"A nice kart racing game, but it just needs to be a little better"

Mario Kart ripoffs have been happening ever since Super Mario Kart was released for the SNES. After that there have been countless ripoffs of Mario Kart. And this one is no different. This game is a ripoff of Mario Kart Super Circuit for the GBA, also it has the cartoon network license. Its a good kart game, but it just needs to be a little better. You have 12 racers, 12 tracks, multiplayer and a password save which is not good for a racing game.

Graphics 7/10
This game has fun cartoony graphics, the characters look good, and the tracks look great! But when your racing, you only go like 5mph. They used a slow framerate for all the karts, so it looks like you are going slow. The karts animate nicely and move good around the track.

Sound 6/10
This is where the game needs to get better. There is no voice samples from any characters, which really hurts the sound. The other part of the sound is good. You can hear the motors, the brakes and alot of other things and it sounds good put together. But some of the sound, sounds that it could be from a SNES game.

Music 8/10
The music rocks in this game. It zany, goofy and fun to listen to and each track has their own goofy song. For example, the track Desert Drive has sort of a western theme song, the track Scary Speedway has a spooky and awesome theme song, and the track Alpine Antics has the best song of them all. The music from the main menu can get a little annoying, but the music is awesome nonetheless.

Gameplay 7/10
For the single player you have three modes. Quick Race, Challenge, and Championship. The game also has a password save which is a nono for a racing game.

Quick Race
Quick Race is just to race and have fun. Sound familiar? It is the exact same as Quick Run in Mario Kart Super Circuit, to pick your racer, track and go race right away.

This is where the game gets interesting and where you can unlock most of the bonus stuff, instead of Time Trial in Mario Kart, you get this. When you do challenge, make sure you pick a racer your comfortable with. When your choosing a track you see it has a point bar under it, meaning you have to beat that score. To beat it, you need to gather all five stars or at least get 3 out of 5 to help you get points. To get more you need get 1st in the race, and do things like knock other racers outta your way. Once you end the race and have enough points, you unlock different things like power ups, tracks, racers and championships. The tracks get harder once you unlock more.

Just like Mario GP in Mario Kart. You have 5 championships and 4 tracks for each one. Once you win a championship you unlock the next one you can also unlock some power ups, or/and a track. Once you beat all five, you have to do challenge to unlock the rest of the bonus items.

This game has a weird option where you get to look at bonus items you've unlocked or need to unlock. You can look at power ups, tracks, racers or trophies. It tells you how to unlock each one. To unlock each racer you need to do challenge. For power ups it differs and for tracks it differs

The game also has a password save. Why? probably because they had no room for a cartridge save, or they are being cheap. Anytime you unlock something, win a trophy, or win a challenge they give you password. This may be a problem for some people, if you lose the password they give you, you have to start over. Or if you can keep track of your passwords then you got no problem. But a password save is a big nono for racing games!

Replay Value 7.5/10
Either you haven't won all the championships yet or you need to unlock more things. This game has got you occupied, but once you have unlocked everything, you can still do a quick race or play multiplayer.

Rent or Buy
Rent, then buy if you like it. BTW, this game is only 20 bucks.

This game is a good kart game, but there are better ones...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/08/04

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