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Eat Sonic's dust.03/11/05celebiz
The best Sonic on advance so far05/31/04dclamar
This game has everything a sonic game should have....06/24/04dense
Sonic Heroes -1 person= Really Fun!05/30/04DietSnapple
A definite improvement on Sonic Advance 201/28/05GavLuvsGA
Sonic stars in another great game!05/12/05Homsar999
Big step down from the first two06/13/13irrewonderful
Don't mess with the best. Unless...06/07/04JD Fedule
Sonic Has PWNED You.05/30/04Legends Kuja
Third time's the charm12/14/08madhair60
Sonic and crew are back!05/27/04Numbuh 128bit
A game worthy of sitting in the same tier as the Genesis Classics11/14/16Pkmn Tranier Abram
The perfect game for 2004, and I'm not talking about the year05/26/04Platinum Sonic 10
Sonic Has Slown Down08/30/04PsychoGamer
Finally a good Sonic game on the GBA06/07/04Ryu Killer Dragon
Finally, a game that rivals Sonic 3 & Knuckles05/31/04ShadowSonikku319
One+Two=Three!! Sonic Advance Three that is.05/30/04ShadowZora13
Sonic's back on the GBA....12/22/04Somari90
You shouldn't have! No, really. You shouldn't have.08/25/08SylverSkies
Whether you're a Sonic freak or haven't played Sonic in years, you'll love this game07/23/04T Prime
The Best Sonic Advance?06/09/04Tails 64
SA3 is easily the best Sonic GBA game out today.06/05/04The President
Best Sonic 2D game so far!06/05/04trueblue2004
Not quite the advance I'd like to have seen on Sonic Advance 2. In fact, this is more of a step back.03/23/09Vyse_skies
Sonic Team never ceases to amaze me!06/07/04War Raichu
At first glance, it seems great, and gets better from there05/28/04yeyinde

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