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    Harvest Guide by Califer

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/22/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                       By Califer
    Table of Contents
        /                                                                        \
       {|  Introduction     -----------------------------------------------[INTRO]}
       {|  Tips             ------------------------------------------------[TIPS]}
       {|  Total Harvest    -----------------------------------------------[TOTAL]}
       {|  Walkthrough      ------------------------------------------------[WALK]}
       {|  Extra Items      -----------------------------------------[EXTRA.ITEMS]}
       {|  --Stealing Items --------------------------------------------[STEALING]}
       {|  --Shopping       --------------------------------------------[SHOPPING]}
       {|  Game Bases	    -------------------------------------------[GAME.BASE]}
       {|  --Which Game	    ---------------------------------------------[GB.GAME]}
       {|  --Which Pokemon	---------------------------------------------[GB.POKE]}
       {|  Legends		    ---------------------------------------------[LEGENDS]}
       {|  --Pokeballs	    -------------------------------------------[POKEBALLS]}
       {|  --Capturing Tips	---------------------------------------------[CAPTURE]}
       {|  --Articuno		--------------------------------------------[ARTICUNO]}
       {|  --Zapdos			----------------------------------------------[ZAPDOS]}
       {|  --Moltres		---------------------------------------------[MOLTRES]}
       {|  --Mewtwo			----------------------------------------------[MEWTWO]}
       {|  --The Dogs		------------------------------------------------[DOGS]}
       {|  ---Suicune		---------------------------------------------[SUICUNE]}
       {|  ---Raikou		----------------------------------------------[RAIKOU]}
       {|  ---Entei			-----------------------------------------------[ENTEI]}
       {|  Move Tutors		----------------------------------------------[TUTORS]}
       {|  Acknowledgements	-------------------------------------------------[ACK]}
       {|  Legal			-----------------------------------------------[LEGAL]}
       {|  Contact			---------------------------------------------[CONTACT]}
    /Introduction                   /
    There are two things that make me keep coming back and playing pokemon.  First,
    it's a role-playing game where you can challenge your friends.  Second, you can
    move your characters and items from one game to another.  This is great because
    there are a few items and pokemon that you can only get once per game.  When I
    want more of those items I start a new game while keeping all the stuff I want 
    to hold onto on a base game.  I call going through a game just to get stuff
    'Harvesting'.  This is the harvest guide because it will tell you how to get
    all the items and legendaries that you want.
    I wanted a walkthrough that would focus on just getting the items and 
    legendaries.  I'd already played the game before, so a basic walkthrough would
    be great as long as it covered the items well.  Finding nothing that really 
    satisfied me for that exact purpose, I went ahead and wrote this guide.  I 
    wrote it while playing through Leaf Green, and tested everything again in Fire
    Red. I've gone over every square inch of the games with the itemfinder to make 
    sure that I wasn't missing any items.  I think I've finally got it how I want 
    it, so I figured I'd upload this to Gamefaqs since it's been so much help to me.
    /Tips                           /
    Power up your pokemon.
    It can slow down the harvest if you have to fight a lot to level up your 
    pokemon so that you can meet the challenges.  You could also just trade your 
    main pokemon or two to your base game and have them be run through the elite 4 
    a few times (with an experience share).  You can also give them good movesets 
    that way.  After they are at a level that you are comfortable with you can send
    them back.  Even without a single badge these high level creatures will obey 
    you completely because you are the original owner!
    Get whatever breedable pokemon you want from the start.
    When you trade a pokemon over at the beginning it can be more annoying than it 
    is worth because of it being an outsider and not obeying you after certain 
    levels which can easily be exceeded at the beginning of the game.  You can get 
    around this annoyance by trading over an egg of the pokemon that you wish to 
    play with and hatching it on the game that you are harvesting.  When the 
    pokemon hatches it will be under your trainer ID, so it will obey you no matter
    what level it reaches!  Just be aware that you won't be able to trade with
    any other game except Fire Red and Leaf Green until unlocking the trade center
    at the end of the game.
    /Total Harvest                  /
    Here is everything that you can expect from a full harvest.  This doesn't 
    include extra items from shopping or items from pickup, so your harvest may be
    even more plentiful!
    	Suicune, Entei or Raikou
    1   Amulet Coin
    1   Blackglasses
    1	Cleanse Tag
    2	Dragon Scale
    5 	Elixir
    6	Ether
    1 	Everstone
    1 	Exp. Share
    2	King's Rock
    1	Lax Incense
    2 	Leftovers
    1	Lucky Punch
    1	Macho Brace
    1 	Masterball
    6	Max Elixir
    6 	Max Ether
    6	Max Revive
    2	Metal Coat
    5	Moon Stone
    1	Nevermeltice
    9	PP Up
    1	Quick Claw
    13	Rare Candy
    1	Sea Incense
    1   Silk Scarf
    1   Soothe Bell
    2   Star Piece
    1   Stick
    1   Sun Stone
    1   TM01-Focus Punch
    1   TM02-Dragon Claw
    1   TM03-Water Pulse
    1   TM04-Calm Mind
    1   TM05-Roar
    1   TM06-Toxic
    1   TM07-Hail
    1   TM08-Bulk Up
    1   TM09-Bullet Seed
    1   TM11-Sunny Day
    1   TM12-Taunt
    1   TM16-Light Screen
    1   TM17-Protect
    1   TM18-Rain Dance
    1   TM19-Giga Drain
    1   TM20-Safeguard
    1   TM21-Frustration
    1   TM22-Solarbeam
    1   TM26-Earthquake
    1   TM28-Dig
    1   TM29-Psychic
    1   TM31-Brick Break
    1   TM32-Double Team
    1   TM33-Reflect
    1   TM34-Shock Wave
    1   TM36-Sludge Bomb
    1   TM37-Sandstorm
    1   TM38-Fire Blast
    1   TM39-Rock Tomb
    1   TM40-Aerial Ace
    1   TM41-Torment
    1   TM42-Facade
    1   TM43-Secret Power
    1   TM44-Rest
    1   TM45-Attract
    1   TM46-Thief
    1   TM47-Steel Wing
    1   TM48-Skill Swap
    1   TM49-Snatch
    1   TM50-Overheat
    2   Up-Grade
    /Walkthrough                    /
    This walkthrough is very minimalistic.  My Ruby and Sapphire Harvest Guide 
    listed every single item in the game.  That ended up just wasting space with 
    too many mentions of Oran berries and potions.  Who cares?  I'm only going to 
    be listing items that can be successfully harvested to another game that aren't
    easily obtainable.  All items and pokemon that are worth harvesting will be in
    all caps to make it more obvious.
    -The beginnings-
       Change the settings to speed up the game.  Head north, get pulled back and 
    choose your starter.  Head north to Viridian City, visit the shop and head 
    back.  Get a map from Daisy and head to Viridian City again.  You can trade 
    with other Fire Red or Leaf Green games now if you want.  Head north through
    Viridian Forest to Pewter City.  Beat the gym (rock/ground) for a TM39-ROCK
    TOMB.  Head east through routes 3 and 4 to Mt. Moon.
    -Mt. Moon-
       Head left from the entrance for a TM09-BULLET SEED.  Go all the way right 
    and down from the entrance for a RARE CANDY.  Go down the first ladder to get a
    STAR PIECE and go back up.  Go down the second ladder for TM46-THIEF and a 
    hidden ETHER in the eastern rock.  Before going down the third ladder get the
    MOON STONE just to the north.  Another MOON STONE is hidden in a rock SE of the
    fossils.  Leave Mt. Moon and enter route 4.  Get the TM05-ROAR before entering 
    the grass and head to Cerulean City.
    -Cerulean City Area-
       Go through the NW-most house and find a hidden RARE CANDY mixed in the 
    flowers.  Beat the gym for TM03-WATER PULSE and head north for a rival battle 
    and Nugget Bridge.  Head north of the bridge to get TM45-ATTRACT.  NE of the 
    first trainer on route 25 there is a hidden ELIXIR.  When you see the last 
    trainer in the maze-like area start as far below him as possible to make him 
    walk to you for the challenge.  Enter where he was to get TM43-SECRET POWER.  
    East of Bill's house is a hidden Ether.  Talk to Bill and head back to Cerulean
    City.  Go through the house with the policeman in front of it and fight the 
    rocket grunt for TM28-DIG.  Head south through route 5 and the underground 
    path.  In route 6 head to the NE corner and in the center is a hidden RARE 
    -Vermillion City-
      Talk to the girl in the pokecenter for a Vs Seeker.  Get a Bike Voucher from
    the president of the fan club so you can go back to Cerulean to get a bike. You
    can trade a Spearow for a Farfetch'd which comes with a STICK.  Lastly, you can
    find a hidden MAX ETHER in the sand in the corner below the pokecenter.  Go to
    the S.S. Anne.
    -S.S. Anne-
       Note that if you trade over a pokemon that knows cut this entire section can
    be skipped and the S.S. Anne won't leave.  This lets you check out the secret
    truck after you get surf.  Head to the basement and get an ETHER in the third 
    room and TM44-REST in the fourth.  Go back to the entry area and get TM31-BRICK
    BREAK from the second to last room on the left.  Nothing else of worth so head
    to the top for a rival battle and HM01-Cut from the captain.  Teach Cut to a 
    HM slave and beat the gym for TM34-SHOCK WAVE.  Head east to Diglett's Cave.
    -To Celadon City-
       Head east from Viridian and proceed through diglett's cave.  In the first 
    house you can trade an abra for a mr. mime.  Head to the next building to get 
    HM05-Flash from the aide if you have 10 pokemon.  Go south to get an ETHER then
    get back to Cerulean City.  Head east to route 9.  Go straight down at the 
    start to get TM40-AERIAL ACE.  Loop around to the grass near the start of the
    route and pick an ETHER out of the rock.  There's also a RARE CANDY hidden in
    the top-right corner of the route.
       Enter the pokecenter and get an EVERSTONE from the aide if you have at least
    20 pokemon.  Get in Rock Tunnel and use flash. There's a MAX ETHER north of 
    Picnicker Sofia.  Get out and head into Lavendar Town.  Heal up and head west
    into Route 8.  Take the Underground Path into route 7 then Celadon City.
    -Celadon City-
      Get the Coin Case from the restaurant if you plan on getting stuff from the
    game corner.  Also grab the Tea from the old lady in the mansion so you can 
    continue with the story.  Grab the ETHER from the NW corner of town and get the
    PP UP hidden east of the game corner after the small tree.  You can also get
    TM16-LIGHT SCREEN, TM20-SAFEGUARD, and TM33-REFLECT by giving fresh water, soda
    popm and lemonade to the girl at the top of the Dept. store.  You can also get
    an eevee from the back of the mansion and evolve it for some more pokedex 
    completion.  Beat the gym to get TM19-GIGA DRAIN.  Go to the game corner and 
    enter the Rocket Hideout.
    -Rocket Hideout-
       Go straight down and get the PP UP from the bottom-right plant.  Go down two
    sets of stairs, then go straight down for TM21-FRUSTRATION.  Get the RARE 
    CANDY in the floor maze.  Get through and pick up the BLACKGLASSES.  Go down 
    the stairs and head left for a MAX ETHER.  Head up for TM49-SNATCH and the lift
    key from the grunt there.  Go back to the second floor and get into the maze.
    Get the MOON STONE (NW corner) and TM12-TAUNT, which is near the moon stone.
    Elevator to the 4th floor, beat the boss and get out.  Go back to Lavendar Town
    and the Pokemon Tower.
    -Pokemon Tower-
       On the 4th floor there is an ELIXIR, on the 5th is a CLEANSE TAG and on the
    6th is a RARE CANDY.  There is also a SOOTHE BELL that can be gained by using 
    the itemfinder right where Mr. Fuji was standing.  This does mean that you have
    to climb the tower twice.  If you don't have the itemfinder yet you can get it
    from the gate on route 11 if you have caught 30 kinds of pokemon.  Go to 
    Saffron City and enter Silph Co.  
    -Silph Co.-
       Go to the 5th floor and go to the SW corner.  Take the teleport and then go 
    back on it.  Now head down and east for the key card.  You can heal at any time
    on the 9th floor. On the 4th floor there is TM41-TORMENT in the room south of 
    the stairs and a MAX REVIVE in the west-most room.  On the 5th floor there is a
    PP UP in the tree south of the stairs, an ELIXIR hidden in the tree in the 
    center room, and a TM01-FOCUS PUNCH in the SW room.  On the 7th floor there is 
    a TM08-BULK UP in the room south of the elevator, and on the 10th floor there
    is a RARE CANDY in the SW room.  Take the teleport in the center room of 3F to 
    fight the rival, get a lapras and fight Giovanni.  Get the MASTERBALL from the 
    -Saffron Town-
       Get TM29-PSYCHIC from a house in the south.  Beat the fighting dojo for a 
    hitmon.  In the gym, from the entrance go E, NE, SE, SW, SW.  Beat her for 
    TM04-CALM MIND.  Head west to route 16.
    -To Fuschia City-
       Cut the bush and go get HM02-Fly.  Wake and catch the snorlax, then use the 
    Itemfinder where if was for some LEFTOVERS.  Go upstairs in the gate for an 
    AMULET COIN if you have caught 40 pokemon.  There are some hidden items along 
    the bike path, but they're kind of a pain.  PP UP is on the western path of the
    unique pokemon sign.  MAX REVIVE hidden to the west of the throw pokeballs 
    sign.  A RARE CANDY is located on the path east of the 'b button' sign. A MAX 
    ELIXIR is east of the 'slope ends' sign.  Once entering Fuschia City go 
    challenge the gym, get TM06-TOXIC, then enter the safari zone.
    -Safari Zone-
       Head NE to the next zone.  In this area take the stairs and go west then 
    north.  There is a TM11-SUNNY DAY in the grass surrounded by water.  Go up the
    next set of stairs to the NW exit.  In this area take the first set of stairs
    to get a QUICK CLAW then go back to the second set of stairs and go north.  
    Pick up TM47-STEEL WING along the way and head to the SW exit.  In this last
    area, head south for the Gold Teeth, then go west for TM32-DOUBLE TEAM.  Enter
    the Secret House for HM03-Surf.  Lastly, surf across the water and take the 
    stairs for a MAX REVIVE.  Deliver the Gold Teeth to the warden for 
    HM04-Strength and push the rock for a RARE CANDY.
    -Item Hunting-
       Go to route 15.  In the gateway an Aide will give you an EXP. SHARE if you 
    have 50 pokemon.  Head east and get on the top ledge to get come back to the 
    start and get TM18-RAIN DANCE.  In route 13 there's a PP UP hidden in the 
    southern part of the route at the eastern edge of the hedge ending.  In route
    12 there is a RARE CANDY hidden in the grassy area (requires cut), get some 
    LEFTOVERS by using the itemfinder where Snorlax was and get TM48-SKILL SWAP on
    the island at the north end of the route.  Fly to Pewter City to get the old 
    amber to revive at Cinnabar (requires cut).
    -Cinnabar Island-
       Start in Pallet town and surf south to Cinnabar.  Revive your fossils and 
    get into the mansion.  Get the hidden MOON STONE in the rocks NW of the 
    entrance.  Go up the stairs then go up the second set of stairs to the north.
    Flip the switch and head down.  Fall down the first hole and use the stairs.
    Flip the switch then go NE to the next switch.  Flip it and head west.  Grab
    the Secret Key and head south for TM22-SOLARBEAM.  Get out and beat the gym for
    TM38-FIRE BLAST.  Follow Bill.
    -Sevii Islands Round 1-
       Leave one island and go to two island.  Enter the game corner, then head 
    north to get the RARE CANDY hidden behind the solitary house.  Head to three 
    island, beat the bikers and head north.  At Bond Bridge cut the tree to get a 
    hidden PP UP.  In the Berry Forest there is a MAX ETHER in the NW corner, just
    outside of where Lostelle is, and a MAX ELIXIR after surfing over a pond just 
    south of Lostelle.  Cut required.  Get Lostelle, and talk to get dad to get a
    MOON STONE.  Go to Viridian City, beat the gym, get TM26-EARTHQUAKE, and get a
    MACHO BRACE by using the itemfinder where Giovanni was after he leaves.
    -Victory Road-
       Beat your rival and head to victory road.  Get a hidden MAX ETHER on the 
    island after the soul badge gate.  Once inside, move the boulder onto the plate
    then go up the stairs.  Go right at the split to get either a RARE CANDY or a
    TM02-DRAGON CLAW.  You can get both by going up the ladder to the left and 
    coming back to reset the puzzle.  The TM is the one to the north.  Go up the
    ladder again.  Push the boulder to the south onto the plate, then go up the 
    stairs.  Go down the next set of stairs then head east then north.  Go past the
    ladder to get TM07-HAIL, then go up the ladder.  To your east is a MAX REVIVE.
    Push the boulder onto the plate to the west, and pick up TM50-OVERHEAT while 
    you're there.  Go back to the ladder you came up and take the stairs near 
    there.  Follow it to a boulder, push it down a hole and fall after it.  Push it
    left onto a plate, then get the TM37-SANDSTORM above it.  Go up the stairs and
    east to a ladder.  Down the stairs and you're out!  Get the MAX ELIXIR that's
    hidden in the left section of the maze.  
    -Elite 4-
       Remember the order is Ice, Rock/Fighting, Poison, Dragon, Rival.  After you
    start the game again Oak will check your pokedex.  IF you have 60 or more then
    he'll give you the national dex.  If not, go catch/evolve more to get to 60
    then talk to him again to get the national dex.  
    -One Island-
       Go to Vermillion then to One Island.  Talk to Celio then surf NE and head up
    until you see a cave.  Enter the cave, heal up and get HM06-Rock Smash from the
    old man in the north part.  Go out and head south to the area with three rocks
    in front to get an ETHER.  Surf north to get to Mt. Ember, then head east, beat
    the grunts and follow the path.  When the path splits go south, get the ruby
    and head back to the split and go east.  Give the ruby to Celio.
    -Four Island-
       Break the rock in the NW corner to get a STAR PIECE.  Go NE to enter Icefall
    Cave, surf west then go north and fall down the northmost hole.  Go up the 
    ladder then fall down the north hole.  Slide down then east for a NEVERMELTICE.
    Go back up the ladder and fall down the other hole to get through the ice.  Go 
    up the ladder and get HM07-Waterfall and go up the ladder then south.  Go up 
    the waterfall, watch the scene then head on.
    -Six Island-
       You'll need Cut and Strength.  Head east then south.  When the grass ends
    surf south to get a DRAGON SCALE.  After entering Ruin Valley head south and
    move some boulders for a SUN STONE.  Head to the south part to find a door.
    Use cut on it.  Fall, Up, Left, Right, Down.  Head to Five Island.
    -Five Island-
       Head east then south.  Before going up the stairs surf west for a PP UP.  
    Now go into the hideout.  North of the puzzle is an UP-GRADE and a TM36-SLUDGE
    BOMB in the NE corner of the puzzle.  Get the Sapphire from the scientist.
       Don't talk to Celio yet!  Once you talk to him the legendary dog that your
    starter is weak to is released.  That means that once he's been talked to the 
    IVs and the nature are set and if you save after that you can't reset for them.
    If you want to harvest your Masterball then you need a good capture strategy.
    Make sure you have an empty spot in your party either way, get Max Repels (25
    worked great for me) and do any other preparation to catch the beast.  Head 
    back to One Island and save right in front of Celio.
    -LEGENDARY DOG Hunting-
       Talk to Celio.  Right after he's done go to Vermillion City and go north to
    route 6.  Get a pokemon from level 17-50 at the lead of the party to make sure 
    you see nothing but the legendary.  Run around a bit and if it doesn't show up
    go in the Underground Path and come out again to randomize where the dog is.
    Once it shows up, catch it!  Refer to the appropriate section for tips on 
    capturing each dog.  It usually takes me 10-15 max repels for it to show up,
    but I did get it on the first max repel once.
       Surf southwest from Fuscia City to Seafoam Islands.  Take the ladder to the
    north, the walk south then east to the next ladder.  Go southwest to the last
    ladder.  Go the the boulders and push on down each hole then fall after them.
    Surf north to Articuno, save your game and capture her.
      Fly to route 10, then head north and surf south to the Power Plant.  There's 
    a hidden MAX ETHER on the right side of the building.  Enter.  When the path
    splits go right for TM17-PROTECT and an ELIXIR.  Go back to the split and head
    down.  At the next split head right, then go up.  Skip the rooms until you see
    a small room to the south.  There is a hidden MAX ELIXIR in front of the third
    machine.  Save in front of Zapdos and catch him.
       You'll need Strength to get through here.  Go to One Island and surf north
    to Mt. Ember.  Take the west cave and follow it to the end.  Save in front of 
    Moltres and catch him.
       You'll need Surf and Rock Smash here.  From Cerulean City head north then
    surf south and west.  Enter the cave.  Surf along, ignoring the first stairs.
    Instead land on the ground and go up the ladder to the west for a PP UP.  Come
    back down and head right.  Skip the first ladder you see, get the MAX ELIXIR
    after it and take the next ladder.  Go down, then take the right-most path.
    Follow that path.  When you see an item surrounded by rocks it's a MAX REVIVE.
    Continue on, and surf right up to Mewtwo.  Save your game and catch him!
    -Lost Cave-
       We're done with everything major, but there is still a bit to explore.  Go
    to Five Island and surf all the way north and east to reach Lost Cave.  Go down
    the ladder and get some items.  E,S for LAX INCENSE.  E,N,S,N for SEA INCENSE.
    E,N,S,S,E,E for MAX REVIVE.  E,N,S,S,E,W,S,W for RARE CANDY.  
    E,N,S,S,E,W,S,E,N for Selphy.  Go to Selphy's room again for a SILK SCARF.
    -Memorial Pillar-
       Surf to the SE part of Five Island to reach Memorial Pillar.  Pick up the 
    METAL COAT and drop off a Lemonade at the pillar to get TM42-FACADE.
    -Six Island-
       Head east of town and surf north.  Reach the town and surf along the NE 
    corner to get an ELIXIR.  Head all the way east and north to get a PP UP behind
    Altering Cave.  No need to actually enter Altering Cave.
    -Trainer Tower-
       Trainer Tower is located on the north side of Seven Island.  All opponents
    will be the level of your highest leveled pokemon.  Different prizes are 
    awarded depending on the mode you enter.  Single Mode -> UP-GRADE.  Double Mode
    -> DRAGON SCALE.  Knockout Mode -> METAL COAT.  Mixed Mode -> KING's ROCK.
    -Seven Island-
       Head south from Seven Island.  In Sevault Canyon there is a MAX ELIXIR in 
    the grass along the main path.  Ignore the cave.  There's a KING'S ROCK after
    a puzzle with rocks and boulders.  Lastly there is a LUCKY PUNCH in the Chansey
    /Extra Items                    /
    Still Got Time and Money?
    Game Corner
       You can gamble coins to get more coins, but I usually use this place to get
    TMs and items by buying coins.  Here are the available items with coin price 
    and pokedollar price.
    Smoke Ball ----------------800 coins-----16000 pd
    Charcoal ------------------1000 coins----20000 pd
    Miracle Seed --------------1000 coins----20000 pd
    Mystic Water --------------1000 coins----20000 pd
    Yellow Flute --------------1600 coins----32000 pd
    TM23-Iron Tail ------------3500 coins----70000 pd
    TM35-Flamethrower ---------4000 coins----80000 pd
    TM24-Thunderbolt ----------4000 coins----80000 pd
    TM13-Ice Beam -------------4000 coins----80000 pd
    TM30-Shadow Ball ----------4500 coins----90000 pd
       There are a few pokemon that have the ability pickup.  Meowth will always
    have it, so you should grab a few on route 5.  After each battle there is a 
    10% chance that it will have picked something up.  The items it might pick up 
    are listed below.
    15% - Oran Berry
    10% - Aspear Berry, Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Persim Berry, 
          Rawst Berry
    5% -  Nugget, PP Up, Rare Candy, TM10-Hidden Power
    1% -  Belue Berry, Durin Berry, Pamtre Berry, Spelon Berry, Watmel Berry
    /Stealing                       /
       Stealing items from wild pokemon is another good way to get items.  There 
    are three stealing moves.  Covet, Thief, and Trick.  Note that Thief may not 
    steal an item even though the opponent has one.  The following pokemon learn 
    these moves through leveling up.  
    Covet: Snorlax, Linoone, Slaking, Skitty, Illumise.
    Thief: Mightyena, Lombre, Kecleon
    Trick: Kadabra, Alakazam, Mr. Mime
       Pokemon with the ability Compound Eyes in the first pokemon slot can double 
    the odds of a wild pokemon holding an item.  It still works if that pokemon is 
    fainted.  Pokemon with Compound Eyes are as follows.
    Butterfree, Nincada, Venonat, Yanma
      Here are the pokemon in Fire Red and Leaf Green that carry items for you to
    steal!  Note that all berry holders and items that are only good for selling
    have been removed from the list.  Also rememeber that Safari Zone pokemon 
    cannot be stolen from and need to be captured in order to take their item.
       Pokemon     Item Name        Odds   Game  Location
    |  Abra	     |  TwistedSpoon   |   5% |Both| Route 24 / Route 25              |
    |  Arbok     |  Poison Barb    |   5% | FR | Route 23 / Victory Road          |
    |  Chansey   |  Lucky Egg      |   5% |Both| Safari Zone                      |
    |  Cubone    |  Thick Club     |   5% |Both| Pokemon Tower / Sevault Canyon   |
    |  Dewgong   |  Nevermeltice   |   5% |Both| Icefall Cave                     |
    |  Ditto     |  Metal Powder   |   5% |Both| Route 14 / Cerulean Cave Basement|
    |  Dragonair |  Dragon Fang    |   5% |Both| Safari Zone                      |
    |  Fearow    |  Sharp Beak     |   5% |Both| Route 23 / Mt. Ember Base        |
    |  Graveler  |  Hard Stone     |   5% |Both| Cerulean Cave (Rock Smash)       |
    |  Haunter   |  Spell Tag      |   5% |Both| Lost Cave / Pokemon Tower        |
    |  Kadabra   |  TwistedSpoon   |   5% |Both| Cerulean Cave Basement           |
    |  Machoke   |  Focus Band     |   5% |Both| Cerulean Cave                    |
    |  Magneton  |  Magnet         |   5% |Both| Cerulean Cave                    |
    |  Marowak   |  Thick Club     |   5% |Both| Sevault Canyon                   |
    |  Misdreavus|  Spell Tag      |   5% | LG | Lost Cave                        |
    |  Onix      |  Hard Stone     |   5% |Both| Victory Road                     |
    |  Sandslash |  Soft Sand      |   5% | LG | Route 23 / Victory Road          |
    |  Skarmory  |  Sharp Beak     |   5% | FR | Sevault Canyon                   |
    /Shopping                       /
      Celedon Department Store
    TM05-Roar			    1000 pd
    TM28-Dig				2000 pd
    TM31-Brick Break		2000 pd
    TM43-Secret Power		3000 pd
    TM45-Attract			3000 pd
    TM15-Hyper Beam			7500 pd
    /Game Bases                     /
    If you're going to be harvesting games it's a good idea to set up one game in 
    the same generation as a base of operations.  This game will hold onto pokemon 
    and items that can be used to speed up going through the other games and 
    getting the items and legendaries that you want.
    /--Which Game                   /
    There are five games to choose from, and all of them have their good and bad 
    Fire Red & Leaf Green 
    	These are basically the same game in terms of items and legendaries.  
    It's easy to get a ton of cash to buy stuff later on.  If you're going to be 
    harvesting from one of these, remember that it cannot trade with RSE until you 
    get the National Dex.  You can use a finished FRLG game to trade between, so 
    FRLG make for decent bases.  You won't be able to store up any secret bases
    here though.
    Ruby & Sapphire
    	These won't be able to trade with a starting FRLG game, and there's not
    much to keep doing after you beat the game.  You will be able to store up 
    secret bases here, so that can be useful.  If you don't plan on helping out the 
    beginning of FRLG and don't mind not having a lot to do in your base then one 
    of these might work fine.
    	This is the game with the most legendaries and plenty of items.  This 
    makes it a game that's good to harvest from, but there's also a lot to be said 
    about making it a base.  It can store up secret bases, breeding is best on 
    emerald over any of the others and the battle area gives you things to keep 
    working at.  If you want to keep doing things on your base or want to breed 
    pokemon to get 3rd gen only moves your should consider emerald.
    Personally, I have two bases, emerald and fire red.  I'll probably reset 
    emerald eventually and hand over everything to fire red while I go through it a
    few times to get decent Lati@s and other things.
    /--Which Pokemon                /
    So, what pokemon should be kept on a base?  These mostly fit to your personal 
    needs and are in the following categories.
    Battle Tower Team
    	Set yourself up some level 50 pokemon to be a battle tower team if you 
    want to do that.  If you're going to the RS battle tower you can also get some 
    level 100 pokemon for that.
    	A pokemon that has the ability Magma Armor or Flame Body.  These halve 
    the hatch time of eggs.  Magcargo and slugma have both of those abilities.  
    Also get dittos with natures that you like so you can everstone them onto the 
    	Wailord and relicanth take a little time to find, but you need both of 
    them to unlock the regi trio.  If you want to get them you should hold onto 
    these two.
    Condition Pokemon
    	Pokemon with high condition can be used to get the different colored 
    scarves in RSE.  Rather than blending pokeblocks each time just keep the 
    pokemon that you boosted to get more scarves on later runs.
    	Pokemon with the ability pickup can get you more items as you go 
    through the game.  Level is ignored in FRLG and RS, but if you're going through
    emerald you might want a few high level (91+) pickup pokemon for the best 
    stuff.  See bulbapedia for the full list.  Also, pickuppers are easily found 
    early on in RS, but you might want to import some for FRLG.
    HM Slaves
    	You can just trade over pokemon with the correct HM moves and never 
    worry about having to find the HMs anymore!
    Pokedex Fillers
    	What pokemon do you need to fill a pokedex that are difficult to 
    obtain?  Only really wanted for Emerald, so you can get a Johto starter after
    filling the Hoenn pokedex.
    	If you want to use the repeat ball, or want to track the runners better
    you should keep at least one of each legendary that you plan to keep catching.
    Secret Base Pokemon
    	Trade these over to the harvest game, mix records, then get them back. 
    See the secret base section for more information about good pokemon.
    Capture Team
    	Capturers come in a few different flavors.  There are the damagers, 
    statusers, and the trappers.  
    Damagers should have false swipe, which cannot KO a pokemon but will leave them
    at 1 HP.  They can also work well with endeavor, though it's not very useful 
    against pokemon that can heal themselves.  To use endeavor effectively poison
    the pokemon that knows endeavor and walk around until it only has 1 HP left.
    Heal it of it's poison and put it at the lead of the party.  Use endeavor to
    reduce the target to 1 HP! 
    (Thanks to Gabriel for the hints on endeavor)
    Statusers should have an accurate sleep and/or paralysis move.  
    Trappers should have block, spider web, or mean look as well as baton pass.  
    Here are some ideas of who should be used.
       The following final evolution pokemon learn false swipe.
    	Fearow, Parasect, Farfetch'd, Marowak, Pinsir, Scizor, Heracross, 
    	Smeargle, Sceptile, Shiftry, Breloom, Ninjask, Shedinja, Mawile, 
    	Of these, the hardest hitters (all of which also learn swords dance) 
    	are, from least to greatest, shiftry, pinsir and heracross, scizor and 
    	breloom.  Of these, I would most recommend breloom.  I set up a team 
    	with various damagers but as time went on I stopped using them all 
    	except for breloom.  Why?  Because he also learns spore, the 100% sleep
    	move!  My breloom is adamant, level 100, and knows swords dance, spore,
    	false swipe, and substitute.  Substitute is vital for capture breloom 
    	as otherwise he can get destroyed by his weaknesses.  The downside to 
    	breloom is that you need to be able to trade between games to get a 
    	farfetch'd to breed with to get false swipe.  If you're playing on a DS
    	or otherwise have no other way to trade, the following pokemon can make
    	decent false swipers.
    	Scyther -Fire Red only.  Swords dance at level 36, False Swipe at level 16.
    	Pinsir -Breed False Swipe from Scyther, Swords Dance at level 49.
    	Heracross -Breed False Swipe from Scyther.  Move tutor required for
    	            Swords Dance.
    	Marowak -False Swipe at level 39.  Swords dance requires either the
    	         move tutor or chain breeding.
    	Parasect -Breed False Swipe from Scyther.  Learns Spore at level 27.
      The following final evolution pokemon learn endeavor.
    	Beedrill, Raticate, Sunflora, Dunsparce, Hitmontop, Swampert, Swellow,
    	Dodrio, Sceptile, Aggron, Crawdaunt.
    	None of the stats matter for an endeavor user but it's speed.  Well, 
    	lower HP lets it get to 1 HP faster, but for in-battle the speed is
    	the most important.  
    	The following aren't available in FRLG: Sunflora, Swampert, Swellow,
    	  Sceptile, Aggron, Crawdaunt.
    	The fastest user of endeavor is Swellow, which is easily obtainable 
    	in both Ruby and Sapphire and learns endeavor at level 28.
    	You'll need a pokemon that can use a good status move.  Sleep is best, 
            but paralysis can also be used.
    	Best paralysis moves are thunderwave (100%), stun spore (75%) and 
            glare (75%)
    	Best sleep moves are spore (100%), Yawn (100%, takes a turn), sleep 
            powder (75%), and lovely kiss (75%)
    	Compound eyes is a great ability for status moves as it boosts the 
            accuracy.  Venonat and butterfree can have the ability and learn both 
            sleep powder and stun spore.
    	Trappers are used to catch a runner and allow others to catch it.  
    Trappers should be the same level as the runner that they are trying to catch 
    so that repels can be used.  Lati@s are level 40 runners, and the three beasts 
    from FRLG are level 50 runners.  Getting a good trapper can be tricky due to 
    the limitations in choice and level requirements.  Only bother with a trapper 
    if you really want to keep that masterball for later games where it won't be as
    	Baton pass is used to switch to a pokemon that can status and damage 
    the runner but still not let them run.  There are only three trapping moves; 
    mean look, block, and spider web.  There is only a very small group that learns
    trapping moves and baton pass.  They are:
    	Ariados, Smeargle, Umbreon.
    Ariados learns spider web at level 32, and learns baton pass by breeding.  It 
    is a very slow pokemon and it is not recommended as a trapper.
    Umbreon learns mean look at level 42 and baton pass at level 36 as eevee.  It 
    cannot be used for Lati@s, and of the beasts only suicune cannot roar it away. 
    Umbreon can be a decent trapper as long as all you care about is suicune.
    Smeargle is the winner.  It has the highest speed of this group, and it can 
    learn any move through sketch.  I have two trapper smeargle, one at level 40 
    and the other at level 50.  They know mean look (though block or spider web are
    equally effective), baton pass, spore (to help with sleeping if needed) and 
    ingrain.  Ingrain is nice in that it does not allow you to switch out or be 
    switched out unless you use baton pass.  This means that the roaring of entei 
    and raikou cannot end the battle and will in fact be a waste of a turn.  
    Ingrain will also heal you a little every turn.
    Unfortunately, none of these pokemon are available in FRLG.  Don't use a trapper
    on Entei or Raikou unless you have a way to block Roar from working.  Smeargle 
    is really the only trapper you can use with them.
    /Legends                        /
    Here is the list of legendary pokemon available in Fire Red and Leaf Green.
    Yes, there are some other legendaries available, but those can only be obtained 
    with an event and those events are long over.  If you can get to them it means 
    that you are using a cheat, and if you're using a cheat why bother using this 
    NOTE: Now all of the third generation legendary pokemon may be obtained in the
    fourth generation.  Of the pokemon available in this game...
    Articuno   -Available in Platinum as a runner, and in Heart Gold and Soul 
                Silver as a stationary.
    Zapdos     -Available in Platinum as a runner, and in Heart Gold and Soul 
                Silver as a stationary.
    Moltres    -Available in Platinum as a runner, and in Heart Gold and Soul 
                Silver as a stationary.
    Mewtwo     -Available as a stationary in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
    Suicune    -Available as a stationary in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
    Raikou     -Available as a runner in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
    Entei      -Available as a runner in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
    You can use a synchronizer in the fourth generation to get the nature you want
    so it might be easier to just get them all then if you have the right games.
    Just remember that you cannot use synchronize on runners.
    /--Poke Balls                   /
    There are two things to consider when choosing which poke balls to use.  First,
    which ball will get the best capture rate.  Second, what ball looks good with 
    that pokemon?  In this section I'll cover which balls do what.
    Poke Ball       Capture Rate x 1
    The most basic of poke balls.  Only use it if you like the color or want to
    show off by having a legendary in this basic ball.
    Great Ball      Capture Rate x 1.5
    A little better than a poke ball, but still no real reason to use it.
    Ultra Ball      Capture Rate x 2
    The ultra ball is used as the default ball to use when first capturing a 
    Master Ball     Capture Rate x 255
    Guaranteed capture.
    Premier Ball    Capture Rate x 1
    Just like the poke ball, but white.
    Luxury Ball     Capture Rate x 1
    Makes the captured pokemon more friendly.  Only one of these in the 3rd gen 
    Net Ball        Capture Rate x 3 if water or bug type.  Rate is x 1 otherwise.
    Useful if you have Suicune and don't want to use the Masterball.
    Nest Ball       Capture Rate x 1 for anything above level 30
    Since all legendaries are higher than level 30 this ball is not very useful.
    Dive Ball       Capture Rate x 3 for underwater, x 1 otherwise.
    You can't go underwater in FRLG.
    Repeat Ball     Capture Rate x 3 if already owned, x 1 otherwise
    Trade the legendary over and this is pretty good.
    Timer Ball      Capture Rate varies by number of rounds
    1-9 rounds gives capture rate of x 1
    10-19 rounds gives capture rate of x 2
    20-29 rounds gives capture rate of x 3
    30+ rounds gives capture rate of x 4
    The Repeat and Timer balls can be bought from the shop on Two Island after the
    machine has been connected up.  If it's not available, purchase one of each
    item to unlock more of the shop.
    /--Capturing Tips               /
    If you can trade a version of the legendary over first the repeat ball can be 
    used instead of the ultra ball.  If you're using the ultra ball to start, 
    switch over to the timer ball after the 9th round.  They'll have the same 
    capture rate then, but the timer ball is cheaper.
    Status effects make it easier to capture pokemon, though only two of them are 
    really useful.  Poison and burn should be avoided because they will limit how 
    long your target will live.  Freeze should also be avoided since it is only a 
    secondary effect from damaging moves and never happens more than 10% of the 
    The two good status effects are paralysis and sleep.  Sleep gives a larger 
    capture bonus and cannot be removed with refresh or rest, so sleep should be 
    used the most often.
    There are two things that you can do to check certain stats of your opponent
    before you capture them.  You can check the speed by making sure your pokemon
    is one point lower than the speed you want your target to be.  This will take
    a little math but it's not hard.  By the time you're ready to catch 
    legendaries you'll have a badge that boosts your speed by 10%, rounded down.
    So if your speed displays at 78 then during battle you get a +7 to speed.
    To check the speed find the max speed that you want the legendary to have and
    make sure that your speed stat is one lower.  Then when you battle it if you 
    go first that means it's not as fast as you want and you can just reset the 
    game without having to catch it and check it first.
    Another thing you can do is use moves that deal a specific amount of damage to
    check how much HP an enemy has.  Night shade and Seismic toss deal the same
    damage as the user's max HP.  This usually isn't as important but it is 
    possible to check it early if so desired.
    Each legendary listed here has their stat range listed as well.  An example
    is shown below.  -Stat is the stat range for the stat if it's a negative nature
    and +Stat is the stat range for the stat if it's a positive nature.  For
    example, a timid nature is negative for attack and positive for speed.  
    Therefore the speed stat for the below pokemon will be between 94-108 depending
    on its IVs.  These charts can be used to get a good idea of what the pokemon's
    IVs are and also helps calculate what speed you'll need to outspeed it for 
    endeavor or what speed to be under for getting one with a good speed.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 145-158 |         |
    Attack   |  85-97  |  95-108 | 104-118 |
    Defense  |  77-89  |  86-99  |  94-108 |
    Sp. Atk  | 126-137 | 140-153 | 154-168 |
    Sp. Def  | 117-129 | 131-144 | 144-158 |
    Speed    |  77-89  |  86-99  |  94-108 |
    For capture pokemon see the section on game bases ([GB.POKE])
    /--Articuno                     /
    Articuno (Ice/Flying.  Ability: Pressure) Level 50
    Mist (30)        -Prevents stat changes from the opponent for five turns.
    Agility (30)     -Sharply increases his speed.  Only works the first three 
                       turns.  Anything after that is a waste of a turn.
    Mind Reader (5)  -Makes certain the next move hits.  Fairly useless as his only
                       attack has an accuracy of 100.
    Ice Beam (10)    -A powerful ice attack that may freeze you.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 150-165 |         |
    Attack   |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Defense  |  94-108 | 105-120 | 115-132 |
    Sp. Atk  |  90-103 | 100-115 | 110-126 |
    Sp. Def  | 117-130 | 130-145 | 143-159 |
    Speed    |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 75.  Articuno is fairly easy since he only has 
    one attacking move, and the rest don't really affect you.  Stay away from rock
    type attacks as he'll take 4x damage from them and could easily knock him out.
    /--Zapdos                       /
    Zapdos (Electric/Flying.  Ability: Pressure) Level 50
    Thunder Wave (20)-Will paralyze you if you're not a ground type.
    Agility (30)     -Sharply increases his speed.  Only works the first three 
                       turns.  Anything after that is a waste of a turn.
    Detect (5)       -Blocks any attack that you may use against it on that turn.
                       Doesn't block pokeballs.
    Drill Peck (20)  -A fairly powerful flying attack.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 150-165 |         |
    Attack   |  85-99  |  95-110 | 104-121 |
    Defense  |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Sp. Atk  | 117-130 | 130-145 | 143-159 |
    Sp. Def  |  85-99  |  95-110 | 104-121 |
    Speed    |  94-108 | 105-120 | 115-132 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 75.  Zapdos is fairly easy since he only has 
    one attacking move, and aside from Thunder Wave the rest don't really affect
    /--Moltres                      /
    Moltres (Fire/Flying.  Ability: Pressure) Level 50
    Fire Spin (15)   -Weak fire attack, but will keep hurting you for a few turns
                       and won't let you switch.
    Agility (30)     -Sharply increases his speed.  Only works the first three 
                       turns.  Anything after that is a waste of a turn.
    Endure (10)      -Prevents him from fainting on that turn.  You can try to 
                       abuse this by hoping he'll use it when you attack, but 
    				   it's not very reliable.
    Flamethrower (15)-A powerful fire attack.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 150-165 |         |
    Attack   |  94-108 | 105-120 | 115-132 |
    Defense  |  85-99  |  95-110 | 104-121 |
    Sp. Atk  | 117-130 | 130-145 | 143-159 |
    Sp. Def  |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Speed    |  85-99  |  95-110 | 104-121 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 70.  If you're behind a substitute then fire 
    spin won't trap you.  Like Articuno, a rock attack will do 4x damage and can
    easily cause him to faint before you can catch him.
    /--Mewtwo                       /
    Mewtwo (Psychic.  Ability: Pressure) Level 70
    Swift (20)       -Moderate normal attack, but will not miss.
    Recover (20)     -Restores 50% of health to the user.
    Safeguard (25)   -Prevents any status effects for 5 turns.  
    Psychic (10)     -A powerful psychic attack that may lower your special def.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 228-250 |         |
    Attack   | 143-162 | 159-180 | 174-198 |
    Defense  | 117-136 | 131-152 | 144-167 |
    Sp. Atk  | 198-217 | 220-242 | 242-266 |
    Sp. Def  | 117-136 | 131-152 | 144-167 |
    Speed    | 168-187 | 187-208 | 205-228 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 70.  Don't use an endeavourer.  He'll just heal
    himself right up.  You also might want to consider paralyzing him instead of 
    putting him to sleep as he has a nasty habit of using safeguard right after he
    wakes up, leaving 5 turns where you get no status boost towards catching.
    /-The Legendary Dogs            /
    The legendary dogs are Suicune, Entei and Raikou.  Which one appears in your 
    game depends on which starter you choose.  Charmander -> Suicune, Bulbasaur ->
    Entei, Squirtle -> Raikou.  Unfortunately, they all run, so it can be a pain to
    find and catch them.  Even more annoying is the fact that Entei and Raikou 
    have the move Roar.  If they use it and you're not anchored by Ingrain or have
    the ability Suction Cups or Soundproof then the battle is over, you lost and 
    they're gone forever until you reset.  Just don't save if that happens!  The 
    dogs' stats are set up when you give the sapphire to Celio, so be sure to save
    before that.  Unfortunately, all of them have terrible IVs, four of the six 
    being guaranteed zeroes and the other two aren't much better.  Because of what
    a pain these guys can be I recommend using the masterball.  If you don't want 
    to use the masterball then check the GB.POKE section to see who you should 
    bring to catch these guys.
    If you don't trap them they will run at the beginning of each turn.  If you're
    doing it that way it's best to get them to 1 HP, put them to sleep (Yawn won't
    work) and deperately throw a quick ball at them each time you meet them.
    /--Suicune                      /
    Suicune (Water.  Ability: Pressure) Level 50
    BubbleBeam (30)  -Moderate water attack.
    Rain Dance (5)   -Causes it to rain, boosting water moves.
    Gust (35)        -A weak flying move.
    Aurora Beam (20) -Moderate ice attack.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 160-175 |         |
    Attack   |  72-85  |  80-95  |  88-104 |
    Defense  | 108-121 | 120-135 | 132-148 |
    Sp. Atk  |  85-99  |  95-110 | 104-121 |
    Sp. Def  | 108-121 | 120-135 | 132-148 |
    Speed    |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 90.  He's not very threatening after you block
    him with mean look or another blocking move.  None of his attacks are too 
    powerful, but he mostly has attacking moves so you'll probably need to keep 
    healing whoever is in there because if it faints the trap will be broken and
    He will run again.
    /--Raikou                       /
    Raikou (Electric.  Ability: Pressure) Level 50
    ThunderShock (30)-A weak electric attack.
    Roar (20)        -Ends the battle, counting as your loss.
    Quick Attack (30)-A weak normal attack that goes first.
    Spark (20)       -Moderate electric attack.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 150-165 |         |
    Attack   |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Defense  |  72-85  |  80-95  |  88-104 |
    Sp. Atk  | 108-121 | 120-135 | 132-148 |
    Sp. Def  |  94-108 | 105-120 | 115-132 |
    Speed    | 108-121 | 120-135 | 132-148 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 100.  A ground type won't even be touched my most
    of Raikou's moves, and a ground-rock type will hardly have a scratch on it.
    Just make sure that you aren't getting chased away by Roar and you'll be fine.
    /--Entei                        /
    Entei (Fire.  Ability: Pressure) Level 50
    Ember (30)       -Weak fire attack.
    Roar (20)        -Ends the battle, counting as your loss.
    Fire Spin (15)   -Weak fire attack, but will keep hurting you for a few turns
                       and won't let you switch. 
    Stomp (20)       -A moderate normal move.
             |  -Stat  | Neutral |  +Stat  |
    HP       |         | 175-190 |         |
    Attack   | 108-121 | 120-135 | 132-148 |
    Defense  |  81-94  |  90-105 |  99-115 |
    Sp. Atk  |  85-99  |  95-110 | 104-121 |
    Sp. Def  |  72-85  |  80-95  |  88-104 |
    Speed    |  94-108 | 105-120 | 115-132 |
    Total moves before Struggle = 85.  A rock type resists all of his moves.  
    Just make sure that you aren't getting chased away by Roar and you'll be fine.
    /Move Tutors                    /
    There are a few move tutors that are available once per playthrough that are
    pretty useful to have.  There are also some moves that are pretty darn 
    pointless, but I'll list them all here anyways.  Underneath each move I'll 
    tell where it is and any special comments
    Mega Punch   (Power: 80.  Accuracy: 85.  Type: Normal)
    Located right after the eastern exit of Mt. Moon.
    Mega Kick    (Power: 120. Accuracy: 75.  Type: Normal)
    Located right after the eastern exit of Mt. Moon.
    Seismic Toss (Deals damage equal to your level)
    Located in the back entrance of the Pewter Museum.
    Rock Slide   (Power: 50.  Accuracy: 90.  Type: Rock)
    Near the end of Rock Tunnel.
    Counter      (Deals double the damage of the opponents physical attack)
    On the third floor of the Celedon Department store.
    Softboiled   (Heals you for half your health)
    Across the pond in Celedon.
    Mimic        (Temporarily learns the last move the target used)
    Give the Mimic in Saffron City and pokedoll.
    Thunder Wave (Paralyzes opponent)
    Taught by woman on the second floor of Silph Company.
    Substitute   (Puts up a substitute)
    In front of the Kangaskhan cage in Fuscia city.
    Dream Eater  (Drains energy from sleeping opponents)
    Viridian City after pond.
    Metronome    (Uses a random attack)
    Second floor of the Cinnibar Lab.
    Double-Edge  (Power: 120 Accuracy: 100  User takes recoil damage)
    Right at the end of Victory Road.
    Explosion    (Huge damage, but causes the user to faint)
    Entrance of Mt. Ember.
    Body Slam    (May paralyz opponent)
    In a house on Four Island.
    Swords Dance (Sharply increases user's attack)
    On their bridge on Seven Island.
    Blast Burn   (Fire-typed hyper beam)
    On Two Island, north part.  Can only be learned if the pokemon is at high 
    Frenzy Plant (Plant-typed hyper beam)
    On Two Island, north part.  Can only be learned if the pokemon is at high 
    Hydro Cannon (Water-typed hyper beam)
    On Two Island, north part.  Can only be learned if the pokemon is at high 
    /Acknowledgements               /
    Game Freak
    /Legal                          /
    This guide is Copyright 2010 by Califer
    This guide is only allowed at gamefaqs.com.  If you see it anywhere else, 
    please let me know.
    /Contact                        /
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