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"Sonic Heroes -1 person= Really Fun!"

We all know Sonic games. Run through the level at the speed of sound, beat the trash out of the robots and crash his ship. Ok Sonic Advance 1+2 may have stunk but this will definetly lighten things up about the series.

Basically, every Sonic game except the 3d ones have virtually no story. You gotta give some credit with the new Super character(s) they added. No Spoilers!

Awesome new duo attacks using different characters. Like say i were to use Sonic as Leader and tails as follower. Tails could fly and i could grab his legs like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Or you can use special attacks using different combinations like Knuckles can throw Sonic when working together etc. This is like Sonic Heroes Mini.

For once, a gameboy game where you dont need 3 more cartridges to play multiplayer. All the other games in the series supported this feature too but took too long, lagged and hardly ever worked. Well Sonicteam forced these bugs right out and exterminated them. Me and my brother play against each other and it really works good because you can interact with each other at the same time so i can steal all his rings and run and kick him again and make him restart. ^_^

Levels- 8
Some of these levels carry over old school techniques like moving platforms, continous bumbers up small areas etc. but seem to give them new meaning almost with more speed and more robot mashing. Normally in the old games on Genesis ( Ive played and beat them all with Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles If you know how to get him without cheats) you could run through the whole level and kill only the boss and thats it. But now the robots are everywhere and i mean it. Floating wall jumping simply running back and forth shooting at you all of the above will try to destroy you.

This is a good game but SonicTeams best wwork was Sonic3 and Knuckles and im not kidding. It took me 2 months to beat that son of a...
But this game comes close but no cigar 9/10
Kudos SonicTeam

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/04

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