I got a gameshark..... Now what?

  1. I got a game shark but I don't know how to use it, so how? I want to get the legendary pokemon (Mew,Lugia, and Ho-oh).

    User Info: GamerFreak65

    GamerFreak65 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I don't condone the use of cheating devices unless it's absolutely necessary for species that can't be obtained through regular gameplay or glitches, but...

    If it's anything like Action Replay, try turning the system on with the GameShark cartridge in the system and not your LeafGreen cartridge. It should come up with the cheat device's menu, a list of preprogrammed games and codes, or a screen from which you can enter games and codes from scratch. You'll have to look up the "Master Code" for LeafGreen online - you'll have to enter this code when you register a new game if you want any of the other cheat codes to work. After that you can enter any cheat codes you find individually. When you want to activate them, set them to "on" - still without LeafGreen in place - and choose to start the game. You should be told what to do from there - depending on how GameShark works (I've only ever used Action Replay) you'll have to remove the GameShark cartridge with the Game Boy still on and then put the LeafGreen cartridge in, or you'll have to put the LeafGreen cartridge into the GameShark cartridge, if it has another port on top of it.

    Again, this is all assuming it works similarly to Action Replay. I'll warn you in advance that ANY cheat device, regardless of brand or quality, is extremely risky. It can stop working at any time, or ruin your game cartridge or even your console's functionality. Only use it if you have no other choice, never abuse it.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

    XTApocalypse - 7 years ago 0 0

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