What's the meaning of the Braille in Dotted Hole?

  1. I had decoded the braille there but I can't understand it's meaning. I like solving puzzles in Pokemon 'cause I found defeating the elite 4 192 times boring so please help me out!

    User Info: FaiD_Flowright

    FaiD_Flowright - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The braille in Fire Red/Leaf Green doesn't really have any significant meaning as it does in R/S/E.

    The braille translated from Mt. Ember is:

    "Everything has meaning
    Existence has meaning
    Being alive has meaning
    Have dreams
    Use power"

    And the braille translated from Dotted Hole is:

    "Let the two glittering stones
    One is red
    One is blue
    Connect the past.
    Two friends sharing power open a window to a new world that glows.
    The next world waits for you."

    Now, along with the braille in Mt. Ember and Dotted Hole, there was also a Ruby and a Sapphire in those respective rooms. Basically, the significance of the braille is that when you take the Ruby and Sapphire back to Celio (who is in the Knot Island/Sevii Island 1 Pokemon Centre), he will upgrade/repair the machine there so that you can trade with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Besides that, there is no real siginificance behind it as there was to it in R/S/E (where through following the braille you could eventually capture the Regi trio).

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    Orphen89 - 7 years ago 0 0

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