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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 05/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lode Runner(GBA) FAQ
    version 1.0.0
    copyright 2005-2006 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net
    Please do not reproduce this without permission. While I don't expect to make 
    a huge profit off it, I did put considerable effort into it and would 
    appreciate if you made a specific request, with my name and this game's, if 
    you wish to post the walkthrough on your site.
    This document is not valid for earlier versions of Lode Runner. GBA Lode 
    Runner has entirely different levels, and most of them are quite good. I'm 
    very impressed with everything about it, including the sound. With so many of 
    these levels, there are blind alleys you know the developers saw. You feel 
    proud solving them for a second and then you realize the developers are even 
    clever for planning it that way!
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        1-1. THIS GAME
        1-2. THE FRANCHISE
        1-3. FAQ SHORTHAND
      2. CONTROLS
        2-1. HOW YOU MOVE
        2-2. HOW THEY MOVE
        2-3. SCORING
      3. STRATEGY
        3-1. SOLO RUNS
      4. SMALL WORLD
      6. HIGH WORLD
      8. VERSIONS
      9. CREDITS
        1-1. THIS GAME
          1-1-1. BASIC INFORMATION
      Lode Runner for the GBA features 96 levels. They are in blocks of 24, sized 
    respectively, 15x10, 28x16, 15x10 and 28x16, and they're labeled small, 
    medium, high and hidden world--the third and fourth opening after you solved 
    the previous. In each one you must grab a bunch of gold chests and get to the 
    next level through a portal that appears once you've got your hoard. There 
    are several basic pieces.
    EMPTY SPACE: you can walk through it.
    BRICK: you can run across it. You can also dig into it, to create an 
    impression that lasts six seconds or so. You or enemies can fall in. Enemies 
    are trapped once they fall, but you can freefall into the space below. When 
    it fills in, it can kill you--or enemies, who regenerate in various places at 
    the top of the screen.
    CEMENT: you can run across it but can't dig it. Very dangerous without brick 
    around, or...
    LADDERS: you can climb up these and often shuck and jive your enemies on 
    them. You can also fall off them to the side, fool bad guys coming at you 
    from below. You cannot dig a brick under a ladder.
    ROPE: you can't dig a brick under a rope, but you can walk across a rope when 
    there's no brick under. You can fall off them, down to the ground below.
    FALSE BRICK: you will fall through this unless there's a rope or ladder 
    directly above. Then you have the choice to fall in. These can trap you 
    quickly, or they can provide you with a hidden secret passage to make things 
    easier. Because they look like bricks, you need to learn how to map these 
    GOLD CHEST: you can't dig under a gold chest, but you get points for 
    collecting it. Once every gold chest is collected, you can reach the top of 
    the level to advance to the next one. Enemies can pick up gold chests or 
    release them, and if they drop into a brick-hole with a brick-hole right 
    about it, the gold chest doesn't appear, but it gets counted as collected.
    ENEMIES: reddish guys keeping you from your goal, although sometimes you can 
    make them fall into pits and use them as bridges.
    YOU: self-explanatory. The guy that needs to collect all the gold.
    These are from previous Lode Runners, but you have cool new items as well.
    STONE BLOCK: this can be pushed left or right, but not into any square 
    occupied by anything other than a ladder. You can also push it down a ladder 
    or chute and crush enemies. If a brick re-forms over the stone, the stone 
    BURIED GUY: this guy can appear randomly in any of several blocks. If you dig 
    a hole for him to fall in, he will release a teddy bear worth 5000 points. He 
    will kill you on touch and delays a bit once you dig him out. Digging a hole 
    with him in it can be a nasty shock, if you are trying to fend off enemies.
          1-1-2. LEVEL OVERVIEW
    First, note that although monsters change, they have the same AI. They're 
    almost as fast as you. This makes them an actual factor when they're there. 
    But while monsters aren't qualitatively different, the puzzles most certainly 
    are. Lode Runner for the GBA is different from its predecessors in that it 
    doesn't really rely on false bricks to trip you up. Those are one-off puzzles 
    that only confuse you momentarily. Instead there are gold pieces in 
    incredibly hard to reach places, where you may have to dig several ways and 
    re-dig blocks in a certain order so you can run in and out and get a gold 
    piece. You'll have a lot of timing puzzles and there's an actual emphasis on 
    technique. You get bonuses for getting through a level quickly and also for 
    not killing off any enemy, which increases the risk factor but allows you to 
    try for something more once you've solved the level. Also you get no points 
    for killing enemies, a change from previous incarnations.
    The smaller levels are often more satisfying than the bigger ones. I found 
    Small World to be tougher than Medium World. Monsters often turn out to be 
    non-factors, with a lot of solo levels, but while in the NES version of Lode 
    Runner that made it bafflingly easy, here it's a small relief not to be 
    Every 8 levels you get an intermission, after which your enemies and the 
    blocks and backgrounds change. At the end of each set of 24, you get to talk 
    with a wizard. You get medals for high scores too, but I'm not sure how they 
    work because I don't read Japanese. If you do, let me know! I'd be very 
        1-2. THE FRANCHISE
    Lode Runner had many versions, many of which were direct ports. I'll list 
    what I've played below. I consider games with similar levels to be 
    Lode Runner(1980's): Apple, Commodore, NES(squashed board)
    --ports to Power Lode Runner, Lode Runner Twin, GBC Lode Runner
    Championship Lode Runner: Apple, NES
    Hyper Lode Runner(~1990): GameBoy
    Lode Runner: The Legend Returns: PC, PSX, Saturn(?)
    Lode Runner: Extra: PSX
    Lode Runner Online: PC
    Lode Runner 3-D: N64
    Lode Runner 2: PC
    Lode Runner(GameCube)
    Lode Runner(2002): GBA
    This game was not released in the US, but there are sites you can find the 
    ROM at. No, I'm not telling. Yes, I'm grateful to them and confused as to why 
    they didn't release this in the US. Maybe they figured a nation dumb enough 
    to re-elect George Bush wasn't smart enough for Lode Runner.
        1-3. FAQ SHORTHAND
    1L, 2R, 3D, 4U: move 1 left, 2 right, 3 down, or 4 up, respectively.
    1-ladder=ladder of length 1
    dig-L, dig-R=dig to the left, dig to the right
      (note these are the oppsite of digging from dig FROM the left/right.)
    Diagrams such as:
    This tells you the order to dig holes in. Once I've exhausted numbers I go to 
    lower case letters. Note that the direction you must dig is implied. Here at 
    the top you'd dig to the left and run right. Sometimes below a diagram I will 
    describe how long you need to wait.
    Note I also describe the above as a 4-3-2-1 dig. Dig 4 holes, drop in, dig 3, 
    top rung of ladder vs. top of ladder: top of ladder is above the top rung.
    pit/hole: where enemies can fall in
    platform/plateau: place you can run back and forth on
    suspended gold: gold that has no block under it
    encased gold: gold you can't reach without digging
        2-1. HOW YOU MOVE
    Well, the arrow keys are pretty much self-explanatory. But digging requires 
    some explanation.
    A = dig left
    B = dig right (this is backwards for default VisualBoyAdvance settings)
    You can save a fraction of a second by standing on the left/right edge of a 
    block and digging right/left. Your player will scoot over. You can also hold 
    one direction and one dig button to dig quickly, or hold down a dig direction 
    while you are in the air. Diagonal movement can also help you when you need 
    to turn sharply, too.
    [select]: bring up a menu with the following options, push 
      --search(on middle/hidden worlds)
      --select level(clears your scores, can only visit solved/current)
      --reload level
    Push A to go forward, B to go back
    [Start]: pauses the game
    Note that when you pause the game, holes may pop up quicker when you return. 
    Holes fill in while you pause, which can occasionally work to your advantage.
    [L1-R1]: kill yourself
    You must push down to fall off a rope. You can dig while on a falling block, 
    and you can run across it.
    After pushing a stone you don't move up next to it. You need to keep holding 
    the arrow button down for that.
    You'll get killed if you walk/drop through a brick that's healing and any 
    part of it touches you once it's completely closed.
    You can run safely across enemies and in fact have a bit of a buffer--the 
    computer only checks if you fall while you're in the center of a grid square.
    Up overrides right, digs override both, push overrides digs.
        2-2. HOW THEY MOVE
    Enemies go at about 2/3 the speed you do. They also do not fall as fast as 
    you do. You can't sucker them as much by going 1-up from the base of a 
    ladder, but here is their general strategy: try to get on the same level as 
    you are, but if that doesn't work, or they don't see any way to get there 
    without staying on a ladder, they may just hang around. Enemies often tend to 
    fall when you fall. You will know if they have gold because gold is swirling 
    around their heads. They usually don't release gold unless you dig a hole for 
    them. If you stand on an enemy in a hole, he can't get out. They'll also try, 
    if you drop in the hole next to them, to climb out and land on you. Enemies 
    can also get out of any hole--in the original Lode Runner, they didn't cough 
    up gold chests if they were in a dug hole beneath a dug hole.
    One other very important thing to remember is that, if you dig an enemy into 
    a hole, and he gets stuck for good, he regenerates above where he died, at 
    the very top row. This is useful for strategic planning.
    The purple men you can dig up go at about 80% of your speed.
        2-3. SCORING
    200 per gold chest you get, 500 if an enemy has picked it up too.
    Bonus multiplier of 2, 3, and it maxes out at 3 if you have several gold 
    pieces in a row.
    No points for digging holes or enemies getting stuck there for good.
    Bonuses for time spent go from 20000 to 10000, 5000, 2500. You lose time when 
    you pause the game.
    10000 points for solving a level without trapping any bad guys in holes where 
    they'll be totally stuck.
    10000 extra if you are able to win without trapping any bad guys, period.
    The two above bonuses aren't available if you aren't facing anyone.
      3. STRATEGY
    General stuff--if the game slows it means some enemies are trying to figure 
    where you are and not succeeding. Also if you see ladders come up in weird 
    places, maybe that is where you can drop an enemy if it's a pit. The game 
    tends to make nasty surprises once you get all the chests, so if you haven't 
    gotten the nonviolence bonus, the end of level ladders can give a clue.
        3-1. SOLO RUNS
    Many levels don't even have enemies, because they would be too distracting. 
    Instead, there's an encased or suspended gold that requires trickery to get. 
    Drilling straight down doesn't work, and as things wind up, you often need to 
    dig a certain hole twice. I'll show a few basic moves and leave the rest to 
    In the above diagram it looks as though there's no easy way to get the gold 
    chest. If you dig down, you can't walk over to dig above the chest, and if 
    you dig above the chest, you drop into a hole you can't get out of.
    So the solution here is to dig 1 and 2. Wait for 1 to start to fill up. Then 
    dig 3. Walk over 1 and dig 4.
    Another example occurs with encased gold. Here it looks like, if you dig to 
    get near it, you fall through. But wait! There's a way out of it.
    H XX$X
    HX  X
    Dig 1-3. Then wait a few seconds and dig 4. Fall left, walk over 1-3 and dig 
    5, and now you can go left through 4.
    H X4$X
    HX  X
    One more example: this is a common one, along with its variants. If only you 
    could dig things in reverse order...
    HX  <-1
     XH <-2
    HX$ <-3
    ...and you can, but it takes some rearrangement. Dig 1 from the left. Get on 
    the ladder and dig 2 when 1 starts to reappear, then dig 1. Now drop down, 
    and wait right of 3. Dig 3 when 2 starts to appear, then dig 2, then dig 1. 
    You can now fall down and walk across the squares as they reappear. The 
    working backwards theme comes up freqently.
    Many times it's the order of the digs, or when you wait for what to dig, that 
    determines if you can get through a level.
    Some solo runs can be very complex and in the process of going through a 
    level you may just have to resign yourself to losing a game while getting 
    things right. You may find yourself attacking one section at a time, not 
    worrying about the final result, until you're satisfied you can get 
    everything. In the meantime you can notice if there's a certain order you 
    need to go in, i.e. if you can't return to a spot or can't get out of 
    another. You may even need to sacrifice a life to see where the end-of-level 
    ladders are--is the game going to be generous or not? Probably not, but if 
    you frustrate yourself trying to find a way to get out without additional 
    help and then a ladder pops up when you think you have it, you'll feel silly.
    Advice for working out solo runs: if something closes too early, see if you 
    can delay digging it, especially if you find yourself waiting around 
    otherwise. Also try retrograde analysis, i.e. picture where you want to get 
    and how to go about getting it. Sometimes you'll have extraneous digs which 
    look right but aren't, too. They take much more time than walking around. All 
    stuff to fine tune. If you are missing something by a half-second there's a 
    strong possibility you're leaving a critical finesse out or keeping an extra 
    step in.
    First, note that you can climb on top of the enemy. You generally need to be 
    at least half on them, or you will fall down. Another trick you can use is to 
    stay on the center ladder below, and as enemies drop to the ground, you move 
    H H
    Enemies always try to align themselves on the level with you first, even at 
    the expense of going the wrong way. However, sometimes they mysteriously turn 
    the other way when you go up a ladder. Finding these places is critical to 
    marginalizing enemies. Also note that if there is a pit around, it's good to 
    get level with the pit--your enemies may enter there.
    You also need to observe when enemies turn away after chasing you. Sometimes 
    you'll need to string one along, and you'll need to let him get very close or 
    he'll turn back. Other times it's useful to let one get close, then dig a 
    hole to open up extra spaces.
    You can also use the enemy as a stepping stone, or even to get a gold piece, 
    by killing one of them. For instance, enemies regenerate at the top row, 
    above where they got killed. So if you plan to kill an enemy under a pit, 
    that's where he'll appear.
      4. SMALL WORLD
        4-1. LEVEL 1
    ~~~~~~~~~~~   ^
      $   H  X XXXh
    X X$X$HX X XXXh
    X X$XXHX$XX   h
    XXX$X+HXX    $h
    X X XXH   $HXXH
    X X   H HXXX  H
      $ HXXXX     H
    $HXXX  $  HXXXX
    You can start off by going up the ladder to get the gold above you. Then fall 
    down on the right of the H and fall to the right. Go into the bottom left 
    corner for more gold and go back up the two 1-stairs. Dig right and fall 
    through. Circle counterclockwise to up the big ladder. Dig right, go down, 
    and repeat twice more to get the gold inside the first "L." Climb back to the 
    To dig the O, dig 1 and 2 first, get the gold and dig left to 3. Drop left 
    and go right and up the stairs. You should be able to get a 10000 time bonus 
    here with little or no trouble.
        4-2. LEVEL 2
       ^~~~~~~~~ $
      $Xh       XXH
    HXXXh $ ~~XXXXH
    H   hXXX     -H
    H      $XXXXHXX
    H ~~~XXX    H
    H-   $      H
    $     H   H   $
    Oh look. Friends.
    Noting where the ladder to the next level appears can help make this easier. 
    You can always just trap your enemies in holes and then work around them but 
    I have a decent enough solution to get both 10000 bonuses, for time and for 
    Go up the stairs on the left, get the gold, and drop left for the corner 
    gold. Back yourself into a corner, dig, move right and dig before the ladder 
    to get the other guy. Then you should have enough tome to grab the gold in 
    the DR corner and make it back to the right stairs.
    Climb up the right side and drop down onto the 3-wide platform. Dig right 
    when you get the gold, then 1R-digR and drop right. It doesn't matter if an 
    enemy chases you as you can just dig a hole to lose him. The last gold to 
    grab is in the UL. Dig the square right of it before picking it up so that 
    you can catch the ladder back to the door to the next level.
        4-3. LEVEL 3
            $   -
    H~~~~~~~~~~  HX
           $   XXH$
    XXXX$   $XXX H$
     ^ XX$ XX$X  HX
     h$  X  XX  $H$
    XXXXH  +   HXXX
    Seeing where the portal to the next level is should give you an idea of what 
    to pick up last if you are trying for the time bonus. Of course you can just 
    get your enemy out of the way before moving on to the next part any time 
    during this level, but here's how to get both bonuses.
    Head right and up. Get the chest and dig below where it was. Climb over the 
    enemy when he falls in. Wait at the top of the ladder for him to crawl out 
    and drop right. He'll try to drop on top of you. Use that time to go back up 
    the long ladder and left onto the rope. Drop on the gold just below, right, 
    and Dig as follows:
    Your enemy should follow you back down and another dig(same hole) should get 
    you around him. Take the stairs and the rope--this way to the left--and go up 
    the ladder, right for the gold, and dig left to drop on the rope. Drop above 
    the upper encased gold. Dig left, get the chest on the left, dig right at the 
    ladder, and drop down. You may need to back up a square right after you fall 
    to get past the enemy. But once you do you'll get the final gold and a portal 
    will appear right there.
        4-4. LEVEL 4
    $-   +        H
    X$XX X        H
    XHX $     XXXXH
    XH  X         H
    XH$ X    ~~~~~H
    XHX XX  X    $H
     H-   XXXXXH XH
    X*X*X*H   +XXXH
    This has to be done in order: UL gold, DR, and the DL. But if you can do it, 
    you can get a 20000 time bonus. The nonviolence bonus is also nice but not 
    necessary. Run left a square, dig, get the gold to the left and dig left 
    after passing your enemy. Run right and fall.
    Dig as above to get to the bottom. Drop on the one gold piece, dig left at 
    the end of the rope, and drop left and dig the left of that platform. Dig the 
    first brick to your left and get the gold in the corner. The monster chasing 
    you above should now be in the DR, safe from either getting trapped or 
    blocking your exit. Run back over your enemy, get the gold on the 1-platform, 
    and at the ladder top run right across the rope. Drop to the right and climb 
    up the ladder to advance with 20000 time and 10000 for nonviolence.
        4-5. LEVEL 5
      H~~~       ^
    $ H   XXXHXXXh
    **H $  XX$XX h
      H     ***  h
      H~~~~~$   -h
    $ H     XXXXXH
    X H #+#  $   H
    $         HXXX
    Your first encounter with a stone block. Well, two of them, actually. You 
    need to drop the blocks into the right places to get the DL gold. To get 
    things rolling quickly, push right. You will walk over the stone block to the 
    island with the gold on it. You can wait for your enemy to fall left so that 
    he is following you. Then you can loop back to where you started and push the 
    other block left. You should be able to collect the UL gold and head to the 
    Dig three times when your enemy is near, then from the ladder, dig left twice 
    so the left side of the structure is kaput. Get the gold and drop left. Your 
    enemy will follow you down. Circle around again but this time stand 2R of the 
    ladder. Dig left and make a beeline for the two crates. Your enemy will fall 
    into the pit where the gold was. Now you can fall to get the one gold and 
    drop the final slab.
    From the left ladder, go left and dig left. Then go right and dig a hole over 
    the gap at the bottom. Climb over the ladder and over the block. Once you've 
    fallen left of it, push it all the way right. You should have enough time to 
    stand on it on the way down, but it's probably safer and quicker to dig left 
    and get the gold.
    Here I can get the 10000 bonus but only 5k for the time.
        4-6. LEVEL 6
      H~~~~ ^  $
    - H  + HXXVXXXH
    XXXXXXXH   $  H
           H   -XXH
     XX  ~~HXXXX  H
    XXXXX  H$~~$~H
    XXXX $$ X  X H
    XXXX      -   H
    Again, I can get the 10000 and only the 5k. The key is to dump two enemies in 
    the U-shaped pit in the DR, without gold, and have the other one chase you 
    The best way to start off is to go right immediately, down the ladder, and 
    right. Drop at the single rope once the first enemy is on the left side of 
    the U. He will fall in, and the enemy to your right will follow down after 
    you. Jumping down early also keeps your other enemy at the top.
    Climb up the left side and get the gold at the top, 1R, dig left, fall. The 
    bad guys should be coming at you and although you may have to scramble or 
    even sink one in a dug brick, you should, if you moved quickly, be able to 
    drop right and wait at the single rope to drop the other enemy into a pit.
    Once you've done that you can probably just circle UL and drop from the 2-
    rope for more gold, then go to the top left--here you will want to dig a hole 
    to slow your enemy. Dig left at the ladder, fall, dig right and then...
    If you didn't allow yourself enough time, your enemy will chase you as you 
    dig holes 2 and 3, but you only need to dig one hole to slow him up. The 
    lower left corner isn't a hazardous area as your enemy should be way off to 
    the right if you're inside the structure.
        4-7. LEVEL 7
    XXXH         #
    X$H  H + X$*  H
      X        H $
    $   hXXH      H
    XXX h  H      H
    Another solo level, the first one with a block. This had a few false turns, 
    including one where I dropped the block down the shaft to its immediate left-
    -the encased gold was off limits then.
    Starting is easy enough; go UL, get the chest, dig right, get the chest and 
    now you can either drop right(avoiding the teddy bear) or drop left, dig the 
    corner square, and dig the other square before dropping out, to get the teddy 
    bear later. It'll be worth more than the time bonus, but it's an additional 
    Clinb to the UR corner after falling. Push the block left until it's two 
    sqiares from the ladder. Dig left and go R-U and push the block right. Wait 
    for the holes to heal and then dig as follows to push the block left off the 
    edge and get the encased gold to boot:
    Now when falling off the edge you have the option of digging when on top of 
    the stone. You can dig left to release your enemy, after which you should go 
    to the left corner and dig before proceeding--and also you need to dig a few 
    holes behind you so he doesn't follow.
    But in any case you need to push the block into the gap and now you're ready 
    for the last puzzle. Stand on the block and dig each side. Fall left and push 
    it so it is next to the gold. Climb over it to get the gold at the top. Climb 
    back down. You don't have time to push it back into the gap right away, so 
    dig left at the 1-ladder to recreate a hole and then fall right and push the 
    block left. Wait on the ladder for the hole to heal and now you can get the 
    final chest and enter the portal that appears next to it...
    ...unless you've dislodged the teddy bear! If you're skillful enough to do 
    that then I don't need to tell you what to dig to get it.
    My max: 2500+5000 for the bear.
        4-8. LEVEL 8
    ^  -   ~ ~~~+
    h XXXXX X-  H+
    hXXXXX$XX$  H
    h  XXXX$XXX   H
    h  XXXXXXX    H
    h   XXXX      H
    XXH  $  - HXXXX
    The key thing here is to figure out how to make it through the mess of a 
    structure to the left. Don't get distracted worrying about what to do about 
    the bottom gold--it'll pan out.
    First you can just climb to the top and drop off the middle of the rope for 
    gold as one enemy falls off to the left. Your two enemies on the right will 
    lump together. Drop right and dig two holes for them before running back up.
    Now how best to cut through the huge structure?
     1234 X-
    The digs are labeled 1-9 and a-j and you really just need to make the first 4 
    to be clear for the rest. The location of j is important! You must drop down 
    onto the gold piece for the endgame. Once you get it, ladders appear on 
    either side, and you should duck to the right, dig left, let the enemy fall 
    in, and run UL to the portal.
    My max: 10000+10000.
    Woohoo, intermission. Enjoy it.
        4-9. LEVEL 9
    $  + ~~   ~   $
    XXXX    XH  XXX
         XXH  XH HX
    XXXX      H +
    It's easy enough to get the 10K here for time but the 10k for nonviolence is 
    a bit tougher. In either case you can go up the right side and get one gold, 
    then across to the left to the UR, and 2-1 dig to the left chute. If you just 
    want to get through the level, just dig the 3 squares right of the gold and 
    get it, and the enemy will get stuck in there, and you can just dig your way 
    to the last gold--dig the square right of the enemy who fell above it, and 
    below that. Then circle around some more. Note that you can fall into the 
    portal and even if it seems the enemy might catch you, he won't. It's a flaw 
    of the game, but you could just as easily dig a hole for him and run across.
    If you're going for perfection, then you need some quick timing. Climb back 
    to the top right ladder, but stay at the bottom of it. Drop down and dig left 
    when the enemy to your left starts vacillating. Dig right while over him. Get 
    a gold and now wait to dig right and get out until you have an enemy to your 
    right. Once he's there, go left, dig right, and dig the three squares to the 
    left. Drop left for the gold and climb back UR. You will walk over your enemy 
    as he is about to get out, but you won't trap him in the hole. You can easily 
    win the footrace to the portal as the other enemy who seems to be guarding it 
    is, surprisingly, not dangerous.
        4-10. LEVEL 10
    There's a guy with a teddy bear here. He gets in the way of solving the level 
    extra-quickly so you might as well just take him out.
      ^           $
      H $  #  $ H
    XXH    +    XXH
      H    %      H
      H   XXX     H
      $XH XXX HX$
    $  XH  X  HX  $
    Climb up the left ladder after going right and dig left of the stone block. 
    Use the ladder/rope to get to its right and push it down the hole you dug. 
    Then fall on it, dig right and run to the right corner and up the right 
    ladders, digging behind you after the second drop. If you go quickly enough, 
    the enemy should try to follow you right, which will trap him. Then clean out 
    the upper right and go to the bottom.
    In the lower right you can dig around a bit--1 and 2, wait a few seconds, dig 
    3, get the very DR gold, and dig 4 to get the next gold. You can switch the 
    order of digs 3 and 4 to save some time but it's a bit riskier.
    Dig to get on top of the pyramid, dig at the stone block, fall right and push 
    it left. Then dig left and push the block down the ladder. From the ladder, 
    dig 3 down on each available rung before digging the square left of the gold, 
    then the square below that. Push the block left two.
    Go to the top of the ladder and wait for the squares to heal--dig only the 
    top two of the three squares to the left, jump on the stone, go left for the 
    gold and push the stone right two. Now you can pretty much climb up to the 
    portal at the top with no interruptions.
    I've only managed to get 2500 on this level but maybe there are some 
    optimizations that can get you 5000.
        4-11. LEVEL 11
       +        $ ^
     ~~X      XXXXh
    X$ X H~       h
    XX X H X--X$  h
     X XHH  X  HXXX
     X$ H  ~   H
     X  H   HXX
         XX H    $
    This is the first level where you can't get the bonus for nonviolence. You 
    have to rely on regenerated enemies for that. But you can still get 10000.
    But first you have a small solo run. Dig left from the rope, get the gold, go 
    left and dig right. Drop and dig righ and fall for the second gold. Go DR and 
    up and fall left from the 1-rope. Then climb the two ladders. At the top 
    rope, dig to let the enemies out. Jump down on top of them. Nudge right and 
    drop down to the bottom ladder. An enemy will come chasing after you; run up 
    and right when he's close. When standing below the open-ended ladder, dLeft-
    1R-dLeft. The enemy will get covered up, and you can climb over him to get to 
    the upper right area. He'll regenerate at the top, pick up the gold chest, 
    and fall down the right, where you can dig a hole beforehand for him to fall 
    in. This should clear everything, so you can just take the stairs up and get 
        4-12. LEVEL 12
    ^ $~~~~
    H X $  H   $$ +
    HX   $     XX H
    H $ XXX XXX$$XH
    H X  X     XX H
    H  $  $  XXXXXH
    H  X  X $  XX H
    XXH    HX X$$XH
    (5000 bonus.)
    Getting the order right is the main thing here--for the gold on the left and 
    for carving up the ziggurat on the right. Running straight through it doesn't 
    So what you do is to get the gold chests at the top, digging 2-1 to get the 
    gold in the compartment below. Wait three seconds to dig again, to the right, 
    and then climb up to the top and dig those two squares again. Now go down the 
    ladder to where you fell out and go left and dig left. Circle back to the 
    top, fall into the pit you created, and dig left. Fall, right, dig left, 
    fall, 1L, dig right, fall, dig right, get the gold, dig right. You could save 
    a bit of time here by pausing during your first digs, but it's a bit of a 
    silly risk.
    Take the ladder/rope at the top. Get the gold at the end of the rope, then 
    drop 2R of it. Drop right onto more gold, dig right, and hold right until you 
    get the DR-est gold.
    That leaves just three more gold piles to get. Climb U/L and then when you 
    can grab the gold to the right, do so and fall right twice. Then fall left 
    and climb back up.
        4-13. LEVEL 13
    h$#H        H
    h $$  H     H $
    hX  - H#  + H X
    h X       $   $
    hX      HX  XXX
    h   $ XXHXXXX
    Max bonus 10000+10000
    An amusing little start to the level. You can squash enemies from above with 
    stones, but from the side they don't budge. I guess they can fight back. But 
    a few sweeping movements can get through this level very quickly although 
    there are a couple of complex puzzles. For a while, I thought you needed both 
    stones to cover the DR gap, but one suffices if you use it creatively.
    First, push the stone left so that the enemy and the stone are under the gold 
    pieces. Then go left to the ladder, dig left, go up, 2R, and dig right. You 
    can now push the stone on the left down the huge chute in one swoop. To do 
    that, climb over it and fall left and push it right. You need to be 
    moderately quick about this. Then you can dig left at the 1-ladder, get the 
    two gold, dig left to release the enemy(you don't even need to hold right for 
    safety) and with the hole to the right healed, push the block all the way 
    Now at the right ladder, dig left. Get the gold, dig beneath where it was, 
    and push the stone left into the gap. Looks like you need two stones...or you 
    can fall on the one stone, get the gold to the right, dig right on the stone, 
    fall right, and push the stone left.
    You can now dig your way out, get the gold on top of the stone, and fall left 
    to get all the gold. This will release the monster in the DL so you may wish 
    to dig immediately, or after moving only one square. But then it is an easy 
    passage L-U to the portal.
        4-14. LEVEL 14
      h$    #+*HX#X
    $ HXX $ ***HXXX
    XXH   H   *H  $
      H    $$$$H  X
      H$ -  XX H
    H~~~~~~~H   $
    H       H    $$
    I can get 5000 time bonus + 10000 nonviolence here.
    Push the stone block left, and run across it to get the gold on the island. 
    Run back and when you pick up the first gold, run right for two more. Climb 
    the ladder and dig both sides of the stone. Push it down the ladder, then dig 
    to get the gold on the island below. Fall left, dig right and climb on the 
    right stone. Dig left and push the stone right into the gap you made.
    Now fall onto the other stone and dig the squares right of it. Fall left, dig 
    a square for your enemy, and push the stone one right of the ladder. Climb 
    the ladder and get on the stone so the enemy retreats, preserving your bonus. 
    Push the stone back left, digging over the 2nd-right brick as you go, then 
    dig left on the stone and push it right into the gap. Dig over the suspended 
    gold and now if you have the time, you can go right to the edge and left 
    along the bottom to get all the gold you need. If not, you can just dig holes 
    for the approaching enemy--one to get by him and one to slow him up. It 
    should still preserve the 10000 bonus.
    Then you'll want to go to the left via the rope and up. Get the two gold near 
    the top and you can dig to put the approaching enemy in a hole. He should 
    have a gold piece, too, and that will be the final one. The portal will be at 
    the top of the ladder.
        4-15. LEVEL 15
    It's easy enough to get the bad guys out of the way and kick them to the top, 
    but then you have to deal with them at the end of the level. What's to do?
    Well, first, if you want the 10000 bonus, you can dig the top three squares 
    left to right. Then dig the leftmost square on the new platform below, wait, 
    dig right. The enemy will just make it to fall into your hole. Now fall left 
    and dig right on the rope. Get the gold on the right and dig the two leftmost 
    squares and the one below the right of those--your escape route. Circle 
    clockwise and get out.
    Now to deal with the stuff in the DL. Dig left and wait for 1-3 to heal 
    before digging 5. Then go above the rope in the center, dig over it, fall, 
    dig left and right on it, go right for the gold and run back left. Shouldn't 
    be too contentious.
    On the right hand side, dig as follows:
    1, 2, wait, dig 3 when 1 heals, then go between 4 and 1 and dig left/right. 
    Drop left when your enemy falls in. Then climb up and get the remaining gold.
    To get out, you need to go up the right ladder and quickly drop left. Wait 
    near the rope before falling on it. When the enemy's halfway along his 
    platform to the left, fall left and take the rope and drop to the bottom. 
    He'll run at instead of away from you, thus leaving the portal in the UL 
    I got 2500 for the time bonus and 10000, but it's possible I could have sped 
    things up by pausing while digging the DR bit, or the DL for that matter.
    4-16. LEVEL 16
       +     ~$   h
           XH   X h
         XHXH   $ h
       XHXHXH X  Hh
    The dig to the DL looks hellish but there's actually a pretty pedestrian way 
    through. Oh, and if you grab the right gold chest last, the monster is a 
    total non-factor.
    Go right for the chest, dig under it, and drop onto the other one. Stand at 
    the 1-ladder and dig left. Head left and up a rung after the enemy falls in. 
    After he gets up, he'll climb to the right, and then you can move quickly 
    down to force him to fall to the right pit, where he can't get out.
    Now about that chest in the DL. It's actually pretty simple; you work from 
    top to bottom, left to right, in the following order. You may wish to dig 
    right for all but the last square, where you can dig left, to save time. So 
    your digs look like:
    Run along the bottom to get out, climb up for the remaining gold chest and--
    oops, because you got it last, you don't have to juke your enemy to get up 
    the stairs.
        4-17. LEVEL 17
     $   X H X   $
     XX  X$H=X  XX
     XXX  XHX  XXX
     XXXX  H  XXXX
     X - XXHXX + X
    H XXX  H  XXX H
     H X HXXXH X H
    Different monsters, same intelligence. A cute little mask level where you can 
    get 10k/10k. Your enemy in the center seems to be a pest, but he can be 
    marginalized quickly. Which is a good thing because you have to release your 
    other enemy soon too.
    Get the three golds below and dig left to get out. Climb the 1-ladder and dig 
    left. When your enemy falls, go up the center ladder and right to dig the two 
    squares there to get back to your original compartment. Dig left at your 
    starting square(1L from the right) and run out. The enemy is trapped. Go 
    along the top to the right, get the gold and fall left. Then release your 
    left-side enemy from his cage and go around to get the golds. Once you fall 
    into the square you dug, dig left to the compartment with 3 gold, get them, 
    and dig right to get out of there. Go back up the 1-ladder and dig and wait 
    for your enemy to drop in. Run over him and climb to the very top.
        4-18. LEVEL 18
       $  $  $  $ ^
    H* H  H  H  H h
    H-         ~~
    HXXX-     X  H
    H   XXXXXXX  H
    H ~~   X ~H +H
    $XXXH  $XX XX$X
    While it's possible to get the 10x10 bonus here(you actually get an extra 
    one, and I'm not sure what that means,) nonviolence is terribly tough and you 
    may be best off just nailing your enemy with two holes on top.
        4-19. LEVEL 19
    ^ $   ~~~
    *XXX*H   X ~~~$
     X#X H    X   *
    *XXX*HXX  XX
    ~~~ ~H  XX  X
       X H    $ X
    $  X XHXXXX%
    XX X  HXX   $ $
     XXXX H  $ XX *
    Here you'll need the help of that little stick figure fellow to get stuff 
    done. Run up the ladder and fall right off the rope. Wait at the rope in the 
    UR, and dig left when the enemy comes near. Drop when he falls in, and run 
    under him as he climbs out. Now dig, and on the next platform dig the 
    rightmost square. The little guy will come out and run at you. Repeat as 
    before with the usual enemy, but this time, pick up the teddy bear before 
    dropping to the right. Sneak under again, dig, and again dig the rightmost 
    square. It's empty this time, but you can run across the man to get some 
    gold, then run left.
    The left side has a few tricks too. Manipulating the stone block isn't easy.
    ~~~ ~
    Dig 1-2-3 and then stand on the stone and dig 4-5. Drop left, push the stone 
    and dig 6. Run past 7 and dig left to get it, then push the stone left 
    through the hole. While on the stone dig right(8) and now you have a whole 
    new puzzle you need to get right the first time. Dig the top row from the 
    left, the next two from the right.
    X2#1  H
     X345 H
    After digging 9, get the gold in the corner and push the block to the right 
    to escape.
    2500+10000+5000 for the teddy bear isn't bad for a bonus.
      4-20. LEVEL 20
     ~~~~~~      $h
    H* $   H   HXXh
    H****  H   H $h
    H      H+  H  h
    H     ***HXXXXX
    HX $X  $ H
    H **   XXHX
    H -   $  H*XXXH
    Here's a level where you can use the dirty little pause trick to your 
    advantage. But you can play it honest easily enough for the 10k bonus(you get 
    an extra 10k here too--not sure why.) To get the time bonus, though, you need 
    to get the gold in the right order. The wrong order and you're down to 2500.
    The first thing to do is to get your opponent in that well. 1R 2D 2L for the 
    gold and he'll fall in line. Next, take care of the DR gold.
    The honest way:
    Dig 1. Go in, wait 4 seconds, dig 2/3. Go back out, dig 1(if it doesn't 
    reappear soon, try again) and go in, dig 4, get the gold and run out.
    The cheating way:
    Dig 1. Go in, dig 2, pause, wait 4 seconds, unpause. Same for 3. Drop in for 
    4 and walk out in one movement.
    After this you'll want to go UL and drop from the rope for a gold piece. Then 
    climb on your enemy, dig left, and go right. Wait until he's up the ladder a 
    rung to fall left. Then go UR, get the gold, dig to drop on the gold, and 
    take the portal on the stairs that just appeared nearby.
        4-21. LEVEL 21
        +  ^
    H   $-$ $-$   H
    H  $X$X$X$X$  H
    H  X$X$X$X$X  H
    H  $X$X$X$X$  H
    H  X$X$X$X$X  H
    H  $X$X$X$X$  H
    H  X$X$X$X$X  H
    This level is as sticky as it looks. If you're very careful you can get some 
    bonuses, but very careful is only slightly more than you actually need to get 
    through this level regularly. The nonviolence bonus can be tricky as monsters 
    can get caught in the holes you dig in the meshwork, so you have to dig the 
    holes in advance. You can always fake a monster to the bottom, dig a hole, 
    run to the top, and dig a hole next to the top of the ladder. That's safe.
    The three things you need to remember are:
    1. you can dig when on top of a bad guy to direct him a certain way
    2. you can dig both ways if you're fast, but he'll only go the first way you 
    2a. get whatever gold you can, oh, and by the way, if there's no gold around, 
    you don't need to move left or right once your enemy moves from under you, 
    but if there is, it can save you some time.
    3. it's worth it to get the teddy bear(no way you're getting 10000 for this 
    mess,) which is somewhere along the top. Just dig when your enemies are 
    On top of the guy on the left, dig left, right, left, right, left, picking up 
    all gold available as you go. Then dig right and quickly left. Now you can 
    walk across the guy who fell onto the rope to get the gold near the center. 
    Walk back to the left, digging right as you go to let your enemy out. Climb 
    up the ladder and 2R-dig left. 2L-D so you are next to your enemy and he will 
    fall in the center hole. Now mirror your actions on the left with the enemy 
    on the right.
    Now for the guy in the center. You'll want to put him somewhere for later 
    usage. Dig right-right-left-right-right. This should get the top of the 
    center golds. But don't release your enemy yet!
    You can just walk to the center chute and dig the other enemy, who should 
    have fallen into the center by now. right-right-left-right-and now, dig left-
    then-right. You can walk across to get the gold! One enemy with gold may 
    remain. If it's the inner one, go on the right enemy and dig left-right and 
    dig the bad guys out of the bottom as before, getting the last gold chest at 
    the top. Otherwise, dig right and go left, wait, drop, dig right. The 
    portal/ladder appear where the chute was.
        4-22. LEVEL 22
    A bit of a wild scramble at the beginning, but planning can save you a real 
    mess. Note that you will want to be on the left when you get your final 
    chest, because there's that useful pit to drop enemies, but a ladder pops up 
    out of it when you get everything.
        4-23. LEVEL 23
    h~~~    #XH $
    H   H  XXXH+X
    H    $       XH
         H  #$X*  H
    X    H XXX*   H
    $X    H      X$
    Nasty little one-two with the blocks here. Obviously you need to get on a 
    falling block to get to the left. And to the right too. Or at the very least 
    you need two blocks, but surely you can't move one all the way back right 
    along the bottom?
    Time bonus 2500. Ironic how tougher levels get you fewer points. But Lode 
    Runner isn't about points.
    Climb the stone. Dig right, fall left, push the stone right. When it falls, 
    dig left on it and push it right of the ladder so you can climb up and grab 
    the first gold.
    Now to push the block back off the left edge. Wait for everything to re-form. 
    Dig 1 and then 2. Then 3, 4 and 5. Push the block left and fall left off it. 
    Dig right, to make a hole next to the block. Go up the stairs, right off the 
    rope, and down the ladder. Dig right and push left. The block will fall down. 
    Get in it and dig left once. Get the gold chest. But you're not done yet! Dig 
    the two squares right of the 1-ladder nearby, then come back left and dig 
    left of the stone so you can push it left onto the base of the 2-ladder.
    Now for the tricky timing part. Standing on the stone, dig left and run 
    right. Dig the far right part of the platform and work your way left, digging 
    all the while. Fall left and push the stone right until it hits the wall. 
    Then motor back left. You'll probably have to push the stone without moving 
    right for the final push, but you'll get done soon enough.
    For the encased gold, dig the square 1U1L of the stone and fall in. Freeze-
    pause to make it reappear quickly, or wait a few seconds, push the block 
    right, and dig right. Drop left and the dig here is pretty simple.
    Get the gold that disappeared and push the block left. But don't follow 
    through! You'll fall into your pit and get trapped. Wait for the pit to fill. 
    Left, fall, push the block right and now you can drop on top of it to get the 
    UR gold. Climb down the ladder, dig left, drop to get the gold and push the 
    stone block right until it falls, which allows you to the UL and level 24.
        4-24. LEVEL 24
       $       $
       H  XhX  H
       H $XXX$ H
     - H *~$~* H
     X H$* X *$H X
       H  X$X  H
    With accurate play you can get each 10000 bonus but a few minor slips and 
    you're at 5000 time. Killing your enemy is in fact not constructive in this 
    level. It's also largely symmetric, but the trick is getting from one side to 
    the other.
    Go to the top of the ladder, get the gold to the left, dig the square below 
    it, drop and drop right. Dig left before going back up the ladder. Then drop 
    so you can dig the center square. Fall in and dig the square below that. Then 
    dig the right two squares of the 3-platform below. Exit right, go down, dig 
    right, go up and dig the block that regenerated. Now you can run left and dig 
    over the suspended gold and run back right.
    Go up to the 2nd-highest rung of the ladder. If in doubt, climb up a bit 
    above where you think it is. That will make your enemy drop into the center--
    if you can get to the top when he is on the U, you can save a fraction of 
    time. Walk across him and drop down once past the U. Dig right at the ladder, 
    get the gold and climb to the top. Now you can dig your enemy out and get his 
    gold but there's a huge risk. Basically you need to dig right, then either 
    fall immediately and go left, or just go left to the ladder. Go all the way 
    down, 2L, dig right, walk over him, dig right for the encased gold, get the 
    gold at the top, and enter the portal that appears.
    Congratulations. You're done with Small World. The maximum I achieved, with 
    save states, was 411400.
        5-1. LEVEL 1
          H~~~~~~~~~       $
          H    XXH  XXXXXHXX
          H    XXH       H
        $ H    XXH    -$ H
      H      -       H
           H         H
         $ H~~~~~~~~~H  $
       HXXXXX        XXXXXXH
       H  -     + $        H
    "Oh no!" experienced Lode Runner aficionados may groan. "A flashback to level 
    1 from the original Lode Runner and all those silly ports that didn't 
    actually give us any new puzzles!"
    Well, maybe the 30k points for this walkover will help soothe annoyed nerves. 
    If you just run right, everyone will drop down. Then go up the next ladder 
    and UR for another gold piece. Cut back left across the rope and drop left 
    for some gold, then climb to the top go right of the ladder. Dig left when 
    the monster approaches. Get his gold and then drop to the right when you have 
    safe passage. Climb up the ladder into the portal to make it to level 2.
        5-2. LEVEL 2
     h   $
    XXXhHX    $     H   $  H
        H   HXXX  - H      H
        H $ H    XXXHXXXXXXH
    XXXXHXX H       H
        H   H     $ H
      $ H  $H-    $ H~    ~
      H        H    H XXXX H
      H        H~~~~H X $X H
    XXXXXXH         H XXXXXH
    $     H         H      H
          H  +     -H      H
    This is another level from the dusty Lode Runner archive, but it is a bit 
    tougher. And it's also tougher to get bonuses because of the three enemies 
    running around. In fact you may want to plow through this level quickly and 
    just polish your enemies off at the bottom to get the gold they pick up. Then 
    run to the top when they regenerate and fall down. That's a good replacement 
    for following the nonviolent instructions.
    Nevertheless if you want to go nonviolent, dig right when under the ladder, 
    then run to the right edge. Wait for the enemies to follow you--let the 
    middle one pass the long ladder--and then go up the ladder. Dig 2-1 to get 
    the two gold chests in the center and go back into the DR corner. Let the bad 
    guys follow you again and climb up and drop onto the suspended gold in the 
    UR. Then dig down to set things as before. Fake the enemies out again and 
    this time, go left at the top and dig to fall on three gold pieces. You may 
    want to wait for your enemies to follow you here to get a big jump on the 
    last bit.
    For which you climb up-left-up-right and then climb back DL. Dig in the left 
    corner to fall on the DL gold and then up-left-up-right-up and there are two 
    ledges to the right where you can get gold.
    Through this you shouldn't meet any enemies, because you've constantly led 
    them into areas they can't reach you from. But if you run across them, just 
    liquidate them.
    It's possible to get a 5000 time bonus by digging your enemies up, but you 
    need very accurate play to preserve that with nonviolence.
        5-3. LEVEL 3
        $    $     $   H
     $     $     $     H
        $     $    $   H
     $-     $    $     H
         +       -     H
    This is not a bad level at all if you just lure the guys to the top, stand 
    over the next gold you want to pick up, and dig holes for the enemies at the 
    bottom. You won't get a huge bonus that way but it's relatively safe. You can 
    proceed from left to right and make allowances for any false bricks that you 
    But if you want to do things right, then you need to constantly sucker your 
    opponents into following you around before you outmaneuever them. And while 
    it's possible one will block you from the ladder after you fall, never dig 
    more than one hole to get back to the other side, or your bonus is kaput.
    1R, dig left, stand on the bad guy, dig right, and head to the ladder. 
    Because you want to leave the nearest for last(the DR guy will escape from 
    the pit, which is inconvenient if you're on the left) go to the corner and 
    work your way right.
    You can take your chances by dropping early and hoping the monsters are split 
    so you can dig, stand on one, and dig again. Or you can wait for them to come 
    all the way over and then outmaneuver them. Whichever, the left four blocks 
    don't have any false bricks. Drop left, right, left and right.
    For your next maneuver you may want to head above the gold chest and wait and 
    let one monster drop onto your platform and chase you. Drop left and right. 
    Dig left and get the gold. Note the monsters head right, so look for a good 
    time to slip in and dig a hole(you may even be able to duck the one on the 
    right,) but don't wait too long. The guy on the left goes off left in search 
    of you.
    Back up at the top you can wait again to sucker the guys over before you drop 
    on the top chest that's available--the UR one may be gone. From the second 
    platform, dig the rightmost square, fall right, fall left. You may have to 
    dig before getting on the ladder, as the enemy comes out quickly.
        5-4. LEVEL 4
    $ ~~   h     ~~    *   $
    XX  XXXH    H  ~~  *H***
      $    H*X*XH    ~~~H
      XX   H    XXXH    H
        $  H~~~~~~~H  $ H
        XX H    -  H  X H
           H    %X H    H
        HXXXXH  X  H    H  $
     -  H    H  X  HXXXXXXXH
    HXXXH    H X$          H
    H        H XXX     -   H
    H        H~~~~~~H*X*X*XH
    H  $     H      H  $   H
    *X*X*X*X*H      HXXXXXXX
    Here you get a lucky break in that the teddy-bear guy is on the weird 
    structure in the center, but actually, getting his teddy bear seems to be a 
    wash if you're going for maximum bonus, and he really gets in the way--one 
    more guy to fight off. Still, you can get a good bonus here, 10000 time and 
    10000 nonviolence, but it takes a little fancy stepping.
    Head right immediately and then up. Left&up the long ladder before you drop 
    down on the island. A monster should be below you. Fall be sure to dig a hole 
    NOT next to the ladder to the left, and then climb up the ladder onto the 
    If you want to release the man, dig the left square of the odd structure, 
    stand on him and dig the right. Otherwise dig the right square. Get the gold 
    and wait until the hole you dug to trap the enemy fills. Then go right and 
    fall. Wait for everyone to hit bottom and get on the rope. Go left all the 
    way to the edge and climb URURU and go to the UR and drop off the rope there, 
    then right. You should have all the gold now. The stairs to the next level 
    may be impeded but you should be able to dig one or two enemies waiting 
    there. If necessary, dig your island so you can dig right away once you land.
        5-5. LEVEL 5
         #             X
       HXXX           ^X
       H           hX X X Xh
       H  $        h X   X h
    HXXXX X    $  $h~~~~~~~h
    H     X    XXXXH*H    $
    XXXXHXX        H*H   ***
        H       $$ H*H~~~
     HXXX X     XX-H*H    $
     H         XXXXH *H  ***
    XXXH  $XX  *$$*H  *H
       H  X    XVXXH   *H $
       H           H    ****
       H  -     +  H
    A mean trick makes this level a whole lot easier. While it's possible to duck 
    and swerve away from all three enemies, it's much easier to go left, dig, 
    walk past the enemy and climb up the left ladder so that everyone runs away 
    and goes up the long ladder. Then go down the ladder to the bottom. Because 
    they're far enough away they'll go down and to the right. Only two get 
    trapped, but that's enough. As an added bonus, if you go straight up, your 
    enemy gets trapped around the boxes to the right.
    Push the block at the very top off the edge. Go left to get the gold and hop 
    back on the block. You must dig the island to the left to get access to the 
    gold below it, or you'll have to restart the level. Now go right and up and 
    all the way left on the 4-platform to get the gold up there. Dig to get on 
    the 2-platform with gold. Dig and if you were quick enough you can take your 
    choice which side to dig--the monster won't have made it over the ladder. You 
    need to dig both, though, as the left gold has a false brick beneath it.
    Now you need to cross over your opponent. Dig the square left of the ladder 
    on the 4-platform and wait for him to fall in. Go right on the rope and drop 
    on the gold, then drop left and right and left for the rest.
    Suddenly the portal appears but there's no way to get to it! Climb up and go 
    right on the rope. Climb the ladder on the far right, and your enemy will 
    climb the one that appeared to the left--and drop into the pit that allows 
    you to cross over him.
        5-6. LEVEL 6
    **             ^      **
    *              h ~~~~~H*
          HXX$  hXXX      H
     $ XXXH  X  h   $     H
     XX   H     h         H$
          H   XXXXH********X
    ******H       H ~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~HXXXXH  H     $$
          H  + HX*X*X*H XX
      $   H  XXX~~~~~~H
      X   HXX         H*****
          H           H~~~~~
    XXXXXXH      $    H   $
    $     H      X    H  XXX
    With only two enemies there's plenty of room to move around and the main 
    question may be how to do things most quickly. You can in fact split them off 
    pretty easily.
    Go to the upper right and get the rightmost gold before going out on the rope 
    and dropping for another. A monster should have passed under you. Back up 
    left and dig. Then go to the right and dig at the edge. Wait for the enemy to 
    get out and get on the box before dropping onto the rope and the 2-platform 
    and to the bottom. You should be able to go to the 3-platform below that, 
    too. Stand where the gold was.
    Now the enemy can go two ways after this: left on the rope or at you. If he 
    goes left, dig right and get the corner gold. You have time. Otherwise dig a 
    hole for him and dig right for the gold in the corner. In any case you can 
    take the rope over the gold on the block that's cutting you off from the 
    On the left, dig a hole to get by one enemy(note the gold he holds is the 
    tricky one in the UL) and take the rope to drop on another island. Drop left 
    and dig left and go right. Dig to get by an enemy and take the ladder all the 
    way up. Fall right and aladder will appear when you get the gold. Take it to 
    the portal to the next level.
        5-7. LEVEL 7
             h      $
    XXXX     h     XXXXHXXXX
       XX    h    XX   H
    $  XXX   h  $XX    H-$
      H   XX-h XX  H
      H$   XXHXX   H    $
    H   H             H
    H   H    $    -   H
    H           H        H
    H    $   +  H        H
    This is a relatively easy one. If you just go around the horn expediently you 
    should collect everything. Start by going left and up, and get the chest 
    above before moving down, back and digging a hole. Walk and fall right and 
    you should run into another enemy. You may be able to dig after the ladder, 
    but in any case you should head up the ladder after digging him. Then get the 
    gold and go left, but don't move until you see which way he will leave the 
    hole. Left: continue. Right: wait a second before going up, so that the hole 
    doesn't close on him when you climb. Get the other gold pieces and bounce 
    down the chute. There's a big ladder in the center now.
        5-8. LEVEL 8
    XXXhhhhh$  XXXXHhhhhhXXX
    XXh^h h$  XXXXXH$ hXXhXX
    Xhhhh $X $   XXHX$ h h X
    Xhhh $XXHX$ h  HXX$  h X
    -h h$XXXHXX$   HX$X$   -
    X$    XXH  XX hHXX h  $X
    XX  h   Hh $$h H   h  XX
    XX$ hh  H  XX  H  hh $XX
    XXX$   hHXXXXXXH h  $XXX
    X*XXX$  H XXXX H  $XXX*X
    Lots of points here and actually it's fairly easy to clear the left, sucker 
    the other guy over, and not worry about another darn thing. There are lots of 
    ways to get through this but you need to note that there are one-way paths 
    from the left to the right, at the top of the respective ladders.
    So go right and up and fall right, to start. 2-1 dig to the 2 gold below and 
    get them both, but wait a half-second for the enemy to walk by before you 
    drop and dig right to trap him. Go all the way up the ladder, drop right on 
    the rope, and 1R and drop. Go left. Dig next to the ladder so that when your 
    enemy comes down he'll get caught there. Go up and right down the staircase 
    of falls and circle back and dig again. This time, dig 1L2U, 1L1U and 1L of 
    the encased gold and, when you get it, dig left. Then go to the top and fall 
    off to the left. Drop from the left rope and go right. Dig left of the 
    Now go up the left ladder and drop right. Dig to trap the enemy and dig 
    behind yourself. Then dig left twice from the ladder top to get the two 
    encased golds. Ladders all over. Go along the top and down so that you can 
    dig left onto the open space. The monster on the left will fall in. That 
    makes it easy for you to go left and down through the portal.
    2500 time bonus + 10000 nonviolence + a lot for all the gold.
    First intermission.
        5-9. LEVEL 9
     $                 ^
    XXXXH           -  h
      $ H         HXXXXXH $
           H      H $     $
        $ -H      HXXXXXXXXX
    XHXXXXXH   $  H
     H  $  H******H
           H      $   H    H
     $     HXXXHXXXXXX******
    XXXHXXXX   H  $-    $
       H~~~~~~H       H
       H        -     H   $
    A laborious level where a safe plan is to get everyone on the bottom and run 
    to the top. At the end you want to be in the UR. You can dig three holes to 
    catch enemies with gold chests and walk back across them into the portal.
    Here's my pattern: left and up, dig, get the robot's gold and what's behind 
    him. Move right and dig left of the ladder. Walk up and zigzag L-U-R to get 
    the gold to the left, then climb to the top. Get the top gold first, wait for 
    the enemies to get close, then dig right, fall, dig left, fall and fall off 
    the ladder. Take the stairs down and head right. You now have enough of a 
    lead on them to get the DR gold, the one above that, and go L/U/R/U/L and 
    check for gold to the left, but get the 2 on the checkerboard to the right. 
    Then go to the top, right and get the gold. Climb U 2L and dig-L R dig-L R 
    dig-L. Walk over everyone to get the gold you need and walk back.
    Sometimes you may get unlucky and someone will leave gold behind. In that 
    case you just have to lead them on another chase, which is annoying but not 
    especially risky.
        5-10. LEVEL 10
        $ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $ $
     $ HXX -    ^    $ XXHXX
    XXXH  XXX   h   XXX  H
       H        h    -   H
     $       X*XHX*X      $
     XX  $     XHX     $ XX
       $    H       H    $
      XXX   H- $ $  H   XX $
    XX$  H             H $XX
    XXXX$H   $  +      H$XXX
    Another slog. Go left to get the first gold then go right and up to the top 
    rung. This will stick your enemies together. Remember this. You'll be going 
    back to it.
    Climb up the ladder to the left and up the center ladder. Grab what you can 
    in the UR, then move to the left via the rope. (This also has the potential 
    advantage that that nasty gold chest below the ropes will get gobbled up by 
    an enemy.) Drop left for another gold, dig right, fall, dig left, fall, fall 
    right, dig left, and fall left to the edge. Then fall back right. You've 
    cleared the left.
    Now go along the bottom right and maybe it's a good time to go up the 2nd 
    short ladder on the right and dig right at the block to get another gold on 
    an island. Then go back up the center ladder--enemies should chase you and 
    have to retreat to climb--and in the right. Dig right of the ladder over 
    there and fall right and that should do it for the visible gold. If you're 
    lucky you can leave right now!
    But if not, climb up the center ladder again(synchronize the enemies by 
    staying on the top rung of the DR ladder) and go left, digging off to the 
    side. When the third guy falls in, fall to the left. (It's possible you can 
    run back over them. If so, neat.) Enemies should follow you down where you 
    fell, and you can scramble back up.
    You can also, if one guy with gold is well ahead of the other two, pick him 
    off and not worry about the last bit.
        5-11. LEVEL 11
            -     -        ^
    $H H H H H H H H H H HXh
    H    -   $   $   -
    H$         +         $
    Head left. Get the gold and then dig left. Walk over the enemy and up the 
    This next bit should be pretty easy. There's gold in every other column and 
    you can pretty much move up and down to fake an enemy out. The only problem 
    is that there will be one with gold that you need to get rid of, but that is 
    not too bad. You can just dig holes on the top and then go down. They'll be 
    blocked from running over, and when they leave the holes they'll release the 
    gold. Then you can go to the bottom, get them running at you, and run along 
    the top.
    For the last bit you need to run back down to the big row of boxes and get 
    everything there. You'll want to bring your enemies closer to you and for 
    that you can just stay at the top and dig at anyone who is too close to you. 
    Then hide below. Eventually you can go down and dig to get to the boxes. Get 
    the two gold and wait at the right edge. When everyone comes over you can 
    fall right. You don't have to get everyone going right. In fact you can just 
    dig your way out, although you lose the bonus. But if one guy is going left, 
    you can dig your way past him and back up the stairs. Then you just need to 
    go along the top to win. You'll have a huge head start with your run.
        5-12. LEVEL 12
            ^  HH
     $     ~~HHHHHH~~     $
    XXX $    HHHHHH    $ XXX
     $ $ $ $  H  H  $ $ $ $
    There's nothing special about this level and you should get plenty of bonuses 
    to keep you happy. I haven't found a way to get 20000 bonus yet but wouldn't 
    be surprised if there is one. Get the gold and go up the ladder. Fall/go left 
    and drop at the 2nd-left rope. Dig left and drop and 2-1 dig to the left. 
    Then pick up the gold below and dig behind your enemy once he's trapped.
    Go to the DR and back for that gold and climb up the right stairs from the 
    bottom. Go right to get the gold and drop down at the 2nd-right bit. You can 
    cruise left and shouldn't have to dig, although if the enemy is nearby you 
    can always dig left after getting the second gold. Then climb up the stairs 
    and go to the center when they narrow. Follow the stairs going left and fall 
    into the portal.
        5-13. LEVEL 13
               ^       $
      $        h     $ H $
    HXXX       h    XXXHXXX
    H          h     $ H $
    H - ~~~~~~~h~~*H XXHXX
    XXXX$     $X  *H   H
     $ XX     XX  *********H
    ***XXX   XX   $  ~~~   H
        ~XX XX  XXXXX   XX H
    XXXX  X X      $     $ H
    XXXX           XXXXHXXXX
    XXXX HXXX-         H
    XX$X H $ XXX    HXXXXH
    XXXX H        + H    H -
    You don't need to psych out your enemies too much although if you're not 
    sharp you can just wait for the enemy to pass by the ladder to get to you. At 
    any rate, the 10000 bonus for not digging any enemy is in play here, so why 
    not try for it.
    Go to the UR and then get all but the DL gold there--you can stab in for each 
    one, falling from the UL. Dig between the ropes and get the gold chest 1L of 
    that square, then fall right and drop off the rope and get the gold chest 
    below. You should have plenty of time to go back right but if not you can 
    drop left. It'll just take longer.
    Go back to the UR where you can get that gold chest you missed last time. 
    Take the rope to the UL and, with the rope behind you, dig right. Go up the 
    stairs. Get the chest, dig right and fall, get the gold to the right, dig, 
    fall left and dig and get the gold before falling on the 4x5 block.
    Digs 1-9 are pretty straightforward but you may want to wait a bit to dig a. 
    Once you get to the chest and just above it the enemies go off to the right, 
    and you want to take as much time in that state as possible. Take time to dig 
    b, too. Then get the DL gold and go up the ladder. You can stand at the top 
    rung to push enemies back. Dig over the suspended gold and go back on the 
    ladder until the block heals. Then fall right onto the platform and go right. 
    The monsters should split up and some will fall from above, while others will 
    go right and down, leaving you an easy passage UR with no digging.
    The stairs to the portal are between the ropes.
        5-14. LEVEL 14
           $            $
         HXXX    $^~~~~~H~~~
         HXXXVXXXXH    +X
      $ XH     $  H   $X X
      XXXH   $    H $X     $
    $  XXHXXXXXVXXH X     $X
    X$  XH $      H      $X
      X              H $X
       XVXXX         H X
      X   XXXXXXXH   H
     X           HXXXHXXXXXX
    X    -  HXXXXX   H XXX$X
    $  HXXXXX$       H   XXX
    Several annoying false bricks here but for clearing out the left side they 
    just make things easier. Again, try not to kill anyone, but give that your 
    enemies pick up gold, you will have to dig a bit.
    Fall left to start. Go up the ladder to the top. Go left and dig over the 
    gold and repeat(except where there's a false brick, where you don't need to) 
    until you're at the base of a ladder. Go to the top, get the gold to the 
    right, and fall left to the edge, then fall right. Get the DL gold and then 
    go up the two stairs. Dig right and wait for enemies to approach, then drop 
    in your hole. They'll continue down but you can go right and up to get on the 
    other side of them. Go up that ladder and the one to the left. Then go right 
    on the rope, detouring for the gold on the ladder, and down the right side. 
    Dig for the gold--don't worry about your enemies as they will run the other 
    way once you fall in.
    Now climb up the ladder all the way--if no one has gold, just go up the next, 
    but if someone does, and go left and dig right twice. Walk over the fallen 
    enemies and then go left and up.
        5-15. LEVEL 15
    h $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
        H                 H
     $  H             $   H
     X  H~~~   + HXX  X  XXX
     X   XH  X   H  $ X $
     X XXXH  +   H$ XX XX $
      $   H X$X  H
     XXX  H X   XHXXXH    HX
    A big mystery here is how to sucker one of your enemies into the UL pit. You 
    can dig your way in from the ladder to the side, dig a hole, stand on the 
    enemy, dig another, fall left, dig right, and get out. But that can be 
    tricky. The other way is to get an enemy on the platform with the 3-rope and 
    go down the ladder to the right--stay 1/2 way above the 6-platform and 
    anybody high enough will wander off to the left.
    So the cheap and easy way is to go right and wait. An enemy will come at you, 
    and another should come up but instead goes to the left. Dig left and go down 
    the stairs and wait a bit. Wait for your enemy to go off the screen and then 
    But don't go across the top yet. Instead, clear out the miscellaneous gold--
    get on the rope, drop on the gold on the 1-isle, and drop right. Get the DR 
    gold. Then go up the long center ladder, drop right and dig right. There's a 
    suspended gold. Dig 3R1D of it and above it to drop on it. Another encased 
    gold isn't too bad either.
    Note that if you trap the other guy in the pit, it's no problem. Just dig 
    left twice on the ladder right of it and take the rope at the top. You only 
    want one enemy in the pit, so you can walk over him.
    Once you have that, go to the top rope and run right, up and back left. Lots 
    of points. Then drop left and right.
    Dig 1 and 2 and do a jig to stay on your enemy until he falls off. Dig left 
    to get 3 then dig right, drop and dig right. Get the DL chest and then run 
    back on the rope over the top and into the portal.
        5-16. LEVEL 16
                        $  h
               $  +HXXXXXXXX
    H  $
                         $ H
                    $ HXXXXX
               $ HXXXXXXXXXX
    If you want to solve this pedantically, the trip down isn't too bad. You just 
    dig at guys that get in your way. And the trip up isn't either.
    But you can actually get each 10k bonus. By digging your way down quickly! 
    Dig 2-1 left to start. Wait for the enemy to hit the stair below and drop. Go 
    right and at the next stair bottom, dig down. Fall and dig left. Then truck 
    to the left. On the way back up, dig before the second ladder and before the 
    third and two squares before the fourth as well--in other words, as far right 
    as possible, but don't risk anything. You'll manage to save the guys from 
    dropping in twice because the trailing enemies step on their companions. The 
    rest is a cakewalk.
        5-17. LEVEL 17
     -$    ^             $-
    HXX-$  H           $-XXH
    H          HH$  H      H
    H          $HH         H
    H          HH$         H
    H          $HH         H
    H          HH$         H
    H          $HH         H
    H          HH$         H
    H          $HH         H
    H          HH$         H
    H          $HH         H
    H          HH$+        H
    Climb up the center ladder and go left at the top left gold. Then drop down 
    the ladders for more gold. Drop left after getting the last gold, dig left, 
    right, dig left. Dig two holes on the right.
        5-18. LEVEL 18
                   $       h
     -           HXXX    ~~h
      HX  H$  $  H XXXXXX  H
    $XHX  HXhhXXXH XX$$XX  H
    ******HXX%X  H XXXXXX  H
          H    - H XX$XXX  H
    H            H  XXXXX  H
    H  $         H       ~~H
    XXXXXXXH     H
           H     XXXXXXX
          -H   +
    The big key to completing this level with the 10000 nonviolence bonus is to 
    see where to sit to dump your enemies in the 2-wide bit. It's moderately 
    tricky but once that's done you only have the upper right structure(easy) and 
    the upper left(need lots of time) to take care of.
    First, 1L dig left and go to the DL for a gold. One enemy will go to the DR, 
    but the other will follow you. Get back up the ladder and dig to get by him. 
    Then climb up the stairs.
    Now you must mush your enemies together. The best place to do that is right 
    of the 2-pit. You may have to let a couple chase you while the other catches 
    up with them, but once that works out, go to the top rung, wait, and go to 
    the 2nd-bottom rung. Your enemies will mill around above. Drop left, go left 
    and go up the stairs two rungs. An enemy will come over left and fall in, 
    thinking he has a bead on you. Repeat. Now you just have one enemy to fight 
    You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to win the race you're about to 
    run. First, get to the DR. You should be far enough ahead of him, but if 
    there's any doubt, go down the big ladder, right, wait and dig and fall 
    right. Once you dig a hole for your enemy and he falls in, after you get the 
    gold, walk over him(assuming he's on your left--if not, skip ahead) and wait 
    a half-second before digging a hole behind you.
    You now have a huge jump for the UL, which is not tough to figure out, but 
    without enough of a jump your enemy will get to you.
    Easy enough--get the gold and go left. The bad guy shouldn't be more than a 
    step ahead of you as you go back right.
    Now for the UR.
    You should be able to do this in your sleep by now. Drop right on the rope, 
    go right, and climb up to level 19.
        5-19. LEVEL 19
      $     $     $     $  h
         H     H     H     H
      +  H  $  H  $  H  $  H
         H     H     H     H
      $  H  -  H  $  H  $  H
         H     H     H     H
      $  H  $  H  -  H  $  H
         H     H     H     H
      $  H  $  H  $  H  -  H
    Hard to pin down an exact pattern here but specific advice is--don't let 
    yourself get caught in a dead end! The basic idea is to move from corner to 
    corner, letting the bad guys  get near you and then making a diagonal swoop. 
    You can also lump your enemies together by standing on the right ladder, next 
    to a box, as long as it's not at the top. This will result in them picking up 
    a few gold pieces, but they eventually do release them.
    So my basic plan is to go R-U and all the way right, then I like to nip in 
    and get the gold chests on the right one at a time after everyone gets to the 
    top--an important finesse is to fall left off the ladder instead of walking. 
    That confuses them as they don't know what you're doing until you land. Then 
    I go next to the lowest box on the right ladder before climbing all the way 
    down. I let them chase me along the bottom, where I can move up to the top 
    level and get the critical top gold.
    It's not a bad idea to pause and search if you want to be cautious, as there 
    probably won't be much time bonus, but it's not strictly necessary since you 
    can dictate what your enemies do. And even if you are in a jam in the DL, you 
    can go between the boxes at the bottom and your enemies will run right past 
    From here(assuming you and your enemies are all on the left, and you are 
    between boxes) you can go to the bottom, right and up. Pick off any gold 
    chests you see, dropping down one square, and then go back right at the next-
    highest set of boxes.
    To get the gold your enemies hold, go in the DL again and down and go to the 
    right. Dig three holes quickly to the left and let your enemies come after 
    you to the DR. Climb up, go left and climb down and have a party.
    It's possible your enemies will release the gold on their own and this could 
    get you that extra 10000, but it's tedious to wait for random events like 
        5-20. LEVEL 20
    ^                    $
    h $  $              XXXH
    XXXXXXXXH     $   $    H
        $       $       $  H
    H $      - -  -  $
            $        $
    H    $
            $  -   -$      H
    H    $    +   $     $
    While it may be possible to get a nonviolence bonus, you have so far to climb 
    up that when you pass an enemy by, someone will get caught on the way back. 
    Eventually you'll have a phalanx of enemies that is too tough to get through.
    But first you need to sort out the bottom bit. Go left and around. Dig to 
    trap one enemy and then stand on him and dig the other, then go to the right 
    and wait for them to approach. Dig and fall right and come back left.
    If you're worried about points you should get enough.
        5-21. LEVEL 21
    h                    $
    h      ~~~   ~~~$   ***H
    h     H   ~~~   H      H
    h X   H    #    H   -  H
    h X**XXX*******XXXH**  H
    h  $              H    H
    XXXXX  $ HXXXXX   H    H
         XXXX       $ H $  H
        -         HXXXXXXX H
    *********  +  H       -H
       H     HXXXXH $    XXH
       HXXXXXH    HXXX   $XH
     $ H  ~~~X$   H       XH
    What you need to do is to place two enemies left of the stone block and push 
    it so that you can walk over them and get to the left. You can maybe, with 
    persistence, get two guys left of the stone block though you probably have to 
    push it right 2 and do some other weird tricks. I just gave up and killed 
    guys off right away, but if anyone has an easy way I'd be glad to hear it.
    2L-D-2L and dig twice. Let your enemy drop in, get the DL gold, then climb 
    back up. After he falls in the second hole, drop right of him to get the 
    gold. He will regenerate left of the block.
    Go back up the stairs and dig below where you started and left of there. 
    Someone else will come in. The second hole he falls in, he'll regenerate left 
    of the stone block and stay there. Now you can clean up the rest of the board 
    with ease. Before you push the block left you may wish to dig a hole to the 
    right, and of course you have to circle around again after getting the chests 
    the first time. That suspended DR chest should be no problem by now as well.
        5-22. LEVEL 22
                 h   $    -
                 h XXXXXHXXX
          $  ~~~~~~~~~~~H
    XXHXXXXXX           H
      H            +    H $
      H      -  $  XXXXXXXXX
              H     $ XXXXXX
              H   XXXX
    H         H~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    H     $
    H   $XXXH         -    $
    H -     H       HXXXXXXX
    A cute little level where you can get through pretty easily and while it 
    doesn't look like you can get nonviolence, a little thought allows it--with 
    minimal digging. Without digging initially, the guy in the UR gets the chest 
    to your DL, and you can string the four enemies along for a while, hoping one 
    drops something, but quite frankly it's too exhausting for me.
    With initial digging the rest is rather easy. Go right. Get the gold. Go to 
    the edge, dig left, stand on your enemy, dig left and fall. Fall left some 
    more and be prepared to dig left. Move up the ladder--any guy in the UL will 
    be momentarily repelled. Wait as long as you can to dig the right edge of the 
    platform and fall in.
    Now you are stuck in a neverland where nobody can get you and nobody knows 
    where you are. Dig left to get out when everyone's stuck in the UL. Then drop 
    in the corner for gold and go left along the bottom, up the short ladder so 
    you can fall left. In the DL, wait for everyone to fall down the middle 
    ladder and go up/right/up/left/up/right across the rope and up and get the 
    gold. Now a ladder appears just out of reach. Help...
    It's on the way in the form of your enemies. Fall left when one is under the 
    ladder and keep holding left. Go up at the ladder.
        5-23. LEVEL 23
    hhhXHX H XHXhhhXHX H XHX
    $+$ H -H- ^ $ $ H $H$
    XHX H XHXhhhXHX H XHXhhh
     H $H$   $ $ H $H$   $ $
     H XHXhhhXHX H XHXhhhXHX
    $H$   $ $ H $H$   $ $ H
       $ $ H $H$   $ $ H $H$
    hhhXHX H XHXhhhXHX H XHX
    $ $ H $H$   $ $ H $H$
    XHX H XHXhhhXHX H XHXhhh
     H $H$       H $H$   $ $
     H XHXhhhXHX H XHXhhhXHX
    $H$   $ $ H $H$   $ $ H
    The object here is to lure your enemies over to the left and get them to fall 
    in at exactly the right spots. You can actually do this in one sweep. But 
    first you'll want to get the gold on your structure and the one to your 
    right, so the rest is not relevant later.
    Wait for the enemies to come nearby. Then Start digging under the open ended 
    ladder and skip a square for your fourth dig.
    The rest is basically going to the DL and climbing up, falling right, etc. 
    Note that you can pile up a lot of points by digging strategically and 
    getting enemies to grab gold before they fall. You can even get them to drop 
    gold in adjacent squares for extra points. But it's probably not worth the 
    time spent.
    I've seen a teddy bear guy 3D1L of the portal, which you get to the same way 
    you get gold chests, only there are the laders to take back left.
        5-24. LEVEL 24
      $     $ h    $     $
     H                    H
     H     $V      V$     H
     H $   XX      XX HXXXXX
    XXXXXH      +     H
         H  - XXHXXH -H
         H XXX $H  HXXXX
    $   XXX   $XH$      $ XX
    XXVX     $X HX$    XXX
       $     X  H X       $
    XXXXXX    - H        XXX
    This level looks intimidating and messy, and there are a few trap doors that 
    will surprise you, but it's a below average one for difficulty. Go right and 
    dig and then pass over your enemy. Then get the two right chests at the very 
    top--above the long rope--before digging at the right edge. Drop left and 
    then dig right and drop through onto the 3-platform in the DR corner.
    Now you should be able to run left and up the stairs. Or, better yet, if the 
    enemies are crumpled together, you can run left, dig 3 holes and go up the 
    stairs, fall right and get back on.
    If the enemies aren't crumpled together, go into the upper right and make 
    them that way.
    If you were able to clear the right drops from the center ladder, then go up, 
    fall left twice, and take the ladder up. You can clear out the rest of the 
    stuff above the rope now and still drop back down where you should head for 
    the DL. Note you can't get the gold chest on the left edge(fake brick) but 
    you can get everything else--wait after you've fallen. When the enemies get 
    near, dig three holes to trap them as long as they're crunched together, then 
    fall right. At the top of the center ladder, wait for them all to fall to the 
    bottom and then fall left twice, climb and go left. Dig the left edge when 
    somoene gets near and fall for the gold chest. Now all you need to do is to 
    get everyone to follow you as you go up, fall left, up, left, up, right and 
    up at the second ladder to win this world.
      6. HIGH WORLD
        6-1. LEVEL 1
     $    ^  - $
    H  ~~~        H
    H     XXX~   *H
    H  +H ** XXX *H
    HXXXX X   XX *H
    H   X X $X****H
    H-  $ XXXX    H
    A cute start for a surprisingly tough level. Push left and up to start, then 
    drop onto the rope anddig right. Drop down and go back to the ladder. Dig 
    left, then dig the two squares to the right before getting on the rope again. 
    When the first square re-heals, dig above the gold chest and fall through 
    left. Wait by the bottom of the ladder, dig, climb it and fall right twice 
    onto the 1-rope.
     4X *H
    6    H
    The above diagram shows you how to dig to get out of the mess on the right 
    and to the ladder. Your enemy will be confused and not directly waiting for 
    you. Run to the ladder, dig right, walk over your enemy and go up and left to 
    the door. Best play can get you 10000 time and nonviolence bonus.
        6-2. LEVEL 2
       X         $^
     X   H     XXXH
     X $ H X$X    H
     XH  H       -H
     X  +  HX     $
    $         HXXXX
    The trick here is to get the enemy to fall into the UR pit and he is 
    surprisingly obliging.  It's convenient to do so right away. Go to the top 
    and he'll follow you. Dig 1 as below. You'll need a head start on the bad 
    guy. When he's about 1/3 of the way across the top ramp, drop in and dig #2.
    X431 X
    He'll fall where 1 was, and when he climbs out you can dig left(2) and run 
    left to sneak under him. He'll drop in the pit and stay there. Later you'll 
    dig 3/4 to let him out and then you'll dig left(but not too soon) to get to 
    the gold in the middle suspended bit, but it's more convenient to take 
    advantage of his absence to clear the rest of the board.
    From the ladder in the center, dig-R D dig-R and get the DR gold and come 
    back. Before climbing the ladder, dig left. When the bricks on the right re-
    form, dig them again. Fall through the left hole, get the DL gold, and come 
    Back up the ladders, detour for the gold to the left, and if you want to save 
    extra time, dig left when 1U1L of the enemy, get the gold, and dig left on 
    top of the enemy. But be sure to get the gold before releasing him to the 
    left(2 digs) in any case. Walk across him--it's not as hard as it seems--and 
    when he lands, dig left. He'll fall off the platform, leaving you to get the 
    final gold--but you may want to wait a second before doing so, so that you 
    can fall right and make it up the stairs that form ASAP.
    With accurate play you can get both 10000 bonuses here.
        6-3. LEVEL 3
      +   X       ^
    XXXXXXXH      h
    -XH    HXXXXX$X
    $XXH  ~~~~~~~~~
    X$XH X$$$$$$$$
    This is a tricky level where you need the help of your trapped enemy. He's 
    tough to sucker to the right, where you need to get for your first gold 
    chest. Unfortunately, you have to get it first so the ladders appear when you 
    get to the bottom, and you'll need to drop in the hole again to get out. 
    Here's what to do. Dig left, 1R, dig left, drop left, dig left and quickly go 
    down-left-up the ladder to the top. The monster will turn back briefly then 
    run after you. Once he gets to the square below you, push right and when 
    you're as far right as possible, dig left. He'll fall in. 1L-dig right-get 
    the gold-dig left-wait for him to shake out of it and drop in the hole. He'll 
    just make it out before it closes. Trust me!
    Now you need all the extra time you can get to dig the DL structure, unless 
    you choose to pause(which doesn't help your time bonus.) After falling off 
    the ladder to the left, dig left, fall, dig right, 1L, dig right. That takes 
    out holes 1 and 2 below.
    Wait for 5 seconds, then dig 3, 4 and 5. Come back around and dig 6 and you 
    should have plenty of time to get everything you need. The enemy will be 
    coming around so you will need to climb the ladder and fall on him and push 
    right. Once you're on the rope, dig left and fall down. Pick up the gold in 
    order and a ladder will appear to allow you back on the rope. Take the rope 
    and drop down as soon as you're left of the enemy. Climb up the stairs all 
    the way and he'll just make it out in time.
    If you don't care about the 10000 bonus then you can just dig the square near 
    the right stair and wait for him to fall in--you can even dig left of that if 
    you're too close, then trap him in the square below the pit, where he'll 
    regenerate and fall in.
    You need him to follow you all the way up. Sucker him to the right the same 
    as last time, and let him drop in the hole the same way too. Then you can 
    walk over him to the next level. Note you don't have to pause before you go 
    up the stairs--you won't make it in time, and he won't follow you to the 
    I only got 2500 in time bonus on this one. But given points aren't what's 
    important and even if they were there were those chests along the bottom, I'm 
    not really that disappointed.
        6-4. LEVEL 4
    HXXH$-    $
    H  XXXH XH** **
    $     H XH $ $
    **  XHXXH  * *H
      **XH   H  - H
    XH   H $ XXXXXX
    XXXXHXXXX  $ ~~
    $  XH   H XXX $
     XXXH + H   XH
    No way to get the 10000 bonus as you really have to take out your enemies to 
    climb over them after they regenerate. But you can get a small time bonus. 
    Still, a taxing level overall, though. You may lose a few guys trying to time 
    when to cross.
    Head up and left and dig right twice to get the bad guys out of your way. Go 
    up to the top. 
        6-5. LEVEL 5
       # +      h $
    H     XXXX  X
    H  -  ~~HXXX $
    *****H  H    XX
         H  H $
    $  XXH  XXXX  $
    **** H       XX
    $    HXXXXXXX
    I can't quite seem to get the 10000 bonus here and don't know if it's 
    available--nevertheless, once you see the way through this level is not so 
    bad. Dig left, drop, and go to the 2-platform between the boxes. Dig right 
    when the enemy is near, stand on him when he falls in, and dig left. Get the 
    gold and wait 1L of him. As he gets out of the hole, drop right, get the DL 
    gold and climb back U-L-U. If you're quick enough you can run by before the 
    enemy gets out, but otherwise you may want to stay on the bottom bricks and 
    dig a hole before running up.
    Now to make a bridge with the stone block and your enemy. Climb up to the 
    top--or the top rung of the ladder if you ran past your enemy without 
    digging, to push him back a bit--and push the block right. When it falls and 
    your enemy's on the top, dig right and push the block right again. Wait a 
    second or two, dig right, push the block right after you fall, and dig left 
    and get out.
    Get the gold to the right then go to the UR, get the gold, dig, dig, and walk 
    around and out.
        6-6. LEVEL 6
    ^             +
    h       ***H*XH
    h$      h*-H*$H
    $ XXXXXXhH $
    H    XXX  XXXh
    HXXXX~~~   X h$
    HXXXX  $    hXX
    H           h
    You've got a small mess to work out of at the beginning, and then you have to 
    find a way to walk over the monster to get to the right bit. While it's 
    perfectly OK to dig a hole for him and wait for him to drop after 
    regenerating, it's a fun puzzle to preserve the 10K bonus. You can get 5000 
    on time, too.
    But first you have to fake him out. Head halfway up the first rung and when 
    he bounces down, go U-R and dig right quickly. Get the gold in the nook to 
    the DR and then go back up the ladder and stand on the left edge.
    Now for this next part you'll need to encase yourself in hole 6 and make sure 
    it doesn't close on you, so you can run over the enemy to the other side.
    Run all the way left and dig 1 waiting for your enemy. Then dig 2 from the 
    right, 3 and 4, and come back and dig 5. That way your enemy won't be killed, 
    and you'll buy some time to dig 6 later--so 3 and 4 will heal well before 6 
    does, your enemy can walk over them, and you can walk over him to the right 
    when he falls.
    He'll go into the hole and you can collect the gold just by running right. 
    Dig or jump down for the DR and walk across your enemy, and dig the square 
    left of the rope to climb on it and fall on the gold above the pit your enemy 
    filled in. Go back left, digging right continually to let him out. You'll 
    have time to get the gold at the ladder's top before digging left to get the 
    monster's final gold. Once you get it, dig right to get on the rope, fall off 
    it, and climb the stairs that just appeared to the UL.
    (Note: the man can appear in the UL block. He's worth the time if you trapped 
    your other enemy.)
        6-7. LEVEL 7
         ^        $
    HX$X h    XXXHX
    H X XX XXX   H
    H     HX$-X H$H
    HX    X +   H
     $ XHXX$X XHXX
    This is a tough level where you need to trap your enemy and kill him off in 
    the bottom, by dropping him down where the gold is and then killing him. 
    There's a way to get that gold, but the only problem is that the ladder to 
    the next level appears in such a way that you can't get there without your 
    enemy's help. I've actually found a way to get that one gold chest without  
    killing your enemy:
    8 7H6
    Dig 1, dig 2 when he falls in 1, fall left and dig 3, 4 and 5 quickly, dig 6 
    for the enemy to fall in, and wait to dig when 4/5 start healing. Then you 
    can re-dig 4 and 5, run left over 3, and fall in for the gold and walk out.
    Nifty, huh? But your enemy is useless to you there. So...let's just slog 
    through the mess. First let's get the suspended gold.
    H12  $
    Dig 1 and then 2. Go up to 3, wait 3 1/2 seconds, dig it and drop down the 
    ladder and dig 4/5. Now if 1 and 2 don't heal quickly, adjust your timing and 
    try again. But if you can run across them without much delay, then dig them 
    from the right, drop through 3, and hold UL to get out of this mess.
    Two gold in the UR and then dig your enemy out--1U2L of him and 2L. Go 1D and 
    fall left to dig right. Go up the 1-ladder and dig a hole for the monster. 
    When he falls in, go around him and up the 3-ladder. Wait, and look where he 
    drops--into the pit with the gold.
    Before releasing him, though, take care of the DL.
     $ 6H
    Dig 1-2-3. Stand on 5, wait 4 seconds, and dig 4 and 5. Come back and dig 1-
    2-3. Fall onto 4, wait 4 seconds  and dig 6. You can actually dig 6 when 4 
    starts to heal and get away with it. Climb back out after 4-5 heal, re-
    digging them. If they don't do so within a second, start over, as you won't 
    have time to escape, but if they do, dig 1-2-3 and drop down the ladder. Get 
    the gold and run UR and then left and out.
    Now to release the monster and get his gold. Stand on him, dig right, and 
    after he goes two steps left, fall. Let him follow you when you fall right, 
    and dig left for his gold and to get time to climb across the rope, fall, and 
    go down the 1-ladder. Make sure your legs are not touching it. Your enemy 
    will fall into the gold. Now to kill him off.
    4 7H65
    Dig 1, 2 and 3 in rapid succession. Dig 4 quickly so your enemy falls into 
    the next pit, go right and wait 4 seconds. Dig 5, 6 and 7 quickly. 2 and 3 
    should re-form very soon after; dig them again, drop and dig 8. Go down the 
    stairs to the right and climb back UL. You may need to wait for 7 to re-form, 
    but when it does, climb over 7 to avoid 2-3 re-forming.
    Now stand on one of the 1-ladders horizontally adjacent on the right. When 
    your enemy starts bouncing on the left edge, take the stairs up and he will 
    fall into his old pit. Run left and then take the left ladder up before 
    climbing over him to win.
    Only 2500 bonus for this mess.
        6-8. LEVEL 8
    H~~~$ $ $ $~~~H
    H   X-H~H-X   H
    H   XXH~HXX   H
    H    XH~HX    H
     H   XHHHX   H
     H   X H X   H
     H   XH HX   H
    The big mess here is getting in and out of the center bit. Except for when 
    you're waiting to sucker enemies, you should be in continual motion. 
    5000+10000 looks possible.
    Fortunately it's not too bad to start off. R-U-L onto the ladder, then U and 
    when the guys fall down the ladders UL and UR of you, shoot to the top to get 
    the 2 gold there and dig R of the right ladder, and 1 below that, to jump to 
    the right side.
    123 H
    Dig 1-2-3 from the right, drop on your enemy, dig 4 and run left. When he's 
    on the second run, drop right and dig 5. Dig 6, get the gold behind it, get 
    the gold over the enemy and run to the top. Now you need to avoid the two 
    guys in the center. You probably won't have time to dig once on the left, let 
    alone twice(mirror image of how you got to the right,) so you may want to 
    drop all the way down into the DR corner. The bad guys will drop down the 
    center and when the first one lands you can climb up your ladder. The other 
    guy won't react quickly enough and when you are at the top of the ladder you 
    can climb UL/UR etc. at will. Then dig left, 1D, dig left and fall left. 
    Mirror what you did on the right.
    That leaves only getting out after you get the last gold on the castle top. 
    For this you just need to duck to the right ladder, drop, and go left into 
    the portal. Intermission time!
        6-9. LEVEL 9
    h   HXXXXXH*
    h   H     H XXX
    HX$XH XX$*H
    HX XH  * H XXXX
    H X   HXX$XX$XX
    $X$XXXH +  ****
    Several tricky solo runs here. First loop 2L-2U-3R-D and then go LULU and all 
    the way right. If you just want to get out, dig the left block, but you can 
    pick up the shirtless guy here. Dig 2-1 from the left edge, to get the block 
    in the corner, and then very quickly stand on Shirtless and dig left and 
    climb back around. He'll fall into the second hole you dug and you can jump 
    on his teddy bear and get out before the blocks re-form.
    Now to look at the DR gold.
    H 43
    H 5X
    Dig 1-4 from the ladder, then dig 5 from the right. You can dig 6 and 7 going 
    left, and then quickly climb back up the ladders and fall off to the right 
    where 2 was. Getting to 2 before it forms is the tough part.
    Now let's concentrate on the DL. The suspended gold is not too bad. Standard 
    Dig 1&2, wait for 1 to heal, dig 3-4-5, fall on the gold. But the other gold 
    pieces are an entirely different story. The solution? You eventually want
    XXX   XXX
    X X > X X
    X X > X X
    X X > X .
    XXX   ..X
    You'll have just enough time to sneak in, dig around, and get back.
    3 6
    4 7
    5 8
    e bcd
    Stand between 1 and 2. Dig 1, wait 4 seconds, dig 2, then fall left and dig 
    3-5. 1 should be healed, so fall through 2 and dig 6-8. 9-a should be next 
    and you'll just have time for b-c-d before running back through 8 just in 
    time and the rest shouldn't require any rush. Don't forget to dig e while on 
    the ladder.
    Now on to the gold by the boxes. These are obnoxious but the key is to poke 
    out each square just left of them in short order(bottom one first, or you 
    won't have any way to dig.) Then find a quick way to get in and out.
    H 37
    Dig 1 then 2. Wait for 1 to start forming--the last wait you'll get for a 
    while--and dig 3. Fall left and dig 1, 2 and 4. Go to the top and dig 5. Fall 
    right and back out and dig 6. You'll need exact movement or hole 3 will block 
    your way, but if you get it right the rest isn't too bad. Fall through 4 
    again, dig 7 and run left to the ladder. Get ready to run over 4, 2 and 1.
    I got a bonus of 2500 and don't think I wasted much time.
        6-10. LEVEL 10
    A level that looks easy in theory once you understand what to do, but there 
    are many unexpected traps. You need to keep the monster in the right-side 
    cage at the end, and try to keep him in the left side--or nullify him--before 
    then. But he can get loose. You'll also have to kill him a few times so he 
    regenerates in the UR and you can walk across him.
    Mr. Teddybear is below the 1-rope. But don't get him yet.
    X$ 5
     X 6
    H $
    Dig in the order shown, with no waiting. Obviously you need to dig 4 from the 
    right. Also, drop through 7 and run up the ladder quickly, and be sure to re-
    dig 3 after you run past it again. Wait briefly for 4 to heal and you should 
    dig through just in time.
    It's a simple walk along the top to the portal. 2500 bonus.
        6-11. LEVEL 11
       ^          $
       h  $ *HXXX X
     $ h ****H  XXX
    XXXH     XXH~~
       H  $       H
    H $X HXXXH +
    $HV$XH  $XXXH $
    This is another level where you have to kill your enemy. You don't have the 
    time to sucker him into following you by falling off the boxes to walk over 
    him, so you have to dig him up. There are also some finesses you can use 
    while waiting for a hole to fill in. They don't seem to matter, though. The 
    best I can do is 2500, with or without finesses.
    Go up the ladder and dig left. Your enemy will fall in. Go up the next ladder 
    to the left and dig right, and your enemy will follow you, fall and 
    regenerate. During this time you should climb up the 4-ladder so you can fall 
    on him when he regenerates and falls. Walk over him to the 3-platform for 
    another gold.
    Dig where you did before, and go back up the 4-ladder on the left. Stay on 
    the top rung. Once the enemy gets on the stair, climb down and he will walk 
    into the pit. Now you can walk over him and the plan is to trap him so that 
    he regenerates over the top pit.
    Dig 1. Wait 2 seconds. Dig 2. When 1 regenerates, dig 1 and 3. Instead of 
    just waiting during this you can pick up the DL chest. Then once your enemy 
    regenerates, get the UR gold and fall left onto the boxes. When you fall off, 
    dig right and go down the stairs. Fall left for one gold and go right for the 
    other and you should make ot back up in plenty of time.
    This leaves one more puzzle.
    H $X
    Dig 1 and 2. Get the gold chest above, then stand at 1 and dig 3 when it 
    reforms, then dig 4. Go back up and dig 1 and 2. Down the ladder, dig 5, and 
    after you fall through, go left to get the gold and then get out. The stairs 
    to the portal are right there.
        6-12. LEVEL 12
    ^         $$
    h +    HXXXXXX
    h XX XXH X
    h  X$XXH X XXHX
    h$$ XX H   $  H
    XXXH X H ~~X $H
    XXXH X H   *HX$
    $XXH  HXH  *XXH
    The lower right is a bit of a mess, but the rest is not too taxing. For that 
    part I suppose you can cheat with the dig-trick but doing it straight up also 
    pans out. Another level where you only get a 2500 bonus for some decent 
    Fall to the DL and dig as follows:
    1-4, quickly, 5-7 once 1 fills in, then 8-1-9 to get the two gold and get 
    Then it's on to the next bit. The gold down the chute.
    Get the two gold at the top and drop in. The next bit has what look like a 
    few tricky digs, but actually you just need to focus on the first.
    $  H
    X  H
    Dig 1, then dig 2, then get the gold and wait right of 3. Count off about 4 
    seconds and then dig left and go back up. Dig 1 and fall down. Wait left of 3 
    and dig 4 when 3 heals. Walk over 3 and dig left to get rid of it again, then 
    go back up so you can dig 1. Fall down the right and dig 5 to get the gold. 
    Now quickly walk back across the blocks as they re-form. Then go to the left 
    and up.
        6-13. LEVEL 13
           + ^
    XH   H   hX$X H
    H$X$X$X$XhX XXX
    ********HhXXX $
             h ~~~H
    X  HXX$X XX$H
    Another solo level that gets you 2500 time and requires a bit of patience. 
    The upper left is not too esoteric. Dig above the buried ladder, get the gold 
    on the left, and dig right at the bottom of the laddr, 1U, dig-left. Drop 
    into the suspended ladder and dig both ways at the bottom. Fall right and run 
    left. You don't have much spare time but there aren't too many mistakes to 
    Climb back up and fall right. At the 2-ladder  dig-L, 1U(gold), 2D, dig-L, 
    1U, dig-R and drop down and wait a second and dig left. R-U-L-U and wait, 1L 
    dig left and drop. Dig right.
    Now there are two tricky gold pieces on the left. Let's get the one in the 
    corner first.
    Dig 1, 2 and 3. When 1 begins to heal, dig 4 and 5. Climb back over and dig 
    3, 2(from L) and 6. Drop on the gold and climb back up the stairs.
    Now to get the other chest--actually, getting another one in the process 
    helps clear out one obstacle later.
    X3H2 1H4X
    H8 7H6H5$
     Hab$X XX
    Dig 1/2 from the left, 3 from the right. Then dig 4/5 and get the gold. Dig 
    6/7 from the left and 8 from the right and 3 should fill up pretty soon--
    stand on it and dig 9 and 3, drop and dig a/b from the right, and drop to get 
    the gold. You should make it out in time (L-U-L-U-R-U) then.
    H2 X4H
    Dig 1. Wait til it starts to heal and dig 2. U/R and dig 1 and 3. Get the 
    gold in the UR above the ladder then drop down above the gold. Wait a half-
    second and dig 4. Then drop left and dig 5 and 6. If all went well you should 
    be able to dig 2 again soon after. 1 and 3 should cover up. Dig 3 from the 
    right on the rope, drop through 4, get the gold, and RURU. 4 will heal. Go 
    left and drop left. Right when 6 heals, run across before 2 heals too.
        6-14. LEVEL 14
    Finally, company, and the teddy bear is pretty easy to get, too. Head UR 
    immediately and turn left under the rope. Dig right to slow your enemy up and 
    go to the left edge. Dig the square there and, when your enemy is on the left 
    of the rope, climb down the ladder. Whether he falls down the rope or follows 
    you, you can dig a hole to trap him temporarily. Run out. The block will 
    recover, sticking him in the DL.
    Now you can get the teddy bear--clear the top bit, fall right, and past the 
    ropes dig left three times. Get the gold at the top as you wait for the 
    fellow to chase you fruitlessly, then run and get the teddy bear.
    The left side of what's below is easier, so we'll get that first.
    X   2H
    XH6 3H
    Dig 1/2. Wait for 1 to heal. Dig 3/4, run across the top, dig and fall 
    through 5. Dig 6 and 7 using the ladder, fall down, and run right.
    H2~ 3H
    Dig 1. Wait and dig 2 when 1 fills in. Dig 1 from the right, fall right and 
    dig 3 and 4. L-U-3L and dig 5. Drop, dig 6 and get out. 2 should be coming 
    back, so dig it. Make to drop onto 3 but don't do so until it's formed. Then 
    dig 3 and 4. Get the gold below and walk over 6 when it's reformed. U-3L and 
    you're out, with an easy path to the portal.
        6-15. LEVEL 15
     X HX $   $ XH
       H ~~~~~~  H
    H    H    H   -
    XH$ $HX$X$HX$XH
    XXH *$XH$XH*X$H
    XXX ********XX*
    More company! Here the 10000 bonus is iffy but it is fun to try for, and 
    there's only marginal risk. First note that, avoiding the bonus, you can trap 
    one enemy pretty easily(D, L, dig, go a square up the ladder and watch him 
    retreat the other way. Then bring the other guy over, run past him, go up the 
    other ladder to drag the trapped guy, and do it again) and proceed from 
    there. Then, near the end, you can lure the bad guys one way to the edge of 
    the pit, circle around to the other, dig their gold chests up, and drop down 
    to next level's portal.
    But if you want to trap your opponents more fully, you'll need a sense of 
    risk taking and also the ability to judge when to move up/down to bring the 
    enemies back left. Go down, dig a hole, jiggle up/down when the first guy 
    falls in, and wait for the other guy to come around. If you've let him bounce 
    left/right at the right amount of time, the two guys will follow you up the 
    stairs. Then you can dig left and go left and they will follow you into the 
    Here you can use the pause quasi-cheat as you dig the left side of the long 
    pit to cut down the time they have to fall in that hole. Or you can quickly 
    climb to the top of the ladder and note your enemies only move left when 
    you're halfway on the top rung. Bounce back and forth a bit and they should 
    soon be trapped.
    The chests that are left aren't bad at all. 
        6-16. LEVEL 16
       ~+~   ^ ~
      ~~X~~  HX X
     ~~$X$~~ HHXHX
    ~~ XXX ~~H X X$
    ~ $XHX$ ~HXHX X
      XXXXX  HX X$X
     $XH$HX$ HHX X
    $XH$H$HX$*H X X
    The left side is nothing too terrible on first inspection but the right feels 
    well nigh impossible. Dig everything you can, whenever you can. The way below 
    seems the quickest.
    Then the zigzag structure with the ladders. You could be constantly going 
    back up to the top to dig in this one unless you notice what you need to do: 
    dig holes 9, a and b. And I think you can guess the general strategy from the 
    diagram below.
    HX 1
    H 3 9$
    H4H7 X
    H5 a$X
    HH8 X
    H b$X
    *H X X
    You'll have to dig 1 again after 8, and you will need no slip ups, but you 
    can pretty much coast.
    Intermission time.
        6-17. LEVEL 17
              H~  ^
    XX XH   XXH~ XX
    X XXH     H XXX
     XXX h        $
         HX  HX  HX
    Blah, only a time bonus of 2500 for this mess?
    The first chest is the big headache here. You need to proceed: UL, UR, upper 
    center, UR, DL, DR.
    $ 34H
     5X H
    Xa 6H
    X 78H
    Dig 1 and 2. Wait over 2 and dig 3 and 4 when 1 starts to fill up. Dig 1 ASAP 
    and then wait. When 3 starts to fill up, dig 5 and fall right. Dig 6, 7 and 
    8. Climb back to the top, dig 9, fall, dig a and fall and run right.
    Dig 1 and 2. If you'd like you can pick up the gold just off to the 
    left...might as well do something as you wait, but when you get back to 1, 
    dig 3 when it starts to fill up and drop in. Now go back up and dig 2 and 1 
    in that order, which will make things a bit easier later. Wait for 3 to start 
    filling up and dig 4. Then L 2U 2R and dig right for 5. Loop around again--by 
    now 1 and 2 should be re-filled--and dig 6 to get the gold and fall left 
    twice to the ladder.
    UC: dig left, down, dig left for one gold(if you haven't already gotten it 
    with the UR.) Wait. Dig left next to the other gold to get there, and dig 
    under that square.
    DL: After falling from the UC, dig the square 2L of the gold and 1D of that. 
    Get the gold. Get back on the stairs.
    H1  H4
    H32 H65
    You can and should plow through with digging the holes as marked. Don't take 
    breaks. If you really want to risk things you can dig out the whole bottom 
    and seem to walk through a while brick as it's white.
        6-18. LEVEL 18
              ^  ~
    XXXXH   X$X$X H
     $ XH   XXXXXH
    $XH H    H H  H
     XH H   +H H  H
    XXHXXXH   H  H
    $XH  HXXX~HX H-
     XH*$HX$X $HXXX
    The first thing to do is to marginalize the bad guy. Head left and go up the 
    big ladder to the top. He'll go to the UR. When he gets on the rope. Move 
    down 2 1/2 lengths so you're half-level with the platform to the right. He 
    will dither and then fall in one of the holes above, to be left until the 
    Let's attack the left first.
     $ 2H
    $5H H
     6H H
     7  H
    You can drill through 1-7 quickly(although I recommend a small pause before 
    drilling 5 if you're not 100% sure of your dexterity) and still get to the 
    fallen chest--you have to circle around, drill 8, wait for 3 to fill in, drop 
    on it, dig left, fall and run to the right. The trick though is to remember 
    to drill a before starting again. Next time drill 1-4 and b. A should heal 
    soon, leaving a simple pickup after you circle around to dig 6, 7, c and d.
    The bottom center is not hard either.
    1H   H
    HX$5 $H
    Dig 1 as you come back up from the left bit, get the gold DL of it, dig 2, 
    then 3, fall through 3 and dig 4. Get on the rope and dig 5. Exit where 4 
    And now on to the really tricky bit. It requires walking across your enemy 
    for the extra 10k. Stand on him, dig left and dig right. Now run right. But 
    not too fast. Stagger your run, and when you are on the left edge of the 
    rope, stop. Then wait for him to get on the rope, drop left, and 1L-dig 
    right. Dig left and when your enemy falls in, get his chest and fall left. Go 
    up the big left ladder and he will escape. Sucker him into the hole as 
    before, then walk back over him. 10000+2500.
        6-19. LEVEL 19
           ~~~~  ^$
    - $XXXH    X hX
    H     HX    XX$
     HXXXXH     XXX
     H$XX$XXXXH -
     XX $X XX H***H
    H XXXX    H$$$H
    H$$   +       H
    This is a drag-it-out level where you need to trap your enemies in the UR 
    hole. The only way to do this is by digging in the right place--the DR. Then 
    you have to circle around a few times, and oh, one last thing: don't get the 
    UR gold last. The enemies will make it out of the hole before you get to the 
    portal. Unlike the level back in small world, you'll lose the tiebreaker.
    So the first thing to do is 1R, dig right. When your enemy falls in, take the 
    right stairs, L, 2D and wait for the enemy to be under the gold to your 
    right. Run across him to et all 3. Better late than early to get 200-400-600 
    although if you go early you can bail out by dancing back and forth.
    Then go to the UR. At the rope dig right. Then 2-1 dig to get the encased 
    gold on the right--it may seem your enemy can catch up to you, but he will 
    turn left once you drop in the 2-hole you dug.
    Now you can save a bit of time by going up the ladder to your left--your 
    enemy will follow you. When he's on a level with you, drop dow, 2R, dig-L, 
    2R, dig-L. Now proceed to the left and the weird suspended structure.
    X5 $X
    Dig 1, 2 and 3. Stand at 2, wait 4 seconds, dig 4. Fall left, dig 5, circle 
    around and when 3 heals, stand on it and dig 6. Then dig 7 to fall out and 
    get a gold. Wait at the ladder for your other enemy to fall to the bottom and 
    dispose of him as you did the previous guy.
    The last gold chest in the DL, you fall right off the top of the bottom 
    ladder. Then get the UR gold and dig right on the rope. If you're really 
    dexterous you can drop from the left of the rope and dig twice before digging 
    for the suspended gold, but there's nothing wrong with digging for the 
    suspended gold, falling and dig-R, L, dig-R. You'll have to re-dig the square 
    right of the rope in this case but it won't cost you a time bonus. Of which 
    you'll get 2500 max.
        6-20. LEVEL 20
      $ $ ~~~~
     XXXXX    H
       $   +# XXH$$
      XX  -XX-  HXX
      $  XXXXXX H
    HXX    XX   H
    X XXXH*$$*HX$XX
    $XX XH    HX$XX
    You can get the nonviolence bonus here although it's a bit tricky. Get the 
    gold in the center first--you need the block for it. Dig without pause as 
    below. The enemy will slip out of one hole, walk over the other, and fall off 
    to the left.
    Circle around, get the UL gold pair, and go back on top of the block. Dig 
    left and push the block right off the edge. Dig right and push the block 2R. 
    Dig left. Get the left and down gold in the structure waiting for that 
    hole(1) to heal--you'll need to dig 3. Then dig 2 as 1 starts to heal.
    Dig 1 from the right and push the block into the gap created. Now you can 
    walk across it to get one gold. stand on the block and dig 4. Push the block 
    right and then walk over it for the final chest.
    H 4$
    H3 X
    Now you need to sucker an enemy over so that you can drop him in one of the 
    DL holes. Stand at the bottom of the ladder and push up when one is a square 
    away. Lead him on a merry chase, standing in the UL. Dig right when he's 
    near, then stand on him and dig right. Fall left and climb down the ladder. 
    You should have just enough time. He'll fall after you. Quickly go up and 
    fall right. Pull back and dig right and go down the stairs. One enemy will 
    fall in.
    Get the other to follow you to the right and climb to the rope with no 
    pauses. Drop when you're on the left edge of the rope, and that will stick 
    him on the right. Now for the DL.
    X4 65H
    $78 9H
    You need to use your enemy as a ladder here and dig order is also critical. 
    Ladders will appear in the holes to help you get out as well. Wait 2 seconds 
    after digging 1-2-3 from the right, then dig 4, 5 and 6 so you wind up on the 
    enemy who will fall into the next hole. Don't move then--instead hold to dig 
    left twice and dig right to release him. Run across him and to the top, where 
    you can dig 3 and 1, drop left, get the gold, run right, take the ladder up, 
    and hold U-L. It's a close call but you can make it. In fact, both your 
    enemies will be almost consumed by holes as you exit, which is moderately 
        6-21. LEVEL 21
     XXXH     ^ HX
    HXXXH $ H*  H
    H  X$** HX  H
    X****  +H*   -
     X$  XHX$   $ H
    Here you have to kill your enemy in order to get that UR gold, and there are 
    a few tricky smash and grab routines. And a surprising ending too.
    Get the gold under you first.
    Dig 1. Wait 4 seconds then dig 2&3. Don't worry about the delay before re-
    digging 1. You'll need it later. After re-digging 1 go down the big ladder to 
    dig 4. Wait until 2/3 start to fill up and dig 4. Then dig 2 and 3--the extra 
    time you waited to dig 1 works in your favor as you now can just drop and get 
    the gold, wait at the ladder for 4 to heal, and run across.
    Now take out the UL. Dig over the gold on the boxes and then explode the 
    nine-structure as follows.
    H  X$
    Dig 1/2. Get the gold. Wait until 1 heals. Dig 3 and 4. Go back top and gid 
    5-6-1-2. Fall onto the one gold at the bottom and circle around for the 
    other. 3 and 4 will be healed but not 1 and 2.
    Next order of business is the right side. Go to the top of the long aldder 
    and fall to the right. Dig right. When the enemy falls in, stand on him, wait 
    a half-second, dig left, and go up the ladder. At the box, dig left and 
    you'll be aligned so the enemy will run at you, into the second hole you dug. 
    Stay there, because he'll get out and fall back in. If you did everything 
    immediately he would have escaped. Once he's fallen back in, go to the top 
    and run over him as he regenerates and falls. Run along the top of him to the 
    ladder for more gold. You shouldn't have a problem shaking and baking him for 
    the DR gold. Dig over the rope to return.
    Two more runs off to the left. For the first,
    X   5HX
     X HX$X
    Dig 1. Wait 1 second. Dig 2, 3, 4. Get in a position to dig 1 and do so when 
    it regenerates. Dig 5. You need to run right and, quickly, left(if the blocks 
    take more than two seconds to reappear, try again) and dig 4 and 3 behind 
    you. Dig 6 and fall into it and run UR. One gold to go.
    Now for the nasty one.
    Dig 1. Drop on 3. Wait 2 seconds. Dig 2, 3 and 4. Go up in position to dig 1 
    and do so when it regenerates. Then go to 5 and dig it when 2 begins to 
    regenerate. Dig 2, 3 and 4. Then dig 1. Go down and dig 6 when 5 starts to 
    regenerate, then 5. When 3 and 4 start to regenerate, dig them. Then drop 
    onto the gold chest and run over 6 when it's fully formed. UR wins it.
    Now trap the bad guy as you did before, in the square over the rope. But this 
    time when you fall on him, dig to the left to enter the portal. Nothing else 
        6-22. LEVEL 22
     ~~  XHX X~
    $  XHXHX~X X~
     XH  XHX X X X$
    This level has some horrendous mindbenders and losing a step or two is fatal. 
    Let's start with the UL which is the easiest--and it leads to the DL nicely.
    X732  H
    X$H4 1H
    XXX8  H
     ~~  6H
    Dig 1, run around and dig 2/3 from the left. Fall and dig 4 and stay to the 
    right of 5. Wait 3 seconds, dig 5 and run right. Go down to dig 6 and then 
    climb back over 2/3, now healed. Dig 7 and dig 8 and you should be able to 
    run past 6 just in time. In fact, you should be able to dig left to start the 
    lower left bit.
    If you don't quite do it, just dig 1/2 as below to start, and wait a few 
    seconds before continuing.
     ~~  1H
    $  3H2H
     9H  8H
    Dig 3, then 4-5-6-7. Go back up so you can dig 1 before continuing, then take 
    out 8 and 9. Go right, up the stairs, left across the rope, and fall. Hold 
    right as you fall and you'll just make it past the healing brick in time.
    Now the upper right is your next task.
    H   H4XX
    HX2 H5$H
    H 36HX~~
    H1~  XXX
    Dig 1, 2 and 3. Wait 1 second to dig 4 and 5 and then fall left. Dig 1 
    immediately and then fall over to dig 6 and 7. 4 should be healed, so walk 
    over it and dig 8 and get the gold. Floor it left.
    This last one is nasty and probably requires some practice.
    H2 3~
    H4~5 6~
    He d c b$
    Dig 1, get on the rope, and dig 2 right after. Wait for 5 seconds, dig 3, and 
    fall and dig 4. Then dig 1, which should be formed/forming by now. If not, 
    start again, with a longer wait.
    Fall over right to the second rope and dig 5/6. Then fall left and dig right 
    to take out 7, 2L, dig right for 8. Run through 1 all the way right, falling 
    onto the far right rope. Dig 9 and a, drop, and now dig right and hold left. 
    Go down and run right and go back left to get out.
        6-23. LEVEL 23
    h  XhX -X  XhXH
    hX XXX ******XH
    hX        ~ -XH
    hXXXXX $ +XXXH
    h      *** X$ H
    h~~~~~ $H$HXXXH
    $      H$H$ $XH
    $HXH$HXH$H    H
    Important point: don't get the UR gold last. The ladder that appears will 
    release the enemy you just walked over. 2500 for all this mess and you do 
    have to kill someone to cause him to fall down the shaft so you can run over 
    him onto the rope.
    Get the chest to the left and wait for the guy to fall below you. Jump over 
    him onto the rope to the left. Get the gold in the far left and go up the 
    ladder and dig right. Now go 2R1U2R1D and dig when the bad guy is furthest 
    from you in his cycle. Walk across him and wait when you hit the wall. Drop 
    down when he's above the gold(this gets you 300 extra points) and then run to 
    the right ladder. In the left niche wait and dig a hole for him to fall in. 
    Stand on him and dig your way out.
    Go to the left until just before you'd fall. Wait for the holes on the left 
    to fill in and for the enemy to the left to be at the top of his vacillation. 
    Drop and dig left. Just wait there for your other enemy, on the right ladder, 
    to fall into the hole in the UR. Now you can get that gold chest. Come back 
    and get the others.
    Now trap the guy on the left as before, dropping from the one ladder, 
    climbing back on it and dropping when your enemy escapes. Once he's in the 
    second time, climb on the boxes and fall left over him after he regenerates.
        6-24. LEVEL 24
    $  X$XHX$ X $XH
    $XH   HX HX  XH
    $XH   H XXXXX H
     X XH HX  X  XH
    XXXXH  X$ X $XH
    There are two sweeps you have to make here. The right is reminiscent of the 
    last bit of level 50 of Championship Lode Runner and the left isn't too bad.
    $  X$XH
    X43X XH
    $5H   H
    $7H   H
     9 8H H
    Dig 1/2 from the same spot and drop to dig 3-5. Then drop through 2 for a 
    gold chest. Then dig 6. Go back up and dig 1,3,4,5 and then dig 7, 8, 9. Get 
    the gold chest and dig a and then wait UR of 8 for it to heal so you can go 
    back to the right structure.
    4  6H
    5$ 7
    X HX
    X$ X
    X  X
    X  X
    Dig 1, wait 4 seconds, dig 2 and 3. Dig 4 and 5 and circle over the healed 1 
    to dig 6 and 7. Get the gold to the right. 4 and 5 will heal so dig 8 and 
    then 9 and a. Fall off to dig b/c and then fall through 8. Dig d/e and get 
    the gold to the right. Back on the ladder dig f/g for another gold. Now you 
    just have the DR stuff so go to the UR, all the way down, and dig the bottom 
    two blocks to get the gold. The portal is in the UR.
    2500 time bonus. More babble with the wizard. My score was 259300.
        7-1. LEVEL 1
    hh h h  hh  hh hhh hh hh
    h  h h h   h   h   h  h
    hh h h h   h ^ hh  hh hh
     h h h h   h   h    h  h
    hh hhh  hh  hh hhh hh hh
              XXXXXH+   $
    H   XXH   XXX$XHX   $  X
    $HX$*  XH   XX H  XXXX
      $       H  $  HXX XXXH
    HXXX     XH  X  H XX$$XH
    H $ XXXXXXH     H  XXX$H
    A messy little level full of weird gold chests to get. Let's work on the 
    center bit first.
      Xc H
    H  $  H
    Then, to the right of where you start,
    H    $
    HX   $
    H X2 X X
    H  3XXX
    Dig 1, fall, wait for it to heal and dig 2/3. Then dig 4 and fall left 
    through 3. Note that right of 3 is a pit below...another nasty incidental 
    trap that nails you when you're feeling good about solving something.
    In the DR,
    HX1 4XXH
    H X2$$XH
    H  5X3$H
    In the DL,
    H    4
    Dig 1, go to 2, wait 2 seconds, dig it, dig 3 and 4, then dig 1. 1 should 
    show up no more than a half-second after you return--if not, adjust your 
    timing. Then fall left, go UL to the corner, and then return right.
    Off to the left,
    Dig 1-2, wait for 1 to heal, dig 3, dig 1-2, drop down and climb up the 
    ladders as the squares heal.
    The last bit is easy enough. dig 1U and 2R1D of the suspended gold and drop 
    on it from above. Take the ladders back where you started, then go UL on the 
    C, right at the top, and drop down into the portal.
        7-2. LEVEL 2
    h               $ ~~
    h              XXX  XXXH
    h                      H
    h   -             -    H
    H  $XH XHX $  H      HXX
    H X X $XH  X  HXX$   H $
    H$XXXXXXH  +  H  XX  XXX
    X$ XXX$ HXXXXXH  $ H  $
    XXX            X X XXXXX
    First you want to trap the bad guys where you can get at them easily. The 
    right place to stand for this is atop the single ladder in the DR. They 
    enemies will run over you to the right, fall and come back left. You'll have 
    to pull down when the second one gets near--then he'll fall down off the 
    ladder. There's the problem of taking one for his gold but that ought not to 
    be too tough. Theree is some loose gold to pick up, so let's focus on the 
    hidden stuff. Center first.
    3   5
    Dig 1. Wait 4 seconds and dig 2. Then fall off 1, dig 3, and dig 4 beneath 
    that. 1 should be healed within a second(if not, try again,) so walk across 
    it, fall off 2, and dig 5 and 6. Then 7-8-9 lets you out.
    The left part is really interesting and tougher than some later puzzles, IMO. 
    You may want to shake out the top for the Teddy Bear.
    $6H 4H
     7 $5H
     X $aH
     X cXH
    Dig 1, wait 4 seconds, dig 2 and 3, fall right and dig 4 and 5. Go where 2-3 
    were and dig 6-7, then fall right and dig 8-9-a. You now have a way out where 
    4-5 would be closed if you just went to dig over the gold piece. U-L, dig b, 
    and run right to escape. You even have time to dig the two squares below a, 
    to get the gold on that ledge.
    On the left ladder, get the gold and dig the three squares below it. Now you 
    need to go to the DR and release your enemies. Do so one at a time. If only 
    the right one has the gold, then just run left and dig right and you'll get 
    one to fall in a pit and another in your hole. If the back guy has gold, then 
    lead the front guy on a goose chase(NOTE: to preserve your nonviolence bonus, 
    drop to the bottom rank and wait for him,) digging if he has a gold, then 
    come back to dig the other guy out later when you have a big head start. You 
    can use the 1-ladder as refuge--just dig the hole open before the enemy gets 
    there and you should be able to extract the gold easily enough.
    Ladder to portal in UL.
        7-3. LEVEL 3
                  ~     ~~~H
     $~~~~~~~~~~XH XXXXX   H
     X          XH X $XX$  H
     X          XH X** HX  H
    *************H    XXXXXH
          -      HXXXXXXXXXH
    HXXXXXXXXXH+ H         H
    H  XXXXXXXH  H~XX ~ *  H
     XH   X$~~H  H X X$X*$ H
    HX ~~  X   HXXXX****** H
    $XH$ X$XX  H           H
    You can try for 20000 here by moving your enemy around to the UR and then 
    coming back to the DL. You need to get rid of him somehow, although if you 
    want to be lax, you can just dig a hole under the boxes and he will fall in 
    the pit, leaving you to do your thing.
    Let your enemy follow you as you go to the right edge. Go down and when he 
    follows, go left and dig the block that is eventually in your way. Get the 
    gold behind it. You should still be able to make it back up the ladder, left 
    under the boxes, and one down to separate yourself from your enemy.
    Dig 1. When it starts to heal, dig 2 and 1 again. Drop down and your enemy 
    will fall to a ledge on level with you. When you move back up and past the 
    healing brick, you will force him into the pit. But you can also dig square 3 
    as square 2 heals--from the left so you can climb back up of course.
    That would allow you to make a combination--dig 3, 2 and 1 and drop right, 
    dig right, and sweep the floor right-left-right. Go up the 1-stair and walk 
    across the blocks as they heal.
    The next part is not too bad--get two gold at once beneath the boxes. Then go 
    up the center ladder, dig left, run left and get the gold piece and run back 
    The UR is the next bit and it's not too bad.
    * HX
    Dig 1 and 2, drop and dig 3 when 1 heals. Drop right and dig 4. Fall and go 
    right and dig left at the ladder to escape. Now there's the DR.
    H~3X ~ *
    H 4 6$7*
    Dig 1-3 quickly. Then wait at the rope and dig 4 when 1 starts to heal. Dig 5 
    and drop on the rope to dig 6 and 7. Then circle around again to dig over the 
    gold on the right. You're near the right side ladder, with the portal at the 
        7-4. LEVEL 4
      $            $     $ ^
      $ H   XXXXXXX   XH  $h
    HXXXH-            XXHXXX
    HX  H    $      XXHXXXXH
    XXX X         X ****** H
        X%XXXXHX$ X X    - H
    H ~~~~~  XH     XH    XH
     X$      HX$     H X$ XH
    -    $   H  XXXXXH  $  H
    A very workmanlike level where the right maneuver can entomb one enemy and 
    make the rest a lot less risky. Head left and up and dig a hole to get your 
    enemy out of the way. Then get the gold to the left, R-D-L for the one below 
    that, and climb down. At the ladder base, dig left when the bad guy comes, 
    then L-U-R-D-R for another gold. Dig below.
    Now here's the make or break maneuver that can get you the 10000 nonviolence 
    easily. Dig right, get the gold, 2L D dig left and go down. Wait until the 
    enemy almost touches you and move up. He should follow you. Go right, dig 
    left when at the wall, and then sneak left and up and wait. Even past when 
    the guy gets out of his hole--go down and he may slip back in.
    2D, dig left, 2U and dig the left end of the platform. Drop left, dig right, 
    fall and go R-U. Now raid again: 2D, dig, D-L-2D and go left as far as you 
    can to dig left. Walk over the guy who landed in the hole and get his gold--
    you can get to the corner, right, 2U-R-U before the hole closes.
    Now dig right at the bottom of your pivot ladder. Fall in. time to fake out 
    another enemy. Go along the bottom and get the gold there and let him follow 
    you to the left. Switch up and right and dig 4 times to the left heading down 
    the ladder. You can walk in for the gold. Go back right and then you can go 
    up/left and dig the leftmost square on the 5-wide platform. Go R-U and dig 
    left at the ladder top, then D-L. Dig the middle square, go back up, and dig 
    below your first hole. D-L and dig again, next to where the enemy is. The 
    original hole healed--dig left of it to fall on a gold. Now you might want to 
    run left to have your enemy chase you until the holes heal. Eventually you 
    can run up the right and fake him out for the UR gold. Once you make it to 
    the top, 1L dig left and fall. 1R 2D 2L to get all the gold and dig to get to 
    the area to fake out your enemy once more. Portal in the UR.
        7-5. LEVEL 5
       ~~~~~~~~          $ h
     $H                 HXXH
     XH ~  XXXXH  XXXXH H  H
     X$HXX XH  HX    XXH XX$
     XX ** XH$ HX$X**X HXX X
       X**XXXX$H**XX  H HXX$
    ***      XXH  X H*******
       $   $   H+   H
    H   $  X   H  XXHX   X$X
    The toughest part is in the UL so let's tackle that first.
    H ~  12XX
    X8 763H
    $H9a 4H
    X ** 5H$
    Dig 1,2. Wait for 1 to start healing and dig 3,4. Go around and dig 1,2 and 
    then dig 5 when 3 starts to heal. Walk up and left, dig 6/7/8, get the gold, 
    and get out. You can also dig 7/8/9/a with the same results and fewer 
    zigzags. Oh, and don't forget the UL gold here too.
    Dig right 3x going down the center ladder, from the top, to get one more 
    gold, then the suspended gold UR of it works as follows:
    Dig 1-4 quickly, wait for 1 to start healing, dig 5, and dig 6. Drop through 
    6 and dig 7. Get out.
    Then for the gold on the right:
    43 X
    Dig 1-4. Wait until 1 starts to heal. Dig 5 and 6. Stand UR of 1 and dig. 
    Drop down, then left. Run right and left.
    The DR is a bit of a mess but the solution isn't too esoteric.
    6H5   c$X
    a 9$$$XXX
    Dig 1-4(note: right then left is important, since this carries over to the 
    last bit where you run from right to left and just make it out.) Wait for 1 
    to heal, dig 5 and 6, then dig 7 and 8. Come back down to dig 9 and a. Then 
    b, fall right, dig c, fall and go left. Another dramatic escape.
    The DL has an opportunity to make things very safe but I'll show the 
    straightforward way first.
      XXX  H
       X   H
    Dig 1 from the right, then go down the ladder and dig 2/3/4 and then back up. 
    Fall through1 as it closes, dig 5 and run right.
    Or... dig 0, wait 4 seconds, dig 1 and fall right to save some time on the 
    catch-and-grab. And don't forget the gold in the far left.
        7-6. LEVEL 6
                       h  $
    $XX H$XX XX$ H X   H
        H   $   H  X     H
      XXH   X + H      - H $
    XXX H    XXH     HXXXHXX
    An easy enough level especially if you can sneak through with the 20K bonus. 
    First you can get your enemies out of the way for the main stretch, though. 
    Head straight down to dump the right hand guy in the DR and goad the left 
    hand guy over to the right before dropping down to get rid of him. You can go 
    down the UR ladder and fall left when he's close behind and he will "follow" 
    right when you cascade left. And two guys will fit in that one space!
    But now you have some work to do. Dig left of the ladder to break into the 
    left. You may want to dig the bottom bit to check for the fellow with the 
    Teddy Bear and clean him out. Then go up the big left ladder, grabbing the 
    gold in the side on the way.
    The first dig in the UL is tricky because you need to reconnoiter a bit lower 
    to make sure that you're not stuck when you drop. And once you do, you can 
    take out the DL as well.
    X21 H
    $3X H
     $X H
    Dig 1, 2 and 3 but now you want to go back to the ladder and dig 4. Now to 
    concentrate on the upside-down triangle. You can get the center gold from 
    either way but since you're on the left, start there. You do need to move 
    freely, but after you drop from 5, fall right and huld UR, then UL near the 
    top of the other ladder. Dig 6 and fall in and you'll make it just as the 
    hole closes. The other gold is trivial--no need to go down the slide.
    2$   $XX
    X3 $ XX
     X4 XX
    Right gold:
    Once you fall out, go right and dig right. 3U 2R dig right fall dig left and 
    fall left. Get the UL gold and chip away at the left of the structure below.
    1, 2. Wait. 3, hook around for 4. Dig 5-6 and 7-8 to release your enemies. Go 
    to the UR and wait. One will run off to the left. I got both of them to but 
    think it was an accident. Still 2D L off the rope makes it easy to find the 
    niche(down the middle ladder and left) to make an enemy fall into a pit on 
    the left. You can then get an enemy to follow you down the cascading stairs, 
    dig to the left and let him follow you closely up the left ladder...then run 
    away and go R/D and go in the nice again to get rid of him.
    If this is too tedious for 10000 points then just get him to the left, dig 
    and run back right.
    The last bit has some tricky digging but you have no distractions now.
    de f
    Dig 1-9. When holes start filling in, dig 2-3 and then dig a-c. Dig 5-6 and 
    d-f and then dig 9 and it's an easy out. You could also dig 2-3-5-6 at once 
    but that requires better timing.
        7-7. LEVEL 7
    -^                     -
    XX #         h*XXX     *
    * HX**X HX XXh $   X#XH*
    *HX    XX XX h*$*X X*XH*
    XH*XH  *XXX *h X*X XH*HX
    XHX XH   X***h  X** HXHX
    *H***XXH    *h*    H XH*
    XH    X*XHX**h   HXX*XHX
    XXX#H    H  *h  HX*XXXHX
    X XXX******H*h  H     H*
    *X X       H    H HX XX*
    The solo work before the end is hard, and the walk over the monsters at the 
    end is tricky too. They're packed in the UL/UR to start, but you have plenty 
    of ways to slip.
    Fall down the center. Head UL, taking two two-ladders to the inner bit of the 
    left side.
    Dig 2-1, wait 4 seconds, dig 3, come around and dig 4, and fall left. The 
    next one's a bit harder.
    Go to the very upper left and push the stone block right. While on it, dig 
    left, 1R, dig-R, and push the stone block into the gap. Wait for the blocks 
    to heal. Your object now is straightforward. Dig the blocks on each side of 
    the stone and push it into the next gap down. Dig one block on one side, two 
    on the other, and drop away from the hole to push the stone in said hole.
    Eventually you'll wind up dropping the stone on a gold piece. Then, on the 
    stone, dig each way and drop left. Push the stone right and dig left twice. 
    Drop, dig left, and get out.
    Now you must haul the DL stone all the way right. After you've fallen from 
    pushing the block around, 2L U dig-L D dig-L. You need to be somewhat quick 
    about this next bit or the block will be stuck:
    H    2*XHX**
    X3#H    H  *
    X X       H >>>
    After digging 1/2, climb on the stone and dig 3. Push the stone 2R, digging 4 
    afterwards. Loop over the ladder so you can push the stone left below 4. Dig 
    5. Fall in, dig 6 and 7, fall left and push the block right, to between the 
    two ladders. Climb over it, dig right, go left and push the stone into th 
    egap. Wait for the gap to heal and step over it. In the upper right, dig left 
    and right over the stone, fall left and push it left. Hold the left button 
    down and you will get the gold chest near the top. Then fall off to the left. 
    Head all the way UR and at ladder's top, dig left. Go L/U to get the gold, 
    then retreat D/R and stay at the very bottom until you see a monster coming 
    at you. If you waited anywhere else, one might go off to the left into a pit 
    and leave you stuck.
    Because you need both of them for the coming tricky crossing. But first you 
    need to synchronize them--move up a rung and they will circle around the box 
    to your UL. I find the best way to judge things is to drop when one is 
    halfway through his fall, so that you land when he lands. That seems to 
    create the most separation between enemies, which you need--there may be some 
    white space between them but not enough for you to fall. So the more space, 
    the more distance you'll be able to walk. It's also critical when to move 
    left. I generally do it just when the trailing enemy is at the second rung, 
    level with where I waited for them. It's a bit tricky and less of an exact 
    science than usual for Lode Runner. But if there is very little space between 
    enemies as they come down, you should go back up to the second rung.
    If you did things right you'll be on the center ladder, with the portal to 
    the left at the end--no point in playing things safe as if you miss using the 
    enemies as a bridge you're trapped at the bottom. THere's nowhere to dig them 
        7-8. LEVEL 8
    HX     X         X     X
    H XXXXX           XXXXX
    H X$XXX           X$XXX
    H XXXXX  -  -  -  XXXXX
    H   H  + ~~ XXH~~~~~ H
    HXXXXXXXX  ** $     XH
    H   $     **  *
    A cool castle and what I think is a spinoff of Championship Lode Runner #38 
    but with a nasty surprise at the end. You can get a good quick start by 
    falling right for the bottom gold, L-U and digging the left tower. Enemies 
    will fall in, and they won't even drop into the pit you made. Be sure before 
    proceeding to the third level of your dig that two bad guys have fallen in. 
    You can just dump him in the tower on the next trip around anyway, when he's 
    over that tower. They won't even be able to get out if you wanted them to. 
    Oh, the way to get the gold and get out safely:
    A 2-1 dig each way between the middle gold chambers should net you both of 
    them--with a 2-1 dig down below and a dig left to get out. The left tower is 
    marginally tricky.
    Now the toughest part--the final guy. You'll lose your no-dig bonus for this. 
    Dig the square blocking him from going up. Retreat to the chamber. Wait for 
    him to approach and dig there. Then stand on the right end of the rope and 
    when your enemy gets out, dig right. When he's over the second box, drop. 
    He'll fall left and away from you, not right and at you. Then you can wait 
    for the hole to fill in, dig it from the left, drop on the gold and go back 
    up the ladder. The exit is in the UL.
        7-9. LEVEL 9
    h            $
    h      $  HXXXXXH $
    h    HXXXXH  $  HXXXH
    h $  H    H  $  H   H
    XXXXXH    H  $  H   H $
         H    H  $  H HXXXXX
      H        XX$XX  H
    $ H         XXX   H ~
    XXH $ ~~  +  $    HX$XXX
      HXXX  XXXH X    HXX$XX
      H ~   ~  HXXXH -HX XXX
    - H  HXX  XH   HXXHX  $
    XXX  $XH XX XXH   $XX
    This level is innocuous enough if you start it right. It's possible to get 
    the 10000 bonus. Push left and dig immediately. Then get each gold you see 
    off to the side as you go to the top. Run right. dg a hole for your enemy, 
    and go down 3 squares on the ladder right of the gold pile-up. Your enemies 
    will retreat left. Now you can dig as follows:
    X   1
    XX 23
    Be sure to move quickly so that your enemies don't fall into the V before 
    you've vacated it. You can stick them in when the hole heals. Take a detour 
    to get the UR golds and then just get level with the 1-pit--maybe a notch 
    above--when you're on the ladder off to the right. The enemies will walk in.
    And it's nice and near your next location, too.
    H ~
    H3 XaX
    H4  $
    Dig 1, wait for it to start healing, dig 2-4, and dig 5-6. 7,8 and then if 
    you've moved smoothly you can dig 9 and a to get the floating gold.
    The last gold piece is a nuisance as if you drop right in for it there is no 
    way out. 
       ~  H
    H23  1H
    $4H XX
    Dig 1. 2U 4L drop and wait 3 seconds and dig 2/3. Drop right. Dig 1 again, 
    and fall left onto the bottom. Climb the ladder, 2L, and dig right when the 
    2/3 start to appear. Walk over 2/3, re-dig 1 and drop left for the final 
    gold, 2R U and wait as necessary to go 2L U and all the way right. The exit 
    is in the upper left.
        7-10. LEVEL 10
        ~    ~ ~~      ^
     X   ~HX~HX  X HX  H$$XX
     X HX$$X$$XH X$$XH H$$XX
     H~~~~  ~~~H       H$$XX
      ~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~  HXX$$
    XX H        H    *~H$$XX
    $XX H   XXX H      HXX$$
    $XX XH $XXX$HX$X H HXX$$
    XX XH  X  HX HX$X  H$$XX
    $XXH   X $HX  XXXH HXX$$
    XXH    XXXXX  $$ H XXXXX
    This can be divided into seven parts. The G-B-A can be completed in any 
    order, although you must fall down off the ladder left of B in the end, and 
    the bottom 3 structures can be completed in any order, and in the big 
    picture, the right needs to be completed last and the G-B-A first. As I see 
    it the level gets easier as you go along. But it's worthwhile to try the 
    lower bits as a throwaway if the upper bit gets too tricky.
    Top, left:
     2   ~
     5 HX
    Dig 1 and 2 from the left. Drop in. When 1 is healed, dig 3 and 4 from the 
    right as you run right. Circle back and dig 1 and 2. Fall right. Wait at the 
    ladder to dig 5 when 3 starts to heal. Then dig 3 and 4 when you can. Back 
    around, dig 1 and 2 and fall right. Dig 6 from the right and climb up the 
    stairs quickly. Dig 5 and 3--don't worry if you can't dig 5 first. You'll 
    have time to dig both, then dig 4 from the right, just before you fall off 
    the rope to get the gold. Then you can make your way up as 6 will heal well 
    below 4.
    Top, center:
    H1X6 H
     XXX H
    Dig 1. Wait for it to re-form, then dig 2, 3 and 4. Dig 5 from the right and 
    6 from the left. Then drop and go left so that you fall to the bottom of the 
    B. Get the chests, dig left, fall left and go UR, then UL. It's a very close 
    thing. Note the rope in the B prevents this letter from being too easy.
    Top, right:
     X2 H
    X H1
    Bottom, left:
    Here you need to make a couple of forays to the bottom to come out safely.
    X4 H
    $5X H
    X7 3 H
    $8X 1H
    X9 2H
    Dig 1. Wait for it to start to fill and dig 2. Then go up the ladders and dig 
    3, and on the rope wait a half-second before digging 4. Drop to dig 5 and 
    fall right. Dig 6 when it comes back up--same for 2 and 1. Fall into where 5 
    was(don't climb on the rope to do so--walk across) and dig 7, 8 and 9. Dig 0 
    from the right when 6 forms and climb up and dig 2 and 1. Only now go back in 
    and dig 6, to get the gold at the bottom.
    Bottom, center:
    Manipulating the square around the ladder is key. 
    Dig 1 and 2. Drop to 2, wait 3 seconds, dig 3 and fall right. Fall on the 
    square again. Dig 4 and 2, then 5, 6 and 7. Climb on the rope above and drop 
    on the gold chest to the left. Fall right and head UR..
    Bottom, right:
    H5$3 H
      $$ H
    Dig 1, wait 4 seconds, dig 2, fall right and dig 3, then DR and dig 4. Climb 
    back up and over 1. Dig 5. Get the gold chest, dig 6, and drop down. Go 
    You can give yourself a bit more time by getting the UL gold first, so that 
    you don't have to get the gold after digging 5. But the key is to time things 
    so you can run back over 1 after digging 3/4 and to note you don't have to 
    walk to the bottom.
    Right side:
    There's a safe way and a quick way to do this. In the safe way, you have the 
    Dig 1, go up the ladder and there may be a hole above you need to wait for, 
    to heal. Dig it and then dig 2 and fall through. Then repeat for the next set 
    of 4 gold further down. At the very bottom, remember you need to dig two 
    squares to the right or you'll be trapped with no way out.
    You can also use this trick with a set of 8 although the timing is riskier.
    Dig 1, back up and dig 2 and 3 after getting the gold above them. Then go 4 
    down the ladder and, again, note what you have to do at the bottom. Double 
    If you mess up in either case you have to start back at the top, which is the 
    only place you can fall into the right side without digging a hole.
    The portal appears at the top of the ladder. No time bonus but oh well.
        7-11. LEVEL 11
        $    ^ $~~~XXXXXH  $
      XXXH+hXH X        HXXX
      XX$  XXH X    H $
    HX$ X  $ H      H
    H  $X    H        X XXH
    HX$X     H ~ ~ ~      H
    H  -   H   X X XXHXX$X$X
    X*X*X* H  X X X ********
    You don't have to dig your opponent on this level, with a little forethought 
    and good timing/luck. You do however have to let him out near the end. The 
    right start lessens this annoyance, however.
    Dig 1 and 2. Wait 3 seconds. Dig 3 and 4. When 1/2 regenerate, dig 5 and fall 
    there, then fall right. You'll hit the bottom; quickly go left for the gold 
    and head back up to the top. Dig left and go left and up the 1-stair when 
    your enemy gets above the gold on the island. He will follow you up. Let him 
    bob up and down 4 times, then go down. When he's near go up and fall left. 
    Dig left. He'll get stuck. The bit below takes care of the left.
    H  $
    Go to the UR and take the rope left and dig around to get the gold on the 
    block that separates the left and east. Then go right and get that gold and 
    dig below where it was to get the stuff on the island. Now take the right of 
    the 3 1-ropes and dig as follows:
    Fall in, go left and circle back around. Dig right at the middle 1-rope and 
    fall down and then right. This is a close one so be sure you've made exact 
    movements before dropping down. Then from the left 1-rope, dig left and 
    you'll get the final gold in the pit.
    Back to the UR. Get the gold there and dig down so you land on the ladder. Go 
    down, dig left and now you have to go 2U3L(fall) and dig away.
    Go from right to left when you dig, back right, dig some more(be sure to dig 
    left when left of the ladder) and get the DL gold.
    Now you need to release your enemy and lead him the wrong way. Go up the big 
    ladder, dig left, and go down on the level with the last gold. Lead your 
    enemy to the UR. Once you manage to go R-U from the big ladder and he is 
    following you, you can loop around using the rope. Dig as follows and fall 
    through 4. Then it's a short trip back up the big ladder.
        7-12. LEVEL 12
    XXXHXX H   HXX $  $ XH~+
    H~XXX H XXX$ H~~   XXXX
      HXXXH  XXX    XX   X
    XH  XXXXh  XXXX  HXXh$Xh
    $ XXXH$XXXXXh     XXX  h
    XH  XXXX XXXXXXh$     HX
       X XXH      HXXXXXXXXX
    Dig left, take the ladder over the top, get the gold, dig right, fall and dig 
    the square below that. Go up the ladder and fall right to get the gold, then 
    go left to the dead end. Dig your way out.
    Now go UL to the top. After falling right to the pit with the two gold, 
    You've got a two-part deal here for the encased gold. Dig every square in the 
    column between the two gold and go back up to the top, where a dig down will 
    get you another gold.
    Now you wouldn't think it, but the next gold to get is DL of here. Go to the 
    top, but this time the left. Dig your way down. Note you can get back pretty 
    1 H
    There is a huge chunk of bricks to clear away here.
    2H ~
    XX1 H
    Dig 1, wait 3 seconds, dig 2. Then dig 3-6 and walk over 1 to dig 7. After 
    you dig 8 it is a pretty simple walk down and back out to get the gold and 
    get out(UL/UR/UL.) Fall back to over the gold you can see once at the top, 
    but don't get it yet!
    $ H~~
    X    X1
    XXX2  H3X $X
    Dig 1, get the gold, dig 2, then dig 3 from the right, drop right and dig 4, 
    and run over left to dig 5. This puts you on a platform 1 higher than you 
    would have been otherwise. It allows a 2-1 dig below to get the gold in the 
    encased 3-platform. Dig left to get out.
       X XXH
    Get the gold that's around and dig 1. Then wait for 1 to start to fill and 
    dig 2 when 1 is about to fill in, then 3 and 4. Go up to dig 5 and 6. You 
    don't have a lot of time here.
    Now the trip back up is a mess, but it's far less taxing than the trip down. 
    Go to the right edge, dig left and take the 1-ladder you see up. 1L, dig 
    left, 1L, dig left and go UL. At the top, go right until you fall in the 2-
    pit. Dig right and go UR. That will do it.
        7-13. LEVEL 13
      $       ^
    HXXX     $h
    H~~~~~~~~~HXXXX$   $XXXH
    H         HX  XX$ $XX  H
    H         H    XX XX   H
    HXXXXX -  H      -   HXX
     $    XXXXXXXH   XXXXH
    ****         HXXX    H
        XXXX  $  H     HXXXX
        ~~~~XXXXXH+ XXXH
    $            HXX   HXXX$
    XXH                H   X
      H     HXXXXX   HXXX $
       -HXXXHXXX$X   H   ***
    With 4 enemies and an uneven playing field I discounted getting the 10000 
    immediately. Perhaps you can get enemies to circle above the rope, or walk 
    along enemies at the top(if you drop on them, they go back right,) to get the 
    gold suspended above everyone's head--and you can also trap two guys in the 
    DR 2-pit pretty easily. But it's easier to trap someone right of the 3-ladder 
    on the left.
    No sense tinkering--I dropped right down and dug L/R when I could, then went 
    left and dug twice to the right. That got rid of the suspended gold. Then for 
    the encased:
    H3 7X
    1, wait, 2-7.
    Enemies will keep pouring down the central ladder so you probably want to dig 
    3 holes once so one dies and the other doesn't. Go to the DL corner and dig. 
    The enemy will fall in. Climb the 1-ladder and wait. When he's halfway right 
    of the suspended ladder, run left. You'll get to that platform under the 
    boxes and grab the elusive gold.
    Now there's the matter of some stuff at the top. You can always just drag 
    your enemies down and take the laddrs--first to the UR(by way of the DR) and 
    then to the upper center and left. The gold in the pits on the right is 
    tricky. If enemies are trapped there, less so.
    Here's how to dig without enemies:
    H   X
    Or with:
    H   X
    Drop from the top and go left. With enemies in the pit you may have to dig 
    them out to release a gold chest, but that should not be too bad. You should 
    be able to duck them, especially since the tend to regenerate in the V to the 
    UR, which funnels them out of your way for a bit. You may have to go down the 
    V yourself, or go to the DR and left enemies fall behind you. But you 
    shouldn't have to take on more than two at a time.
        7-14. LEVEL 14
        ~~~       H    XXXX
     $HX $ XH     H        $
    H  X X    $   H  H
    H        -    HX  XHXXX
    X$XH  H   $XX H    H X$H
    A good level with some neat puzzles. Chip away at the nearest one first.
    Dig 1-2-3 and wait to dig 4 until 1 heals. Dig 1-2-5-67. Wait for 1-2 to heal 
    again before digging 8-9. Then you can dig a, b and c and make it out just in 
    time. Now for the bit just right.
    2  8
    3 $X
    54 *
    Dig 1-5 and wait for 1 to heal before digging 6. You can't dig over 6(or 1-3, 
    4-6 would have been better) but digging 7-8 ASAP and falling left gets you 
    what you want. Now you can go to the very right.
    H   H
    H X$H
    Between 1/2, dig 1, wait 4 seconds, dig 2. Fall and dig 3, walk over 1, and 
    dig 4. Go to the bottom to get the gold and then run back through 3/4 before 
    they heal. Now get the gold just above and drop from the 3-rope for another. 
    The next bit requires a bit of unusual timing.
    X 3
    X 5
    Dig 1. Wait til it starts to regenerate and dig 2. L-U and wait three 
    seconds. Dig 1. Fall right. Dig 3-4-5 and 2 will soon heal, allowing you to 
    drop through 6.
    The exit is in the UR.
        7-15. LEVEL 15
    h                 XXXXXH
    h       $   HXXXXX$XV$ H
    h    hXXXXXXH     XXXXXH
    XXXXXX   $XXXXH      ~~H
        $ ****    HXXXXXX  H
    HXXXXXX     + H  XXXX  H
    H  X        XXH  XX$X  H
    HX X   ~~~~ X H      - H
     H$XH $XXXHX$XX$       H
    A mishmosh level with some interesting puzzles.
    Move quickly up the ladder and drop into the UL. Sweep it for Teddy Bear Man. 
    Dig over the gold, drop right twice and watch the monsters flee. There's an 
    outside chance you may have to string a monster along from the left, but he's 
    pretty harmless. You can always get them to chase after you together, which 
    is what you ultimately want.
    Climb up the ladder, and above the platform surrounded by boxes. The enemies 
    will go right, so climb up the ladder and loop around--be patient. When they 
    do, drop left, dig two holes(preferably near the left edge) and goad them to 
    fall left. Remember to have a safety valve hole to the left.
    If you did this it's free sailing--of course you can go to the DL and dig 
    them up too, but there's no big bonus for that. 
    The up-center chest over the boxes isn't too bad.
    Dig 12. Wait. Dig 3 when 1 starts to heal. On top of 1, dig 4. Fall right.
    For the encased gold at the top you dig the square left of it, fall through, 
    then dig the square above to avoid the false brick.
    For the big structure below, dig UL and L of the UL gold. That's the easy 
    X X5$4X
    Dig 1. Wait 4 seconds, dig 2 and 3, drop right and dig 4. Drop off the 
    structure and into hole 3. Go left, dig 5, then dig 6 and 7.
    Now there are a couple of nasty gold pieces to get.
    ~ X
    HX X
    Dig 1, 2U 2L fall L dig 2. Sit at the rope between them and count 3 seconds. 
    Dig left. Go right and dig 1, then dig 2. Sneak in for the gold. Then 2L U 
    The other gold piece works as follows:
    HXX    2~1H
    H $3XXHX XX
    Dig 1. Loop around, wait 2 seconds, dig 2. Go back over to where you dug 1. 
    Wait for it to come up. Dig 1, 1D and go left. Dig 3. Get the gold, loop 
    back, and dig 2. Run right to get out just in time.
    Now you have some gold in the DL which is a cinch compared to these more 
    original puzzles.
    Dig 1, dig 2 when 1 regenerates, pause a half-second, dig 1. Then drop down, 
    get the gold, and wait right of 1 for 2 to form.
    Once you've got all the gold a ladder will release your enemies from the UL 
    if you dropped them there. Fortunately if you're still eligible for the 
    nonviolence bonus, you can drag one or both towards you--if both, there's a 
    loop around in the UL or DL. If one, just dig a hole and run past him. Be 
    sure the other guy runs after you soon enough to walk over the other guy or 
    that he is totally out in left field.
        7-16. LEVEL 16
    X+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^$
    XX  XX XXXXXX   ~~    XH
    X XH XH*H XXX   H   XX H
    XH  X H*H**XH***XXXXX XH
    X X XX XH   H ~~  X XXXH
    XH X    HXH XH  X    X H
    X HXX H   HXX H   HXX  H
    A big HUH?!?! level here. All you have to do is get to the gold chest--which 
    is very close if you go hard right. But--not close enough! And everything 
    below is a trap! You need some fancy digging to get through this mess. And 
    you only get that piddly 2500 bonus for it too!
    The first part is easier just to annotate, since you pretty much have to be 
    in constant motion. You may have to move back and forth a bit, but once you 
    get to the bottom it does get a bit easier.
    X1  XX
    8 9H X
    bH  4 
    c X aX
    eH X  
    fH  dX
    H  HiX
    Xk  jX
    X HXq 
    Then just left of there, we have a small area where you need to dig stuff 
    twice. 1&2, wait 3 seconds, 3, then 1&2, dig 4 from the right, then dig 5 and 
    6. 3 healed, come back around and dig 7, then 8-9-a.
    X   5H
    XX7 6X
    Up the ladder to the right and push things UL until you hit another long 
    ladder. Up, 1R-dig R-1R-dig R-2D-3R-dig R-1R(fall)-dig R and back up to the 
    second hole you dug. Dig the rightmost hole on this platform, fall, 1R, dig 
    left. 2-1 dig to the left. Fall, dig right, fall, 1R, dig right, to the 
    ladder to the right and up. Get the gold and the portal's 1L.
        7-17. LEVEL 17
                h   HXX
    XXXXXX$XH   h   H  XX
     XXX  $ H~  X  ~HXXXX  $
    -   $ X H XX$XX H  XXX
     XXXXX$XH  X X   H $XXXX
         X XH~     ~~H X~~~
    XXXXHXXXH X$X$X H ~~   H
     $ XH $ H XXXXX H      H
       XH   H   +   H*  XX~H
    A very doable level, but no bonuses or anything like that. The enemies are 
    trapped for the moment, so you might as well pick off what is lying around. 
    Cut off the ends of the W above you and focus on the gold 2L of the long left 
    Dig 1&2. Wait for 1 to heal. Dig 3/4, pause a bit, dig 5. Re-dig 1 and 2. 
    Fall left.
    The DL corner is very simple.
     $ 2
    dig 1-3. Wait 3 seconds. Dig 4-6. Go up and dig 7, reverse left and go right 
    to get out.
    Now release the enemy from the left. Move up next to him(niche by the left 
    ladder) and wait until he can't run at you any more. Then...
    Follow him to the left, but then fall off to the left once you can't run 
    under him any more(you hit a wall, he's a bit right of you.) Back up left and 
    dig right and get out. Go to the bottom, R and U onto the 2-rope. Dlg left 
    when he approaches and fall in the hole you made. He'll drop in the W.
    Run through the UR to get a bunch of gold, falling right 3x and digging to 
    get the cascade going left. And you might as well dispose of the other guy 
    now. Dig him out of the UL and bring him back into the hole under the pit on 
    the UL. Dig two holes so that he will regenerate above the pit(die 2 below 
    it) and then you can walk across him and dig to the very UL gold. Now release 
    him and get his gold. Wait at the upper right ladder, on the top platform, 
    and let him follow you closely up, falling right, and left. Leave behind a 
    hole so you have time to get on a ladder and walk onto him when he falls. Dig 
    right so you can fall right and get the gold(dig 1U1R of it, get in and out.) 
    He'll be in a pit.
    Now for the toughest gold.
    ~  X  ~
    Dig 1, 2, 3, 4 moving as need be. Then drop through 3 and dig 5-7. 8 and 9 
    shouldn't be too much of a squeeze and falling through 9 ets the final gold. 
    Walk over the enemy and climb up the center of the top platform.
        7-18. LEVEL 18
      ^            $
      XXXXh h h h H
      $    h h h hXXXXXH   $
    XXXXVXH       $    H XXX
          H~~~~~~~~H HXXX
        - H    $   H H     $
    HXXXXXXXH **** H H    XX
    H  ~~~  H   $  H XXXXH
    HXX   XXH XXXX H     H $
    H  X X  HX $   H+    H X
    HX$ X   H     XXX    H
    H XXHX H H          XXXH
    X$ H $X H XX  HXXX     H
    *X$ HX$X    $ H  HXXX  H
    **X$HXX   HXXX   H $ XXX
    You'll have to walk over your enemy a lot here and dig him up too a bit as 
    well. Most of the time to get his attention, just get near him, dig a hole 
    and run around him.
    You'll need to coax him into the DR(he comes from the left) and dig twice so 
    he regenerates in the top. You should be running up after he falls in. Then 
    you can walk over him when he falls left from the UR bit. Again you'll need 
    to sucker him back to the top and climb on the 1-ladder and run right over 
    him when he's running left.
    Later you'll need to use the ladder just below that. If he comes at you from 
    the right, then go left along the rope, fall left, dig, and go right along 
    the rope. You'll want to walk across him for the upper gold and to fall on 
    him for the gold under the boxes(you'll need to dig for the suspended gold 
    too.) For the latter, drop down once he is two squares away, so you have time 
    to climb back up and left. You may have visibility problems and as time bonus 
    is hard to come by you might as well use the viewer to see if/when he's 
    dropped. After that you may want to go to the very left and dig him in a pit 
    as he is the only one of you that can get the UL gold.
    The lower left is not too bad. You only need two trips if you are crafty. 
    Bring your enemy over and drop down the left ladder when he is over the V.
     X   X
      X 2
    1$ 3
    The first trip, dig 1, swing around, dig 2, go right to keep over the 
    monster, dig left to get 3, and run left and dig 4 from the left. You can get 
    the cascade of gold and run back up or, better yet, dig 5 to get all the gold 
    and 6 and 7. The enemy tends to climb up the 1-ladder and fall right.
    Since you've cleared everything else by following this walkthrough you can 
    run unimpeded to the top, then left to the portal. But if you didn't or still 
    need the enemy to walk over, just dig above the enemy and go R-D and he'll 
    come back in play.
        7-19. LEVEL 19
    XXXH            $ X^X^XH
       HXX~~~~~~~XXH   X^X^H
    HXXX^        *$XXXH    H
    H      XX XX *H$  H*****
    H$  XX  X$X  *H-  H
    XXXH     X   *****HXXXXH
       H    X$X       H    H
      XH   XX XX     XXX + H
    HXXXH    $    XXXH HXXXH
    HX$XH  X   X  X$XHXHX$XH
    HX XH X  $  X X XH HX XH
    ****H         *********H
          XXXXXXXX  $   $  H
    More of that running over your enemies gig and you have to kill one so feel 
    free to wipe out the guy that's there. First, let him fall to chase you, then 
    go U-L-U-L-U to the top of the 1-ladder. He'll fall into a pit on top. Leave 
    him there and get the stuff at the bottom and the embedded gunk. The left of 
    the embeddeds, you've done before.
    Dig 1-2, wait, dig 3-4. The left, you haven't done before.
    X63H H
    X 5H H
    Dig 1-2, wait 3 seconds, dig 3-4 and get out. Go back on the ladder, dig 1-2 
    and 5-6 and escape as before.
    Now stand on the monster and dig left. Run left. Wait for him to go right and 
    then go left. Let him trail close behind so that you can go up the ladder and 
    run right, getting the gold as you walk over him. Dig from the top 1-ladder 
    to clear the elevated gold by the boxes DL of where you are.
    Enough of that nonsense--on to the middle bit. Let him trail you closely as 
    you go to the top(as in 1/2 square before you fall,) then drop left and drop 
    on the left of the X.
    X1 XX
    XX XX
    Dig 1, then 2, then run left and dig 3 and fall right. Your enemy will fall 
    into a no man's land, but don't worry about him right now. Take care of the 
    gold to your left.
    HX X
    Dig 1. Dig 2 as 1 reappears. Wait 2 seconds to dig 1. Get in position to dig 
    3. Wait another second or two and dig 3/4 and then, from the right, 5.
    Now go to the right of the bottom platform. Run left and dig right 
    continually. Once you get to the ladder, your enemy on the bottom will go 
    right. Climb up the stairs now. He's toast, as is his gold. Once you get to 
    the middle rung of the top ladder, dig right. Then after you get the gold you 
    can fall right, landing in the portal.
    If you don't get that gold piece last, you may have to run up quickly and dig 
    a couple of holes to get past your enemies, which isn't much of a nuisance, 
    but why give yourself a chance to slip up?
        7-20. LEVEL 20
    ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~         X
    H  $    H     XXX     XX
    H XXX   H     X#X    XXX
    H X#X   H~~~  XXX   XXXX
    HXXXX     H  $       + ^
    HX $   $  H XXX   XXXXXX
    HX $XXXX    H XXXX    XX
    HXXXXXXXX   H~~~ ~~    X
    H~~~~XXXXX  ~   X  H
        H XXXXX  XX~XH H  $X
    X XX  H      XXX$H XHXXX
    Nasty trick #1: there's a false brick under the DR gold. So you need to dig 
    to the right to start.
    That will drop you on the brick.
    You've seen a variation on the next part before.
    Dig 1/2. Wait 4 seconds, dig 3, fall left and circle around. Dig 4/2 then 5. 
    Then dig 6. Speed is important here.
    Nasty trick # 2 gets the weird chest to the DL.
    ~   1
     45 XH
    Another move to perform rapidly. Dig 1 from a rope above, and fall to the 
    left so you can dig 2/3. Then drop and dig 4/5 and drop to dig 6. 2R-3U and 
    fall left onto the rope. Fall left to get to the main area.
    (Seeing the stone block to the left, I assumed I had to use it to run across 
    to the rope at the left of this area. And changed my mind as you see below. 
    But you might as well get it now.)
    Let's stop off in the DL next.
    $X1 H~
    X 2X  H
    Dig 1. Wait for it to start to heal. Dig 2. Drop on 1, dig 3, drop right, dig 
    4, and drop on the gold and get out.
    And about that stone block, let's work on it next.
    H 125
    H 3#6
    Dig 1 and 2, wait 4 seconds, dig 3 and dig 4 en route to the ladder and rope. 
    Drop down to dig 5, 2 and 6. Drop right and push the block left. Fall right 
    and go up the left ladder. Dig down twice and push the block right. Run 
    across it to get the gold on the 3x2. Get the gold to the left of where the 
    block lands. Dig right. Drop. Push the block right and do a bunch of left-
    digs to get the gold. From there, push the block right and dig right and fall 
    right--in fact, over it to get to the right side.
    (Amusing false path here if you push the brick left and don't get the DL 
    X 23#
    Dig 1. Wait til it starts to heal. Dig 2 and 3. Push the block left. Repeat 
    the 1-2-3 dig but this time land on 1, dig 4, get the gold, and dig 5. Fall 
    on 5 and push the block right.
    Well, I was stuck on it for 15 minutes. You get to put up with it for a few 
    The final gold allows you to get out of the DR pit and climb to the top. You 
    can just peel away the blocks from the stone in the center of the 3x3.
    Drop left, push right and run over the stone to the ledge where you started. 
    Portal in the right. There's still room for a bit harder!
        7-21. LEVEL 21
      -      h       $ -
    H  XXXXXXHXXXXX      $
    H        H           XXH
    H  $XXXXXH           X H
    H $XXX   XXXXXH      X H
    H$XXX $    +  H  $   X H
    X       H     H    X X H
    X $     H  $  HXXXHX$X H
     $ XH X$XH-   HXXXHX X H
     X XHXX XXXH  H   H    H
    This is a relatively pleasant level where you can get the bonus for 
    nonviolence, if only because you have so many hiding places. Move left for a 
    gold, then take off to the right. Drop right, down the chute, when you get 
    company. Wait for the enemies to lump together. You can get the gold 1U2L 
    prettyeasily with side digging. Because there are only two you can even 
    sucker them around a bit. Try to run them to near the central top ladder(but 
    don't go up it) and dig left when they're about to catch you. HEad DL and 
    your enemies will go DR. You have a base of operations now.
    4U 2R dig-R drop for gold.
    4U dig-L 4D(if you let them "see" you too long they'll come after you.)
    3U dig-L 3D
    2U dig-L 2U 2L dig-L fall-L fall-R D.
    You've cleared out the bottom, and as a bonus, the guy in the UR has come all 
    the way down. You can make a run for the center ladder(you'll make it--the 
    forces are confused) and then the fun begins in earnest. Go left, wait for 
    the guy to your left to get on the ladder, and dig right of the ladder before 
    he falls in. You can then dig left and drop left to get on a temporary shelf 
    that will make everyone else run away. The guy who was in the UL will release 
    his gold. Make your way down. Your enemies will go to 6E of you--a bad spot 
    to be given the huge barrier!
    Let them stack up and run up and right along the top. Stand as far right as 
    possible and dig when you can't bear it any more. Fall right, then left. Go 
    to the ladder to the left, 2U. They'll get confused. Once you see where 
    they've run away, run for the center ladder and the portal. You might even 
    get a time bonus!
        7-22. LEVEL 22
         + $   ^  X$XHXXXH
        HXXXXX h  X XHX$XH
      $ H      h  XXXHX XHXX
    XXXXH      h  X$XHXXXHX$
        H      h $X XHX$XHX
        HXX H     X$XHXXX
     $- H  XXXXXXXX XH
    XXXXH         XXXH   XXX
        XXH     -    HX  ~
    $X  XH H  $ XH XH XXXXXH
     XH$X H XX  X $XH   *$H
    Get rid of all the obvious gold chests in the left. You can duck around your  
    enemy pretty easily, and you have a good shot at nonviolence here, so take 
    it. Then take care of the DL next, so you can bump monsters in there. It's 
    also the toughest of the smash-and-grabs, so if you mess up, less work lost.
    $4  1H
     5H 2 H
    Dig 1. Wait. Dig 2 when 1 flashes into view, then climb over 1 and dig it 
    from the left. Dig 3 immediately. Wait 3 seconds. Dig 4. Run right and get on 
    the ladder to dig 2, cross over and dig 1. Drop down and when 4 is about to 
    be filled in, dig 5. Then run right and dig up 2 but not 1 on your way back 
    to dig 6. Run right when you drop.
    Once you've done that, just go next to 3, wait, go above 5 when the enemy is 
    near, and dig right. Then go right and to the bottom when past 1/2. You can 
    drag your other enemy over to repeat the process.
    Take care of the suspended gold on the bottom next.
    $ 6H 4H
      7 $5H
    Sadly digging from the left and then going above doesn't QUITE work. So you 
    have to use a refinement of an old trick. Dig 1. Wait 4 seconds. Dig 2/3. 
    Fall right and dig 4/5. Be sure you can walk right over 1 and remember to dig 
    it as you run by. Fall in 2/3 and dig 6/7 when 2 begins to fill. Dig 4/5 next 
    and then walk over 1, dig 8 and get the gold, and run right. Notice how you 
    got to dig 4/5 twice so it didn't vanish quite so soon.
    Now let's get the suspended gold on top. In fact let's just focus on the 3 in 
    a row since the others are degenerate/symmetric cases of this.
    X 3
    X 7
    X b
    You've done this bit. 1/2, wait, 3, 4. Now wait to dig 5 until 3 is about to 
    be covererd. Go back up, dig 1/2/3, and proceed as before. Wait a bit to dig 
    6/7, then walk over the regenerated 5 to dig 8. Dig 9 once 7 is almost closed 
    then dig 123/567. If you want to take a break to dig a, to be on the safe 
    side, that is no problem either. But you should soon be able to dig a. Small 
    wait, then b, then c. I bet there's a way to have these things roll 
    infinitely downward. Just check up on what you're digging above you, etc. But 
    I wouldn't want to put it into practice.
    Now to the DR for the finale.
    5H2 3
    Dig 1. Dig 2 and 3 on the rope. Dig 4, 5, 2 and 3. You can afford to wait 
    between the last four digs a lot. You definitely want to leave a bit of time 
    between 4 and 5.
    Fall over the top rope to the left to get to the portal.
        7-23. LEVEL 23
    H~X$$X*X H +XXXX*XXX $*H
    H~X*X$$X HXXXXXX**XX **H
    H~X$$X*X H   XXH***X***H
    XHX****XXXXXH XH  ~   ~H
    $HX H$XHX$H *H HXX~*XX~H
     H$XHX$H XH $ *HXX~*XX H
     H*$H X X$H *H HXX~*XX H
    Level 23 has some very difficult puzzles--you probably figured they'd stuff 
    the tough bits at the end. But the UR is not too bad. It stuck me for a while 
    because I thought you had to use the stone slab to figure it out, but then 
    you can't use the slab for the DR, where there seems to be no solution--well, 
    a couple months off-and-on netted me no solution.
    Pushing the block all the way to the right--and 1L1D of the gold--is an 
    interesting puzzle in itself. But it's not optimal. You should dig as follows 
    in the UR:
    Xde $*H
    *Xh **H
    There's not much room for error, but it's not too complex as generally you''l 
    be digging from left to right, except with f-g and you'll need to fall left 
    to dig h and i. Then you need to loop right and up and fall left to get the 
    Your next task is to get the gold in the DL and DR of you--and get out alive.
    $HX H XH
     H$XH4 H
    X X*HX5H
     H* H 6
    XHX1 2XH
    $H XHX H
    Dig 1-2. Then go up, dig 3-4 and 5-6, dropping down. You should have time to 
    dig 7-8. Then run left to get the gold and back R-U-L. Dig left from the top 
    of the ladder to get to the UL part.
    You can get the UL with one sweeping move. The basic trick is to know when to 
    make a detour for a seemingly irrelevant hole.
    Dig 1-2, get the gold, dig 3, wait for 1 to heal, dig 4, fall, dig 5 and then 
    6. Circle over to dig 7. Clean out the gold, falling left, before you dig 8 
    and 9. You can now come over the top again ald fall through 7 just as it 
    closes. Dig a, get the gold below there, and run left.
    Note that you can do this in two movements--just escape after getting the top 
    three gold pairs and start over--because you don't have to go right/left to 
    clear out the gold. But you can make a harrowing escape with this all-in-one 
    The final bit to tackle is the DR. You can't get to the top two gold from the 
    left but they are not bad from the right. I drove myself crazy trying to pick 
    off all 3 gold chests from the right. I even tried to semi-cheat by pausing 
    during a dig.
    *XX~H  | *12
    $XX H  | $34
    *XX H  | *56
    $XX~H  | $97
    *XX H  | *a8
    $XX~H  | $Xb
    *XX H  | *XX
    Anyway, you can just dig 1 and 2 to start, then 3 and 4. Wait 3 seconds and 
    then dig 6 and 5, then dig 7. Go back up to the top and dig 1-2-3-4 and then 
    drop down to dig a. 7 should be filling in now, so you can dig 8 then loop 
    back to dig 6-5-9 and get the gold, then dig a and b to get out.
    But that bottom gold is a killer. It's not clear how to get at it, but the 
    solution is to bring the slab to the bottom.
    Push the block down the ladder. Then follow it and push it right so it is on 
    a 1-ladder. Now you have an obstacle course.
    H *H H
    H   *H
    H *H H
    HeH dH
    H  fgH
    Dig a, b and c and come back up to push the slab left. It will fall through. 
    Walk across it so you are left of it and can push it right. The object is to 
    drop it through the hole in c before it closes. If not, you'll have to 
    If that works, dig d, fall right and push the slab left. Go back up to the 
    top of the structure, dig a, and then you can dig e, dig c, and dig g and f 
    before falling left of the slab and pushing it right to the base of the 
    You probably see what to do next but it is a bit tedious. Go to the top of 
    that ladder and dig the two squares to the right at each rung. At the bottom 
    two rungs you will have to dig left too, to make sure you have a square to 
    push the block right. Push it under the rope. Now go back to the top of the 
    ladder and dig the two squares to the right again, continually. You can walk 
    in for the gold and walk out. The gate is at the top of the center ladder.
        7-24. LEVEL 24
    ^+ ~               H* H*
    XXX ~              H# H*
      H  X**X**X  X**X**XXHX
    XXX  *     *H *H *H * HX
      H H# HX  HH HH HH H HX
      H H*  X   H  H  H  HHX
      H  XXHX**X*******XXXHX
    XXX  * H   X* H$H * X HX
      H H# HX  H H * HX   HX
    HHH H*     H   H  X X HX
      H HH  X      * X* X HX
    Time to gore the ox. Originally I tried placing three blocks at the bottom to 
    link to the chest but you can't quite get out if you do that. The key is to 
    send two blocks down the chute in the bottom right. Oh, and you have to place 
    the other two blocks correctly. But it unfolds pretty logically.
    Walk across the two ropes. Dig the block 3R of the slabs, on the top. Fall 
    down, and on the 1-ladder, you will have to feint a bit before being able to 
    push the top slab where you want to.
    H# H2
    Dig 1. Wait 4 seconds. Climb up the ladder and dig 2. Fall left. Push that 
    slab left, climb back up, and push the top slab just right of 2.
    Now you need to get on the slab, dig left(2) and fall right. Push the slab 
    back to where it was. Then repeat digging 1, waiting 4 seconds and digging 2 
    but this time dig 3 right after you dig 2. Fall left through 1 and push the 
    slab right so it falls through 3. You couldn't do this before, because the 
    lower slab slowed you down.
    Let's take care of the stone slabs at the bottom now. The upper of the two 
    H# H1
    #   4
    Dig 1 and 2, then loop back up, and left and push the stone slab right. Now 
    dig down so you are on top of the slab that fell. Dig left, fall left and 
    push it 3 squares right. This is so that when you grab the gold, you can fall 
    left and the slab will allow you to catch the ladder to the left. The 
    position should look as below.
    H H
    H *H
    Now for the DL slab: push it 1L then all the way right, next to the purple 
    block--the ladders in the DL can help with that. Then dig 1 and 3 and 4 from 
    the diagram above and push this block 2R, so that you have
    X  H
    4#  #
    This is so that you can dig on top of the slab and run left to climb back to 
    the top and win.
    Now we need to deal with the two other slabs that will go down the DR chute. 
    Wend your way to the UR. Push the slab 2L, go 1R and dig right. Use the 
    ladder to get left of the slab and push it right, down the hole.
    Then go down the far-right ladder and push the slab 1L. Dig left and loop up, 
    left, fall down, and right to push the slab back through the hole. Your 
    board(or the relevant 3 rows) should now look like this:
    X   H  H  H  HHX
    X #XH XH XH X#HX
       4  3  2  1
    Let's push the right slab to the bottom first. Dig to drop on top of it, then 
    dig the block left of it. Push the slab 2L. Wait for the block(column 1) to 
    re-form and then climb over the slab. Dig the column-2 block and then the 
    column-1 and push the block 3L. You should now have this:
    H#2H XH
    Dig 1, dig 2(from the left) and then push the slab into the hole 1 has 
    created. Watch it crash down and now it's time to pick off the slab on the 
    Here you'll just repeat the maneuver below twice:
    Stand on slab, dig right, drop left, and push the slab right 3x.
    That gets us to where we were before, where we can just push the slab down 
    the chute but now we have to jump on top of it and dig right to make the top 
    of the DR chunk disappear. If all goes right 1 will have vanished.
    Now you need only dig 2 and 3 and drop right. Push the slab left and climb up 
    the stairs for the gold. Drop left and go up the 3-stairs and dig left to 
    drop on the slab. Then you just have a winding path to the top--U R U L U 
    R(to the edge) U L and there's the gate to the final scene.
    End of FAQ proper
      8. VERSIONS
    5/8/2006: 1.0.0 submitted to GameFAQs all complete. Pasta fazoo!
    12/20/2005: 0.987 submitted to GameFAQs with all but the last 2 levels
    12/19/2005: 0.90 submitted to GameFAQs with High World complete through level 
    12/18/2005: 0.56 submitted to GameFAQs with Hidden World added, as well as 
    Middle 3-4
    12/15/2005: 0.30 submitted to GameFAQs with basic instructions, Small World, 
    and Middle 1-2 complete.
      9. CREDITS
    Thanks to CJayC as usual for such a great site and, though I hate to admit 
    it, the people who write for more popular games so that these old school FAQs 
    can be hosted for free. 
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
    too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
    falsehead, Sashanan, lisanne, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, 
    ZoopSoul, and others I forgot.
    Thanks to Adrian Jordan for his nice note about 6-2. It probably spurred me 
    to complete those last 2 levels, and I stayed up VERY late to do so. But of 
    course it was fun! Lode Runner is.

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