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    Reference FAQ by Amazing Ampharos

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 05/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon Advanced Reference FAQ
    I. Table of Contents
    * indicates incompleteness
     I. Table of Contents
     II. Version History
     III. What is a Reference FAQ?
     IV. EV Training Spots
     V. Illegal Egg Moves
     VI. E4 and Mount Battle Area 10 Movesets*
     VII. New York Pokemon Center
     VIII. Credits, Contact Info, etc.
     IX. Closing Statement
    II. Version History
    1.30 fourth version.  Another mistake has been found and corrected.  Keep
    it up; I'd like to move toward error free.  Some more NYPC stuff has been
    added as well.  I also found a small grammar error.  A pretty small
    update really.
    1.20 third version.  I've added some more NYPC stuff, two giveaways worth.
    The E4 section was updated again as well.  Most importantly was that
    an error was found in the illegal egg move section.  That has been corrected.
    1.10 second version.  The New York Pokemon Center recently released some
    Pokemon with some unique moves.  These have been added to the illegal moves
    section thanks to Gold Ursaring.  I've also updated the E4 section with some
    more information.
    1.00 first version. EV training spots and illegal egg moves completed.
    final training areas just started.  It was delayed by some technical issues.
    III. What is a Reference FAQ?
    Quite simply, this is a FAQ to find useful, miscellaneous information
    that is otherwise hard to find.  This FAQ will not tell you how to
    beat the game, but it will tell you information about the game.
    I tried to include information that many players would find useful.
    I intend for this FAQ to be useful to both botters and in-gamers; some
    sections are only really relevant to one or the other.  This is a
    constantly growing project, and I'm open to suggestions.  Feel free to
    e-mail me if you have an idea for the next reference or just want to help out.
    IV. EV Training Spots
    One of the great hassles of the advanced generation is finding a good place to
    EV train.  Now, EVs are a little too complex for me to explain fully here(try
    the advanced trainer's FAQ in the RS section for more than you ever wanted to
    know about EVs), but in a nutshell, they are a tool the player can use to
    customize his Pokemon’s stats by adding 127 points(can change because of nature
    boosts and reductions) to the stats as he or she sees fit.  However, no stat
    can get more than a 63 point boost from EVs.  Also, 4 EVs = 1 stat points.  If
    I've made a mistake or omission, please let me know.
    RS EV training spots:
    HP- Rusturf tunnel Whismur(1 HP EV)
    MiRage Island Wynaut(1 HP EV)
    Petalburg city water Marill(2 HP EVs)
    Route 102, 111, 114, 117 Water Marill(2 HP EVs) run from Surskit
    Attack- Mt. Pyre inside sapphire only Shuppet(1 attack EV)
    *there is no really good place to EV train attack in ruby, but try:*
    Route 114 Zangoose(2 AT EVs) Nuzleaf(2 attack EVs) run from Seedot and Swablu
    Petalburg City super rod fishing Corphish(1 attack EV)
    Route 102, 117 super rod fishing Corphish(1 attack EV)
    Route 118 super rod fishing Carvanha(1 attack EV) Sharpedo(2 attack EVs)
    Route 119 super rod fishing Carvanha(1 attack EV)
    Defense- Underwater Clamperl(1 defense EV) run from Chinchou and Relicanth
    Speed- Seafloor cavern Zubat(1 speed EV) Golbat(2 speed EVs)
    Cave of Origin entrance Zubat(1 speed EV) Golbat(2 speed EVs)
    Route 104 Taillow(1 speed EV) Zigzagoon(1 speed EV) Wurmple(1 speed EV)
    Wingull(1 speed EV)
    Route 118 Zigzagoon(1 speed EV) Electrike(1 speed EV) Manectric(2 speed EVs)
    wingull(1 speed EV) Linoone(2 speed EVs) run from Kecleon
    Sootopolis City Water Magikarp(1 speed EV)
    Victory Road Water Golbat(2 speed EVs)
    Special Attack- Route 112 Numel(1 SA EV) run from Machop
    Route 113 Spinda(1 SA EV) run from Skarmory and Sandshrew
    Special Defense- Abandoned Ship Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    FRLG EV training spots(wild):
    HP- Three island port through cave(after national Pokedex) Dunsparce(1 HP EV)
    Ruin Valley Water LG only Marill(2 HP EVs)
    Ruin Valley Water FR only Wooper(1 HP EV)
    Route 6, 22, 23, 25 Water LG only Slowpoke(1 HP EV)
    Viridian City Water LG only Slowpoke(1 HP EV)
    Fuchsia City LG only Slowpoke(1 HP EV)
    Four Island LG only Marill(2 HP EVs) Slowpoke(1 HP EV)
    Attack- Mt. Moon B1 Paras(1 Attack EV)
    Defense- Route 21 grass Tangela(1 Defense EV)
    Speed- Diglett's Cave Diglett(1 Speed EV) Dugtrio(2 Speed EVs)
    Route1 Pidgey(1 Speed EV) Rattata(1 Speed EV)
    Altering Cave Zubat(1 Speed EV)
    Special Attack- Pokemon tower Gastly(1 SA EV) Haunter(2 SA EVs) run from Cubone
    Route 6, 22, 23, 25 Water FR only Psyduck(1 SA EV)
    Mt. Ember B3 Slugma(1 SA EV)
    Viridian City Water FR only Psyduck(1 SA EV)
    Fuchsia City FR only Psyduck(1 SA EV)
    Unknown Dungeon FR only Psyduck(1 SA EV) Golduck(2 SA EVs)
    Special Defense- Kindle Road Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Treasure Beach Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Bond Bridge Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Outcast Island Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Green Path Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Water Path Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Trainer Tower Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    Tanoby Ruins Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs) Mantine(2 SD EVs)
    Route 4 ,10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 24 Water Tentacool(1 SD EV)
    Pallet Town Water Tentacool(1 SD EV)
    Cerulean City Water Tentacool(1 SD EV)
    Cinnabar Island Water Tentacool(1 SD EV)
    One Island Water Tentacool(1 SD EV) Tentacruel(2 SD EVs)
    FRLG vs. seeker EVs*special thanks to Jiggy37*:
    Route 6
    Picnicker Isabelle (final team): Lv. 47 Pidgeotto, Lv. 47 Pidgeotto,
    Lv. 50 Pidgeot (total: 7 Speed)
    Route 11
    Engineer Bernie (final team): Lv. 28 Magneton, Lv. 28 Magneton,
    Lv. 28 Magneton (total: 6 Special Attack)
    Youngster Yasu (final team): Lv. 47 Raticate, Lv. 47 Raticate,
    Lv 47 Raticate (total: 6 Speed)
    Cycling Road
    Biker Ruben (final team): Lv. 48 Weezing, Lv. 48 Weezing,
    Lv. 48 Weezing (total: 6 Defense)
    Biker Virgil (only team): Lv. 28 Weezing, Lv. 28 Weezing,
    Lv. 28 Koffing (total: 5 Defense)
    Cue Ball Isaiah (final team): Lv. 49 Machoke, Lv. 49 Machamp (total: 5 Attack)
    Cue Ball Jamal (only team): Lv. 26 Mankey, Lv. 26 Mankey, Lv. 26 Machamp,
    Lv. 26 Machop (total: 6 Attack)
    Cue Ball Corey (final team): Lv. 49 Primeape, Lv. 49 Machamp (total: 5 Attack)
    Biker William (only team): Lv. 25 Koffing, Lv. 25 Koffing, Lv. 25 Koffing,
    Lv. 25 Weezing, Lv. 25 Weezing (total: 7 Defense)
    Route 13
    Picnicker Susie (final team): Lv. 52 Pidgeot, Lv. 52 Raichu, Lv. 52 Persian,
    Lv. 52 Persian, Lv. 52 Raticate (total: 12 Speed)
    Bird Keeper Robert (final team): Lv. 47 Pidgeot, Lv. 47 Pidgeot, Lv. 47 Fearow,
    Lv. 47 Fearow (total: 10 Speed)
    Route 15
    Bird Keeper Chester (final team): Lv. 48 Dodrio, Lv. 48 Dodrio, Lv. 48 Dodrio
    (total: 6 Attack)
    Picnicker Becky (final team): Lv. 54 Raichu, Lv. 54 Raichu (total: 6 Speed)
    Route 18
    Bird Keeper Jacob (final team): Lv. 47 Fearow, Lv. 47 Fearow, Lv. 47 Fearow,
    Lv. 47 Fearow (total: 8 Speed)
    Route 21
    Fisherman Ronald: Lv. 28 Seaking, Lv. 28 Goldeen, Lv. 28 Seaking,
    Lv. 28 Seaking (total: 7 Attack)
    Kindle Road
    Black Belt Hugh (final team): Lv. 55 Machoke, Lv. 55 Machamp (total: 5 Attack)
    Black Belt Shea (final team): Lv. 55 Machoke, Lv. 55 Machamp (total: 5 Attack)
    Fisherman Tommy: Lv. 33 Goldeen, Lv. 33 Goldeen, Lv. 35 Seaking,
    Lv. 35 Seaking, Lv. 35 Seaking (total: 8 Attack)
    Bond Bridge
    Tuber Amira (final team): Lv. 47 Poliwhirl, Lv. 47 Poliwhirl, Lv. 47 Poliwhirl
    (total: 6 Speed)
    Sevault Canyon
    Aroma Lady Miah (only team): Lv. 50 Bellossom, Lv. 50 Bellossom
    (total: 6 Special Defense)
    PKMN Ranger Nicolas (final team): Lv. 55 Victreebel, Lv. 55 Victreebel
    (total: 6 Attack)
    PKMN Ranger Madeline (final team): Lv. 55 Vileplume, Lv. 55 Vileplume
    (total: 6 Special Attack)
    V. Illegal Move Combinations
    You might be wondering what illegal move combinations are. Well, they are
    combinations of moves a Pokemon can learn that cannot be had by that Pokemon
    simultaneously. Usually these combinations arise when a Pokemon cannot have two
    egg moves bread onto it by the same Pokemon. For instance, Skarmory has both
    Drill Peck and Whirlwind as egg moves, but no Pokemon Skarmory can breed with
    can learn both.  Other combinations sometimes arise with Pokemon Box moves.
    Since you are given the egg, you cannot breed additional moves onto a Pokemon
    with a Pokemon Box move. The list is very, very long. This is the meat of this
    FAQ.  Since the list is so long, there are doubtlessly a few errors in it.  If
    you find any error, no matter how unimportant, e-mail me, and I'll correct it.
    Combinations with an * by them are invalidated with Pokemon from the New York
    Pokemon Center.
    Combinations below *NYPC* only apply with New York Pokemon Center Pokemon.
    Bulbasaur family: 
    Light Screen + Skull Bash
    Light Screen + Charm
    Light Screen + Petal Dance
    Light Screen + Magical Leaf
    Light Screen + Curse
    Skull Bash + Safeguard
    Skull Bash + Charm
    Skull Bash + Petal Dance
    Skull Bash + Magical Leaf
    Skull Bash + Grasswhistle
    Skull Bash + Curse
    Safeguard + Charm
    Safeguard + Petal Dance
    Safeguard + Magical Leaf
    Charm + Grasswhistle
    Charm + Curse
    Magical Leaf + Curse
    Grasswhistle + Curse
    Charmander family:
    Belly Drum + Ancientpower
    Belly Drum + Bite
    Belly Drum + Outrage
    Belly Drum + Beat Up
    Belly Drum + Dragon Dance
    Ancientpower + Outrage
    Ancientpower + Beat Up
    Ancientpower + Dragon Dance
    Outrage + Beat Up
    Beat Up + Dragon Dance
    Squirtle family:
    Mirror Coat + Haze
    Mirror Coat + Yawn
    Haze + Flail
    Haze + Refresh
    Mist + Refresh
    Foresight + Flail
    Foresight + Yawn
    Flail + Yawn
    Refresh + Yawn
    Mirror Coat + Mist + Foresight
    Mirror Coat + Mist + Flail
    Mirror Coat + Mist + Mud Sport
    Mirror Coat + Foresight + Flail
    Haze + Foresight + Mud Sport
    Mist + Foresight + Mud Sport
    Caterpie family:
    no illegal combinations
    Weedle family:
    no illegal combinations
    Pidgey family:
    Pursuit + Foresight
    Foresight + Air Cutter
    Rattata family:
    no illegal combinations
    Spearow family:
    Faint Attack + False Swipe
    Faint Attack + Scary Face
    False Swipe + Scary Face
    False Swipe + Tri Attack
    Scary Face + Quick Attack
    Scary Face + Tri Attack
    Scary Face + Astonish
    Scary Face + Sky Attack
    Tri Attack + Astonish
    Tri Attack + Sky Attack
    Faint Attack + Quick Attack + Sky Attack
    False Swipe + Quick Attack + Astonish
    False Swipe + Quick Attack + Sky Attack
    Quick Attack + Astonish + Sky Attack
    Ekans family:
    no illegal combinations
    Sandshrew family:
    no illegal combinations
    Nidoran(f) family:
    no illegal combinations
    Nidoran(m) family:
    no illegal combinations
    Vulpix family:
    no illegal combinations
    Zubat family:
    Pursuit + Curse
    Faint Attack + Curse
    Whirlwind + Curse
    Oddish family:
    Flail + Charm
    Charm + Ingrain
    Leech Seed + Razor Leaf
    Leech Seed + Flail
    Leech Seed + Synthesis
    Leech Seed + Charm
    Leech Seed + Ingrain
    Paras family:
    False Swipe + Psybeam
    False Swipe + Flail
    False Swipe + Sweet Scent
    Screech + Flail
    Screech + Sweet Scent
    Screech + Light Screen
    Screech + Pursuit
    Psybeam + Flail
    Psybeam + Pursuit
    Flail + Pursuit
    Sweet Scent + Pursuit
    Psybeam + Sweet Scent + Light Screen
    Flail + Sweet Scent + Light Screen
    Venonat family:
    Baton Pass + Screech + Signal Beam
    Diglett family:
    no illegal combinations
    Meowth family:
    no illegal combinations
    Petal Dance + Spite
    Petal Dance + Charm
    Petal Dance + Hypnosis
    Petal Dance + Amnesia
    Petal Dance + Assist
    Psyduck family:
    no illegal combinations
    Mud Sport + Hypnosis
    Mud Sport + Psybeam
    Mud Sport + Foresight
    Mud Sport + Light Screen
    Mud Sport + Future Sight
    Mud Sport + Psychic
    Mud Sport + Cross Chop
    Mud Sport + Refresh
    Mankey family:
    no illegal combinations
    Growlithe family:
    no illegal combinations
    Poliwag family:
    Mist + Splash
    Mist + Ice Ball
    Splash + Bubblebeam
    Splash + Haze
    Bubblebeam + Ice Ball
    Haze + Ice Ball
    Splash + Water Sport + Ice Ball
    Sweet Kiss + Mist
    Sweet Kiss + Splash
    Sweet Kiss + Bubblebeam
    Sweet Kiss + Haze
    Sweet Kiss + Water Sport
    Sweet Kiss + Ice Ball
    Abra family:
    Encore + Knock Off
    Barrier + Knock Off
    Machop family:
    Light Screen + Rolling Kick
    Light Screen + Smellingsalt
    Meditate + Smellingsalt
    Rolling Kick + Encore
    Rolling Kick + Smellingsalt
    Bellsprout family:
    Encore + Leech Life
    Encore + Magical Leaf
    Reflect + Leech Life
    Reflect + Magical Leaf
    Synthesis + Leech Life
    Leech Life + Ingrain
    Leech Life + Magical Leaf
    Encore + Reflect + Ingrain
    Teeter Dance + Encore
    Teeter Dance + Reflect
    Teeter Dance + Synthesis
    Teeter Dance + Leech Life
    Teeter Dance + Ingrain
    Teeter Dance + Magical Leaf
    Tentacool family:
    Aurora Beam + Mirror Coat
    Aurora Beam + Safeguard
    Aurora Beam + Confuse Ray
    Mirror Coat + Rapid Spin
    Mirror Coat + Haze
    Rapid Spin + Haze
    Rapid Spin + Safeguard
    Rapid Spin + Confuse Ray
    Haze + Safeguard
    Haze + Confuse Ray
    Aurora Beam + Rapid Spin + Haze
    Geodude family:
    no illegal combinations
    Ponyta family:
    no illegal combinations
    Slowpoke family:
    Belly Drum + Future Sight
    Belly Drum + Mud Sport
    Future Sight + Stomp
    Magnemite family:
    no illegal combinations
    Farfetch'd family:
    no illegal combinations
    Yawn + Foresight
    Yawn + Mirror Move
    Yawn + Gust
    Yawn + Quick Attack
    Yawn + Flail
    Yawn + Featherdance
    Yawn + Curse
    Wish + Foresight
    Wish + Mirror Move
    Wish + Gust
    Wish + Quick Attack
    Wish + Flail
    Wish + Featherdance
    Wish + Curse
    Doduo family:
    Supersonic + Flail
    Haze + Flail
    Haze + Endeavor
    Faint Attack + Flail
    Faint Attack + Endeavor
    Flail + Endeavor
    Seel family:
    no illegal combinations
    Grimer family:
    Haze + Imprison
    Lick + Imprison
    Shellder family:
    Take Down
    Gastly family:
    Psywave + Will-o-wisp
    Perish Song + Haze
    Perish Song + Will-o-wisp
    Haze + Astonish
    Haze + Grudge
    Onix family:
    no illegal combinations
    Drowzee family:
    Barrier + Assist
    Assist + Role Play
    Belly Drum + Barrier
    Belly Drum + Assist
    Belly Drum + Role Play
    Wish + Barrier
    Wish + Assist
    Wish + Role Play
    Krabby family:
    Haze + Amnesia
    Haze + Flail
    Haze + Knock Off
    Amnesia + Flail
    Amnesia + Slam
    Amnesia + Knock Off
    Flail + Slam
    Flail + Knock Off
    Slam + Knock Off
    Voltorb family:
    no illegal combinations
    Exeggcute family:
    Moonlight + Ancientpower
    Moonlight + Curse
    Ancientpower + Ingrain
    Ancientpower + Curse
    Sweet Scent + Synthesis
    Sweet Scent + Moonlight
    Sweet Scent + Ancientpower
    Sweet Scent + Ingrain
    Sweet Scent + Curse
    Wish + Synthesis
    Wish + Moonlight
    Wish + Ancientpower
    Wish + Ingrain
    Wish + Curse
    Cubone family:
    Ancientpower + Belly Drum
    Ancientpower + Skull Bash
    Ancientpower + Perish Song
    Belly Drum + Skull Bash
    Belly Drum + Perish Song
    Screech + Skull Bash
    Screech + Perish Song
    Skull Bash + Perish Song
    Lickitung family:
    Belly Drum + Magnitude
    Belly Drum + Smellingsalt
    Magnitude + Smellingsalt
    Curse + Smellingsalt
    Heal Bell + Belly Drum
    Heal Bell + Magnitude
    Heal Bell + Curse
    Heal Bell + Smellingsalt
    Wish + Belly Drum
    Wish + Magnitude
    Wish + Curse
    Wish + Smellingsalt
    Koffing family:
    Psywave + Will-o-wisp
    Psybeam + Will-o-wisp
    Screech + Pain Split + Will-o-wisp
    Rhyhorn family:
    no illegal combinations
    Chansey family:
    Present + Aromatherapy
    Heal Bell + Aromatherapy
    Sweet Scent + Present
    Sweet Scent + Heal Bell
    Sweet Scent + Aromatherapy
    Wish + Present
    Wish + Heal Bell
    Wish + Aromatherapy
    Tangela family:
    Flail + Confusion
    Flail + Amnesia
    Flail + Leech Seed
    Confusion + Amnesia
    Confusion + Nature Power
    Kangaskhan family:
    Stomp + Focus Energy
    Stomp + Safeguard
    Foresight + Focus Energy
    Foresight + Disable
    Foresight + Crush Claw
    Focus Energy + Safeguard
    Focus Energy + Crush Claw
    Safeguard + Crush Claw
    Disable + Crush Claw
    Yawn + Stomp
    Yawn + Foresight
    Yawn + Focus Energy
    Yawn + Safeguard
    Yawn + Disable
    Yawn + Crush Claw
    Wish + Stomp
    Wish + Foresight
    Wish + Focus Energy
    Wish + Safeguard
    Wish + Disable
    Wish + Crush Claw
    Horsea family:
    Flail + Aurora Beam
    Flail + Octazooka
    Flail + Disable
    Aurora Beam + Dragon Rage
    Aurora Beam + Dragonbreath
    Octazooka + Disable
    Octazooka + Splash
    Octazooka + Dragon Rage
    Octazooka + Dragonbreath
    Disable + Splash
    Disable + Dragon Rage
    Disable + Dragonbreath
    Flail + Dragon Rage + Dragonbreath
    Splash + Dragon Rage + Dragonbreath
    Goldeen family:
    Psybeam + Hydro Pump
    Psybeam + Mud Sport
    Haze + Mud Sport
    Staryu family:
    no illegal combinations
    Mr. Mime family:
    Future Sight + Fake Out
    Hypnosis + Fake Out
    Scyther family:
    Safeguard + Razor Wind
    Safeguard + Reversal
    Baton Pass + Razor Wind
    Baton Pass + Reversal
    Razor Wind + Reversal
    Razor Wind + Light Screen
    Razor Wind + Silver Wind
    Reversal + Light Screen
    Reversal + Silver Wind
    Pinsir family:
    Fury Attack + Faint Attack
    Flail + False Swipe
    Flail + Faint Attack
    Tauros family:
    no illegal combinations
    Magikarp family:
    no illegal combinations
    Lapras family:
    Foresight + Tickle
    Foresight + Dragon Dance
    Foresight + Horn Drill
    Tickle + Refresh
    Tickle + Dragon Dance
    Tickle + Curse
    Tickle + Horn Drill
    Refresh + Dragon Dance
    Refresh + Horn Drill
    Dragon Dance + Curse
    Dragon Dance + Horn Drill
    Ditto family:
    no illegal combinations
    Eevee family:
    no illegal combinations
    Porygon family:
    no illegal combinations
    Omanyte family:
    Slam + Spikes
    Haze + Spikes
    Bubblebeam + Aurora Beam + Slam
    Aurora Beam + Slam + Supersonic
    Aurora Beam + Slam + Haze
    Kabuto family:
    Bubblebeam + Flail
    Aurora Beam + Flail
    Aurora Beam + Knock Off
    Aurora Beam + Confuse Ray
    Rapid Spin + Knock Off
    Rapid Spin + Confuse Ray
    Flail + Knock Off
    Knock Off + Confuse Ray
    Aerodactyl family:
    Whirlwind + Dragonbreath
    Whirlwind + Curse
    Pursuit + Foresight
    Pursuit + Curse
    Foresight + Dragonbreath
    Foresight + Curse
    Dragonbreath + Curse
    Snorlax family:
    Lick + Charm
    Charm + Curse
    Articuno family:
    no illegal combinations
    Zapdos family:
    no illegal combinations
    Moltres family:
    no illegal combinations
    Dratini family:
    Light Screen + Haze
    Light Screen + Supersonic
    Light Screen + Dragonbreath
    Light Screen + Dragon Dance
    Haze + Dragonbreath
    Haze + Dragon Dance
    Supersonic + Dragonbreath
    Supersonic + Dragon Dance
    Mist + Haze + Supersonic
    Mewtwo family:
    no illegal combinations
    Mew family:
    no illegal combinations
    Chikorita family:
    Vine Whip + Ancientpower
    Leech Seed + Flail
    Ancientpower + Flail
    Ancientpower + Nature Power
    Ancientpower + Ingrain
    Ancientpower + Grasswhistle
    Flail + Grasswhistle
    Nature Power + Grasswhistle
    Cyndaquil family:
    no illegal combinations
    Totodile family:
    Crunch + Water Sport*
    Thrash + Mud Sport
    Thrash + Water Sport
    Sentret family:
    no illegal combinations
    Hoothoot family:
    Mirror Move + Supersonic
    Supersonic + Sky Attack
    Supersonic + Featherdance
    Whirlwind + Sky Attack
    Sky Attack + Featherdance
    Ledyba family:
    Psybeam + Bide
    Bide + Silver Wind
    Spinarak family:
    Psybeam + Sonicboom
    Psybeam + Pursuit
    Disable + Sonicboom
    Disable + Pursuit
    Sonicboom + Baton Pass
    Sonicboom + Pursuit
    Pursuit + Signal Beam
    Chinchou family:
    Screech + Amnesia
    Pichu family:
    Surf + Reversal
    Surf + Bide
    Surf + Present
    Surf + Encore
    Surf + Doubleslap
    Surf + Wish
    Surf + Charge
    Surf + Volt Tackle
    Surf + Follow Me
    Follow Me + Reversal
    Follow Me + Bide
    Follow Me + Present
    Follow Me + Encore
    Follow Me + Doubleslap
    Follow Me + Wish
    Follow Me + Charge
    Follow Me + Volt Tackle
    Teeter Dance + Surf
    Teeter Dance + Follow Me
    Teeter Dance + Reversal
    Teeter Dance + Bide
    Teeter Dance + Present
    Teeter Dance + Encore
    Teeter Dance + Doubleslap
    Teeter Dance + Wish
    Teeter Dance + Charge
    Teeter Dance + Volt Tackle
    Cleffa family:
    Present + Amnesia
    Present + Belly Drum
    Present + Splash
    Present + Wish
    Amnesia + Wish
    Belly Drum + Splash
    Belly Drum + Wish
    Splash + Wish
    Igglybuff family:
    Perish Song + Present
    Perish Song + Faint Attack
    Perish Song + Wish
    Perish Song + Fake Tears
    Present + Faint Attack
    Present + Wish
    Present + Fake Tears
    Tickle + Perish Song
    Tickle + Present
    Tickle + Faint Attack
    Tickle + Wish
    Tickle + Fake Tears
    Togepi family:
    Present + Mirror Move
    Present + Peck
    Present + Foresight
    Mirror Move + Future Sight
    Foresight + Future Sight
    Natu family:
    Haze + Refresh
    Drill Peck + Featherdance
    Drill Peck + Refresh
    Faint Attack + Refresh
    Featherdance + Refresh
    Haze + Quick Attack + Featherdance
    Mareep family:
    no illegal combinations
    Amazing Ampharos
    is the author of
    this FAQ. E-mail me at
    if the site you
    are at is not gamefaqs.com.
    Sudowoodo family:
    no illegal combinations
    Hoppip family:
    Confusion + Encore
    Confusion + Amnesia
    Confusion + Helping Hand
    Encore + Amnesia
    Reflect + Helping Hand
    Amnesia + Helping Hand
    Encore + Helping Hand + Psych Up
    Aipom family:
    no illegal combinations
    Sunkern family:
    Grasswhistle + Encore
    Grasswhistle + Nature Power
    Grasswhistle + Curse
    Grasswhistle + Helping Hand
    Encore + Nature Power
    Encore + Curse
    Nature Power + Curse
    Nature Power + Helping Hand
    Curse + Helping Hand
    Yanma family:
    Whirlwind + Reversal
    Whirlwind + Leech Life
    Whirlwind + Signal Beam
    Reversal + Leech Life
    Reversal + Signal Beam
    Reversal + Silver Wind
    Wooper family:
    no illegal combinations
    Murkrow family:
    Whirlwind + Drill Peck
    Whirlwind + Sky Attack
    Whirlwind + Perish Song
    Drill Peck + Wing Attack
    Drill Peck + Featherdance
    Drill Peck + Perish Song
    Mirror Move + Confuse Ray
    Wing Attack + Perish Song
    Sky Attack + Confuse Ray
    Sky Attack + Featherdance
    Confuse Ray + Perish Song
    Featherdance + Perish Song
    Wing Attack + Confuse Ray + Featherdance
    Misdreavus family:
    no illegal combinations
    Unown family:
    no illegal combinations
    Girafarig family:
    no illegal combinations
    Pineco family:
    Pin Missile + Flail
    Pin Missile + Sand Tomb
    Flail + Swift
    Flail + Sand Tomb
    Dunsparce family:
    no illegal combinations
    Gligar family:
    Metal Claw + Sand Tomb
    Wing Attack + Sand Tomb
    Razor Wind + Sand Tomb
    Snubbull family:
    no illegal combinations
    Qwilfish family:
    Flail + Bubblebeam
    Flail + Astonish
    Haze + Astonish
    Bubblebeam + Astonish
    Supersonic + Astonish
    Shuckle family:
    no illegal combinations
    Heracross family:
    Harden + Bide
    Bide + False Swipe
    Flail + False Swipe
    Sneasel family:
    no illegal combinations
    Teddiursa family:
    no illegal combinations
    Slugma family:
    heat wave
    Swinub family:
    no illegal combinations
    Corsola family:
    Screech + Mist
    Screech + Amnesia
    Screech + Ingrain
    Mist + Barrier
    Mist + Ingrain
    Mist + Icicle Spear
    Amnesia + Icicle Spear
    Barrier + Icicle Spear
    Ingrain + Icicle Spear
    Confuse Ray + Icicle Spear
    Screech + Barrier + Confuse Ray
    Mist + Amnesia + Confuse Ray
    Mud Sport + Screech
    Mud Sport + Mist
    Mud Sport + Amnesia
    Mud Sport + Barrier
    Mud Sport + Ingrain
    Mud Sport + Confuse Ray
    Mud Sport + Icicle Spear
    Remoraid family:
    Supersonic + Rock Blast
    Haze + Screech
    Haze + Rock Blast
    Delibird family:
    no illegal combinations
    Mantine family:
    Twister + Rock Slide
    Twister + Hydro Pump + Haze
    Twister + Hydro Pump + Slam
    Twister + Hydro Pump + Mud Sport
    Twister + Haze + Mud Sport
    Twister + Slam + Mud Sport
    Hydro Pump + Slam + Mud Sport
    Haze + Mud Sport + Rock Slide
    Slam + Mud Sport + Rock Slide
    Skarmory family:
    Drill Peck + Whirlwind
    Drill Peck + Curse
    Pursuit + Curse
    Whirlwind + Sky Attack
    Whirlwind + Curse
    Sky Attack + Curse
    Houndour family:
    no illegal combinations
    Phanphy family:
    no illegal combinations
    Stantler family:
    no illegal combinations
    Smeargle family:
    no illegal combinations
    Tyrogue family:
    Helping Hand
    Smoochum family:
    Meditate + Wish*
    Fake Out + Wish
    Elekid family:
    Karate Chop + Barrier
    Barrier + Rolling Kick
    Barrier + Cross Chop
    Magby family:
    Karate Chop + Barrier
    Barrier + Cross Chop
    Miltank family:
    no illegal combinations
    Raikou family:
    no illegal combinations
    Entei family:
    no illegal combinations
    Suicune family:
    no illegal combinations
    Larvitar family:
    Pursuit + Stomp
    Pursuit + Outrage
    Pursuit + Focus Energy
    Pursuit + Ancientpower
    Pursuit + Dragon Dance
    Pursuit + Curse
    Stomp + Outrage
    Stomp + Focus Energy
    Stomp + Ancientpower
    Stomp + Dragon Dance
    Outrage + Focus Energy
    Outrage + Ancientpower
    Outrage + Curse
    Focus Energy + Dragon Dance
    Focus Energy + Curse
    Ancientpower + Dragon Dance
    Ancientpower + Curse
    Dragon Dance + Curse
    Lugia family:
    no illegal combinations
    Ho-oh family:
    no illegal combinations
    Celebi family:
    no illegal combinations
    Treecko family:
    Crunch + Endeavor
    Crunch + Leech Seed
    Mud Sport + Leech Seed
    Mud Sport + Dragonbreath
    Mud Sport + Crush Claw
    Endeavor + Leech Seed
    Endeavor + Dragonbreath
    Endeavor + Crush Claw
    Leech Seed + Dragonbreath
    Leech Seed + Crush Claw
    Dragonbreath + Crush Claw
    Torchic family:
    no illegal combinations
    Mudkip family:
    Refresh + Uproar
    Refresh + Ice Ball
    Uproar + Curse
    Uproar + Ice Ball
    Uproar + Mirror Coat
    Curse + Mirror Coat
    Stomp + Ice Ball
    Stomp + Mirror Coat
    Ice Ball + Mirror Coat
    Poochyena family:
    no illegal combinations
    Zigzagoon family:
    Extremespeed + Charm
    Extremespeed + Pursuit
    Extremespeed + Tickle
    Extremespeed + Trick
    Wurmple family:
    no illegal combinations
    Lotad family:
    Synthesis + Water Gun
    Razor Leaf + Water Gun
    Sweet Scent + Water Gun
    Leech Seed + Flail
    Leech Seed + Water Gun
    Seedot family:
    no illegal combinations
    Taillow family:
    Supersonic + Refresh
    Supersonic + Mirror Move
    Supersonic + Sky Attack
    Featherdance + Pursuit
    Featherdance + Supersonic
    Featherdance + Refresh
    Featherdance + Mirror Move
    Featherdance + Rage
    Featherdance + Sky Attack
    Wingull family:
    Twister + Gust
    Ralts family:
    Wish + Disable
    Wish + Will-o-wisp
    Wish + Mean Look
    Wish + Memento
    Wish + Destiny Bond
    Charm + Wish
    Charm + Disable
    Charm + Will-o-wisp
    Charm + Mean Look
    Charm + Memento
    Charm + Destiny Bond
    Surskit family:
    Foresight + Mind Reader
    Mud Shot + Psybeam
    Mud Shot + Mind Reader
    Psybeam + Mind Reader
    Mud Sport + Foresight
    Mud Sport + Mud Shot
    Mud Sport + Psybeam
    Mud Sport + Hydro Pump
    Mud Sport + Mind Reader
    Shroomish family:
    Charm + False Swipe
    False Swipe + Helping Hand
    Slakoth family:
    no illegal combinations
    Nincada family:
    Faint Attack + Silver Wind
    Screech + Swords Dance
    Screech + Slash
    Screech + Agility
    Screech + Baton Pass
    Slash + Agility
    Slash + Baton Pass
    Agility + Baton Pass
    Swords Dance + Agility
    Swords Dance + Slash
    Swords Dance + Baton Pass
    Whismur family:
    no illegal combinations
    Teeter Dance + Take Down
    Teeter Dance + Extrasensory
    Teeter Dance + Smellingsalt
    Makuhita family:
    Faint Attack + Helping Hand
    Faint Attack + Cross Chop
    Faint Attack + Revenge
    Detect + Helping Hand
    Detect + Cross Chop
    Foresight + Helping Hand
    Helping Hand + Cross Chop
    Helping Hand + Revenge
    Detect + Foresight + Revenge
    Azurill family:
    Encore + Refresh
    Encore + Tickle
    Sing + Slam
    Refresh + Slam
    Refresh + Tickle
    Marill family:
    *Azurill combinations plus...*
    Encore + Light Screen
    Encore + Present
    Encore + Amnesia
    Encore + Future Sight
    Encore + Belly Drum
    Encore + Perish Song
    Encore + Supersonic
    Sing + Light Screen
    Sing + Present
    Sing + Amnesia
    Sing + Future Sight
    Sing + Belly Drum
    Sing + Perish Song
    Sing + Supersonic
    Refresh + Light Screen
    Refresh + Present
    Refresh + Amnesia
    Refresh + Future Sight
    Refresh + Belly Drum
    Refresh + Perish Song
    Refresh + Supersonic
    Slam + Light Screen
    Slam + Present
    Slam + Amnesia
    Slam + Future Sight
    Slam + Belly Drum
    Slam + Perish Song
    Slam + Supersonic
    Tickle + Light Screen
    Tickle + Present
    Tickle + Amnesia
    Tickle + Future Sight
    Tickle + Belly Drum
    Tickle + Perish Song
    Tickle + Supersonic
    Light Screen + Supersonic
    Present + Amnesia
    Present + Belly Drum
    Present + Perish Song
    Present + Supersonic
    Amnesia + Perish Song
    Future Sight + Belly Drum
    Future Sight + Perish Song
    Future Sight + Supersonic
    Belly Drum + Supersonic
    Perish Song + Supersonic
    Nosepass family:
    no illegal combinations
    Skitty family:
    Pay Day + Helping Hand
    Pay Day + Uproar
    Pay Day + Fake Tears
    Pay Day + Wish
    Pay Day + Baton Pass
    Pay Day + Tickle
    Sableye family:
    Recover + Moonlight
    Mawile family:
    no illegal combinations
    Aron family:
    Endeavor + Smellingsalt
    Meditite family:
    Foresight + Baton Pass
    Electrike family:
    no illegal combinations
    Plusle family:
    no illegal combinations
    Water Sport + Wish
    Minun family:
    no illegal combinations
    Mud Sport + Wish
    Volbeat family:
    Silver Wind + Trick
    Illumise family:
    Baton Pass + Growth
    Roselia family:
    Spikes + Synthesis
    Synthesis + Pin Missile
    Gulpin family:
    Acid Armor + Pain Split
    Carvanha family:
    no illegal combinations
    Wailmer family:
    no illegal combinations
    Numel family:
    no illegal combinations
    Torkoal family:
    no illegal combinations
    Spoink family:
    no illegal combinations
    Uproar + Future Sight
    Uproar + Extrasensory
    Uproar + Trick
    Spinda family:
    no illegal combinations
    Sing + Encore
    Sing + Assist
    Sing + Disable
    Sing + Baton Pass
    Sing + Wish
    Sing + Trick
    Sing + Smellingsalt
    Trapinch family:
    Focus Energy + Gust
    Cacnea family:
    Grasswhistle + Acid
    Grasswhistle + Teeter Dance
    Acid + Teeter Dance*
    Encore + Grasswhistle
    Encore + Acid
    Encore + Teeter Dance
    Swablu family:
    False Swipe + Agility
    False Swipe + Haze
    False Swipe + Pursuit
    False Swipe + Rage
    Zangoose family:
    no illegal combinations
    Seviper family:
    no illegal combinations
    Lunatone family:
    no illegal combinations
    Solrock family:
    no illegal combinations
    Barboach family:
    Thrash + Spark
    Whirlpool + Spark
    Corphish family:
    Endeavor + Ancientpower
    Water Sport + Mud Sport
    Water Sport + Endeavor
    Water Sport + Ancientpower
    Baltoy family:
    no illegal combinations
    Lileep family:
    no illegal combinations
    Anorith family:
    Rapid Spin + Knock Off
    Feebas family:
    Mirror Coat + Dragonbreath
    Mirror Coat + Hypnosis
    Dragonbreath + Mud Sport
    Dragonbreath + Hypnosis
    Dragonbreath + Light Screen
    Dragonbreath + Confuse Ray
    Mud Sport + Hypnosis
    Mud Sport + Light Screen*
    Hypnosis + Confuse Ray
    Light Screen + Confuse Ray
    Mirror Coat + Mud Sport + Confuse Ray
    Castform family:
    no illegal combinations
    Kecleon family:
    no illegal combinations
    Shuppet family:
    no illegal combinations
    Duskull family:
    Pain Split + Faint Attack
    Grudge + Memento
    Memento + Faint Attack
    Imprison + Pain Split + Memento
    Tropius family:
    Headbutt + Slam
    Headbutt + Razor Wind
    Headbutt + Nature Power
    Slam + Razor Wind
    Chimecho family:
    Disable + Curse + Hypnosis
    Absol family:
    no illegal combinations
    Wish + Baton Pass
    Wish + Faint Attack
    Wish + Magic Coat
    Wish + Curse
    Spite + Baton Pass
    Spite + Faint Attack
    Spite + Magic Coat
    Spite + Curse
    Wish + Spite
    Wynaut family:
    no illegal combinations
    Wobbuffet family:
    no illegal combinations
    Snorunt family:
    Block + Spikes
    Spheal family:
    no illegal combinations
    Clamperl family:
    Refresh + Supersonic
    Mud Sport + Barrier
    Supersonic + Barrier
    Relicanth family:
    Magnitude + Skull Bash
    Skull Bash + Water Sport
    Skull Bash + Amnesia
    Luvdisc family:
    Splash + Supersonic
    Splash + Water Sport
    Splash + Mud Sport
    Bagon family:
    no illegal combinations
    Wish + Iron Defense
    Wish + Hydro Pump
    Wish + Thrash
    Wish + Dragon Rage
    Wish + Twister
    Wish + Dragon Dance
    Iron Defense + Hydro Pump
    Iron Defense + Thrash
    Iron Defense + Dragon Rage
    Iron Defense + Twister
    Iron Defense + Dragon Dance
    Beldum family:
    no illegal combinations
    Regirock family:
    no illegal combinations
    Regice family:
    no illegal combinations
    Registeel family:
    no illegal combinations
    Latias family:
    no illegal combinations
    Latios family:
    no illegal combinations
    Kyogre family:
    no illegal combinations
    Groudon family:
    no illegal combinations
    Rayquaza family:
    no illegal combinations
    Jirachi family:
    no illegal combinations
    Deoxys family:
    *Having multiple Deoxys forms on the same team is illegal.*
    no illegal combinations
    VI. Elite Four and Mount Battle Area 10 Movesets
    This section is still under construction; I've just started it. I hope for it
    to be useful in planning training as these are the guys you would likely train
    against. If you would like to help, I'd really appreciate it. If you have some
    hacking skills, you could probably find all this out pretty easily. My current
    method is Ditto's Transform; it is very slow. I plan to list moves, abilities,
    levels, genders, items, and experience given as well as money given by the
    trainers. I'd like to add EVs, IVs, and natures, but that is currently beyond
    my ability. Also, if an item is not listed, it does not mean that that Pokemon
    is holding nothing. I haven't tested for items yet.
    RS E4:
    FRLG E4:
    Lorelei: Money- p6600
    1. Dewgong(m) lv. 64 Thick Fat
    Ice Beam
    Signal Beam
    Double Team
    2. Cloyster(m) lv. 63 Shell Armor
    Ice Beam
    Rain Dance
    3. Piloswine(m) lv. 63 Oblivious
    Rock Slide
    4. Jynx(f) lv. 66 Oblivious
    Ice Beam
    Lovely Kiss
    5. Lapras(m)@Cheri Berry lv. 66 Water Absorb
    Ice Beam
    Bruno: Money- p6800
    1. Steelix(m) lv. 65 Rock Head
    Iron Tail
    Rock Tomb
    2. Hitmonchan(m) lv. 65 Keen Eye
    Sky Uppercut
    Mach Punch
    Rock Slide
    3. Hitmonlee(m) lv. 65 Limber
    Mega Kick
    Rock Slide
    4. Steelix(m) lv. 66 Rock Head
    Iron Tail
    5. Machamp(m) lv. 68 Guts
    Cross Chop
    Brick Break
    Rock Slide
    Agatha: money- p7000
    1. Gengar(m) lv. 66 Levitate
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray
    2. Crobat(m) lv. 66 Inner Focus
    Sludge Bomb
    Air Cutter
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray
    3. Misdreavus(m) lv. 65 Levitate
    Shadow Ball
    Air Cutter
    4. Arbok(m) lv. 68 Intimidate
    Sludge Bomb
    Giga Drain
    Double Team
    5. Gengar(m)@Chesto Berry lv. 70 Levitate
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Lance: money- p7200
    1. Gyarados(m) lv. 68 Intimidate
    Hyper Beam
    Dragon Dance
    Thunder Wave
    2. Dragonite(m) lv. 66 Inner Focus
    Hyper Beam
    Dragon Claw
    3. Kingdra(m) lv. 66 Swift Swim
    Hyper Beam
    Dragon Dance
    Ice Beam
    4. Aerodactyl(m) lv. 70 Rock Head
    Hyper Beam
    Aerial Ace
    5. Dragonite(m)@Persim Berry lv. 72 Inner Focus
    Hyper Beam
    Ice Beam
    1. Heracross(m) lv. 72 Swarm
    Rock Tomb
    2. Alakazam(m) lv. 73
    3. Tyranitar(m) lv. 72 Sand Stream
    Aerial Ace
    Colosseum Mount Battle Area 10:
    VII. New York Pokemon Center
    To put is simply, I hate it. The New York Pokemon Center is a place in New
    York City where Nintendo focuses all their events. In the days of Gold/Silver,
    they gave out many Pokemon with unique moves, such as Lovely Kiss Nidoran. In
    the advanced generation, they had for a time stopped this in fairness to
    everyone who cannot reach the center. But they've started again, and I feel it
    is my duty to keep track of what moves they introduce. Unless you live nearby,
    this won't be of much interest to you. But from a competitive battling
    prospective, this may be useful information. Thus far they have only had one
    giveaway, but more are soon to follow no doubt.
    *new info* I was recently e-mailed by someone who claims to have gotten some
    Pokemon when Pokemon Box was released. He says that they came at levels
    30, 35, and 45, not in eggs. Of the pokemon he mentioned, 2 had legal
    movesets, but two had extra moves.  He gave their original trainer's and IDs,
    which sounded legitimate to me.
    *double new info* A fellow on netbattle's website named Wartortle recently
    posted some Pokemon that had been given away in Japan.  The Absol moves
    from the Box Giveaway were included as well as a bunch of other stuff.
    Box Giveaway?
    Absol - Wish
    Absol - Spite
    First Giveaway:
    Drowzee - Belly Drum/Wish
    Farfetch'd - Yawn/Wish
    Chansey - Sweet Scent/Wish
    Kangaskhan - Yawn/Wish
    Exeggcute - Sweet Scent/Wish
    Lickitung - Heal Bell/Wish
    PokePark(in Japan) Giveaway:
    Follow Me Pichu
    Water Sport Plusle
    Mud Sport Minun
    Featherdance Taillow
    Tickle Igglybuff
    Encore Cacnea
    Mud Sport Corsola
    Mud Sport Surskit
    Mud Sport Psyduck
    Tickle Wynaut
    Teeter Dance Whismur
    Sing Spinda
    Rollout Skitty(legal with emerald tutors)
    Water Sport Corphish
    Uproar Spoink
    *full credit to pokefor.tk for this*
    Japan Giveaway 2004-3-24
    Leech Seed Oddish
    Teeter Dance Bellsprout
    Petal Dance Meowth
    Sweet Kiss Poliwag
    Japan Giveaway 2003-4-25
    Wish Pichu(already an egg move)
    Teeter Dance Pichu
    Wish Ralts(was already considered legal)
    Charm Ralts
    Wish Absol(BOX giveaway as well)
    Spite Absol(BOX giveaway aw well)
    Wish Bagon
    Iron Defense Bagon
    VIII. Credits, Contact Info, etc.
    If you want to e-mail me to point out mistakes, help out, or even insult me (at
    least make sure it is a well written insult; I wouldn't mind being told I'm
    stupid in the form of a 50 verse poem), feel free to e-mail me at:
    Just don't send me spam please.  Or use excessive cursing, bad grammar, bigoted
    statements, etc.  In other words, just use common sense.
    If you feel the need to use this on your own site, just link to the list of
    FAQ’s and say to go to my FAQ.  Why?  That just keeps things really simple
    for me and fairly simple for you.
    and now for the credits:
    Me: for doing this
    Jiggy37: for providing the vs. seeker EV training info. Thank you.
    Meowth and the people at pokefor.tk: for having a great site with complete and
    reliable data
    Serebii and the people at serebii.net: for having pretty reliable move tutor
    compatibility listings
    Gold Ursaring: for providing the information about the New York Pokemon Center
    Elias Carrillo: for providing the Box giveaway information for the NYPC section
    Super ED-Man: for showing the breeding chain to get Hoppip and Tangela the
    combination Reflect + Amnesia
    Wartortle: for providing the Japan giveaway Pokemon
    Roger Tran/Cubular: for pointing out a rather dumb mistake in the Shedinja
    section.  Swords Dance + Agility is indeed illegal.
    Cody/Canoftuna: for being cool and truly appreciating Porygon2
    Fishball: for being cool and building a lot of teams for me to battle
    Other online friends, you know who you are; I'd rather not list you as it
    would be quite long.
    The makers of RSBot and Netbattle: for giving my life meaning
    Ampharos: for being the best Pokemon ever
    The people at gamefaqs: for posting this FAQ (hopefully) and having quite
    possibly the best video game site on the web
    You: for reading this FAQ and making my work worthwhile
    IX. Closing Statement
    n00b withdrew TYRANITAR!
    n00b sent out SHEDINJA!
    Don't let it be you.

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