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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LordofthePixieStix

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 01/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective
                       *                                     *
                       *     Yu Yu Hakusho FAQ/Walkthrough   *
                       *          1 Player RPG/Action        *
                       *            Game Boy Advance         *
                               Walkthrough/FAQ Written By:
                      LordofthePixieStix (HylianHeroftime@aol.com)
                                     Legal Stuff
    Yu Yu Hakusho is owned by FUNimation, the game was produced by Atari, Sensory
    Sweep, Screaming games, and liscenced by Nintendo.
    I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho, but I do own this FAQ. Please don't steal it, and
    ask before putting any information here on your website, etc.
                                   Table of Contents
    * Version Update
    * Introduction/Prologue
    * Basic controls/Techniques
    * Walkthrough
    * FAQ
                                    Version Updates
    Version 1.7 (January 14)- Updated some things here and there
    Version 1.5 (January 1)- Updated FAQ, changed look of some things, fixed a typo
                             I found
    Version 1.1 (December 31)- Updated FAQ, fixed a few typos
    Version 1.0 (December 31)-Levels 12-26
    Version 0.5 (December 30)-Finished Introduction/Prologue, Basic Controls/
                              Techniques, Levels 1-11 in the Walkthrough, added to
                              FAQ section
    My first FAQ here; I decided since no one else had made one I'd make one for
    practice. As it is my first, any comments are welcome.
    "Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is the worst student at Sarayashiki Junior
    High School. He has no respect for authority, constantly skips class and is
    forever getting into fights. Just ask Kuwabara, who picks a fight with Yusuke
    everyday. Kuwabara doesn't fare any better than the other boys who cross
    paths with Yusuke: They lose.
    Probably the only person Yusuke hasn't rejected is Keiko, a fourteen-year-old
    girl he has known most of his life and probably the only person in the world
    who can talk sense into him. But Yusuke is about to learn things beyond THIS
    Yusuke gets killed in a freak accident while trying to save a boy's life.
    Suddenly, he finds himself facing Koenma, the Prince of the Spirit World.
    Because of Yusuke's selfless act, Koenma decides to give Yusuke another chance
    at life. But the deal comes with some strings attached, like rounding up outlaw
    demons and soul-sucking spirit monsters. Yusuke must become the Earth's Spirit
    Detective and help Koenma rid the Earth of renegade spirits. But Yusuke is ill-
    equipped for this kind of fight. He will need all his street smarts, his
    martial arts skills and the help of his friends if he is to succeed as the
    Spirit Detective."
                             Basic Controls/Techniques
    Control Pad- Move
    Start- Pause
    Select- Status screen
    A- pull switches, go through coversation boxes, Primary Attack
    L- switch between characters (when available)
    B- Spirit Gun
    A+R- Spirit Punch
    B+R- Shotgun
    B- Spirit Sword
    A+R- Spirit Kick
    B+R- Sword Get Long*
    B- Teleportation
    A+R- Teleslash*
    B+R- 18 Slash Jagan**
    B- Spirit Whip
    A+R- Rose Whiplash*
    B+R- Rose Blossom**
    *  Learn at Level 15
    ** Learn at Level 20
    For most of the directions, I'll be using a regular compass:
       W -'- E
    SE corner= lower right corner
    Etc, etc, etc
    [Level 1]
    * Intro- Yusuke's ill-mannered, has no respect, etc. His mom tells him today
             that if he doesn't want to go to school, then he should drop out and
             get a job.
    * When the intro is done, go NW untill you reach a gate. There you'll meet
      Kuwabara and his gang.
    * Beat his friends, then quickly fight him. Another one of his friends will
      talk about how Kuwabara always loses against Yusuke, while Kuwabara insists
      he "almost had him that time".
    * From the outside of the gate, go NE, then at the 3-way intersection turn SE
    * You'll see a little boy on a corner. Walk up to him.
    * When he moves into the street, follow him. Then a car will come, and a screen
      shot of Yusuke saving the kid will come up.
    * You end up in a dream. An egg is in the NE corner of the screen, and it
      hatches into an evil spirit beast.
    * Fight the beast. Hearts are to the E and in the SE corner.
    * Collect your golden orbs, then walk to the center of the the screen. Botan
      talk to you to tell you you're dead, and that she's the Grim Reaper, while
      Koenma will tell you the test you take to get your life back is a spirit
      egg, which can either hatch into a nice spirit which will lead Yusuke to his
      body, or an evil beast that could devour Yusuke's soul. Yusuke's actions will
      determine what comes out of the egg, "for better or for worse."
    [Level 2]
    * Intro- Botan tells Yusuke he needs to tell someone not to
             cremate his body, and that his last resort is to "posess" Kuwabara in
             order to tell Keiko the information.
    * You first have to look for her at the school. To get to the school, go SW
      until you get to a corner
       - Go NE, turn NW at the 3-way intersection
       - When you see a stone pathway, follow it up to the school.
    * School's closed, so you go to the cafe next. Follow the pathway back to the
      street and go SE until you see the chalk outline of Yusuke's body on the
    * Head NE, then turn NW at the corner
    * The cafe is the building with a cup drawn on the side. She's not there, so
      you have to look somewhere else. Retrace your steps to the chalk outline.
    * Go NW all the way up the street. You should end up where you first met
    * Keiko should be there. Walk up to her, and there will be a small dialogue
      where you'll tell her not to have the funeral, and that you'll be back.
    {Level 3}
    * Intro- Kuwabara's teacher tells him he shouldn't be fighting kids in other
             schools; Okubo can't keep his job unless Kuwabara and Co. score 50%
             or more on their science physical exams, and unless they resist
             fighting for the entire time.
    * Now you just follow the compass to collect the homework icons. You need at
      least 10, but there are 20 total. If you want me to put how I got to each
      icon, just email me and I'll put it here. You have 10 minutes to collect them
      all, and remember, you cannot fight anyone!
    {Level 4}
    * Intro (Yusuke's house is on fire).
    * Go SE, turn SW at the corner.
    * At the intersection (it should have the chalk outline), go NW, turn SW at the
      first chance you get.
    * Turn SE into the gate
    * Keep going SE until you get to a house with flames (Yusuke's house)
    * Now comes the FIRE MAZE!! (Hearts are in the SE corner unless specified)
      - Pull the lever in the NE corner, go E
      - Pull both levers to the N, go E
      - Pull both levers to the N, go N
      - Pull both levers to the N, go E
      - Pull the lever in the NE corner, go N
      - Pull both levers to the N, go E
      - Pull the lever in the NE corner, go E
      - Pull the lever in the NE corner, go E (heart in SW corner)
      - Go to the SE side, there're two fire..bush..things that have a gap between
        them. Go through this small gap and go E
      - You're in Yusuke's room. A mini dialogue in which Botan tells Yusuke he can
        throw his spirit egg into the fire in order to save Keiko from the flames,
        at the cost of him not being able to live again. He throws the egg anyway.
      - Another mini dialogue, where Koenma tells Yusuke that since Yusuke cared
        more for Keiko's life than his own, he'll grant Yusuke his life back.
        "Just don't call me toddler."
    [Level 5]
    * Intro- Yusuke's happy that he can feel gravity again, and decides to see if
             Keiko's at the cafe.
    * Go NW to go out of the housing complex(HC).
    * Turn NE until you get to the street.
    * Aviod the cars and run to the other side of the street.
    * Go SE until you reach a corner.
    * Turn NE, then turn NW
    * Kuwabara and Co. are with some Rugafuchi kids (guys in red uniforms)
    * Sakamoto sends three people after you. Beat them, and head NE
    * Fight three more, then head NW
    * Next are three more Sakamoto calls "bodyguards", fight them, and then head NW
    * Now you fight Sakamoto himself (as Kuwabara)
    * Koenma tells you you've been appointed Spirit Detective of Earth
    [Level 6]
    *Intro- The three artifacts of Darkness (Orb of Baast, Forlorn Hope, and Shadow
            Sword) have been stolen. Yusuke can now use Spirit Gun (B), and you
            need to find the three detective items "necessary" to complete your
    * Go NW to get out of the HC, head NE
    * Turn NW at street
    * Head SW when you're facing a store with 57 cents and a banana on the windows.
    * Turn NW when the store's wall ends
    * Turn NE, then turn SE
    * look around the area, you'll get the Psychic Spy Glass
    * Go NW, then go SW
    * Head S until you get to a river, go SE to get to the end of it
    * Go around the red bar, head SW, past the intesection
    * Go NW until you reach a red building and a building with a red roof. They
      should have a small gap between them. Go through this gap, and keep going SE
      until you can't go any further. Then go E to get the Concentration Ring.
    * To get the Demon's Compass, go to the HC gate
    * Go SW
    * Staying on the sidewalk, go SE
    * When you can't go any further, go S
    * Enter the gate, go around the 2nd gate and go S
    * Go onto pier; Demon Compass is easy to find from there
    * Go out of the main gate, head NW
    * At the intersection, go SW
    * Continue past the intersection (still going SW)
    * Turn SE at the corner, stay to the lower part of the street
    * Go through the gate; Gouki is there
    {Level 7}
    * Intro- Gouki almost eats a child's soul, Yusuke gets angry
    * Fight Gouki's human form. It's easy; three punches will do it. After that,
      though, Gouki turns into his demon form, which is more powerful. Defeat this
      form to get the Orb of Baast. The easiest thing to do is to repeatedly fire
      Spirit Gun, recharge with the potion in the NW corner, and then fire again.
      Hearts are in the SE corner, and along the E side.
    {Level 8}
    * Intro- Botan tells Yusuke that the two demons left (Kurama and Hiei) are even
             more powerful than Gouki was, and that Yusuke now only has a week to
             retrieve the items, because Koenma's father, King Enma, won't be happy
             if he figures out Koenma lost the Artifacts...
    * Go NW to get out of HC
    * Go SE, turn NE
    * Turn NW (you'll go past the cafe). Then turn NE.
    * Turn NW again, and enter the white doors.
    * You'll end up on the roof to a hospital. There Kurama tells you he wants to
      use the Forlorn Hope to make his ill human mother well again. He is willing to
      risk his life, which is what one must give up to use the Forlorn Hope. Yusuke
      convinces the mirror not to take Kurama's life, and after thanking Yusuke,
      Kurama leaves to make sure his mother is alright.
    * Now you have the Forlorn Hope. You can go out the door.
    * Go SE, then SW, then SE, then SW
    * Go NW, turn SW
    * You should be in front of the gate to the HC. Go SW, immediately turn SE. Stay
      in the street.
    * When you see a corner, turn SW. Turn SE at the next intersection.
    * Follow the street until it ends. Turn SW, then NW. Go N to find Hiei.
    * Hiei leaves, and in his place are four enemies. Kill them, then turn SE, then
      SW through a small gap between buildings.
    * Turn NW, past the intersection.
    * Head SW the first chance you get, Go SE, then when you're in a clearing fo NE
      to find Hiei again.
    * He leaves AGAIN, leaving four more enemies. Kill them, then retrace your steps
      to the intersection.
    * Go NE, continue through intersection
    * Turn SE at the next intersection, go S as soon as you see a gate
    * Go through the gate, and past the 2nd one. Go SW to enter the warehouse.
    [Level 9]
    * Ignore the enemies (unless you want to level up) and head to the NE corner of
      the warehouse.
    * Now You finally get to fight Hiei. He's in his demon form, and is threatening
      to do something to Keiko if Yusuke doesn't hand over the other artifacts.
      Yusuke surrenders the artifacts, but Hiei doesn't give up Keiko as easily.
    * To win, all you have to to is dodge the fireballs, and hit Hiei with Spirit
      Gun. If you get hit by a fireball, you'll be paralyzed for a short time, while
      Hiei comes to your platform and punches you repeatedly. If you're fast, you
      can land a punch on him before he jumps back to the futher platforms. Defeat
      him to earn the Shadow Sword.
    [Level 10]
    * Intro- It's time for the Genkai Tournament!! Yusuke has to make sure a demon
             named Rando doesn't learn her powerful technique, because if he did, he
             could (and would) kill millions!
    * Go N to find out Kuwabara's at the tournament too- he wants to learn more
      about his supernatural "powers"
    * Go up further, and Genkai will tell everyone to come inside. Follow her
      through the door, and she'll tell you the first test is to play mini-games to
      test your strength, spiritual awareness, and adaptability. Score the 750
      points needed, then go N to find Genkai.
    {Level 11}
    *not using compass directions*
    * Intro- Now you have to go through the Dark Forest.
    * Go right, left, right, left, then go straight up.
    * You'll run into Baldok. Just shoot your Spirit gun at him whenever you can
      and you'll hit him.
    * Hearts are to the left.
    * Spirit energy potion is in the upper left corner.
    * When you've defeated Baldok, walk up.
    {Level 12}
    * Intro- Now the FIGHTING part of the Genkai Tournament starts.
    * The first match is easy; Kibano comes right at you. all you have to do is
      furiously tap A and you're fine ^_-
    * Kazemaru is a little harder. You have to get the darts to hit him, since you
      can't hit him with fist or Spirit energy. Do this to win the Semifinal.
    [Level 13]
    * Intro- Now it's time for the finals of the tournament- and the appearance of
    * First you have to beat Shorin. Then Rando reveals himself in his demon form.
      Defeat the demon to win the tournament!
    [Level 14]
    * Intro- Now Yusuke gets to train with Genkai for six months. After hoping for
             some relaxation, this is a real put-down for Yusuke...
    * First, defeat all the monsters. They're the gray things that were in the
      forest. Heal yourself with the Hearts at the N part of the screen, then go
      up the steps to Genkai's temple.
    * Next, score at least 1000 points in the mini-games you played before.
    {Level 15}
    * Now you have to fight Genkai. Go down the steps and eventually you'll find
      her. She uses Spirit Gun and Shotgun, which shoots many "Spirit Gun bullets"
      at once. Walk around for a bit and the level will end.
    [Level 16]
    *Intro- Kuwabara wants to train to be as tough as Yusuke when he gets back.
    * Punch the Yusuke dummy. The easiest thing with a life guage to hit, since it
      neither moves or attacks. When it's "defeated", Kuwabara learns Spirit Sword
      (B). Travel to the NW corner to find a rock with a switch. Pull the switch,
      and go S. Go across the bridge and follow the dirt path, knocking off foes
      that get in your way (trust me, there are many of them).
    * Eventually, the dirt path splits. Go N to get some potion; otherwise go SW
      (down the path).
    {Level 17}
    * Intro- The four Saint Beasts unleashed Makai insects into the Human world.
             The only way to stop the parasites is to destroy a whistle which
             controls them. (Yusuke never gets a break...)
    * It's not hard to find your way around at this point, so I'm not going to give
      directions. After walking for awhile, some enemies in grey robes will come
      (about 4). Defeat them to move on.
    * Continue on, and you'll come across some more. Defeat these to move on.
    * Next two black-robed enemies will come. Again, defeat these to move on.
    * Eventually a swarm will appear. Hiei and Kurama will come to aid you, and to
      also become playable characters!(to switch, press L)
    * Now you face the Gate of Betrayal. After a screenshot of this is shown, Hiei
      is chosen to find the switch to lift the ceiling(he's the fastest, after all)
    * When you have control of Hiei, go straight, then go NW. There'll be a yellow
      ball which has exp points in it.
    * Go back down the hallway you originally came from. Turn E, follow the hallway
      to a narrow set of stairs. Go up the stairs and turn SE. The switch to the
      ceiling is on the floor.
    * A mini dialogue, then you control Hiei again. Go back down the steps, and go
      back to the original hallway. Continue going W, following the narrow corridor
      until it leads you out of the area.
    {Level 18}
    * Intro- Botan has to help stop the spread of the Makai insects. Control her to
             help stop 10 infected people. Use A to hit people with her bat, and B
             to spray insect spray to kill the makai insects.
    * Go E to find an opening in a gate. Go through, then NW, to find two infected
      people. Defeat them, and each will leave two insects behind. Spray the
      insects to kill them.
    * Go NW further to find another person.
    * Continue up to find the 4th person.
    * Follow the street NE and gothrough the gate. Go NW to find the 5th person.
    * Continue N to find a 6th person.
    * Go out the gate and go NE down the street. Turn SE and continue down the road
      to find the 7th person.
    * Keep going SE to find the 8th person.
    * Turn SW at the intersection, then turn NW. Keep going to find the 9th person.
    * Get back to the road and go SW. Follow the road down to find the 10th and
      last person.
    [Level 19]
    * Switch to any character you choose (Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, or Yusuke). Go up
      the steps. Turn NE, follow the hallway to another flight of steps.
    * Go down the steps and go N. Fight the enemies that come your way, then go N.
      Go across the bridge and go NW until you find a door (you may have to travel
      along the wall to find it.)
    * Inside the door is a series of red lazers or whatever you want to call them.
      My advice for this is to use Hiei and continuously teleport past the lazers
      if you're afraid of getting hit.
    * After four hallways, you'll get to a door. Go W and you'll see a lever on the
      wall. Pull it. Now go back through the hallways with lazers and go NE.
    * Continue E until you get to a bridge that was broken but is now fixed. Go
      over the bridge, and go into the door N of you.
    * Now you fight Genbu as Kurama. Hearts are in the SW corner, and the NE
      corner. There're no potions here.
    * When you defeat Genbu, you see a cool screenshot of Kurama. After that go
      out the door to the N.
    [Level 20]
    * Intro- Kuwabara "calls" the next boss; Botan tells Yusuke he doesn't have
             much time left.
    * Switch characters, if necessary, and go down the narrow hall. Go NE to go
      fall into a "trap". You have to fight eight of the hooded enemies. After
      that, go E. There're hearts on the way if you need them.
    * Go SW and follow that hallway. A message will come up, telling you to use
      Kuwabara's strength to get to Byakko's Lair. Switch to Kuwabara, and find the
      boulder. If you push it to a hole, it will break and fill in the hole. Push
      the boulder to the hole in front of the hole (NE). Go into the door, and you
      will find hearts and exp points. Then walk back out.
    * Push the boulder (it reappears after being pushed) SW to fill in some holes,
      then continue downwards. Go over the bridge-like thing.
    * Head S, you'll find a boulder there. Push it to the NE side of the area, and
      you'll find three holes leading to a door (Byakko's Lair).
    {Level 21}
    * Intro- You're at the second Saint Beast: Byakko. Kuwabara's fighting this
    * To beat Byako, you need to jump systematically across the pillars
      until you get to Byakko. Then a screenshot will show Kuwabara hitting Byyako,
      and you'll end up on the other side of Byakko. The pillars fall, and don't
      come back for awhile, so you need to make wide circles when jumping from
      pillar to pillar, because it gives the pillars enough time to come back by
      the time you're back at the middle one.
    * After getting to Byakko three times, you defeat him. Go N to the door and
      end the level.
    {Level 22}
    * Intro- "It seems we have reached the maze part of Maze Castle."
    * Switch to your preferred character, then go NW.
    * Go W, down a narrow hall. Ignore the steps, unless you're in dire need of
      exp, since all there are up the steps are monsters. The same goes for the
      stairs when you continue N. From there go E, then N, then W (there's nothing
      of importance up the steps).
    * You'll see a lever when you reach the end of the hall, and five closed doors.
      Pull the lever to open the first door. Go inside.
    * Two green pig-like monsters with whitish yellow stripes on their backs are
      here. Kill them and go N to find a lever. Pull it, and go outside. Another
      door has opened.
    * In this room, there are three one-eyed bats. Kill them, and pull the lever to
      the N end of the room. Go outside, for yet another door has opened.
    * In this room, there's a blue one-eyed bat, a green pig-like monster, and a
      grey hooded enemy. Kill them all and pull the lever in the same spot all the
      others were. Go out to get to the next room.
    * There's a red one-eyed bat, a grey-hooded enemy, and a black-hooded enemy.
      Do the usual, and go outside.
    * This time, you end up in a room with Seiryu, the third Saint Beast. Hiei
      fights this one.
    * Seiryu is in the NE side of the room. Go to him and frantically tapping A to
      win. Make sure you're truly in front of him; somehow it's possible to move
      through the enemy, and you don't realize it until you notice to damage is
      being done to him. Hearts are in the SE corner.
    * After Seiryu's defeated, and you've seen a cool screenshot of Hiei, you go to
      the door in the NE corner.
    [Level 23]
    * Intro- Suzaku is fustrated with his fellow Saint Beasts' failures. He decides
             to send the Makai insects after Keiko, so that Yusuke won't be able to
             concentrate during their battle.
    * Go up the steps, turn NW and continue up until you can turn E. Turn E, then
      go down the steps.
    * Go N to find 2 open doors, and a closed one in the middle. One of the open
      doors should always have enemies at it. After beating a certain amount of
      enemies, the central door opens.
    * After a mini dialogue, go E to the stairway; go up (you'll encounter a lot of
      enemies each time you go up a flight of stairs, so be careful).
    * Move N a little bit to see the next flight of stairs. Go up, defeat the
      enemies, and go SE.
    * Go up the steps, defeat the enemies, go NW.
    * Go up stairs, defeat enemies, go SE.
    * Go up steps, defeat enemies, go NW.
    * Go up steps, fight another horde of monsters, go SE *closer now...*
    * Go up steps, fight horde of monsters, go NW
    * Go up the LAST flight of steps, fight the monsters, go SE to the door to
      Suzaku's hideaway!!
    * You fight him as Yusuke. I suggest the button-mashing tactic for the first
      Suzaku. Then, when he splits into his Prism of Seven, aim at them all with
      Shotgun, which will destroy more than one copy at a time, and speed things
      up. When you find the real one, just use Hit-and-Run tactics: hit until
      you're almost dead, then run to get some health, repeat, repeat...
    * Hearts- W wall, E wall; no potion
    * Once you defeat him, a screenshot of Yusuke is shown, stuff is said, blah,
      blah, blah...
    [Level 24]
    * Intro- Koenma gives Hiei a tape to give to Yusuke, telling him about his next
             case: to rescue a girl named Yukina from a greedy human named
    * Follow the dirt path. After a long while, a demon will appear. Defeat him
      and cross the bridge behind him.
    {Level 25}
    * Intro- Apparently, the demon you just killed was a guard. And there's more of
    * Go W.
    * Go up to the next demon and fight him. After defeating him, follow the path
    * Keep following the path, eventually you'll come to a third demon. Beat him,
      and continue on.
    * Weave through the trees to avoid the mines (the red and grey circles).
      Continue on.
    * You get to a fourth demon. Fight him and go NE.
    * Go E to the opening of the gate; go N.
    * Go W. You'll see the red lazers again. Either patiently go past, or do what I
      do and Teleport past them :P
    * After all those lazers, you'll eventually end up at an open door. Walk right
    * You find yet another demon; fight it and go outside. The door that was
      locked before should be open now.
    {Level 26}
    * After a brief mini-dialogue, you fight the first mini-boss, Miyuki. Beat her-
      er, him, and go through the door.
    * In the hallway, unless you want more exp, avoid being seen by cameras,
      because if you're seen by one people will come to fight you. At the end of
      the hallway, there's a door.
    * Go through the door to fight the next mini-boss Inmaki.
      Just hit randomly in the air and sure enough, you'll probably
      hit him.
    * The next door leads to the last mini-boss, Gokumonki.
      Beat him and go through the door.
    * Go N in the hallway to get to the FINAL BOSS.
    * You first fight Toguro with Yusuke, followed by Kuwabara afterwards. Use the
      Hit-and-Run tactics again, because one hit from him takes out 1/5 of your
      HP, at least. When you defeat him both times, a screenshot of Yusuke and
      Kuwabara "defeating" Toguro in the anime. Koenma tells you Yukina's been
      rescued, and that now Yusuke must worry about something called the Dark
      Tournament (ah, the work of a Spirit Detective is never done...)
    The End!!
    Here, I'll answer game questions, or even questions about the anime, in case
    anything said in the game confused you.
    Q. Why did I spell Keiko's name "Keiko" instead of "Kayko"?
    A. "Keiko" is the actual Japanese spelling.
    Q. Is there anything after the Tournament with Genkai?
    A. Besides the Mini-Games under Extras...no, not really. You can fight the
       Rando/Suzaku clones again just by accessing your file again and again, but
       other that there's nothing.
    Q. What do I do for the battle with Toguro if Kuwabara's level is really low?
    A. You can raise his level by following these steps:
       * Lose the match.
       * When you start at the beginning of the level, use Kuwabara and level up
         by fighting the guards (if none come, keep walking in front of cameras).
       * When you get to Toguro, go to Options -> Save Stats
       * Save your stats and quit. You'll end up at the beginning of the level
         again. Level up again, and when you get to Toguro, Save Stats and quit.
       * Do this until you get to at least level 16, and you'll be fine (of course,
         the higher the level, though, the faster you'll defeat Toguro...)
    Q. Does the Mini-games mode under Extras save your score?
    A. No.
    Q. What characters can you use?
    A. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Botan (once), and Keiko (once).
    Q. Is the Tournament under Extras actually the Dark Tournament?
    A. Get that idea out of your head ASAP. This is NOTHING like the Dark Tournament
       (save the fact that Toguro's at the end). The real Dark tournament contained
       teams of five people, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei are pretty much
       dragged into it. It had NOTHING to do with Genkai needing to "power up" since
       Yusuke was getting strong fast.
    Q. ...does that mean there IS no Dark Tournament?
    A. Yes (there is no Dark Tournament).
    Q. Is it true that this game has the worst gameplay graphics ever seen in a GBA
    A. ...Have you seen Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?
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