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    Tsume Supa Robo Guide by HTanudjaja

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                                 Super Robot Taisen D
                                Tsume Supa  Robo Guide
                                     Version 1.0
                                  by Handy Tanudjaja
                                   August 15, 2003
    Banpresto, 2003
    Version 1.0, August 15, 2003
    by Handy Tanudjaja (thewindwalker(at)rocketmail[dot]com)
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    Handy Tanudjaja <thewindwalker(at)rocketmail[dot]com>
    This is the solution for the puzzle stage in Super Robot Taisen D 
    (i.e. Tsumesuparobo) for Gameboy Advance. If you want to figure out the
    puzzle by yourself, please do not continue reading! 
    Stage 1 : Destroy the enemies within 1 turn.
    Use Uso to attack the full HP enemy, supported by Marvett. Then use Marvett 
    to attack the other one.
    Stage 2 : Destroy the invader without killing any of your team in 1 turn.
    Use Gyunei to attack the invader from range 5. That should keep him from
    getting killed. Then use Uso to finish the invader.
    Stage 3 : Destroy the invader in 1 turn.
    Use Marvett's Multi Launcher next to Swartz, and have Swartz assist
    with Missile (last weapon). Next, use Swartz's Missile to kill it.
    Stage 4 : Get to the designated area in 1 turn.
    Use Marvett to kill the enemy at Fa's left. It should die. Next,
    turn the Methuss into flying mode, and just move her to the area.
    Stage 5 : Kill the enemy in 1 turn without getting yourself killed.
    Use Gyunei's Missile from under water and range 4. Gyunei should get
    shot with 10 damage only. Then use Uso to kill the enemy.
    Stage 6 : Defend the base within 2 turn.
    Use Camille's 3rd SP so he can shoot Hyper Mega Launcher after moving.
    Then move him next to Fa, shoot the enemy on the right, assisted by
    Fa. Then move Fa to the left. End your turn.
    Stage 7 : Kill the enemies in 1 turn.
    Use Hayato's 3rd SP so the enemy can't defend each other. Have Hayato
    shoot at Doukar. Use Swartz and Junko to destroy down Renda. Finally 
    speed up Oliver and use him to kill Doukar.
    Stage 8 : Kill the invader in 1 turn.
    Speed up Great Mazinger. Run him to the next of Bosborot, and have him
    do breast burn on the Invader. Let Boz restore his EN. Next, land
    the mazinger, and move him as close as you can to Great Mazinger so 
    they can do the strongest combination attack available (Double Mazinga
    Punch). Use it to kill the Invader.
    Stage 9 : Don't let the enemy reach Earth.
    Speed up everyone that are able to. Have them all change into bird
    mode, everybody who are able to, cast dodge, and have Usso fully
    healed. Block the enemy : Heero to the left of the left enemy,
    Judo to the bottom of the left enemy, Camille in the middle, Amuro
    to the bottom of the right enemy, and Usso to the right of the 
    right enemy. End your turn. The enemy should be attacking Usso. 
    Let him block.
    Stage 10 : Reduce enemy number to 10 in 1 turn.
    Have Bright shoot the top left enemy with his strongest available
    weapon. Then have Trowa (with Hot Blood) shoot Micro Missiles at
    the group on the left of the Big O (be sure to get 8 enemy units
    on his target). The one Bright shot at should get destroyed. Then 
    have The Big O shoot his map weapon (with Hot Blood) at his left. 
    Stage 11 : Kill the enemy in 1 turn.
    Have Basara sing "Holy Lonely Night" at Gamrin. Have Dokar change
    into Battleoid. Speed up Gamrin, and go just above Dokar, have him
    attack the enemy assisted by Dokar's Gunpod Beam (Gamrin should be
    left with 7 HP o_O). Then use Dokar's 2nd SP Rally (Morale +10), 
    and shoot down the enemy with his final attack.
    Stage 12 : Kill the Virgo. Virgo will escape when HP reaches 2500.
    Use Junko to attack the Virgo with Beam Saber. Then use Diana A to
    attack the Virgo with Scarlet Beam assisted by Venus A. Target
    destroyed. So what's the point of Oliver being there ??
    Stage 13 : Cross the bridge in 3 turns.
    Every turn, cast the first SP Marvett has. Then swim across the
    river (don't use the bridge). By the start of turn 3, you should
    be able to reach the destination.
    Stage 14 : Kill all enemies in 1 turn.
    Remove the Back Weapon System of RGZ. Speed up Amuro, and move him
    the farthest down. Have Amuro shoot down the lowest enemy. Then 
    have Bright shoot at the remaining enemy unit. 
    Stage 15 : Kill the enemy in 1 turn.
    Cast Hot Blood and dodge on the VF-17S Nightmare F. Have it shoot
    the Micro Missiles at the enemy. Then cast Hot Blood and Rally on
    Basara. Have him attack with "Power to the Dream" song at the enemy.
    Stage 16 : Get to the designated area in 2 turns.
    Move Usso 5 squares right and 1 square down. End your turn. 
    Move Usso to the destination.
    Stage 17 : Kill the enemies in 1 turn.
    Have Bright use the Propellant Tank to restore Gyunei's Energy.
    Speed up Bright, and use him to shoot the lower enemy. Have Gyunei
    shoot the enemy with the 4th weapon. Then have Quess cast her 3rd
    SP so she can shoot after moving. Have her move to the top and
    shoot with the 4th weapon also on the upper enemy.
    Stage 18 : Kill the enemy in 1 turn.
    Break up Daltanias. Use Berarius (The Lion) and Ganpar (the aircraft)
    to attack the enemy. Combine Daltanias. Use Daltanias' Transaber to
    kill the enemy.
    Stage 19 : Survive until turn 2.
    Move Bossborott to the left as far as he can go. Then block everytime
    the enemies attacked.
    Stage 20 : Kill all the enemies in 1 turn.
    Land Heero. Move him next to Quattre and have Heero attack the guy
    under Quattre, and have Quattre assist him. Next, cast Hot Blood on
    Duo and move Duo to the row of enemies. Have Duo use the Twin Beam
    Schyte combo on the enemy (killing 2 in the process). Then cast
    Hot Blood on Quattre, Trowa and Wufei. Have Wufei move down, and
    attack the nearest enemy he can. Then use Trowa and Quattre to finish
    off the remaining enemies.
    Stage 21 : Get someone to the designated area within 1 turn.
    Cast Hot Blood on Camille. Have him shoot at the leftmost enemy. The
    enemy below Amuro's position should be receiving the damage. Then use
    Char's 3rd SP so the enemy can't use any backups or beam defense. 
    Attack the damaged enemy (should be the one below Amuro) with Sazabi's
    4th weapon (Mega Beam Cannon). The enemy should go down. Speed up 
    Amuro and move him to the destination.
    Stage 22 : Prevent enemy units from entering both colonies
    Cast 100% dodge on Zechs, then move him down. Have Zechs shoot energy
    drain at someone. Then have Noin cast "Move Again" (the 90 cost SP)
    on Zechs. Cast 100% dodge on Zechs and move him under the right enemy.
    Change Noin's Taurus into Mobile Armor mode, then move it to the 
    top left square of the right colony. Have Noin shoot Spider Net at
    the lowest enemy. End your turn. 
    Stage 23 : Prevent enemy units from entering the base.
    Speed up Maria, move her next to Duke. Combine the Drill Spacer and
    Grendizer. Use Maria to speed up Grendizer. Move Duke to the leftmost
    position of the base. Move Marine Spacer to the right of Grendizer. 
    End your turn.
    Stage 24 : Force Sybil to escape
    Move Trowa next to Duo. Blow up Duo using his self destruct SP. Have
    Noin cast "Move Again" on Trowa. Blow up Trowa. Sybil should get 
    damaged by 500 and escapes.
    Stage 25 : Kill the enemy in 1 turn.
    Cast "Speed Up", "Move Again" (the 50 cost SP) and "Spirit" on Amuro. 
    Move him inside Ra Kailum. Speed up Ra Kailum and move it down. Have 
    Noin cast "Move Again" (the 90 cost SP) on Bright. Have Bright cast 
    his 4th SP so Ra Kailum can shoot Mega Particle Cannon after moving.
    Speed up Ra Kailum, move it down, and shoot at the enemy. Get Amuro 
    out and shoot the enemy with Beam Rifle.
    Stage 26 : Don't let the enemy reach the city,
               get a unit next to Chronocle within 2 turns.
    Turn 1. 
    Change Getta-2! (always wanted to say that :) Speed up Hayato, cast 
    100% dodge, Morale Up (from Benkei) and invincibility (from Ryoma), 
    move 7 squares down and two squares left. Attack the right enemy with 
    Drill Storm. Then cast Usso's 3rd spell (the one that increases attack 
    range by 2), 100% dodge on Usso, and move Usso two squares to the left 
    of Getta-2 while attacking the right enemy. Then change Garland into 
    a bike, speed him up, and move him in the middle between Usso and 
    Getta-2. Have the Garland attack the right enemy. It should get
    destroyed. Move Marvett to the left of Usso. End your turn.
    Chronocle should attack the Garland. Have Getta-2 block it for him.
    Turn 2.
    Change Getta-3! Speed up with Hayato and use Daisetsuzan oroshi on
    the enemy. Then use Usso to destroy the enemy. Change Garland into
    the flying robot again. Speed him up, and move him down next to
    or... the easy way
    Turn 2. 
    Just change the Garland into the flying robot, speed him up, and move
    him next to Chronocle.
    Stage 27 : Get to the designated area without losing the VF within 3 turns.
    Cast 100% dodge, speed up and hot blood on the Cosmocrusher. Move it
    to the middle between the enemy and the VF-11C Thunderbolt B. Shoot
    the enemy. End your turn. The enemy should be attacking the Cosmocrusher.
    Do not counter attack, instead let the moron in VF-11C destroy the
    enemy. Speed up and cast 100% dodge on the Cosmocrusher. Move it way
    up. End your turn. Then speed up Cosmocrusher again. Finally move
    Cosmocrusher to the designated area.
    Stage 28 : Destroy Mother Burn in 1 turn.
    Have Hilde cast "Morale up" two times. Use Hilde to assist Heero,
    Duo and Quattre in attacking the Mother Burn. Then use Hilde to attack
    Mother Burn assisted by Trowa. Cast Hot Blood on Trowa and use Full
    Open Attack to destroy Mother Burn.
    Stage 29 : Reduce enemy number to 1 in 1 turn.
    Change Z Gundam into Waverider. Cast Hot Blood on Camille. Have Camille
    shoot Hyper Mega Launcher at the leftmost enemy on his row, assisted 
    by Garland. Cast Hot Blood on Usso, move him down from his position
    to under the column of enemy. Hit the enemy from below with his Beam
    Saber, killing the 2 already damaged unit in the process. Cast Hot
    Blood on Amuro, have him shoot Mega Beam Cannon on the flying enemy 
    at the left of Camille. Cast Love on Garland, move him under the two
    underwater unit, and attack with his punch, resulting in combo attack
    that destroys both unit.
    Stage 30 : Kill all enemies in 1 turn.
    Change Getta-3! Cast Hot Blood (Benkei) and Move Again. Shoot Getta
    Missile at Getta Poseidon. Change Getta-1! Cast Hot Blood (Benkei)
    and Move Again. Use the equipped item to restore 50 SP. Move three
    squares left from the Getta Dragon, attack with Spiral Getta Beam.
    Change Getta-2! Cast Hot Blood (Benkei), Speed Up and Move Again.
    Move to the right of Getta Lyger. Destroy it with Drill Arm.
    Change Getta-1! Cast Hot Blood and Speed Up. Move next to the Invader
    and destroy it with Getta Tomahawk.
    Stage 31 : Prevent the enemies from entering the colony within 2 turns.
    Have Gamrin cast Love, then shoot missiles at the enemy on the lower
    left of Getta-1. Then move Gamrin to the bottom right of the colony.
    Change Z Gundam into Waverider and have Camille cast Hot Blood and
    his 3rd SP so he can shoot after moving. Move Camille to the left
    of the enemy right below Getta-1. Have Camille shoot Hyper Mega Launcher
    at the enemy on the top left. Speed up Usso and have him cast Hot Blood.
    Then move him to the left of Waverider. Have Usso attack with his 4th
    weapon (the triple beam saber or something) on the enemy on his upper
    left corner. Have Judo cast Hot Blood and move him under Getta-1. Let 
    Judo attack the enemy that Usso attacked before. Then have Getta-1 
    cast Hot Blood, move him under Usso, and attack the enemy on top of
    Usso with Spiral Getta Beam. End your turn.
    Stage 32 : Protect colonies from the enemies within 2 turns.
    Cast Zech's 4th SP, have Zechs attack the unit on his right, then move
    him two squares up and two squares left. Cast Hot Blood on Treize, and
    attack the enemy 5 squares above Treize with Doubergun. Move Treize
    to the right of Zechs. Then move Char two squares right and one square
    up, attack the enemy right next to him. End your turn.
    Stage 33 : Kill all enemies in 2 turns.
    Break up Daltanias. Cast 100% dodge on Berarios (the lion), move it
    to the right of Ganpar. Have it attack the lower left enemy, assisted
    by Ganpar. Have Ganpar cast his 5th spell, and attack the lower left
    enemy too. Cross In! (Combine back Daltanias), cast Iron Wall and Hot 
    Blood. Move Daltanias one square up and one square right. Have him attack 
    with Dragon Saber. End your turn. Counter everything with Dragon Saber.
    Check the enemies' movement. The one we want is when the lower left 
    enemy move to the bottom of Daltanias (so Daltanias can counter with Dragon
    Saber resulting in combo damage right through the level 99 Gaskon).
    Break up Daltanias, cast 100% dodge on Berarios, have him attack with
    Alpha Beta Gamma Attack, combine Daltanias, cast Hot Blood and finish
    him with Dragon Saber.
    Stage 34 : Destroy Tashiro in 1 turn (escapes at 50%)
    Exhaust Tashiro with Boss 4 times. Then use Jun's 6th SP to restore
    10 points of Boss' SP. Exhaust Tashiro again. Cast Morale up on Mazinger
    4 times. Have Jun restore 10 points of Mazinger's SP. Have Mazinger
    cast Hot Blood. Cast 100% dodge on Jun, and move Jun two squares left,
    attack Tashiro with Jun's 2nd weapon assisted by Mazinger's strongest
    attack. Have Sayaka cast Resupply on Mazinger and 100% dodge. Move her
    just next to Bossborot. Attack with her strongest weapon assisted by
    Bossborot. Blow up Bossborot. Let Mazinger attack Tashiro with his 
    strongest weapon assisted by Great Booster from Great Mazinger.
    Stage 35 : Decrease Grabil's HP to 45000 in 1 turn.
    Cast Hot Blood on Miria, change her into Battleroid. Move her right
    at the left of Basara. Attack with her last weapon, assisted by Basara.
    Have Gubaba (Mylene's err...pet?) cast Morale +10. Change Max into
    Battleroid. Have Max cast Move Again, and move him right above Mylene.
    Attack with gunpod assisted by Mylene. Have Max cast Move Again. Have
    Mylene heal Max with her 3rd SP. Have Max attack the enemy with micro
    missiles, then move him above Basara. Have Mylene sing her 4th song
    (i.e. 4th weapon) to give Max +5 morale. Land Basara, cast Hot Blood
    on Basara and let him sing Holy Lonely Night SB (Sound Blaster??) at
    the enemy assisted by Max's Micro Missiles. Then cast Hot Blood on 
    Max, and attack with Max's strongest available weapon.
       Special Thanks
       EmeraldWeapon : for stage 4 solution. How could I miss that :)
       andromedashun : for informing me what the mission in stage 26 was. 
       Everyone posting in the Tsume Supa Robo Solution Thread :
       Matrix, Arklight Blue, andromedashun, ShinGettaRobo, Trigger, catdude
       Everyone in the message board of SRWG (http://srw.proboards.com). :)
       CjayC : the sole gamefaqs manager 
       Copyrighted 2003 by Handy Tanudjaja.  All rights reserved.
       Super Robot Taisen D, (c) Banpresto 2003
       This document may not be reprinted or reproduced for sale or profit 
       without permission. This document may be freely distributed via hard 
       copy, WWW link, or other electronic means, but all writers retain 
       their copyrights. 

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