Where can I find (sapphire)?

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    JustinK828 - 8 years ago

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  1. Go to Six Island, and somewhere on the island are some ruins. You should see a door in front of the ruins with dots on. Use Cut on the door and complete the puzzle inside to reach an event involving the Sapphire, where you have to go to Five Island afterwards.

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  1. Yea, like what he say, but, first you must get the ruby in mt.ember.
    After that, finish the ruins, the scientist will get lost. then, cut the door down, go inside, walk trough up left right down. And your sapphire is there. But, when you reach it, the crazy scientist will take your sapphire and will sell it to team rocket. But, he will tell you the second password to enter the rocket warehouse. so, get inside, beat all team rocket there (with easily of course, even just for me because my pokemon is level 86 {my legendary pokemon}) and you will meet the scientist. Finally,you must beat the scientist, then you will receive the sapphire.

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