: ????????????????
    Reesis: Fine, I'll leave with this for now.
    Reesis: NEXT time, I'll make you mine!
    Reesis: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we shall meet again!
    Velga : Don't let me see you again!
    High Priest: We were saved because of you all. Thank you so much.
    Fulein  : No, sir, we only did what was natural.
    HighPriest: We never dreamed the Undead would attack this temple.
    H.Priest: We want to thank you for your help, but
    H.Priest: what could we possibly do that would be any help to you?
    Fulein  : Do you know where those Undead came from, sir?
    H.Priest: Well....
    H.Priest: They were already in the town by the time we noticed them.
    Fulein  : I see....
    Fulein  : The Demon Lord isn't here....
    Klarth  : Sir, might you know of a staff called the Unicorn Horn?
    H.Priest: The Unicorn Horn....
    H.Priest: I believe that's the name of the staff currently kept with the
              temple's records....
    H.Priest: Wait a moment.
    Macaron : Hey, aren't we lucky it's the Unicorn Horn?
    Fulein  : Yeah, that's right.
    Klarth  : It's possible. Mint's healing arts...
    Klarth  : It's not strange that the temple would come into possession of it.
    Arche   : Isn't this great new, Cless?
    Cless   : Hey... W-what are you talking about?!
    Chester : He's embarrassed!
    Cless   : Chester!
    Cless   : That's enough already!
    Arche   : Huhhh? Cless? You're face is turning red, are you sure you aren't
              getting a fever?
    Cless   : Um....
    H.Priest: Uh, ahem. Will this do?
    Arche   : Wah!
    Arche   : You startled me!
    H.Priest: My apologies.
    H.Priest: This is the Unicorn Horn.
    Fulein  : We'll borrow it.
    Fulein  : Will this do?
    Cless   : ....
    Cless   : Yep, there's no mistaking it. This is the Unicorn Horn that
              Mint had.
    H.Priest: If this is what you've been searching for, you may have it.
    Fulein  : Are you sure it's all right, sir?
    H.Priest: Yes, this is our thanks for protecting the temple.
    H.Priest: It would only gather dust with the records, so please take it.
    Fulein  : Thank you, we'll use it well.
    Fulein  : We have to hurry, so we appreciate this.
    H.Priest: I pray your journey ends safely.
    Macaron: Forgive the my body which defies the everlastingly established flow 
             of time....
    Macaron: My name is Macaron. Guide this body to the bygone 
             days of the first master of this staff.
    Macaron: Emito Eto Caboo!
    Fulein : After this, we'll have all the legendary heroes on our side.
    Fulein : But... we still can't pick up on the Demon Lord's trail....
    Klarth : Well, for now we've seen him pick local battles as opposed to a
             large war.
    Klarth : I bet he's aiming to reinforce his military power.
    Klarth : It would be wise to look for the remaining rings.
    Klarth : Next is... right. To get the Volt Ring, let's head to Volt's Cave...
    Fulein : Volt's Cave?
    Fulein : I don't see a cave like that anywhere on my map.
    Klarth : Naturally. I'm just calling it that for convenience; I don't know its
             real name.
    Fulein : Indeed.
    Fulein : Well, let's head there next.
    Fulein : Ah, she's coming back.
    Macaron: I back!
    Macaron: I brought Mint-san.
    Mint   : Oh, Cless-san.
    Mint   : It seems everyone is doing well....
    Cless  : Y-yeah, Mint. You look well....
    Arche  : You don't need to give her such a cold greeting!
    Chester: That's right! This is supposed to be a loving reunion, do it with a
    Cless  : Uwa! W-what are...!
    Mint   : Kyaa!
    Cless  : Ouch....
    Cless  : Are you okay, Mint?
    Mint   : Yes... anyhow.
    Cless  : Watch it, you guys! You just did that without warning!
    Cless  : What if you hurt Mint?!
    Arche  : NOW you're worried about Mint enough, that's good....
    Chester: Isn't that okay, Cless?
    Chester: Thanks to us, you got to hug each other openly!
    Cless  : Eh...!
    Mint   : Ah....
    Cless  : Ah, I'm sorry, Mint.
    Mint   : ... no....
    Cless  : You guys!
    Mint   : Arche-san!
    Arche  : Ah....
    Cless  : Ah, hey! Y-you're mad?! It was just a joke!
    Fulein : What lively people. These legendary heroes....
    Klarth : They're always like this.
    Macaron: It's better than them being gloomy, right?
    Fulein : Well, that's right.
    ++The bishop Mint joined your party!
    ++You received the summon ring "Bishop Ring"!
    Lightning Strike
    Volt's Cave
    Alph: So this the rumored lightning strike of the spirit Volt! What a pain....
    Alph: But I can't help but go on.
    Alph: Don't be afraid!
    Alph: If he's defeated, the lightning will stop! Defeat him! Get the Volt
    Fulein : Hey, this is an awfully nice cave to not have appeared on the map.
    Klarth : You can't mark everything in the world on one map.
    Klarth : Don't limit yourself to maps; books and such aren't to be taken
    Klarth : I intended to make a map of this cave too.
    Fulein : Indeed... You're very studious.
    Macaron: Hey, do you hear something inside the cave?
    Fulein : Huh?
    Fulein : ....... It's true. What's that sound?
    Klarth : That's the sound of Volt's lightning strike!
    Klarth : Someone must be fighting Volt.... Let's hurry!
    Fulein : Yes!
    Fulein : That's... Alph!
    Myra   : Big brother!
    Alph   : Huh?!
    Alph   : Ugh. Are you going to get in the way?
    Fulein : Alph, what are you doing here!?
    Alph   : You already know! It's the same reason as you!
    Myra   : Brother! Are you still helping the Demon Lord!?
    Alph   : I told you, your brother is already dead....
    Alph   : And I warned you that I would show no mercy the next time we met!
    Myra   : That's....
    Chester: How could you be so selfish!?
    Chester: What reason could there be to make a brother and sister fight like
    Chester: You should be on the same side as your sister, or else I'll fix your
    Cless  : Wait, Chester!
    Alph   : Amusing.
    Alph   : If it can be done, let's see you do it.
    Alph   : I don't know whether I'll regret this in the next world!
    Klarth : Everyone, watch out for Volt's lightning!
    Klarth : We'll be fine if Volt is defeated.
    Fulein : Understood!
    ++ Victory Conditions: Defeat Alph
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
    Alph  : Ugh, you're in my way again!
    Fulein: As long as you're in cooperation with the Demon Lord, we'll fight you
            any number of times!
    Alph  : Heh!
    Alph  : The little brat has a big mouth.
    Alph  : Fine, take the Volt Ring.
    Alph  : But I'll give you this advice: It's no use standing before the Demon
            Lord's power that way.
    Alph  : Gather all the rings you can.
    Myra  : Brother!
    Cless  : Chester, why'd you run off all of a sudden?
    Chester: Sorry, Cless.
    Chester: I just had to make that guy pay.
    Cless  : You were thinking about Amy-chan?
    Chester: .....
    Chester: Leave me alone for a while.
    Cless  : Chester....
    Fulein : Cless-san, who is Amy-chan?
    Cless  : Chester's little sister.
    Cless  : They lost their parents when they were young, so she was his only
             blood relative.
    Cless  : When Dhaos was revived, the village where we lived was....
    Fulein : So that's it...
    Fulein : With that, Myra and Alph seem....
    Cless  : I'm sorry, everyone. I want you to forgive Chester.
    Fulein : There's nothing to forgive.... We're not mad.
    Velga  : I know how it feels too.
    Velga  : Without my brother... without Volga, I wouldn't have made it this far.
    Velga  : Because of my brother, I do my best....
    Volga  : Velga-neesan....
    Velga  : So I understand the anger Chester-san felt for Alph.
    Cless  : Thank you.
    Macaron: Fulein, here.
    ++ Received summon ring "Volt Ring"!
    Fulein : Thank you, Macaron.
    Fulein : Since we still don't know the Demon Lord's whereabouts, we might as
             well just look for more rings for now.
    Klarth : Right.
    Klarth : For the Luna Ring, we should head to the Zodiac Tower.
    Fulein : Right. Let's head that way.
    Ten no Kairou
    Corridor of Heaven
    Zodiac Tower
    Medusa: Ohh-hohohoho!
    Medusa: It's a good mood.
    Medusa: Threatening angels is such a pleasant feeling.... There's no
            saving you.
    Angel : Why are you looking at me that way!?
    Medusa: You still don't understand?
    Medusa: I'll let you go as soon as you swear to obey the Great Demon Lord.
    Medusa: But I'm having so much fun threatening you,
    Medusa: I don't really care whether you do or not....
    Angel : Who is this Demon Lord.... [doesn't use a "-sama"]
    Medusa: Shut up!
    Medusa: Don't refer to my Great Demon Lord with so little respect!
    Angel : Pathetic....
    Medusa: That's right. That's you.
    Medusa: You're pathetic, Angie.
    Medusa: If you obey the Great Demon Lord, I won't look at you anymore.
    Medusa: But even if you joined us, I'd still torment you, because I don't like
            that face of yours.
    Angie : That's not what I mean. It's you, Medibelle, you're the one who's
    Angie : You're so absorbed by the Demon Lord cajolery that you'd do something
            like this again....
    Angie : I pity you for your behavior.
    Medibelle: What!  Your big mouth!
    Medibelle: I'm not showing you any more mercy!
    Medibelle: I can cause you pain until you think you're dead!
    Fulein   : So the Luna Ring is on the highest floor of this tower?
    Klarth   : That's right.
    Klarth   : If no one carried it off, it should be at the top of this tower.
    Macaron  : It'll be okay, right?
    Macaron  : There are so many devices that no one could ever make it to the
    Fulein   : Really?
    Fulein   : Which each device, I'm burning more.
    Macaron  : Fulein... I don't think people like that are here often.
    Klarth   : All right, this should be the Final Door....
    Medibelle: Welcome to the Tower of the Zodiacs, Fulein-kun.
    Fulein   : Why do you know my name!?
    Medibelle: I hear many things from everyone.
    Medibelle: But Alph and Reesis are still a long way from winning the hard
               battle against this group of children, aren't they?
    Fulein   : What!
    Fulein   : Who are you!? You must be another of the Demon Lord's stooges!
               [no "-sama"]
    Medibelle: You'd better speak of the Great Demon Lord with more respect, or
    Medibelle: Fine. Since you don't know, I'll tell you.
    Medibelle: I am Medibelle. From now on, your acquaintances...
    Macaron  : Fulein, look! That!
    Fulein   : That's... an angel!
    Medibelle: So you've met.
    Medibelle: Since this child wouldn't listen to what I said, she had to be
    Macaron  : How horrible...
    Medibelle: Ohh-hohohoho!
    Medibelle: Horrible, you say!?
    Medibelle: It's the penalty for opposing the Great Demon Lord.
    Arche    : Wait, that cute child you're tormenting is awfully young....
    Arche    : Naw, it must be the inferiority complex of an OLD WOMAN.
    Medibelle: What did you say!?
    Medibelle: Who are you calling an old woman!?
    Medibelle: Of course a BRAT wouldn't be able to understand my charm.
    Macaron  : With the shrill voice she uses to refer to the Demon Lord, she
               seems fairly young to me, but....
    Medibelle: Shut up!
    Medibelle: The Great Demon Lord is special!
    Medibelle: That person knows my charm well.
    Arche    : It seems the Demon Lord is an Old Lady Killer. 
    Medibelle: What did you say!?
    Medibelle: You'll pay for this!
    Medibelle: I will definitely make you pay for insulting me and the Great
               Demon Lord!
    Fulein   : She'll get mad about anything....
    Fulein   : It can't be helped.... Everyone, be careful!
    ++ Victory Conditions: Capture all the Magic Circles
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
    Medibelle: Ooh....
    Medibelle: They did it.
    Macaron  : Heheh! How was that? Do you give up, old woman?
    Medibelle: Are you still doing that!? Shut up!
    Macaron  : Shh...
    Fulein   : Where is the Demon Lord now?
    Medibelle: Well.
    Medibelle: I don't have any obligation to tell you that.
    Medibelle: I'll go back for now, but I definitely won't lose again.
    Fulein   : Ah, wait!
    Fulein   : Damn it, she got away.
    Fulein : Are you okay?
    Angie  : Yes.
    Angie  : Thank you for saving me.
    Fulein : No, that's....
    Fulein : But this is the first time I've seen an angel.
    Angie  : I see. We rarely come down to the Earth.
    Angie  : This is quite unusual.
    Macaron: If angels rarely come down, how were you captured here?
    Angie  : Do to the appearance of a Hazardous Being which could involve Heaven,
             I came down to gather information.
    Fulein : Hazardous Being?
    Angie  : Yes. It's the person you call the Demon King.
    Angie  : He doesn't have so much power now, but 
    Angie  : the being may eventually become something that could threaten God.
    Fulein : That... kind of strength?
    Angie  : Yes, his potential is remarkable.
    Angie  : That's why I came down to the Earth, but I suddenly became tired and
             was captured.
    Angie  : The Demon Lord tried to coerce me into joining him, but
    Angie  : knowing I was firm in my purpose, he confined me here.
    Fulein : Well, do you know where the Demon Lord is now?
    Angie  : No, unfortunately...
    Angie  : But I heard that their troops were seen at the Underground Mausoleum
             and at the City of Harmel.
    Fulein : Underground Mausoleum and the City of Harmel....
    Angie  : If you intend to pursue the Demon Lord...
    Angie  : Would you do me the honor of allowing me to join you?
    Fulein : We'd appreciate that a lot, but don't you want to return to Heaven?
    Angie  : The Demon Lord's power... I didn't understand it until I saw it for
    Angie  : It's growing at a rate that far exceeds our expectations.
    Angie  : When the Earth is exposed to danger, so too is Heaven.
    Angie  : So we must act now.
    Fulein : But the Demon Lord's goal is the destruction of mankind.
    Fulein : I don't think he'd attack Heaven, but....
    Angie  : Willful creatures are greedy....
    Angie  : If he achieves his goal, he is likely to aim for a higher one.
    Angie  : To say nothing of how the Demon Lord will not be satisfied with the
             amount of power he has.
    Angie  : There are already those among him who have embraced such ambition.
    Fulein : Like Nigg....
    Fulein : I understand. Then, please, help us.
    Angie  : Yes, let's work together.
    ++ Angie the Angel joined the party!
    ++ Received summon ring "Angel Ring"!
    Klarth : And this too.
    ++ Received summon ring "Luna Ring"!
    Fulein : According to our information, we should go to either the Underground
             Mausoleum or the City of Harmel.
    Macaron: That might not be all of it.
    Macaron: Well, which are we headed to next?
    Yami he no Kaidan
    Stairs into Darkness
    Underground Mausoleum
    Fulein : We came to the Underground Mausoleum like Angie said, but the Demon
             Lord Army isn't here?
    Angie  : Indeed, it's strange.
    Angie  : I'm sure this is where the information I heard was...
    Klarth : Not all gossip is true.
    Velga  : Hey, can we leave? Something's creepy....
    Macaron: Huh? Velga, you hate places like this?
    Velga  : I don't think there are any people who like a place like this.
    Fulein : Hey, we shouldn't have to worry about ghosts since we've already 
             made peace with the undead.
    Velga  : I'm fine with zombies and such, but I can stand anything that
             disappears and reappears.
    Fulein : Indeed.
    Fulein : Well, since the Demon Lord Army isn't here, we might as well leave.
    Velga  : Eek...
    Fulein : What?!
    Macaron: It's horrible! The entrance just closed on its own!
    Velga  : It, it couldn't be a ghost....
    Fulein : Calm down, Velga. Ghosts and zombies are all the same undead.
    Velga  : B-but...
    Fulein : Who made this prank!?
    ------ : Huhuhuhuhu....
    Fulein : That voice....
    Velga  : So it's you, Reesis! Don't hide, show yourself!
    Fulein : You suddenly find strength when you know what you're up against...
    Velga  : Not at all. There's no way I'm afraid of that narcissistic pedophile.
    Reesis : I'm so glad you remembered my voice, my honey!
    Reesis : I wanted to see your scared face a little more, but I don't have the
    Velga  : If you don't have the time, get lost.
    Velga  : We don't have the leisure time to mess around with you either.
    Reesis2: Is it really okay for me to leave?
    Fulein : There's two of Reesis!?
    Velga  : What!?
    Reesis3: This space is sealed underground. The only door is the one you came
    Macaron: Three!?
    Myra   : It's no use!
    Myra   : I can't get the door to budge.
    Reesis4: Right, and you all can't live in here once the air is all gone.
    Arche  : Another one!?
    Velga  : What do you want...?
    Reesis5: To take you in my arms and put you to peaceful sleep....
    Reesis5: Why don't you come to me instead of running off? ***
    Velga  : No fair....
    Volga  : Velga-neesan, you can't go.
    Fulein : Volga's right. You can't trust anything he says.
    Fulein : He probably wouldn't keep his promise.
    Mint   : It's not possible for a man like tht to keep his promise.
    Velga  : But...
    Reesis : Huhuhu, your worried face is so cute.
    Reesis : It makes me shiver.
    Reesis : Well, I had a feeling you wouldn't accept.
    Reesis : That was my proposition, but why don't we play a Game?
    Reesis : I'm quite a fan of gambling.... It's simple.
    Reesis : Find the Real Me before the air in here is gone.... How about it?
             Doesn't that sound fun?
    Reesis : But if you don't find me by the end, you lose the game and... huhuhu.
    Chester: It's hard to lose when you have an absolute advantage.
    Klarth : But we have no choice to participate, because there's no way to
             escape... is there?
    Fulein : If we find the real you, you promise to let us out of here!?
    Reesis6: I'm a gentleman. I promise.
    Elmira : Not another one....
    Klarth : Even if he doesn't keep his promise, we should be able to get out
             once we defeat the real one.
    Reesis : So, how about it?
    Reesis : Meanwhile, the air is thinning fast.
    Fulein : We don't have any options...
    Fulein : Everyone, split up and look for Reesis!
    Reesis7: Great.
    Reesis7: Let the game begin! Everyone enjoy yourselves!
    ++ Victory Conditions: Defeat the real Reesis (Vampire) within 30 turns
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
                           Reesis is still alive at turn 31.
    Reesis : Why... did you know I was the real thing?
    Fulein : Well?
    Fulein : Intuition... I guess?
    Reesis : Damn it! My perfect strategy, beaten....
    Reesis : It won't go this way next time! Remember that!
    Velga  : Wait, "next time"? You mean you're going to come back?
    Velga  : I'd prefer you didn't....
    Myra   : The door is open now.
    Fulein : Whew, I never realized how delicious fresh air is.
    Macaron: Yeah, that's right.
    Macaron: Let's hurry up and leave before we get shut in again.
    Fulein : Yeah, let's go.
    Zombie : Um....
    Macaron: Kya!
    Cless  : So there's still one zombie left!
    Zombie : Ah, wait! Please listen to me!
    Velga  : You're one of Reesis's servants! Be purified now and return to the
    Mint   : Everyone, please wait.
    Mint   : He doesn't seem to have an intention to fight anymore.
    Mint   : Let's listen to him.
    Fulein : Right. There's no reason to fight.
    Cless  : I understand. If Mint says so.
    Cless  : We'll listen. However
    Cless  : if you do anything strange, I'll cut you down immediately.
    Zombie : Yes, yes.
    Zombie : I consent completely. Yes.
    Zombie : Yes, you're all very kind. And strong!
    Zombie : I have such admiration for you.
    Zombie : My name is Dead.
    Dead   : The truth is, I really hate that bastard Reesis.
    Dead   : But he has that kind of personality? If we don't obey, he says!
    Dead   : He says we will be returned to the ground.
    Dead   : Just the other day, my friend didn't obey, 
    Dead   : and he was returned to the ground, and I was afraid I might be next,
             so I obeyed,
    Dead   : and I was really relieved to see you beat him.
    Cless  : That's enough small talk, get to the point!
    Cless  : Otherwise....
    Dead   : Hee!
    Mint   : Cless-san! You're threatening him.
    Mint   : How is he supposed to speak if you won't let him?
    Cless  : I'm sorry.
    Arche  : Well, well, Mint, Cless is getting jealous.
    Arche  : So he's not very understanding!
    Mint   : Well....
    Cless  : That's not it!
    Cless  : I'm not jealous!
    Cless  : Whatever, hurry up and talk!
    Dead   : Heh. ["Hey."?]
    Dead   : The truth is, I think I can tell you the whereabouts the this Demon
             Lord you're searching for....
    Fulein : You know the Demon Lord's whereabouts?
    Dead   : Heh, he should still be there.
    Fulein : So where is the Demon Lord now?
    Dead   : I'll tell you, but I have one request....
    Cless  : It seems like you don't know your own position.
    Mint   : Cless-san!
    Mint   : Well, what is your request?
    Dead   : Yes, if you can, I want you to take me with you...
    Dead   : I don't think that's too much, but it's okay, isn't it?
    Mint   : Yea-h, so it'd seem.
    Mint   : If it's all right with everyone else.
    Fulein : I don't really mind. I want to know the Demon Lord's whereabouts.
    Klarth : Then it's decided. You have to do what our leader says, Cless.
    Cless  : Why are you saying that to ME!? ["...shaking at me!?"?]
    Arche  : Of course he would! How do you feel about a love rival around?
    Arche  : What will be the future of the love of two people...?
    Mint   : Arche-san!
    Cless  : Arche!
    Arche  : Uh-oh. They're glaring at me.
    Arche  : I'd better move out immediately.
    Mint   : Wait.
    Mint   : Regardless, it seems okay for Dead-san to come with us. I'm glad.
    Dead   : Oh, you're so very kind. I'm VERY impressed.
    Dead   : From today on, I shall call you Big Sister. ("ANE san")
    Dead   : I can change. Big Sister, I am grateful.
    Mint   : No... please stop. I'm embarrassed....
    Dead   : I will always follow you, Big Sister, through fire, through water!
             Through thick and thin.
    Fulein : Sorry about all this confusion, but weren't you going to tell us
             where the Demon Lord is?
    Dead   : Oh, pardom me.
    Dead   : The Demon Lord's whereabouts.
    Dead   : According to that bastard Reesis, the Demon Lord is now going to the
             Ancient Super-Civilization of Thor.
    Fulein : Ancient Super-Civilization of Thor.... What's he doing there?
    Dead   : Well, I didn't hear that much but... I was helpful, wasn't I?
    Fulein : Yeah, it's good enough. Thanks.
    Dead   : No, no, it was an honor to help.
    Macaron: Well, are we headed there next?
    Fulein : Yeah. It's a chance to meet up with the Demon Lord again.
    Fulein : I don't know how strong he's become, but we have to stop what 
             he's planning!
    Macaron: Right, let's do our best!
    ++ Dead the Zombie joined the party!
    ++ Received summon ring "Zombie Ring"!
    Maou Futatabi
    The Demon Lord Again
    Ancient Super-Civilization Thor
    Fulein   : So this is Thor, the Ancient Super-Civilization....
    Cless    : What...? There's a feeling of hatred....
    Cless    : When we came here a long time ago, this feeling wasn't here,
    Cless    : Could it be that Demon Lord's fault...?
    Cless    : Fulein, you should be careful.
    Fulein   : I know.
    Fulein   : But why did the Demon Lord come here?
    Macaron  : ........
    Fulein   : What's wrong? That serious face isn't like you, Macaron.
    Macaron  : Ah, I'm sorry.
    Macaron  : I was lost in thought for a moment....
    Fulein   : Lost in thought?
    Macaron  : Yeah. It's fine; I'm done now.
    Macaron  : Well, what is it?
    Fulein   : No, I was thinking of what the Demon Lord might've come here for.
    Macaron  : Right. Well, I don't know for sure, but....***
    Macaron  : Maybe he wants to use some ancient technology?
    Myra     : Fulein-kun, that!
    Fulein   : That's the Demon Lord!
    Cless    : That is... the Demon Lord!
    Cless    : That hateful feeling I felt running into my skin earlier must be
               his fault!
    Fulein   : Xex! What are you doing here?!
    DemonLord: !!
    DemonLord: You all again.
    Fulein   : I was ordered by the King of Euclid to put a stop to your plans.
    Fulein   : If you think you'll kill all humans, I must defeat you....
    Fulein   : I understand how you feel, but won't you throw away this absurd
               idea of making humans extinct?
    DemonLord: Hmph. Did you follow me just to tell me that?
    DemonLord: I told you!
    DemonLord: My revenge will not be complete until all humans are dead!
    Fulein   : Even if you kill all humans, Doctor Garrel won't come back!
    DemonLord: I know that!
    DemonLord: Humans have persecuted many other living things just for their own
    DemonLord: And from now on, humans protect their own livelihood by victimizing
               many living things.
    DemonLord: Humankind's existence is nothing but a danger to this world!
    DemonLord: For the sake of many living things, I will kill all humans!
    Fulein   : That doesn't pass as an excuse for your revenge!
    Fulein   : Of course there are humans with dictatorial and self-interested
               ways of thinking.
    Fulein   : But that doesn't mean all people think that way!
    Fulein   : If every person in the world thought that way, fighting would never
    Fulein   : You have no right to decide whether humans deserve to die! ***
    Fulein   : People continue to live in this world because there are those who
               love living things and care about the feelings of others!
    DemonLord: Then why was Doctor Garrel killed!?
    DemonLord: Even if there are many people who don't think in their own
    DemonLord: why do they obey the orders of leaders--namely that king--who DO
               think in their own interests?
    DemonLord: Why do the blindly obey the words of that foolish king and
               persecute living things?
    Fulein   : Those people... aren't foolish! There shouldn't be anyone who
               obeys blindly!
    Fulein   : Surely if the king talked with everybody, he'd understand...
    Fulein   : If he discussed with both people and monsters, they'd understand
               each other surely!
    Elmira   : Is that... really true...?
    Fulein   : Huh?
    Elmira   : He can discuss with his fellow people, but can he really discuss
               with the monsters....?
    Fulein   : Elmira....
    DemonLord: Humph, whatever.
    DemonLord: No matter what you say, you will not change the way I think.
    DemonLord: Your long talk has accomplished little.
    DemonLord: Goodel!
    Goodel   : You called?
    DemonLord: Deal with them.
    Fulein   : !! You're running away!?
    DemonLord: I don't have the leisure time to deal with you, because I'm busy
               with preparing for the destruction of humankind.
    DemonLord: At best, you have Goodel to play with!
    Fulein   : Wait! Xex!
    Goodel   : He won't wait! Your opponent is me.
    Goodel   : In the meantime, I have a debt to repay to you!
    ++ Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies
    ++ Defeat Conditions : Fulein dies
    Goodel : Damn it!!! Not again....
    Goodel : Whatever. It was good enough for Operation: Delay Pursuers.
    Goodel : The Great Demon Lord will forgive me.
    Goodel : The next time we meet will be the end of you!
    Fulein : Wait! Goodel!
    Fulein : Damn it, always running away so fast....
    Macaron: Hey, Fulein. Look at that!
    Fulein : That's... a summon ring?
    Klarth : It's the Aska Ring.
    Fulein : Didn't Xex notice it?
    Fulein : Anyway, let's take it.
    ++ Received Summon Ring "Aska Ring"!
    Klarth : I think it's more likely that he didn't care than didn't notice it.
    Klarth : He may have been here searching for something more important than
             this ring.
    Fulein : More important than this ring...
    Fulein : I've been wanting to know what he's been up to lately.
    Klarth : All we know is that it's not good for humans.
    Klarth : Well, the first thing we have to do is follow the Demon Lord,
    Klarth : Even if we go after him now, we won't have any to search....
    Fulein : That's... right.
    Macaron: Hey, it's okay.
    Macaron: If we operate the equipment here, we might be able to find him.
    Fulein : What!? Are you serious?
    Macaron: Yes. The machines here are all from the same time period as
    Macaron: Yay, this looks like the Wide Area Radar.
    Macaron: Give be a little time, and I should have it ready soon.
    Fulein : You're awsome, Macaron!
    Fulein : Well, go ahead and give it a try.
    Macaron: Okay, I'm doing it.
    Macaron: It took a while, but I know where the Demon Lord is now.
    Macaron: It's on our map.
    Fulein : This is... the Valhalla Plains.
    Fulein : Great work, Macaron. It's all thanks to you.
    Macaron: Yeah. I can't fight like everyone else, so I not very useful.
    Macaron: I'm just luggage.
    Macaron: I'm glad I could be useful even if it's just for a little while.
    Macaron: Oh, right right. Because there was a time travel machine here
    Macaron: it was moved.
    Fulein : Time travel machine?
    Klarth : It's a machine that allows people to tranfer to different time
    Macaron: If by chance, something happens to Macaron, everyone would be able
             to return to their original world with this.
    Fulein : If by chance, something happens... Saying that isn't a good omen.
    Macaron: Well, hypothetically speaking.
    Macaron: It's good to know that it's here and ready. Right?
    Klarth : It's nice to know we have many ways to get back.
    Fulein : Well... I guess.
    Macaron: Have faith, Fulein.
    Macaron: Macaron will not just stop existing all of a sudden.
    Macaron: Didn't I promise I would go see the world with Fulein?
    Macaron: Now that we know where the Demon Lord is, let's hurry and go.
    Fulein : Right.
    Fulein : We can't travel the world if we don't defeat the Demon Lord.
    Fulein : All right! Let's depart to the Valhalla Plains!
    Elmira : Fulein. I'm going to say farewell here.
    Fulein : Huh? All of a sudden.... Why?
    Elmira : I followed you because I had an interest in your summoning,
    Elmira : but I want to be alone for a while.
    Elmira : Thanks, for up until now.
    Fulein : You want to be....
    Elmira : I'm sorry. I don't want to talk about it.
    Fulein : Elmira....
    Fulein : Why do you want to go?
    Elmira : Yes. (Eh?)
    Fulein : Won't you reconsider?
    Fulein : At least, until we defeat the Demon Lord....
    Klarth : Fulein.
    Klarth : She's made her decision. We should respect that and see her off.
    Elmira : Thank you, Klarth-san.
    Elmira : Fulein, you're nice.
    Elmira : You're young, but I think you could be a great leader.
    Elmira : Good luck in achieving your goal from now on, everyone.
    Elmira : Sorry I can't stay to the end.
    Fulein : Thanks for the help you've given us up till now.
    Fulein : I pray that what you're wanting to do goes smoothly.
    Elmira : Thank you.
    Elmira : Be well, everyone.
    Macaron: See ya... Bye-bye.
    Myra   : Be well.
    Velga  : Be careful.
    Volga  : Goodbye.
    Elmira : Well, goodbye.
    Fulein : Goodbye. Thanks!
    Macaron: She's gone.
    Fulein : Yeah...
    Macaron: What a shame.... She won't be with us till the end.
    Fulein : It can't be helped. She gets to choose her own path.
    Fulein : Anyone you meet could leave.... I understand that.
    Fulein : But, I know... that farewells are lonely.
    Macaron: Fulein....
    Fulein : But it won't always be like that.
    Fulein : If we don't hurry up and stop the Demon Lord's plans....
    Fulein : Pull yourselves together, we're departing for the Valhalla Plains!
    ++ Elmira has left the party.
    Elmira: No one lives here.     
    Fulein: I guess not.       
    Elmira: Fulein, we should try not to hurt the Salamanders. 
    Fulein: Yeah. They're being controlled. 
            But Elmira, you like fairies, don't you?     
    Elmira: They don't fight each other. They fight when humans invade their 
            territory or when evil people hurt them.
            But half-humans and beasts are different.
    Fulein: Yeah. Of course. But they're still living things, and the way they
            fight... how can they stop?
    Elmira: I understand what you're saying.... But I will not forgive my 
            husband's killers.... I just can't understand that position. 
    Fulein: Elmira....       
    Elmira: ...... Perhaps a way of thinking can be changed with the passage of
            time, but this is how it is for now....
    Fulein: I see...
    Velga: Hey, Volga. It seems like you aren't talking to anyone but me. Are 
           you still grieving over Father and Mother? 
    Volga: ...... yeah.         
    Velga: Why?
    Volga: ...... you're not, Velga-neesan? 
    Velga: I'm... lonely without Father and Mother. But I'm not going to mope
    Volga: But....
    Velga: I haven't forgotten Father and Mother.... We have to do our best for 
           their sake! We can't grieve forever, instead of smiling like before.
           If you mope forever, I'm... never going to stop grieving either. 
    Volga: Velga-neesan...
    West Island
    Velga : Father... Mother....    
    Fulein: Huh? Velga, what are you doing here alone? 
    Velga : Eh, ah... nothing.
    Fulein: Ah, I see.... But you've been crying.... Remembering your parents,
            I guess....
    Velga : I, I wasn't crying. For Volga, I... I won't mope forever. 
    Fulein: Yeah... don't over do it.  
    Velga : It's okay, I won't over do it.        
            But.... Thank you for your concern, Fulein.
    Miguel Outskirts
    Woman: Velga-chan?! Isn't that Velga-chan?!
    Velga: Grandmother....
    Woman: I'm glad... you're okay. I heard that everyone there died when
           when monsters attacked Miguel City.... I'm relieved.
    Velga: But Father and Mother are....
    Woman: I see.... Poor thing.... Oh, that's right! I was asked by your 
           mother to make this. Will you take it? I think you're the one she 
           wanted me to make it for. 
    (receive Princess Cape)    
    Velga: Mother....                  
    Woman: Even though you're sad, do your best. 
    Velga: Thank you... Grandmother.  
    Elmira: The undead are being lead to attack the temple.   
    Fulein: Yeah... I'm worried too.     
    Elmira: And if there's someone lead by an Orc, they can attack humans
    Fulein: Elmira...?             
    Elmira: Or rather, if they have no leader, they will attack humans
    Elmira: There's no use for such trash in this world.
    Fulein: Wait a minute!
    Fulein: Can't you think the opposite too?
    Fulein: If the undead depend on a leader to be able to forget their 
            instinctive fear of the holy ones,
    Fulein: then Orcs should be able to stop their instincts that tell them to
            attack humans?
    Elmira: ....
    Fulein: I'm just guessing, but if a pacifistic Orc ruled the Orcish world,
    Fulein: don't you think that a peaceful coexistance with humans would be
    Elmira: That is not possible.
    Elmira: How can a pacifistic Orc rule over a world of Orcs who only value
    Elmira: First of all, I don't think a pacifistic Orc even exists!
    Fulein: Is that so....?
    Elmira: I guess you can have so a view, Fulein, since, after all, you're
            still just a child....    
    Klarth: That's no so.  
    Elmira: Klarth....   
    Klarth: The orkish world would need something with which it didn't fight.
    Klarth: It may be unlikely, but you can't say it isn't possible.   
    Klarth: They have a  livelihood, and sometimes it's necessary for them to
            attack humans to defend that livelihood.   
    Klarth: If they can live without attacking humans,   
    Klarth: they won't brave the danger of encroaching on human territory.... 
            Don't you think so?    
    Elmira: But I don't think such a thing could ever really happen.   
    Elmira: If that were so, my husband wouldn't have had to die....  
    Klarth: Of course, I understand how you feel.             
    Klarth: When judging as an Orc, its best to stop and plan an attack
    Fulein: If you do, you'll surely be answered.                       
    Fulein: The Demon Lord hates humans because humans killed his creator....
    Fulein: And we're pursuing the Demon Lord to stop what he intends to do....
    Elmira: If you... be answered....
    Klarth: That's right.
    Klarth: You only live once. You should live life according to what's in
            you're heart....
    Klarth: If you calm down and think carefully, the results will be much      
    Elmira: I'll think... for a little while.
    Volga: Fulein....                                                           
    Fulein: Huh!? Oh, Volga.                                                    
    Fulein: You don't usually talk to me.                                       
    Fulein: What is it?                                                         
    Volga : I will protect Velga-neesan....                                     
    Fulein: ??                                                                  
    Fulein: That's right. You're brother and sister.                            
    Volga : But...                                                              
    Volga : I want you to help me, Fulein....                                   
    Fulein: Oh, of course!                                                      
    Fulein: We're all comrades.                                                 
    Volga : Comrades....                                                        
    Fulein: Volga, let's do our best together and never give up!                
    Volga : .......                                                             
    Volga : Yeah!
    Myra  : Fulein, why are you continuing your journey? [not Fulein-kun?]
    Fulein: Yeah, I guess I want to research summoning?
    Myra  : How do you plan to research summoning?
    Fulein: Yeah, I'm worried I don't know how to go about it,
    Fulein: But researching summoning is fun anyway.
    Myra  : Fun...
    Myra  : So your journey is fun too?
    Fulein: Yeah, fun.
    Fulein: Traveling with you, Myra, and the others and meeting new people....
    Fulein: Even though we're on a mission to follow the Demon Lord, going to 
            all sorts of places is fun.
    Fulein: Don't you think so, Myra?
    Myra  : I... couldn't have fun while on a mission for revenge.
    Myra  : But having met many companions, maybe I could allow myself a little
            more leeway than when I was alone?
    Fulein: How about now?
    Fulein: Are you thinking about revenge against Alph right not?
    Myra  : ... I don't know.
    Myra  : I don't know what I should do.
    Myra  : I hated my brother before, but that feeling was shaken when I
            actually saw him....
    Fulein: If you turn that feeling in the right direction, this could become a
            fun journey.
    Myra  : That may be.
    There are two different things that can change in the ending.
    ELMIRA: By default, she leaves your party at Thor and later dies. To make
    her stay and live, view the base scenes involving her in the following
    stages: Erosion Cave, Desert Cave, City of Harmel.
    FULEIN GOES QUESTING FOR PACT RINGS: by himself, with Myra, or with Velga.
    Exactly what effects this is unknown, but here are some possibilities:
    -What order you do Lone Valley, Miguel City, Erosian Cave and the Forest of
    -What order you do the Cave of Ice, the Tower of Fire, or the Mine Ruins.
    -What EX Stages you've done
    -What base scenes you've seen. There are notable scenes with Myra in Miguel
     City and Thor (and probably more). There are notable scenes with Velga in
     West Island and Miguel Outskirts (and probably more), and the scene with
     Volga in the Mausoleum might matter too.
    If you figure out how to change that last one, let me know. It'd also be cool
    if you could get the script for me, since I probably won't replay enough to
    see it all the ways. (Send Japanese text, since a .zip full of screenshots,
    send it translated; whatever works.)
    --The guys who made this game
    --The guys who made it's prequel (Tales of Phantasia)
    --The guys who made it's other prequel (Pocket King)
    --Jim Breen for his dictionaries
    --Gogs, Misolancer, ChangeV, Yetika, and some guys on the GameFAQs Japan
      Regional Board for helping me with some stuff I couldn't figure out.
    --The guys who made Babelfish (http://world.altavista.com)
    --The guys who made Cyber G-BOC
    --You, for taking the time to read this crap
    Please don't distribute this without my permission. Thanks~ :3
    Tales Website: http://aselia.cjb.net

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